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Things I have been putting off: posting the rest of the Dragon*Con photos, working on costumes, responding to LJ and dA comments, painting the 80+ pegs I need to paint for MAGFest which is at the beginning of 2012, cleaning anything and everything, rearranging things I want to rearrange, selling lots of old stuff, finding all the stuff I want to give away, RP, everything ever.

Now, I am a lazy person and I will admit that, but for the past couple months, all I have done is sleep - no real video game time, no crafting time, just couch + tv + blanket. And that is not like me. This is one of the reasons I didn't finish everything I wanted to finish for Dragon*Con. This is one of the reasons I have gotten absolutely nothing done since Dragon*Con. I get home from work and sleep. On the weekends, Nate comes over and we watch something and then I would say I needed a nap and sleep for five hours.

I even put off writing this damn post for six days. Every single day it was, "I will do it in a bit." And then I slept.

I finally went to the doctor last week and they did blood work. They called me Friday to tell me that everything looks fine except my white blood cell count is high, meaning my body is trying to fight off some sort of virus. Cool story bro. So, I'm going back tomorrow (they are supposedly running more tests) to let them know my head and neck and the upper portion of my back have been hurting like a bitch.

This weekend, after I did my two exams on Saturday morning, Nate stole me and brought me to a town about an hour south of where I live to a hotel. He wanted me to relax and not be stressed about all the shit I still need to get done and whatever is wrong with me and all that jazz, which I was very grateful for. We ended up at a Wal-Mart Supercenter at 11pm last night to get dinner (since I had slept from like... 6pm to 9pm :|) and we bought food and a nerf blaster and Halloween plates and went back to the hotel room and he shot nerf discs and I looked at a cookbook full of recipes you use lots of cream cheese in.

(Seriously, we went to a state park on Sunday and walked a trail that was 0.3 miles around a pond. We even stopped and sat down near the pond a couple times to look for turtles. After we finished this trail, I collapsed in the car. >| 0.3 miles. With stops.)

There are two things - media-wise - that have been keeping me sane. One is Foster the People. I kept hearing "Pumped Up Kicks" on the radio and I was all, "That song is kind of cool." So I went to Amazon and listened to samples of the rest of the album. It sounded alright. I needed new music so I said what the hell and bought it and it has been a lot better than I thought it would be.

The other thing... Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is one of those shows that I've always meant to watch. Then it showed up on Netflix's Instant Watch and I added it to my list. Erin, Ronnie, Jeremy, Roger, Beth and Denis were talking about it on Twitter awhile back and I thought, "Oh hey, that's on my list." Nate hadn't watched it yet either. So him and I started it. Aaaaaaaand pretty much got sucked in. Now, we started out both loving Zuko dearly because he was a bitch.

Buuuuuut, after the whole series we had three new MVPs.

We couldn't resist Iroh's awesomeness, Sokka's... Sokkaness, and Suki's kickassery. Plus, you know how I feel about warrior ladiezzzz and their completely doofy boys with lol so so amazing jokes.

So next year, along with the giant Avatar group Erin started talking about on Twitter, Nate and I are really effing excited to be putting these together for Dragon*Con 2012:

Nate knows he's gonna do WARRIOR SOKKAAAAAAAA, but he hasn't decided if he's gonna do the helmet yet or the awesome facepaint he wears in like one whole episodeeee (see inset, hehe). The facepaint would hide the fact that he is almost as pasty white as me, so there is that. Plus, it looks slick.

But yeah, that show has been a big part of me not just being a complete lump. I've watched the whole thing and love it to pieces.

(We're planning on doing this costume set at some point too, okay:


I am trying to finish my D*C photos and everything. SOON I PROMISE. ;-; Hopefully something good happens at the doctor's office tomorrow.
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I am very sorry I don't have time to elaborate on this - the lyrics and the dance magic here in this fanmix, especially. I wanted to do pictures for each song (and a back cover -- like last year) but I am so behind on everything costume AND homework-wise so I just have to throw this up here as is. Here is a small front cover and a tracklisting. ROAD TRIP MUSIC, FLIGHT MUSIC, WHATEVER IT WILL BE, PLZ ENJOY IT~ and look at my shameless love of pop music, 80's jams and other weird random music.

And I will see you at con. <3333

(For last year's mix, see here!)

1.) Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell" (Aw yeah!)
2.) Innerpartysystem - "And Together" (This. Song. Is my everything. It is my con jam. MY EVERYTHINGGGGG.)
3.) Michael Jackson - "Smooth Criminal"
4.) Junior Senior - "Hip Hop a Lula"
5.) Tesla Boy - "Liberating Soul"
6.) Madonna - "Express Yourself"
7.) Russell Simins - "I'm Not a Model"
8.) Rupaul - "Glamazon"
9.) Black Eyed Peas - "Rock That Body"
10.) Katy Perry - "Peacock"
11.) Tokio Hotel - "Human Connect to Human"
12.) Twin Shadow - "For Now"
13.) The Faint - "Glass Danse (Paul Oakenfold remix)"
14.) Ghostland Observatory - "Sad Sad City" (This is how the city feels when everyone leaves awww.)
15.) Boston - "Don't Look Back"

If you'd like to partake in the craziness, be my guest, bros: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6X9L4X0X

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Last Wednesday was the 30 Seconds to Mars concert and OH MY GOODNESS. I was like, "lol okay going to see 30 Seconds to Mars cool yayyyyyyy" cause I have liked them since their first album and I've always had my girlcrush on Jared Leto and all that jazz. But seriously, that concert was amazing and CHANGED MY LIFE OR SOME NONSENSE. Kings and Queens came on the radio today and I wanted to burst out in tears of happy cause it made me think of how awesome it was live with all the people they brought up on stage. Everyone in the audience just seemed so together.

I was prepared to be absolutely annoyed at the audience singing everything cause Jared likes to let the audience sing. But it worked. I was also prepared for a semi-crap concert. All the reviews I read of some of the previous recent shows were all, "ugh the band seems tired. jared lets the audience sing everything. they have no energy anymore."

But they floored me with how excited they were. Jared was running around and spinning in circles and going crazy and Tomo was Tomo (aka crazy-awesome) and Shannon was killing the drums so hard. Here is the panoramic photo they took at our show (Jared and Shannon - Tomo is in the lower right, lololol) with a guy they pulled up on stage. Jared pulled him up cause his mohawk was awesome and reminded him of the mohawk he used to have.

There are empty seats in the back cause Jared saw empty space on the floor and invited "anyone who wants to" down to the floor. People rushed. XDDDD

Nate and I were up on the right side of the stage. The view was awesome and we were satisfied. But then they got to "The Kill" which is one of my favorite 30STM's songs and Jared came into the audience two rows ahead of us - the fangirl inside of me exploded.


You can see me and Nate around 2:00 - 2:20 right at the top of the screen. We're both like "DUUUUHHHHHHHH" and I'm trying to snap a photo with my cell (I have a black shirt on and a white shirt draped over my shoulder). I grin like a d-bag, give a WOOOOO! and then as he wanders off you can see me pretty much watching him like this: O__________O

Basically, "IS THIS REAL LIFE?"

Nate was doing the same thing. After he walked off we looked at each other and were both like, "JDFKAJIJDIOEHFJIEF HE WAS RIGHT THERE HAHAHA DUDE~"

Bottom line = I still love 30 Seconds to Mars no matter how many times they are labeled as an LOLOLOL EMO BANNNNDDDDDDDD. XDDDDDD

Also, the second photo for second Centuria Challenge game is done!

Game 2 - ToeJam and Earl by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

I made Earl and Nate made ToeJam. Our absolute favorite thing in the game is when they dance with the hula girls so our photo had to relate to that somehow. XDDDDD
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If you'll excuse me for a moment I need to take some time out to gush about a certain musician, lol. If you look at my last.fm profile, you'll see my top artist is Akira Yamaoka (the man behind the Silent Hill soundtracks). And while I love him and his music to death, it's the second artist on my most listened to list that I am here gushing about.

Her name is Kate Bush. My mom has loved her for a very long time and when I was little and heard my mom listening to her I was instantly intrigued - that voice. Tori Amos, Florence + the Machine and Bat for Lashes are just three of the artists who have been compared to and inspired by her -- others inspired and influenced by her? Bjork, Bloc Party, Lady Gaga, OutKast, Muse, Goldfrapp & Coldplay -- to name a few (besides the aforementioned Tori Amos, Florence Welch and Natasha Kahn).

I've listened to her for years now and my life would be complete if I could see her in concert (oh my god i would turn into a blubbering, crying mess SO HARD). She's only been on one tour and that was before I was born. When I was little I used to dance around to her music in the living room in my LITTLE PINK DANCE CLOTHES standing in front of PROPPED UP WHERE'S WALDO BOOKS (usually the Vampire castle scene - it was mysterious looking, you see, and that fit with the Kate Bush motif in my mind - i have no idea). I can occasionally be found NOW with my headphones on wandering around singing and dancing to some Kate Bush song - I would squee in excitement if I could sing to one of her songs on Rock Band or something (NOT THAT MY VOICE COULD MATCH HERS AT ALL HOLY CRAP). I just... I can't express my love for this woman and her music well enough.

AMEN: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/8380775/Why-we-should-all-love-Kate-Bush.html

Here, let me tell you what only six of her songs are about and other fun random things.

1.) A woman who is approached by a man one night at a party who flipped a coin and basically said if it was heads then they were dancing together. She was charmed by this man and thought he looked familiar but didn't find out who he was until the next morning when she saw the paper. The man was Hitler. (Heads We're Dancing)

2.) A view of psychologist Wilhelm Reich's arrest and imprisonment through the eyes of his young son, Peter. Wilhelm Reich is the inventor of the cloudbuster -- a machine that could make clouds and rain. The video always makes me tear up, especially when the government is taking Dad/Wilhelm (Donald Sutherland) away in the "big black car"... (Cloudbusting)

3.) Audio warfare. It tells of a secret military installation where plans are being put into motion to find a sound so horrific it could kill people. The video used to give me nightmares -- and LOL TINY YOUNG HUGH LAURIE (HOUSE ZOMG - SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT HIM) is in it! Seriously, the song itself scares the shit out of me. I love it. The maniacal cackling -- the violins, my god the violins in this song are so downright absolutely haunting. (Experiment IV)

4.) This song has been covered numerous times (Placebo, Tori Amos, Little Boots, Faith and the Muse [I heard FatM play this cover at Dragon*Con and seriously almost peed my pants of excitement], Within Temptation & The Williams Blakes, among others) and is about a man and a woman in a relationship swapping roles to see how the other works and thinks -- making a deal with God to get a deeper understanding of the other sex. I read an article on the album this was originally on (Hounds of Love, which is -- pardon me -- fucking brilliant) and how she spent hours and hours trying to get the perfect sounds and the perfect melodies and noises and everything for this song. She's a perfectionist and it's shows. (Running Up That Hill)

5.) "You've made a wake of our honeymoon..." -- This song is about a movie, it is amazing. Here:

"...a driven, almost impenetrable woman who is hell-bent on exacting revenge upon five men who have wronged her. On the day of her wedding, someone shot and killed the groom, her life-long love, and she, after considering suicide herself, sets out to even the score. She methodically enters the lives, albeit briefly, of each man she holds responsible, planning his demise to some degree, yet taking into consideration the surroundings and the devices at hand when carrying out the killings. She then checks them off as though they were items on a grocery list before moving on to the next one..."

Amazing. XD

And I am always giddy at the background vocals: "Nevermind, she got the guy!" (The Wedding List)

6.) This one is about a woman who is pregnant after a nasty bout of atomic warfare. The mother very much aware of what is going on and frightened by nuclear fallout and how it will affect her baby, which implies that the song is set either during a nuclear war scare or a post-apocalyptic birth. The last two and a half minutes of this song are are so damn powerful and unsettling. Every single time this song comes on random I have to stop what I'm doing and listen to it. I can't help it. I get chills when she's practically begging at the end for something to breathe. CHILLS, DAMMIT. (Breathing)

(Aaaaaaand everytime I hear it, my mind screams FALLOUT 3 FANMIX.)

Because I think everyone should have a little Kate Bush in their lives, here are ten songs (from her library of roughly a couple hundred perhaps) for you. It was really effing hard to pick only ten. D:

01.) Running Up That Hill (from Hounds of Love - 1985)
02.) Pull Out the Pin (from The Dreaming - 1982)
03.) Breathing (from Never for Ever - 1980)
04.) Experiment IV (from The Whole Story - 1986)
05.) The Big Sky (from Hounds of Love - 1985)
06.) The Song of Solomon (from The Red Shoes - 1993)
07.) The Wedding List (from Never for Ever - 1980)
08.) Heads Were Dancing (from The Sensual World - 1989)
09.) Cloudbusting (from Hounds of Love - 1985)
10.) Walk Straight Down the Middle (from The Sensual World - 1989)


Her voice makes me mellltttttttttttttttttttt. GIRLCRUSH. I'm not kidding, I love this woman so damn much. <3

P.S. You know that song "This Woman's Work" that 80% of the population calls THAT MAXWELL SONG!!11 That's a Kate Bush song. When people call it THAT MAXWELL SONG, it almost makes me as angry as when people are like OMG THAT DONNIE DARKO SONG FOR THE MOVIE BY GARY JULES. When it should be THAT TEARS FOR FEARS SONG THAT WAS COVERED FOR DONNIE DARKO. lol i take my 80's music for serious. Especially Kate Bush and Tears for Fears. <333

P.S.S. I've used her songs on 9 of my fanmixes. Awww yes.

P.S.S.S. I just watched that shit-ass Rebecca Black video then went back and looked at this post. Somehow, if it was even possible, Kate Bush got 1,000 times cooler to me (WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THE DAYS OF THE WEEK "WE WE WE SO EXCITED"... REALLY?).
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I still need to catch up completely on friendslist and the internet in general (I would also like to stop failing at responding to LJ comments in a timely manner dfjakjsdjf STARTING TODAY), but Katsucon was awesome and here are some bullet points concerning other things. SOON THERE WILL BE A CON REPORT (hopefully tomorrow)!

-- The Regular Show is amazing. We discovered it at Katsucon while lounging in the room. My bb [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet and I have now started quoting everywhere. "OOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOH~"

-- The new Radiohead and Innerpartysystem albums are gorgeous. <3

-- Reading The Truce at Bakura for the Expanded Universe Readthrough, trying to figure out what my MSPaint picture will be for this month. Thinking what a SisisisisiisssiiRRUUKuukuk would look like in MSPaint. I think I might go for it. Can't be any worse than my Xizor from last month.

-- I rounded up all my wigs yesterday and did a WIGVENTORY. It was interesting. I might post results cause I might need opinions about using them for things. D: AND I TRUST YOU GUYS WITH WIGS

-- Nate and I finished Death Note the when we got back from the con the other day. The ending. DELICIOUS. Nate fell asleep around 1am, while I was watching the first live action movie (I kept going LOLOLOL SHUYA NANAHARA WHERE'S YOUR COLLAR every time Light came on screen) and then I'm in the middle of the first issue of the manga. I DON'T KNOW I CAN'T HELP IT-- also, I can't decide whether I love L or Near more. Near fits my WHITE HAIRED BOYS I LOVE list, while L is just... effing L. He is such a magical creeper. <3

-- I should be getting Ghost Trick for the DS this week, hopefully. EXCITED!

-- I... I bought tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars in April. I know all the LOL EMO 30 SECONDS TO MARS and all that stuff but DAT MUSIC BRO. DAT JARED LETO i'm sorry i can't help that either. SEE ICON D: I feel bad for Nate cause I'm gonna revert to like 17 years old when we go that night. OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE IT? HE JUST BLINKED! NATE. JARED LETO JUST BLINKED, HOOOOOSHI--

-- HI to all the new friends from the Star Wars: EU friending meme! <333333

Here is a random picture from Katsucon before I sleep (or read more Death Note lol wut):



(I miss everyone from con so bad. ;-; Especially the 999 crew - so much hourspersonsdoors crack. <3)
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Aaaaand here is where my body gets confused cause it feels like it's later than it is but I'm not completely tired and I should be in bed but I'm not and I AM GOING AROUND IN CIRCLESSSSSSS

Fading - Jacen Solo and Caedus by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

(LOOK I EMBEDDED SOMETHING the world is ending what is this)

I got this done which makes me happy cause I got something done. I still need to update a whole ton of websites and fix a bunch of photos (and finish the Long Walk calendar for Cafepress) and CLEEEAAAAAAN. But I have been sort of bleh. Like I find myself just sitting around. Maybe staring at the tv. Or the wall. Or the ceiling. Or where the wall and the ceiling meet. It's been pretty awesome. :|

But I got this done. And I also started on my new sleeves for my Tempest Tenel Ka costume (after forever, lol). So they are small things. But they're a start.

They're better than staring at where the wall and the ceiling meet.

(I know people totally make fun of Tokio Hotel, but I'm sorry. I am a closet fangirl for some of their songs. D: ESPECIALLY THIS ONE)
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SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! [/monster truck commercial voice]

(Under this cut: Tooling around the Expanded Universe!, I get tipsy off of one drink, adult themes in Star Wars THEY EXIST, CELLLLLLLLLLDWELLLLLLLER!)

SUNDAY - Is he hot? ... Yeah. Hey Nate, do you think he's hot? ... Yes. )

Next will be Monday/Tuesday! Which will include the Tenel Ka/Caedus/Tahiri/Ben crack, AW YEAH. hurhurrrrrr
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So in about 8 DAYS Dragon*Con will commence. It's four days full of MAAAAGIC. No really, I've been to a few different cons and a few different "types" of cons (strictly anime, sci-fi, etc.) -- Dragon*Con is seriously the best convention I've ever been too. This probably sounds totally insane, but it sort of feels like going to another home of yours. Like you're going to visit that crazy Aunt and Uncle you always loved and they let you jump on the furniture and eat sugar after your bedtime and stuff. You feel like you belong there.

The people who go are of all ages, all walks of life and represent and love all kinds of fandoms. And I rarely see rude assholes there. Usually if I do, they're people who aren't part of the convention.

Also, if you wear that costume you have from that really obscure fandom, you can bet there will be at least one person who says something to you. If The Long Walk by Stephen King gets recognized, then I think just about anything has a chance of finding a fan. :D

It'll be my 8th Dragon*Con this year and every year it seems to get better and better.

Nate and I are driving and we'll be leaving Wednesday night (the 1st of September) - I figured HEY WE'LL NEED LOTS OF MUSIC. But we could start the drive with the DRAGON*CON MIX OF 2010. RIGHT? XD

If you need music to listen to on the way to the con too, go on and grab this beeyatch and get in the mood from some CRAZY. TIMESSSSSS. These songs can all lead to dancing and insanity and just all around mmm tsss mmm tsss, if you know what I mean (I can already hear the dances that start at 3am now!)~

(What a... fun... sexy time for you... - POINTS IF YOU KNOW THIS LINE. XD)

So yeah, here is a mix - it's downloadable right here! And all the pictures featured in this thing were from my camera (meaning I took them unless I'm in them, hahah) except the awesome shot of the Atlanta skyline and the Cruxshadows picture. ;D


And even if you aren't going (meaning I will be kidnapping you and putting you in my suitcase at some point in the next week) pick this up for some odd songs to add to your collection. ;D
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SO WE HAVE AN OFFICIAL NAME FOR THE FORUM NOW. To go along with the bots and such, the forum will now be called THE CIRCUIT BOARD, lol. Well, not with the lol, but you know what I mean. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T JOINED YET, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! XD

(I love me some zombies, but the theme now features a ROBOT. And I'll be making lots o' fandom themes too. XD)

We're finally moving the BioShock RP over to it (since subaccounts are figured out!) and I'm tempted to open something like fandomNET on it again since there are subaccounts now. Meaning you only need to login as one person, but can post from ANY subaccount you have while logged in under that one name. :D

Also, the Expanded Universe Readthrough will be starting within the next couple months and the YOUMIX/SELFMIX/FANMIX OF YOUR CHOICE is hitting the board on August 1st! So I hope everyone is working on their mixes! :D

Last weekend Nate and I were washing costume stuff for D*C and he mentioned something about one of the items (I can't remember what it was -- I think it was the way we needed to wash it or the temp. or something). Something he had caught and remembered to say before we put everything in the wash. I said, "Good eye."

Of course, right after that I wanted to instantly add "Sniper" like the line from the song A Flavor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria (cause you know I love me some Coheed and Cambria) but I refrained cause I didn't think he would remember the song or anything (or, you know, he'd give me a silly HAHA WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT look -- I get those a lot). Two seconds later, as he's pulling his Guybrush pants out of the wash, he goes, "Sniper."

I just looked at him like so: :|????? And he's all, "The song..." Me: "You remember that?"

Then I giggled because I am a stupid fangirl and got all giddy that Nate remembered something like that and called it back with no hesitation. WHERE DID THIS KID COME FROM? INSERT HEART HERE.



How many of you Expanded Universe costumers would be able to make a photoshooty/gathering on the Sunday morning of Dragon*Con? And if so, WHAT COSTUME WILL YOU BE WEARING? :D

(Jedi Strike Team will be Friday morning/afternoon, methinks, so don't count those in the question of this post -- I'm talking any other EU costumes besides that one. Hehe~)


P.S. New MSPaint over at [livejournal.com profile] trex_moves. I JUST BLUE MYSELF. <3!
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So besides the echuta.net facebook page there's lots of other crap. I was just prematurely excited about that and posted it lol whoops I am Finn Hudson.

1.) MACE WINDU (aka [livejournal.com profile] winduland) has his own facebook page now. His adventures will be much easier to post on there. So if you would like to friend Mace, he is pimping it up on Facebook RIGHT HERE! He needs friends. He is a sad, lonely Jedi.

2.) THE GIANT STAR WARS: EXPANDED READTHROUGH OF CRACK. That's starting soon. Everything's getting figured out and I think it looks like we might be starting out with Shadows of the Empire (cause we were all like, LOL PREQUELS WHAT?). If you would like to join in the craziness, join up and give us the I'M IN over at THE THREAD! And everyone is welcome, whether you've read the books or ever been on one of our boards or not. THE MORE, THE MERRIER (AND MORE INSANE XD)~

3.) THE YOUMIX. There is a fanmix/soundtrack project over on the forum. It's basically making a soundtrack of YOOOOOU. Whether it's favorite songs or songs that describe you or whatever. Basically it's to learn a little about everyone and HEAR SOME MAGICAL NEW MUSIC! Come on over and check it out and all that crap -- cause everyone loves music. EVERYONE LOVES MUSIC EXCEPT TOOLS. :(

Wow, I am out of it. I THINK IT MIGHT BE BEDTIME. Oooorrrrr Wordmaster time?
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So the medication I had been on for over a week had done nothing to my condition. Specialist told me to stop taking it when I saw him on Thursday. He was able to bump up one of my tests to Tuesday though, instead of two weeks from now, so that's good at least. Maybe I'll actually find out what this thing is. You know, find out specifically what it is instead of it just being THAT PAIN OMGGAfjasdfjasdfka.

LET'S MOVE ON TO MORE EXCITING THINGS, SHALL WE (and by more exciting things I mean me rambling about Star Wars fanfiction and music this percocet is totally making me loopy you guys)

I was driving to work the other morning trying to ignore the pain (it is always at its worst when I'm sitting down) and I was listening to RuPaul's latest cd (it is so damn catchy and awesome, ngl). I was on the song "Tranny Chaser" and Ru said "May the Fierce Be With You"...

Of course, in my warped and out there current state this opened up a door that I probably shouldn't have opened, but I did. And yes, it is Star Wars fanfiction. I have no idea what the premise will be yet, or the major plot details or anything. I just know that some of the boys need to be in drag. I think it also needs a lavish song and dance number. This set of ideas helped me forget that I was hurting at least for a few wonderful moments. Heh. Maybe if I start writing then it'll go away completely.

I also had the urge to completely revamp a Star Wars horror story I had been working on. I always liked the end idea I had for it, but I previously had never reached that point and sort of stopped working on it. I have more ideas for the middle now though, and now I am wanting to write it so baaaaaaaddddddddddddddd.

New Coheed & Cambria, new Crystal Castles and Yeasayer's release all = YES PLEASE. I really never give Crystal Castles enough props and I should cause they are awesome and some of the songs on this are just hypnotizing. D: And I cannot even begin to express my love for the new Coheed & Cambria cd. As a super plus, three of the songs are now DLC for Rock Band 2 and I have never belted out any songs on that game like I did "Broken" and "Here We Are Juggernaut" -- I mean I was going crazy. XD

And "Pearl of the Stars" is a gorgeous piece of work. I knew C&C had the ability to be soft and all that, but this song is just amazing. I EXPECT A SONGFIC TO COME FROM IT VERY SOON. IT SCREAMS IT. D: So, that means...

1.) Star Wars Dragfic (I'm thinking undercover mission. I'm thinking some random dude's magical hideout where he keeps a harem of women for some reason or maybe not random - KYP DURRON - oh oh oh or bitter, bitter Raynar. Pretty sure Jaina and Tahiri will be going, not sure about Tenel Ka -- what else would she be doing? But seriously: Jacen, Zekk, Jag, Kyp -- if I could write Anakin at all, him too. BUT I DON'T KNOW D:)

2.) Star Wars Horrorfest (Taking some from the old setup: Jacen and Tenel Ka end up somewhere and shit happens. Blood! Hallucinations! Running and hiding! GHOSTIES? I probably couldn't be more vague if I tried. D:)

3.) Aaaaand Star Wars songfic. Mmmmm, an excuse to listen to more of this new C&C album haha like i need an excuse.

OH MAN I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP this stuff is making me dizzy

(i'm sure i will read this entry tomorrow and be pretty much like this: O_O)
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I finally got this whole thing finalized and finished and I'm posting it! We can just say it's to celebrate the upcoming group series playthrough on [livejournal.com profile] neelys_bar (there's still time to join -- the playthrough starts in March! :D)!

I think this has to be one of my favorite fanmixes I've managed to cobble together. I've been working on it for a good while (I had to give it extra attention since this is one of my favorite games eveerrrr XD) and it's been through a billion song changes but I finally feel like it works and fits. So without further ado, a Silent Hill 2 fanmix!


This is the story of a man who spends his days working as a clerk. He's 29. He's quiet, not good with children, off a bit. He was married. His wife passed away from a disease that had been lingering in her system for a long time, deteriorating her body, her mind, her patience and their marriage.

She sends her husband a letter. The letter tells him to meet her in their
special place. She's dead. The dead can't write letters.

This is the story of James Sunderland and his trip to Silent Hill.

Welcome to Only Human, a fanmix for Konami's 2001 masterpiece Silent Hill 2. This is easily one of my favorite games in teh universssseeee -- the characters, the storyline, the enemies, the music -- it's all brilliant. Also, Herp Derp James Sunderland? Monster molestation? D:

There are MASSIVELY HUGE SPOILERS in this fanmix! This game is best played without knowing much of it at all. So if you think you might play in the future then just get the fanmix here without reading the quotes and such. Hehehe~ You can look at the covers right here outside of the cut, but clicking and reading any further into it might get you in VERY CRAZY PLOT TWISTY TERRITORY. D:

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Now let's take a trip to an awesome little resort town.


I look like Mary, don't I? You loved her, right? )


...... lolol <3.
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This past week the Verizon peoples installed FiOs and I amazed how fast it goes (especially compared to what we had) so in celebration, it's time to upload giant files!

Fanmixes are one of my favorite things to put together. I always love whatever subject I'm making a fanmix on and I love music -- especially introducing others to weird or wtf music that they might not normally hear. SO ON THAT NOTE, HERE IS THE GIANT LIST OF FANMIXES I HAVE MADE OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS (the links go to where I have the cover art/song list/etc. posted). If you see one you want reuploaded, leave a comment and I will put it online just for you. XD

Aaaaaand GO!

-- Near To You. JACEN/TENEL KA #1 (YJK/NJO)
-- Shadow's Pulse. JACEN/TENEL KA #2 (Dark Nest Trilogy)
-- The Downfall. JACEN/TENEL KA #3 (Legacy of the Force)
-- The Everafter. DARTH CAEDUS.
-- HEY. A JACEN SOLO MUSICAL. (mullet!Jaaaaacen!!!!11)

-- Be Still in Your Silence. GADELL VESSAU. OMG.
-- No Secrets Sweetheart. SIMPLY BEING LOVED. (#1 of The Feigned)
-- The Shade of the Spotlight. URBANIA'S VOID. (#2 of The Feigned)
-- The Possession. HOLLOW SOULS (which I will seriously finish one day).
-- Strength, Death & The Empress. ZEKK/TENEL KA/DARTH CAEDUS.
-- Tell Me Life is Beautiful/Never Fall Away. POST-LOTF JACEN/TENEL KA(/CAEDUS).

-- Primadonnas of the Gutter. SIRRUS AND ACHENAR, MYST.
-- Angel Opening A Door. HOTEL DUSK: ROOM 215.
-- Whaddaya Buyin'? LEON S. KENNEDY/RESIDENT EVIL 4.
-- Would You Kindly...? BIOSHOCK.
-- Botanophobia. OBSCURE 2: THE AFTERMATH.
-- Only Human. SILENT HILL 2.

-- SOWISA. LISEY'S STORY (by Stephen King).
-- Holler You Home. LISEY/SCOTT [LISEY'S STORY] (by Stephen King).
-- Final Warning. THE LONG WALK (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).
-- The Four Shot. THE MUSKETEERS [THE LONG WALK] (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).
-- Until The End. PETER MCVRIES [THE LONG WALK] (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).

-- Red-blooded. BROTHERS, MULTIPLE FANDOMS (Star Wars, Arrested Development, Supernatural, Persona 1 & 2, Faulkner, Heroes, etc., etc.)
-- Boys Will Be Boys. THE WARRIORS.
-- That's What She Said. THE PERV FANMIX.

-- Feigned #3
-- Mark's Dance Mix (Persona crack XD)
-- Kale & Trig Longo
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Okay, [livejournal.com profile] zoopiglet, I mentioned this to Mom too (p.s. So You Think You Can Dance finale --- YESSSSSSSSSS RESULTS <3) as Adam Lambert was singing on said finale. And I will admit it right here, right now. I WANT TO ADD HIS CD TO MY CHRISTMAS LIST. Also, I would love to be his stylist: "Let's just add some pieces of trash bag to that suit! Right there on your shoulder! You will look amazing, Adam!" And then Adam goes out on stage and looks damn smashing with trash bag on his shoulder, lol.

(jfdhjfhajsdhfjasdhfjah "Sleepwalker" and "For Your Entertainment" dsjfasfkajsj WUT)


Here is another small-exchange-random-thing from this Louis/Ellis story. This story is a lot longer than I originally planned. But I am not complaining. I JUST KEEP RUNNING WITH IT, I DON'T KNOW.

"Did I tell you about the time Keith got beat up over a bag of chips?"

"Actually you did. You did two days ago when I was eating those stale tortilla chips we stole from that Mexican restaurant up the road."

(I also think I might give Louis a backstory on that torn pants leg of his. MUAHA.)


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HAHAHAHAHHA WHOOPS. I don't know, I can't help it right now. Maybe tomorrow I will try to wean myself off of this song.
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Okay, so this song. THIS SONG. Like I have said before, it is a seven minute eargasm. I don't know what it is, there's just a bunch of slick things about it that when they all add up it makes for an AMAZING SONG. I know I call Jared Leto OMG SO EMO and stuff for fun sometimes (cause it totally fits what can i say lol) but I still love him (and his emoness) cause it all works in this seven minutes perfectly. Perfectly.

It takes at least a minute to get to the vocals, the buildup of which is slow and actually a little creepy/foreboding (I love the fact that it goes from hard to this simple beat when he finally starts singing) and then the first two lines of the song are like, "...did he just say what I think he said?" (yes, he did) -- and the best is whenever it explodes into the chorus. I'm not just using explode as an omgkewl word here. I mean it actually like blows up in your ear (this song sounds awesome in headphones); it just comes out of nowhere and grabs you and drops you into this ANGSTY PIT OF BEAUTIFUL SOUNDING TORMENTY THINGS. Leto is usually all growly and then he gets into his soaring notes and shit, which he does in this song, of course. But he also has some sort of, I don't know how to describe it, this weird thing going in this song -- it's almost like he's desperate. It's not a bad weird either (it's actually pretty hot D: ...again what can i say). The way his voice fits over the long notes in the chorus = <33333. sfjdkjafj ai can't kjfdjks so good AND I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO SAYS IT'S EPIC...

"This is War is a record that will please both new and old fans alike. It merges the two differing sounds of the band’s previous two releases, as it is crammed with catch-all choruses as mentioned but is also fairly progressive as the band’s self-titled debut was. Only these progressive moments are more haunting and epic than ever before, as Stranger in a Strange Land proves."

I want to see them in concert so bad. I hope they come back here to tour after their U.K. tour. Although I might faint if they played this song THEN I WOULD MISS IT AND THAT WOULD BE BAD.

SONG SONG SONG. LISTEN TO THE LOVE. I MIGHT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE WITH AN MP3 IF ANYONE WANTS THE REAL QUALITY (WITH THE EXPLOSIONINGSSS -- cause lol on the youtube the exploding magic wants to blow the speakers out).

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I am here to gush about two things I purchased this week. I would've bought them on Tuesday, but I had a nice Best Buy coupon that started Friday. So I had to wait out the rest of the week. It was almost painful to wait because these were two things I have wanted for a long, long while now. BUT NOW I HAS DEM.

1.) THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS - THIS IS WAR -- Oh maaaaaan what. I can't even I don't whhhaaaaaat. This was worth the wait between cds. It all fits together so well and they're trying new things (that actually work) and it's just perfect. The song Stranger in a Strange Land has basically broken my TOP TEN LIST OF FAVORITE SONGS EVER. I could get into the song, but I feel like I will be sharing it with you all in a post dedicated strictly to the song and how it sounds and every little thing about it that I love (AND MAYBE A LINK TO LISTEN LOL). A+ 30STM. <3

2.) SILENT HILL: SHATTERED MEMORIES (Wii) -- Okay, right up front I will say that I was highly skeptical about this game and if it could do the series justice. I'm not that far into it yet but I can already say that it totally does the series all kinds of justice. I was spooked out by the way my coloring of the family picture affected what I saw and the creatures just creep me the eff out.

Having the phone calls and messages come straight from the Wiimote's speaker is an absolute genius move too. And can I just say ALL THE VOICE ACTING SO FAR IS AMAZING HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???? Even little parts like the phone message from the angry mother while she's talking to Diane and bitching about the crappy family vacation -- it's perfect. I also like calling all the random phone numbers I find. That's lots of fun too. The fact that there's no combat, just running and pushing and hiding, takes a little bit to get used to, but it's actually kind of awesome and I'm okay with it. It fits. And the way the chase sequences are looks great.

(Nate says the Raw Shocks -- love the name of them, by the way -- just look lonely. They're hugging Harry to death! They just want a friend! D:)

And as pissed as I was about them changing character designs and junk, new!Harry is awesome (love his jacket -- and his glasses oh man <3) and I got this version of Cybil (which is absolutely smokin', by the way <333). I'm a fan so far and I'm interested to see where it goes. It's definitely much different than the original Silent Hill.

Even though it's giving me nightmares. Seriously, the chase sequences. dkjfaklsdjfkajsdfkljaskldfjasdfj nightmares. D:

I think I need a SHSM icon.

(I love how you can call the Konami Help Line from Harry's phone. <333)
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HI THERE. This is Until The End, a fanmix on Peter McVries -- #61 in Richard Bachman Stephen King's brilliant 1979 novel, The Long Walk.

Pete has always been my favorite Walker and The Long Walk has pretty much been my favorite book since I first read it over a decade ago. I have made/posted fanmixes for The Long Walk in general (see Final Warning) and The Musketeers aka Ray/Peter/Art/Hank (see The Four Shot) -- and I also run a small fansite dedicated to the book... so as you can see I've always been a little enamored with this book.

Just a little. :P

Anyways, here is a fanmix for Peter McVries. I went from a fanmix for the book, to one for four of the central characters, to my favorite character -- meaning you'll probably see a couple of familiar songs on here if you've been around for the other two LW fanmixes. Yay for tying things together and all that jazz! But yeah, this is all Peter all the time and the feelings on Ray, Priscilla and the Walk in general.

It turned out to be a kind of creepy mix of songs, but once I listened to it all a few times, I felt it just worked.

followed the sun till night -- UNTIL THE END // a Peter McVries fanmix )

WHOOP WHOOP oh yeah, check here for any old fanmixes you might want. Stephen King, Bioshock, boys boys boys, Jacen Solo crack, crack, Myst, Persona, Resident Evil damn I love making these. I LOVE MY MUSICS. <33333

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I love the fact that in the Persona remake Mark says, LET'S GET FUNKY sometimes when he calls his persona. <3333333333333

Nate had expressed interest in reading some Star Wars books. Part of me is like HAHAH YESSSSSS and another part of me still has that bitter taste in my mouth whenever I think of them. So I'm trying to put a list of the BIG EVENT books together for him so he can just see what it's all about and have a basic timeline of crap that happens. I'm thinking Shadows of the Empire, the Thrawn trilogy and then.... the New Jedi Order? THOUGHTS, STAR WARS PEOPLE?

So Jared Leto is such an emo and stuff sometimes (also super hot, but that is besides the point) but but but but I love 30 Seconds to Mars and and and DO WANT. LET'S GET ON THE BALL HERE WITH A RELEASE DATE, SUPER LETO BROS. IT'S BEEN FOUR YEARS AND I'VE BEEN SAD WITHOUT NEW MUSIC FROM YOU.

And since I'm mentioning 30 Seconds to Mars, I can't go without linking (once again) the video for The Kill. The fact that it's pretty much 30 SECONDS TO MARS IN THE SHINING is beautiful. <3

(ALSO, 2:24 - 3:11 = <3333333333)

I like this: "In an innovative and exciting move, Thirty Seconds to Mars’ upcoming release, This Is War, will have 2000 different album covers featuring individual photos of fans from around the world. The first 2000 photos to be emailed that follow the proper specifications will become album covers."

Buuuuut I kind of want the cute tiger on the cover. D:
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My sister (aka Valerie aka [livejournal.com profile] zoopiglet) was in town from Sunday until yesterday morning. It was kind of to visit me and Mom, but mostly cause U2 was in town. XD

SO YEAH, Tuesday night her and I went to the Fedex Field to see U2 (with Muse opening). That concert was pretty fucking epic. U2 is Valerie's favorite band in the whole wide universe so I have seen them a few (okay like six) times before and every time has been awesome. But last night was super awesome. We had general admission tickets and didn't get inside the stadium until about an hour before Muse was scheduled to come on and we got in the front row of the circular stage -- on Edge's side, cause I love me some Edge. Seriously. <3

Cameras. Fedex Field was kicking them out and telling people to put them back in their cars -- even though U2 loves/encourages fans to have cameras. People somehow managed to sneak some in, which is how I will show you awesome shots later. But I had my phone, meaning there will also be some halfass camera phone pictures. XD

Muse was really good, the sound in the pit where we were was sort of distorted and there was a bunch of equipment boxes in my way half the time, so this is the only picture I got. OF THE BOXES IN MY WAY. Also, one of their roadies looked like Bret from Flight of the Conchords, so Valerie and I were giggling the whole time. Bono also thanked Muse while U2 was on stage and said, "There's only three guys in that band and they make all that amazing noise." XD

In between the opening band (it has previously been Black Eyed Peas and Snow Patrol on this tour -- Muse is on this leg of the tour) and U2, they'll play a certain setlist of songs over the speakers and Valerie told me to listen for Space Oddity by David Bowie -- cause that's the song that plays when U2 comes on stage. Of course, once the song came on, her and I started singing BOWIES IN SPACCEEEEEEEE~ BOWIES IN SPAYEEEACEEEEE!

Now the stage. It's amazing. Let me show you it. There is a giant circular stage under this huge 360 screen and there's a big ramp around the outside. Valerie and I were able to get a spot in front of the stage inside the big ramp around the outside. Another awesome thing that's not in that diagram -- there are two bridges that lead from the stage straight to the outer ramp. These bridges move and where we were, they moved over our heads. You can see the bridges here. That picture is from the back of the stage. Valerie and I were a little past the bridge on the right. And that screen separates and comes down. It's seriously a piece of work. <3

Anyways, the music was all awesome of course. They played a good mix of old and new stuff and of course all the ones the casual, drunk d-bag fans wanted to hear. You know, the ones that were on repeat out in the parking lot with the super-drunk tailgaters (Where the Streets Have No Name, With Or Without You, etc.). There were some cool tailgaters too. But they weren't the annoying super-drunk super-casual fan ones.

Bono pulled a kid up on stage during The Unfortgettable Fire -- this was while the bridge on our side was over our heads and here is a blurry picture of Bono right above me and Valerie pointing to this kid he wants up on stage with him. XD

Bono walked the kid around the ramp with him and all that jazz and then he let him try on his sunglasses -- and then he let the kid KEEP the sunglasses, which was really cool and the kid was wearing them the rest of the night and it was adorable. He also pulled up another guy on stage later during Sunday Bloody Sunday who had an American Flag and they were singing it together and the guy was so excited and it was pretty darling. XD HERE IS THE MUSIC.

Breathe, Magnificent, Get On Your Boots, Mysterious Ways, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Bono and Edge inserted part of the song "Stand By Me" at the end of this and I was like :OOOO <3333333), Elevation, Your Blue Room, Beautiful Day, New Year's Day (SO HAPPY THIS WAS PLAYED <3), Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of, The Unforgettable Fire (JFKJKJDSKAJDKSJ YESSSSSSSS ONE OF MY FAVORITE U2 SONGS EVER), City Of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight - Remix (Bono inserted some of Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" in this song, which was awesome), Sunday Bloody Sunday (This song has been pretty overplayed over the years, but it's still effing amazing), MLK, Walk On

One, Where The Streets Have No Name, Ultraviolet (Light My Way) <3333333333333333, With Or Without You, Moment of Surrender

Ultraviolet is one of my favorite U2 songs and the setup here was awesome (you kind of saw it if you saw them on Saturday Night live last week). Bono wears this jacket with red lasers all over it and sings into this crazy-ass red light up circular microphone that he swings around stage on. It's flipping magnificent (like the song, which is also an awesome song, lol).

Now, in closing, I usually avoid concerts cause I hate people/crowds. But this was definitely worth it. It was some crazy number like 90,000 in attendance which is a giant crowd. But it was amazing. A+ WOULD DO IT AGAIN.

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