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I feel like Friday can be summed up best using photos. Nate and I wore three costumes that day (June & Junpei from 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, Ariel & Eric from The Little Mermaid and Meg Masters & Sam Winchester from Supernatural) so there was a lot of running around, changing and acting goofy BUT NOT JUST FROM US, NO.

This is Alex. He is pretty tipsy. Dressed like a GHOSTFACER. And he is dancing in the middle of the Hyatt lobby at 2am to no music, no nothing. He's just dancing. You can see Erin on the left behind him yelling at him.

Friday, September 2 - HERE, HAVE A CRAB. )

UP NEXT - SATURDAY! Gender swapped Star Wars! The Aquarium! MADNESS!

And I got a few more photos of our Disney group and the Catherine group and SPN shoot and all that jazz that I will be uploading to the zhobot gallery in one huge bunch at the end of all the recaps when I've gone through all these damn photos, lolol. XD
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I have learned three things at this convention.

1.) I start acting like everyone's mother when the con comes around. More on that in recap.

2.) I really want to start taking more/better pictures at cons. Cosplayers, groups, people, everything. Like I see cosplayers and groups of cosplayers and I look at photos people have taken after the con and I just have all these ideas for pictures I could take in my head. This really happened during the 999 shoot and when I saw the Disney costumers (Peter Pan group, Aristocats, Flynn and Rapunzel -- SO MANY IDEAS OH MY GOODNESS D:)


Besides those three things I've noticed, there's another note I have to make upfront here. I'm horrible at meeting new people. Even if I've talked to them on the internet beforehand. I'm awkward and doofy and mumble and say stupid things - that's just the way I am and I always have been. I mean, the first time I met Nate it was a whole lot of "merrr herp derp i'm heather duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh." And then I stared at the wall behind his head.

But the people I met for the first time this weekend though (looking directly at Katsuya Weller and the magical gang of [livejournal.com profile] leesers/[livejournal.com profile] nekogonya/Mike/Kevin/Tom) were some of the absolute sweetest people I've ever met (not to mention hilarious) and for once I kind of felt like I wasn't out of place/doing something stupid/total social ineptitude ahoy! - so thank you guys. <333


I... I love these two with all my heart. How do you make Jacen Caedus and Jaina ghetto? LIKE SO. KANYE SHRUG GURL~


you were doing ducky lips before all those mybook facespace slags! )

We were discussing another con the other day. Tekkoshocon. It's in Pittsburgh meaning it's right near Valerie and Brian (and they are awesome and already said we could crash there). We would probably go up Thursday night and hit up the con on Friday and then part of Saturday - then we would harass Valerie & Brian the rest of the time. XD

Question is WHO IS GOING TO TEKKOSHOCON? XD (Besides [livejournal.com profile] leesers, since she already said so on FB~ XD)

And if yes, ARE YOU DOING ANY MAGICAL COSTUMES? (I told you magical was the word of the day -- along with darling~)

I'm gonna bring my magical camera and take magical pictures since I didn't take many at Katsu thanks to my missing internal battery. D:

We were discussing bringing along Professor Layton & Luke Triton... or maybe Silent Hill costumes... but we don't know yet. INPUTS? <33333

(The only thing that sucks about con is leaving con and leaving all the fun people until next con. ;____; NOOOO, CON FUUUNNNKKKKK!)
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Slowly but surely getting things done for Katsucon this weekend.

Nate finished his Junpei costume and I've been working like mad on the scales for the new sleeves I'm making for Tempest/Essential Atlas Tenel Ka. There are pictures of both Junpei and scales in the new OMG PROGRESS album on zhobot.net's magical fb page -- HERE IT ISSSS.

Then there's Santa's frickin' boots. Like I said on le twitter, I have been frankensteining these things together like mad. They aren't exactly like his - like he has a set of two strips on top and then a set of two lower down... the base boots I got had strips a certain length apart and then a logo on them that I had to cover - so there's four strips instead of sets of two but at this point I don't care cause I am actually kind of proud of them so far (until I screw them up lololol) and they will work just fine, I hope! BOOOOOOOTS!

I am not looking forward to trying to put those scales into sleevey shapes though. It's like that part in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when there is a fire in the pet store and Pee Wee goes in and saves all the animals and keeps passing by the snakes cause they gross him out. He finally saves them right at the last minute. Those sleeves are my snakes in the pet store. D:

You know, this part!

I always describe things I keep putting off as "IT'S LIKE PEE WEE AND THE SNAKES~"
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So I'm taking a costume away from Katsucon and pushing it back - I've been putting so much into Santa right now that June is getting no attention (not to mention the new sleeves for the Tempest Tenel Ka and the fix-ups on Barbie) so I'll be holding off on June. I want to put effort into it and not just throw it together, hehe~ SO THE NEW PLAN IS...

KATSUCON: Barbie (Toy Story 3), Tenel Ka (Star Wars - Tempest cover), Santa (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors)
THIS OTHER THING: June (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors), Elaine Marley (Monkey Island)

Now THIS OTHER THING = my family (Mom, Duane, Valerie, Brian and then myself and Nate) is planning a trip. We all haven't gone on a trip together in foreverrrrr so this will be awesome. And apparently we're going on a cruise. I have never been on a cruise, but this is providing too many good opportunities for complete massive nerdery. JUNE AND JUNPEI PICTURES ON A SHIP LOLOLOL.

And Valerie says the opportunity for Monkey Island pictures on an actual Caribbean beach is too good to pass up - I would have to agree here since our only current shots are in a HOTELLLLL. XD

This weekend was spent cleaning and putting up new blinds and doing homework and cleaning some more. Although, we got in more Laura Bow in, which is good. Nate also hooked it up to the new tv - so I had Laura Bow on the big screen and I almost wibbled of nostalgia. ALMOST. Then Nate made a comment about "BUH. WHAT, YOU DIDN'T EVEN SEE THAT BITCH FALL BY THE WINDOW?" and my wibbles turned into cackles.

I GOT A WORDPRESS DUR DUR, I can't remember if I linked it here. But it'll pretty much be a home for entries of the boring blah blah creative type (photos, costumes, progress updates, shop stuff, craft stuff). Like the latest one where I ramble endlessly about making that flipping paperclayed-to-the-end-of-the-world lightsaber.



...I am so out of it. I think the cleaning products got to my head this weekend.

P.S. WHO HAS A DEVIANTART I CAN STALK? I'm hereeee. <333 Need more artists to stallllk.
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Now I know what I would look like with white hair.

This post is also known as OMG MY SANTA WIG CAME AND I AM EXCITE. I bought fabric for his scarf and assorted arm dooflitchys yesterday, as well as a pattern for June's dress and fabric for that. I went a little more purple than blue according to some of the pictures. I'll have to see if I want to stick with that or not.

Thanks to everyone who dropped a line on the last post! I will be going with option one! We have our work dinner/dance formal thing in January, so I'll be getting my hair done before that (REDDDDDD) and I found a really good general brown wig that would work for June (AND IT'S CHEAP LOL)~ XDD

I think tentatively for Nate and myself at Katsucon... it'll be Caedus/Tenel Ka then Junpei/June on Friday and then Ken/Barbie and Junpei/Santa on Saturday (if Saturday is good for you and the gang, [livejournal.com profile] leesers - OHMYGOODNESS SO EXCITED)... but we'll see! IT'S STILL A LITTLE UNDER A COUPLE MONTHS AWAY -- which also makes me think, "Wow! I'm starting on costumes early!" ;)

...now I need to find boots for Santa that I can modify to put all that crazy white/silver stuff on them. The problem is I want to get some that add a few inches to my height (except ones that aren't total girl-platforms XD) cause Santa is pretty tall and I will most likely be the shortest one there, hahaha~! TIME FOR PHOTOGRAPHY TRICKS!
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So for Katsucon I think I'm bringing four costumes (OH MY GOODNESS WHAT AM I THINKING) - Barbie from Toy Story 3, Tenel Ka from SW:EU, and then Santa and June from 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

I have wigs for both Barbie and Santa, but I'm trying to figure out what to do about the hair for June and Tenel Ka. I was planning on getting my hair done before Katsucon (meaning it would be SUPARRRR RED) and then I would have to get a wig for June since her hair is brown. Then I was thinking of all my options and here is my STUPID DILEMMA and the things I have come up with that I can do.

1.) I get my hair done again, RED! like usual. Use my hair for Tenel Ka and get a wig for June.

2.) Get my hair done more of a brownish-red - try to pass it off for both Tenel Ka and June. Even though it would be a little too brown for TK and a little too red for June.

3.) Get my hair down a darkish brown, use it for June and get a wig for Tenel Ka - even though I would have no idea what kind of wig to get for TK. Hahah~ XD I would only be able to use a certain type for Queen Tenel Ka (fancy) since younger TK's hair is more OMG wild -- this is why it's easier to use my regular hair for her since I could style it however (whereas wigs are harder to change for different costumes).

HALP PLZ D: Obviously, 2 would be the cheapest and I love me some cheap, hehehe. BUT I DON'T KNOWWWWWW cause I don't want colors to be distracting from a costumes I've worked hard on. :\ Does that makes and sense? lolol i am a dork.

(I told you it was stupid. XDDD)

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