Jan. 23rd, 2011

tenel_ka: ([ king - skin it ])
So today I cleaned more of my room. It was exciting. And by exciting I mean EXCITING AND DUSTY AND NOSTALGIC. I found a bunch of stuff to give away or sell and all that jazz, plus I'm getting rid of a lot of my cds. I know cds aren't "THE THING" anymore but there might be some collector of some of these bands out there, haha~ XD

I love cds so much, but I have no room for all these anymore. I mean there are cds littering my room. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. CDS EVERYWHEREEEEEE.

I was thinking about putting stuff up here first before I throw it on ebay/bonanza, to see if there's anything anyone is interested in. I found a bunch of purses and art books and all kinds of stuff. I also might put a list of the cds I'm getting rid of up here. If anyone sees anything they like I CAN SELL THEM FOR LIKE A DOLLAR TO YOU. If you just want MP3s of any of the cds, I can rip them for you FOR LIKE A DOLLAR lolol.

I'll figure out what's going on once I compile a list of all the stuff I'm gonna sell. There's some music I totally forgot I had. O_O!

AND NOW MY BACK IS IN PAAAIN and my arm cause I pulled a muscle while taking our broken tv to the electronics recycling thing today. EXCITEMENT!

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