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So the rest of Sunday has a billion photos because it was more Star Wars time and Long Walk time and we saw other fun costumes. IT WAS OVER A MONTH AGO ALREADY I'M FORGETTING EVERYTHING. D:

CRAZINESS. Also, Ashley's thing she does with her neck in her Nightsister outfit that creeps me out. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Aaaaaaaand Nate being a bloody boy model?

And for real, I apologize in advance for the absolute incoherency this post will contain. I AM OUT OF IT. :B

So after the giant EU photoshoot, I put on my other Tenel Ka outfit and Ashley put on her Nightsister outfit and Nate headed off to a panel. John offered to get some photos of us, which we were very grateful for - of course, me and Ashley trying to get photos is just as bad as me and Linh trying to get photos... cause all this happens.


Okay, we're managing.

These were taken between photos of us being stupid.

Semi-creepy neck thing. XD

She does this too which creeps me out, but I love this photo cause of her makeup and her eyelashes. AND EVILNESSSSSS. YESSSS~

YUP. Can't get away from a Dragon*Con without doing something like this.

I have no neck in this photo but I still kind of tolerate it. Haha. XD



omg makeup and eyelashes and haiiiiir <3

oh hay



Maggie and Emily and Jesse came to visit us and Maggie wanted to hold my saber (lol that sounds dirty shut upppp). SO BELLE HAS A SABER~ XDDDD

Emily in her Miss Lady Gaga meat dress that is actually dyed fabric. :3333


Nate and I people-watched in the lobby for awhile and saw these absolute darlings as I Dream of Jeannie. <3

And this Chell with a kickass Wheatley puppet that moved!

Nate chased this R2 to get a picture of him with the Sock Monkey riding on the top. He was like YOUR MOM LOVES SOCK MONKEYS I AM GOING TO GET A PHOTO FOR HER. HOLD MY LIGHTSABER.

Nate flipped his shit about these two - BAMAN & PIDERMAN!!11 I had never really seen it before so he showed me one and we ended up all watching it in the room later while consuming some alcoholic things. And trying to put on bulletholes. That is a story for later in the post, haha~

It was getting really dark and dreary outside and everyone was coming in off the Hilton patio area. Nate and I went outside to get photos of our costumes cause we didn't have any of his NJO!Jacen yet. We didn't get any shots of us together since it was only the two of us out there, lololol. It is a sad thing for us since these two costumes might kind of make sense together. There is no real era fanart!Tenel Ka outfit is from except past arm-accident. SO NJO WORKS. XD

Anyways, I love that photo. I apologize in advance for all the NJO!Jacen photos. But the weather and everything made it all look BITCHINNNNNNNNNN YEAAAAAAAH. hehe.

lol let's play hide the arm.

b'awwwwww i can't even. SABER. Sorry, I'm getting incoherent here. I think it's bedtime after this. And muscle relaxant for my back. :|

That's me trying to play HEY-BREEZE-CATCH-MY-CAPE


Kind of got it. CLOSE ENOUGH.

Thaaaaat's more like it.

It was raining a little bit at this point, but I didn't even GAF cause I was getting some YAY shots.

It was so nice and cool and breezy that evening. D: THANK YOU RAIN

I was talking here - about what, I have no clue - but the wind kind of gave me first Essential Guide to Characters Mullet Tenel Ka bangs, so I was like, "LOL YEAH"

And then here is us being us. :B

We watched the masquerade in our room Sunday night with room service like we always do. Then we got ready for Long Walk costumes. Like we always do. XD SPACEGHOST COAST TO COAST COSTUMES. A photo from the masquerade I took from our TV.

So there was dinner and masquerade and drinks. Then we realized we could see the Star Wars Adult Themes panel going on in the Marriott next door. We were on the 11th floor, but we could recognize people sitting in the part of the room we could see. So we turned off the lights in the room, turned on NYAN CAT and started having a lightsaber rave for them. Unfortunately, everyone we contacted by phone to look up wasn't sitting close enough to the window or didn't have their phone, hahaha~ Then there was watching BAMAN PIDERMAN while Ashley got all her LONG WALK BULLETHOLE MAKEUP OUT. There was also more drinking. Then Kevin and John passed around Ashley's splicer wig.

THEN IT WAS FOGGY OUTSIDE AND WE WERE ALL IN AWE AND I TOOK PHOTOS. Like we had never seen fog before, seriously we were freaking out I don't even know-- <333

So Ashley started her bullet hole makeup with me and it wasn't working. We weren't sure if the wax was old or if we were all too distracted or drank too much, lol - but we decided to just do the nasty tired-dead eyes and venture out like that. WE WERE JUST ALIVE FOR RAY GARRATY OKAY. We went to our usual spot to take photos.

BUT FIRST ERIN VISITED US IN HER SECRET COSTUME. I RAN UP AND GAVE HER A GIANT HUG CAUSE. CAUSE. MOSS. <33333 She was all, "Yeah, one night I wondered if I could do that with my hair. And I could. So here I am."

I told Sara when she did this that she was in the Long Walk and was probably gonna get her ticket punched, so she turned into this:


I don't know what dirty boy face I'm making but I dig it. You can see where Ashley tried a bullethole near my chin and it didn't work. XD


I also love this cause I told Sara to look emo.

And she did this.


Then John took the camera and we walked, hehe.

Then this happened????

ASHLEY GETTING ALL ARTSY ON ME AGAIN. <3 And John even got to be a Walker here!

Sassy Art Baker!

Giant Abraham!

Don't-want-your-bs Harkness!

Then this happened.

THEN THIS HAPPENED TOO. WHAT IS THIS? This is one of my favorite photos of the con. I seriously-- just, wtf is Nate doing. And Sara's face. And Ashley being all WOO YEAH! We should drink every year before Long Walk photos.

Okay, this little set here is the love of my life.

Nate is voguing? And Sara's face is the best when she notices what he's doing.


EMO ALBUM COVER #2 - WHICH ONE WINS? We didn't even think to move the camera bag lol D'OH.

Ashley getting all artsy again. <3


The R was missing off this elevator. We started talking like BAMAN PIDERMAN when we saw it. :B

This is the Hilton lobby past 2am. Music, dancing on tables, booze, costumes, YA KNOW.

SO HERE'S THE NUMBER ON OUR HOTEL ROOM. All the other rooms had nice fancy numbers. Nate and I walked up to ours the first time and looked at each other all, "whafuuuuuu?" Then we all realized later that it was a sign FROM THE LONG WALK HUR HUR. W-we're such nerds. But it worked perfectly. And it was cool cause whenever anyone was like, "What room are you in again?" We said, "1130 - THE ONE WITH THE CREEPYASS NUMBER."

And of course this had to happen.

Then we went to sleep. Cause we said we were gonna go to the dance but we were all tired and fake bloody and we all pretty much passed out. WHOOPS. DDDDDDDD:

Monday and Tuesday don't have a lot of photos so I'm hoping to get that one up by this weekend! THEN STARTS THE DRAGON*CON 2012 PLANNING OKAY.
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