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I AM HERE. My doctor ended up wanting me to do physical therapy for my back and neck and I was like "lol okay" and then never scheduled it cause I wasn't gonna pay for something and take time off for something that I might be able to fix myself. So I worked my back out, took more vitamins and the pain seems to be gone. I guess I was stressing myself out. But now it's time for more stressssssss. Because I realized now it is November and MAGFest is at the beginning of January and Nate and I have a table there to sell stuff at. We've been planning to have all kinds of stuff there, including buttons, peg people, etc. AND WE HAVE NOTHING DONE. Except a Fallout 3 shirt. Which you can find on zhobot.net at the low price of $18 with free shipping lol.


I just love that boy, okay.
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So I have a tumblr now. I've been kind of using it.


And we made one for zhobot where costume and other crackery can go, so there's that too. :3


I am almost done with Sunday D*C photos.

The doctor's office hasn't called me back about my second bloodwork set yet (they wanted to test for Lyme). I don't have mono, which they tested for with the last set and all my other levels are normal. They gave me prednisone and a muscle relaxant but my neck and upper back still hurt. I'm supposed to call them back tomorrow and let them know if it still hurts or not. If it does (which it does as of now), then we're turning to CT scan/MRI and all that fun stuff. :|

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Dance Central 2 is coming out soon and I can't feel like this when that gets hereeeeee! :O
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Things I have been putting off: posting the rest of the Dragon*Con photos, working on costumes, responding to LJ and dA comments, painting the 80+ pegs I need to paint for MAGFest which is at the beginning of 2012, cleaning anything and everything, rearranging things I want to rearrange, selling lots of old stuff, finding all the stuff I want to give away, RP, everything ever.

Now, I am a lazy person and I will admit that, but for the past couple months, all I have done is sleep - no real video game time, no crafting time, just couch + tv + blanket. And that is not like me. This is one of the reasons I didn't finish everything I wanted to finish for Dragon*Con. This is one of the reasons I have gotten absolutely nothing done since Dragon*Con. I get home from work and sleep. On the weekends, Nate comes over and we watch something and then I would say I needed a nap and sleep for five hours.

I even put off writing this damn post for six days. Every single day it was, "I will do it in a bit." And then I slept.

I finally went to the doctor last week and they did blood work. They called me Friday to tell me that everything looks fine except my white blood cell count is high, meaning my body is trying to fight off some sort of virus. Cool story bro. So, I'm going back tomorrow (they are supposedly running more tests) to let them know my head and neck and the upper portion of my back have been hurting like a bitch.

This weekend, after I did my two exams on Saturday morning, Nate stole me and brought me to a town about an hour south of where I live to a hotel. He wanted me to relax and not be stressed about all the shit I still need to get done and whatever is wrong with me and all that jazz, which I was very grateful for. We ended up at a Wal-Mart Supercenter at 11pm last night to get dinner (since I had slept from like... 6pm to 9pm :|) and we bought food and a nerf blaster and Halloween plates and went back to the hotel room and he shot nerf discs and I looked at a cookbook full of recipes you use lots of cream cheese in.

(Seriously, we went to a state park on Sunday and walked a trail that was 0.3 miles around a pond. We even stopped and sat down near the pond a couple times to look for turtles. After we finished this trail, I collapsed in the car. >| 0.3 miles. With stops.)

There are two things - media-wise - that have been keeping me sane. One is Foster the People. I kept hearing "Pumped Up Kicks" on the radio and I was all, "That song is kind of cool." So I went to Amazon and listened to samples of the rest of the album. It sounded alright. I needed new music so I said what the hell and bought it and it has been a lot better than I thought it would be.

The other thing... Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is one of those shows that I've always meant to watch. Then it showed up on Netflix's Instant Watch and I added it to my list. Erin, Ronnie, Jeremy, Roger, Beth and Denis were talking about it on Twitter awhile back and I thought, "Oh hey, that's on my list." Nate hadn't watched it yet either. So him and I started it. Aaaaaaaand pretty much got sucked in. Now, we started out both loving Zuko dearly because he was a bitch.

Buuuuuut, after the whole series we had three new MVPs.

We couldn't resist Iroh's awesomeness, Sokka's... Sokkaness, and Suki's kickassery. Plus, you know how I feel about warrior ladiezzzz and their completely doofy boys with lol so so amazing jokes.

So next year, along with the giant Avatar group Erin started talking about on Twitter, Nate and I are really effing excited to be putting these together for Dragon*Con 2012:

Nate knows he's gonna do WARRIOR SOKKAAAAAAAA, but he hasn't decided if he's gonna do the helmet yet or the awesome facepaint he wears in like one whole episodeeee (see inset, hehe). The facepaint would hide the fact that he is almost as pasty white as me, so there is that. Plus, it looks slick.

But yeah, that show has been a big part of me not just being a complete lump. I've watched the whole thing and love it to pieces.

(We're planning on doing this costume set at some point too, okay:


I am trying to finish my D*C photos and everything. SOON I PROMISE. ;-; Hopefully something good happens at the doctor's office tomorrow.


Jun. 19th, 2011 06:15 pm
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I HAVEN'T DISAPPEARED INTO NON-INTERNET LANDS!!!1 From the 4th - 12th, I was on a cruise with my Mom, Duane, Valerie, Brian and Nate. I had never been on one before and didn't know what to expect but I had a lot of fun and GAINED FIVE POUNDSSSSSSSS! The food was so delicious. I will have pictures and stuff soon when I'm not so...

(Here's the awesome part of the update--) when I'm not so sick! Yayyy! I get back from vacation and get another sinus infection! That made me so angry cause I got back from vacation and thought, "Awesome, now I just go to work this week and then this weekend I can unpack, clean everything, work on costumes, work on some of my craft projects and update some websites!"

Aaaaaaand I've basically been half asleep and out of it on the couch. Nate came over and we watched a billion episodes of The Mentalist after he took me to the doctor. I was gonna wait until the week and make an appointment with the place I usually go to, but yesterday I just got really crappy and my neck hurt like hell and I was basically sitting around like O_O so Nate thought maybe we should find a place that was open on Saturday. There was a Five Guys beside it. So doctor's office, Five Guys, pharmacy and then more Mentalist. Naturally, the antibiotics make me feel way crappier before they make me better. So today I'm just out of it. But I wanted to post because I am baaaaaaaaaackackacakckackkackakckakk.


(I missed you guys~ <333333)
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So yeah, that shower I took. I reached across with my left hand to scratch my right shoulder and a muscle near my left shoulder cramped SO HARD that I started making horrible squeaking noises. Then I began trying to rub my shoulder and move my arm. What my body really wanted to do though was flail and fall into the shower curtain and then subsequently out of the shower, BUT I MANAGED TO AVOID THIS. ACHIEVEMENT OF THE DAY!

All that stuff I said I was going to work on earlier - I actually did some of that too (this usually never happens)! I think it was the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack on repeat that helped me there. You know, finishing up resizing some pictures for Etsy going, "FINISH HIM!" to myself and all. I know, I know, nerd central (LIU KANG IS ALWAYS HOT).

But yeah, stuff!

On the Etsy front, I have added a copperish leafy sort of necklace, a pair of butterfly earrings made from some beads I've had for years, a set of Squall & Rinoa (I STILL LOVE YOU FF8) pins and a magical set of 8 Arrested Development pins with the BLUTTTHHHHHH FAMILYYYY. <3

In short, I have all kinds of weird crap on that Etsy store and have added more weird crap.

And then on the Cafepress front, I have been obsessing over the simplicity of Experimental Jetset's text design which they originally designed here on this shirt. I think because it's so in your face and seeing people wearing shirts like that and figuring out or knowing what they're from is awesome. I saw someone wearing a Left 4 Dead one (Zoey& Francis& Louis& Bill. - I can't remember the order, but you get it! XD) and I flipped out. There are also lots of groups of 4 (and 3 and 5 and maybe more, lololol) I adore, meaning I had to put some together. These are the ones I have online right now (and I might be changing up colors in the near future - I am still thinking there, hehe)!

Upcoming ones include: Luke/Leia/Han/Chewie, Wedge/Tycho/Wes/Hobbie, Leonardo/Michelangelo/Raphael/Donatallo, Spengler/Venkman/Stantz/Zeddemore, Layton/Luke/Flora, Wright/Edgeworth/Butz lololololol - I also might really get crazy and do some like Souji/Yosuke/Chie/Yukiko/Kanji/Rise/Naoto/Teddie cause you can't leave anyone out of that BEAUTIFUL THING~ XD

oh maaaan my sleep schedule is all kinds of effed after this holiday weekend. WHOOOOOPS. :3



Nov. 14th, 2010 10:48 pm
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So I didn't make it to Anime USA this past weekend because Thursday I came down with a sinus infection. Yayyyy. Plus, Nate was out of town (how come I always get sick when he goes out of town? :|). Basically, this weekend was a lot of sprawling out on the couch or bed and either watching tv, playing Fallout: New Vegas or sleeping. And, of course, antibiotics/nasal spray/other drugs doctor told me to take. ALSO YAY COUGHING.

I'm not sure what to do about holiday cards this year -- cause I want to send out postcards from Disney AND holiday cards but you guys know how slow I am when it comes to sending things out. So I think I will send one or the other. BUT I'M NOT SURE WHICH ONE YET. D:

PLZ PLZ respond if you have a preference! I'll be asking for addresses and all that jazz a little later. <3333


Jul. 1st, 2010 06:14 pm
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Alright, the echuta.net/Holonet Facebook page has officially turned into something more awesome than I thought it would. XD

I registered Jacen, Tenel Ka, Kyp and Zekk (AND OF COURSE MACE) thinking the accounts would sort of sit there and used for amusement every once in awhile with any other Star Wars related things on FB. But then [livejournal.com profile] minusforever registered Han, [livejournal.com profile] prix_etoile registered Allana, [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet registered Tahiri and [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul registered Alema and Jaina. Suddenly this giant rapport appeared and it's so funny to see other people interact with them. Especially when someone is acting "real" and the characters are like, ".....WHAT IS THIS YOU SPEAK OF?" (Kyp is the one who is susceptible to this the most, lol.)

So far within this instant backstory:

1.) Alema and Kyp are drinking buddies and hang out a lot.
2.) Something happened on a night Tahiri went out with everyone and she refuses to go out with them anymore.
3.) Kyp dislikes Zekk and prods him in a totally unnecessary fashion.
4.) Jacen is annoyed by this and gets on Kyp's nerves on purpose.
5.) Tenel Ka doesn't acknowledge all the asshattery directly.
6.) Jacen and Jaina are surprised their dad is on Facebook. They are both impressed and scared.
7.) Han put some banging speakers in the Falcon to try to be cool.
8.) Alema is still a ho.
9.) Jacen wants to know who taught Allana how to use the holonet.
10.) Mace wants to slap the shit out of Jacen Solo.
11.) Kyp uses the word ICEBURN.

Also, Mace is going to call his page MACEBOOK.

SO ANY OTHER CHARACTERS ARE WELCOME (PLEEEEASE :D). Characters that would be absolutely awesome to have include Leia, Luke, Lando, Mara, Ben, Anakin Solo, Anakin Skywalker, Padme, Obi-Wan Kenobi, etc. XD

Just know that this is not REAL RP ZOMG and just lots and lots and lots of crack. Heheh~

I WENT TO THE DOCTOR TODAY. He gave me a bunch of things I'm supposed to do to work my muscles because he thinks it's all a muscular thing. Since there was nothing in the CT scan (which he went over today) and food never affected it. SO WE'LL SEE IF THE PAIN GOES AWAY FOR GOOD. I'm crossing my fingers.
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Still bitter about the back doctor appointment, but I have been getting my mind off of zee pain and all that crap with the magical worlds of Zhobot, Revelry Junction and then jewelery/buttons and working on websites. Also, Alan Wake and the game Nate reviewed in his indie games thread, Machinarium (seriously, cutest game ever GO PLAY THE DEMO AT LEAST XD).

Speaking of him, he needs to find a wig for Guybrush Threepwood and it's proving to be harder than we thought. We never really dug the hair of the giant forehead, high bangs Guybrush in the Secret of Monkey Island remake, so we figured he should go with the more NATURAL SHAGGY mop of the original Guybrush (and I'll probably be going mostly original!Elaine) -- we found this wig, wondered if we could put the hair in a ponytail and then laughed our asses off. We're debating on it, lolololol~

Also, I think in the next couple months we'll start the great STAR WARS: EXPANDED UNIVERSE READTHROUGHHHHHHHH if anyone wants in. For now it'll be pretty much all post-original trilogy stuff (Shadows of the Empire and later) and decisions are still floating around on which books to read and how long to spend on the reading/discussing/making fun of/fangasming about all the books. If you would like to take part in it or you have any suggestions for times/books/etc., hit up the magical thread for it here! THE MORE PEOPLE WANKING IT ALL, THE BETTER. ;D




Jun. 14th, 2010 12:04 am
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Saturday morning, Nate and I went over to [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul's -- because she has graduated and she is at home right now. As of right now, she can't make it to Dragon*Con and she'll be going back to school for a couple more classes (which will be a couple months) next weekend. We figured we could bring some D*C magic to her to make up (just a little bit) for the fact that she can't make it to D*C, lololol.

Which, you know, pretty much meant WOO WOO COSTUME TIME~ It was awesome cause [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul whipped up a quick Jaina costume and did a FRIGGIN' DANNI QUEE COSTUME AND IT WAS AMAZING AND WE ALL CACKLED (although Emily creeps me out when she's blonde I DON'T LIKE IT). XD I had my YJK TK (which I made a new bolero AND shorts for the night before we went to her house, hehe -- I need to fix them like made -- and my new belt -- but they worked) and also one of my very first TK outfits with me. First we all went to a giant Thrift Store (I found gloves for my Ophelia costume!) she wanted to show me, then ate at Five Guys (<333) then we went to Michael's and finally we went back to her place and pretty much geeked out (and listened to Disney music, hehe <33).

I also have a total of 18 bug bites all over my legs because of our adventures outside but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT CAUSE WE ARE DORKFACES. My legs effing itch like crazy though. These things are gigantic and insane.

Then today I made some necklaces. So besides all that and watching the first five episodes of Glee with Nate (ALL THE SINGLES LADIES, ALL THE SINGLE LADIES), that was pretty much my weekend.

My appointment with the back doctor that was supposed to be on Friday was actually on Thursday -- even when I called them a few days before and specifically asked and they said Friday. So the next possible appointment is July 1st. :| PAIN NEEDS TO GO AWAY FOR GOOOOOOOD. :| <-- THIS FACE TIMES INFINITY.

Off to watch The Fountain, then beeeed!

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Yesterday was my one year anniversary with Nate. XD We went to the same restaurant we ate at on our first date and acted pretty much just as geeky, if not more, than we have in the past year. We started talking on the magical (and by magical I kind of mean usually more creepy) OKCupid -- [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be, [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow & [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul and I would sit around in chats and yammer on about random fandom things (costumes, books, tv shows, etc.) while all of us trolled OKC on the side and shared profiles with the rest of the chat (and giggled and snarked and fangirled). I found Nate one day, shared with the chat, questioned on whether or not I should LOL MESSAGE HIM and everything sort of went on from there.

I still, to this day, love the fact that one of the main reasons he messaged me back the first time was because I had a picture of me cosplaying as a Little Sister from BioShock in my profile. Yesssssss. So through that and the giant snowstorms and the Lisey's Story references he makes and the video gaming and the midday napping and the running around and creative meetings and him singing BT in the car and the dates and everything -- I am looking forward to many more years of this. <333

Worked some on the new pieces for my YJK Tenel Ka costume Sunday. I liked the way the top part of the bolero came out. I was trying to hem it and I was getting pissed cause it kept puckering, but when I stopped and looked at it with the puckers it actually looked more rough and, you know, animalish. It's supposed to be hide from some mega-GFFA animal, so I figured I'd keep it like that and actually attempt to pucker some of it. The new shorts aren't cooperating though, so if I can't get the new shorts to cooperate (since they are the same matchy fabric as the bolero) then I'll just be wearing the old bolero and shorts to BaltiCon (and the new belt and bag) and save messing with the shorts for later.

I still have to sew the Queen Mother outfit -- the dress and the jacket, so I'm not gonna spend all my time right now on a costume I already have parts of done. Hehe. MUST HURRY AND FINISH BEFORE NEXT WEEKEND. O_O

Still don't know what's wrong. The GI (who I saw again today) doesn't think it's a digestive/GI-related/etc. issue. And then the back doctor thinks I should do physical therapy (2-3 times a week for 4 weeks). That's pretty much the only road I haven't fully traveled at the moment and I don't know where else to go. :| The general practice doctor said last week if the pain keeps up they'll send me to Hopkins or Georgetown -- you know, I'll be like a person on House. D:

I got the Myst online game -- something I couldn't play before cause of computer and internet speeds. BUT I CAN PLAY IT NOW. And I've been having lots of fun with it actually... I was skeptical. But it's interesting. I definitely nerd out when I get to D'ni. Every single time.
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Back and neck are killing meeeeeeeee. Going here on Thursday afternoon (since the pain is suddenly horrendous in my back and neck) and back to the GI doctor next Tuesday, uggggggh. THIS IS GETTING SO OLD. :(

But I actually got a few things done this weekend! :O

Nothing super major, but I worked a bit on my magical redesign for my cosplay/personal site. And I also cut out a couple of the pieces to my Queen Mother TK outfit (hopefully for Balticon!) and made the necklace that's gonna go with it.

OMG HERE IS A NECKLACE -- aka symmetry is overrated: have you seen the Queen Mother? )

I was actually okay enough to go out on Saturday. Nate and I went to Wegmans (<3ohmygoodness) and Global Food (bought so many foreign snacksss) as well as Target. I was only hurting a bit and thought it was awesome and maybe this pain-thing was going away. Then we got home and hopped into a magical Netflix Xbox Party with Valerie and Brian and watched something MOTHER EFFIN' XENA WHAT WHAT (Callisto! <3) -- V&B went to bed after that and Nate and I watched Dead Space: Downfall. It was pretty good (loved the security team cause they cursed like me and I felt at home lolol). Then after I got up my back and neck protested so hard that I sat down and just stared at the wall for pretty much forever. Nate forced me to take a percocet and then I watched him play some Nintendo DS while I waited for the pain to go away. :|


Now I am debating on making a whole new magical message board filled with all kinds of chatter and creative-thing sharing and fandom love (every fandom ever -- zombie killers, jedis, tv show eyeballs, everything) and all kinds of crap (i want to see group video game nights!) and shout boxes and random shit and games, etc., etc. You know I love Mindbreak but it's very quiet and there's lots of ghost accounts and 0 post accounts and it's just filled with half mega-awesomeness and then half very old dead topics and ideas. D:

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN, EVERYONE <3: I don't know what to do about that. Anyone have any input on the matter (whether you go to MB at the moment now or not -- would you be interested in joining a board to share your creative works and chatter with other geeks and so on BLAH BLAH RAMBLEEEEEEE XD)? Mindbreak or start fresh? HELP PLZZZZZZ~ <33333

Mmmm, time to go watch Coheed & Cambria concert DVD I got.
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So I still don't know wtf is going on with this pain. I've been to my doctor twice, two specialists (three times altogether) and the freakin' hospital. And everyone is just sort of like, "Duuhhhh whattttt"

I don't have any leave left at at work thanks to all these damn appointments and tests so I am about 95% sure I will have to cancel my California trip (and lose all the money that will be non-refundable from airline tickets and shit). I am pretty pissed off about it all. And to top it all off, I'M STILL IN PAIN. :|

I've been trying to focus on creative things (costumes, websites, fanfiction) to make myself feel better but I can't really focus on anything at all usually because of the pain. I have to lay a certain way to get any sleep, I have to stand up and walk around cause if I sit too long it hurts -- piiiisssssssssssed off.

I mean, I wrote a beginning to the ZOMG HORROR SW FIC I have actually been excited about and I don't know if I like it or not. I have been second guessing myself on it. IT'S LIKE THREE PARAGRAPHS LONG AND I AM HAVING FULL ON DEBATES WITH MYSELF ABOUT IT. WHAT IS THIS, SELF? THIS IS FANFICTIONNNNNNNNN WHATTTTTTTT. This is making me do silly things.

So I told myself today in a motivational fashion, I said, "Heather, you are more awesome than this pain. You can get shit done and kick the pain in the ass somehow. It will go away. You will be able to do stuff besides stare at the ceiling while being all sprawled out on the couch."

(Don't ask me where pain got an ass from. D:)

After all that monologuing with myself, I decided that I WILL focus on other things (dammit) and I WILL get all my creative crap done. This means writing, costumes, buttons, websites and making all the damn jewelry I've wanted to make with the random pieces that are piling up around me.

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So the medication I had been on for over a week had done nothing to my condition. Specialist told me to stop taking it when I saw him on Thursday. He was able to bump up one of my tests to Tuesday though, instead of two weeks from now, so that's good at least. Maybe I'll actually find out what this thing is. You know, find out specifically what it is instead of it just being THAT PAIN OMGGAfjasdfjasdfka.

LET'S MOVE ON TO MORE EXCITING THINGS, SHALL WE (and by more exciting things I mean me rambling about Star Wars fanfiction and music this percocet is totally making me loopy you guys)

I was driving to work the other morning trying to ignore the pain (it is always at its worst when I'm sitting down) and I was listening to RuPaul's latest cd (it is so damn catchy and awesome, ngl). I was on the song "Tranny Chaser" and Ru said "May the Fierce Be With You"...

Of course, in my warped and out there current state this opened up a door that I probably shouldn't have opened, but I did. And yes, it is Star Wars fanfiction. I have no idea what the premise will be yet, or the major plot details or anything. I just know that some of the boys need to be in drag. I think it also needs a lavish song and dance number. This set of ideas helped me forget that I was hurting at least for a few wonderful moments. Heh. Maybe if I start writing then it'll go away completely.

I also had the urge to completely revamp a Star Wars horror story I had been working on. I always liked the end idea I had for it, but I previously had never reached that point and sort of stopped working on it. I have more ideas for the middle now though, and now I am wanting to write it so baaaaaaaddddddddddddddd.

New Coheed & Cambria, new Crystal Castles and Yeasayer's release all = YES PLEASE. I really never give Crystal Castles enough props and I should cause they are awesome and some of the songs on this are just hypnotizing. D: And I cannot even begin to express my love for the new Coheed & Cambria cd. As a super plus, three of the songs are now DLC for Rock Band 2 and I have never belted out any songs on that game like I did "Broken" and "Here We Are Juggernaut" -- I mean I was going crazy. XD

And "Pearl of the Stars" is a gorgeous piece of work. I knew C&C had the ability to be soft and all that, but this song is just amazing. I EXPECT A SONGFIC TO COME FROM IT VERY SOON. IT SCREAMS IT. D: So, that means...

1.) Star Wars Dragfic (I'm thinking undercover mission. I'm thinking some random dude's magical hideout where he keeps a harem of women for some reason or maybe not random - KYP DURRON - oh oh oh or bitter, bitter Raynar. Pretty sure Jaina and Tahiri will be going, not sure about Tenel Ka -- what else would she be doing? But seriously: Jacen, Zekk, Jag, Kyp -- if I could write Anakin at all, him too. BUT I DON'T KNOW D:)

2.) Star Wars Horrorfest (Taking some from the old setup: Jacen and Tenel Ka end up somewhere and shit happens. Blood! Hallucinations! Running and hiding! GHOSTIES? I probably couldn't be more vague if I tried. D:)

3.) Aaaaand Star Wars songfic. Mmmmm, an excuse to listen to more of this new C&C album haha like i need an excuse.

OH MAN I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP this stuff is making me dizzy

(i'm sure i will read this entry tomorrow and be pretty much like this: O_O)
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I have been out of the loop on a lot of things lately because the weird phantom midsection pain is back. I've been to the doctors, then to a specialist and have already had a few tests run. They still don't know what it is. I have another doctor visit on May 4th and then another test they want to run scheduled for May 13th. So hopefully something turns up and whatever it is can get taken care of, because the last weekend in May is BaltiCon and then the next weekend is when Nate and I leave for California for a week and meet up there will Valerie and Brian.


Seven years ago on the 23rd I wrote/posted my first Star Wars fanfiction. WTF, seven years. Yes, it was Jacen/Tenel Ka, of course (and 50+ fanfictions about them were written by me after this one... whaaaaaat the hellol) and it takes place during Destiny's Way. I am reposting it because I'm hoping to get back into the writing swing of things soon MAYBE THIS WILL INSPIRE ME OR SOMETHING... HUZZAH STORYTIME.

(I am so out of it. D:)

At Least Smile )

On the costume front, I remade my belt and pouch for my YJK Tenel Ka outfit. Once I redo the top layer of the bolero and the shorts, then I will be finished with that and will move onto cutting out the Queen Mother getup and making the HAR HAR ACCESSORIES for that costume. I also need to figure out what to do with my hair for that too. I need to fit the dress I have for Chuck -- Nate and I almost finished the Pie Hole box this weekend. The handles need to be added still, and Nate still needs to find his shoes for Ned but besides all that the PD costumes will be done. :D

I love RuPaul's Drag Race. <3 Such an awesome and slightly guilty pleasure show. XD
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Look! Here is some sort of real update! IN REAL NUMBERED LIST FORM!

1.) New Year -- I have a couple resolutions. Get in shape/eat better (I'm sick of feeling like crap/being sick), budget money better (especially since I will have car payments now! XD), keep websites up-to-date (including making new ones and spiffying up webskillz), get more stuff up on cafepress and bonanzle and etsy holy crap (I have so much stuff here I need to sell - random things, fandom things, crafts, stuff I still need to make), keep up with the RPs I'm in and just be a more positive person, in general. Hehe.

2.) Car -- I have a new car! I got it today. It is a 2010 Honda CR-V (in glacier blue woooo fancy!) and it is my baby. They were able to transfer my tags over from my old car baby, so my car will still say TENEL KA lol. Last car was named the Rock Dragon (complete with shell necklace on the mirror NERD CENTRAL). So I'm thinking about upgrading to the STAR HOME for the name of this one. Hehehehe. Because yes, I am still a dork.

3.) Fandom -- this is all pretty much the same. Star Wars, Silent Hill and Stephen King are still my top three. With Disney, BioShock, zombies (including L4D and all that) and Fallout (the first game is making me giddy XD) always hanging out there near the top of the list too. Meaning I'm sure this year will be filled with more gushing about these fandoms. My apologies come to you in advance. XD

4.) Costumes -- I found my costume boxes last weekend and went through them. Hahah, talk about meeeemories. Those are eight years worth of costumes. I found some that I almost forgot about, lol. Also, I was able to set aside the costumes I am bringing back to Dragon*Con this year: Army!Buster Bluth (Arrested Development), Strike Team!Tenel Ka (Star Wars EU) & Peter McVries (The Long Walk).

I also found all the stuff from the fancy Queen Mother dress I had started making then screwed up on and just dropped it. My ideas came flooding back to me (mmm, Hapan Consortium cape) and I think I might start over on it. Not sure what I'd wear it for since Celebration V is a bust, but I'm sure I will manage. Hehe.

I basically rearranged my boxes like this: Retired Costumes, Tenel Ka Costumes, Silent Hill Costumes, Every Other Costume. XD

5.) Conventions -- unless there is a new fun con to go to, it'll probably be Katsucon and Dragon*Con for me this year. And possibly Anime USA. I'm excited about Katsucon cause it's at The Swanky Gaylord National Harbor which will be awesome cause there's like a little town in the atrium which will be perfect for when Nate and I are wandering around as PROFESSOR LAYTON AND LUKE TRITON LOLOLOL. Those games = love. And we all (me, Nate, Valerie, every Nintendo DS owner/player, haha) always make fun of Layton and Luke for being so horribly awesome and dorky. Plus, Nate is a giant. Meaning the height difference will work to our advantage! OH SNAP. (Also, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories costumes: yes, please. Haha, except Nate will not be in Drunk Dad jacket -- he'll be in normal Harry jacket.)

I GUESS FIVE UPDATES IS ENOUGH. Time go work some sites or the board or RP or do something PRODUCTIVE!

(This is where I hear the LEVEL UP/victory music in my head~ XD)
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Last night Mister Nathan and I played Shattered Memories just about twice through. We finally achieved the "Sleaze and Sirens" ending (effing classic) and THE UFO ENDING WHICH IS KJFJKS THE BEST THING EVER. I think the best part about it is the fact that you keep getting text messages when you take each picture like, "MY WIFE. SHE IS ONE OF THEM. HURRY TAKE MORE PICTURES. I HAVE LOCKED HER IN THE CELLAR. MY WIFE OH MY GOD SHE IS ASKING FOR FOOD SHE IS ONE OF THEM."

Then you see the cameo in the UFO ending and it's the most beautiful thing cause it makes so much sense cause I could see him doing something like that. "OH NOES SHE IS AN ALIEN I MUST PILLOW HER. I MUST PILLOW!"

And speaking of all that, guess who posted in his livejournal (hint: [livejournal.com profile] draelight)!

I test drove a couple different cars yesterday. I'm really digging the CR-V. So I might go with that one. But I'm not sure yet. Getting past cars and getting back to the other giant part of my omgreallife right now, my health: the water in my ear and my ear infection -- both are finally gone but my midsection is really killing me. I thought it was my stomach but I've been having this stupid weird pain that debates everyday on where it wants to settle. Today it was like "SO I LIKE THE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BODY. RIGHT HERE. HERE SEEMS NICE." Bitch.

Which means I am off to bed and possibly calling the doctor again tomorrow. :\

P.S. I want THIS PAINTING. <333333 dude.
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YAY I AM KIND OF BACK, LIVEJOURNAL. Sick, still. Water in my left ear, stomachache, sore throat, etc., etc. Got to spend the morning of my birthday at the doctor's office. Awesome. Got some nosey sprays and stomach pills and crap. HOPEFULLY I WILL NOT BE STARTING 2010 SICK, cause that would suck.

Still looking for cars. Don't know if I want a new car or a used car. I need to decide something though since I need a car. Hehe.

Christmas was awesome except for the sick. I am very lazy right now with details on everything. D: Although, Valerie and Brian and mom and I watched three hours of Jersey Shore the other night. It was horrible and we felt ourselves getting stoopidddsszz but it was like a train wreck and we couldn't look away. Hehehe.

I need to work on websites and costumes (I think there will be Luke/Layton costumes and Harry/Lisa [ver. Shattered Memories] costumes at Katsucon XD) and stuff. AND CATCH UP ON RPS AND DRESSING ROOMS.

NEW YEAR WOOOO. I need to feel better first though. DDDDD:


Dec. 2nd, 2009 11:21 pm
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so i went to the doctors today cause my ear has been bugging me. so has my arm. turns out i have carpal tunnel syndrome AND an ear infection. as you can see i'm not typing all hip hip hooray caps and things like normal cause i am wearing mega wrist braces of doom and i am too lazy to reach over for that shift key. so if i am talking to you on aim or something and I am not my usual OCCASIONAL CAPSLOCK self then it is cause the carpal tunnel lolololol.

it's from all the computing at work. and then working on the websites for yay and websites for school. and and and i added stuff to the cafepress shop so woop woop holiday gifts and stuff. XD long walk jerseys (garraty, mcvries, stebbins, olson and baker -- i still need to add a couple more), silent hill junk, fallout 3, left 4 dead, borderlands, arrested development, persona 4 -- all kinds of junk relating to AWESOME THINGS in there. [/pimp] XDDDD

i need to figure out some Star Wars EU things to put up there heheheeheh

(i also might have some ideas for calendars... which means i need to get those on the shop very soon... :O)

my ear is crackling. :( the fluid buildup is in both of them (i just thought it was my left) and the pharmacy didn't have the amoxicillin so i have to go back tomorrow to pick it up.

DECEMBER 8TH the soundtrack to the game is amazing. can't waittttt hope arms are better so i can playyyyyy
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So I got my phone back in teh mailz today. It works. But all my stuff is gone. LIKE MY CONTACTS. So plz to be returning all the phone numbers I had plz plz plz. I'm pissed I lost all the ones I had, plus all the new ones I got from D*C. So you can email them to heatherATwhatthefun.net or PM to me on the board or something. This means I need to redo the Caedus wallpaper for my phone too, lololololol. XD

I stayed home from work today and sprawled around on the couch all day in front of the tv in sweatpants and a sweatshirt under a blanket. I was freezing but I had a slight temperature. I'll be at work tomorrow cause I can't really miss anymore since I need to stock up on leave. Hopefully the rest all day gave me enough to get through tomorrow. Uggggggh. :( Who knows though, I could be sprawled on the couch in front of the tv all weekend too. I guess it gives me a chance to play Fallout 3 though, so I can't complain (Seriously, today I watched Stardust, The Invasion and Misery).

I GOT PERSONA PSP TODAY IN THE MAIL TOO. So I'll see you all in like a month. Hehe.

I thought I had something else to ramble about BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS. :|
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Alright, so I thought what was wrong with me all week physically was allergies. I've had a stuffed nose and junk. But now my nose is switching between runny and stuffed, my throat hurts, my head is heavy and I have a really, really bad cough. wtf. :|

I slept in that blanket again last night and I had another dream. But all I could remember was some rich ass people going on some rich ass vacation. That's the only thing I can remember about it. whaaaaaaaaaat.

:OOOOO Somebody from Lorton, VA is on the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE BOSTON EPISODE TONIGHT! I just watched him like so: :O And he made it to Vegas! He was great! He was awesome beforehand, then they showed his information and I had to rewind it three times to make sure I saw it correctly. YOU GO, BOY~

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