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So the other day on Twitter, Wil Wheaton linked to a blog post he had written about the 25th Anniversary Reunion he attended with the Stand By Me cast. It's an absolutely wonderful post - nostalgic and kind of heartbreaking all at the same time. And of course, it got me thinking about River Phoenix.

If you've known me for some amount of time, you know about my love for this kid. I say kid now because I'm actually older than he was when he died back in 1993. This post pretty much contains my realization that I sort of have a type - in both real and fictional worlds, apparently, hahaha. XD

A little background here: Around '96, I was looking through a magazine or catalog or something and I saw a picture of some dude. And this dude was effing hot. I took this picture to my sister and this happened--

Valerie: "That's River Phoenix." *pause* "He's dead."
Me: "Buh."
Valerie: "He was an actor. He was actually in Stand By Me, which was based off of a Stephen King story."
Me: "I must see this movie."
Valerie: "Yeah, you'd probably like it."

So I was with my Mom and Duane one weekend, wandering around Blockbusters and I saw the box...

Mom: "Okay, but you have to watch it with us, cause it's rated R." *turns to Duane* "Why is this movie rated R? I don't remember anything crazy in it... it's been a long time since I've seen it though."

We get back and they go out to pick up dinner and leave me alone. What do I do? Put the tape in and start watching it. I got almost to the end of the treehouse scene before I stopped it and rewound the tape for when they got back. It was okay though, cause I already knew I had fallen in love with that kid. Did you see the face he made when they introduced Chris Chambers? He. Was. Gorgeous.

After seeing that movie (and of course loving it), I hunted down every single thing relating to River Phoenix I could find. Movies, books, clippings from magazines - this was a little difficult since he had been popular in the late 80's and then early 90's, then died of a drug overdose in '93. That was utterly depressing, by the way. As you can see in Wheaton's blog post, no one really saw it coming. He had always been against that kind of stuff too.

Besides that, he was pretty much a sweetheart. He was an animal rights activist and a total family boy. And I thought that was darling.

Enter my fandoms. Hello Star Wars. Greetings Jacen Solo.

When I started to get heavily into the Expanded Universe fandom (writing fanfiction, talking to people - including some of you still to this day <3333, all that awesome stuff), I would think of actors when I read the books. It's something I've kind of always done in the back of my head. It made it easier for me to picture characters sometimes. Who was Jacen Solo? Well, that was River Phoenix, of course. Animal nerd, sweetheart, fights for what he believes in. Also, DAT HAIR. When the Japanese covers for the New Jedi Order came out, I was excited (FANGASMS EVERYWHERE) to see I hadn't been the only one. LOOK AT THAT MOFO OHH SHI--

I think my <3 for River had kind of caused my love for Jacen to grow and vise versa. Besides just reading the books, he became my Jacen in fanthings as well. I mean, fanfictions, RPGs, everything. IT WAS TOO PERFECT, DUDE. D:

It always helped that he had played Harrison Ford's son in The Mosquito Coast as well as young Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade... I mean, it just worked all around! XD

(Fun note: He also was in a movie called "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon" - he was the main character. Jason Court was also in this movie. Jason Court is the man who played Kyle Katarn in Dark Forces. STAR WARS CONNECTIONS, AHOY! XD)

TO THE LEFT: River & Harrison (JACEN & HAN IT WOULD BE SO PERFECT D:), then as young Indy and then River & Jason (LOL JACEN AND KYLE HAY GUYZ)

Looking at it now, it's sort of ironic. Jacen Solo was also overtaken by something he always condemned and then was killed. THAT IS WHERE I KIND OF GET CREEPED OUT.

Years later, enter Jared Padalecki.

I had exhausted the hell out of every River Phoenix picture for Star Wars: EU related asshattery and was depressed that there would never be any others. I had also started watching some weird show called Supernatural. Of course, me watching this show = "lololol look at these brothers arguing. one is so nice and one is like LET'S KILL ALL THE BAD THINGS CAUSE WE HAVE THE POWER! it's like jacen and anakin except with the ages swapped. like this tall lanky dude with the floppy brown hair and puppy eyes is all OMG WE CAN'T HURT ANYONE, LIKE JACEN-- LIKE JACEN..."

Then that shit happened, heh. I started looking up this guy. Animal rights activist, family boy, all around sweetheart.

Me: what no, how does this keep happening :|

Then SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENED: Looking up pictures of this new giant dude, I find a photo that made me flip for a few seconds. I'm sure my heart had to skip a beat cause how did a picture of River Phoenix get into this batch of pictures from a photoshoot of this sasquatch Jared guy. And later, going back through River pictures, a picture of this moose snuck into River photos somehow - EXCEPT NO CAUSE THAT'S RIVER PLAYING THE GUITAR WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE MOOSE?

Left - River, Right - Jared

Left - Jared, Right - River

(I've posted those before... a long time ago in a galaxy far f-- SHUT UUPPPP. XD)

So my River/Jacen line turned into a River/Jacen/Jared triangle and one became my tiny dork and one became my giant dork and everything in the fandom corner of my brain had settled peacefully. Jared plays a really mean (and effing awesome) bad guy (demon!Lucifer!anysortofevil!Sam is the best thing ever) and would make a killer Darth Caedus. As you can see by the quote in the subject line, River was just like that - he was the little, wide-eyed, goofball Jacen Solo.

But looking at all three: two of my favorite actors and my favorite fictional character -- there's a type. :T

I don't know when this was all realized but at least I have typed it all out and let myself know the links just aren't in my fandom-hazed brain, hehehehehe. XD

P.S. River. Freakin'. Phoenix. Please watch Running On Empty, Stand By Me, The Mosquito Coast & I Love You to Death - DARLING. <3


P.S.S.S. Here is River molesting a tree. PERFECT?

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I finally got this whole thing finalized and finished and I'm posting it! We can just say it's to celebrate the upcoming group series playthrough on [livejournal.com profile] neelys_bar (there's still time to join -- the playthrough starts in March! :D)!

I think this has to be one of my favorite fanmixes I've managed to cobble together. I've been working on it for a good while (I had to give it extra attention since this is one of my favorite games eveerrrr XD) and it's been through a billion song changes but I finally feel like it works and fits. So without further ado, a Silent Hill 2 fanmix!


This is the story of a man who spends his days working as a clerk. He's 29. He's quiet, not good with children, off a bit. He was married. His wife passed away from a disease that had been lingering in her system for a long time, deteriorating her body, her mind, her patience and their marriage.

She sends her husband a letter. The letter tells him to meet her in their
special place. She's dead. The dead can't write letters.

This is the story of James Sunderland and his trip to Silent Hill.

Welcome to Only Human, a fanmix for Konami's 2001 masterpiece Silent Hill 2. This is easily one of my favorite games in teh universssseeee -- the characters, the storyline, the enemies, the music -- it's all brilliant. Also, Herp Derp James Sunderland? Monster molestation? D:

There are MASSIVELY HUGE SPOILERS in this fanmix! This game is best played without knowing much of it at all. So if you think you might play in the future then just get the fanmix here without reading the quotes and such. Hehehe~ You can look at the covers right here outside of the cut, but clicking and reading any further into it might get you in VERY CRAZY PLOT TWISTY TERRITORY. D:

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Now let's take a trip to an awesome little resort town.


I look like Mary, don't I? You loved her, right? )


...... lolol <3.
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SO I FINISHED BIOSHOCK 2 THE OTHER NIGHT. And yeah, I cried. D: I don't know, something about the doll and the music and the expressions ajkdjfkasjdfasl. I got the good ending and reading about the bad (and super really bad) endings make me want to go back and get those now. They sound brutal.

I really, really liked BS2. People keep saying, "WAI WAI IT'S MORE OF THE SAME." Which is true, in a way. But that's the best part. BioShock wasn't necessarily broken. There was nothing to fix. You know the whole, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing? They really applied that here. But the cool thing here is that the few crap things that BioShock did have, they corrected.

The hacking pipeworld mini-game that took you out of the action? Replaced by a real-time, hand-eye coordination needle stop thing. And you don't have to be standing right beside something to hack it. Now you have a REMOTE HACK DART BEST TOOL EVER.

I also love the fact that you see the other side of Rapture here. The poor people. Not the people who worked hard like the fishermen and so on, but the actual poor people of Rapture. The ones who got totally screwed over when they came down here to live a better life. Not to mention the prison/asylum. That level was amazing. It was really cool to see that there were horrible people in Rapture before the Civil War and they weren't sent to the surface like others were told -- they were sent to Persephone.

Still kind of wtf about Tenenbaum's Bridgette --> Brigid. I don't get it. Bridgette is classier. D:

And I loooooove the Audio Diaries from Ryan and Fontaine concerning Jasmine Jolene and Fontaine --> Atlas. That was awesome that they included those. AND MARK MELTZER WHAAAAAT. :(

bioshock 3 do want.

This makes me want to bring my Little Sister costume back to Dragon*Con. Although, it is very tempting to do one of the multiplayer characters (Naledi or Blanche, probably). Or one of the new Splicers. My total dream would be a Big Sister costume. O_O

Dude, speaking of multiplayer. I was so proud of myself yesterday. I was playing Civil War and I was on Team Ryan with four other people against a Team Atlas made up of 5 people. They ended up winning by only like ten points, but everyone else on my team had under 5 kills each and I had 17 with only 4 deaths. About half of those kills were in the Big Daddy suit I found. Usually I suck at being the Big Daddy but for some reason last night I owned it. XD

(I love that Naledi is one of the Splicers in the opening movie of BioShock 2. <3333)

(AND [livejournal.com profile] lyraeinne! DID YOU SEND IN YOUR TK APP YET? XDDD)
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I'm only rank 3 in multiplayer and in single player I'm in Pauper's Drop, but damn I must say all my skepticism was crap. Some opinions so far and don't worry, NO SPOILERS.

SINGLE PLAYER: So I dig Sofia Lamb and the idea of her, but the fact that she is never mentioned in the first game makes it kind of hard to place her in the whole overall picture. Although it seems as though she came out of the woodwork mostly after Ryan's death, so I guess it works out. The storyline so far is as amazing as the first. I love Tenenbaum, duh. XD Lamb is cool and I absolutely adore Sinclair, lolololol. His accent and his wording = love. The opening video is great (semi-spoilers? even though it's the opening video, lol) and the Little Sisters are SO CUTE in this game. SO CUTTEEEEEE.

MULTIPLAYER: I like the idea of unlocking things the higher your rank goes. I also like the fact that you can research your opponents after you get a kill on them with your camera. And the maps are old BioShock locations (Fort Frolic, Arcadia, etc.) = yesssssssssss. I love how it all takes place right around the crazy New Year of Doom when everything in Rapture is going to shit too. I also love the fact that the two teams against each other in the team games are TEAM RYAN and TEAM ATLAS. Naledi Atkins is damn amazing too - I have a giant girlcrush on her.

My only complaint is that Bridgette Tenenbaum's name is suddenly now Brigid...? Really? That just sounds like a drunk person trying to say Bridgette or perhaps someone not spelling frigid correctly. I'm sorry, I know Brigid is canon, but she'll always be Bridgette to me. D:

ANYWAYS, A+ SO FAR. Mmmm, Rapture.
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I realized the other day that it's technically been a year since I started to play Fallout 3 and I'm still not finished with it. But you know, this is a testament to how awesome the game actually is. With a lot of games that are super-sprawling and long, I tend to play them a little bit and over the course of time I just sort of drop them (or send them back to Gamefly, if I got them from there). But as you can see with Fallout 3, I have been coming back to it for a year now. I've dropped about 80 hours into my current playthrough and I still have these quests to play:

-- all the quests in the DLC "Mothership Zeta"
-- all the quests in the DLC "Broken Steel"
-- all the quests in the DLC "Lookout Point"
-- Strictly Business (waiting to do that one till I'm playing an evil character)
-- Picking Up the Trail
-- Rescue From Paradise
-- Finding the Garden of Eden
-- The American Dream
-- Take it Back!

So I'm almost done with the main storyline. Once I finish those quests and then the rest of the DLC, then I will start all over again and play a total asshole. That's another thing. Usually on games where I can be a good guy or a bad guy, I finish as a good guy (if I like the game enough to finish) and then I'm set. I don't really need to go back and play as a bad guy (or I'll end up starting a "bad" game and then never finishing it). But in this one I want to go back and play as a bad guy. There are assholes in this game who deserve a good punch in the teeth but right now I am TEH SAVIOR OF TEH WASTELANDZ so I have to paste on a smile and play along with them.

Also, like I had mentioned on Twits R' Us (err, Twitter) the other day this game actually gave me a super serial MORAL QUANDARY on Sunday. Usually when there is a choice in a game (good or bad choice, karma affecting choice, etc.), I will know what I'm picking in a heartbeat. Whether it's "good" or "bad" or how I've been playing my character... it's just that I know that's what right away what I'm gonna have my character do. It's always a split second decision and I'm done and move on.

Yesterday my Lone Wanderer (Scott, named after Scott Landon, duh lol) stood beside a baby crib and stared at a little baby (the "cure" I was sent into Haven to steal -- nobody bothered to tell me it was a baby) in Pittsburgh The Pitt for at least ten minutes. I have never had this happen in one of these games DAMN YOU BETHESDAAAAAA~ XDDDD

For anyone who has played The Pitt DLC... I didn't take Marie from the crib for Wernher. I couldn't. Once I met Ashur and Sandra (who Wernher had been bitch-mouthing) and found out that they were working on a cure for everyone in the city (including the slaves, raiders, etc.) -- plus, they weren't being pushy dicks like Wernher, I helped them. I left Haven without the baby and went to Midea to find out where Wernher was hiding (running through the raider/slave fights was pretty awesome looking, 'cept for the stray bullets, heh). I was going to try to go in and SPEECH Wernher about leaving, but the asshat starting shooting me right as I walked into his hideout. So I blew his head off with a gauss rifle. Seriously, they're working on a cure just like you are Wernher, plus Marie's their baby and they aren't being pushy, creepy dicks like you. I'm not giving you a stolen baby. Especially if the baby's parents are making a cure for everyone in The Pitt. :|

(In the next play through I will though! But not because I like you, Wernher. But because I like Adan.)

Ngggh, I can't wait to go through this game and be a mean, mean bitch. I will shatter everyone's dreams. AND FACES. HIDE NOW, CAPITAL WASTELAND.

(LOLOLOLOLOL, also, the Auto Axe called The Man Opener? I laughed so hard when I got that. <3)
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I am off to bed, but I had to link this amazing Silent Hill 2 music video really fast before I went. The parallels and quick cuts between certain scenes are awesome and using a VAST song makes it 30984920834892 times better. Loveeeeee. <33333
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Look! Here is some sort of real update! IN REAL NUMBERED LIST FORM!

1.) New Year -- I have a couple resolutions. Get in shape/eat better (I'm sick of feeling like crap/being sick), budget money better (especially since I will have car payments now! XD), keep websites up-to-date (including making new ones and spiffying up webskillz), get more stuff up on cafepress and bonanzle and etsy holy crap (I have so much stuff here I need to sell - random things, fandom things, crafts, stuff I still need to make), keep up with the RPs I'm in and just be a more positive person, in general. Hehe.

2.) Car -- I have a new car! I got it today. It is a 2010 Honda CR-V (in glacier blue woooo fancy!) and it is my baby. They were able to transfer my tags over from my old car baby, so my car will still say TENEL KA lol. Last car was named the Rock Dragon (complete with shell necklace on the mirror NERD CENTRAL). So I'm thinking about upgrading to the STAR HOME for the name of this one. Hehehehe. Because yes, I am still a dork.

3.) Fandom -- this is all pretty much the same. Star Wars, Silent Hill and Stephen King are still my top three. With Disney, BioShock, zombies (including L4D and all that) and Fallout (the first game is making me giddy XD) always hanging out there near the top of the list too. Meaning I'm sure this year will be filled with more gushing about these fandoms. My apologies come to you in advance. XD

4.) Costumes -- I found my costume boxes last weekend and went through them. Hahah, talk about meeeemories. Those are eight years worth of costumes. I found some that I almost forgot about, lol. Also, I was able to set aside the costumes I am bringing back to Dragon*Con this year: Army!Buster Bluth (Arrested Development), Strike Team!Tenel Ka (Star Wars EU) & Peter McVries (The Long Walk).

I also found all the stuff from the fancy Queen Mother dress I had started making then screwed up on and just dropped it. My ideas came flooding back to me (mmm, Hapan Consortium cape) and I think I might start over on it. Not sure what I'd wear it for since Celebration V is a bust, but I'm sure I will manage. Hehe.

I basically rearranged my boxes like this: Retired Costumes, Tenel Ka Costumes, Silent Hill Costumes, Every Other Costume. XD

5.) Conventions -- unless there is a new fun con to go to, it'll probably be Katsucon and Dragon*Con for me this year. And possibly Anime USA. I'm excited about Katsucon cause it's at The Swanky Gaylord National Harbor which will be awesome cause there's like a little town in the atrium which will be perfect for when Nate and I are wandering around as PROFESSOR LAYTON AND LUKE TRITON LOLOLOL. Those games = love. And we all (me, Nate, Valerie, every Nintendo DS owner/player, haha) always make fun of Layton and Luke for being so horribly awesome and dorky. Plus, Nate is a giant. Meaning the height difference will work to our advantage! OH SNAP. (Also, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories costumes: yes, please. Haha, except Nate will not be in Drunk Dad jacket -- he'll be in normal Harry jacket.)

I GUESS FIVE UPDATES IS ENOUGH. Time go work some sites or the board or RP or do something PRODUCTIVE!

(This is where I hear the LEVEL UP/victory music in my head~ XD)
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WOO HUR HUR SNOW! Nate and I were snowed in this weekend. Meaning lots of video games (mostly Persona 4 and the one I'm about to gush about). An awesome snow tunnel was also made out front, but that is a different and colder story.

I played through the rest of my Silent Hill: Shattered Memories save on Saturday night and beat it. It was about two or three more hours maybe. I was so enthralled by it -- apparently Nate was too. Cause the two of us sat down last night and played through the whole thing again.

(Did I mention the whole snowed in thing here. That just added to the creepy-factor since we were playing a game where Harry Mason is running through a freak snowstorm with a flashlight and the whole world ices over and scary little things start running after you. SNOWED IN. PLAYING THIS GAME. D:)

I got the "Love Lost" ending on my save. Nate played through making Harry a total dick and ended up getting the "Drunk Dad" ending, which was actually kind of awesome. It was sort of depressing to think it might have ended up that way for the characters, but oh god his dance (MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS). LOLOLOLOLOL~ <3333

Nate was going for the "Sleaze and Sirens" ending but apparently he didn't have Harry look at FEMALE PARTS enough. Was too busy checking out the booze. XD So we still need S&S, "Wicked and Weak" and TEH UFO ENDING!!11

I have to give this game like ten thumbs up. Again, I was super skeptical about it but once I tried it out I couldn't really stop playing it. Love Lisa (also love the fact that Harry actually goes back when she calls instead of SHUTTING THE DOOR IN HER FACE), absolutely/horribly love Dahlia, LOVE Cybil and Harry is just too much. <33 They really did well with the storyline here. I've checked some of the forums and it really seems to be a LOVE IT SO MUCH or HATE IT SO HARD kind of game -- I'm in the love camp. Especially all the crap with the cell phone. And the way this game makes you think about death/dealing with death = a little gut-wrenching. Kind of like Silent Hill 2. Kind of hurts when you finish it. You feel a little empty inside.

(EMPTY AND SCARED. I almost peed my pants when I called the phone number in the school and heard that noise with the DOOR'S OPEN. sjdfksjdfkjsdfjiosefjiwenfei)

AND THE SWIMMING HOW COULD I NOT MENTION THE SWIMMING. MY ARMS STILL HURT FROM THE WII-MOTE ACTIVITIES. Swimming and being able to look underwater at the statues was brutal and amazing and perfect. GOOD SHOW, CLIMAX STUDIOS! I APPROVE (also, your use of the Wii's controls/abilities = WIN!)~

(For real, the last Silent Hill game I could play in one sitting and not realize I was doing it was Silent Hill 2 SO A++++++++)

P.S. Make sure you call the Konami help line from Harry's phone. XD
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So the other weekend Nate played through Silent Hill 2 (I was the guide for some of the time, lol) and I had almost forgotten how amazingly rich that story was and how strong the symbolism was. James and the holes and the graves, and Angela and Eddie and their own journeys and endings, Laura and her resort town, Maria in general, the mental hospital, the dead body that appears in one of the apartments -- in front of the tv with it's horrible, cruel EFF YOU foreshadowing, the multiple deaths by Pyramid Head. PYRAMID HEAD <3~

And in the hotel when you try to go up to the third floor when you get inside, and the grate is shut and you start to head back downstairs and you hear someone who sounds like Mary just go, "James..." kfjlasdfakjsdsd that gets me every time. The little details like that are one of my favorite parts of the game. I love the noise in the prison bathroom after you knock on the door and go to leave, the fact that Mary's letter changes when you enter the hotel and the way things remind James of the little things about his and Mary's trips to Silent Hill.

(Also, the contents of James' trunk lol can i get a what what.)

I want to write a damn english paper on this game. So hard. It's not even funny. And I love going outside when it's cool and saying to myself, "WELL DAMN THIS HERE IS SILENT HILL WEATHER."

brb moving to silent hill.

(Silent Hill music video with clips from 1, 2, 3, 4 & Origins and holy crap Nine Inch Nails and this video GIVES ME THE SHIVERS. <3333)
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Okay, so remember how I was bitter at Del Rey for Legacy of the Force -- and everything after it (and yeah, I guess I still am lololol)? WELL THEY RECEIVED SOME POINTS ON MY SCALE. IT'S LIKE THEY OFFERED THIS BOOK AS AN APOLOGY TO EVERYONE AND IT FITS ME LIKE A GLOVE.

(Except I'm still bitter. I will never get over your treatment, Jacen Solo. CALL ME, ZOOKEEPER!!1 <3)


My reasons for love. Let me show you them.

1.) Two of my favorite things made sweet undead love and had a baby. STAR WARS and ZOMBIES.

2.) Dr. Zahara Cody is a medically-trained, smart, kickass female who isn't whiny and doesn't need to be saved multiple times -- not that I'm bashing any of the other Star Wars characters out there (like maybe DAIRY QUEEN FROM THE NJO? oh snap i'm just kidding except i'm not no okay maybe i liked her a little).

3.) Chapter 39 made me tear up like a little baby. I'm not lying. The shortness of it. The animalistic grappling and the emotion and JUST GUH. THE TONGUE AND THE TEETH AND THE FLESH. JOE SCHREIBER, YOU ARE A MONSTER AND I LOVE IT. fkasjkfjdkjfaskfjasj


5.) Stuff like this: That was when his toe struck something soft and yielding, and when he glanced down he saw it was a human leg.

Very slowly, he looked up.

The leg was connected to a torso, covered up by another, and another, the pile growing in front of him comprising what he realized was hundreds of dismembered corpses -- heads, arms, legs, and whole bodies, bare bones, many of them still dressed in rotten Imperial uniforms and incomplete stormtrooper armor. The bodies had been mangled like parts in an abattoir, some of them in handcuffs and manacles, others hacked recklessly to pieces, still others looking partially devoured, whole gobbets of flesh gnawed off.


6.) KALE LONGO. OH MY GOODNESS, THIS BOY. <3 This boy is Jacen Solo levels of hot. And he is pretty much the opposite of Jacen too. When he and his awesome little brother, Trig, hear things they can't explain (crying, something eating something else totally innocent, screaming, etc.) it's not Jacen's, "OH GAWD LET'S GO HELP THEM MY EMPATHY SENSE IS TINGLING WAIIIII EMO HURTZ" it's more, "It's none of our business. Let's go." He cares about himself and his little brother, which gets me to...

7.) Trig and Kale's relationship. IT'S SO NICE TO SEE A SET OF SIBLINGS WHO LOVE EACH OTHER AND CARE FOR EACH OTHER AND SHOW IT AND SHIT. There is a part where a man COUGHS BLOOD in Trig's face and then:

"Hey," Kale said, placing one hand on Trig's shoulder. "Come here." He lifted the hem of his shirt and and wiped his brother's face off, the first tears mixing with the guard's blood. "It's all right."

"This is bad," Trig said.

"We've been through worse."

Trig couldn't answer. He put his face against his brother's chest, and hugged him fiercely. Kale hugged him back. "Shh," he said, "'S okay."



9.) The scene with Kale and Dr. Cody and the scalpel. I... I will have nightmares about this for weeks. The descriptions are almost too much and they work so well and just -- GET RID OF IT, CUT IT OUT, GET IT OUT OF ME

10.) The chapter titles, oh my god. The ones that are standing out in my head right now are MEAT NEST, COFFIN JOCKEYS, LUNG WINDOWS, SKIN HILL and STOP.

(sjkfdaksfsdfjdfjdkfja dsf STOP is Chapter 39. D:)

11.) I read 120 pages of this book in one sitting. I think the last Star Wars book I did that with was Traitor.

12.) KALE LONGO TEARING SOMEONE'S FACIAL PIERCINGS OUT. BADASS. I LOVE YOU, KALE. <3 (Also, waking up from your snoring to tell Myss to shut up = <33333333333)~

13.) Waste is such an awesome 2-1B droid.

14.) The characters are really strong. They were all tied together very well and even the smallest characters actually get... well, character. Take Armitage, for example. We don't see him in the book that much at all. But we know where he's from (Faro), all about his doofy hairstyle from the others making fun of him, we know he's a painter and what he paints (what he's forced to paint and wants to paint) -- and we see him making one of the nastiest discoveries in the book. Yet he's in the book for no more than a total of five pages. Also, Austin. What a dick. But I loved him. The way he looks at Dr. Cody when Dr. Cody is talking to Gat makes him so not classy and so awesome. And on the subject of characters... DID I MENTION KALE AND TRIG LONGO????????

And the best...

15.) THE TWO PRISONERS WHO WERE IN SOLITARY THAT I SHALL NOT NAME FIGHTING DAMN ZOMBIES. YESSSSSSS. They aren't technically cameos cause they're in a good chunk of the book, but they don't broadcast that they're in the book either (their relationship with the Longo boys is SO ADORABLE too).

I'll give you a REALLY SPOILERY visual hint as to who they are: SHIT YESSSSSSSSSSSS.


(... I'm not debating on picking up Kale in the SW Dressing Room. D: I'm not, I'm not.)

("What's wrong?" Kale asked, a drowsy murmur that came out: Wussrong?

Trig cleared his throat. His voice had started changing recently, and he was acutely aware of how it broke high and low when he wasn't paying strict attention. "Nothing." <333333333333333)
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It feels so good to have The Mentalist back on. I love this show.

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So before about a couple weeks ago, I had been playing Fallout 3 on an on-and-off basis, usually whenever I wanted to sit down and wander. But now -- and I don't know when it happened -- I just want to sit down for hours and explore every nook and cranny of this post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.

I don't know if it's my proximity, living in Northern Virginia and all (omg when I discovered the Fairfax Ruins, I flipped), or the dark humor that runs through a lot of the game or maybe the desolate atmosphere and the twisted versions of items we've been used to here in the real world -- probably all of the above, not to mention the whole retro-futurist thing, which I've always duuuuuuug.

Anyways, I've played this bitch for forty hours so far and I'm not even halfway through the main quests. In fact, I haven't done very many parts of the main quest at all. But today I did accomplish getting some airhead 30+ bottles of a slightly radioactive cola, I managed to spread a little bit of forest around the Capital Wasteland by uh... rubbing some stuff on a tree's heart... and I started bringing chopped off fingers of bad guys to the Regulators for some well-deserved cash moneys BOTTLE CAPS. Heeeeeee.

But yeah, I've always been a sucker for games in alternate time periods and those crazy, warped, grungy settings. BioShock, Omikron, Galerians -- this steps right in line with them and I just can't say enough about how much I love jgdf jj fjag dfjgaifhd ufh jdhfa fdsfjsd MY ROBOTIC BUTLER. HIS NAME IS WADSWORTH. I think someone at Bethesda is a Clue fan. XD

And this, now this is just awesome. <3

Makes me want to throw on a Vault 101 jumpsuit and go sightseeing in D.C. XD

(Also, watching Super Mutant and Raider's heads fly off in one direction while their bodies go another IN SLOW MOTION after I peg them with my laser rifle/combat shotgun/sniper rifle never gets old.)

Oh snap.

Apr. 15th, 2009 11:22 pm
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So Jared went for it in Supernatural.

Kevin did it in Dawn of the Dead.

And now Lou is doing it in Carriers. (Apparently Paramount has stolen all the trailers from YouTube, but this site MAGICALLY STILL HAS IT! :D WHICH IS YAY~ LOU WITH A SHOTGUN. <333)

I love my zombie killin' boys. <3333


Apr. 14th, 2009 05:38 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] hitosyura! I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THE LOL CLOTHING COMMERCIAL.

"Thou art I.
I am Thou.
Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Funk Arcana."

LOLOLOLOL LOVE IT (esp. when Minato's the one flipping the bottom of his jacket back -- CLASSY <3). And the sped up Pharmacy song at the end, HAHA.

(P.S. The original! Heeee~!)
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OKAY. LURKERS (THEIR FACE?/MOUTH? LOOKS SO... WRONG -- perhaps it is just my 12 year old mind). SMOG (makes me want to VOMIT). NEEDLERS (jfdkjafksgdfj ouch bitches). NURSES, SLUTTIER THAN NORMAL (they have asscheeks, you guys!)~ NASTY. NAAAASTY.



(BTW, them making "a radio show" together -- SO ADORABLE.)

WHAT? I was getting all emo when Alex was wandering around his house and thinking of all the random little things about his family and stuff. ;-; And the bunk beds with Josh and the flashlight -- so cute. They're doing a good job with the whole "WE'RE BROTHERS AND WE KIND OF LIKE EACH OTHER" thing. And I'm getting emotionally attached and that's not a good thing to do with characters in Silent Hill.

It's stuff like that in this series that causes a disgusting hollow pit in your stomach.

(I guess I will find out the answers to these questions as I keep playing -- I will spoiler everything and anything for myself as you have seen previously with Star Wars books and so on -- I will spoil everything for myself except Silent Hill.)

LOL, what a fitting song. XD

P.S. The reason Silent Hill Homecoming was banned in Australia -- apparently there is something relating to an eye. And a drill. Together. We'll see how true that is.

P.S.S. Mr. Alex Shepherd is ALL KINDS OF HOT. And according to Akira Yamaoka, official Silent Hill Homecoming soundtrack by the end of the month! :D
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So casually I went to stores today on lunch, just in case, but no. Silent Hill Homecoming day will be tomorrow. Which is fine by me.

I used tonight to finish my homework for this week and wash my hair and get crap done so tomorrow afternoon I can come home after work, game in hand, and go in the basement and turn off my lights and play and play and cry myself to sleep at night because of the creepy shit I witnessed in the game all evening -- SERIOUSLY OHMYGAWHWAH WHA WHAT IS THAT WHAT IS THAT --

Two random awesome Akira Yamaoka songs for you to enjoy, with vocals by the always lovely Mary Elizabeth McGlynn: Tender Sugar and Waiting For You ~ LIVE AT "Heaven's Night". <33333333

And HAHAHAAHAAHHHAHA~ The bottom picture is my favorite. CLASSIC. I love passiveaggressivenotes.com. XD
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You know what crap times call for?! Something that makes everything better. And that's hot guys! Hot guy picture-spammage always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And I've been feeling quite cold and bitchy in the past couple months, therefore this must be done. And I bet a lot of these faces look familiar to some of you and that's because they are sdklfjaklsdfsdhawt, therefore I use them for fandom and RPing. All the time. Heh.

Also, this was something I have threatened to do a few times before. NOW IT IS DONE. XD

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: worldly picspam of lots o' hot guys XD -- i am a sucker for long hair D: -- and long hair from other countries -- and makeup... from... other... countries? )

okay that was nice. Wait, I see a pattern here. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it's there. WAIT FOR IT.

*waits... stares at pictures more*

sorry got sidetracked. what? I feel like I should be doing some study with all these pictures like OKAY SO THIS GUY IS FROM HERE AND HE HAS THE SAME FEATURES AS -- no seriously, Lou and Trevor are both from Joisey and they're absolutely darling and tiny and innocent looking EXCEPT THEY'RE ANYTHING BUT THAT. <3

And I didn't really mean to put Casey and River next to each other, it just happened AND GOOD LAWD. Casey's first picture and River's second = EXACT MATCH PLUS.

P.S. I think one of my favorite profile comments on OtakuBooty is "I'd be so gay for you that gay dudes would be like TURN DOWN THE GAY" -- that one should've been up there years ago. XD
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So I always have my screwed up lists and weird-ass rambles about fandom, yes? Well here is a new list. MUAHAHAHA~ it is dirty and perverted and all kinds of me. I often wonder why I make these lists and post them, but they amuse me and my LJ is all about amusement, yo. And fangirling.

[aka "the five fandom boys i would not hesitate to kidnap and molestzor"]


[even if they are super creepy like 3 out of 5... no, wait, I think all of them are creepy D:]

(I had a really bad title for this list originally, and the initials were TFFF. Take that how you will.)

Spoilers for Silent Hill 2, Lisey's Story, Blade of Tyshalle, Myst & Star Wars: LotF under here -- I JUST GAVE YOU THE WHOLE LIST RIGHT THERE. )

And ohgawd, I forgot how much I loved Blade of Tyshalle.

"That's it?" I say, blinking in disgust at him. "That's what saving your worthless ungrateful butt buys me? 'Kiss off, see you in the next life?' When did you turn into such a suckass?"


"He comes."

Raithe's voice is flat, and as chill as the chunk of blue ice that's pretending to be the sky. The season's changed overnight and it's colder than a gravedigger's ass out here.

For a second or two, I don't take his meaning; I'm thinking, What is this, some kind of freaky sex joke?



Feb. 12th, 2008 12:36 am
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It's not just the low riding pants and the boy hips and the eyeliner, but the thumb in the mouth and the ring and the OHMAHGAWD. HYPERVENTILATING. akjsdlfa


I need a paper bag to breathe into.

P.S. I still stand fully by this old entry from July of last year. MAGICAL BEING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, DAMMIT.


Dec. 15th, 2007 02:54 pm
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Eeeeee! Bryce's little Theo! SO CUTE.

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