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There's lololol a post-getting-massively-rained on Jacen and Tenel Ka (we look so much more coherent in the photoshoot pictures, haha) meeting JIM BEAVER OKAY. He is amazing and Natalie is amazing for making me go talk to him and get his autograph - she is also awesome for getting me a hug from Misha Collins since I am a chicken shit. ILU NATALIE. XD


This is mostly gonna be photos since my brain is lame and everything always runs together after a week, buhhhh.

Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6 - DAT EMPTY WALKWAY?!?!? Also, Star Wars crack... naturally. )

Next will be the post will all the links to the other recaps in it, along with the tentative 2012 costume lineup, lololol. 287 DAYS, PEOPLE! XDDD
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So the rest of Sunday has a billion photos because it was more Star Wars time and Long Walk time and we saw other fun costumes. IT WAS OVER A MONTH AGO ALREADY I'M FORGETTING EVERYTHING. D:

CRAZINESS. Also, Ashley's thing she does with her neck in her Nightsister outfit that creeps me out. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Aaaaaaaand Nate being a bloody boy model?

And for real, I apologize in advance for the absolute incoherency this post will contain. I AM OUT OF IT. :B

Sunday, September 4 - Errrrebody in the room gettin' tipsy. Star Wars, random costumes I loved, The Long Walk, bloody blood, another emo album cover. AAAAND there's the hotel room number, wtf. )

Monday and Tuesday don't have a lot of photos so I'm hoping to get that one up by this weekend! THEN STARTS THE DRAGON*CON 2012 PLANNING OKAY.
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So I decided to split Sunday into two parts. The first part will be the giant EXPANDED UNIVERSE SHOOT OF DOOOOOOOM and the second will be everything else. Since there are a billion photos from each part, I figured this would be an easier way of doing this, haha! AND THIS ISN'T EVEN HALF THE PHOTOS I TOOK FROM THE SHOOT.

It depressed me cause I had all these photo ideas in my head and then when I got to the shoot they all just went DERP and left. Plus, everyone was taking their own photos of single characters and all that jazz while I was running around (in these FRICKIN' BOOTS MY GAWWWD) trying to get photos so I missed a lot of single character shots I wanted to get and stuff. ;-;

This just means, NEXT YEAR. And next year, I will have a costume on that doesn't have crazy boots. XD


Sunday, September 4 - THESE. DAMN. BOOTS. Also, adorable tiny child with a Vader cape on. )

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So I am slowly but surely working through Sunday photos from Dragon*Con. There are roughly 150 that will most likely be going in the Sunday recap so I need to crop/resize/fix some coloring in all them and, of course, write all the rambly rambles that go with them so it's taking me longer than I want it to. :|

I did put this up on deviantART a couple weeks ago. We both had a lot of fun making this costume (and he had fun making and derping around with those flipping amphistaffs lol) and I was really happy to get this shot of it. I was hobbling around in highly obnoxious boots that morning but I was like, "NO LET'S GO OVER HERE GO UP THOSE STAIRS" so he grabs his amphistaffs and skips on over and I'm all, *step step drag feet skitter stumble* "OKAY HERE I AM"~

There are obviously not 17 amphistaffs on him like there are in the book, but there was no way he would have been able to get anywhere with 17. The three he had were being difficult enough, lol. THOSE CHEEKY LITTLE BITCHES.

He's also going to fix his boots so they stay up on his legs (they did at the start and then just... stopped cooperating as the morning went on) and he wants to wear this again at some point, but here it is like it was at D*C after he had been putzing around in it for the giant EU shoot. XD

Jacen Solo - Traitor by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

MORE STAR WARS INSANITY WHEN I GET THE SUNDAY PHOTOS DONE (also lots of Long Walk insanity, regular tipsy insanity, more derp and some fun costumes I saw on Sunday <3333). :O

(Also, making this nasty tunic thing was good practice for a costume of his he's planning for next year! His will be much easier than mine though, lololol. XD)
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Lots of photos here - basically our day consisted of being lazy in the morning, being lazy while Ashley painted John green, going out and putzing around in Star Wars Genderswap costumes, being lazy and napping, getting into BioShock Costumes, going to the Aquarium and theeeeeeeen being lazy and passing out once we were back.

Our biggest giddy moment of the day was the fact that Irrational Games (one of the companies behind BioShock) had employees at the Aquarium taking photos of BioShock cosplayers! It was amazing - the employees were super nice and they gave all the costumers BioShock swag and took photos for their site and everything. All the costumers there were really cool and the whole thing really made everyone's night. XD


Saturday, September 3 - A new makeup victim! )


And just like Friday, there are more photos from Saturday which will be uploaded with all the rest of the mess of photos on zhobot.net once all these recaps are finished. XD
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Between the 9038490283490824957437 costume things we're trying to get done for Dragon*Con, Nate and I decided we're going to do a project of the photo-ly type (which will get done in... forever from now, most likely :|).

While going through our boxes of costume junk looking for pieces we would need for this year, we cackled at all the Jacen and Tenel Ka costume action spilling from the boxes (not to mention we're both bringing two new costumes each of them-thar-darlings this year). We talked about taking all the costumes (including the new ones and a couple we're planning on putting together) and creating a set of photos that sort of follows the timeline of the two of them -- beginning with a photo of little woodsy Jacen and ending with a photo of stoic bitch Tenel Ka many years later. I won't bore you with the loljuicy (not really) details of all the middle photos - it'll make sense one day when we actually start taking them all. I HOPE. D:


On Saturday, we went to a park nearby and headed up one of the trails, straying off of it (and Nate pushing old spider webs out of the way while I squealed mercilessly and tried to deal with it LIKE A BOSS) just to get to this amazing little grove area to take the first photo in - little nature boy teenage dirtbag Jacen Solo. Nate was a super sport and even took his frickin' shoes off. I was stupid and wore shorts. I have sixteen mosquito bites on my legs.

We also saw a frog.

Nate got so giddy - "OHHHH IT'S A FROG! LOOK. AT. HIM!" -- this is the same park we were walking through last fall when he started telling me about the mating habits of frogs.

Anyways, I snapped as many pictures as I could while feeling sweat drip down my back and swatting bugs away from my pasty legs (uggggh summertime) and hoped we got something passable. COME TO FIND OUT WE MIGHT HAVE.

Two of the photos are under the cut below. Nate said the first one could work cause he's smiling and looking down and being awkward - which definitely works. But the second one got me because the angle makes him look smaller (do you know how hard it is to make a 6'4", 24 year old look like he's a decade younger? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE) -- and that Zoolander expression on his face said EAGER TINY JOKE-TELLING JACEN to me for some reason. I don't know. I like both and we can't decide which one to make the FIRST PHOTO OF THE JACEN/TENEL KA PHOTO PROJECT OF DOOOOOOOM!

KJKSJFKSJ DECISION. I haven't done anything to these pictures except resizing them and knocking the contrast up a bit - so picture them a lot fancier or something lololol okay wat )


I just rambled I need to go to sleep.

(How out of it I am: Jacen Solo needs a "Honey Badger don't give a shit" shirt. I'm assigning memes to all the Star Wars characters. D:)
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I haven't been able to sit down and catch up with anything here lately. Between running back and forth to the vet for the kitty (some little darling had to go on a diet to hopefully break up bladder stones so she doesn't need surgery *crosses fingers*), finishing up a project at work and moving a couple things around to try to make a better craft/costuming workspace for myself, I haven't been able to keep up with anything else.

Nate and I have also been trying to make zhobot.net and the forum two cohesive things which we haven't achieved yet because we are lazy slugs. We also need to get the photo gallery and shop up running on z.net too, which hasn't been done either. Hehe.

Then of course, the Video Game World had to go and release Portal 2 AND Mortal Kombat on THE SAME DAY. Not to mention I am still chugging through Fallout: New Vegas (have I mentioned how much I love/hate/love the White Glove Society?) and we rented Army of Two: The 40th Day from Gamefly so the television is my BFF right now. I CAN'T GET AWAYYYYYYY--

(Also, we finished Game #2 in the Centuria Challenge! Only 98 more to go!)

I need to catch up on LJ and RP and all kinds of stuff-- not to mention updating websites and making a logo for the board which I've been telling myself to do every day FOR WEEKS NOW.

In other lol news, I think my Dragon*Con 2011 costume lineup might be somewhat finalized. You know this changes 900982390482309482034.7 times throughout the year but I need to hurry up and get it set asap since it's already almost May(!!!!!) - how is that even possible what is this

Nate has his heart set on a Traitor!Jacen Solo costume and we've been brainstorming amphistaff ideas (I get stupid giddy every time he mentions this costume, STUPID GIDDY) - the thing he's debating the most though is if he should go with trying to make a robeskin + amphistaffs (what Jacen's wearing in the book) as opposed to going with the gray jumpsuit (that Jacen is wearing in everything else including the action figure) + amphistaffs. He is debating with himself here and would appreciate any input on the matter. I keep thinking about it and I don't know which one would work better. IDEAS? Thankyousomuchinadvance~ <33333 XD
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The subject line. Nate said that to me this weekend. I was all, "WHAT? NO."

Tenel Ka Djo Costume - Tempest by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

Some junk from this weekend (since I did the asscape surgery and kind of fixed the purple top). It's not as easy to shove my arm behind my back with those scales on, which is the reason why I'm aiming right side out in pretty much 85% of the shots in this set and the four I picked out for this thing were all that side. XD

Hoping to get all the passable ones onto flickr this weekend, hahah~ then I can move on to other costume projects! Like helping Nate somehow create amphistaffs for his sudden new D*C addition-to-his-lineup he is excited for, which is Traitor!Jacen. Sadly, I don't think I can con him into the skirt/robeskin - he'll probably do the action figure version with the jumpsuit.

Saw Wimpy Kid 2 earlier tonight. I am in love with those books and now the movies too. Rodrick = lololol <3. And I think I'm about to beat Ghost Trick - I will hopefully have that beat by later tonight!

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BUT REALLY, HERE, HAVE THE BEGINNING OF CON REPORT AND SOME PHOTOS. Starting with Dr. Cody sitting on me while Han and my little bro look on like lol WHHHHAAAAAT IS THIS

(Under this cut you will find: a giant line! Death Troopers! Massaging car wash?)

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY - Please don't do the snake thing when we get inside, please don't do the sn-- OH GAWWWWWWD. )

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Okay, so I'm throwing myself straight back into everything starting with costumes. With 46 days left till Dragon*Con I figure I should actually get my butt moving when it comes to that stuff, heh. So here are some things for all the homies I am doing costumes with (and who I love <3)~ THESE ARE MY LITTLE MESSAGES TO YOU, FELLOW COSTUME GROUPS.

(ALSO, we welcome anyone into these groups if anybody wants in on these costumes groups!)


DEATH TROOPERS: I have the back panels for the jumpsuits done. Now we just need to figure out how to attach them and be able to take them off so that [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet can continue to use her orange jumpsuit for mini-Tahiri as well. Black safety pins, maybe? Black will match the lettering and our boots.

[livejournal.com profile] prix_etoile, I will be bringing blasters so you can definitely use one for Zahara. Do you want any fake blood on anything? Cause I will most likely be bringing some, like usual. Hehe.

And is Thursday night good for you guys to do this costume? We can always put it on again later in the weekend for a little bit if we wanted to since it's just scrubs/jumpsuits/etc.


JEDI STRIKE TEAM: So we have Anakin, Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka, Tahiri, Eryl and Lomi Plo. We could use (and would adore) any of the following if anyone would like to join!: Alema, Bela, Ganner(!), Jovan, Krasov, Lowbacca, Raynar(!), Tekli, Ulaha or Zekk(!) (Welk would also be welcome, hurrr)~

We are currently trying to figure out where we are on the weapon situation and what we still need -- discussions on all that crap are going on right over here!

And I think we're going for Friday morning/early afternoon with this costume. HOW IS THAT?


ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: We're in the middle of making a Franklin puppet, lol. I wish we had a Lucille 2 who could complain about vertigo and Buster and GOB could fight over her "...WITH CLUB SAUCE." D:

So we're absolutely sure we have Maeby, George Michael, GOB, Buster and Lindsay. And then possibly a Rita or a Gangy. Mace also might be Blue Man!Tobias. :3

Would anyone like to jump in the AD group? IT IS AN AMAZING SHOW and we could always use a STEVE HOLT!, Michael, Ice the Bounty Hunter, Her?, George Sr., Oscar, LUCILLLLLEEEEEEE 2! or any other number of crazies that the show has. Hehe.



STAR WARS: EXPANDED UNIVERSE RANDOMNESS: So I actually might be putting a new Tenel Ka together. Whoops. :\

But SUNDAY MORNING (is that good with all you SW peeps?) -- SW:EU JANK. We have a giant, giant list of EU costumes HERE! Who am I missing and what costumes am I missing?


THE LONG WALK: We always, always, always welcome new Walkers. So if you've read The Long Walk and want in, let me know! You don't need anything special except for the belt/pouch/canteen which is super easy to get (and right now I have an extra belt/pouch thanks to Emily so I can let anyone borrow it). You need a t-shirt and jeans pretty much -- or a jacket or whatever to make your Walker PERSONAL TO YOU (unless you are one of the main guys, then it's a tiny bit more specific). Plus, you get a magical Long Walk number by me and a magical bullet hole done by [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be!

Right now for this year we have McVries, Baker, Harkness and Abraham. We would love to see a freakin' Ray Garraty one year or, of course, others such as Olson, Stebbins (parachute pants!), Gribble (blue balls!), Barkovitch, Parker, etc.!


This will most likely be Sunday afternoon into the evening, like it has been for three years running, hehe. If you would like in but can't make it until later that evening, NO PROBLEM. We would just love to see more than four/five Walkers, which has been our max. I mean, there's 100 of them in the book.


And that is that. Making silly lists like this is helping me get my mind off of this crap week.

I need sugar.
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Okay, so it's roughly 100 days till the magical Con of Dragons (errr, Dragon*Con) and I figured I would finalize my costume list so that when I get back from BaltiCon next weekend, I can go right into D*C costumes (as well as maybe a costume or two for the Celebration V Non-Con lolololol ideas <333).

SO HERE BE THE LIST. If you are going and want in on any costume groups or are doing any costumes from these thingies PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN HARASS YOU FOR LOVE/PHOTOS~~ <333 I will most likely be harassing all of you going for that stuff anyways (AND MORE? XD), BUT STILL.

1.) BUSTER BLUTH (Army Version - Arrested Development) - this one is already done and I am super excited for this group. Also, I'm debating on wearing it to the Georgia Aquarium for the D*C Aquarium night just so I can get pictures of BUSTER LOOKING AT SEALS. Also, TOBIAS PLZ. THERE HAS TO BE ONE OUT THERE!~

OTHER DARLINGS: GOB Bluth (and Franklin!) - [livejournal.com profile] draelight, Maeby Fünke (banana stand) - [livejournal.com profile] zoopiglet, George Michael Bluth (banana stand) - [livejournal.com profile] ben_ethus, Lindsay Bluth Fünke (ARE YOU STILL GONNA MAKE THE SLUT SHIRT? XD) - [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow & Lucille "Gangy" Bluth - [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be
2.) ELAINE MARLEY (The Secret of Monkey Island) - this is the other costume I was debating on wearing to the Aquarium. Cause you know, Guybrush can hold his breath for ten minutes. XD <3

OTHER DARLINGS: Guybrush Threepwood - [livejournal.com profile] draelight
3.) KALE LONGO (Star Wars: Death Troopers) - kfjskdjfkasjdfksfjdskdfj I need to read this book again. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Star Wars + Zombies = fangasm. I'm really excited for these and have been fiddling around with the name things for the backs of the jumpsuits.

OTHER DARLINGS: Trig Longo - [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet, Dr. Zahara Cody - [livejournal.com profile] prix_etoile & Han Solo (w/ Beanie Chewbacca!) - [livejournal.com profile] draelight
4.) TENEL KA (Star by Star - Jedi Strike Team) - we're not gonna have as many people as CIII, but at this point I'm just excited to do these costumes again. Star by Star broke my heart and also caused me to meet lots of my fandom friends, lololol. SO I HAVE TO SHOW IT MORE LOVE.

OTHER DARLINGS: Eryl Besa - [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow, Tahiri Veila - [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet, Jaina Solo (I think, I need to bug her and ask her if she's still in XD) - [livejournal.com profile] miss_jaina, Jacen Solo (it was either him or Zekk probably, he's been digging Zekk, lololol <3) - [livejournal.com profile] draelight & possibly Lomi Plo! - [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be

5.) PETER MCVRIES (Stephen King's The Long Walk) - it will be the fourth year in a row! AND WE COULD ALWAYS USE MORE WALKERS. THERE ARE LIKE 95 TO PICK FROM. COME OOONNNNN~ XDDDD

OTHER DARLINGS: Abraham (#2) - [livejournal.com profile] draelight, Harkness (#48) - [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow & Art Baker (#3) - [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be
6.) DROWNING DOOM!OPHELIA (Brütal Legend) - this is gonna be my one big giant THIS WILL WASTE MOST OF MY TIME FOR CREATION BETWEEN NOW AND THEN costume. [livejournal.com profile] ben_ethus kept telling me I needed to play this game and I finally got it off Gamefly and fell in love with it -- and totally in love with Ophelia, lololol. Part that sucks is that I'm not as HOT AND TALL as she is, haha. BUT I WILL FIGURE IT ALL OUT SOMEHOW. I've already started playing with fabric and bodysuits and makeup and all that crap. I'm a little too excited for this thing. D:

OTHER DARLINGS: Grave Digger - [livejournal.com profile] draelight (also [livejournal.com profile] ben_ethus might also be a Grave Digger and we're trying to con [livejournal.com profile] zoopiglet into being a Razor Girl -- even though it's a totally different faction -- she would look AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. XD)

And then there are all the other possible costumes but I need to talk to other people about them first so we can figure everything out before I finalize ideas lol and these include: Dead!Red Shirt (Star Trek -- need to talk to [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be about finding a simple one! XD) & some other Tenel Ka outfit (SW:EU -- I have someone here who is raring to snatch up some orange-ish contacts and be Darth Caedus, plus there was chatter between [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet and [livejournal.com profile] precioussonja and myself about EU stuff -- SO WHAT DO YOU SAY, GIRLS? XD)~

All this excitement is making me not think about my back and neck YESSSS. But I still need to schedule physical therapy NOOOOO.

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