Apr. 11th, 2011

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So everyone knows how indecisive I am when it comes to... everything. And here it is a case of wigs (like it has been in the past). I like being able to reuse wigs for different costumes and I have two upcoming costumes that need long blonde hair. Now, technically these two characters are probably different shades of blonde, but buying two wigs for both just seems counterproductive to smart costume-budgeting. XD

The two characters are...

Jasmine Jolene (BioShock) & Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes)

With Jasmine I'll have a clip-in feather headpiece and it shouldn't be too hard to add two low pigtails to the same wig for Sylvia... so here are the four I was looking at.

ONE - this one seems a little too platinum for Jasmine, but I could still run with it if it's the best option.

TWO - Cheapest! Although that might not be a good thing...? Even though I'm 90% sure that is a good thing, lololol.

THREE - Again this one is pretty darn platinum, but I like the shape of it/the back.

FOUR - Kind of a darker blonde which would work well for Jasmine, but is it LOL BLONDE enough for Sylvia (it kind of looks like it has slightly darker highlights)?


In other news, there are Tekkoshocon photos up on facebook! Check them out here! We are definitely planning on coming back to this con. We were also talking about trying to make it to T-Mode up in Rockville for a day this coming weekend, but we aren't sure about it because we might just be lazy and lounge around or start work on Dragon*Con costumes.

I didn't put any of the Death Note photos in the Tekkoshocon album since we would be putting them in our DN costume album on the facebook page when we get to it, so here is one of us being d-bags outside with our handcuffs. Nate's lankiness and attention to Light's bitchy posture make this picture warm my derpish little heart.

LOLOLOL he is angry he forgot to bring dress socks.

Overall, we didn't get very many pictures of this costume, but we plan to wear it all the time because it is fun walking around eating lollipop after lollipop with emo makeup on while Nate gives me death stares and scribbles in a book.

I need to take a 30 hour nap. bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhurrrrrrgh.

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