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So Saturday night was a magical night for AIM chatting (seven people HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE lololol)! We actually figured out when to wear the 3483958439052358 Star Wars costumes we will have between us. And also talked about makeup and belts and other things -- and also crack, like usual.

My D*C weekend is tentatively looking like this:

Thursday PM: Kale Longo (Death Troopers - SW:EU)
Friday AM: Tenel Ka (Jedi Strike Team - SW:EU)
Friday PM: Ophelia (Brutal Legend)
Saturday AM: Buster Bluth (Arrested Development)
Saturday PM: Elaine Marley (Monkey Island)
Sunday AM: Tenel Ka (Queen Momma - SW:EU)
Sunday PM: Peter McVries (Stephen King's The Long Walk)

And then Chuck (Pushing Daisies) will be fit into that schedule whenever. It is quick to put on. XD

It was horrible too, cause all that talk of SW stuff made me want to make a Warrior Queen Momma outfit so it's not just the fancy one I'm bringing. But I already have too many costumes as it is, hehehee. (Then of course it was extra horrible cause I found these three awesome belts on ebay and I was trying to decide between them on which one to build the costume around... you know, the COSTUME I'M TELLING MYSELF I HAVE NO TIME TO MAKE. D:

...I don't know which belt to go for either. And and and asscape.)

There are some new necklaces and junk up here. I wanted to kill that tassel one when I was making it cause those beads like to fly everywhere like the little expensive pretty colored bitches they are. But once I got it done I kind of wanted to give it a hug. I don't know how you hug a necklace though. o_o

Okay, I had about a two hour light nap when I got home (I say light because I kept sort of waking up, paying attention to the tv for .6 seconds and then drifting off again) but I feel like I'm gonna pass out so maybe I should go do that. I need to save up my energy for tomorrow cause Nate and I are going to see Toy Story 3 and I have a feeling that I'll be wasting all of this energy on CRYING MY EYES OUT. D:

(Then I will want to come home and play with my childhood toys. <333)

P.S. Whenever Ken pops up on screen I will think of when my Dad used to crossdress my Ken doll in Barbie's clothes. And then whenever I see Barbie it will instantly remind me of when my best friend from elementary school, Heather (LOL THE HEATHERS), and I used to get bored playing normal Barbies and pretty much made Barbie a stripper. I MISS MY CHILDHOOD.
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Yes kids, it's time for another one of my top ten lists. These happen to be events in video games that just make me look like this: :O Events big or small that just change the course of everything and make me feel like I'm actually immersed in something rather than just sitting in front of a screen mashing some buttons. Now, this is obviously not an OF ALL TIME and crap list, since I haven't played Every Game Ever -- this is just a personal list of amazing/favorite OH MY GAWD DID THAT JUST HAPPEN moments. Those ones that always make my jaw drop and slap a big AWE. AWWW YES. across my face in giant IMPACT LOLCAT FONT.

Note: I have included no spoilers in these top ten. The videos that have spoilers are marked. Anything that sounds like a spoiler isn't really a spoiler. You know all the people in ObsCure die, you know Megaton blows up if you want it to -- any real spoilers have been left out of this list. You can click on the videos at your own risk (if the videos have super mega real spoilers, I will mark them).


10.) ANY DEATH IN OBSCURE II (ObsCure II: The Aftermath) -- sure, it's pretty much a parody of slasher films and the controls are kind of off and the game has a certain layer of cheese spread all over it, but every time you get to a point and one of your friends dies, it's just like, WAIT WHAT. They aren't just characters who have kind of popped up and been like HEY LET'S GET DRUNK. You actually play as pretty much everyone in the game at one point or another, so in one moment you could be controlling someone who makes you laugh (Stan) or makes you roll your eyes (Corey) or makes your fanboy heart go pitter-pat (Amy, usually -- but Shannon is hotter ;D) and the next moment their blood is running under everyone else's feet. It works. Another reason it really works? Because you know people who fit these characters.

VIDEO: NO! Not my viking! (lol spoiler a little?)

09.) THE FINALE OF DEAD AIR (Left 4 Dead) -- It wasn't hard to pick the most epic moment of this game. Truly there are many moments where you're like, "WAIT, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?" But the plane flying straight at your team of four standing on a loading platform, the plane on fire and about to crash, and then the four exclamations, usually something along the lines of "DID YOU SEE THAT?" and "HOLY SHIT!" definitely makes my list. Everytime I step out of that safe room and I know it's coming, I always have to stop and watch it (sorry Bill, Francis and Zoey) -- wait for it to finish it's descent and listen to the exclamations. Then I can start fighting zombies.

VIDEO: Did you see that?!

08.) THE FINAL LEVEL IN BRAID (Braid) -- I didn't play this myself, but I watched the boyfriend do it late one Saturday night. It was quick-paced and pretty cool, but once Nate got Tim to the end of the level and the Princess was asleep in her room... and once everything started going the other way, my jaw dropped. It was so seamless. Everything Nate had made Tim do on the way to the end was being done backwards and it looked so right that I suddenly was squealing, "IS THIS THE SAME TIM?" This had to be one of the most brilliant level designs ever. MY MIND. SHE IS BLOWN. HE'S COMING TO GET YOU, SISTER.

VIDEO: Hold up. Rewind. (This video contains spoilers you probably won't really get if you haven't played the game. ALSO, WATCH IT IN HD. WATCH IT IN HD.)

07.) KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) -- This is the final mission in GTA:VC and boy is it a doozy. Let's just say there's lots of betrayal and lots of guns and Tommy Vercetti taking over this posh Miami Vice City pad is quite an ordeal of amazing proportions. As I was spraying enemies with a machine gun from my office and then chasing some sumbitches to the roof and sniping some other sumbitches (names all withheld to prevent spoilers lol), I realized what a big pile of YES PLEASE WHAT this mission was. It was a perfect gigantic bang to end the game with (well, end the main missions with ;D). BULLETS EVERYWHERE! P.S. Ray Liotta rocks. so. hard.

VIDEO: Say hello to my leetle friend. (SPOILERS!)

06.) DISCOVERING THE WHARK/WAHRK & THE GALLOWS (Riven) -- When I hit Village Island in Riven, I remember coming across an interesting contraption that I was forced to ride up. Later learning that it was basically a gallows that Gehn used to sacrifice people to a beastie he owned in the water below known as a wahrk, I felt an empty pit in my stomach. I rode up the thing that people were forced to ride down on to get eaten. After the pit went away, there was a wash of THAT WAS CLEVER AND AWESOME over me. Cyan never failed to amaze me with their design and storylines. Later, I managed to come face to face with said beastie (and said beastie got mightily pissed at me when I kept calling him and didn't feed him - HE IS SO CUTE) and after that, every single time I had to get in those little subs to ride around underwater, there was always a blanket of unease that settled. I knew the beastie was somewhere out to get me. D: When you can manage to smack me in the face with that uneasiness (and also manage to try to force me to find ways around getting into the subs) then you definitely win at atmosphere and gaming in general. Good show, Cyan.

VIDEO: Feeding time!

05.) CHAPTER 7 - THE FINALE (Phantasmagoria) -- Oh lawd, Sierra. I can't even begin to get into this crack. The year was 1995 and the chapter number was 7. There was a time limit, there was a husband with a demon inside him, there was a wife I was controlling -- a wife who had lost pretty much everything since she moved into this craphole mansion. Don chased after Adrienne like a maniac and by the time I was old enough to play this by myself (my Mom was playing it the first time I saw it) I had the final chapter down to a science. It scared me so bad. I didn't want anything horrible to happen so I would do every motion and every action as quick as my finger could click. I didn't want Adrienne to get sliced in half, I didn't want Adrienne to get her face ripped off by the demon, I didn't want Adrienne to fall to a bone-crunching splat in that hole in the secret passageway, I didn't want Adrienne to have to watch her husband die. The graphics aren't up to today's standards and yeah, the acting can get a little cheesy but the whole chapter still makes me shudder to this day. (And Don's cackle gives me nightmares.)

VIDEO: What a happy marriage! <3 (SPOILERS! And this dude kills the chase sequence - LONG VERSION. I love it. I could never master the long version. ALSO, OLD SCHOOL GORE/BLOOD WARNING, LOL~)

04.) BLOWING UP MEGATON (Fallout 3) -- An event this big is surely saved for late in the game when the player needs a GASP moment, yeah? Not this one. Once you make it out into the big, beautiful empty Capital Wasteland, you stumble your way into a city called Megaton. Megaton is named this way because it is a city built around a giant, unexploded atomic bomb. You can be a good samaritan and use your skills to disarm said bomb, or you can be a giant dick and get paid a lot of money (bottle caps, in this case) by a man named Tenpenny (through a little snake of a man named Mr. Burke) to blow the sucker up. If you do this, you get to watch it from a distance with Tenpenny and Mr. Burke at your sides in the safety of the giant Tenpenny Tower. And you know why Tenpenny wanted the city destroyed? It was an eyesore and "ruined" the view from his penthouse landscape. :|

VIDEO: Oh Tenpenny. You card.

03.) THE CABIN (Resident Evil 4) -- This is SO DAMN FUN. You have control of your man Leon S. (Sex, lol) Kennedy and you're fighting alongside the hot Luis (and Ashley Graham is cowering around and stuff here too) in a cabin/barn that's being attacked on all sides by Los Ganados. They're coming in the door and through the windows and finally you're cornered on the second floor where they begin climbing up ladders into the windows and charging the stairs. It's beautifully executed, wonderfully scored and knows how to keep you right on the edge of your seat (if you're low on ammo Luis holds out on you until the very last moment then finally tosses you some). Plus, Luis + Leon = SEXCELLENT. This has to tie (in this game) with one of the coolest boss fights ever -- the Lake Monster, El Lago.

VIDEO: Talk about adrenaline rush. (Bonus! Leon in his pimp suit!)

02.) MEETING ANDREW RYAN (BioShock) -- This was truly badass. This whole area. Finding the room with the pictures, meeting Ryan, listening to Atlas spill it. Once you hear it all and think back to what has transpired previously in the game, your jaw just kind of drops. Then the fact that they strip you of everything you've built up and drop you somewhere you aren't used to and just pretty much go, "HAVE FUN WITH THIS." I love it. Loooooove it. Also, GOLFING NEVER LOOKED SO MUCH FUN!

VIDEO: A man chooses, a slave obeys. (SPOILERS.)

01.) ENTERING ROOM 312 (Silent Hill 2) -- Konami killed it here. Absolutely. This sequence and the emotion and music and colors and angles. EVERYTHING about it just sort of kicked me in the face and left me there for a few moments going, "really? really now? .......really?" Not to mention after you get over that, you're forced to run through a horrible mess of burnt hotel hallways and up a collapsing staircase to some form of the wife you've been looking for. The best part about though is the feeling... the feeling of playing through the last parts of the game with that lump in your throat and that gross ball of dread in your stomach from Room 312 -- that feeling of total betrayal. Why have you been helping this guy through Silent Hill? Well played, Team Silent. Well played.

VIDEO: I'm not your Mary. (MEGA ULTRA SPOILERS.)

IN CLOSING: I love video games. Screw the whole "psh, they aren't art" BS -- if music is art, movies are art, stories are art -- what do you get when you put all those things together and make it interactive? INTERACTIVE ART, NO SHIT.
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So, I made a mistake tonight. I flipped through New Jedi Order: Star By Star. fdajkjsfjsdkfj this makes me want to do the Jedi Strike Team costume again. I forgot how awesome this all was... you know... WHEN EVERYONE WAS ALIVE AND GOOD AND COOL.

Duman Yaght's hand tightened, holding her up. He guided her past the voxyn to the wall where her brothers sat affixed to the floor. "Choose."

"What?" Jaina felt the shock of his demand not only in the hollowness of her own stomach, but in the stunned outrage coming to her through the Force. "Choose what?"

"You are the one in control, Jaina Solo. Who will be next?" He kicked first Anakin in the kidneys, then Jacen. "Your brother, or your twin?"

"They're both my brothers." In Jaina's shock, it registered only vaguely that Duman Yaght now realized her relationship to Jacen. "And I choose neither. I choose me."

Duman Yaght shook his head. "That is not your choice. You must choose Anakin or Jacen." Again, he kicked them, drawing involuntary groans from both. "Choose one or I will be forced to return Ulaha to the breaking. The warmaster knows of her wound, so no one will think anything of it should she happen to die. You are the master now, Jaina Solo."

Jaina felt a surge of anger and would have whirled on Duman Yaght to attack, had a flash of alarm from her brothers not brought her up short. Each wanted to be the one chosen -- she would have felt that much from her brothers even without the group's emotional bond -- and her tie to Jacen went farther yet. She could sense that for him it was more than a matter of being noble, that he had good reason to believe himself the best choice. Jaina suspected those reasons included the fact that Anakin would need a clear head when the time came to escape -- it had to be soon, she hoped -- but she could not be certain; even the bond between the twins was not strong enough to share complete thoughts.

"Your choice?" Duman Yaght demanded.

"You can't ask that," Jaina said. She told herself that as facilitator of the battle meld, Jacen was just as important as Anakin, but the truth was that she could not bring herself to harm either one. Though Anakin was a war hero and leader to everyone else, he would always be a little brother to her -- someone to look after, protect, keep out of trouble. And Jacen had always been her best friend, the person who understood her when she did not understand herself, the presence that enveloped her like a second skin. How could she send either of them? She looked away from Duman Yaght. "I can't choose."


(no seriously costume urge rising D:)
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So this icon has been sitting on my desktop for a few weeks now, waiting for me to put it on my lj with the rest of the icons. I was going to use it as my OH GAWD DRAMA icon, since Michael Jackson is totally settling down with his popcorn and getting ready for some serious action, but I figured it needed to be uploaded for other reasons now too. It's Michael Jackson, you guys. Even if you weren't a fan of his music, you can't deny how influential and popular he's been in the field of entertainment.

His music was catchy and unique, his dancing was amazing, his videos were epic and there isn't gonna be anyone like that for a very long time. Sure, in recent history things have gotten odd, but I know when I think of Michael Jackson, none of that shit pops in my head first. Him dancing with a bunch of zombies does, him doing the moonwalk does, him singing with his sister ("Miss Jackson if you're nasty"~ <3) on Scream does, Smooth Criminal does, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Remember the Time, P.Y.T., Black or White, Billie Jean, Jam, Bad, Beat It, Rock With You -- there's so much he's done. So many artists when asked who their influences are list Michael Jackson. Usher, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, his own sister Janet, even the newest American Idol, Kris Allen. Hell, just last week one of the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance talked about how much he loved Michael Jackson and how he would stand in front of the tv when he was a kid and practice dancing like him (the home video footage was darling).

I'll totally admit that as I sat on the couch the other day and watched this whole thing happen: Michael Jackson rushed to the hospital, Michael Jackson in a coma, King of Pop pronounced dead -- it was hard for me not to get a little teary-eyed. It's Michael Jackson. He was untouchable. He was the epitome of POP STAR. He was DANCE. He was MUSIC. And now he's gone and we're left with his music and videos.

Yeah, I'm not a dancer or a musician, I haven't been influenced in some artistic fashion. But I sure as hell am a fan. I'll dance flail around to his music, I'll sing it in the car or the shower and love every second of it just like I always have. His death hasn't changed that. He'll always be one of the greatest artists of our generation and there's no way he'll be forgotten.

To close this post. Everyone should have this song. EVERYONE.

Thriller - Michael Jackson (right click, save-as)

(I love Michael Jackson eating popcorn. XD)
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ULTIMATE WEAPON SPOILER WARNING FOR FINAL FANTASY VII, VIII, IX & X. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. But seriously, if you don't know this stuff by now then you shouldn't care about being spoiled. :o

I only did 7 - 10 cause these were the four I have played and played and played and played and not put down. Some of the others I have played, but nowhere near as much or as in-depth (by far). These four just took me in a chokehold and didn't let me go and pretty much made me their bitch. I think I might be a sucker for the Final Fantasy games with the stupid love stories. Which is funny, since the only two main characters I was totally invested in were Zidane and Garnet (OH MY GAWD AT THE END WHEN THEY HUG I GET ALL YAY), along with Cloud and Tifa, I guess. Squall & Rinoa/Tidus & Yuna were alright. Although, I did get all googly-eyed giggly bitch when Squall smiled and kissed Rinoa and then all emo-fangirl when Tidus had to leave Yuna and he did the whole walk-through-ghosty shit. Ooooh, Square. D:

10.) THE BALLROOM SCENE. [FF8] -- Squall's two left feet never get old. Rinoa usually annoys me (and Squall re: Rinoa -- "I WANT TO HEAR HER VOICE WHINE WHINE WAIIIIII~"), but she's actually kind of adorable in this scene, probably because she's not yammering about something stupid. I love the way she drags Squall out on the floor and he tries to leave because he sucks so bad -- but she pulls him back and he actually dances. I also love the way the fireworks interrupt them when they're all close and he looks at them and she's too busy staring at him. I am such a softie. D: (And Rinoa snotting at the people they bump into = lol.)

9.) TRANCE KUJA. [FF9] -- Kuja is the hottest girly man ever. And when the hottest girly man goes absolutely berserk, turns colors, grows feathers and gets ready to kick lots of ass, it makes for an awesome sequence. HE IS THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS. AND HE DOESN'T MESS UP HIS MAKEUP WHILE DOING IT (ALSO, KUJA THONG WHAT).

8.) THE PARADE. [FF8] -- Everything about this whole part: the music, the dancers, Seifer smirking like a bitch, Edea acting a bitch, Rinoa being... herself, Irvine failing at sniping, Squall getting iced -- it was all so YES THIS IS THE SHIT. AND SQUALL IS A CAR THIEF (and Edea is a babe, yo). Have I mentioned I love the dancers? They totally kill me. Let's all do a cosplay group of the dancers and just hop around and parade everywhere dancing like that. It will be epic -- and I don't mean in an internet sense, I mean in a serious Homer's Odyssey sense, yo.

7.) BLITZBALL. [FF10] -- I WILL NEVER GET ENOUGH BLITZBALL. NEVER EVER. I would stay up till 4 in the morning playing it and making my teams and stuff. And I would watch this FMV over and over and over again. SO BADASS. And dude, you cannot beat the screamy metal song. The first time we turned the game on and this song came on, my sister and I flipped and giggled and watched it a bunch of times just to hear the song. CLASSIC. (P.S. WET TIDUS AND AURON THE ASPIRING STRIPPER LOL. <3) This part is also totally badass cause their blitzball game gets ruined by THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WHOLE CITY. I LOVE when Tidus flips out of the water and he spots something -- the way his facial expression shifts was amazing -- this was the first Final Fantasy game on the PS2 and they were using that to their advantage most definitely.

6.) ESCAPE FROM DOLLET. [FF8] -- This is within the first couple hours of the game, and once you see this you're totally locked in and loaded and ready to hit that shit for the next 50+ hours. It's EXCITING. And I'm sorry, I totally nerd out when I see Squall, Zell (<3333), Selphie and Quistis all in uniform working together and being badass. ZELL DINCHT IS MY HERO, YOU GUYS. I WANTED TO BE ZELL'S PIGTAIL GIRL WHEN I PLAYED THIS GAME.

5.) STORMING BEVELLE. [FF10] -- The energy in this part is on crack. I couldn't help but watch it all like :O. ESPECIALLY SLIDING DOWN THE WIRE. <3 It looks so dangerous but SO FUN. I love Tidus acting so giddy about it and I love how Kimahri is carrying Lulu. Heeee!

4.) LEAP FROM THE AIRSHIP. [FF9] -- Just like Tidus and Co. storming into Bevelle with smiles on their faces as they pounce into the midst of danger, Zidane and Friends do the same here (after Garnet cuts her hair, PRINCESS WHATEVER SHE JUST WANTS TO GO ON ADVENTURES <333). Except they HAZ NO WIRE to slide down, they just float. And it's gorgeous (and Vivi so cute). I have such a crush on Zidane. EVEN IF HE HAS A TAIL. :|

3.) THE WHOLE ENTIRE HONEYBEE INN SEQUENCE. [FF7] -- I will also never get enough of the Honeybee Inn. Never in a million years. It was so wrong (yet so right) and so perverted. I mean, there's rooms where people are... doing things...? And you possibly might get molested in a bathtub? And you are looking for things to dress your manly man Cloud Strife in drag with? And getting girls dressed as skanky honeybees to put makeup on you? And one of them calls you Pooch...? This, in all seriousness, has to be one of the best sections/sequences/places in a video game in the history of everything ever. The dialogue, the things you see (and don't see), the sound effects (squish, squish, squish, poik, poik -- see icon, those are actual screens from the game), the stilted and awkward pauses (...) here and there while characters are speaking. It's so PRICELESS. (Hell, you can stretch this to all of Wallmarket -- Don Corneo trying to get in Cloud's pants = ROFLMAO~ <333 WHEN HE'S THRUSTING THE AIR AND CLOUD IS LIKE ...?!) Unfortunately, there is no good video of ALL OF IT out there, so I included the part in the actual Inn where Cloud it futzing around (you get Honeybee Inn stuff AND CLOUD IN DRAG) -- lol they named Cloud EL BONER. ("TIME'S UP, BYE BUBBY.")

2.) THE END OF AN ERA AERIS. [FF7] -- LOL, I'm not sure if I put it here cause I didn't like her character (she grew on me in Crisis Core) and loved that this happened or because it was the most ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? moment, but it's here. I mean, my stepbrother was like, "HEATHER YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME CAUSE I KNOW YOU'LL HATE THIS BITCH IN PINK AND SHE DIES!" So I sat down and watched the game, and he was right -- she annoyed me. And then she died. And then I started playing video games like crazy. So thank you for that, Aeris, cause if it wasn't for you and what happened then Josh never would've told me to play and I wouldn't be playing games like I am today. (I would love to see this scene on the PS3. LOVE.)

1.) THE ENDINGS. -- Goodness. They are beautiful. And you actually feel like it was worth it to play through the WHOLE DAMN THING cause the endings are so long and tie up all the loose ends. <333

FFVII. (Cloud and Tifa talking about meeting Aeris, the gang and the airship, THE EXPLOSIONS, Holy doing it's thang. The graphics aren't as great as the other endings but this was over a decade ago, but it's all still awesome. Also, lololololol Tifa's ginormous chest which suddenly shrinks to a normal size in Advent Children. CLASSIC.)

FFVIII. (This is seriously one of the best video game endings I've ever seen in my entire life. YOU MUST WATCH THROUGH THE CREDITS. It was worth my 80+ hours of gaming. It wraps everything up so perfectly and shows just about every damn character possible. Plus, the "home video" footage during the credits is genius. I absolutely love Irvine dancing like a dumbshit and Zell choking on a hot dog -- and omg when Irvine focuses on a gaggle of babes and Selphie gets pissed. I fucking love it.)

FFIX. (THE HUG! TUGS MY HEARTSTRINGS EVERYTIME! AND ZIDANE'S LITTLE "SUP BABE" GRIN~ and then she totally beats him up for missing so long. LOVE! <3)

FFX. (TEARS, YOU GUYS. 1:40 - 4:10. :( TEARS. WHEN HE WALKS THROUGH YUNA I DIE A LITTLE INSIDE. And Lulu is the HOTTEST THING EVER. AND WAKKA. The after-the-credits moment here made me ABSOLUTELY GIDDY. Then they went and assed it all up with FFX-2. :|)

If you haven't played these games then you must. D: I NEED TO PLAY THEM AGAIN.

(LOL, I will probably do this for the Silent Hill games now too. Also, survival horror/horror/i just peed my pants what was that/horror action in general -- without SH, of course since it's getting it's own post -- Haunting Ground, Bioshock, Fatal Frame, Eternal Darkness, Phantasmagoria, Galerians, etc. Too many favorite moments to pass up!)
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I know I've posted about these amazing pictures before...

Ngngghhghghhh, want to use one SO BAD but can't decide.


(look at eric's smiiirrrrrkkkkk but but but jim looks so cute and innocent sjdkfjsakdfjrrrrrrrrrrrr whatttt)
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Besides Final Fantasy VII, this was the first RPG that got me to want to play more games. I remember being at Blockbuster looking for games to play on my PSX and I saw this game called Kartia. I turned it over to look at the back of the box and saw a tiny ad for some weird-ass looking game called Revelations: Persona. It had some of the character art on it -- I specifically remember seeing Ellen, Alana and Chris. I fell in love with Chris (I COULDN'T HELP IT HE LOOKED SO SNARKY AND TORTURED AND I WAS RIGHT) right there and knew I had to play this game.

I couldn't find it anywhere.

I finally found it at a flea market in Florida while we were on vacation. I got it for around $20. It was an old copy as it is, but I played that game so damn much the disc cracked and would skip and freeze when I got into a battle. I had to get another copy off of ebay. I still have the cracked disc hanging on my wall in my room.

I will definitely admit I'm a little worried about the rumored changes. Like the WHOLE BRAND NEW SOUNDTRACK and so on. But I'm reserving my judgement, I'm waiting before I flip my lid. Right now I'm just excited about the fact that they're actually bringing it over here. The fact that I'll get to see my favorites in the pretty new cutscenes and hear my pharmacy music!

A poster on the Atlus forums summed up exactly how I feel:

"No offense to those whining about the way the game looks, but for us older fans of the series, this was our little treat, since we've been dry-heaving on Persona 3 and 4, which while they're good games, just lack the dark, brooding essence of the regular-line of MegaTen games. Persona, while one foot in the high-school train, still was a very dark game, with the ambiance in sound we'd grown to love, so for us, it worked great. Not only but the way you explored the dungeons in first person was something that to us (older fans) was a very appreciated sentimentality, since that's how the start of this series was.

Persona 3 and 4 are great, but there's a much, much darker universe of MegaTen out there than that. Some of you guys should give it a chance, rather than complaining that there's a lack of hippity-hop, and light-heartedness in your Persona soup. Take it for the ingredients it has to present on its own."

It's coming out in Japan in April, so we'll get to see some of the changes then (music, etc.) -- but I'll have to wait a little longer to see what else they do.


I get to revisit these babies! YAY EYE CANDY~ (soooo cute!)

Also, will they change Mark's skin color again? Keep their japanese names? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

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-- Alex Shepherd // held under // Bret Harrison
-- Alice // mmm crumpets // Elisabeth Harnois
-- Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum // maternal heart // Rita Hayworth
-- Cowboy // mr_manners // Tom McKitterick
-- Deandra "Dee" Reynolds // Aluminum Monster // Kaitlin Olson
-- Dennis Reynolds // Touch_My_Pecs // Glenn Howerton
-- Henry Townshend // sacrament21 // Brendan Fraser
-- Jacen Solo // Crystal Snake // Jared Padalecki
-- Lt. James "Jim" Dangle // Lt. Dangle // Thomas Lennon
-- Lex // Sheriff Lex // Caleb Ross
-- Lisey Landon // SOWISA // Jennifer Connelly
-- Louis DeNonno // trip man! // James Franco
-- Lucrecia Crescent // tellus // Kate Bush
-- Mark // terrors rox // Bow Wow
-- Mike Noonan // quartermack // Josh Lucas
-- Ray Garraty // walker47 // River Phoenix
-- Sam Winchester // Bitch // Jared Padalecki
-- Scott Landon // bool! the end // Kevin Zegers
-- Sirrus // Sanguine // Lou Taylor Pucci
-- Steerpike // squeertike // Jonathan Rhys Meyers
-- Sven Hansen // THOR // Casey Skinner
-- Tenel Ka // Ereneda // Bryce Dallas Howard
-- Zexion // VI // Chisato

(I must have a thing for the letters S & L. And I also love how the five darlings are all in a row -- italicized for my amusement.)

Above is my character list on Revelry Junction. I was looking at it the other night pulling stats. I play 23 characters -- spanning 19 fandoms. The only four fandoms I have multiple characters from are Star Wars (Jacen & Tenel Ka), Lisey's Story (Scott & Lisey Landon), Silent Hill (Henry Townshend & Alex Shepherd) and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Dennis & Deandra Reynolds).

My other fandoms are a weird ass range too: Adventures In Wonderland, Bag of Bones, Bioshock, Final Fantasy, Gormenghast, Hotel Dusk, Kingdom Hearts, The Long Walk, Myst, ObsCure, Reno 911!, Revelations: Persona, Supernatural, The Tribe and The Warriors.

I'm kind of a nutjob. D:

Other fun things: I play 2 male authors, 2 female scientists and two Jared Padaleckis lol. Only one flat out villain in the whole 23 (Steerpike, I'm looking at you) and have a whole mess of characters in the gray (Jacen, Sam, Alex, Zexion, Sirrus) -- and all together, 17 males and 6 females. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL WHAT?~

I've found that the ones that come easiest to me are Sven Hansen, Louis DeNonno, Mark & Lex. (LOL, that's what she said.)

The hardest? Lt. Jim Dangle, Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Zexion and Scott Landon. I don't know, my thing must be stupid pervy boys. :|


The few of you on here that are on RJ, I just have to say I love you thugs for making the past almost three(!!!) years awesome in the world of RPing. With every long-ass crazy post, I feel like we're writing a novel of insanity here, lololol. <3333

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Today (technically yesterday now, lol) is my sister's birthday (some of you knows her as Valval, Valerie or [livejournal.com profile] zoopiglet). And I am commemorating it with lots of awesomeness. The best part of this commemoration is that her and Brian are here right now for Thanksgiving/her birthday so she most likely will not see this until she gets back home. LOL SORRY VALVAL!


I don't know if it's the 10 year gap, or if there is just something weird going on with the workings of the universe, but we've never fought. Sure, there have been disagreements and stuff ("bitch, go do the dishes/cat box.") -- but never any YOU ARE SUCH A WHORE AND I HATE YOU GTFO OF MY FACE kind of things. Which I will admit, has been pretty nice.


1.) On Mister Solo: "You should really get back into the Star Wars books. Jacen's an angsty teenager now and he wore a skirt in this one book."
2.) On me showing her a hot actor I found & asking who it was so long ago: "Oh, that's River Phoenix. He's dead."
3.) On River Phoenix: "You should watch Stand By Me. He was in that."
4.) On Stand By Me: "You know that was adapted from a Stephen King story, right? If you liked that then you should read The Long Walk by him too. That's full of angsty teenage boys as well. You would like it."


Also, thank you for getting me into all kinds of other crap I am into today -- this has made me not a whiny, emo-tween, skank-stank bitch. Here are twelve other things I am thanking you for. Notice I am not thanking you, my sister, for ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME and ALWAYS UNDERSTANDING MY PROBLEMS and all that other slap-happy shit they sew into pillows and put on fluffy holiday cards cause that jank IS A GIVEN.


1.) for staying up all hours of the night playing video games with me. Hunting for treasure in Final Fantasy IX while riding a chocobo until 4 a.m. was never so appealing and hilarious.
2.) for totally making fun of me when I was scared and hid behind the couch while playing the first Silent Hill.
3.) for making awesome voices for characters like Cid Kramer.
4.) for getting me into webdesign and putting up with all the stupidity I upload to echuta.net and whatthefun.net.
5.) for not making fun of me when I wanted to go to Katsucon in 2001.
6.) for subsequently joining me at conventions cause they were fun -- and then us going to OUR FIRST DRAGON*CON in 2003 (ALSO CELEBRATION II, NOT IN THE MUD).
7.) for not laughing at my crappy writing. D:
8.) for everything Disney World related, from trips to taking pictures for me when I forgot my camera like a tool.
9.) for helping me finish that William Faulkner paper in 11th grade when I waited till the last minute and thought I was going to failyourize but you forced me to write and do my work.
10.) for helping me with costumes. :D
11.) ... (you didn't think I could make a list thanking you for stuff like this without the infamous ...)
12.) for always keeping the Mark-love alive (it is not hard with him dancing seductively all the time).

"An Ass's limit break uses Shit." (Damn you and your grammar, Final Fantasy VIII.)

And this is the part where I share with you some classic memorabilia and shiz under this cut. PICTURES GALORE! OH MY GOD FLASHBACK HEARTATTACK. )



P.S.S. You didn't think I could leave out them, right? XD BEST COMMERCIAL EVER.


Nov. 9th, 2008 01:42 am
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So this month, me and my sister's website turned seven years old. And it got a new layout today. :D

My eyes are burning from HTML (this layout, updating the cosplay site with D*C/Anime USA/Halloween stuff finally, Silent Hill sitely things), but I'm still working on stuff. MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE A BREAK AND PLAY A VIDEO GAME LOL. Or go to bed.

... it's only 2 a.m., I think it's video game time.

P.S. My Halloween costume, WUT?! XD


Nov. 1st, 2008 01:33 pm
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They are playing Legend right now on one of the Encore movie channels and that makes me really giddy, despite being sprawled out on the couch trying to ignore the pain in my midsection. I've easily seen this movie over fifty times and I want the white dress Mia Sara wears in this movie (I would wear that at my wedding, dudes, for real -- here, seventh picture down). This was when Tom Cruise was hot and not all... Tom Cruise. And he wears a boy-skirt. And Tim Curry looks fucking awesome. djfakjsdkfjasdkfjasd Look how cute~ <33333333

This movie totally corrupted me as a child. I loooooooooooove~

EDIT: LOL ALSO HO SHIT. There is the part where Jack, Gump (I effing love Gump), Oona, Screwball and Brown Tom are in the dungeon and one of the butcher guys has like a freakin' Pyramid Head on. In 1985. And he's hacking up body parts or something. LOVE IT. XD
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GAME: Silent Hill 4: The Room
PLATFORM / YEAR: Playstation 2 / 2004
FAVORITE CHARACTER: Oh, it has to be Henry. And Walter. OMG WALTER. SO WRONG.

WHY THIS GAME IS BADASS: I think out of all the Silent Hill games, this is the one that creeped me out the most. The absolutely claustrophobic way you mill around Henry's apartment and come face to face with odd and extremely disturbing manifestations IN FIRST PERSON really gets under my skin. Especially right when you wake up in Henry's bed and there's SOMETHING CHILDLIKE AND FREAKY IN HIS CLOSET STEALING YOUR HEALTH CAUSE YOU STAND UP RIGHT BESIDE IT.

People hate on this game cause it's not like the others, but I think it fits in quite nicely. I also like how they called back to the article James finds in Silent Hill 2 about Walter Sullivan and the SOUP SPOON IN HIS NECK and all that jazz. The one thing that I can find to dislike about this game is revisiting places a second time and having to go through them again, but the fun part about it to find all the stuff that's changed -- and of course, to deal with whatever ghost is chasing after your skinny, buttoned-up, metrosexual ass (i love you henry townshend <33333).

Another creep/kickass factor = being chased. In the other games, there was something and you stop and fight it and it's gone. Here you have ghosts chasing after you that can only be stopped by something you have to leave in them to keep them down -- and you get less of them in the game then there are ghosts. Also, Walter chasing you. EFFING SCARY. YOU CAN'T STOP HIM COMPLETELY. YOU CAN ONLY RUN. AND HE HAS A CHAINSAW OR A GUN OR A STICK. AND YOU'RE LIKE WTF STICK WHATEVER LOSER. AND THEN HE SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF YOU WITH THE STICK, DUDE.

Also, this. Walking up to Henry's front door and there's blood coming out the peephole and you look in it and and and... it's so hot and gross and gave me nightmares. SEXY NIGHTMARES.

...no, actually just nightmares. (AND DUDE IS IT ME OR IS THERE A 21 ON HIS CHEST -- WAS I RIGHT? and damn that was four years ago. i feel old.)

MOST UNSETTLING MOMENT: Henry breaking that wall in his apartment... and... what he finds back there. D: And the peephole, for reasons stated above.

MOST PRETTY DAMN GORGEOUS MOMENT: Love when Henry brings flowers to Eileen in the hospital (ADORE ADORE ADORE <333), but I will never get over how crazy YES they made the "Eileen's Death" ending (OH SPOILER LOL? -- it's okay, she doesn't go in all of them). The first-person view of Henry meandering around his haunting-free apartment like "damn i'm kind of good" and then hearing on the radio that Eileen died in the hospital -- the way his knees give out and voice just mumbles, "EILEEN~" -- I LOVE IT. It's so simple and SO HEARTBREAKING. HENRY, YOU SHOULD'VE STARTED SPYING ON HER SOONER, YOU PERV.
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GAME: Silent Hill 3
PLATFORM / YEAR: Playstation 2 (later PC) / 2003
SAMPLE MUSIC: Dance With Night Wind - Akira Yamaoka

WHY THIS GAME IS BADASS: Besides the fact that the main character's name is Heather WHAT. XD No seriously, they had a ball with this one since the lead is a female and one of the warnings on the box beside the big M RATING is always sexual themes. Vincent was pretty leery towards her (and well, everyone) and Claudia kept talking about her BIRTHING A CULT'S GOD. Dude, Heather just wants to go to the mall, stfu you freaks.

This game had a serious creep-out factor going, especially at the Amusement Park -- something so damn happy looks so wrong. The roller coaster, the haunted house, the carousel (THAT FIGHT :O). Sure, the place was creepy in the first game but the graphics and noises and so on in this one just made it all the kdjafkjsdfkjaskdfjkasjdfskjd-er. It seems like with each game they find a way to make it more vibrant and more dreadful -- how do those two go together? I CAN'T DESCRIBE IT.

As much as I love this game, mega-heavy on the CULT FACTOR made it not as enjoyable as Silent Hill 2 was. I love the story of the Cult and the story behind it, but I like it better when it's in the background, as it is in Silent Hill 2 and later Silent Hill 4: The Room. 1 & 3 link up directly (as does 0rigins, with the two of those) -- and that is awesome, but I like the stand-alone stories better.


MOST UNSETTLING MOMENT: Undeveloped fetus eating. NEED I SAY MORE?

MOST PRETTY DAMN GORGEOUS MOMENT: Gorgeous and pretty and DAMN in the most "OH SHIT YOU'RE KIDDING ME" way possible -- Heather going back to the apartment to find her dad. I admit, I got teary-eyed. I can't believe they did that to him.
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(Subject line = best spoken line ever.)

This is my favorite video game in the history of M-EFFING FOREVER. PLOT! VILLAINS! CHARACTERS! CONTROLS! MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!

GAME: Silent Hill 2
PLATFORM / YEAR: Playstation 2 (later Xbox) / 2001
SAMPLE MUSIC: Love Psalm - Akira Yamaoka
FAVORITE CHARACTER: Gonna have to go with James. XD

WHY THIS GAME IS BADASS: I don't even know where to begin, dude. James Sunderland is kind of a doof and he gets a letter from his wife that's like, "HEY I'M IN OUR SPECIAL PLACE, IN SILENT HILL. YOU SHOULD COME MEET ME THERE OR SOME SHIT." And James is like, "wait, my wife died three years ago, what?" So he jumps in his car and goes to OUR FAVORITE TOWN!

What follows is a physical romp through a forest, a town, an apartment building, a strip club, a mental hospital, a town at night, a labyrinth and a hotel -- and a mental romp through two completely effed up men, one overly-bitchy/apologetic woman, a snarky little brat and a pretty skanky/sexy woman who looks like James' dead wife. ALSO. PYRAMID HEAD. HOT NURSES. SQUEAKING ROACHES. I KNOW THAT THING ISN'T TRYING TO EAT MY FACE!

I always have the weirdest urges while playing this game. Sometimes I want to stop and let Maria get stabbed by Pyramid Head. Sometimes I wish James would SAY SOMETHING in the strip club (LOL YOU WORK HERE, AMIRITE?), or Maria would TOUCH HIM more than through the prison cell bars (I mean, you think he would want it -- and could make her do it, right?)... Sorry Aeris Gainsborough (re: the end of Disc 1 of Final Fantasy VII), this whole game got more emotion out of my then you ever could. :P

But really, whereas most horror games (even the first Silent Hill, to a certain extent) contain fighting (ZOMBIE NINJA HORDES! LOOK OUT FOR THE MONSTERS! OH NOES!) fighting FIGHTING!!1, Silent Hill 2 was (and still is) the best psychological horror game. When you're playing it you kind of get this hollow pit in your stomach and by the end, once the whole tale unravels, you're kind of like, "DID I REALLY FIGHT ANYTHING AT ALL?" None of the endings are super overjoyous and HAPPILY EVER AFTER, but do you really expect them to be after a main character has been through so much shit?

MOST UNSETTLING MOMENT: James entering that apartment and seeing Pyramid Head for the first time in action -- when he goes and hides in the closet and Pyramid Head approaches it and just hovers, skafjl;sjdfakfjd. I think this ties with when James finds Maria in her prison cell in the labyrinth. Her face and that song. That part gives me effing nightmares. WAY TO RIDE THE FAILBOAT, JAMES.

MOST PRETTY DAMN GORGEOUS MOMENT: Like I've said a billion times, hands down, James Sunderland watching him and Mary's videotape from their trip to Silent Hill in Room 312 of the Lakeview Hotel. Everything about it, from the camera angles to the music to the utter and complete DEFEAT on James' face = BEAUTIFUL. ARE YOU HERE TO DELIVER SOME FAIL TO ME, MISTER FAILMAN?
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I need to pass the time till Silent Hill Homecoming comes out, so I will make an entry on one of the five main games in the series and why it kicks MAJOR EFFING ASS ALL UP AND DOWN THE BLOCK. It's milkshake brings all the other survival horrors to the yard. If any of you guys are afraid to play these games or something, these entries should hopefully help you TRUMP THAT FEAR AND GRAB SILENT HILL AND MAKE IT YOUR BITCH. It's totally worth it.

And if you're still too scared, then I can invite you to an AIM chat and basically youtube/explain/gush the whole series to you. For reals. The storyline/characters/blah blah = jafkj;ksfjdaklsjf;sjfsjlfsf;sdafjyesssssss.

(SIDE NOTE: all the music is done by AKIRA YAMAOKA and he's an EFFING GENIUS. And he gets even more amazing with each game.)


GAME: Silent Hill
PLATFORM / YEAR: Playstation / 1999
SAMPLE MUSIC: Killing Time - Akira Yamaoka
GAME TRAILER: HIT IT! (omg the lizard at the end nooo!)
FAVORITE CHARACTER: Tie! Harry and Cybil.

WHY THIS GAME IS BADASS: When horror/survival horror games were all "BOO I JUST JUMPED OUT AND SCARED YOU LOL!", this game decided to slide into the scene with a story of a man looking for his daughter after they both got into a pretty nasty car wreck. Sure, it had it's JUMP OUT AND MAKE YOU PEE YOUR PANTS MOMENTS (hell, cat in a locker D:), but it also had it's moments of absolute dread -- where you knew something was there and you didn't know what it was and your imagination was running wild and it was ten times worse when whatever was back there actually showed itself (Cybil on the carousel made me hide behind my couch and continue playing by peeking around it from there, I'm not kidding).

The flashlight/radio static combo was a double punch in the gut, especially in the dark, cause the game would warn you with the white noise and then make you flail around madly with your flashlight to find the source. Hell, even when you were outside in the daytime (foggy as all get out though, natch) -- when that white noise started it was time to flail around madly cause you didn't know whether whatever effed up pink and bloody piece of walking meat was gonna come bounding at you on all fours or swooping at you from out of the sky.

Yeah, looking at it today, the graphics aren't great, the voice acting is a little deliciously cheesy and the controls take a little getting used to, but whenever I see that little brat Cheryl running off and Harry Mason flipping his shit and going after her into the dark, only to be molested by gray, slimy children things with knives -- I get a happy shudder. Cause it's time for YAY A BIG SCARY ADVENTURE and BATSHIT CRAZY PEOPLE KEEPING LITTLE BURNED GIRLS IN THE BASEMENT. You just get roped into this series, and no matter what ending you get (HELLO UFO ENDING LOL), you feel like you accomplished something -- even if Harry Mason ends up back in his jeep with his bleeding head wound pressed against the driver's side window. For real.

And you know with drugs (white claudia), a cult (oh oh oh them!), keeping little burned girls in the basement, torturing mentally-fragile hospital staff, letting your nurse friend get mutant-molested and then shutting the door on her, fighting a lizard that opens his mouth the wrong way and just plain telling people, "MY NAME IS HARRY MASON. I'M IN TOWN ON VACATION~" that any other game that follows this one with the words SILENT HILL in the title are gonna be one hell of a bumpy ride.

MOST UNSETTLING MOMENT: Tie between Harry Mason shutting the door in Lisa Garland's... face, and watching Cybil Bennett stand up from her spot on the carousel and jerk and spaz her way over to you.


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Hehe. So Saturday night, Ronnie and Alex came over and we sat around and ate pizza and watched The Chipmunk Adventure. If you've never seen that movie, you're missing out. I want my own Alvin and the Chipmunks (AND CHIPETTES) dolls with diamonds in them. I had forgotten how creepy the bad guys were, but I had definitely not forgotten my favorite number -- when Alvin, Simon and Theodore sing Wooly Bully for the natives and make the poles they're tied to start dancing. MAGIC, I TELL YOU. Also, when Alvin offers them his "shoesies~"

We also realized there is no way that movie would fly today. There are so many things that people would get all offended over and come on now, it's the effing CHIPMUNKS.

(I also never knew Simon was the oldest chipmunk. I always thought it was Alvin cause he was the "leader" -- except he wasn't using his age for leverage, I guess. He was just being a little asshole. XD)

Also also. Jeanette + Simon = OTP.

After that we randomly played stuff until midnight when we decided to take a trip to Ronnie's to get one of his 360 controllers and his guitar -- then we went to the creepy 7-11 (where everyone knew Alex's name, thanks to his awesome nametag) and talked on the way back about how many damn people were there. We started a band on Rock Band named Socially Awkward (which has a very "awesome" logo showing the danger of... cutting roses?) and my arms hurt like a bitch cause I was on drums. I was only playing on easy too. :|

We got online with all the twelve year olds around 3 A.M. to play Gears of War, and switched to Grand Theft Auto when GoW only had a bunch of elitist, snotty assholes playing it. GTA was much better and Alex was able to run around and play deathmatch with a billion people. And race helicopters.

There should be hot air balloon races though. Or just hot air balloons in general, cause the Chipmunks Adventure taught us a lot about hot air ballooning.


Dammit. Now it's stuck in my head. D:

I think I might make brown boot covers for my black Tenel Ka boots and just wear those for zombie!Shmi -- I'm gonna be wearing a long skirt anyways so it's not like they'll have to look awesome. Plus that means I will have to bring one less pair of boots! Which actually means I will only have ONE PAIR OF BOOTS TO BRING TO D*C. WHAT? WHAT THE HELL? USUALLY IT'S LIKE FOUR. OMG. Well, okay, I'd probably be bringing three this year (black TK boots, brown YJK TK boots for Shmi and a fun pair to wear when not in costume). So scratch the YJK brown ones for Shmi and I will just have the black TK ones and a fun yay pair. SO TWO.

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I was straightening up my room and I saw my five D*C programs on my shelf. I hadn't realized 2007 was my fifth year. XD I went back and looked at some old pictures and thought that in honor of the five years I've been acting like a super uber-dork (aka MYSELF) on Labor Day weekend, I would post my favorite Dragon*Con pictures that my camera captured.

This convention is amazing and everyone should go at least once. :D

65 pictures! 2003 - 2007! Long Walk! Slash! Expanded Universe (TK/J/J/Z/T/A etc.)! Spartans! Caleb Ross! Ghost Hunters! LOVE. )


Now, I'm going to get me some Taco Bell. O_O
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Trailers! Five favorite movies ever because I am bored. If you are ever bored and need something to watch, I would suggest going out and picking one of these up. ;D

-- LEGEND [1985 - Fantasy at its simplest and prettiest] -- I would've linked the real trailer, but it doesn't show off as much as this awesome fan trailer. This movie was when Tom Cruise was normal (and omg so hot, OMG HIM IN THIS MOVIE <3). Tim Curry is amazing in this movie, especially with a gajillion pounds of makeup on. It's a simple storyline and fairly cheesy all around, but that's what makes it so awesome. And the music too. I have nerded out to the emo-ballad, "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" one too many times. D:
"There shall never be another dawn." - Darkness
"You don't really mean to eat me, do you, ma'am?" - Jack

When I was little I wanted to grow up and marry Jack, fo' realz. The second picture in his grimy forest-boy attire, you guys. dksajfksdf hurrrr.

-- CLUE [1985 - Straight Up Funniest Movie Ever] -- Have I mentioned Tim Curry is effing awesome? Because I should. And this movie has it all! French maid! Making out with dead bodies! The best cast evar! And dude, I love Madeline Kahn, especially with a wine glass. <3 ("F-F-F-F-FL-FLAMES. FLAMES. ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE.") I know every word to this movie. And every sound effect. D:
"Why not? I enjoy getting presents from strange men." - Miss Scarlett

(This whole movie is a memorable quote. <3)

-- THE WARRIORS [1979 - Sexcellent 70's Action Flick] -- OMG OLD 70'S TRAILER. <3 I don't even know where to begin with this movie. It's a cult classic and filled with lots of angry boys (and CREEPY DANCING GIRLS WHO CAN'T SHOOT GUNS AT POINT BLANK RANGE D:) and lots of fighting and running. Dirty, dirty boys and clanging bottles and snarky bitches help this movie to be all kinds of awesome.
"I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle." -- Ajax

-- STAND BY ME [1986 - Coming of Age Dramady] -- I get all wibbly everytime I watch this movie. One of the best (if not the best) Stephen King adapations and an incredible cast (omg mullet Sutherland!) -- also, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Wil Wheaton and Jerry O'Connell as little punks. There is nothing more to say. XD
MEMORABLE QUOTES: I can't quote just one sentence, there is too much verbal awesomeness in this movie. But I will always love this to death.

Vern: This isn't funny. What am I supposed to eat?
Teddy: Why don't you cook your dick?
Chris: It'd be a small meal!

-- A NEW HOPE [1977 - Space Opera Hottness] -- I shouldn't even have to talk about this movie or link a trailer, dudes.
Do you really need me to put any here? XD

(osnap! Someone made a Legend music video to Kate Bush's "Waking The Witch" -- when I was little Kate Bush and Legend were two of my main cracks. I LOVE THIS. MY CRACKS TOGETHER AS ONE. MY HEAD GO BOOM. This song used to creep be out back then -- especially when it goes all batshit crazy about 1:18. This person is my fandom hero.)
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AHAHAH. I still have pictures from high school/prom on my server. Flashback!

I can't believe that was 4 years ago. D:

Aaaaand I made the mistake of putzing around King sites and stumbling across this excerpt from Lisey's Story and now I want to read the book again.

This was for the well-known women's magazine that publishes the column "Yes, I'm Married to Him!" She spent roughly half of its five-hundred-word length explaining that her nickname rhymed with "CeeCee." Most of the other half had to do with her recipe for slow-cooked roast beef. Lisey's sister Amanda said that the picture accompanying the interview made Lisey look fat.

<333333 lol amanda debusher ILU. XD

( How many times had Scott come breezing in, calling "Hey, Lisey, I'm home—everything the same?" Meaning is everything all right, is everything cool.

;______________________________; )

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