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It was October of 2003. The New Jedi Order was ending and I was starting a Star Wars fanfiction series. It was called The Feigned. It was originally supposed to be one story and the song "Simply Being Loved" by BT made me do it. The bad guy (who was originally just a placeholder), Gadell, was gonna die. I had too much fun with the whole thing though. I started writing a second story. I stopped writing it so close to the end and sort of abandoned it. One day I was bitten in the ass by it, that damn writing bug, and I finished the second story and started a third. This was in May of 2007. I've written a little here and there since then.

I'm in the middle. Stuck. Just about abandoned it, like I do with too many things I start and don't finish.

To break this streak, I'm finishing this damn story -- this damn series. I'm finishing this trilogy because I've put too much time into it to let it die like thissssss. Oh yeah, reading it back now I know there are moments of absolute dorkishly horrible cheese and moments of wtf crack and moments of total squick (lol Jacen and Jaina almost kiss in disguise I still love it) and my writing style is probably just as ghetto now as when I started but damn it, I AM FINISHING THIS BITCH.

The first story had 58,942 words. The second had 95,538. And this one has 63,218 so far.

I will not stop this until I'm done.

Here are the stories: who is in them, some pairings(?) and some possible story tags. Heh. XD

The Feigned (post-New Jedi Order)

Characters: Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Gadell Vessau [he was only a placeholder oc until I thought of a good bad guy BUT NOT ANYMORE], random bits of Tahiri Veila, Jaina Solo, The Dreamteam aka Zekk and Lowbacca, Anakinghost, etc.
Pairings: straight up J/TK with a hardcore side of WANGST smeared across the board
Story Tags: Jacen tied to chair lol, cracked out & pissed off Queen Mother, I love dancinggggg, BIG PIMPIN'?, wait what?, blood, bitchy lightsaber fights, are there any guards in this effing Palace?, mmmm gardens, teenage cheese fest, gadell/jacen...?, super secret surprise mission, it was you all along!, magical Terminator arm, Jacen the handmaiden

Characters: Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Zekk, Gadell (and then the whole hee-haw gang later)
Pairings: J/TK, J/K/J?(...Z?), Z/Al?, G/T?
Story Tags: lots of disguises, Jag and Kyp in makeup, lots of parallel crap, BAD GUYZ, fishnet, DANCE CLUBS, pretty lights, Jacen and Zekk on mother-effing hoverboards AWWW YEAH, drugs are bad mmmkay, Alema is good but still a ho, LOWBACCA!, rescue mission gone horribly wrong, ew what is in that alleyway?, I love futuristic cityscapes, so that's where Raynar Thul went!!11, rescue mission gone horribly wrong part deux, see if you can find the Silent Hill inspiration!, color symbolism ahoy!, can anyone rescue anyone correctly here?, back! from! the! dead!, crazy effing timeline

Characters: Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, a whole new slew of assassins [emphasis on the ass], Tahiri, Gadell, Zekk, Allana?
Pairings: J/TK, G/T?, Z/?, ?/?WHAT
Story Tags: Dantooine is so quiet and peaceful WHY ARE YOU STABBING ME OH MYYYYGAAAAA, Gadell/Tahiri/Zekk = the detective team of NEVER GETTING ANYTHING DONE, forest porn?, Jared Leto hot Hapans, also angry bitter Hapans, Jacen washing dishes, Tenel Ka laying multiple smackdowns - suitors her ass, some sort of time tra--wait flow walking? no, overprotective Papa Jasa, Zekk the ACTION MAAAAAAAN!, stairwell makeout of the non-main characters, Anakin Skywalker hates sand but Jacen Solo likes dirt everywhere, magical hallucinations of evil things, SOURFRY NOODLESSSSS, basement of utter and complete doom

Because maybe, just maybe, in an alternate universe Jacen Solo didn't turn into an asshole and die. :(

(Seriously, my Jacen/Tenel Ka are River Phoenix/Laura Prepon for this whole thing. <3 THIS IS OLD SCHOOL. XD)
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Okay, I'm currently finishing two short fanfictions. One, Louis and Ellis (Left 4 Dead) out on a Special Infected-infested food hunt together. Two, Jaina visits Tenel Ka (Star Wars) after Caedus' death. And wow, both of these have slightly slashy undertones. WHAT IS THIS?

But then I have a few more ideas for stories that are eating my brain. And I'm not sure which one to work on.

1.) [ SW ] Jaina, babysitting the dear niece of hers, gets a visit from Jacen in the middle of the night. Talking ensues. Also, possible hugs. (post-LotF)
2.) [ SW ] Caedus needs assistance in reaching Tenel Ka to talk to her and makes his one supar sekritt double agent from Hapes help him achieve this. Said agent is a mere male and a social secretary and takes care of Tenel Ka's schedule and his name starts with a G. I think some of you can see where I'm going with this. (mid-LotF)
3.) [ Stephen King ] Scott Landon and Mike Noonan are signing autographs at a literary conference, chatting it up and goofing off, unaware that odd things have happened in both of their home lives. Lisey approaches, Scott gets his special brand of mushy/pushy on and Mike gets nostalgic. (post-Bag of Bones, pre-Lisey's Story)

Plus, I am actually still chugging along on the SW long stories: Absolved (third in a trilogy of lol terror started in 2003, Jacen/Tenel Ka, lots of insanity plus some Jared Leto, Rachel Weisz and Mos Def ...what? And 100% more assassination attempts!) and The First Time (post-LotF, TK/Zekk[/Caedus...?], angry crack).

And there's all the original things swimming around my head, naturally. I currently have six files sitting on my hard drive of long stories I've started but none of them are sparking as much as I want them to. I know there's this idea I'm horribly ready to work on and it just hasn't surfaced in my head yet. COME TO ME, IDEA. O_O

Let's ride a completely different train of thought! Here are some random pictures from my phone.

This is my new baby, the STAR HOME LOLOLOL. No, for real. That's my new car and I love it to bits.

These little gems are things I found on the deep corners of the internet and had to buy them because of my obsession love for this book. I would tuck these in with me and sleep with them if I didn't think I would roll over on them and ruin them. The one on the left is an original 1980 U.K. first edition printing of The Long Walk, while the one on the right is an original 1979 U.S. first edition printing. The covers~ <3333333333333333333333333333333333


Also something of note: Garraty, Olson, Harkness and Baker all appear on the U.K. cover. Stebbins and McVries are nowhere to be found (unless McVries is the 6_ way behind Garraty). I say they're making out/killing each other behind the halftrack. And I'd like to think the U.S. cover is a gigantic spoiler and Stebbins is featured on it. XD

Oh my god Frank Darabont, pleeeeease work on/finish The Long Walk sooooooon. Best movie ever.

(And please please please put Stebbins in the actual outfit he is wearing in the book: He was skinny and blond, wearing purple pants and a blue chambray shirt under an old green zip sweater with holes in the elbows.



Jan. 12th, 2009 06:57 pm
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So I have a good bit of work still to complete in the middle of The Feigned: Absolved but I've finished up the ending that's been in my head for awhile. The whole series starts with Jacen Solo waking up from a pretty crap ass dream and the whole series ends with him falling asleep one night. IT'S A BIG HAPPY CIRCLE (lol, okay maybe not happy?). Actually, I didn't mean to do it that way. The whole falling asleep at the end just worked with what was going on.

I also randomly gave Gadell a middle name (that Zekk will be a dick about). It was an odd moment, cause he was being brainstormed about five years ago this past October. And I just now gave him a middle name. It's more than people can say for Zekk. D:

(Zekk: Wait, that's your middle name? Kind of girly, huh Mr. Vessau?
Gadell: Oh yeah? Is that funny? And what's your middle name? Oh oh, or your last name?
Zekk: ...
Gadell: S'what I thought, Mister Zekk.)


I forgot how much I love writing Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka. And I forgot how much I enjoy writing jealous!Jacen and slightlykindofemotionallyopen!Tenel Ka. Leering!Jacen is fun too. D:

So, I have found that I am drawn to any Scotts and Peters that come from the mind of Stephen King. Obviously, there is Peter McVries -- I was also a sucker for the brief and bitchy teen angst we got from Pete McFarland in The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. And there's Scott Landon, of course (I love him, yo) and now there is a new one.

Scott Staley. The short story he was in was amazing. It's called The Things They Left Behind and it's about this guy, Scott, who worked at an insurance company on the 110th floor of the World Trade Center. He wasn't at work on 9/11 and this story is about him and a bout of survivor's guilt. The way he deals with it is what drew me to him first -- and then I found out his name was Scott and was like, DAMMIT KING WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? :O The story is one of the best in the new collection, IMO -- alongside Willa. Although, I haven't gotten to N. yet, and I heard that one is incredible.

I think it's time for some ice cream. Also, I don't watch 24, but my mom watches it and I kind of know what's going on every season. Tony Almeda? Got so skeevy looking. He used to be so cute. D:
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So sometime last week, I think Gadell Vessau turned five years old. Haha, that sounds really funny cause now I picture him as a little brat breaking into the Palace and running around stealing expensive things to play with.


Also, he might totally have a date by the end of the series. With a blonde girl. A blonde barefoot one. Maybe. If I don't kill him first.

I'm almost actually done with the Star Wars/Bioshock crossover too. And this is good that I waited to post it, cause whenever I started writing something and post it as I'm writing it, it never gets done (see, like EVERYTHING ELSE I'VE EVER WRITTEN THAT'S MORE THAN ONE PART). But dammit, this will get done. And so will Zekk/Caedus/Tenel Ka, because I've been working on that lately too and that's too delicious not to finish.

(I wish Jonathan Rhys Meyers would do the whole long hair thing again. D:)

I need to write a short story/one-poster though. Just to clear my head. And it's going to be one of the following. Jacen/Gadell (post-NJO), Gadell/Tenel Ka (post-LOTF), Jacen/Gadell/Tenel Ka (near the beginning of LOTF somewhere)...

Cause Hapan social sexretaries secretaries need love too. Actually, I just have the urge to write Gadell being a total pervert. You know, himself. So either he flirts with Jacen and makes him feel uncomfortable, comforts Tenel Ka after Jacen's death, or spies on Tenel Ka and the ready-to-go-dark-side-creepy Jacen in a rare moment of privacy which is not private since Gadell is watching.



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You know, it's a miracle I ever get any stories written/finished at all. And this post is an example of that. Here I give you 18 (and this isn't even all of them :|) tiny snippets of unfinished stories of mine -- original and fanfiction. One day I will finish them all. Seriously. Dammit. For real.


There were times in bed, when she was pressed between the wall and his body, that she could hear him snoring quietly and she would curl up against his back and run her fingers up and down his spine, thinking about the name "Priscilla McVries" -- it had a nice ring to it. [ STEPHEN KING/THE LONG WALK -- LUCKY HER ]

And with that, Tenel Ka crumbled to the ground, burying her face into the carpet of the long and empty corridor. In only a few days she had lost the three most important things she had left in her life.

The three only things. [ STAR WARS -- DEFEAT ]

Zekk pulled Allana into his lap, the little girl nuzzling her head into his chest and wrapping her arms around him. He could feel her eyes watering up against his shirt, the warm tears soaking through and the sniffles hitting his ears, muffled and quiet. Zekk sensed that she felt safe in his arms, which struck him as odd, since usually she hid from him when she saw his tall and lanky form and his mess of ebony hair. "Are you okay?" He asked quietly.

She said nothing for a few moments.

"Mommy talks in her sleep. She says stuff about Daddy," she said suddenly. [ STAR WARS -- FILICIDE ]

Falling to his knees beside his brother, Branch buried his head in his brother's uniform jacket, his tears finally trickling from his bright blue eyes and onto the embroidered patch sewn on the left pocket. Their school seal soaked up most of his tears, the emblem growing a darker crimson and a navy blue as he sobbed over his brother's chest.

"What the fuck do you want from us?!" He screamed finally, over his brother, spit flying from his parted lips and angry, bloodshot eyes shut against the surroundings.

Nothing responded to him, not that he expected it to. It had just killed, therefore it would be a good while before it would strike again. [ ORIGINAL -- CURRENTLY UNTITLED ]

More original, along with lots of Star Wars fanfiction (Taryn/Zekk, J/TK, etc.), Bioshock/SW, Bioshock, Myst, Stephen King... so much shit, dude. O_O )

...what should I finish first? D:
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Alright, so I took this Bioshock/SW shit even a step further. Oh my gawwwd, I am having way too much fun with this. I LOVE IT. HAHHAH~

Names mentioned so far in the story:
Jase Soloman
Jane Soloman
Andrew "Andy" Soloman
Tanith Kendall
Raymond Thurston
Louie (such a hairy boy)
Kip Durant (drunkard!)
Ezekiel ("Zeke")
Jack Fellows

     "Guess who I saw at the Kashmir Restaurant the other night?" He cocked a slender eyebrow as he reached over and took the apple from where Jase had discarded it behind him.
     "What were you doing at the Kashmir Restaurant?"
     "I was sneaking into the kitchens and stealing food. What else?" Ezekiel scoffed and took an enthusiastic bite from the fruit.
     Jase scowled. "How about you get a job?"
     "How 'bout you shut up?" He responded, flecks of apple flying from his lips.


Speaking of writing -- I've been working on Absolved and all I have to say is writing Bitchface!Gadell again feels SO AMAZING. O_O

I forgot how much I love this song.

MUAHAHA, the episode of So You Think You Can Dance tonight = auditions in Washington D.C.! XD


Mar. 26th, 2008 12:33 am
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On April 4th I'm actually gonna start posting the third story in The Feigned series! ALMOST A YEAR AFTER I STARTED WRITING IT. D:

THIS TRILOGY WILL BE DONE ONE DAY, I PROMISE. But yeah, double-agenda!Gadell, not-amused!Tenel Ka and REGULAR-DORKY!JACEN SOLO fun will be had by all. It's so nice writing him as Jacen. (It's also nice not to have Tahiri moping around like an emo kid all over the place like she is in canon, ATM. And it's nice to write Zekk as being able to survive while not around a female Solo. Zekk/Gadell/Tahiri = OT3. :|)

Jacen: "It's supposed to be a secret. Promise you won't tell anyone."
tiny!Ben: "Yes, sir!"
Jacen: "I'm holding you to this, young man."
tiny!Ben: "I'm not gonna let you down, old man!"
Jacen: "Thanks, Ben."

As opposed to the last line being...

Jacen Caedus: "LYING LITTLE---" *strangles a la Homer & Bart Simpson, only with the Force*

And would Caedus ever:

"Are you sure? I mean, I think I hung my lightsaber from the ceiling so I could turn it on when I needed light in my room."


I'm sticking to this posting date, dammit. D:

Alright, bedtime. SLEEPY TIME. TIRED.

(OH MAN, I love this song. <3)


Jan. 6th, 2008 11:55 pm
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Now that I've gotten my AG love out of my system (FOR NOW HAR HAR)...

I was on the couch all day curled up under a blanket and I watched Death Becomes Her (I love that movie so hard), The Pink Panther (I WUD LIEK TO BY DEMBURGER), Zoom (have you seen how amazing Kevin Zegers looks in this kid-flick?) and Bridge to Terabithia.

Now, BtT. I read that book for school forever ago (fourth grade, I think?). And I remember how much it hit me then. So I was kind of iffy on whether or not I wanted to watch the movie for fear that they would basically just screw it all up and ruin the way the book goes. I just have to say they did an amazing job with it -- they did justice to the book. Also, points to them cause when I'm watching movies with people I can't cry. I just don't no matter how bad it is, but dude, I was wibbling at this (and my mom was like, "*SNIFFLE BLOW NOSE* THANKS FOR MAKING ME WATCH THIS MOVIE HEATHER OH GAWD *SNIFFLE*"). They didn't sugar coat it at all and that's what made it work. Cause in the book it wasn't sugar coated. BIG A+ AT YOU, DISNEY. <3

I also finally finished posting this janks. FINALLY. AFTER YEARS AND YEARS. YAY J/TK YAY ADMIRAL YAY now third story hurrrr.

Haha, and since I finished Blaze (which was very good, btw -- the part about Bradstay and her kid made me so emo) I have found all this new time to read something short before Duma Key comes out.

... so I have actually started The Long Walk for the 293492839482nd time. I still love when Ray introduces himself to Peter and it says he feels "mildly like an asshole" afterwards -- love. XD

Okay, seriously, this stomach thing needs to go away. I'm going to bed. :(


Dec. 24th, 2007 08:23 pm
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HI DEARS -- sorry I have been slow with the commenting and the reading the FL and such. Valerie and Brian are in town and there has been lots of holiday things going on. (MERRY CHRISTMAS AND SUCH TO EVERYONE, BTW).

We saw the One Man Star Wars Trilogy on Saturday and it was amazing. I think one of my favorite parts was when he was doing the alarms on the Death Star and then acting as one of the rebels said, "Negative. It just impacted on the surface. I think I hit a dance club though..." -- and also his mega bitchfaces as Luke and grabbing his crotch for Han. And the feathered hair for Luke as well. Hehehe~

Now I think we're gonna watch Ratatouille now. We watched The Simpsons Movie earlier, which was pretty good. I liked drunk!Bart.

I also posted the 39th chapter of Urbania's Void -- which is the first completely new chapter, so I did something today besides sit around and be lazy and watch tv and eat Christmas cookies. GO ME, or something. Heeeeehe. ;D


Oct. 4th, 2007 12:13 am
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My night, fandom-wise, is made. I love randomly searching for stuff and coming across things like this. Hot. Jacen's expression = total pimp/evil/i'm about to kill you possibly but heart/HEHE WHAT? XD

(Tenel Ka's haaaaaaaaairrrrr~ <3)

I have been writing like a fiend on the third story in The Feigned. It's over halfway done and now over 50,000 words. -_-

And I am also really disappointed that this song is not on the new Kenna cd. D:

ALRIGHT BEDTIME. After feeding the cats, they are meowing and LOLing and stuff.
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Here is The Shade of the Spotlight -- which is the fanmix/soundtrack I made for the odd little story Urbania's Void. It's the second story in the J/TK series The Feigned and a lot more crazy than the first. I won't get into the craziness right now -- to sum it up -- Jacen's brain is hobot-ified (I... can't explain correctly), Zekk is the voice of reason (what?!), Tenel Ka realizes that some things really do suck (Jacen Solo, like a vacuum) and then there's Gadell, who is just himself ("special"). Yay crack! You can click on the link above for more detailage. Hehe~

To download it, just click the title of the soundtrack found below the covers! :D

Yay music and crack! Let's dance! With Cobra Starship! And Dir En Grey! And Stone Temple Pilots! And Deadsy! And The Faint! OMG. )

HUZZAH! Now onto The Long Walk one. XD Music= = <3~
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And here is where I use the honorary River as Jacen as Kaidin icon because I just posted the wangsty-est chapter of fanfiction I've ever written -- again.

That one yeah. "I have no idea who you are! Let's bang! In the shower! Wait, maybe we shouldn't do this! Wait, you're --- omg! You're that hot chick from Hapes! Okay, seriously, we're banging now, whether you want to or not." -- "Oh hay, Jacen! Fancy meeting you here, bitch! ... GET OFF ME."

Oh Jacen and Tenel Ka. How I love thee. And your so many combinations of emo situations. It's fun to have Kaidin blame Tenel Ka for dropping Jacen off of Cloud City. Zekk and Gadell are also OTP fun. <3

I am rereading The Long Walk again for D*C purposes -- and I know I said he was awesome before, but I had forgotten how amazing Peter McVries was.

Under this cut is where I gush over Peter and quote parts of the story about his scar. He is so dirtysleazysexy. And I love him. )

LOOOOOVE. I really hope Frank Darabont gets around to making The Long Walk into a movie like he says. He totally does Stephen King justice and I could see him really rocking the shit out of this movie. It will be on the level of Stand By Me, 1408 and The Green Mile. None of this Eli Roth Cell shit. Man, he's gonna screw that up so bad.


Ramble about the Long Walk for D*C costumes. Bullet placements, clothes, etc. -- bloody gunshot descriptions and such. D: ALSO SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK. :P )

I like how last year I had all boy costumes with a girl costume -- and for once it's all girl costumes with ONE WHOLE boy costume. XD

All the other costumes. )


P.S. If I had a dollar for every buff dude at Best Buy today buying 300, I would be rich, yo. It was classic. Everyone in that store was holding a copy of that movie. And most of them were musclehead Spartan wannabes. XD ... Yeah, I bought it too. Hehe~
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So I don't kill Gadell in Urbania's Void, oh noes, spoiler for the ending there.

Cause you know, if I did, I couldn't write the drunk Jacen-Gadell scene in Absolved where they are throwing beads and Gadell tells Jacen to hang his lightsaber from the ceiling in case he wants to turn it on to get some light in his room. Surprisingly, that is the only fanservice in the story so far -- all 51 pages of it... so far. D:

Suck it up and play, Solo. )

Boy is bad with his alcohol. He didn't get that from Han, yo.

I started cleaning my room today. That was an adventure. I found all kinds of crap I had forgotten about. My Metallicar, Dr. Acula, "Ain't No Party Like A Scranton Party" & Vote For Petrelli (Sky's the limit!) t-shirts are all hanging up nicely in a row in my closest as well. LOVE. XD

The jumpsuit is about done! I'm hemming the bottoms of the legs and armholes and sewing the collar up nice when I get home from work tomorrow. AND THEN IT'LL BE DONE. O_O! Then onto the YJK stuff! Have you ever seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure? You know when he saves all the animals from the burning pet shop and keeps running by the snakes like "EHHHWHWWWWWGHHH" -- and procrastinating with them? Yeah, that's me with the YJK!Tenel Ka costume. THEY ARE BOTH SNAKEY AND I'M NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IT, SEE WHAT I DID THERE?


Maybe it's time for me to go to bed. x_x



Jun. 20th, 2007 12:22 am
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And I was bored and out of it and now it has it's own little section on the board. If you go in there, YOUR BRAINS MIGHT GET EATEN. Or maybe LIGHTSABERED OUT.


Also, OH NOES, Urbania's Void prologue! *does the whole Mortal Kombat movie Shang Tsung IT HAS BEGUN thing* And you can totally blame that on me listening to the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. Damn, that movie was the shiz. I was all of nine when I went to the theater and saw it. D: Liu Kang = <333333333

Oh man. *stares at icon* Leeeeeeon.

Alright, I seriously think it's bedtime before I do something even more stupid that admit to you all that I LOVE THE MOVIE MORTAL KOMBAT. D:

(OMG liu kang and sindel and kitana and kung lao just dksafjsdlfasd <3)

EDIT: And to prove I'm out of it, I just realized you have to be logged in to see the forum link. D: HI I AM CAPTAIN SPECIAL. Well, a junkload of you are on the board anyways, so it should work. Hehe~ although, I cleaned out names recently, so you might have to register again. BUT I WILL VALIDATE YOU RIGHT AWAY! OKAY! BEDTIME! MORTAL KOMBAT! XD
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I've been at a thing for work the past two days, getting up early and driving almost into DC, then sitting and listening to people present facts on things that relate to my work. It was nice to be away from work, but not nice to be up so early. D:

But tomorrow is Friday. And I will work on sites and costumes (like maybe I will start on my Supar Sekritt Star Wars costume :o!) and so on. And I will also be dancing around randomly because I find myself doing that lately when I have music on. I'll just get up and dance. O_O

I will have a party and invite myself and then dance in the basement this weekend. It will be awesome.

I will also be posting the epilogue to Simply Being Loved on TFN this weekend, which means I'll be starting Urbania's Void next week. And I'll most likely be putting it on TFN and the site at the same time. And maybe the writing journal, but I am lazy and updating three places at once = omg WTF. XD

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(Told you there would be another entry. GAH. XD)

So I have been fiendishly writing the third story to this. The plot is possibly more effed up than the second story (UV), but without the Mindmaps. The best part is that I have about 17,000 words in the third story already -- and I haven't written anything highly important yet. None of the major plot points have popped up -- except the beginning and the end. Now there is the middle to write. Heeee.

I also finished the banner for the third story that's gonna go on the site. Cause I was bored, and I wanted it to be messy. I also wanted to use that picture of River Phoenix cause if it doesn't scream HAPPY!JACEN SOLO, I'm not sure what does. D: And since Jacen is kind of happy in the third story...


I think the best part about them is that I put the month and year I started the story on each particular banner. So the first is October 2003, then January 2004 -- then May 2007.

... I fail. XD

I guess that's pretty good though, for a series I thought I would never finish and had pretty much dropped a couple years ago.


(After I watch the zombie / RAMALAMA (BANG BANG) group routine from So You Think You Can Dance last season again. I had forgotten how freakin' awesome it was. HOT. <3 ...okay and the SexyBack routine with the final four and the flashbulbs too. D: OKAY BEDTIME NOW!)
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So in this battle, I have found factors that might aid me in this quest. This is also an awesome excuse to picspam and look at these hot bitches. XD

River gets points for...

Having pictures in a bathtub with a mirrored wall -- a la Jacen Solo in the tub in Sacrifice. WHERE IS HIS TAKEOUT FOOD? D: ALSO, POINTS FOR JUST BEING RIVER PHOENIX. +2 PICTURES. )

He loses points though for not having any more new pictures of him, for obvious reasons. I guess I can't really fault him --- wait, yes I can. :(

Jared gets points for...

Making a really, really, really, sexy evil guy. Which makes for a sexy Darth. AND BEING A HUGE EFFING DORK. +3 PICTURES. )

Sadly, Laura loses points for...

Coloring her hair blonde and continuously doing so, making my redhead pictures that I haven't used of her nonexistant. D: )

Bryce gets points for...

Being the hottest pregnant woman ever. And just having a baby, then going out and doing a gazillion press junkets for Spiderman 3. )

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Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rurouni_jedi for her wig help, cause that totally worked and I got a couple shots of my almost finished Rez costume which I might post. I still need to finish the hair band thing and figure out makeup and crap, but besides that, the beeyatch is done! MUAH~

I am so torn when I get into photoshop and want to kill boredom by making Jacen/Tenel Ka story banners and crap. WHAT ACTORS DO I USE? I WANT TO USE THESE TWO, BUT I HAVE NO PICTURES SO I GO TO THE OTHER ONES BUT THEN I WANT TO BE OLD SCHOOL FOR THE FEIGNED SERIES AND IT PAINS ME. In a very nerdy way. SO I NEED HELP DECIDING. Cause I always waver. Which actors should I use most for Jacen/Tenel Ka?

NOTE: I can't mix and match, then they would totally be cheating on each other. D: AND OH THERE'S GADELL TOO. :o! )

AND HAY, speaking of costume things and Star Wars (besides Rez XD), the gray jumpsuit in Tempest. It's a Tenel Ka costume, therefore I must attempt it...

(Except, don't hold your breath for SWARM-WAR-JUST-HAD-A-BABY-NURSING-DRESS. HEEEEE. SRY.)

And the quote says, ...dressed in tailored flight suits of gray electrotex, a nanoweave material better known for its opalescent luster and outrageous cost than its effectiveness as an all-purpose armor. AND THAT'S IT. D:

I have a few ideas (material-wise and crap), but I'm not sure I want to go with them. Anyone have any ideas? Other than, "HAY A GRAY JUMPSUIT!" Heeehehe. And yeah, speaking of "It's a Tenel Ka costume, therefore I must attempt it..." I finally found good fabric for YJK TK! NOW THAT I'M ALMOST A DECADE TOO OLD. But you know, I don't care, I'll do it anyways. MUAH.


Also also, the urge to make TK and Jacen icons that say MILF and DILF -- it overwhelms me. Why have I not done it before? D: And if they are out there already, why haven't I seen them? *opens photoshop*

P.S. Remember this post? About Jacen and Snakes on a Plane? There is something coming soon on my journal that will take that crack and multiply it by like twenty. This is just a warning, to you know, give you time to duck and cover. D:

oh yeah.

May. 10th, 2007 07:17 pm
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So later tonight, if my internet continues to be nice, I will be cleaning up [livejournal.com profile] caineslayer a bit. Will get rid of the old Urbania's Void posts that are still lingering around there and I'm planning on setting up the memories section soon. Or possibly just putting a list of links on the info page, which I still need to fix. XD But the untitled multiple chaptered Myst story will be going up there soon (Sirrus & Achenar + corruption/sex/money/drugs = WIN). As well as Urbania's Void and the third story of The Feigned when I start posting those (on TFN & Chivalry, as well as at the writing LJ XD).

In awesome celebrity news, Lindsay Lohan is annoying as shit. Did you know that? I mean, damn she is so smart! Just look at these quotes from her! Here's this one about the paparazzi!:

"I wouldn’t ever want them to not take my picture. I’d be worried. I’d be like, 'Do people not care about me?'"

Yes, because people don't care about you if they're not taking pictures of you. And we can't forget this gem!:

"This whole thing (with paparazzi) is spinning out of control. Sooner or later, someone's gonna die."

That's nice! You bitch because they are taking "UR PIX LIEK SO MUCH!" But then, "SUM1'S GUNNA DIE" if they keep doing it. Ooo! Threatening! STFU, make up your effing mind and suck it, cow. Drunken, coked up little pretentious bitch. I hope to everything incredible and sacred that this thing doesn't reproduce one day. Sorry, had to get that all out since I keep seeing her trashy, butt-ass mug everywhere.


Yay for selling things on ebay. XD I sold my Runaways comics and made $40 off of them. (Except for the first one, since it's signed by Jo Chen <3) Also, getting rid of old Star Wars stuff I don't need anymore is also good. Even though it is Star Wars and I still love it, I have no room for it anymore. Hehe~ But it's all old weird stuff.

Also, I started a Jacen Solo lj community. Since a Jaina one was started and I have always debated on starting one for the donk we all know and love (ever since I started the J/TK one, this debate has been in my head XD), I figured now is finally the time to give one to him. Especially since he's going batshit insane (<3!). And also since this one and the Jaina one can be OMG TWINS TEEHEE. But it needs a good name. Should we go with something serious? Or take the easy, crackish way out? I'm thinking the latter, because it is always more fun. Like, you know, touch_my_amphistaff, swm_enjoys_amputees, look_ma_ima_sith, kiss_my_snake, darth_dorkwad, teehee_darkside, takesitlikeaman, likes_it_feathered, force_ninja, darkside_ftw jedi_master_bater. You get what I mean, even though all of those are pretty much too long. XD

It's too bad omg_i_finally_got_laid is way too long. IDEAS ANYONE? MUAH~
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I've already written 4,043 words on the third story in The Feigned series of doom and crap. I think I might have a title in my head, and you always know I picture actors in my head when I'm writing characters, because, hot.

4 canon, 7 original -- 6 of them new. XD CHARACTER CHART OF DOOM, which is not really a chart, but a block of pictures where Trex and Jasa get cut off on the right side omg wtf lj. )

So hopefully, if everything goes good, I'll have this bitch done before I finish posting Urbania's Void. Then I can just continue on and post this one. The danger is when I catch up with myself and write, then post, then write, then post. Cause that's where I just lose it. D:

Also, random musical notes. FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus might not have been an amazing game, but I forgot how damn incredible the soundtrack was. And Brand New's cd, which for short I will call TDAGARIM, is a billion times more awesome now that I've listened to it a lot more (holy crap -- "Welcome to Bangkok" is AMAZING.)

And games. I just must say OBJECTION! Because I have been on a Phoenix Wright kick lately. I forgot how much I love Edgeworth. I'd hit that. SERIOUSLY. D: <3 THE RUFFLES MAN, THE RUFFLES. That's it. I need an Edgeworth icon. I NEED ONE WHERE HE DOES THE FOREHEAD TAP. XD

BEDTIME POSSIBLY? No, DS time!!!1 Muahahahahah~

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