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All that catching up I said I was gonna do on the internet and costumes and MAGFest recaps and crap was put aside because my mother, Duane and I (and my sister met us there) went to Connecticut this week because my Grandfather died. I never knew any of my grandparents (father's parents, mom's mother) besides him (mom's father) because they all died when I was really young-- and I had never been to a funeral before (even though his wife, my stepgrandma, didn't have a "big" funeral - we just had a viewing/gathering at the funeral home with about 8 of us, family and close friends).

So this week has been odd for me. It's been new, it's been sad and it's been long. I didn't really know what to expect. We spent a lot of time with my step-grandma and her sense of humor has gotten sillier over the years, which was a nice surprise. We ate lots of amazing food. I had my first tartufo thanks to her, which, my god, it is a tastebud-gasm. Valerie and I played Mario Party on the DS at the hotel and bitched at Peach and Daisy. We ate a billion plates of food at Jimmie's which is a restaurant my Mom always loved. We also bought like 4 pounds of cookies altogether.

We just got back today and I'm going to work tomorrow. Then it will be the weekend and I will be working on costumes for Katsucon to get my mind on something else. I already know I can't finish my Young Jedi Knights Tenel Ka armor that I was originally planning to finish, so I'm gonna throw a YJK-type Tenel Ka together for the shoot (since Nate is bringing YJK Jacen and Kayla is bringing YJK Zekk - I didn't want to bring a Queen Momma TK when they were doing YJK). And we won't have time to make our Persona 2 costumes as detailed and well as we want so we'll probably push those back to another con. We're going to put all our energy into the Glitterati costumes now and finishing the Silent Hill 2 costumes.

I told myself after MAGFest I was going to quit being a lazy bitch and do stuff - work on websites, learn how to use this serger I bought forever ago, keep up with commenting and stuff, write more -- and I have done nothing. I have been lazy. And that needs to stop. :|

How do I get motivated?
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Everyone else is doing it -- so what better way to coordinate! XD I figure I will fill this in for me and Nate since pretty much every single costume I have planned for 2012 somehow goes with a costume he has planned for 2012 EXCEPT FOR ONE SINGLE COSTUME, which I will note, lololol.

SO MANY PHOTOS? Monkey Island?! The Warriors?! PROFESSAH?! )

That was... so incoherent.
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So like [ profile] leesers, I just wiped this whole thing out in one go cause I know if I tried to actually do it for 30 days... I would fail miserably.

This post contains lots of pictures from the past decade, lots of derp and lots of colorful fabric and weirdass props. If you didn't know how dorky I really was, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

Star Wars, Clue, Monkey Island, Arrested Development and all kinds of other geekery under the cut!

IMAGE HEAVY POST OF INSANITYYYYYYYYYY-- have I really been cosplaying for ten years, my god what is this XD )

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I have learned three things at this convention.

1.) I start acting like everyone's mother when the con comes around. More on that in recap.

2.) I really want to start taking more/better pictures at cons. Cosplayers, groups, people, everything. Like I see cosplayers and groups of cosplayers and I look at photos people have taken after the con and I just have all these ideas for pictures I could take in my head. This really happened during the 999 shoot and when I saw the Disney costumers (Peter Pan group, Aristocats, Flynn and Rapunzel -- SO MANY IDEAS OH MY GOODNESS D:)


Besides those three things I've noticed, there's another note I have to make upfront here. I'm horrible at meeting new people. Even if I've talked to them on the internet beforehand. I'm awkward and doofy and mumble and say stupid things - that's just the way I am and I always have been. I mean, the first time I met Nate it was a whole lot of "merrr herp derp i'm heather duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh." And then I stared at the wall behind his head.

But the people I met for the first time this weekend though (looking directly at Katsuya Weller and the magical gang of [ profile] leesers/[ profile] nekogonya/Mike/Kevin/Tom) were some of the absolute sweetest people I've ever met (not to mention hilarious) and for once I kind of felt like I wasn't out of place/doing something stupid/total social ineptitude ahoy! - so thank you guys. <333


I... I love these two with all my heart. How do you make Jacen Caedus and Jaina ghetto? LIKE SO. KANYE SHRUG GURL~


you were doing ducky lips before all those mybook facespace slags! )

We were discussing another con the other day. Tekkoshocon. It's in Pittsburgh meaning it's right near Valerie and Brian (and they are awesome and already said we could crash there). We would probably go up Thursday night and hit up the con on Friday and then part of Saturday - then we would harass Valerie & Brian the rest of the time. XD

Question is WHO IS GOING TO TEKKOSHOCON? XD (Besides [ profile] leesers, since she already said so on FB~ XD)

And if yes, ARE YOU DOING ANY MAGICAL COSTUMES? (I told you magical was the word of the day -- along with darling~)

I'm gonna bring my magical camera and take magical pictures since I didn't take many at Katsu thanks to my missing internal battery. D:

We were discussing bringing along Professor Layton & Luke Triton... or maybe Silent Hill costumes... but we don't know yet. INPUTS? <33333

(The only thing that sucks about con is leaving con and leaving all the fun people until next con. ;____; NOOOO, CON FUUUNNNKKKKK!)
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Slowly but surely getting things done for Katsucon this weekend.

Nate finished his Junpei costume and I've been working like mad on the scales for the new sleeves I'm making for Tempest/Essential Atlas Tenel Ka. There are pictures of both Junpei and scales in the new OMG PROGRESS album on's magical fb page -- HERE IT ISSSS.

Then there's Santa's frickin' boots. Like I said on le twitter, I have been frankensteining these things together like mad. They aren't exactly like his - like he has a set of two strips on top and then a set of two lower down... the base boots I got had strips a certain length apart and then a logo on them that I had to cover - so there's four strips instead of sets of two but at this point I don't care cause I am actually kind of proud of them so far (until I screw them up lololol) and they will work just fine, I hope! BOOOOOOOTS!

I am not looking forward to trying to put those scales into sleevey shapes though. It's like that part in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when there is a fire in the pet store and Pee Wee goes in and saves all the animals and keeps passing by the snakes cause they gross him out. He finally saves them right at the last minute. Those sleeves are my snakes in the pet store. D:

You know, this part!

I always describe things I keep putting off as "IT'S LIKE PEE WEE AND THE SNAKES~"
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So ZHOBOT.NET is finally up and running! Meaning we can ramble and ramble and bitch and ramble about the 100 video games we've started! There'll be other things up there too - costume stuff, stuff to buy (either shirts or special edition lol plushy things or jewelry or whatever - along with the Etsy/Cafepress stuff too), photos (all kinds of craziness there), JUST LOTS OF THINGS. So slap it on your feed reader, like it on facebook, follow updates on twitter, whatever (if you do one of the previous things we will love you forever even more than we already do ;-; <3) -- and of course, HELP US THROUGH 100 VIDEO GAMES. We're still on one. We started last weekend -- I still don't think the scope of how much time this whole thing is gonna take has hit us yet.

In other news, Santa and Junpei costumes are on their way to being completed! I'm even more excited about this than before since now we have Santa, Junpei, June, Clover, Ace, Snake and Seven! :OOOO EXCITED!

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Now I know what I would look like with white hair.

This post is also known as OMG MY SANTA WIG CAME AND I AM EXCITE. I bought fabric for his scarf and assorted arm dooflitchys yesterday, as well as a pattern for June's dress and fabric for that. I went a little more purple than blue according to some of the pictures. I'll have to see if I want to stick with that or not.

Thanks to everyone who dropped a line on the last post! I will be going with option one! We have our work dinner/dance formal thing in January, so I'll be getting my hair done before that (REDDDDDD) and I found a really good general brown wig that would work for June (AND IT'S CHEAP LOL)~ XDD

I think tentatively for Nate and myself at Katsucon... it'll be Caedus/Tenel Ka then Junpei/June on Friday and then Ken/Barbie and Junpei/Santa on Saturday (if Saturday is good for you and the gang, [ profile] leesers - OHMYGOODNESS SO EXCITED)... but we'll see! IT'S STILL A LITTLE UNDER A COUPLE MONTHS AWAY -- which also makes me think, "Wow! I'm starting on costumes early!" ;) I need to find boots for Santa that I can modify to put all that crazy white/silver stuff on them. The problem is I want to get some that add a few inches to my height (except ones that aren't total girl-platforms XD) cause Santa is pretty tall and I will most likely be the shortest one there, hahaha~! TIME FOR PHOTOGRAPHY TRICKS!
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I don't really have a real super long report for this convention -- there are a few fun stories, but it was mostly wandering, buying things, talking to people and taking pictures, lol. CRAZY PICTURES FOLLOW.

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So Nate beat Persona 4 this weekend. Haven't seen the true ending yet, we're gonna go for that next weekend BUT MY GOD YOSUKE GETS SO EMO IN HIS LATER S. LINK ADVENTURES. I had forgotten how wai wai wai it all was. I love Yosuke but JEEZ DUDE. SAKI WAS KIND OF A BITCH. D:

Katsucon pictures will be online soon. I realize I don't really need to write a report, lol. Nothing really crazy happened. But don't worry, I will be telling stories of certain things (the dance, the meeting with the Kanji, the non-Silent Hill meetup, the awesome hotel, PROFESSOR PROFESSOR, etc.) -- also how Erin and Ronnie do awesome impressions of Bayonetta. XD

Started working on Dragon*Con costumes for this year. Gotta get some orange fabric so I can start testing out names/numbers/etc. for the back of the Death Troopers jumpsuits. We're still hunting for Strike Team characters too. We still need Anakin (WE NEED AN ANAKIN), Alema (EVERYONE LOVES ALEMA), Zekk (NEEEEEED), Ganner, Bela, Krasov, Jovan, Lowbacca -- we need a Welk too! And do we have a Tesar, maybe, [ profile] jk_birr? XDDDD


P.S. Heeelllllllllo ZEKK.
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And now I am back from Katsucon! These past couple weeks have been wtf busy between Florida and shoveling snow and Katsucon but now I can relax for a little bit, hehe. Katsucon was a whole lotta fun and here were some definite highlights.

-- meeting [ profile] elvenpath (in her awesome Zoey costume <3) and then both of us bitching about the lack of Silent Hill cosplayers at the SH photoshoot (since there were supposed to be like 10+ people and about 3 of the others who mentioned showing up, ACTUALLY SHOWED UP D:)
-- getting "PROFESSOR! PROFESSOR!" in a high pitched british accent from many different people who passed us while Nate and I were dressed like Professor Layton and Luke Triton
-- the Kanji Tatsumi I was approaching to ask him for a picture the same time he was approaching us for a picture and then he said, "NOW YOU HAVE TO SOLVE THIS PUZZLE ON HOW TO TAKE A PICTURE!"
-- the girl in the Vault Boy costume (with the amazing head/mask) who asked for our picture the same time I asked for hers
-- stumbling across a fun booth that had BioShock buttons/stickers & Valve buttons/stickers
-- Ronnie and Erin showing us how the chick in Bayonetta walks and shoots her gun; then Nate and I coming home today and getting the demo. They did it perfectly. XD
-- talking to David Wong at his table about Dragon*Con and all the shows he has to go to - that man is hilarious and super talented
-- ordering room service - I think that needs to be an every con staple now
-- the drunk guy who passed Nate and I in the hall while we were dressed as Luke and Layton later Saturday evening with his friend and said, "THAT GUY HAD A HAT. LIKE... A HAT LIKE PROFESSOR LAYTON. *long pause* HE WAS PROFESSOR LAYTON."

Report and photos coming soon~ Some of that stuff will probably be explained in more detail then, but I had to put it all here now so I wouldn't forget it. Hehe.

ALSO, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CELEBRATION V ONLINE CONVENTION (THE NON-CON!), THE WEBSITE IS NOW ONLINE: RIGHT HERE. Some of the registration infos have changed, so make sure you resend your info if you've sent it before. <3333

YAY INTERNETZ SO HAPPY TO BE BACK and I will post pictures of Florida trip and Katsucon report soon! :D
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Now that that is out of the way, there's been a lot of stuff getting done on the Celebration V NonCon (the online convention!) front. All these new ideas keep coming to us and so I have modified the registration form a little bit and so on, but there will be more news on that in the next week or so, once the site(!) goes online.

In SILENT HILL news, I believe the group playthrough of the series at [ profile] neelys_bar will start at the beginning of March sometime. We still need to figure out how to do it (what order to play them in, how long to spend on the games, etc.) but I figure the month of February will give us enough time to figure out how to make it work and also give a chance for other new people to join. I am dorkishly excited for this. XD

(Also SH, I added a Silent Hill theme for the forum! If you go down to the drop-down menu at the bottom, it's called... uh... Silent Hill, lol.)

I need to finish Katsucon costumes this weekend, since next weekend I'll be in Florida visiting Dad (and magical Sea World XD) with Valerie and Brian -- and then the weekend after that is the actual con. I just need to get a couple more things for Luke Triton and sew his pants and then for Lisa I'm pretty much done except for adding blood to the scrubs and getting a white shirt. And I need to make the badge, hur hur.

ksdfjlskdfjlsdfjsd the next couple weeks will be so busy. Feb. 2 - class starts, Feb. 5-8 - Florida, Feb. 9 - BIOSHOCK 2, Feb. 12-14 - Katsucon. Luckily Feb. 15 is a holiday, meaning I can sit on my ass all Sunday and Monday and play BioShock 2. Woo! I want to play through the first BioShock before then, but I have no idea when I'll get a chance -- especially since I'm almost, almost done with my completed Fallout 3 SAINT GAME. All I have is a couple quests left on Broken Steel and then Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. I want the last two bobbleheads too, but they are both in Deathclaw territory and if there's one thing that scares me worse than Mirelurks... it's Deathclaws. D:

(omg icon i love me some new!kyle hyde)
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Report! Pictures! Persona! Zombies! BFing! Ninja power! )

So besides Sunday it was an awesome con. I just need to start chugging orange juice all day the whole week before cons from now on. Also, use Purell like a bitch during cons.
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Katsucon 2010 is supposedly here: Hell yes.

I want to bring like 12 costumes cause picture opportunities there = holy crap.


... i don't think that hotel has any idea what they're in for lol.


Feb. 15th, 2009 11:27 pm
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Louis: When things go back to normal; Zoey, Bill, I'm giving you both jobs. Francis? Imma teach your ass how to read!

I LOVE THIS GAME. And yeah, I was playing it in the game room at Katsucon even though I have it at home. I played with [ profile] rumminov while we were dressed like Zoey and a Hunter, lol. <3333 And then I played again at around 4:30 in the morning this morning by myself for a bit then Ronnie came over and him and I tried to beat the Dead Air finale but we couldn't even do that cause we were so out of it. XD

KATSUCON WAS A BIG YAY~ except for, you know, being absolutely disgustingly sick this morning. Momma and Duane came and picked me up around 11 (I walked through the lobby full of done up and fancy costumed people in my PJs and my Hunter hoodie, all of which I am still wearing right now lol) and I got home and passed out for six and half hours. I still feel pretty beat, but I ate some crackers (but not animal crackers like last night teeeehehehehehehehehehehehe).

Report and pictures soon. :D

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KATSUCON. TODAY. I AM HOME. Erin and I will be heading over there around 4 (with everyone else heading over later), most likely stopping by Shoppers first for some food substance. BUT YEAH.

Costumes: (Femme!)Jack Frost [Persona/Friday night], Joshua Shepherd [Silent Hill: Homecoming/Saturday morning], Hunter [Left 4 Dead/Saturday afternoon & night]... and then Erin and I will have our super awesome costumes for the dance lololololololol.

Roomings: Two suites (at Katsucon rate!, since it's the same hotel as Anime USA, this means we will still get WEIRD BATHROOMS THAT DON'T LOCK). Costume Superdome contains Erin, me, Beth & Roger. Party Room contains Jeremy, Ronnie, Andre and Alex. Guess whose room will be messier.

People I need to see: [ profile] hitosyura (djfaksfjsd texting when I get there!), [ profile] rumminov (this is funny cause we were apparently in a Jet Set Radio cosplay picture of group doom together the year before last at this same convention - SMALL WORLD XD), Jonci, Jonathan, ES & VY -- five of which I actually have phone numbers for OH SNAP (STOP. HARASSMENT TIME). Oh, and of course any and all members of Team Takeo making an appearance cause it wouldn't be right if we didn't see them (ESPECIALLY AT THE DANCE).

Stuff to do: BESIDES DANCE? Video games. Run around. Take pictures. Dance. See people. Lounge in the room (where hopefully no creepy dudes come in randomly again). Buy swag. Dance. People watch. Stay up till 5 a.m. with glow sticks then come in and collapse on the couch. Stand by the water dispensers and continously drink and nod your head at people. Dance. Make signs for the bathroom that say OCCUPIED with a censored naked stick figure on them. Watch some TV. Admire our balcony. Watch Andre threaten to climb over to the other balcony. Take more pictures. Order pizza. Eat ramen. Watch creepy people hand out free Pocky to unsuspecting youngsters. Dance some more.

You know, it'll be like Anime USA except bigger. LOL.

P.S. Apparently the cast of the new F13 did a photoshoot. JARED P. MAKEUP. jfsdlkjskafsj yummmmmmmmmmmm


Feb. 3rd, 2009 08:00 pm
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Cause I needs to see all you thugs. XD


Jan. 21st, 2009 12:45 am
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Looks like this will be my costume lineup of doom for Katsucon:

Friday: Jack Frost (SMT/Persona -- femmed out, of course. I am not skilled in the mascot costuming D:)
Saturday morning: Joshua Shepherd (Silent Hill Homecoming -- possibly post-Alex lake trip for the photoshoot at 11am... which means I actually have to wake up :O! And this probably just means it'll be regular Joshua since I will be too lazy to get up early to get the whole thing just right.)
Saturday night: Hunter (Left 4 Dead -- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.)

LOL, I like how it goes from happy Jack Frost on Friday to GROSS GROSS GROSS on Saturday. I was going to wait till Dragon*Con for the first appearance of the Hunter costume, but I can't wait. It will be warm and toasty in the February weather and it'll be so much fun. XD

(And you know me and my nasty, nasty, nasty costumes. MOOOHAH~)

Ashley and I played Left 4 Dead last night with a guy from Japan and he was a total sweetheart (and you know I was gushing the whole time, especially whenever he would start talking in Japanese) and thanking us for everything. In his bio on his LIVE profile he says he can understand simple words in English and Ashley and I were squeeing whenever he would go "SMOKER SMOKER~!" or "BOOMER!" and I lost it when we killed a Tank and he went, "YATTA!"

And also during the finale of Dead Air when we hit the radio button and Francis was dawdling and he just starts going, "COME ON, FRANCIS! FRANCIS!"

SO AWESOME~ <3 I wish we always got people that cool and polite in public campaigns. D:
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OOOOOO WEEEE! Pub mix! Photos! Japanese Cultural Conference! Super Samurais! HAMMERS! )


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Katsucon was fun. The dances were kind of meh, but the costumes were fun and all around it was pretty slick. OMG looks there's Erin and me -- Erin in her hot Chun Li outfit and me looking way too happy as a Little Sister. And YAY THE NEEDLE. Notice how I am shoving it in front of my face like, "LOOK THIS IS THE BEST PART, EFF THE COSTUME! <3"

And those shoes, they were major pain in footwear form -- but I couldn't walk around the hotel barefoot. So thanks to the shoes I have cuts on the backs of my feet and blisters on both little toes. It was worth it. I WILL BE IN PAIN FOR BIOSHOCK. I loved being able to wake up and throw my hair in a knotty, dirty ponytail for a costume. It was WONDERFUL.

As for that picture, what is with me hiding my left arm? I am so used to hiding my left arm in pictures now that it's JUST NATURAL. D:

So yeah, con report later -- complete with more Little Sister goodness (there were three of us! :D), the Eight Hammers of Justice (aka "Hammer Crew", "Hammer Time" or "Whack-A-Mole"), Naughty (Nawwwwty XD) Link and Super Samurai Roger (!!!) -- also a couple other fun costumes I saw. :D


Feb. 15th, 2008 05:55 pm
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