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So so so. This story starts at Katsucon this past February when we were eating lunch with Erin, Jeremy, Beth, Roger, Ronnie -- etc., etc., aka EVERYONE and somehow we got on the subject of GENDERSWAPPED STAR WARS COSTUMES. Erin mentions to me that she would totally do a Lando at Dragon*Con and I freak out cause I can bring back my Han and Ashley could bring her Luke. Nate was all, "HEY LOL LEIA."

(And this did happen and I will be posting pictures. HOPEFULLY VERY SOON - first part of con report should be online later tonight! FINALLYYYYY)

So, Nate and I are sitting there talking about the specifics of it and what we could do for his Leia outfit and out of nowhere he goes, "Have you ever thought about gender swapped Jacen and Tenel Ka?"

My first thought: MARRY ME. [/maeby]

My second thought: wait, how did he get into my head oh my god can he read my mind ohhhhh

The first word out of my mouth: DUH.

It didn't really come up again until a couple months later when we started working on his man!Leia and fixing up femme!Han for Dragon*Con. Then when he was helping me with the shoulder armor for fanart!TK -- he talked about wanting fun armor too and it came up again. While I was helping him with amphistaffs, it came up yet again cause I wanted to run around and shove crystal snakes in everyone's faces.

So I think this genderswap Jacen and Tenel Ka thing might actually be happening next year at Dragon*Con.

This led me to think of other characters in this predicament and I tweeted exactly how I pictured genderswapped Jaina/Kyp/Zekk/Jag - linking to a screenshot of how it would be if the hair/eyes were changed in the screenshot.

MY FOREVER DARLING [livejournal.com profile] minusforever JUST MADE MY WEEKEND BY POSTING THIS:


So yeah.

Sep. 14th, 2011 01:14 am
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Remember when I said Zekk was my fandom bicycle?

Yeah. I'll just leave you with this little snippet I found in my "unfinishedstarwarsshit.txt" file today. Uh, slash warning? Except not... really? I don't even know.

Kyp's fingers clenched around the edge of the dresser. Why was the girl in his bed talking to Master Skywalker... )

So this is pretty much Zekk:

We all know he secretly liked it though okay.

(There was also a scene later where Jacen Solo notices a mark on Zekk's neck when he ties his hair back at the temple. Zekk gives one of these :| to a smirking Kyp across the room over Jacen's shoulder and Jacen notices it and goes batshit. Hey Jacen, u jelly.)
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WE HAD A "MASQUERADE" AT THE CELEBRATION V NONVENTION. THE THREAD IS HERE~ but here are the closet costumes Nate and I had (it was all crap we scrounged up/used from other costumes except for Nate's cheap 70'S GUY, BLACK WIG -- that's what it was called). Cause really, there aren't enough Kyps and Zekks out there. IT'S SO DISAPPOINTING. :(


So one night, Zekk was bored and went to get his drink on! )

The parade thread is pretty classic too, hahah~ XDDDDD

(I LOVE YOU GUYS LOL. NANNERKIN. Aaaaand [livejournal.com profile] alrey and his dick beer talk. Oh lawwwwwd.)
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I just found this in my writing folder on the computer. It's apparently from November 2005 and I wish so hard that I could remember where and how far I was going with this. It's STAR WARS BIG BROTHER FOR REAL?


"First, allow me to tell you a little about myself. I'm Admiral Gadell Vessau. You might ask, 'If you're an Admiral, what the kriff are you doing on a game show, you loser...' -- to which I say, 'I'm making enough to buy your family, kid, shut the hells up, kay?' Then second you might ask, 'Admiral of WUUUT?' -- Well, I'm the Admiral of the Hapan Naval Fleet, and yes, I'm a man last time I checked." Gadell inserts a blow-on-the-nails-and-check here, if just to throw that fact in the lovely audience's face. "Besides that uh... I'm twenty-six. And I like being tied---"

At this point the producers are waving wildly at him from behind the holocameras and Gadell thins his lips and pauses a second, before pretending he ended that monologue perfect and spot-on.

As he straightens his posture, Mister Vessau smiles all wolfish and waves his hand towards a holoscreen behind him, where the images of five people are present.

"Our first batch of lucky vic-- err, contestants. Occasionally I'll be introducing new blood into the place, when people come to their senses and join in, yes hmm?"

A slender finger hovers over a redhead, whose expression in the picture is far from cheerful -- hells, it's far from pretty much anything.

"Here we have the Queen Mother of Hapes, Miss Tenel Ka. She left her chi---"

The people behind the camera hiss something else.

"No, no. She has no child. I meant she left her uh... planets for a bit to take a break and try her hand at ---" He shuts his eyes for a second and scowls, realizing his choice of words. "--- this game. Yeah. Let's talk to her."

He presses a button on the other screen beside him and her realtime image comes up. She's sitting on a couch in the main chamber, staring longingly at the ceiling.


Startled, she composes herself quickly and responds.

"Gadell." Oh and there he was. The voice from above, dripping with something between sarcasm and mirth -- possibly some sort of alcohol too. "It is alright. Durron stole the pillows off my bed earlier to make a fort and Atton is drinking all the blue milk, but besides that..." She shrugged.

"Training with Master Windu is interesting though." Resting her head back once more, she continued to stare at the ceiling, her mind locked on the brat she left back at the Palace. And no not Gadell. She meant her daughter.


"Yeah! Windu don't take no shizzit, does he?" Tapping the next picture in the row, Gadell comes to just the man the two of them had been speaking of. "Master Mister Mace Windu. Jedi Master of the Old School-- err, Republic. His lightsaber is purple, yet it's the most MANLY THING EVER."

He switches to Windu's image on the screen. The man is meditating and there goes Gadell, interrupting again.

"HI MISSER WINDU! Introduce yourself."

"Misser Windu" had suspected that Admiral Vessau had broken into the liquor closet at the studio at some point. Windu never remembered him being that jovial before.



The Solo Family:
Hannah Solo, Leon Organa Solo, Annie Solo, Jayen Solo, Jasa Solo

The Skywalker Family:
Lucia Skywalker, Marv Jade Skywalker, Benita Skywalker

Supporting Cast:
Lowbecca, Teneken Djo, Danny Quee, Zekka, Jagette Fel, Kypsa Durron, Hirian Veila, Alem Rar, Wedgie Antilles, Wendi Janson

BENITA SKYWALKER, YOU GUYS. AND MARV JADE. I feel like something needs to be done here. I feel like I need to find all these old things I never finished and do something with them. XD
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So Kyp and Zekk need Darth names. Cause if Kyp and Zekk didn't just have their little dabbles in the Dark Side and went full on batshit crazy then them and Caedus could've been the most evil and hottest trio ever.


(Yeah, I think I just went there. D:)

I think Kyp's needs to relate to explosions. MUAHAHAHAH~
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OKAY. BIOSHOCK AND STAR WARS. There is so much shit I've written that it has to be split up into a couple parts, WTF I KNOW. D: But I am so in love with this. I haven't been this excited by anything I've written in awhile.

I have a dorky/darling/dirty moment with Jase and Jane in one of the parts. It's creepy cause it's borderline Jacen/Jaina -- and this is because Jase is drunk off his fucking rocker and Jane is like, lol you dumbshit, it's me. I've done this before, you see. But the darling comes in because Jane is all, "awww little twin bro, you're such an illegal workaholic and you will catch a break soon, i promise." And she gives him a kiss on his drunk-ass, booze-smelly forehead and he's all, "zzzzzzzz"

Oh and the part where Jane and Jase are looking at Kip at Eve's Garden (Jane's place of employment, HELL YES <3) and he's all jealous of Jase cause he's close to Jane -- even though he knows they're TWIN SIBLINGS -- and Jane is like LOL LET'S PISS HIM OFF. So she whispers something in Jase's ear and massively!horribly!drunk!Kip Durant FLIPS HIS SHIT.

Even though we look exactly alike? )

And these are the kinds of reasons why I'm having so much fun with this story. XD

(I am so not guilty of Jacen/Jaina 'shipping, I swear. *shifty eyes*)

Alright, but Andy does falls asleep with his head on Jase's leg and it's the cutest thing ever. <3 Solo kids = OT3.

(I can totally see Jacen and Jaina doing this:

Jase was about to ask more about this "Torry", until Jane elbowed him in the side gently. "Don't look to your right."

Instantly turning his head to the right, Jane elbowed him in the side again. "I said
don't look!")

Haha, before I post this story I will totally make a little guide/glossary so everyone can understand both the SW and the Bioshock sides of the story, cause sometimes I even forget stuff myself. XD
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[livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet, I HAVE A FANFICTION PRESENT FOR YOU. :O I was gonna write something funny, but this idea came to me and wouldn't go away. SO IT'S KIND OF ANGSTY. AND IT'S KIND OF KYP/JAINA. LOL~ It takes place after Han and Leia get back with Allana and I guess can sort of be considered a missing scene kind of thing since we never got a reaction from anyone about Leia and Han and Allana ALL BEING MAGICALLY RELATED.

I'm sure there's typos and all kind of error-related-crackness but I'm so out of it right now I WILL FIX IN A BIT. And by a bit I mean after I sleep some. D:

I don't know. 'Kyp! I haven't seen you in so long!' or maybe 'Oh Kyp! How I've missed you!' I would've also accepted, 'Your hair looks horrible like that, cut it!' )

I will put this on my writing LJ when I am not dead-tired and too lazy to login to it. Heheheheh. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE WANGST-IVAL~ <3

ALSO, THE WILLIAM BLAKES. That song is amazing (title = heeeeee) and the video is pretty darling. The dancing guy with the hat is the best thing ever, especially at 3:17 (he also looks like Perry from MMAS -- I'm not kidding, holy crap XD) and THOMAS EVEN MAKES A FEW APPEARANCES. Alex said it's like "Where's Waldo" with him in Danish band's videos. SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT HIM TOO! XD
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Okay dudes, so I have three characters on Rock band so far. Tenna, who is the lol personalized-"me"-character and is a vocalist (my goth red vest thing is ten billion kinds of clothing-sex), Tenel Ka -- obviously the TENEL KA, who has to sing because she only has one arm (too bad I can't customize it that far) and then Caedus, who is Jacen Solo -- but Jacen wasn't a cool enough rocker name, therefore he is Caedus. He's a guitarist. I need to take pictures of these punks. XD

Solo touring last night was pretty funny. For some reason my whole band was full of doofy guys and I was like, "I'M TOTALLY DATING THAT ONE!" (silly Jared-Padalecki-haired guitarist with big sunglasses and a kind of bitchy attitude) but the bassist was always pointing at me and stage humping me and stuff (he was a long-haired rocker dude with a big leather vest on and fun boots) so I was like, "LOL OKAY YOU AND I CAN DATE INSTEAD! BEING IN A BAND IS SO COOL." The drummer was this bleach-blonde douche with a little patch of hair on his chin under his lips. It couldn't even qualify as a soul patch so he was the "LOL STUPID ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A TOOL IN ALL THE PHOTOSHOOTS."

This game is already eating my brain. D: I feel like I'm 12 when I play it -- as you can see from the above paragraph.

I need to find other EU fans on teh Rock Band Xbox Live cause how classic would it be to have an EU rock band? Like, "The Nerf Tongues" or "Acklay Peen" or "Sex On The Moisture Farm" -- or something equally as dirty, featuring Jacen Solo Caedus on guitar, Kyp Durron Suncrusher on drums, Zekk Lost One on bass and Ben Skywalker Chosen Jr. on vocals, HI. They all need emo-rocker-goth names. And Ben Skywalker singing "BUT I'M A CREEP. I'M A WEEEEIRDDOOOOOO. WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HEEEEERE? I DON'T BELONG HERE." = YES.

(Hahahahahaha, the past Dark Side adventures with EVERY BAND MEMBER BUT BEN would CORRUPT HIM.)

Maybe I could go on band tour with myself as Tenel Ka on vocals and Caedus on guitar. LOL NOT COORDINATED ENOUGH.

Although, a lot of these songs I know by heart cause I grew up hearing them ("Vasoline", "I Think I'm Paranoid", "Black Hole Sun", "Celebrity Skin", "In Bloom", "Cherub Rock", "Creep", "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Orange Crush", "Epic", "Enter Sandman") so maybe I can focus on guitar on those and just kind of sing along like I would hearing them in car. XDDDD

"Sabotage" killed my throat last night. lols on the white rapper girl. D: And oh my crap, repeating "IT'S -- IT'S -- WHAT IS IT?" on "Epic" made me drink like half a bottle of water afterwards.

Aaaaand the best part is that I can only sing by myself. Mom came downstairs and I was like, "HAHA HERE'S THE MIC, MA. I'LL TAKE THE GUITAR NOW." -_________- I fail.

P.S. Fuwa, the mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, are the absolute CUTEST THINGS EVER HOLY CRAP. EEEEEE HUANHUAN AND JINGJING. <3

P.S.S. How cute are Heidi Klum and Seal? I love them so much. Also, I will always love Will and Jada. SO ADORABLE.
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So people all over all the Star Wars message boards are asking all these philisophical and worldly questions about the Legacy of the Force series and the EU in general, right? And it is no fun.

The real questions we're all actually wondering about are things like:

Was Kyp Durron a prison bitch while he was in the Kessel Spice Mines? And is that why he's so angry and bitter and snarky?

Just what is Zekk's last name and why haven't we learned it yet? Is he like Prince? Will he change his name to a symbol soon?

And of course, my personal favorite.

Who exactly was on top? Jacen or Tenel Ka?

Mmmmhmm, chew on those, fellow EU fans. For these are the kind of questions we're secretly dying to have answered.

*sings like Wayne Brady on Whose Line* Whoooooo dropped the soap? Kyp dropped the soap~

P.S. This here is the best J/TK LotF-era song ever. XD

P.S.S. I'm reuploading the Simply Being Loved soundtrack because it is there and old and only has fourteen songs, so it will be spamming up your friends list at some point tonight. If you want more music. HUR.
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I think Kyp has been fallen in <3 with by me again, o snap. XD

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