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Alright, so I know there's been I'M NOT USING LJ ANYMORE, I'M GOING TO _________ around LJ these days. XDDD This is the post where I ask who is staying here/still here? And if you aren't, where are you/where are you going?

AKA THIS IS A CONTACT INFO THREAD THING. So post anything/anywhere you want to post where I can find you! :D

Here is that crizap for me...

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heather.alyse
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hexterah
Tumblr: http://hexterah.tumblr.com/
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/Ereneda
Cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/member/47810/
deviantART: http://holler-you-home.deviantart.com/

I also have a Dreamwidth, which is tenel_ka, but I don't know how much I'll use it depending on what happens here and so on. MY ICONS, LOL.

...what am I missing... o_o

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Really starting to work on Dragon*Con costumes now since there's only a little over 100 days left till con. THIS ALWAYS CREEPS UP ON ME. And all the costumes are already being scheduled, hahaha~ XD

I got a Kinect a little over a week ago (thanks to a couple gift cards I had and a sale at Best Buy!) and I have been playing Dance Central nonstop. I played the game at Ronnie's a couple weekends ago and was all, "LOL I SUCK AT THIS BUT IT IS FUN OH MAN" and I kept thinking about it and kept wanting to play again and that game is just so damn addicting. O_O

(I have a crush on Miss Aubrey but she is such a bitch so I feel bad for it, lololol. ALSO, OBLIO AND ELIOT. <3333)

Okay, so if you're a Star Wars fan, I need your help with echuta.net. :D Facebook is good for exposure when it comes to the characters, but everything easily gets lost in the shuffle for said characters and reporters. Enter this darling little website that just opened: http://www.theforcebook.com -- I spoke with the administrator of the site and he said having in character profiles on there would be perfectly fine and the website now has it's own group there. So: WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO PICK UP ANY CHARACTER? Now, this does not involve roleplaying - this is basically just like these Star Wars characters (ANY of them - movie characters, book characters, video game characters) are on a social network and interacting with each other. We've tried this on Ning and other sites like it which worked until they became pay-to-use sites, then we had them on Facebook which is still alright, and echuta will keep it's Facebook page there but there are massive amounts of crazy people on there.

Like there is a person who keeps trying to give Jacen Solo his phone number saying, "I'M YOUR NEW BRO CALL ME" - whaaaaat jacen is confused. :(

theforcebook.com is all Star Wars so they'd be a better fit there and I miss all the interactions with the families and the pilots and the Jedi and all that crap. We could really exploit this for shenanigans with the characters - AND WE HAVE PERMISSION TO DO SO. XD

Basically, I registered as myself on there (hexterah) and I have Jacen (Jacen_Solo) and Tenel Ka (Tenel_Ka) - I would love to see any Star Wars characters no matter where they're from on there (as well as regular profiles for everyone too! STAR WARS FACEBOOK OMG XD).

Plus, since I'm redesigning echuta.net soon, this will be a welcome addition! ANY TAKERS? PLEEEEASE? ;D
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So everyone knows how indecisive I am when it comes to... everything. And here it is a case of wigs (like it has been in the past). I like being able to reuse wigs for different costumes and I have two upcoming costumes that need long blonde hair. Now, technically these two characters are probably different shades of blonde, but buying two wigs for both just seems counterproductive to smart costume-budgeting. XD

The two characters are...

Jasmine Jolene (BioShock) & Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes)

With Jasmine I'll have a clip-in feather headpiece and it shouldn't be too hard to add two low pigtails to the same wig for Sylvia... so here are the four I was looking at.

ONE - this one seems a little too platinum for Jasmine, but I could still run with it if it's the best option.

TWO - Cheapest! Although that might not be a good thing...? Even though I'm 90% sure that is a good thing, lololol.

THREE - Again this one is pretty darn platinum, but I like the shape of it/the back.

FOUR - Kind of a darker blonde which would work well for Jasmine, but is it LOL BLONDE enough for Sylvia (it kind of looks like it has slightly darker highlights)?


In other news, there are Tekkoshocon photos up on facebook! Check them out here! We are definitely planning on coming back to this con. We were also talking about trying to make it to T-Mode up in Rockville for a day this coming weekend, but we aren't sure about it because we might just be lazy and lounge around or start work on Dragon*Con costumes.

I didn't put any of the Death Note photos in the Tekkoshocon album since we would be putting them in our DN costume album on the facebook page when we get to it, so here is one of us being d-bags outside with our handcuffs. Nate's lankiness and attention to Light's bitchy posture make this picture warm my derpish little heart.

LOLOLOL he is angry he forgot to bring dress socks.

Overall, we didn't get very many pictures of this costume, but we plan to wear it all the time because it is fun walking around eating lollipop after lollipop with emo makeup on while Nate gives me death stares and scribbles in a book.

I need to take a 30 hour nap. bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhurrrrrrgh.

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