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So so so. This story starts at Katsucon this past February when we were eating lunch with Erin, Jeremy, Beth, Roger, Ronnie -- etc., etc., aka EVERYONE and somehow we got on the subject of GENDERSWAPPED STAR WARS COSTUMES. Erin mentions to me that she would totally do a Lando at Dragon*Con and I freak out cause I can bring back my Han and Ashley could bring her Luke. Nate was all, "HEY LOL LEIA."

(And this did happen and I will be posting pictures. HOPEFULLY VERY SOON - first part of con report should be online later tonight! FINALLYYYYY)

So, Nate and I are sitting there talking about the specifics of it and what we could do for his Leia outfit and out of nowhere he goes, "Have you ever thought about gender swapped Jacen and Tenel Ka?"

My first thought: MARRY ME. [/maeby]

My second thought: wait, how did he get into my head oh my god can he read my mind ohhhhh

The first word out of my mouth: DUH.

It didn't really come up again until a couple months later when we started working on his man!Leia and fixing up femme!Han for Dragon*Con. Then when he was helping me with the shoulder armor for fanart!TK -- he talked about wanting fun armor too and it came up again. While I was helping him with amphistaffs, it came up yet again cause I wanted to run around and shove crystal snakes in everyone's faces.

So I think this genderswap Jacen and Tenel Ka thing might actually be happening next year at Dragon*Con.

This led me to think of other characters in this predicament and I tweeted exactly how I pictured genderswapped Jaina/Kyp/Zekk/Jag - linking to a screenshot of how it would be if the hair/eyes were changed in the screenshot.

MY FOREVER DARLING [livejournal.com profile] minusforever JUST MADE MY WEEKEND BY POSTING THIS:


So yeah.

Sep. 14th, 2011 01:14 am
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Remember when I said Zekk was my fandom bicycle?

Yeah. I'll just leave you with this little snippet I found in my "unfinishedstarwarsshit.txt" file today. Uh, slash warning? Except not... really? I don't even know.

Kyp's fingers clenched around the edge of the dresser. Why was the girl in his bed talking to Master Skywalker... )

So this is pretty much Zekk:

We all know he secretly liked it though okay.

(There was also a scene later where Jacen Solo notices a mark on Zekk's neck when he ties his hair back at the temple. Zekk gives one of these :| to a smirking Kyp across the room over Jacen's shoulder and Jacen notices it and goes batshit. Hey Jacen, u jelly.)

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