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I feel like Friday can be summed up best using photos. Nate and I wore three costumes that day (June & Junpei from 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, Ariel & Eric from The Little Mermaid and Meg Masters & Sam Winchester from Supernatural) so there was a lot of running around, changing and acting goofy BUT NOT JUST FROM US, NO.

This is Alex. He is pretty tipsy. Dressed like a GHOSTFACER. And he is dancing in the middle of the Hyatt lobby at 2am to no music, no nothing. He's just dancing. You can see Erin on the left behind him yelling at him.

Friday, September 2 - HERE, HAVE A CRAB. )

UP NEXT - SATURDAY! Gender swapped Star Wars! The Aquarium! MADNESS!

And I got a few more photos of our Disney group and the Catherine group and SPN shoot and all that jazz that I will be uploading to the zhobot gallery in one huge bunch at the end of all the recaps when I've gone through all these damn photos, lolol. XD
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I have learned three things at this convention.

1.) I start acting like everyone's mother when the con comes around. More on that in recap.

2.) I really want to start taking more/better pictures at cons. Cosplayers, groups, people, everything. Like I see cosplayers and groups of cosplayers and I look at photos people have taken after the con and I just have all these ideas for pictures I could take in my head. This really happened during the 999 shoot and when I saw the Disney costumers (Peter Pan group, Aristocats, Flynn and Rapunzel -- SO MANY IDEAS OH MY GOODNESS D:)


Besides those three things I've noticed, there's another note I have to make upfront here. I'm horrible at meeting new people. Even if I've talked to them on the internet beforehand. I'm awkward and doofy and mumble and say stupid things - that's just the way I am and I always have been. I mean, the first time I met Nate it was a whole lot of "merrr herp derp i'm heather duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh." And then I stared at the wall behind his head.

But the people I met for the first time this weekend though (looking directly at Katsuya Weller and the magical gang of [livejournal.com profile] leesers/[livejournal.com profile] nekogonya/Mike/Kevin/Tom) were some of the absolute sweetest people I've ever met (not to mention hilarious) and for once I kind of felt like I wasn't out of place/doing something stupid/total social ineptitude ahoy! - so thank you guys. <333


I... I love these two with all my heart. How do you make Jacen Caedus and Jaina ghetto? LIKE SO. KANYE SHRUG GURL~


you were doing ducky lips before all those mybook facespace slags! )

We were discussing another con the other day. Tekkoshocon. It's in Pittsburgh meaning it's right near Valerie and Brian (and they are awesome and already said we could crash there). We would probably go up Thursday night and hit up the con on Friday and then part of Saturday - then we would harass Valerie & Brian the rest of the time. XD

Question is WHO IS GOING TO TEKKOSHOCON? XD (Besides [livejournal.com profile] leesers, since she already said so on FB~ XD)

And if yes, ARE YOU DOING ANY MAGICAL COSTUMES? (I told you magical was the word of the day -- along with darling~)

I'm gonna bring my magical camera and take magical pictures since I didn't take many at Katsu thanks to my missing internal battery. D:

We were discussing bringing along Professor Layton & Luke Triton... or maybe Silent Hill costumes... but we don't know yet. INPUTS? <33333

(The only thing that sucks about con is leaving con and leaving all the fun people until next con. ;____; NOOOO, CON FUUUNNNKKKKK!)

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