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Sep. 14th, 2011 01:14 am
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Remember when I said Zekk was my fandom bicycle?

Yeah. I'll just leave you with this little snippet I found in my "unfinishedstarwarsshit.txt" file today. Uh, slash warning? Except not... really? I don't even know.

Kyp's fingers clenched around the edge of the dresser. Why was the girl in his bed talking to Master Skywalker... )

So this is pretty much Zekk:

We all know he secretly liked it though okay.

(There was also a scene later where Jacen Solo notices a mark on Zekk's neck when he ties his hair back at the temple. Zekk gives one of these :| to a smirking Kyp across the room over Jacen's shoulder and Jacen notices it and goes batshit. Hey Jacen, u jelly.)
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I was going through a folder of unfinished fanfictions I found on my hard drive.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Jacen fanfiction.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Caedus fanfiction.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Kyp fanfiction.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Taryn fanfiction.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Tenel Ka fanfiction.

Zekk is obviously the hottest my favorite fandom bicycle ever.


I also still need to finish my Zekk fanmix.

EDIT: I think this calls for that icon from way back in the day...

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HEY I WROTE SOMETHING. This is monumental cause I haven't written anything - fanfiction or original - in months. And fanfiction usually gets my gears working and I turn to original things. SO THIS IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

You shouldn't be shocked at the subject of this story since it's pretty much 90% of the fanfiction I write. D: It's also emo like the rest of them too but the fact that it's something is what makes me giddy.

And it was really difficult to go back to YJK Jacen, NJO Jacen and even Dark Nest Jacen when DICKFACE JACEN CAEDUS has been at the forefront of most of the things I've written recently concerning them. But no worries, dickface Caedus shows up in this too. And he is... well... kind of a dick.

ALSO. JACEN + ANIMALS = OTP. This is one of my favorite otps ever. He is like the GFFA Dr. Dolittle, this loveable toolbag.

Silence. She could feel him stewing as he paced next to her. )

I've been sleeping on the couch for the past couple nights because when I try to sleep in my room, the cat decides to scratch at the door and rip up the carpet in front of it with her claws. I try to let her in and then she wants out right away. And I can't fall asleep with her in my room (and when she's not sleeping herself) because she will eat everything. So apparently she just wants company or something. Cause I come out, go down to the living room and pass out on the couch and she falls asleep on the arm of it. I don't get it but as long as I can pass out somewhere comfortable, okay, I guess. :T wtf cat okay.
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HAY I WROTE SOME FANFICTION. Normally, I would just post this over at [ profile] sevensatellites (which I will do soon anyways JUST FOR UNIFORMS SAKE XD) but this is the first thing I've written in a good long while and it's pretty depressing. It's J/TK and it's depressing, ARE YOU SURPRISED YET?

But yeah, some numbers and lots of mirrors and blood. But I did that on purpose.

Also, near the end of these going-Sith-and-everybody-thinks-I'm-emo stories it's always so difficult to decide whether I should be using Caedus or Jacen. So the little shit usually just ends up as HE.

(There's just so many possibilities here with Jacen and TK that they didn't touch on in the Legacy of the Force series. I could write 3984290834985498498 versions of the same events, lolololol. WHY NOT CAPITALIZE ON THE ANGST, BOOKS? XD)

Jacen Solo was sprawled out in the Queen Mother's bed, clad in the bottom half of a gray jumpsuit and one sock. - LOL SPOILERS )


Okay, so my facebook doesn't have enough people I actually talk to on it. It mostly has people from high school I talked to then sometimes. SO THIS IS ME. CAN I FRIEND YOU ALL, PLEASE? ;-; It would actually be nice to have people friended that I talk to (besides the couple of you that I already have friended, LOVE YOU hahaha)~

Also, twitter. There needs to be more communications besides LIVEJOURNALLLLLLLLL. THIS. IS. LIVEJOURNALLLLLLLL.
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I must be on a roll or something. ANOTHER DAMN FANFICTION.

TENEL KA'S SECOND CHILD NEEDS A NAME -- that's not what it's called or anything. I just thought I would give you a short summary. lololol. I'm sure somewhere the timeline is effed or something but I didn't really care once I started writing and couldn't stop. D:

In the magical land of Twitter tonight I posted a photo of something we're dragging along with us this weekend to Balticon. It's a box. For a pie. I AM EXCITEEEEEEEE. XD

You know who was hot? River Phoenix. SORRY RANDOM I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF. :(

(And for real, I still to this day cannot watch this movie without going LOL HAN AND JACEN HAN AND JACEN~ Hit 2:30 -- HARRISON AND RIVER SO CUTE.)

Also, if we're linking River Phoenix clips, I can't pass up an absolutely darling 20 seconds of Stand By Me.

[/totally random entry lol what i need to sleep ]
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It was October of 2003. The New Jedi Order was ending and I was starting a Star Wars fanfiction series. It was called The Feigned. It was originally supposed to be one story and the song "Simply Being Loved" by BT made me do it. The bad guy (who was originally just a placeholder), Gadell, was gonna die. I had too much fun with the whole thing though. I started writing a second story. I stopped writing it so close to the end and sort of abandoned it. One day I was bitten in the ass by it, that damn writing bug, and I finished the second story and started a third. This was in May of 2007. I've written a little here and there since then.

I'm in the middle. Stuck. Just about abandoned it, like I do with too many things I start and don't finish.

To break this streak, I'm finishing this damn story -- this damn series. I'm finishing this trilogy because I've put too much time into it to let it die like thissssss. Oh yeah, reading it back now I know there are moments of absolute dorkishly horrible cheese and moments of wtf crack and moments of total squick (lol Jacen and Jaina almost kiss in disguise I still love it) and my writing style is probably just as ghetto now as when I started but damn it, I AM FINISHING THIS BITCH.

The first story had 58,942 words. The second had 95,538. And this one has 63,218 so far.

I will not stop this until I'm done.

Here are the stories: who is in them, some pairings(?) and some possible story tags. Heh. XD

The Feigned (post-New Jedi Order)

Characters: Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Gadell Vessau [he was only a placeholder oc until I thought of a good bad guy BUT NOT ANYMORE], random bits of Tahiri Veila, Jaina Solo, The Dreamteam aka Zekk and Lowbacca, Anakinghost, etc.
Pairings: straight up J/TK with a hardcore side of WANGST smeared across the board
Story Tags: Jacen tied to chair lol, cracked out & pissed off Queen Mother, I love dancinggggg, BIG PIMPIN'?, wait what?, blood, bitchy lightsaber fights, are there any guards in this effing Palace?, mmmm gardens, teenage cheese fest, gadell/jacen...?, super secret surprise mission, it was you all along!, magical Terminator arm, Jacen the handmaiden

Characters: Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Gadell (and then the whole hee-haw gang later)
Pairings: J/TK, J/K/J?(...Z?), Z/Al?, G/T?
Story Tags: lots of disguises, Jag and Kyp in makeup, lots of parallel crap, BAD GUYZ, fishnet, DANCE CLUBS, pretty lights, Jacen and Zekk on mother-effing hoverboards AWWW YEAH, drugs are bad mmmkay, Alema is good but still a ho, LOWBACCA!, rescue mission gone horribly wrong, ew what is in that alleyway?, I love futuristic cityscapes, so that's where Raynar Thul went!!11, rescue mission gone horribly wrong part deux, see if you can find the Silent Hill inspiration!, color symbolism ahoy!, can anyone rescue anyone correctly here?, back! from! the! dead!, crazy effing timeline

Characters: Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, a whole new slew of assassins [emphasis on the ass], Tahiri, Gadell, Zekk, Allana?
Pairings: J/TK, G/T?, Z/?, ?/?WHAT
Story Tags: Dantooine is so quiet and peaceful WHY ARE YOU STABBING ME OH MYYYYGAAAAA, Gadell/Tahiri/Zekk = the detective team of NEVER GETTING ANYTHING DONE, forest porn?, Jared Leto hot Hapans, also angry bitter Hapans, Jacen washing dishes, Tenel Ka laying multiple smackdowns - suitors her ass, some sort of time tra--wait flow walking? no, overprotective Papa Jasa, Zekk the ACTION MAAAAAAAN!, stairwell makeout of the non-main characters, Anakin Skywalker hates sand but Jacen Solo likes dirt everywhere, magical hallucinations of evil things, SOURFRY NOODLESSSSS, basement of utter and complete doom

Because maybe, just maybe, in an alternate universe Jacen Solo didn't turn into an asshole and die. :(

(Seriously, my Jacen/Tenel Ka are River Phoenix/Laura Prepon for this whole thing. <3 THIS IS OLD SCHOOL. XD)
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LOOK AN ANNOUNCEMENT HAHAHA: I made a CREATIVITY JOURNAL. It will have writing, photos, icons, costumes, etc., etc. -- it is here: [ profile] sevensatellites. It matches a Deadsy lyric, which is what my CREATIVITY WEBSITE LOL will be too (I'm taking the name from my current cosplay site, which I'm meshing with my creativity/personal/etc. site). RAMBLE RAMBLE.

I would like to say that all of the LOOK WHAT I MADE/WROTE stuff will be there now and you'll never have to see anything creative from me here again but that is a giant lie cause some things I just have to the urge to share with everyone I <3 and not just anyone who decides to actually friend/watch the creativity journal, lololol. So yeah, everything from [ profile] caineslayer will now be over there as well as any other piece of OMG IMAGINATION I come up with.

(Unless it's something MSPAINT. XD Then it will go to [ profile] trex_moves. <333333)

LET'S MOVE ON... to fanfiction, hahah.

So that whole Jacen Caedus/Tahiri thing I mentioned yesterday... yeah, [ profile] minusforever and [ profile] djcati were dirty enablers last night (and I see that [ profile] princessxion and [ profile] blood_sorbet are also EVIL PEOPLE <3333 hehehe). And then this fic happened that I am about to link below, lololol.

I think it worked for me cause there was a Caedus/Tenel Ka moment I wanted to shape a story out of and then this Caedus/Tahiri moment that wouldn't leave my head (even though I can't write my way out of a paper bag with Tahiri -- Jacen/Caedus and TK are hard enough for me i fail lol) and the moments could FIT TOGETHER. Also, I love the idea of the real Tahiri and Jacen trying to claw their ways back out of what they had become.

Bejeezus, Caedus IS SUCH A SLIMEBALL. <3333333333333333


STONE COLD (Louis and Ellis have an adventure! Ellis talking about what's in Louis' pants! AND NARNIA!)

USELESS VICTORIES (Caedus and Tahiri! In bed together!!!!...?)

TL;DR: some creative crap over @ [ profile] sevensatellites!
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So the medication I had been on for over a week had done nothing to my condition. Specialist told me to stop taking it when I saw him on Thursday. He was able to bump up one of my tests to Tuesday though, instead of two weeks from now, so that's good at least. Maybe I'll actually find out what this thing is. You know, find out specifically what it is instead of it just being THAT PAIN OMGGAfjasdfjasdfka.

LET'S MOVE ON TO MORE EXCITING THINGS, SHALL WE (and by more exciting things I mean me rambling about Star Wars fanfiction and music this percocet is totally making me loopy you guys)

I was driving to work the other morning trying to ignore the pain (it is always at its worst when I'm sitting down) and I was listening to RuPaul's latest cd (it is so damn catchy and awesome, ngl). I was on the song "Tranny Chaser" and Ru said "May the Fierce Be With You"...

Of course, in my warped and out there current state this opened up a door that I probably shouldn't have opened, but I did. And yes, it is Star Wars fanfiction. I have no idea what the premise will be yet, or the major plot details or anything. I just know that some of the boys need to be in drag. I think it also needs a lavish song and dance number. This set of ideas helped me forget that I was hurting at least for a few wonderful moments. Heh. Maybe if I start writing then it'll go away completely.

I also had the urge to completely revamp a Star Wars horror story I had been working on. I always liked the end idea I had for it, but I previously had never reached that point and sort of stopped working on it. I have more ideas for the middle now though, and now I am wanting to write it so baaaaaaaddddddddddddddd.

New Coheed & Cambria, new Crystal Castles and Yeasayer's release all = YES PLEASE. I really never give Crystal Castles enough props and I should cause they are awesome and some of the songs on this are just hypnotizing. D: And I cannot even begin to express my love for the new Coheed & Cambria cd. As a super plus, three of the songs are now DLC for Rock Band 2 and I have never belted out any songs on that game like I did "Broken" and "Here We Are Juggernaut" -- I mean I was going crazy. XD

And "Pearl of the Stars" is a gorgeous piece of work. I knew C&C had the ability to be soft and all that, but this song is just amazing. I EXPECT A SONGFIC TO COME FROM IT VERY SOON. IT SCREAMS IT. D: So, that means...

1.) Star Wars Dragfic (I'm thinking undercover mission. I'm thinking some random dude's magical hideout where he keeps a harem of women for some reason or maybe not random - KYP DURRON - oh oh oh or bitter, bitter Raynar. Pretty sure Jaina and Tahiri will be going, not sure about Tenel Ka -- what else would she be doing? But seriously: Jacen, Zekk, Jag, Kyp -- if I could write Anakin at all, him too. BUT I DON'T KNOW D:)

2.) Star Wars Horrorfest (Taking some from the old setup: Jacen and Tenel Ka end up somewhere and shit happens. Blood! Hallucinations! Running and hiding! GHOSTIES? I probably couldn't be more vague if I tried. D:)

3.) Aaaaand Star Wars songfic. Mmmmm, an excuse to listen to more of this new C&C album haha like i need an excuse.

OH MAN I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP this stuff is making me dizzy

(i'm sure i will read this entry tomorrow and be pretty much like this: O_O)
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I have been out of the loop on a lot of things lately because the weird phantom midsection pain is back. I've been to the doctors, then to a specialist and have already had a few tests run. They still don't know what it is. I have another doctor visit on May 4th and then another test they want to run scheduled for May 13th. So hopefully something turns up and whatever it is can get taken care of, because the last weekend in May is BaltiCon and then the next weekend is when Nate and I leave for California for a week and meet up there will Valerie and Brian.


Seven years ago on the 23rd I wrote/posted my first Star Wars fanfiction. WTF, seven years. Yes, it was Jacen/Tenel Ka, of course (and 50+ fanfictions about them were written by me after this one... whaaaaaat the hellol) and it takes place during Destiny's Way. I am reposting it because I'm hoping to get back into the writing swing of things soon MAYBE THIS WILL INSPIRE ME OR SOMETHING... HUZZAH STORYTIME.

(I am so out of it. D:)

At Least Smile )

On the costume front, I remade my belt and pouch for my YJK Tenel Ka outfit. Once I redo the top layer of the bolero and the shorts, then I will be finished with that and will move onto cutting out the Queen Mother getup and making the HAR HAR ACCESSORIES for that costume. I also need to figure out what to do with my hair for that too. I need to fit the dress I have for Chuck -- Nate and I almost finished the Pie Hole box this weekend. The handles need to be added still, and Nate still needs to find his shoes for Ned but besides all that the PD costumes will be done. :D

I love RuPaul's Drag Race. <3 Such an awesome and slightly guilty pleasure show. XD
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I just found this in my writing folder on the computer. It's apparently from November 2005 and I wish so hard that I could remember where and how far I was going with this. It's STAR WARS BIG BROTHER FOR REAL?


"First, allow me to tell you a little about myself. I'm Admiral Gadell Vessau. You might ask, 'If you're an Admiral, what the kriff are you doing on a game show, you loser...' -- to which I say, 'I'm making enough to buy your family, kid, shut the hells up, kay?' Then second you might ask, 'Admiral of WUUUT?' -- Well, I'm the Admiral of the Hapan Naval Fleet, and yes, I'm a man last time I checked." Gadell inserts a blow-on-the-nails-and-check here, if just to throw that fact in the lovely audience's face. "Besides that uh... I'm twenty-six. And I like being tied---"

At this point the producers are waving wildly at him from behind the holocameras and Gadell thins his lips and pauses a second, before pretending he ended that monologue perfect and spot-on.

As he straightens his posture, Mister Vessau smiles all wolfish and waves his hand towards a holoscreen behind him, where the images of five people are present.

"Our first batch of lucky vic-- err, contestants. Occasionally I'll be introducing new blood into the place, when people come to their senses and join in, yes hmm?"

A slender finger hovers over a redhead, whose expression in the picture is far from cheerful -- hells, it's far from pretty much anything.

"Here we have the Queen Mother of Hapes, Miss Tenel Ka. She left her chi---"

The people behind the camera hiss something else.

"No, no. She has no child. I meant she left her uh... planets for a bit to take a break and try her hand at ---" He shuts his eyes for a second and scowls, realizing his choice of words. "--- this game. Yeah. Let's talk to her."

He presses a button on the other screen beside him and her realtime image comes up. She's sitting on a couch in the main chamber, staring longingly at the ceiling.


Startled, she composes herself quickly and responds.

"Gadell." Oh and there he was. The voice from above, dripping with something between sarcasm and mirth -- possibly some sort of alcohol too. "It is alright. Durron stole the pillows off my bed earlier to make a fort and Atton is drinking all the blue milk, but besides that..." She shrugged.

"Training with Master Windu is interesting though." Resting her head back once more, she continued to stare at the ceiling, her mind locked on the brat she left back at the Palace. And no not Gadell. She meant her daughter.


"Yeah! Windu don't take no shizzit, does he?" Tapping the next picture in the row, Gadell comes to just the man the two of them had been speaking of. "Master Mister Mace Windu. Jedi Master of the Old School-- err, Republic. His lightsaber is purple, yet it's the most MANLY THING EVER."

He switches to Windu's image on the screen. The man is meditating and there goes Gadell, interrupting again.

"HI MISSER WINDU! Introduce yourself."

"Misser Windu" had suspected that Admiral Vessau had broken into the liquor closet at the studio at some point. Windu never remembered him being that jovial before.



The Solo Family:
Hannah Solo, Leon Organa Solo, Annie Solo, Jayen Solo, Jasa Solo

The Skywalker Family:
Lucia Skywalker, Marv Jade Skywalker, Benita Skywalker

Supporting Cast:
Lowbecca, Teneken Djo, Danny Quee, Zekka, Jagette Fel, Kypsa Durron, Hirian Veila, Alem Rar, Wedgie Antilles, Wendi Janson

BENITA SKYWALKER, YOU GUYS. AND MARV JADE. I feel like something needs to be done here. I feel like I need to find all these old things I never finished and do something with them. XD
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I am in the middle of/doing so much fandom-related-crap-<3 right now that I feel like I need to write it all out to keep my head on straight. BEAR WITH ME HERE, KIDDOS. D:


March 5th: The start of the Silent Hill Playthrough @ [ profile] neelys_bar. I think we're doing one month per game (and some time for the movie too!) so this should be fun! :D

April 16th - 18th: T-Mode - a small anime/video game convention very close by. Nate and I were talking about maybe going a day or two. We're trying to figure out if we'll costume or not.

May 28th - 31st: Balticon - a sci-fi convention in Maryland. [ profile] omicron1337 mentioned going and it looks like fun. <3 Thinking about costumes.

August 12th - 15th: Celebration V NonCon - the unofficial online version of Celebration V, which if currently being cobbled together by myself and a few others. XD

September 2nd - 6th: Dragon*Con - self-explanatory. Working on costumes for this.


-- Currently in the process of meshing my cosplay site and my personal site (complete with other types of creative crap) together. Debating on what to do about the layout. Was working on an awesome Hunter (L4D) layout for the cosplay site but was looking for something cleaner for the personal site. So I might scrap the Hunter and use it for something else. Just not sure what yet. D:

-- Working on a new layout for the Stephen King collective, The Kingdom. Gonna make it more Castle Rock-ish and add some more of my junk to it. XD


-- Untitled Louis/Ellis - one-poster, almost finished. Turned out a little less slashy then I originally intended, but I couldn't help it. Once it started going in a direction, this bitch almost wrote itself.

-- Moth to the Flame - multi-part, Star Wars/BioShock. Having way too much fun writing this. D:

-- The Feigned: Absolved - third story in The Feigned, which is a Star Wars fanfiction series I started in 2003. 217,605 words later (58,942 in the first story, 95,535 in the second and 63,128 in the third so far), I'm finally almost finished with the series. Jacen/Tenel Ka, crack, oddness, Gadell, drinks, Mindmaps, tension, emoness, disguises, parties, talltalltall buildings, garden fun - THE WHOLE NINE YARDS ALL KINDS OF CRAP. ALMOST DONE. SEVEN. YEARS. LATER.

-- Fallout - one-poster, Star Wars, Jaina/Tenel Ka. Jacen dies, Tenel Ka gets a little out of it and Jaina goes to apologize.

-- The First Time - multi-part, Caedus/Tenel Ka/Zekk. I keep telling myself I will finish this and I keep going to write some here and there, but I started it before anyone knew what would happen in the last book of the LotF series concerning Caedus. Once it really happened I found myself looking at this story like, "DAMN IT WHY DID YOU HAPPEN WHYYYYYYYYYY~" and I've only been writing in it in small doses ever since. WHAAAAT LOTF. *SHAKES FIST*


-- [ profile] trans_9 - Multi-fandom. Jacen Solo is getting dropped into The Nightmare King plot and is going to start having his crazy nightmares here soon (like tonight, lol). I'm debating between a disgustingly torn-up version of Tenel Ka and seeing himself going Sith (since he is a post-NJO Jacen, this is something he would think would never happen to him gasp!) -- but I think I might do a mixture of both. A Sith version of himself OVER a torn-up Tenel Ka. This is will be extra awesome if a Tenel Ka comes into the game in March. HE WILL BE SO BROKEN. XD

-- New Eden - BioShock RP. There is a new original character joining the game and I am making a new one to throw in the game as well. I figure if we're the only two playing then so be it, lololol. I need a BioShock RP fix and it's coming from this game. XDDDDD

I THINK THAT'S EVERYTHING. Please remind me if I am forgetting something cause I most likely am and it needs to be added so I don't FORGET THINGS. I NEED TO WAKE MY BRAIN UP.
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SO. Remember that Star Wars: EU/BioShock crossover I rambled about awhile back? Here, let me repeat the intro post for you I made awhile back, with some added info AND THEN GIVE YOU THE FIRST CHAPTER TO CELEBRATE THE NEWEST NEW BIOSHOCK 2 GAME. >D

I figure this post is needed for anyone who is into the Star Wars: EU (post-RotJ) and has no idea what the hell a BioShock is. I would do one of these for the Star Wars aspect of the story too, but there's really nothing Star Wars-specific to it. If you've read the EU, you'll know these characters and their traits. If you haven't then it'll just be like a cracktastical BioShock fanfiction, complete with crack, wtf moments and more crack. :D

Just a short little intro of many yays to TEH UNDERWTAER WOLRD OF BOISHOCK. XD

(And if you ever need to look up anything at all that you find in this story THE BIOSHOCK WIKI is a treasure trove. <333)


And next is the CAST LIST DRAMATIS PERSONAE, LOL. Well, okay, not really. Just characters in/mentioned in the story. I mean some of these are characters who are only even just mentioned once -- and their Star Wars counterparts. I just had to make a list of Star Wars counterparts. MUAHAHAHAH~

Alana Dooley Soloman (Allana)
Andrew "Andy" Soloman (Anakin Solo)
Drake (Droekle)
Ezekiel/"Zeke" (Zekk)
Isaak (Isolder)
Jackson Fellows (Jagged Fel)
Jane Soloman (Jaina Solo)
Jase Soloman (Jacen Solo)
Karen Wells (Taryn Zel)
Kip Durant (Kyp Durron)
Kristin Wells (Trista Zel)
Louie (Lowbacca -- "Lowie")
Raymond Thurston (Raynar Thul)
Tanith Kendall Dooley (Tenel Ka Djo)
Teneil Dooley (Teneniel Djo)
Victoria "Torry" Tela (Tahiri Veila)

I... I may or may not be going through and making audio diary portrait photoshops of some of the characters. XD


(TECHNICAL THINGS!: Moth to the Flame -- Star Wars/BioShock; Jacen/Tenel Ka mainly, with a smattering of Anakin/Tahiri, Zekk/Trista, Jaina/Jag and SOME CRACK.)

MOTH TO THE FLAME: part one -- I don't think you're going to impress any ladies at the Garden smelling like that. )

(This chapter cut above includes Jase/Jacen being emo! Zeke/Zekk being a VENTCRAWLER SURPRISE! Miss Tanith K./Tenel Ka getting her ARM CRUSHED! And Andy/Anakin being FISHY SMELLING AND CUTE.)
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So Nate beat Persona 4 this weekend. Haven't seen the true ending yet, we're gonna go for that next weekend BUT MY GOD YOSUKE GETS SO EMO IN HIS LATER S. LINK ADVENTURES. I had forgotten how wai wai wai it all was. I love Yosuke but JEEZ DUDE. SAKI WAS KIND OF A BITCH. D:

Katsucon pictures will be online soon. I realize I don't really need to write a report, lol. Nothing really crazy happened. But don't worry, I will be telling stories of certain things (the dance, the meeting with the Kanji, the non-Silent Hill meetup, the awesome hotel, PROFESSOR PROFESSOR, etc.) -- also how Erin and Ronnie do awesome impressions of Bayonetta. XD

Started working on Dragon*Con costumes for this year. Gotta get some orange fabric so I can start testing out names/numbers/etc. for the back of the Death Troopers jumpsuits. We're still hunting for Strike Team characters too. We still need Anakin (WE NEED AN ANAKIN), Alema (EVERYONE LOVES ALEMA), Zekk (NEEEEEED), Ganner, Bela, Krasov, Jovan, Lowbacca -- we need a Welk too! And do we have a Tesar, maybe, [ profile] jk_birr? XDDDD


P.S. Heeelllllllllo ZEKK.
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This past week the Verizon peoples installed FiOs and I amazed how fast it goes (especially compared to what we had) so in celebration, it's time to upload giant files!

Fanmixes are one of my favorite things to put together. I always love whatever subject I'm making a fanmix on and I love music -- especially introducing others to weird or wtf music that they might not normally hear. SO ON THAT NOTE, HERE IS THE GIANT LIST OF FANMIXES I HAVE MADE OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS (the links go to where I have the cover art/song list/etc. posted). If you see one you want reuploaded, leave a comment and I will put it online just for you. XD

Aaaaaand GO!

-- Near To You. JACEN/TENEL KA #1 (YJK/NJO)
-- Shadow's Pulse. JACEN/TENEL KA #2 (Dark Nest Trilogy)
-- The Downfall. JACEN/TENEL KA #3 (Legacy of the Force)
-- The Everafter. DARTH CAEDUS.
-- HEY. A JACEN SOLO MUSICAL. (mullet!Jaaaaacen!!!!11)

-- Be Still in Your Silence. GADELL VESSAU. OMG.
-- No Secrets Sweetheart. SIMPLY BEING LOVED. (#1 of The Feigned)
-- The Shade of the Spotlight. URBANIA'S VOID. (#2 of The Feigned)
-- The Possession. HOLLOW SOULS (which I will seriously finish one day).
-- Strength, Death & The Empress. ZEKK/TENEL KA/DARTH CAEDUS.
-- Tell Me Life is Beautiful/Never Fall Away. POST-LOTF JACEN/TENEL KA(/CAEDUS).

-- Primadonnas of the Gutter. SIRRUS AND ACHENAR, MYST.
-- Angel Opening A Door. HOTEL DUSK: ROOM 215.
-- Whaddaya Buyin'? LEON S. KENNEDY/RESIDENT EVIL 4.
-- Would You Kindly...? BIOSHOCK.
-- Botanophobia. OBSCURE 2: THE AFTERMATH.
-- Only Human. SILENT HILL 2.

-- SOWISA. LISEY'S STORY (by Stephen King).
-- Holler You Home. LISEY/SCOTT [LISEY'S STORY] (by Stephen King).
-- Final Warning. THE LONG WALK (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).
-- The Four Shot. THE MUSKETEERS [THE LONG WALK] (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).
-- Until The End. PETER MCVRIES [THE LONG WALK] (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).

-- Red-blooded. BROTHERS, MULTIPLE FANDOMS (Star Wars, Arrested Development, Supernatural, Persona 1 & 2, Faulkner, Heroes, etc., etc.)
-- Boys Will Be Boys. THE WARRIORS.
-- That's What She Said. THE PERV FANMIX.

-- Feigned #3
-- Mark's Dance Mix (Persona crack XD)
-- Kale & Trig Longo
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YAY RP MEME HAR HAR. No really, here is the RP meme that's been going around teh eljays.


Okay, so this meme has made me realize two things. One: I need to find a place to play Gadell. Two: I have the sudden urge to start an original game all populated with original characters and an original storyline. But I would probably be the only one playing. D:
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Okay, I'm currently finishing two short fanfictions. One, Louis and Ellis (Left 4 Dead) out on a Special Infected-infested food hunt together. Two, Jaina visits Tenel Ka (Star Wars) after Caedus' death. And wow, both of these have slightly slashy undertones. WHAT IS THIS?

But then I have a few more ideas for stories that are eating my brain. And I'm not sure which one to work on.

1.) [ SW ] Jaina, babysitting the dear niece of hers, gets a visit from Jacen in the middle of the night. Talking ensues. Also, possible hugs. (post-LotF)
2.) [ SW ] Caedus needs assistance in reaching Tenel Ka to talk to her and makes his one supar sekritt double agent from Hapes help him achieve this. Said agent is a mere male and a social secretary and takes care of Tenel Ka's schedule and his name starts with a G. I think some of you can see where I'm going with this. (mid-LotF)
3.) [ Stephen King ] Scott Landon and Mike Noonan are signing autographs at a literary conference, chatting it up and goofing off, unaware that odd things have happened in both of their home lives. Lisey approaches, Scott gets his special brand of mushy/pushy on and Mike gets nostalgic. (post-Bag of Bones, pre-Lisey's Story)

Plus, I am actually still chugging along on the SW long stories: Absolved (third in a trilogy of lol terror started in 2003, Jacen/Tenel Ka, lots of insanity plus some Jared Leto, Rachel Weisz and Mos Def ...what? And 100% more assassination attempts!) and The First Time (post-LotF, TK/Zekk[/Caedus...?], angry crack).

And there's all the original things swimming around my head, naturally. I currently have six files sitting on my hard drive of long stories I've started but none of them are sparking as much as I want them to. I know there's this idea I'm horribly ready to work on and it just hasn't surfaced in my head yet. COME TO ME, IDEA. O_O

Let's ride a completely different train of thought! Here are some random pictures from my phone.

This is my new baby, the STAR HOME LOLOLOL. No, for real. That's my new car and I love it to bits.

These little gems are things I found on the deep corners of the internet and had to buy them because of my obsession love for this book. I would tuck these in with me and sleep with them if I didn't think I would roll over on them and ruin them. The one on the left is an original 1980 U.K. first edition printing of The Long Walk, while the one on the right is an original 1979 U.S. first edition printing. The covers~ <3333333333333333333333333333333333


Also something of note: Garraty, Olson, Harkness and Baker all appear on the U.K. cover. Stebbins and McVries are nowhere to be found (unless McVries is the 6_ way behind Garraty). I say they're making out/killing each other behind the halftrack. And I'd like to think the U.S. cover is a gigantic spoiler and Stebbins is featured on it. XD

Oh my god Frank Darabont, pleeeeease work on/finish The Long Walk sooooooon. Best movie ever.

(And please please please put Stebbins in the actual outfit he is wearing in the book: He was skinny and blond, wearing purple pants and a blue chambray shirt under an old green zip sweater with holes in the elbows.

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Okay, [ profile] zoopiglet, I mentioned this to Mom too (p.s. So You Think You Can Dance finale --- YESSSSSSSSSS RESULTS <3) as Adam Lambert was singing on said finale. And I will admit it right here, right now. I WANT TO ADD HIS CD TO MY CHRISTMAS LIST. Also, I would love to be his stylist: "Let's just add some pieces of trash bag to that suit! Right there on your shoulder! You will look amazing, Adam!" And then Adam goes out on stage and looks damn smashing with trash bag on his shoulder, lol.

(jfdhjfhajsdhfjasdhfjah "Sleepwalker" and "For Your Entertainment" dsjfasfkajsj WUT)


Here is another small-exchange-random-thing from this Louis/Ellis story. This story is a lot longer than I originally planned. But I am not complaining. I JUST KEEP RUNNING WITH IT, I DON'T KNOW.

"Did I tell you about the time Keith got beat up over a bag of chips?"

"Actually you did. You did two days ago when I was eating those stale tortilla chips we stole from that Mexican restaurant up the road."

(I also think I might give Louis a backstory on that torn pants leg of his. MUAHA.)


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So as I mentioned earlier this morning in some loltweets, I had a dream last night where the sky turned purple and [ profile] see_aphy_be dared me to write Ellis/Louis slash. Now, obviously I had L4D on the brain because of the DLC announcement, but wtf with the rest of it.

Her and I were keeping watch for zombies cause apparently when the sky turned purple that meant they were coming. As we stood guard, we ended up on the subject of Left 4 Dead and somehow in this conversation, Ashley dared me to write Ellis/Louis slash. I seemed really excited about it in the dream cause I think I had some SUPER AWESOME IDEA FOR IT. Then I woke up. Which sucked, cause I kind of wanted to know what my UBER-COOL IDEA was for it. Why was I so excited about it (besides the fact that they are both hot)?

So of course, this led my brain to pick apart the dream. And I think you know where this is going.

(Then later today Ashley actually dared me. YESSSSSSSS LOL.)


"I don't know. I thought you were a... a what-do-you-call-'em... met-- metrasexual."

"Metrosexual." Louis couldn't keep a chuckle from escaping. "And no, I'm just an office worker."

"Wait, they all dress like that at your job?"

Louis nodded.

"Yuck. Bo-ring."

"What are you talking about? This is stylish."

"And boring." Ellis finally finished reloading the shotgun and set it in front of him on the ground, between his legs. He shook his head. "Monkey suits."

IT IS TWO WORLDS COLLIDING, I'M TELLING YOU. Ellis better not tell Keith about this. Cause Keith would either a.) laugh at him or b.) get jealous. I'm thinking B.

P.S. This commercial is CLASSIC. It is such an awesome holiday commercial. And it gets stuck in your head so easy. "OH SNAP GUESS WHAT I SAW~"

P.S.S. GORDON RAMSAY: COOKALONG LIVE - I LOVE THIS <333333333333333 I've never seen Ramsay this HAPPY AND NICE. It's adorable.
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He's ain't dead to me, WHASSUP.

I'm sure it's easy to figure out how I feel about what happened at the end of Legacy of the Force: Invincible. Not only did my favorite character die, but he obviously took my favorite relationship with it. Now my other favorite character is mentioned only in passing ("o yea u know dat one-armed queen mama on those 69 planets err whatevah") while their darling daughter is whored around with the rest of the fam-fam who didn't give a damn about saving her GOOD OL' POPS. So besides being bitter about it (DID YOU GUYS KNOW I WAS BITTER COULD YOU TELL FOR THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF? LOL), what do I do? I fix it.

I think that's all the explanation that's really needed, yo. XD

(NOTE: The 12 little mini-fanfics/story jr.'s in this fanmix are not in any kind of order and don't link to each other. Just a warning now before the, "IS THE TIMELINE WACK HERE OR WUT?" stuff happens.)

TELL ME LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL -- six songs on Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka, post-LotF (in my world, lol) )

And in turn, six more songs. Sadly (totally crappishly D:), six songs with a more realistic approach to the Expanded Universe as of now. The snippets with these are obviously less cheery and more on the uggghhh depressing half of the scale, with a nice heaping side of angst. I apologize in advance for them. Seriously. D:

NEVER FALL AWAY -- six songs on Tenel Ka, post-LotF )


Okay, that was draining (especially that last one holy crap that could just be a freakin' fic on it's own uggghhh). D:

ALSO POINTS TO YOU IF YOU PICKED UP THE PARALLELS BETWEEN SOME OF THE STORIES. There were only little ones. But I guess some are there (Jacen being horrible at hiding his emotions, etc.) -- SOMEWHERE.
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Okay, something bit me in the ass and I've been writing short J/TK snippets LIKE A MAD MAN. A MAD MAN, I TELL YOU. I have actually turned them into a fanmix. There are six songs in the first half and six in the second half -- each one with it's own mini-story. What separates the two halves is this. The first half is songs and snippets of post-LotF, featuring Jacen's survival. The second is post-LotF, canonish, featuring Tenel Ka and massive amounts of depressing shit.

Stories include the following subjects!: Jacen, Tenel Ka, Caedus, crazy dreams, ghost sex(...?), it's totally not necrophilia if she's just staring, Trista and Taryn Zel, stupid Hapan suitors, dead!Jacen making fun of stupid Hapan suitors, Allana, Jacen and Allana swimming in a fountain, the Coruscant Zoo, Han comforts Tenel Ka, Jacen wants another damn pet, emotional torment, angst angst wangst... and the message Jacen left for Tenel Ka and Allana before Caedus showed up.

So yeah. 12 MINI-STORIES OF CRACK AND DOOM. And uh... Jacen/Tenel Ka. COMING UP SOON.

Aaaaaaand I think the Jedi Strike Team costume might be a go for D*C next year. I've been milling on it all day, lololol. ANY OF YOU JAINA COSTUMERS WANT IN? Cause dammit, I am determined to have all the Solo kids this time. We were only missing Jacen at Celebration III. D:

I will have to go make a thread in the costume forum on the board hehehe. XD

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