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Everyone else is doing it -- so what better way to coordinate! XD I figure I will fill this in for me and Nate since pretty much every single costume I have planned for 2012 somehow goes with a costume he has planned for 2012 EXCEPT FOR ONE SINGLE COSTUME, which I will note, lololol.

SO MANY PHOTOS? Monkey Island?! The Warriors?! PROFESSAH?! )

That was... so incoherent.
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There's lololol a post-getting-massively-rained on Jacen and Tenel Ka (we look so much more coherent in the photoshoot pictures, haha) meeting JIM BEAVER OKAY. He is amazing and Natalie is amazing for making me go talk to him and get his autograph - she is also awesome for getting me a hug from Misha Collins since I am a chicken shit. ILU NATALIE. XD


This is mostly gonna be photos since my brain is lame and everything always runs together after a week, buhhhh.

Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6 - DAT EMPTY WALKWAY?!?!? Also, Star Wars crack... naturally. )

Next will be the post will all the links to the other recaps in it, along with the tentative 2012 costume lineup, lololol. 287 DAYS, PEOPLE! XDDD
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So the rest of Sunday has a billion photos because it was more Star Wars time and Long Walk time and we saw other fun costumes. IT WAS OVER A MONTH AGO ALREADY I'M FORGETTING EVERYTHING. D:

CRAZINESS. Also, Ashley's thing she does with her neck in her Nightsister outfit that creeps me out. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Aaaaaaaand Nate being a bloody boy model?

And for real, I apologize in advance for the absolute incoherency this post will contain. I AM OUT OF IT. :B

Sunday, September 4 - Errrrebody in the room gettin' tipsy. Star Wars, random costumes I loved, The Long Walk, bloody blood, another emo album cover. AAAAND there's the hotel room number, wtf. )

Monday and Tuesday don't have a lot of photos so I'm hoping to get that one up by this weekend! THEN STARTS THE DRAGON*CON 2012 PLANNING OKAY.
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So I decided to split Sunday into two parts. The first part will be the giant EXPANDED UNIVERSE SHOOT OF DOOOOOOOM and the second will be everything else. Since there are a billion photos from each part, I figured this would be an easier way of doing this, haha! AND THIS ISN'T EVEN HALF THE PHOTOS I TOOK FROM THE SHOOT.

It depressed me cause I had all these photo ideas in my head and then when I got to the shoot they all just went DERP and left. Plus, everyone was taking their own photos of single characters and all that jazz while I was running around (in these FRICKIN' BOOTS MY GAWWWD) trying to get photos so I missed a lot of single character shots I wanted to get and stuff. ;-;

This just means, NEXT YEAR. And next year, I will have a costume on that doesn't have crazy boots. XD


Sunday, September 4 - THESE. DAMN. BOOTS. Also, adorable tiny child with a Vader cape on. )

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Lots of photos here - basically our day consisted of being lazy in the morning, being lazy while Ashley painted John green, going out and putzing around in Star Wars Genderswap costumes, being lazy and napping, getting into BioShock Costumes, going to the Aquarium and theeeeeeeen being lazy and passing out once we were back.

Our biggest giddy moment of the day was the fact that Irrational Games (one of the companies behind BioShock) had employees at the Aquarium taking photos of BioShock cosplayers! It was amazing - the employees were super nice and they gave all the costumers BioShock swag and took photos for their site and everything. All the costumers there were really cool and the whole thing really made everyone's night. XD


Saturday, September 3 - A new makeup victim! )


And just like Friday, there are more photos from Saturday which will be uploaded with all the rest of the mess of photos on zhobot.net once all these recaps are finished. XD
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I feel like Friday can be summed up best using photos. Nate and I wore three costumes that day (June & Junpei from 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, Ariel & Eric from The Little Mermaid and Meg Masters & Sam Winchester from Supernatural) so there was a lot of running around, changing and acting goofy BUT NOT JUST FROM US, NO.

This is Alex. He is pretty tipsy. Dressed like a GHOSTFACER. And he is dancing in the middle of the Hyatt lobby at 2am to no music, no nothing. He's just dancing. You can see Erin on the left behind him yelling at him.

Friday, September 2 - HERE, HAVE A CRAB. )

UP NEXT - SATURDAY! Gender swapped Star Wars! The Aquarium! MADNESS!

And I got a few more photos of our Disney group and the Catherine group and SPN shoot and all that jazz that I will be uploading to the zhobot gallery in one huge bunch at the end of all the recaps when I've gone through all these damn photos, lolol. XD
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So this report will be shorter than all my other D*C reports most likely. The con was effing packed, esp. on Saturday, and I didn't do much in the way of panels and all that jazz. Plus, we brought nine costumes so a lot of it was either chilling in the room getting ready/being lazy and watching D*C TV or being dorks and taking pictures of the crap we put work into, haha~ XD I didn't even make it into the Dealer's Hall (expect for two seconds to get water) or the Exhibitor's Halls (except for a quick walk around one of them to help Ashley look for something). I went in the art show for a couple minutes to look at Erin's table. Besides those, I didn't use my badge for anything except one Star Wars panel. WHOOPS. Well, okay, and to get into the other hotels later in the evening since you needed your badge to do that - BUT YEAH~ ON WITH IT. :3


Wednesday, August 31 - Thursday, September 1 )

THANKS TO HOMEWORK, I've had a crap chance to write my con report -- meaning the longer it takes to get written, the less I remember. I AM TRYING AS HARD AS I CAN THOUGH. :3

More soon!
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I am very sorry I don't have time to elaborate on this - the lyrics and the dance magic here in this fanmix, especially. I wanted to do pictures for each song (and a back cover -- like last year) but I am so behind on everything costume AND homework-wise so I just have to throw this up here as is. Here is a small front cover and a tracklisting. ROAD TRIP MUSIC, FLIGHT MUSIC, WHATEVER IT WILL BE, PLZ ENJOY IT~ and look at my shameless love of pop music, 80's jams and other weird random music.

And I will see you at con. <3333

(For last year's mix, see here!)

1.) Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell" (Aw yeah!)
2.) Innerpartysystem - "And Together" (This. Song. Is my everything. It is my con jam. MY EVERYTHINGGGGG.)
3.) Michael Jackson - "Smooth Criminal"
4.) Junior Senior - "Hip Hop a Lula"
5.) Tesla Boy - "Liberating Soul"
6.) Madonna - "Express Yourself"
7.) Russell Simins - "I'm Not a Model"
8.) Rupaul - "Glamazon"
9.) Black Eyed Peas - "Rock That Body"
10.) Katy Perry - "Peacock"
11.) Tokio Hotel - "Human Connect to Human"
12.) Twin Shadow - "For Now"
13.) The Faint - "Glass Danse (Paul Oakenfold remix)"
14.) Ghostland Observatory - "Sad Sad City" (This is how the city feels when everyone leaves awww.)
15.) Boston - "Don't Look Back"

If you'd like to partake in the craziness, be my guest, bros: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6X9L4X0X

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So like [livejournal.com profile] leesers, I just wiped this whole thing out in one go cause I know if I tried to actually do it for 30 days... I would fail miserably.

This post contains lots of pictures from the past decade, lots of derp and lots of colorful fabric and weirdass props. If you didn't know how dorky I really was, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

Star Wars, Clue, Monkey Island, Arrested Development and all kinds of other geekery under the cut!

IMAGE HEAVY POST OF INSANITYYYYYYYYYY-- have I really been cosplaying for ten years, my god what is this XD )

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I haven't been able to sit down and catch up with anything here lately. Between running back and forth to the vet for the kitty (some little darling had to go on a diet to hopefully break up bladder stones so she doesn't need surgery *crosses fingers*), finishing up a project at work and moving a couple things around to try to make a better craft/costuming workspace for myself, I haven't been able to keep up with anything else.

Nate and I have also been trying to make zhobot.net and the forum two cohesive things which we haven't achieved yet because we are lazy slugs. We also need to get the photo gallery and shop up running on z.net too, which hasn't been done either. Hehe.

Then of course, the Video Game World had to go and release Portal 2 AND Mortal Kombat on THE SAME DAY. Not to mention I am still chugging through Fallout: New Vegas (have I mentioned how much I love/hate/love the White Glove Society?) and we rented Army of Two: The 40th Day from Gamefly so the television is my BFF right now. I CAN'T GET AWAYYYYYYY--

(Also, we finished Game #2 in the Centuria Challenge! Only 98 more to go!)

I need to catch up on LJ and RP and all kinds of stuff-- not to mention updating websites and making a logo for the board which I've been telling myself to do every day FOR WEEKS NOW.

In other lol news, I think my Dragon*Con 2011 costume lineup might be somewhat finalized. You know this changes 900982390482309482034.7 times throughout the year but I need to hurry up and get it set asap since it's already almost May(!!!!!) - how is that even possible what is this

Nate has his heart set on a Traitor!Jacen Solo costume and we've been brainstorming amphistaff ideas (I get stupid giddy every time he mentions this costume, STUPID GIDDY) - the thing he's debating the most though is if he should go with trying to make a robeskin + amphistaffs (what Jacen's wearing in the book) as opposed to going with the gray jumpsuit (that Jacen is wearing in everything else including the action figure) + amphistaffs. He is debating with himself here and would appreciate any input on the matter. I keep thinking about it and I don't know which one would work better. IDEAS? Thankyousomuchinadvance~ <33333 XD
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Again, just like last year, here is the big wrap-up post which makes it's easier for me to get to all the others, lol. ;D

-- Wednesday & Thursday (driving, arriving and Death Troopers!)
-- Friday (Jedi Strike Team & Drowning Doom Ophelia!)
-- Saturday (Arrested Development & Monkey Island!)
-- Sunday (Expanded Universe crack!)
-- Monday & Tuesday (More Expanded Universe crack and lots o' shenanigans!)

I need to make a D*C 2011 costume post, but I need to actually figure out what I'm doing first, hahah~ XD

PREVIOUS D*C WRAP-UPS: 2009, 2008 & 2007 (I'll have to find my other recaps from 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 FOR REAL)

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The last part of the report! :O

(Under this cut: more Expanded Universe stuff that totally devolves into something horrible XD, Celldweller & Blue Stahli are so nice lol, let's hit the roadddddd)


Of course, my mind has instantly gone to D*C 2011. And also figuring out costumes for it. I'm sure there will be a Star Wars one or two. Then there's the group costume I'll probably be posting about here soon, which [livejournal.com profile] omicron1337 and I have already been discussing (XD) and I know there's a bunch of others I can't remember. WHAT WAS I DOING AGAIN? D:
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SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! [/monster truck commercial voice]

(Under this cut: Tooling around the Expanded Universe!, I get tipsy off of one drink, adult themes in Star Wars THEY EXIST, CELLLLLLLLLLDWELLLLLLLER!)

SUNDAY - Is he hot? ... Yeah. Hey Nate, do you think he's hot? ... Yes. )

Next will be Monday/Tuesday! Which will include the Tenel Ka/Caedus/Tahiri/Ben crack, AW YEAH. hurhurrrrrr
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(Under this cut: WATER ANIMOS, I don't want no part of yo' tight ass country club, ya freak bitch!, I want to be a pirate!, Spymush Peepwood, adventures at the liquor store)

SATURDAY - Is that Franklin, IS THAT FRANKLIN? )

So, Saturday at Dragon*Con.

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And to continue our Dragon*Con 2010 Report of Doom, I bring you Friday!~

(Under this cut: JEDI STRIKE TEAM FORCE BRADY BUNCH GO, Ashley blue me, there's a splicer in the house!, when did Nate get so emo?)

FRIDAY - That was Stan Lee. And your feathers! Do you want to commit suicide now? )

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BUT REALLY, HERE, HAVE THE BEGINNING OF CON REPORT AND SOME PHOTOS. Starting with Dr. Cody sitting on me while Han and my little bro look on like lol WHHHHAAAAAT IS THIS

(Under this cut you will find: a giant line! Death Troopers! Massaging car wash?)

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY - Please don't do the snake thing when we get inside, please don't do the sn-- OH GAWWWWWWD. )

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Alright, overall D*C was pretty good this year. There were many highs and there were a few lows. HERE LET ME SHOW YOU SOME.

HIGHS: Hanging out with people (roomies, sister and brother-in-law, SW PEOPLE <3, etc.), taking goofy pictures, getting tipsy off of one drink, having people recognize Franklin and flip out, seeing Patricia Quinn (Magenta from Rocky Horror) multiple times in the Hilton just chilling, the Aquarium! - AAAAAAND OH GOODNESS I SAW CELLDWELLER IN CONCERT AND HE WAS AMAAAAAAAZINGGGGGGG. I have loved Celldweller since 2003 and he usually just doesn't tour so to hear he was playing at Dragon*Con, both myself and Nate freaked out like little fangirls. THE CONCERT WAS GLORIOUS. <3

LOWS: Three hours in line for a badge? Really? And then missing people like [livejournal.com profile] iamsooverrated and [livejournal.com profile] zombifiers both of whom I saw for a couple minutes and then made the mistake of saying I'LL CALL/TEXT YOU LATER -- since apparently everyone's phone service sucked and texts/calls either A.) did not go through at all or B.) show up like 12 hours later. BUT MORE ON THAT LATER~ Another low was OH MY GOD I CAN'T MOVE ANYWHERE GET OFF THE WALKWAYYYY. Where did all these people come from, yo? Didn't help that all the football people were milling around watching the "LOL FREAKS" (and also stealing the con rooms at the D*C room rate :|) - that was a giant problem. Too many badgeless people taking up PRIME CON SPACE. XD

Another big suck was not being able to take pictures in the rat tunnels between the hotels, which I fully support so that people don't stop and muck the human traffic up -- but I saw some of the best costumes in the tunnels and couldn't do anything about them! Noooooo!~ D:


1.) [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be hitting Stan Lee in the face with feathers ON ACCIDENT(?).

2.) Meeting Klayton (Celldweller) and Bret (Blue Stahli). ("Bret got to our badges first and signed them!" - "Bret gets to everything first. I was making out with this girl and I started to pull her shirt down and it said BRET WAS HERE." Klayton says as he points at his neck. XD)

3.) Hearing Valerie continuously say, "Heather, shut up." or "Heather, stop moving." or "Heather, stop acting like a dumbass." I LOVE MY SISTER. <3

4.) Standing in the food court holding an armful of lunch with [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be waiting for [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet to get her food so we could go meet the rest of the Strike Team for lunch and having a guy come up to me and go, "May I ask what character you are?" And then him grinning and going "I knew it! Awesome!" and taking a picture when I told him Tenel Ka. I was sweaty (sf hot in the food court D:) and gross and trying to balance two lightsabers and food and a drink too, lol.

OH MAN I KNOW THERE'S MORE -- they will pop-up in the con report, I'm sure.

For now here are a couple tiny versions of (only) a few random photos from my camera while I start scribbling my report (BIGGER VERSIONS WILL BE IN THE REPORT). ;D

(from t to b: Tobias, Chewie and Mace hanging in front of D*C TV - Ashley blue me and I'm disturbed by Nate's non-gothness - Tahiri force pushing Caedus' chair while Ben watches ALL BESIDE FIREEEEEE GUYYYYYYYYY!!!!1)
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So in about 8 DAYS Dragon*Con will commence. It's four days full of MAAAAGIC. No really, I've been to a few different cons and a few different "types" of cons (strictly anime, sci-fi, etc.) -- Dragon*Con is seriously the best convention I've ever been too. This probably sounds totally insane, but it sort of feels like going to another home of yours. Like you're going to visit that crazy Aunt and Uncle you always loved and they let you jump on the furniture and eat sugar after your bedtime and stuff. You feel like you belong there.

The people who go are of all ages, all walks of life and represent and love all kinds of fandoms. And I rarely see rude assholes there. Usually if I do, they're people who aren't part of the convention.

Also, if you wear that costume you have from that really obscure fandom, you can bet there will be at least one person who says something to you. If The Long Walk by Stephen King gets recognized, then I think just about anything has a chance of finding a fan. :D

It'll be my 8th Dragon*Con this year and every year it seems to get better and better.

Nate and I are driving and we'll be leaving Wednesday night (the 1st of September) - I figured HEY WE'LL NEED LOTS OF MUSIC. But we could start the drive with the DRAGON*CON MIX OF 2010. RIGHT? XD

If you need music to listen to on the way to the con too, go on and grab this beeyatch and get in the mood from some CRAZY. TIMESSSSSS. These songs can all lead to dancing and insanity and just all around mmm tsss mmm tsss, if you know what I mean (I can already hear the dances that start at 3am now!)~

(What a... fun... sexy time for you... - POINTS IF YOU KNOW THIS LINE. XD)

So yeah, here is a mix - it's downloadable right here! And all the pictures featured in this thing were from my camera (meaning I took them unless I'm in them, hahah) except the awesome shot of the Atlanta skyline and the Cruxshadows picture. ;D


And even if you aren't going (meaning I will be kidnapping you and putting you in my suitcase at some point in the next week) pick this up for some odd songs to add to your collection. ;D
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I have been going crazy with costume junk. I AM NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH cause it is fun and of course, exciting that D*C is next week.

Valerie and Brian were pretty much here for a day and half (too short a time!) so we could finish Franklin - the amazing puppet from Arrested Development - for the AD costume groupage at the con. Valerie made FRANKLIN COME ALIVE and he looks awesome. <3! I just need to fix up his shirt, add his ghetto legs and pants and then his shoes and he will be FINISHED!

Here are some random things I found on my photobucket to get everyone pumped for D*C (there will probably be a couple more random things in the future as well too, like maybe a crack!mix, lol).



AND! I started posting on the deviantArt account I got however long ago, so if you have one PLZ PLZ POST IT HERE SO I CAN STALK WATCH YOU. Mine is ~holler-you-home (Lisey's Story <33333)~

I think I need to pass out now.

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SO WE HAVE AN OFFICIAL NAME FOR THE FORUM NOW. To go along with the bots and such, the forum will now be called THE CIRCUIT BOARD, lol. Well, not with the lol, but you know what I mean. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T JOINED YET, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! XD

(I love me some zombies, but the theme now features a ROBOT. And I'll be making lots o' fandom themes too. XD)

We're finally moving the BioShock RP over to it (since subaccounts are figured out!) and I'm tempted to open something like fandomNET on it again since there are subaccounts now. Meaning you only need to login as one person, but can post from ANY subaccount you have while logged in under that one name. :D

Also, the Expanded Universe Readthrough will be starting within the next couple months and the YOUMIX/SELFMIX/FANMIX OF YOUR CHOICE is hitting the board on August 1st! So I hope everyone is working on their mixes! :D

Last weekend Nate and I were washing costume stuff for D*C and he mentioned something about one of the items (I can't remember what it was -- I think it was the way we needed to wash it or the temp. or something). Something he had caught and remembered to say before we put everything in the wash. I said, "Good eye."

Of course, right after that I wanted to instantly add "Sniper" like the line from the song A Flavor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria (cause you know I love me some Coheed and Cambria) but I refrained cause I didn't think he would remember the song or anything (or, you know, he'd give me a silly HAHA WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT look -- I get those a lot). Two seconds later, as he's pulling his Guybrush pants out of the wash, he goes, "Sniper."

I just looked at him like so: :|????? And he's all, "The song..." Me: "You remember that?"

Then I giggled because I am a stupid fangirl and got all giddy that Nate remembered something like that and called it back with no hesitation. WHERE DID THIS KID COME FROM? INSERT HEART HERE.



How many of you Expanded Universe costumers would be able to make a photoshooty/gathering on the Sunday morning of Dragon*Con? And if so, WHAT COSTUME WILL YOU BE WEARING? :D

(Jedi Strike Team will be Friday morning/afternoon, methinks, so don't count those in the question of this post -- I'm talking any other EU costumes besides that one. Hehe~)


P.S. New MSPaint over at [livejournal.com profile] trex_moves. I JUST BLUE MYSELF. <3!

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