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So like [livejournal.com profile] leesers, I just wiped this whole thing out in one go cause I know if I tried to actually do it for 30 days... I would fail miserably.

This post contains lots of pictures from the past decade, lots of derp and lots of colorful fabric and weirdass props. If you didn't know how dorky I really was, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

Star Wars, Clue, Monkey Island, Arrested Development and all kinds of other geekery under the cut!

IMAGE HEAVY POST OF INSANITYYYYYYYYYY-- have I really been cosplaying for ten years, my god what is this XD )

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So everyone knows how indecisive I am when it comes to... everything. And here it is a case of wigs (like it has been in the past). I like being able to reuse wigs for different costumes and I have two upcoming costumes that need long blonde hair. Now, technically these two characters are probably different shades of blonde, but buying two wigs for both just seems counterproductive to smart costume-budgeting. XD

The two characters are...

Jasmine Jolene (BioShock) & Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes)

With Jasmine I'll have a clip-in feather headpiece and it shouldn't be too hard to add two low pigtails to the same wig for Sylvia... so here are the four I was looking at.

ONE - this one seems a little too platinum for Jasmine, but I could still run with it if it's the best option.

TWO - Cheapest! Although that might not be a good thing...? Even though I'm 90% sure that is a good thing, lololol.

THREE - Again this one is pretty darn platinum, but I like the shape of it/the back.

FOUR - Kind of a darker blonde which would work well for Jasmine, but is it LOL BLONDE enough for Sylvia (it kind of looks like it has slightly darker highlights)?


In other news, there are Tekkoshocon photos up on facebook! Check them out here! We are definitely planning on coming back to this con. We were also talking about trying to make it to T-Mode up in Rockville for a day this coming weekend, but we aren't sure about it because we might just be lazy and lounge around or start work on Dragon*Con costumes.

I didn't put any of the Death Note photos in the Tekkoshocon album since we would be putting them in our DN costume album on the facebook page when we get to it, so here is one of us being d-bags outside with our handcuffs. Nate's lankiness and attention to Light's bitchy posture make this picture warm my derpish little heart.

LOLOLOL he is angry he forgot to bring dress socks.

Overall, we didn't get very many pictures of this costume, but we plan to wear it all the time because it is fun walking around eating lollipop after lollipop with emo makeup on while Nate gives me death stares and scribbles in a book.

I need to take a 30 hour nap. bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhurrrrrrgh.
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I have learned three things at this convention.

1.) I start acting like everyone's mother when the con comes around. More on that in recap.

2.) I really want to start taking more/better pictures at cons. Cosplayers, groups, people, everything. Like I see cosplayers and groups of cosplayers and I look at photos people have taken after the con and I just have all these ideas for pictures I could take in my head. This really happened during the 999 shoot and when I saw the Disney costumers (Peter Pan group, Aristocats, Flynn and Rapunzel -- SO MANY IDEAS OH MY GOODNESS D:)


Besides those three things I've noticed, there's another note I have to make upfront here. I'm horrible at meeting new people. Even if I've talked to them on the internet beforehand. I'm awkward and doofy and mumble and say stupid things - that's just the way I am and I always have been. I mean, the first time I met Nate it was a whole lot of "merrr herp derp i'm heather duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh." And then I stared at the wall behind his head.

But the people I met for the first time this weekend though (looking directly at Katsuya Weller and the magical gang of [livejournal.com profile] leesers/[livejournal.com profile] nekogonya/Mike/Kevin/Tom) were some of the absolute sweetest people I've ever met (not to mention hilarious) and for once I kind of felt like I wasn't out of place/doing something stupid/total social ineptitude ahoy! - so thank you guys. <333


I... I love these two with all my heart. How do you make Jacen Caedus and Jaina ghetto? LIKE SO. KANYE SHRUG GURL~


you were doing ducky lips before all those mybook facespace slags! )

We were discussing another con the other day. Tekkoshocon. It's in Pittsburgh meaning it's right near Valerie and Brian (and they are awesome and already said we could crash there). We would probably go up Thursday night and hit up the con on Friday and then part of Saturday - then we would harass Valerie & Brian the rest of the time. XD

Question is WHO IS GOING TO TEKKOSHOCON? XD (Besides [livejournal.com profile] leesers, since she already said so on FB~ XD)

And if yes, ARE YOU DOING ANY MAGICAL COSTUMES? (I told you magical was the word of the day -- along with darling~)

I'm gonna bring my magical camera and take magical pictures since I didn't take many at Katsu thanks to my missing internal battery. D:

We were discussing bringing along Professor Layton & Luke Triton... or maybe Silent Hill costumes... but we don't know yet. INPUTS? <33333

(The only thing that sucks about con is leaving con and leaving all the fun people until next con. ;____; NOOOO, CON FUUUNNNKKKKK!)
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I still need to catch up completely on friendslist and the internet in general (I would also like to stop failing at responding to LJ comments in a timely manner dfjakjsdjf STARTING TODAY), but Katsucon was awesome and here are some bullet points concerning other things. SOON THERE WILL BE A CON REPORT (hopefully tomorrow)!

-- The Regular Show is amazing. We discovered it at Katsucon while lounging in the room. My bb [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet and I have now started quoting everywhere. "OOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOH~"

-- The new Radiohead and Innerpartysystem albums are gorgeous. <3

-- Reading The Truce at Bakura for the Expanded Universe Readthrough, trying to figure out what my MSPaint picture will be for this month. Thinking what a SisisisisiisssiiRRUUKuukuk would look like in MSPaint. I think I might go for it. Can't be any worse than my Xizor from last month.

-- I rounded up all my wigs yesterday and did a WIGVENTORY. It was interesting. I might post results cause I might need opinions about using them for things. D: AND I TRUST YOU GUYS WITH WIGS

-- Nate and I finished Death Note the when we got back from the con the other day. The ending. DELICIOUS. Nate fell asleep around 1am, while I was watching the first live action movie (I kept going LOLOLOL SHUYA NANAHARA WHERE'S YOUR COLLAR every time Light came on screen) and then I'm in the middle of the first issue of the manga. I DON'T KNOW I CAN'T HELP IT-- also, I can't decide whether I love L or Near more. Near fits my WHITE HAIRED BOYS I LOVE list, while L is just... effing L. He is such a magical creeper. <3

-- I should be getting Ghost Trick for the DS this week, hopefully. EXCITED!

-- I... I bought tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars in April. I know all the LOL EMO 30 SECONDS TO MARS and all that stuff but DAT MUSIC BRO. DAT JARED LETO i'm sorry i can't help that either. SEE ICON D: I feel bad for Nate cause I'm gonna revert to like 17 years old when we go that night. OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE IT? HE JUST BLINKED! NATE. JARED LETO JUST BLINKED, HOOOOOSHI--

-- HI to all the new friends from the Star Wars: EU friending meme! <333333

Here is a random picture from Katsucon before I sleep (or read more Death Note lol wut):



(I miss everyone from con so bad. ;-; Especially the 999 crew - so much hourspersonsdoors crack. <3)
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Anyone gonna be at Anime USA next weekend? XD

(I don't know what to bring costume-wise besides Heather for the Silent Hill gathering! :O)
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Okay, request thing here. CONVENTIONS ON (OR NEAR) THE EAST COAST. Can anyone tell me any that you know? Anime, literary, comic book, sci-fi, horror, etc. - a mix of all of them. ANY CONNNNNNNNN!

And not strictly on the east coast either, it can be a couple states in too. Bonus would = if you let me know which ones you are attending of the ones you list. You can also list cons I know about too, lololol. JUST ANY CON!

Thank yooooooou guys~ <33333!
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Alright, overall D*C was pretty good this year. There were many highs and there were a few lows. HERE LET ME SHOW YOU SOME.

HIGHS: Hanging out with people (roomies, sister and brother-in-law, SW PEOPLE <3, etc.), taking goofy pictures, getting tipsy off of one drink, having people recognize Franklin and flip out, seeing Patricia Quinn (Magenta from Rocky Horror) multiple times in the Hilton just chilling, the Aquarium! - AAAAAAND OH GOODNESS I SAW CELLDWELLER IN CONCERT AND HE WAS AMAAAAAAAZINGGGGGGG. I have loved Celldweller since 2003 and he usually just doesn't tour so to hear he was playing at Dragon*Con, both myself and Nate freaked out like little fangirls. THE CONCERT WAS GLORIOUS. <3

LOWS: Three hours in line for a badge? Really? And then missing people like [livejournal.com profile] iamsooverrated and [livejournal.com profile] zombifiers both of whom I saw for a couple minutes and then made the mistake of saying I'LL CALL/TEXT YOU LATER -- since apparently everyone's phone service sucked and texts/calls either A.) did not go through at all or B.) show up like 12 hours later. BUT MORE ON THAT LATER~ Another low was OH MY GOD I CAN'T MOVE ANYWHERE GET OFF THE WALKWAYYYY. Where did all these people come from, yo? Didn't help that all the football people were milling around watching the "LOL FREAKS" (and also stealing the con rooms at the D*C room rate :|) - that was a giant problem. Too many badgeless people taking up PRIME CON SPACE. XD

Another big suck was not being able to take pictures in the rat tunnels between the hotels, which I fully support so that people don't stop and muck the human traffic up -- but I saw some of the best costumes in the tunnels and couldn't do anything about them! Noooooo!~ D:


1.) [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be hitting Stan Lee in the face with feathers ON ACCIDENT(?).

2.) Meeting Klayton (Celldweller) and Bret (Blue Stahli). ("Bret got to our badges first and signed them!" - "Bret gets to everything first. I was making out with this girl and I started to pull her shirt down and it said BRET WAS HERE." Klayton says as he points at his neck. XD)

3.) Hearing Valerie continuously say, "Heather, shut up." or "Heather, stop moving." or "Heather, stop acting like a dumbass." I LOVE MY SISTER. <3

4.) Standing in the food court holding an armful of lunch with [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be waiting for [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet to get her food so we could go meet the rest of the Strike Team for lunch and having a guy come up to me and go, "May I ask what character you are?" And then him grinning and going "I knew it! Awesome!" and taking a picture when I told him Tenel Ka. I was sweaty (sf hot in the food court D:) and gross and trying to balance two lightsabers and food and a drink too, lol.

OH MAN I KNOW THERE'S MORE -- they will pop-up in the con report, I'm sure.

For now here are a couple tiny versions of (only) a few random photos from my camera while I start scribbling my report (BIGGER VERSIONS WILL BE IN THE REPORT). ;D

(from t to b: Tobias, Chewie and Mace hanging in front of D*C TV - Ashley blue me and I'm disturbed by Nate's non-gothness - Tahiri force pushing Caedus' chair while Ben watches ALL BESIDE FIREEEEEE GUYYYYYYYYY!!!!1)
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So I got [livejournal.com profile] sevensatellites online and it was supposed to go online at the same time as the counterpart website Drifting in Nines. I basically was taking my personal site, my cosplay site and my writing site and rolling them all into one. I wanted them both to be online somewhere around the beginning of March. AS YOU CAN SEE THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN, HUR HUR.

But after months of picture-fiddling and making new thumbnails and other asshattery, the site is finally online! :D

(and for new fanfictions, mixes, costume crap, photo stuff, crafty crap
and other jazz of the sort, check out the companion LJ [livejournal.com profile] sevensatellites! ;D)

I haven't added the Balticon costumes yet (there are the two new ones to add) and a few of the ones on the site are ghetto goofing off outfits or Halloween stuff -- but with all of them together (including the ones that will be added from Balticon) that's 54 costumes. o_o I guess that's understandable since this has been a hobby since 2001 (that long and I'm nowhere near the best BY FAR, AT ALL haha XD)~ The thing with me and costuming is that I love meeting other people in fandoms (especially the weird obscure ones <3) and I have so much fun doing it. Plus, I am a huge dork.

Also, my costumes pretty much stem from how much I love these characters. I never do costumes of characters I don't know or don't like, it just doesn't seem too me, haha. XD I'm more about the character than the outfit -- as you can see a lot of my costumes end up being plain clothes (Silent Hill characters, Buster Bluth, etc.) but that's because the character doesn't wear anything more awesome than that. And I mean, come on character-wise, if I didn't love Tenel Ka so much I wouldn't have made seven TK outfits. D:

I just wish more people would have fun costuming/cosplaying. It is a hobby; it is supposed to be fun for everyone doing it! <3

HUZZAH THE SITE IS FINALLY DONE! And on the heels of that, I'm working on a new layout for WTF -- that one is actually almost done cause there's not 2304892384 thumbnails to remake, lol. So that should be up soon as well!
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Okay, so it's roughly 100 days till the magical Con of Dragons (errr, Dragon*Con) and I figured I would finalize my costume list so that when I get back from BaltiCon next weekend, I can go right into D*C costumes (as well as maybe a costume or two for the Celebration V Non-Con lolololol ideas <333).

SO HERE BE THE LIST. If you are going and want in on any costume groups or are doing any costumes from these thingies PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN HARASS YOU FOR LOVE/PHOTOS~~ <333 I will most likely be harassing all of you going for that stuff anyways (AND MORE? XD), BUT STILL.

1.) BUSTER BLUTH (Army Version - Arrested Development) - this one is already done and I am super excited for this group. Also, I'm debating on wearing it to the Georgia Aquarium for the D*C Aquarium night just so I can get pictures of BUSTER LOOKING AT SEALS. Also, TOBIAS PLZ. THERE HAS TO BE ONE OUT THERE!~

OTHER DARLINGS: GOB Bluth (and Franklin!) - [livejournal.com profile] draelight, Maeby Fünke (banana stand) - [livejournal.com profile] zoopiglet, George Michael Bluth (banana stand) - [livejournal.com profile] ben_ethus, Lindsay Bluth Fünke (ARE YOU STILL GONNA MAKE THE SLUT SHIRT? XD) - [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow & Lucille "Gangy" Bluth - [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be
2.) ELAINE MARLEY (The Secret of Monkey Island) - this is the other costume I was debating on wearing to the Aquarium. Cause you know, Guybrush can hold his breath for ten minutes. XD <3

OTHER DARLINGS: Guybrush Threepwood - [livejournal.com profile] draelight
3.) KALE LONGO (Star Wars: Death Troopers) - kfjskdjfkasjdfksfjdskdfj I need to read this book again. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Star Wars + Zombies = fangasm. I'm really excited for these and have been fiddling around with the name things for the backs of the jumpsuits.

OTHER DARLINGS: Trig Longo - [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet, Dr. Zahara Cody - [livejournal.com profile] prix_etoile & Han Solo (w/ Beanie Chewbacca!) - [livejournal.com profile] draelight
4.) TENEL KA (Star by Star - Jedi Strike Team) - we're not gonna have as many people as CIII, but at this point I'm just excited to do these costumes again. Star by Star broke my heart and also caused me to meet lots of my fandom friends, lololol. SO I HAVE TO SHOW IT MORE LOVE.

OTHER DARLINGS: Eryl Besa - [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow, Tahiri Veila - [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet, Jaina Solo (I think, I need to bug her and ask her if she's still in XD) - [livejournal.com profile] miss_jaina, Jacen Solo (it was either him or Zekk probably, he's been digging Zekk, lololol <3) - [livejournal.com profile] draelight & possibly Lomi Plo! - [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be

5.) PETER MCVRIES (Stephen King's The Long Walk) - it will be the fourth year in a row! AND WE COULD ALWAYS USE MORE WALKERS. THERE ARE LIKE 95 TO PICK FROM. COME OOONNNNN~ XDDDD

OTHER DARLINGS: Abraham (#2) - [livejournal.com profile] draelight, Harkness (#48) - [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow & Art Baker (#3) - [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be
6.) DROWNING DOOM!OPHELIA (Brütal Legend) - this is gonna be my one big giant THIS WILL WASTE MOST OF MY TIME FOR CREATION BETWEEN NOW AND THEN costume. [livejournal.com profile] ben_ethus kept telling me I needed to play this game and I finally got it off Gamefly and fell in love with it -- and totally in love with Ophelia, lololol. Part that sucks is that I'm not as HOT AND TALL as she is, haha. BUT I WILL FIGURE IT ALL OUT SOMEHOW. I've already started playing with fabric and bodysuits and makeup and all that crap. I'm a little too excited for this thing. D:

OTHER DARLINGS: Grave Digger - [livejournal.com profile] draelight (also [livejournal.com profile] ben_ethus might also be a Grave Digger and we're trying to con [livejournal.com profile] zoopiglet into being a Razor Girl -- even though it's a totally different faction -- she would look AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. XD)

And then there are all the other possible costumes but I need to talk to other people about them first so we can figure everything out before I finalize ideas lol and these include: Dead!Red Shirt (Star Trek -- need to talk to [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be about finding a simple one! XD) & some other Tenel Ka outfit (SW:EU -- I have someone here who is raring to snatch up some orange-ish contacts and be Darth Caedus, plus there was chatter between [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet and [livejournal.com profile] precioussonja and myself about EU stuff -- SO WHAT DO YOU SAY, GIRLS? XD)~

All this excitement is making me not think about my back and neck YESSSS. But I still need to schedule physical therapy NOOOOO.
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Going to JoAnn's today to get fabric for OMG QUEEN TENEL KA as well as the back of the Death Trooper jumpsuits (imperial numbers/names) and possibly a couple other things. I AM FEELING CREATIVE TODAY. Maybe because I actually cleaned off my work table last night and thought I'M GONNA MAKE SOMETHING HUR HUR. We'll see if it actually happens, hehe.

This song dskfajsfj. Last night I was listening to last.fm - the Akira Yamaoka station and this song came on. It was all in Japanese so I had to start my mad internet researching and go to my last.fm page and copy the text/kanji and go into google translator and do all kinds of shit before I finally found out what it was but it was totally worth it because this song is amaaazziinnggggggggggwhaaaaaaat. THANK YOU AKIRA YAMAOKA STATION~ <3

So I think we have a third costume for Balticon. Nate suggested Pushing Daisies for it and I cackled a whole lot and said we need to make a Pie Hole box. We weren't sure what else we would bring (Luke & Layton we just did -- we were thinking about finishing Guybrush and Elaine from Monkey Island but we'll most likely just save that for D*C XD) so when he said that it was like A MIRACLE AND THE SUN SHINED UPON EVERYTHING. We'll most likely be wearing them Friday night, and we won't be getting there till later in the afternoon anyways. So quick and easy costumes = <33333. Plus, it's Pushing Daisies, lol.

The thing is, I'm not sure what Chuck dress/outfit to go after. I know it's not gonna be as exact as hers too, cause we're only gonna be in these for a bit (unless we love them massively and want to wear them again XD) -- I was debating between these two.

There is 173 days left until Dragon*Con. :o That seems like a lot to me right now. But I know it's gonna hit like 20 in no time and I'll start freaking the shit out.

HEY PEOPLE WHO LIKE MUSIC: We're doing an old school MIXTAPE (errr, cd) EXCHANGE over at Mindbreak and everyone should check it out because I know I love hearing new music and you should join if you do too. I'm totally decorating my cd cases all ghetto and stuff too. I need to know how many people are gonna be in though so I know how many to burn, lololol. XD

(Also, I need to know if everyone who was in before is still in definitely and right now I only know that from [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul~ hehe)

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I AM DEBATING ON COSTUME THINGS HERE. Listen to the gears in my brain working, witness the steam coming from my head, lolololol~

BALTICON!: I don't know what else I'm bringing to this con yet (I have lots of free reign here since it is a broad spectrum of fandoms SO I AM THINKING XD) but I know I at least need to bring one (or two? XD) Tenel Ka outfits cause [livejournal.com profile] precioussonja is going and we're being roomies and and and WHAT JAINA COSTUME(S) ARE YOU BRINGING? If I know what you're bringing them maybe I can match up some to them (like if you bring YJK Jaina, I can bring YJK TK -- or if you bring Dark Nest Jaina, I can bring a Queen TK -- or... OMG YOU CATCH MY DRIFT <333). Seriously though, what are you thinking in the way of Jaina & TK (and also Jacen & Jag, possibly? muahahah! <333) costumes? I have like 4 or 5 TK outfits to choose from (not couting Sith!TK, lololol), hehehe. Speaking of that ---

NEW TENEL KA DRESS!: I have been scouring images of old historical outfits and Star Wars/Hapan arts and I'm sort of putting all these ideas together in my head. I want this Queeny Mama outfit to be Hapan with TK's own little twist on it. Cause you know she has to dress up sometime (not that she really likes it, lol) and look all regal and HAPANTASTIC and crap. I was gonna go with either mostly green or mostly blue. I think I'm leaning towards green. And I know the Queen Mother has that whole VEIL THING going on but I really don't think Tenel Ka would be too keen on that, lol. INPUT, SW PEOPLE? XD

PHOTO SETTINGS!: So I am looking to get a couple more pictures of some costumes that aren't pictures in a hotel, lol. But here is the thing, I CANNOT FIND A PLACE FOR SOME COSTUMES. Nate was asking if we could get some pictures of his Sam Winchester he never got to wear on Halloween, which the woods would totally work for -- also old houses, etc. -- that kind of thing, that's easy. The costume of Rose from The Path that I've been working on? Easy, all woods. Some more pictures of Nate's Harry Mason now that he got a haircut? Easy: parking garages, woods, paths, etc. But then we get to crap like Tenel Ka. Sure, woods would work for YJK. I guess they could work for Queen Mama too, since her Palace has some trees around it. But where is a pretty lake around here? Or somewhere that actually looks regal enough to pass as something Hapan, lololol~ And what about with Jacen in the mix? Palace interiors? Hapan conference rooms? Star Destroyers? DILEMMA.

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And now I am back from Katsucon! These past couple weeks have been wtf busy between Florida and shoveling snow and Katsucon but now I can relax for a little bit, hehe. Katsucon was a whole lotta fun and here were some definite highlights.

-- meeting [livejournal.com profile] elvenpath (in her awesome Zoey costume <3) and then both of us bitching about the lack of Silent Hill cosplayers at the SH photoshoot (since there were supposed to be like 10+ people and about 3 of the others who mentioned showing up, ACTUALLY SHOWED UP D:)
-- getting "PROFESSOR! PROFESSOR!" in a high pitched british accent from many different people who passed us while Nate and I were dressed like Professor Layton and Luke Triton
-- the Kanji Tatsumi I was approaching to ask him for a picture the same time he was approaching us for a picture and then he said, "NOW YOU HAVE TO SOLVE THIS PUZZLE ON HOW TO TAKE A PICTURE!"
-- the girl in the Vault Boy costume (with the amazing head/mask) who asked for our picture the same time I asked for hers
-- stumbling across a fun booth that had BioShock buttons/stickers & Valve buttons/stickers
-- Ronnie and Erin showing us how the chick in Bayonetta walks and shoots her gun; then Nate and I coming home today and getting the demo. They did it perfectly. XD
-- talking to David Wong at his table about Dragon*Con and all the shows he has to go to - that man is hilarious and super talented
-- ordering room service - I think that needs to be an every con staple now
-- the drunk guy who passed Nate and I in the hall while we were dressed as Luke and Layton later Saturday evening with his friend and said, "THAT GUY HAD A HAT. LIKE... A HAT LIKE PROFESSOR LAYTON. *long pause* HE WAS PROFESSOR LAYTON."

Report and photos coming soon~ Some of that stuff will probably be explained in more detail then, but I had to put it all here now so I wouldn't forget it. Hehe.

ALSO, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CELEBRATION V ONLINE CONVENTION (THE NON-CON!), THE WEBSITE IS NOW ONLINE: RIGHT HERE. Some of the registration infos have changed, so make sure you resend your info if you've sent it before. <3333

YAY INTERNETZ SO HAPPY TO BE BACK and I will post pictures of Florida trip and Katsucon report soon! :D
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Now that that is out of the way, there's been a lot of stuff getting done on the Celebration V NonCon (the online convention!) front. All these new ideas keep coming to us and so I have modified the registration form a little bit and so on, but there will be more news on that in the next week or so, once the site(!) goes online.

In SILENT HILL news, I believe the group playthrough of the series at [livejournal.com profile] neelys_bar will start at the beginning of March sometime. We still need to figure out how to do it (what order to play them in, how long to spend on the games, etc.) but I figure the month of February will give us enough time to figure out how to make it work and also give a chance for other new people to join. I am dorkishly excited for this. XD

(Also SH, I added a Silent Hill theme for the forum! If you go down to the drop-down menu at the bottom, it's called... uh... Silent Hill, lol.)

I need to finish Katsucon costumes this weekend, since next weekend I'll be in Florida visiting Dad (and magical Sea World XD) with Valerie and Brian -- and then the weekend after that is the actual con. I just need to get a couple more things for Luke Triton and sew his pants and then for Lisa I'm pretty much done except for adding blood to the scrubs and getting a white shirt. And I need to make the badge, hur hur.

ksdfjlskdfjlsdfjsd the next couple weeks will be so busy. Feb. 2 - class starts, Feb. 5-8 - Florida, Feb. 9 - BIOSHOCK 2, Feb. 12-14 - Katsucon. Luckily Feb. 15 is a holiday, meaning I can sit on my ass all Sunday and Monday and play BioShock 2. Woo! I want to play through the first BioShock before then, but I have no idea when I'll get a chance -- especially since I'm almost, almost done with my completed Fallout 3 SAINT GAME. All I have is a couple quests left on Broken Steel and then Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. I want the last two bobbleheads too, but they are both in Deathclaw territory and if there's one thing that scares me worse than Mirelurks... it's Deathclaws. D:

(omg icon i love me some new!kyle hyde)
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Look! Here is some sort of real update! IN REAL NUMBERED LIST FORM!

1.) New Year -- I have a couple resolutions. Get in shape/eat better (I'm sick of feeling like crap/being sick), budget money better (especially since I will have car payments now! XD), keep websites up-to-date (including making new ones and spiffying up webskillz), get more stuff up on cafepress and bonanzle and etsy holy crap (I have so much stuff here I need to sell - random things, fandom things, crafts, stuff I still need to make), keep up with the RPs I'm in and just be a more positive person, in general. Hehe.

2.) Car -- I have a new car! I got it today. It is a 2010 Honda CR-V (in glacier blue woooo fancy!) and it is my baby. They were able to transfer my tags over from my old car baby, so my car will still say TENEL KA lol. Last car was named the Rock Dragon (complete with shell necklace on the mirror NERD CENTRAL). So I'm thinking about upgrading to the STAR HOME for the name of this one. Hehehehe. Because yes, I am still a dork.

3.) Fandom -- this is all pretty much the same. Star Wars, Silent Hill and Stephen King are still my top three. With Disney, BioShock, zombies (including L4D and all that) and Fallout (the first game is making me giddy XD) always hanging out there near the top of the list too. Meaning I'm sure this year will be filled with more gushing about these fandoms. My apologies come to you in advance. XD

4.) Costumes -- I found my costume boxes last weekend and went through them. Hahah, talk about meeeemories. Those are eight years worth of costumes. I found some that I almost forgot about, lol. Also, I was able to set aside the costumes I am bringing back to Dragon*Con this year: Army!Buster Bluth (Arrested Development), Strike Team!Tenel Ka (Star Wars EU) & Peter McVries (The Long Walk).

I also found all the stuff from the fancy Queen Mother dress I had started making then screwed up on and just dropped it. My ideas came flooding back to me (mmm, Hapan Consortium cape) and I think I might start over on it. Not sure what I'd wear it for since Celebration V is a bust, but I'm sure I will manage. Hehe.

I basically rearranged my boxes like this: Retired Costumes, Tenel Ka Costumes, Silent Hill Costumes, Every Other Costume. XD

5.) Conventions -- unless there is a new fun con to go to, it'll probably be Katsucon and Dragon*Con for me this year. And possibly Anime USA. I'm excited about Katsucon cause it's at The Swanky Gaylord National Harbor which will be awesome cause there's like a little town in the atrium which will be perfect for when Nate and I are wandering around as PROFESSOR LAYTON AND LUKE TRITON LOLOLOL. Those games = love. And we all (me, Nate, Valerie, every Nintendo DS owner/player, haha) always make fun of Layton and Luke for being so horribly awesome and dorky. Plus, Nate is a giant. Meaning the height difference will work to our advantage! OH SNAP. (Also, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories costumes: yes, please. Haha, except Nate will not be in Drunk Dad jacket -- he'll be in normal Harry jacket.)

I GUESS FIVE UPDATES IS ENOUGH. Time go work some sites or the board or RP or do something PRODUCTIVE!

(This is where I hear the LEVEL UP/victory music in my head~ XD)
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Alright, so August 12 - 15, 2010 there will be the Celebration V Nonvention! Which will pretty much be the online version of Celebration V (which is the fifth incarnation of an official Star Wars con being held that weekend in Orlando). This is for all the people who can't make it to Celebration V. Whether it's because they can't afford it, they're waiting for Dragon*Con/just got back from Comic-Con or just don't want to go to CV.

We will be holding panels (lol chats!) and contests (mspaint what!) and roleplaying (lol crack!) doing all kinds of other crazy things that we will come up with soon. It will be held over livejournal, AIM and the board. So if you're on all of those, then you're good to go!

WHEN IS IT AGAIN?: August 12 - 15, 2010. All you have to do is register har har (see below) and then be online that weekend. I'm sure that won't be a problem for most, hehehehe.

HOW DO I REGISTER?: Cause all real cons have registration!

1.) Make sure you have a livejournal (uh check lol), an AIM name and you are registered at the crackness known as the Circuit Board!

2.) Either shoot me an email at tenel.ka AT gmail DOT com or PM me on the board with the following...

Name: (first name is fine)
Nicknames: (anything else you go by anywhere)
Location: (doesn't need to be too specific! ;D)
E-mail Address: (this won't go on the site, this is for if we need to make any big updates emails, but no spam, we promise!)
AIM Handle: (this won't go on the site either, this is for our use during the NonCon!)
Forum Handle: (at the forum - for use in threads during the NonCon!)
Online Profiles/Websites: (do you have a Twitter, Livejournal or Myspace? any websites you run? you can list up to three!)

Favorite Star Wars movie:
Favorite Star Wars book: (if you read the books. maximum of three will be listed!)
Favorite Star Wars characters: (you can pick a maximum of five -- I know it's tough!)
Where did you hear about the CVNC?:
Reason why you can't go to Celebration V:

I will add you to the OFFICIAL REGISTRATIONATED LIST HAR HAR once I get your info.

3.) THAT'S IT. Just check back on the board for updates concerning activities and such and look forward to the madness that will take place in August. Hehehe.


WHAT KIND OF INSANITY SHOULD I EXPECT THAT WEEKEND?: There will be various chats on various aspects of Star Wars (the movies, the books, the video games, etc.), some art and writing challenges perhaps, maybe some costume or youtube or etc. dorkery along with some crazy roleplaying (characters taking over the board, character chats, things of the sort) -- more will be posted on the forum when the time gets closer.

I hope to see all you non-CV attendees online that weekend for lots and lots of hours of WTF IS GOING ON HAHAHA WHAT IS THAT SHIT THIS IS WHY I LOVE STAR WARS. <333


Oct. 9th, 2009 12:06 am
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I wish they would announce where Celebration V was going to be so I could plan my 2010 accordingly. :| I'm game if it's in Baltimore, but since we still don't know where or when IT IS TIME FOR MORE WAITING.

[livejournal.com profile] trex_moves - There is a Hutt for everyone. I think tomorrow I will hone my art skills skillz on something zombie related. Or maybe something BioShock related. Or I will draw Sephiroth. That reminds me of a mspaint picture I drew a long time ago of that one event in Final Fantasy VII. You know. That one. Maybe I need to dig that picture up. If I recall correctly I was quite generous with the airbrushed red all over the picture lol what.


In television news, that preview for upcoming episodes of Supernatural (old Dean, traveling through TV shows and Sam and Dean making fun of CSI: Miami, them on a Japanese game show, that creepy little boy, etc.) they showed after the episode tonight looked amazing. This season is already 4985903485907234 times better than the last one. I'm just gonna forget that one ever happened. Except for the introduction of Castiel, that part was okay. The rest of it was kind of ass though.

Okay, it's time for some Fallout/Professor Layton/Persona -- that actually depends on what system I want to deal with. Probably the DS since it's the easiest to save and turn off when I want to pass out. Which will most likely be soon. verysooonzzzzzzzzzzzz


Feb. 3rd, 2009 08:00 pm
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Cause I needs to see all you thugs. XD
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FINALLY, MY ANIME USA CON REPORT. A MONTH LATE. But whatever, it's done! And it will help me get a small con fix. I NEEDS IT. Pictures under the cut (Poison Ivy & Harley, Beth's amazing Ashura outfit, all of us being tools, etc.)


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Internet still going slow. Anime USA was awesome. Our suite was sweet lol. Con report soon. Cat boys are sometimes disturbing. Danced till 5:30 last night (this morning?). Have costume ideas for Katsucon. They are all yay. Started Silent Hill Homecoming over again. Will play better this time. Won't die on creepy doll. Must get ready for Silent Hill sleepover on Friday. Hehehe.

GOING TO PASS OUT NOW. OMG I will catch up on LJ and RP and lots o' everything tomorrow. kfsaj;dfj apasssout.



Feb. 15th, 2008 05:55 pm
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