Aug. 2nd, 2011

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So I paid for my fall semester classes this past Friday and they are a bitch (I don't even have my books yet sjkfjsfjk). I'm only taking two this semester too. :| I dislike this part before the semester starts and I have to pay for classes, lolol~ XD So you know that means it's time for the PIMP OUT SOME STUFF POST!!1

Here is my CAFEPRESS store, where you can find an abundance of odd things like the grid I made below. Lots of Stephen King and Silent Hill stuff, as well as a couple Arrested Development and Star Wars things. And other stuff too and I still need to add all that other crap I made, buhhhhhhh.

Then there's the ETSY store, which has a bunch of weird jewelry I keep piecing together, as well as a couple other random items such as buttons and a few other trinkety things.

And when I get stuff up on ebay I'll link that too. I've been selling lots of old cds on there (I've already sent out around 20 - they go for next to nothing, but it's nice to know they'll have a good home and all that jazz) and I have more to put up, as well as a couple old games, some cosplay stuff I don't need/can't use anymore (shirts, wigs, hair pieces, etc.) and other stuff.

The other thing is LOL COMMISSIONS!!1 Now you know I can't draw to save my life (here is a piece of art of mine), but I can kind of do some other things. One example: I've recently started my Peg Posse. If anyone wants a member of the Peg Posse done (it can be a person, a character, whatever XD) and shipped to them, I CAN KIND OF DO THAT.

See, here's Carrie (Carrie) and Tobias (Arrested Development), hehe.

I haven't been able to do as many of these as I've wanted to lately since I've been working so much on finishing costumes for Dragon*Con, but many more of these will be popping up on my shop and so on soon. I can also turn them into a necklace or cell phone charm (cell phone charms should only be done on the smaller ones though or it will be the clunkiest cell phone charm EVER XD) for you if you'd like! AW YEAH. PEG POSSE ROUND UP. I mean, wut.

Nate and I registered for a table at MagFest where we can chill part of the weekend and sell stuff. These and buttons and some shirts and things (POSSIBLY STICK FIGURES LIKE THE ONES I SOLD AT OTAKON IN 2004???? XD). I might even be able to get a couple commissions for the pegs done there - I have a huge list of characters I want to make pegs out of but I know I won't get all the ones that people might want.

AND THAT'S THAT. Sorry for the pimping. I have just been neglecting all that stuff and then had to register for classes and was like, "d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww bokay. ;-;"
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So I have characters that I have, what you would call, shipped. I have OTPs. Jacen/Tenel Ka, Scott/Lisey, Zidane/Garnet, I could go on. I know these shipping wars go on a lot with TV shows and while I've liked couples on tv shows I watch, I have never felt so strongly as I do for this one. I DON'T KNOW WHY. I CAN'T HELP IT.

Nate and I were in the middle of watching an episode of The Mentalist the other day. Season 2. And Lisbon and Jane were trapped in a shipping container that goes on the back of a truck. There was a little window where there was a slight breeze and the way he pulled her over to it - that exact moment was when I realized how much I was subconsciously shipping Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane. Then they had the conversation about him saving her and OH MY GOODNESS.


This is squee.

Normally I don't watch LOL CRIMECOP SHOWS. But I've always loved Robin Tunney (LOOOOOOOVE) since I was a tyke watching The Craft, haha~ I figured I'd give this show a shot. Ended up liking the storyline and all the characters (I freakin' love Kimball Cho so hard, it hurts) and apparently I've gained a ship.


they are so pretytydifuusdhfjdksdf.

I need to pass out. I'M SORRY I had to gush first though. I had to get it out of my system. THAT FEELING WHEN YOU GET A NEW SHIP.
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So we finally made the board a logo (with a robot on it natch, ELIOT, hehe~) and have kicked the side projects (as of now the multi-fandom RPG, possible a radioplay in the future? :OOOO) into gear and we're looking for awesome people who want to talk/settle in some sort of community with other awesome people~! WE WILL GIVE YOU COOKIES FOR JOINING. Cookies and you know, discussions and forum games and stuff. XD

We'll also be starting some fanfic, writing, photo, fanart, etc. challenges soon, so stop on by!

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