Jun. 19th, 2011


Jun. 19th, 2011 06:15 pm
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I HAVEN'T DISAPPEARED INTO NON-INTERNET LANDS!!!1 From the 4th - 12th, I was on a cruise with my Mom, Duane, Valerie, Brian and Nate. I had never been on one before and didn't know what to expect but I had a lot of fun and GAINED FIVE POUNDSSSSSSSS! The food was so delicious. I will have pictures and stuff soon when I'm not so...

(Here's the awesome part of the update--) when I'm not so sick! Yayyy! I get back from vacation and get another sinus infection! That made me so angry cause I got back from vacation and thought, "Awesome, now I just go to work this week and then this weekend I can unpack, clean everything, work on costumes, work on some of my craft projects and update some websites!"

Aaaaaaand I've basically been half asleep and out of it on the couch. Nate came over and we watched a billion episodes of The Mentalist after he took me to the doctor. I was gonna wait until the week and make an appointment with the place I usually go to, but yesterday I just got really crappy and my neck hurt like hell and I was basically sitting around like O_O so Nate thought maybe we should find a place that was open on Saturday. There was a Five Guys beside it. So doctor's office, Five Guys, pharmacy and then more Mentalist. Naturally, the antibiotics make me feel way crappier before they make me better. So today I'm just out of it. But I wanted to post because I am baaaaaaaaaackackacakckackkackakckakk.


(I missed you guys~ <333333)

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