Sep. 11th, 2011 02:59 pm
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SO I AM BACK AND HAVE BEEN BACK SINCE DRAGON*CON REALLY but I am behind on pretty much everything except homework. I haven't been able to do any pictures or recaps or anything because the moment I got back until yesterday I was doing homework, studying for my first exam in one of my courses and taking said exam. I still have to finish up a webdesign assignment for tonight and then I might finally get around to fixing/uploading some photos and, you know, FUN STUFF.

And catching up on LJ too, holy crap. O_O
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So besides successful Crafty Times with Nate, Erin ([livejournal.com profile] omicron1337), Jeremy, Roger and Beth ([livejournal.com profile] bethii) yesterday, I am also now going to be the MAGICAL MAID OF HONOR in Erin's wedding next August!



Jun. 19th, 2011 06:15 pm
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I HAVEN'T DISAPPEARED INTO NON-INTERNET LANDS!!!1 From the 4th - 12th, I was on a cruise with my Mom, Duane, Valerie, Brian and Nate. I had never been on one before and didn't know what to expect but I had a lot of fun and GAINED FIVE POUNDSSSSSSSS! The food was so delicious. I will have pictures and stuff soon when I'm not so...

(Here's the awesome part of the update--) when I'm not so sick! Yayyy! I get back from vacation and get another sinus infection! That made me so angry cause I got back from vacation and thought, "Awesome, now I just go to work this week and then this weekend I can unpack, clean everything, work on costumes, work on some of my craft projects and update some websites!"

Aaaaaaand I've basically been half asleep and out of it on the couch. Nate came over and we watched a billion episodes of The Mentalist after he took me to the doctor. I was gonna wait until the week and make an appointment with the place I usually go to, but yesterday I just got really crappy and my neck hurt like hell and I was basically sitting around like O_O so Nate thought maybe we should find a place that was open on Saturday. There was a Five Guys beside it. So doctor's office, Five Guys, pharmacy and then more Mentalist. Naturally, the antibiotics make me feel way crappier before they make me better. So today I'm just out of it. But I wanted to post because I am baaaaaaaaaackackacakckackkackakckakk.


(I missed you guys~ <333333)
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So Tuesday happened to be the two year anniversary of my first date with Nate, which is crazy because it seems like yesterday I met him for the first time and he had just graduated from college. And he was telling me that the black t-shirt he was wearing was his only clean t-shirt and it was covered in fur from his parent's cats. I kind of adored him after that, I will admit. I AM SUCH A CAT LADY. D:

We went out to dinner and it was nice so we drove around a little with the windows open (I wish the weather was breezy and 70 degrees allllll the tiiiiime). We ended up near Micro Center which is this huuuuuge computer/electronics store and Nate was freaking out about it cause he had never been inside. He was all, "CAN WE GO? ;-;" I said yes, of course, we can. I had crazy flashbacks because last time I had been in that store was with my Dad and that was forever ago. I ended up getting him a Micro Center mousepad to send him cause I remember how nerdy he got in that store, much like Nate was acting oh my goodness.

Me: "-- let's save the gaming section for last."

It was like an adorable 6'3" kid in a candy store.

To match the Gentleman Octopus he got me for Christmas, he got me a Sombrero Octopus (THE MOUSTACHES I CAN'T RESIST HOW CUTE)! He also found a necklace of a robot holding a heart that sort of matches the one I made him out of sculpey last year. I made him wooden peg robots this year so next year I will have to think of something crazy~ XD

Speaking of bots, zhobot.net's (which is turning a year old soon!) forum has a logo! We might be looking for a new theme though... so I will update on that later. ALSO MAYBE UPDATES ON WEIRD PEG THINGS I MADE. Hehe. I had been having too much fun with peg people. Also, with chainmail jewelry. o_o
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Last Wednesday was the 30 Seconds to Mars concert and OH MY GOODNESS. I was like, "lol okay going to see 30 Seconds to Mars cool yayyyyyyy" cause I have liked them since their first album and I've always had my girlcrush on Jared Leto and all that jazz. But seriously, that concert was amazing and CHANGED MY LIFE OR SOME NONSENSE. Kings and Queens came on the radio today and I wanted to burst out in tears of happy cause it made me think of how awesome it was live with all the people they brought up on stage. Everyone in the audience just seemed so together.

I was prepared to be absolutely annoyed at the audience singing everything cause Jared likes to let the audience sing. But it worked. I was also prepared for a semi-crap concert. All the reviews I read of some of the previous recent shows were all, "ugh the band seems tired. jared lets the audience sing everything. they have no energy anymore."

But they floored me with how excited they were. Jared was running around and spinning in circles and going crazy and Tomo was Tomo (aka crazy-awesome) and Shannon was killing the drums so hard. Here is the panoramic photo they took at our show (Jared and Shannon - Tomo is in the lower right, lololol) with a guy they pulled up on stage. Jared pulled him up cause his mohawk was awesome and reminded him of the mohawk he used to have.

There are empty seats in the back cause Jared saw empty space on the floor and invited "anyone who wants to" down to the floor. People rushed. XDDDD

Nate and I were up on the right side of the stage. The view was awesome and we were satisfied. But then they got to "The Kill" which is one of my favorite 30STM's songs and Jared came into the audience two rows ahead of us - the fangirl inside of me exploded.


You can see me and Nate around 2:00 - 2:20 right at the top of the screen. We're both like "DUUUUHHHHHHHH" and I'm trying to snap a photo with my cell (I have a black shirt on and a white shirt draped over my shoulder). I grin like a d-bag, give a WOOOOO! and then as he wanders off you can see me pretty much watching him like this: O__________O

Basically, "IS THIS REAL LIFE?"

Nate was doing the same thing. After he walked off we looked at each other and were both like, "JDFKAJIJDIOEHFJIEF HE WAS RIGHT THERE HAHAHA DUDE~"

Bottom line = I still love 30 Seconds to Mars no matter how many times they are labeled as an LOLOLOL EMO BANNNNDDDDDDDD. XDDDDDD

Also, the second photo for second Centuria Challenge game is done!

Game 2 - ToeJam and Earl by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

I made Earl and Nate made ToeJam. Our absolute favorite thing in the game is when they dance with the hula girls so our photo had to relate to that somehow. XDDDDD
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(And in short, thank you to the troops. <3)
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So today I cleaned more of my room. It was exciting. And by exciting I mean EXCITING AND DUSTY AND NOSTALGIC. I found a bunch of stuff to give away or sell and all that jazz, plus I'm getting rid of a lot of my cds. I know cds aren't "THE THING" anymore but there might be some collector of some of these bands out there, haha~ XD

I love cds so much, but I have no room for all these anymore. I mean there are cds littering my room. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. CDS EVERYWHEREEEEEE.

I was thinking about putting stuff up here first before I throw it on ebay/bonanza, to see if there's anything anyone is interested in. I found a bunch of purses and art books and all kinds of stuff. I also might put a list of the cds I'm getting rid of up here. If anyone sees anything they like I CAN SELL THEM FOR LIKE A DOLLAR TO YOU. If you just want MP3s of any of the cds, I can rip them for you FOR LIKE A DOLLAR lolol.

I'll figure out what's going on once I compile a list of all the stuff I'm gonna sell. There's some music I totally forgot I had. O_O!

AND NOW MY BACK IS IN PAAAIN and my arm cause I pulled a muscle while taking our broken tv to the electronics recycling thing today. EXCITEMENT!
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Or something like that! Happy New Year and all that jazz, even though I'm late with it. XD

My birthday was good (om nom nom Red Lobster and I got some magical Wonderflex thanks to my Mom - which I still need to play with - and a Nannerpuss necklace thanks to Nate, among other things, haha~). This weekend was also good - Nate and I went with Erin, Jeremy, Ronnie, Beth, Roger and Alex to ICE!!!1 It was cool, and by cool I mean two things - awesome and flipping cold. Of course, then we walked outside and it was like 55 degrees (last week was freezing with a wicked wind chill). WHAT ARE YOU DOING WEATHER, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

I moved my room around this weekend (and cleaned the hell out of it - it's still not done) with Nate's help and I forgot I had a floor. My room seriously looked like something out of Hoarders. Although, there are no animals hiding in my room or old, rotting food stuffs. sdjfajkljsdfd ewwwwwwgh.

I need to catch up on friendslist and everything internet-wise. But for now, HEY STAR WARS DUDESSSSS, time to find your copy of Shadows of the Empire and head on over to the forum to discuss Xizor being a creeper!

This is open to anyone, btw, not just people who have already read all the Star Wars books - cause I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see some people who have new opinions on everything. :D

Updates on the Centuria Challenge are coming soon too! We'll be starting the first game soon and we've decided that we're really gonna make it a challenge in all aspects and also make something creativity-related for each game - and there will be one photo of said creative item for each of the 100 games. Whether it's a ghetto costume or a puppet or something.

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So I have a bunch of random photos on my computer from after Dragon*Con and before the Disney World trip. I figured I would dump some here. Hehe.

PICSPAM INCLUDES: photos of Nate goofing off in Jacen and Caedus costumes (from the days I got these shots) - including me goofing off in a Tenel Ka costume as well, Halloween pictures, outside forestish pictures, some crap I made, Nate shutting me in a cop car, the prison... YOU KNOW, THE NORMAL.

Here is some randomness to start you off with... explanation of this one under the cut with the others from that day, hahaha~ XDDD


YAY PICSPAM. Now to try to do something productive, lol hurrrrr.

oh maaaan

Nov. 28th, 2010 09:15 pm
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I really need to catch up on my friendslist (ALSO HI NEW SPN FRIENDS! :D <333333) - I've been super lazy the past few days. My sister and brother-in-law were in town and there was Thanksgiving and I had to work some on Friday and then Saturday we were all lazy and watched a marathon of American Gladiators (the reboot - ZEN! WOLF! CRUSH! lolol loooooooove it) pretty much ALL DAY LONG.

So I need to catch up on the magical FL and clean up around here (I started cleaning some already and moved all the costume/fabric/etc. boxes around OH MAN) and tonight I'm putting some new shirts (and other random things XD) on Cafepress along with some other crap (new jewelry, new pins, etc.) on Etsy. SO THERE WILL BE THAT SOON.

But I need to shower right now cause I'm gross (NASSSSSTY). D:


Nov. 14th, 2010 10:48 pm
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So I didn't make it to Anime USA this past weekend because Thursday I came down with a sinus infection. Yayyyy. Plus, Nate was out of town (how come I always get sick when he goes out of town? :|). Basically, this weekend was a lot of sprawling out on the couch or bed and either watching tv, playing Fallout: New Vegas or sleeping. And, of course, antibiotics/nasal spray/other drugs doctor told me to take. ALSO YAY COUGHING.

I'm not sure what to do about holiday cards this year -- cause I want to send out postcards from Disney AND holiday cards but you guys know how slow I am when it comes to sending things out. So I think I will send one or the other. BUT I'M NOT SURE WHICH ONE YET. D:

PLZ PLZ respond if you have a preference! I'll be asking for addresses and all that jazz a little later. <3333
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Aaaaand here is where my body gets confused cause it feels like it's later than it is but I'm not completely tired and I should be in bed but I'm not and I AM GOING AROUND IN CIRCLESSSSSSS

Fading - Jacen Solo and Caedus by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

(LOOK I EMBEDDED SOMETHING the world is ending what is this)

I got this done which makes me happy cause I got something done. I still need to update a whole ton of websites and fix a bunch of photos (and finish the Long Walk calendar for Cafepress) and CLEEEAAAAAAN. But I have been sort of bleh. Like I find myself just sitting around. Maybe staring at the tv. Or the wall. Or the ceiling. Or where the wall and the ceiling meet. It's been pretty awesome. :|

But I got this done. And I also started on my new sleeves for my Tempest Tenel Ka costume (after forever, lol). So they are small things. But they're a start.

They're better than staring at where the wall and the ceiling meet.

(I know people totally make fun of Tokio Hotel, but I'm sorry. I am a closet fangirl for some of their songs. D: ESPECIALLY THIS ONE)
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Schedule for Celebration V Nonvention is online! I'm sure it'll be more like a rough outline of a schedule and we'll goof off most of the weekend, BUT WE TRIED. ;D


I have come to the conclusion that I would like to be really good at something I like to do. Thing is, I have a lot of fun doing different things (writing, webdesign, costumes, crafts, photography), and I'm alright at all those things -- but I would like to be really, really good with at least one of them.

I just don't know how to go about this. D:
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Last night I finally beat Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core -- I played it for a good while when it came out and then put it down for awhile and recently I picked it back up. Now, I knew what happens in the ending (since you know what happens if you've played FFVII, lol) but when I saw it all happen it was WTF SOUL-CRUSHING. D:

(Zaaaaaaack, I already miss your beachside squats, hehehehehe.)

And my heart almost skipped a beat when it showed the beginning of FF7 with Cloud on top of the train and crap.

SPEAKING OF FINAL FANTASY... Nate and I went to Final Fantasy in Concert (Distant Worlds) Friday night and it was amazing. They did a surprising amount of FF8 music (which I'm surprised about since it usually just gets bashed -- I ALWAYS HAD A SOFT SPOT FOR IT D:) and I was really, really excited to hear The Man With The Machine Gun, which is Laguna's battle theme. Laguna never gets enough credit ever and he is so awesome, so that song made me giddy.

It was also awesome cause I saw two people I hadn't seen since high school that used to be part of the group I always hung out with. The part that made me REALLY GIDDY was the fact that they're engaged. SO CUTE~ <333 She's in school to become a dentist now and she's coming home in December for break so we all made plans to hang out. Also, he got her into playing Final Fantasy now and that is SO CUTE TOO~ XDDDD

The concert made me realize how much Final Fantasy has shaped me and my fandom world (aka how it has corrupted me, lol) and I got all wibbly and nostalgic while watching at the concert.

...and Swing de Chocobo was ADORABLE. <333333



Jul. 15th, 2010 11:27 pm
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I really, really, really want to thank everyone who took the time to comment on the last entry. <3 It really means a lot to have support like that with all this stuff going on. Everything sort of went on hold for the last week or so and I'm hoping I have the coherency to get back into it all now.

It's really weird to just have Maeby wandering around the house and she's been spending a lot more time near me now (she is usually all over Mom 24/7). We were discussing this and we possibly think maybe (lol Maeby) that either Maeby could've been jealous and catty (haha again) about Thing (since Thing was usually all over me and attached to my side especially when I would be on the couch) or she knows something is wrong and I haven't been my usual self so she's trying to make me feel better. Which, if so... aw.

I also found Thing's little red mouse by my bedroom door. I saw it and actually started chuckling a bit. For real, this thing was like the size of her head and she chewed it so much that she basically tore the ass off of it. There's white stuffing coming from its backside and she used to bring it to my closed door at night and yowl her head off until I opened the door, thanked her for her "kill" and let her in to sleep. The meows sounded very funny when she had the mouse in her mouth. I would wake up and think there was some crazy person yodeling outside until I looked at the door and realized the YOOOOWWWWFFFYOOOWWFFFFF was coming from her outside my room. With a mouse toy that was pooing stuffing.

Overall, I'm extremely happy Thing lived a long life but I will always miss her not just cause she was a family pet but because she was such a super sweet cat. Most pleasant and chill cat ever. <3

Alright, attempting to get back into some form of Heather-normalcy. Let's see how this goes. FOCUSSSSS.
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So I got [livejournal.com profile] sevensatellites online and it was supposed to go online at the same time as the counterpart website Drifting in Nines. I basically was taking my personal site, my cosplay site and my writing site and rolling them all into one. I wanted them both to be online somewhere around the beginning of March. AS YOU CAN SEE THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN, HUR HUR.

But after months of picture-fiddling and making new thumbnails and other asshattery, the site is finally online! :D

(and for new fanfictions, mixes, costume crap, photo stuff, crafty crap
and other jazz of the sort, check out the companion LJ [livejournal.com profile] sevensatellites! ;D)

I haven't added the Balticon costumes yet (there are the two new ones to add) and a few of the ones on the site are ghetto goofing off outfits or Halloween stuff -- but with all of them together (including the ones that will be added from Balticon) that's 54 costumes. o_o I guess that's understandable since this has been a hobby since 2001 (that long and I'm nowhere near the best BY FAR, AT ALL haha XD)~ The thing with me and costuming is that I love meeting other people in fandoms (especially the weird obscure ones <3) and I have so much fun doing it. Plus, I am a huge dork.

Also, my costumes pretty much stem from how much I love these characters. I never do costumes of characters I don't know or don't like, it just doesn't seem too me, haha. XD I'm more about the character than the outfit -- as you can see a lot of my costumes end up being plain clothes (Silent Hill characters, Buster Bluth, etc.) but that's because the character doesn't wear anything more awesome than that. And I mean, come on character-wise, if I didn't love Tenel Ka so much I wouldn't have made seven TK outfits. D:

I just wish more people would have fun costuming/cosplaying. It is a hobby; it is supposed to be fun for everyone doing it! <3

HUZZAH THE SITE IS FINALLY DONE! And on the heels of that, I'm working on a new layout for WTF -- that one is actually almost done cause there's not 2304892384 thumbnails to remake, lol. So that should be up soon as well!
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Yesterday was my one year anniversary with Nate. XD We went to the same restaurant we ate at on our first date and acted pretty much just as geeky, if not more, than we have in the past year. We started talking on the magical (and by magical I kind of mean usually more creepy) OKCupid -- [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be, [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow & [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul and I would sit around in chats and yammer on about random fandom things (costumes, books, tv shows, etc.) while all of us trolled OKC on the side and shared profiles with the rest of the chat (and giggled and snarked and fangirled). I found Nate one day, shared with the chat, questioned on whether or not I should LOL MESSAGE HIM and everything sort of went on from there.

I still, to this day, love the fact that one of the main reasons he messaged me back the first time was because I had a picture of me cosplaying as a Little Sister from BioShock in my profile. Yesssssss. So through that and the giant snowstorms and the Lisey's Story references he makes and the video gaming and the midday napping and the running around and creative meetings and him singing BT in the car and the dates and everything -- I am looking forward to many more years of this. <333

Worked some on the new pieces for my YJK Tenel Ka costume Sunday. I liked the way the top part of the bolero came out. I was trying to hem it and I was getting pissed cause it kept puckering, but when I stopped and looked at it with the puckers it actually looked more rough and, you know, animalish. It's supposed to be hide from some mega-GFFA animal, so I figured I'd keep it like that and actually attempt to pucker some of it. The new shorts aren't cooperating though, so if I can't get the new shorts to cooperate (since they are the same matchy fabric as the bolero) then I'll just be wearing the old bolero and shorts to BaltiCon (and the new belt and bag) and save messing with the shorts for later.

I still have to sew the Queen Mother outfit -- the dress and the jacket, so I'm not gonna spend all my time right now on a costume I already have parts of done. Hehe. MUST HURRY AND FINISH BEFORE NEXT WEEKEND. O_O

Still don't know what's wrong. The GI (who I saw again today) doesn't think it's a digestive/GI-related/etc. issue. And then the back doctor thinks I should do physical therapy (2-3 times a week for 4 weeks). That's pretty much the only road I haven't fully traveled at the moment and I don't know where else to go. :| The general practice doctor said last week if the pain keeps up they'll send me to Hopkins or Georgetown -- you know, I'll be like a person on House. D:

I got the Myst online game -- something I couldn't play before cause of computer and internet speeds. BUT I CAN PLAY IT NOW. And I've been having lots of fun with it actually... I was skeptical. But it's interesting. I definitely nerd out when I get to D'ni. Every single time.
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So I still don't know wtf is going on with this pain. I've been to my doctor twice, two specialists (three times altogether) and the freakin' hospital. And everyone is just sort of like, "Duuhhhh whattttt"

I don't have any leave left at at work thanks to all these damn appointments and tests so I am about 95% sure I will have to cancel my California trip (and lose all the money that will be non-refundable from airline tickets and shit). I am pretty pissed off about it all. And to top it all off, I'M STILL IN PAIN. :|

I've been trying to focus on creative things (costumes, websites, fanfiction) to make myself feel better but I can't really focus on anything at all usually because of the pain. I have to lay a certain way to get any sleep, I have to stand up and walk around cause if I sit too long it hurts -- piiiisssssssssssed off.

I mean, I wrote a beginning to the ZOMG HORROR SW FIC I have actually been excited about and I don't know if I like it or not. I have been second guessing myself on it. IT'S LIKE THREE PARAGRAPHS LONG AND I AM HAVING FULL ON DEBATES WITH MYSELF ABOUT IT. WHAT IS THIS, SELF? THIS IS FANFICTIONNNNNNNNN WHATTTTTTTT. This is making me do silly things.

So I told myself today in a motivational fashion, I said, "Heather, you are more awesome than this pain. You can get shit done and kick the pain in the ass somehow. It will go away. You will be able to do stuff besides stare at the ceiling while being all sprawled out on the couch."

(Don't ask me where pain got an ass from. D:)

After all that monologuing with myself, I decided that I WILL focus on other things (dammit) and I WILL get all my creative crap done. This means writing, costumes, buttons, websites and making all the damn jewelry I've wanted to make with the random pieces that are piling up around me.

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I have been out of the loop on a lot of things lately because the weird phantom midsection pain is back. I've been to the doctors, then to a specialist and have already had a few tests run. They still don't know what it is. I have another doctor visit on May 4th and then another test they want to run scheduled for May 13th. So hopefully something turns up and whatever it is can get taken care of, because the last weekend in May is BaltiCon and then the next weekend is when Nate and I leave for California for a week and meet up there will Valerie and Brian.


Seven years ago on the 23rd I wrote/posted my first Star Wars fanfiction. WTF, seven years. Yes, it was Jacen/Tenel Ka, of course (and 50+ fanfictions about them were written by me after this one... whaaaaaat the hellol) and it takes place during Destiny's Way. I am reposting it because I'm hoping to get back into the writing swing of things soon MAYBE THIS WILL INSPIRE ME OR SOMETHING... HUZZAH STORYTIME.

(I am so out of it. D:)

At Least Smile )

On the costume front, I remade my belt and pouch for my YJK Tenel Ka outfit. Once I redo the top layer of the bolero and the shorts, then I will be finished with that and will move onto cutting out the Queen Mother getup and making the HAR HAR ACCESSORIES for that costume. I also need to figure out what to do with my hair for that too. I need to fit the dress I have for Chuck -- Nate and I almost finished the Pie Hole box this weekend. The handles need to be added still, and Nate still needs to find his shoes for Ned but besides all that the PD costumes will be done. :D

I love RuPaul's Drag Race. <3 Such an awesome and slightly guilty pleasure show. XD
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I have been crazy busy lately, wtf when did this happen? I finished up a few big projects/documents at work that I have been working on for a couple months and I'm extremely relieved and excited they're finished, I'm almost done with my cosplay/personal giant massive website of doom and Saturday I helped Nate move all of his stuff from Maryland to Virginia into the new place he is renting. It has been busy but good. XD

But now it is time for an update! BECAUSE I MISS YOU, LJ. <3

Life: Wait I already updated that above. Hehe.

New Buddies: *waves to all the people from the magical friending memes as of late* Yayyyy!

Costumes: Last weekend I got some stuff done on costumes -- this hasn't happened in awhile! XD I worked on the design for the Queen Tenel Ka outfit I'm hoping to make/finish for Balticon (already got the fabric for the dress, need to get the fabric for the outer coat/cape thing), started a new pouch for my YJK Tenel Ka and painted the Pie Hole box and got shoes for my Chuck (Pushing Daisies) outfit. Sadly, Desert Rose Dee (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has been dropped from the Dragon*Con costume list cause we're not sure Brian would really want to walk around in long johns -- which is totally understandable, hahah. And Dee would be no fun without Charlie & the Waitress (plus we lack a Mac and a Dennis). This means there is an empty spot on my D*C costume list. It will most likely be filled by Chuck or possibly the new Queen Tenel Ka outfit or some other costume I will already have (it will definitely be Queen TK if there is a Caedus floating around somewhere)~ XD

RPPPPPPPPPING: MAJOR PLOT starts today at Mr. Multi-Fandom Revelry Junction. This is exciting because mostly it's been everyone getting settled and moping around for FOUR YEARS, LOL. They're finally gonna do something. I also think I might pick up Louis (L4D) and possibly James Sunderland (SH2). But Nate and I were talking the other night... Donald Duck totally has to come into the game. MUAHA.

Making Crap!: I got my button maker in the mail last week and I have been flipping out all weekend making all kinds of buttons from pictures I had around and pictures from old magazines (Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Mara Jade, Hotel Dusk, Silent Hill 3/4, The Sims, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, Xenosaga, BioShock, Mass Effect, Organization 13, Devil May Cry, THE LIST GOES ON AND ON~). I'll be putting some up on Etsy soon cause as much as I love making them I can't have them all sprawled around my workspace (there are some up right now!)~ XDDDD

Vacation: This weekend Mom, Duane and I are doing to the GLITTERING LAND OF PITTSBURGH (lol) to visit Valerie and Brian. I'll take pictures for my Photo midterm while I am there and also generally geek out, which is what we normally do when everyone is together. Also, SONIC. This will be hell on TEH WEIGHT WATCHERS, but WW can suck it for one weekend because Sonic is MAGIC (we don't have one around here -- which is why I find it so MAGICAL XD).

Then in June, Nate, Valerie, Brian and I are going to California! :o I have never been to CA (farthest I've been is Las Vegas and that was almost a decade ago) and I am excited because DISNEYLAAAAAAAAND. Now, I am a total Disney nerd. Especially when it comes to Walt Disney World. So to go to the park that started it all (excuse me, I'm having a total nerd moment here) and be strolling around the same places Walt Disney did, I will go crazy. <333

I am already apologizing to Nate, Valerie and Brian in advance because I already know (especially while waiting in line to ride their Space Mountain) I will be FLIPPING OUT AND KICKING PEOPLE IN THE FACE OUT OF EXCITEMENT. D:


I guess that's all for now. I will be updating this thing better now that I am not stressed from work and all that other jazz. <3 XD

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