May. 25th, 2011

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HEY I WROTE SOMETHING. This is monumental cause I haven't written anything - fanfiction or original - in months. And fanfiction usually gets my gears working and I turn to original things. SO THIS IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

You shouldn't be shocked at the subject of this story since it's pretty much 90% of the fanfiction I write. D: It's also emo like the rest of them too but the fact that it's something is what makes me giddy.

And it was really difficult to go back to YJK Jacen, NJO Jacen and even Dark Nest Jacen when DICKFACE JACEN CAEDUS has been at the forefront of most of the things I've written recently concerning them. But no worries, dickface Caedus shows up in this too. And he is... well... kind of a dick.

ALSO. JACEN + ANIMALS = OTP. This is one of my favorite otps ever. He is like the GFFA Dr. Dolittle, this loveable toolbag.

Silence. She could feel him stewing as he paced next to her. )

I've been sleeping on the couch for the past couple nights because when I try to sleep in my room, the cat decides to scratch at the door and rip up the carpet in front of it with her claws. I try to let her in and then she wants out right away. And I can't fall asleep with her in my room (and when she's not sleeping herself) because she will eat everything. So apparently she just wants company or something. Cause I come out, go down to the living room and pass out on the couch and she falls asleep on the arm of it. I don't get it but as long as I can pass out somewhere comfortable, okay, I guess. :T wtf cat okay.

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