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So Nate beat Persona 4 this weekend. Haven't seen the true ending yet, we're gonna go for that next weekend BUT MY GOD YOSUKE GETS SO EMO IN HIS LATER S. LINK ADVENTURES. I had forgotten how wai wai wai it all was. I love Yosuke but JEEZ DUDE. SAKI WAS KIND OF A BITCH. D:

Katsucon pictures will be online soon. I realize I don't really need to write a report, lol. Nothing really crazy happened. But don't worry, I will be telling stories of certain things (the dance, the meeting with the Kanji, the non-Silent Hill meetup, the awesome hotel, PROFESSOR PROFESSOR, etc.) -- also how Erin and Ronnie do awesome impressions of Bayonetta. XD

Started working on Dragon*Con costumes for this year. Gotta get some orange fabric so I can start testing out names/numbers/etc. for the back of the Death Troopers jumpsuits. We're still hunting for Strike Team characters too. We still need Anakin (WE NEED AN ANAKIN), Alema (EVERYONE LOVES ALEMA), Zekk (NEEEEEED), Ganner, Bela, Krasov, Jovan, Lowbacca -- we need a Welk too! And do we have a Tesar, maybe, [livejournal.com profile] jk_birr? XDDDD


P.S. Heeelllllllllo ZEKK.


Jan. 24th, 2010 01:52 am
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Okay, so... I was thinking (I know, it's dangerous)... why did Star Wars not have one of [livejournal.com profile] ontd_starwars <-- these until now? Everyone has one but Star Wars. Except not anymore. Star Wars has finished their trip on the FAILBOAT. So you know what you must do now. XD

(And I know what I must do. The userinfo, layout, etc. LOL)

Nate has been playing Persona 4 and he keeps coming up with these reasons why Yosuke could be the murderer and the thing is they actually work. I told him I wasn't telling him if he was right or wrong and now he's wondering again. He's at the Heaven dungeon and he won't stop playing, lol. He is fusing Personas and just went, "LOOK THIS ONE IS NAMED KIN-KI. HEH." Oh Persona, bringing so many people together. <3

Speaking of games, I beat the main mission of Fallout 3 today. The finale (final mission and ending I got) was kind of in the gorgeous category except I'm putting more checks in the epic category. I don't know, something about following the Lyon's Pride as they follow THE 1950'S VERSION OF A MOTHEREFFING GUNDAM SHOOTING DOWN HELICOPTERS WITH A LASER FROM HIS FACE AS HE HEADS TOWARDS THE JEFFERSON MEMORIAL STEPPING ON ENCLAVE BITCHES ON THE WAY WHAT -- I think one of the reasons I love this game so much is cause I live almost right on top of where it takes place (my house should be right off the southern end of the map, haha). Now it's time for all the rest of the DLC! And then the EVIL DICK MEAN GAME. I'm a little too excited for that. Oooooops.

(ALSO HI NEW FRIENDS FROM SILENT HILL FRIENDING AWESOMENESS! <3333333 I baked you all some nurse cookies. Their cleavage tastes like sprinkles. lol sorry i couldn't help it.)
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So I got my phone back in teh mailz today. It works. But all my stuff is gone. LIKE MY CONTACTS. So plz to be returning all the phone numbers I had plz plz plz. I'm pissed I lost all the ones I had, plus all the new ones I got from D*C. So you can email them to heatherATwhatthefun.net or PM to me on the board or something. This means I need to redo the Caedus wallpaper for my phone too, lololololol. XD

I stayed home from work today and sprawled around on the couch all day in front of the tv in sweatpants and a sweatshirt under a blanket. I was freezing but I had a slight temperature. I'll be at work tomorrow cause I can't really miss anymore since I need to stock up on leave. Hopefully the rest all day gave me enough to get through tomorrow. Uggggggh. :( Who knows though, I could be sprawled on the couch in front of the tv all weekend too. I guess it gives me a chance to play Fallout 3 though, so I can't complain (Seriously, today I watched Stardust, The Invasion and Misery).

I GOT PERSONA PSP TODAY IN THE MAIL TOO. So I'll see you all in like a month. Hehe.

I thought I had something else to ramble about BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS. :|
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Have you ever had one of those dreams where a whole bunch of people you know are in it, in different parts, and they're all doing something shitty and it all makes you feel like crap and when you wake up, you know none of them really did anything to you but you're still kind of pissed off at them subconciously?

I had one of those last night.

These are the things I remember from said dream:

1.) There was some sort of Silent Hill themed obstacle course/maze/amusement park/carnival thing in town and I wanted to go. It was near Halloween.

2.) Myself and a good number of people were standing on a hill overlooking said event. I was dressed like Peter McVries (we must have all been in some sort of costume) without the blood/bullet hole. [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be (Ashley) says something bitchy (lol this kills me) to me, [livejournal.com profile] jill_sparrow (Sara) and [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul (Emily) agree and lay on the hate and I get like SUPER SAIYAN PISSED, shove them all and run off (do you see why it all kills me? XD). Plus, you know me. I don't run. My ass bolted. The only reason I remember running so fast was because the button up shirt I was wearing was blowing out all EPIC MOVIE like as I went and it started raining and it was pelting my face really damn hard.

3.) Somehow I let myself in my house through the sliding glass door, which is on our deck on the second floor of the house. Yet I don't remember climbing up the deck. I just remember shutting the door behind me and being completely soaked in water. THANKS SUDDEN DREAM RAIN STORM.

4.) Going upstairs, I find [livejournal.com profile] draelight (Nate) sitting on the bed watching television. He is on his phone. When he sees me he hesitates and tells the person he has to go and hangs up. He won't tell me who it is, but when he drops his phone on the bed I go look at it. He watches me do this. I see the normal phone entries and the latest. Nina. A slutty ex-girlfriend who cheated on him (which is funny cause Nate has never known a Nina). I bitched, natch. "Why are you talking to her? You want to get hurt by her again? (INSERT COLORFUL BITCHING LANGUAGE HERE CONCERNING WHORES AND WHAT REASONS HE WOULD NEED TO TALK TO HER AGAIN. VERY COLORFUL.)" I shoved him too, stormed out of the room and everything then was hazy until...

5.) Suddenly it's bright and sunny and I'm telling my mom, "Nate and I are gonna go drive over to the (INSERT NAME OF SILENT HILL THING HERE) and check it out." I was wearing a tank top and a pair of very short shorts. I don't know why. The two of us left the house to get in the car and then everything changed again.

6.) Even though I had been in some daisy duke shorts and a clean shirt before when Nate and I were ready to set out, I'm back in Peter McVries and it's back to the whole raining really hard outside thing. I'm at the start of this Massive Awesome Giant Silent Hill Thing, ready to start, getting absolutely drenched again...

And my effing alarm goes off. :|

I wake up wrapped -- not in my light comforter, like normal -- but in this super warm blanket on my bed. And my neck of all places is really sweaty and my hands are all clammy. My sinuses are also worse and I'm hacking up a lung pretty much. I basically stared at the ceiling for a few minutes like, ".....what."

(I also remember being dressed like a super hero, a bunch of us were, but none that were recognizable -- and we took over a Burger King near whatever convention/get-together we were all at. I... I don't know...)

IN OTHER NEWS: [livejournal.com profile] trex_moves 'sup get your fix of fandom crack

IN OTHER, OTHER NEWS: O SHIT TODAY mine should be here in a couple days ajskododddsos excited EXCITED. JIBBER JABBER.

P.S. I'm not really pissed at any of you, just dream!you lolololololol. XD
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Need to catch up on friendslist from over the weekend. I don't know what's been up with me for the past week and a half. My foot hurt, then the pain spread to my leg and then my thigh -- and then on top of that I've been really tired and just have this cloud of fatigue following me around like those annoying little rainclouds in cartoons. Like I'll get home from work and take a nap, which is occasionally normal for me. Except they're never three hour naps and they're never every single day after work, like they have been for the past week and a half. :|

I went to the doctor Friday and she said to take a boatload of Motrin for my leg (you know, the bazillion pills everyday like I did when I had the foot and back problems before) and then they did some blood work for my tiredness/fatigue/etc., which apparently came back normal. So now I'm just kind of like wtf. I don't know why my leg is still hurting and I want this other shit to go away. I haven't changed my sleep schedule or my diet or anything, so why am I suddenly too tired to do anything ever?

Sunday I was gonna work on costumes all day and I worked on a couple things and then sat and played Fallout 3 for seven hours. Seven fucking hours, man. Which, you know, if it's the weekend or something and I'm aiming to straight up play something with friends and I'm like YAY VIDEO GAEMS!11 then that's cool and I could do seven hours no problem. But this was like I planted myself in front of the tv, alone, with my eyes absently glued to the screen while I was wandering around the Capital Wasteland with no trace of real thought going through my brain -- luckily I had a glass of water cause I couldn't be bothered to get up to get anything else, no food, no drink, no bathroom trips. I just sat there and wandered.

This needs to go away. This leg/foot pain and this feeling. And I don't know what to do about it. :\

A small bright spot though. Somebody in Atlus RULES THE WORLD!:

The English translation of Persona for the Playstation might be described as a noble effort, but short of perfect. There are some funkily translated lines that seem to have stuck with people though, for instance "Mark danced crazy." Have you retained any of these lines, simply for the sake of tradition?

NM: I don't see how any man with blood in his veins could localize Persona 1 at this point and not have Mark dance crazy. There's one other specific allusion we retained in the storyline parts, although it's not quite as offensive as it used to be.

HELL YES. Also, this song is amazing.
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I've decided that this weekend I really need to start working on D*C costumes. I don't have much of anything done and I need to sew things and modify things and test hair and makeup and blah blah blah AND THERE'S ONLY 56 DAYS LEFT. Yeah, I guess that seems like a lot now but omg it isn't.

Plus, [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be and I are trying to put together some sort of game for D*C that's like manhunt/capture the flag with lots of stealth and walkie-talkies or something. WE'RE BRAINSTORMING!!1 Although, here is the big question: How many people going to the con would actually be interested in playing some sort of game like that one night?

And Phillip Chbeeb just did a solo dance to a song off The Fifth Element soundtrack. And it was the Diva Opera song. <333 It was awesome.

Going to Video Games Live tomorrow night. Totally nerding out about it. And I don't know if I should wear my Left 4 Dead shirt, my Dead Rising shirt, my Bioshock shirt, a Silent Hill shirt or what. SUCH DIFFICULT DECISIONS. D: I also apologize in advance if I cry tears of total fangirly joy while there (MYST SONGS, YOU GUYS <3)~

P.S. I want one of these so bad. If I got one it would most likely be the Hunter. SO ADORABLE.
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Greetings, whassup and hello. Welcome to No Stopping Us, a fanmix for the underrated 1996 Playstation RPG game Revelations: Persona. Yes, it is the first game in the series that Persona 3 and Persona 4 came from. The bandwagon has been jumped on by many (and for good reason -- it's a great game XD), but some haven't searched out Persona 3/4's roots. ;D Those that have, I salute you. And those that originally played Revelations and Persona 2 (either part) before 3/4 was even announced -- I <3 you.


So whether you're a fan of Revelations: Persona, a fan of the third or fourth game looking to broaden your Persona horizons or even if you have no idea what a Persona is, I hope you enjoy this fanmix!

Here is your extremely basic backstory: The story is set in contemporary times, with high school teenagers serving as the heroes of the game. Armed with weapons and imbued with magical beings known as Personae, they band together to repel demons that are invading their city.

Here's what they left out: DRAMA. Unrequited love (Mark! --> Mary! --> Main! <--Ellen!)! Annoying principals (DARTH HARDING)! Alternate dimensions! Creepy little girls! Robot mice! Toilet kids! Kickass music! Contacting demons! Mark dancing seductively! A class full of losers who are all totally different but BFF! Penis Monsters (sorry, not in the American version)! First-person to third-person! Kids with guns?! A silent protagonist! Yellow butterflies! Family angst! Evil corporations! A kickass butler named Alfred!

In closing: "ZOMBIES?! HOW DARE YOU!"

Let's get it on.

I dreamt I was a butterfly... )

YESSSSSS, happy I finally got it uploaded! (MARK AND CHRIS <3)


May. 4th, 2009 10:58 pm
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1.) I had 4 episodes of Harper's Island backed up on the TIVO cause I was debating on whether or not I wanted to invest the time. I've watched two of them now. It's totally worth the time. Also, seeing Bobby and Ruby 1.0 (the good one :P) on here make me giddy. Only two episodes in and there's been five murders. Also, the eye candy is AMAZING. Whenever Jimmy comes on I absolutely melt.

Very happy I have been TIVOing these. Will continue. <3

2.) I haven't laughed so fucking hard in a long time:

The Starburst commercial always made me laugh my ass off, but adding Yosuke (and Kanji and Teddie) made it so much better. The facial expressions are perfect. Props to [livejournal.com profile] tsugarusp! :D

3.) I haven't written in way too long. Nothing really has come to me lately. Original or fanfiction. There's always a couple sentences here and there, like the SW one from earlier today. In the past hour though I had two sorts of things. One original long-ass crazy story idea and then there's this bitch.


He was dancing somewhere between disgusted, angry and depressed. One of those feelings that didn't have an exact word and was hard to describe, but so very easy to feel.

He had returned from the hospital mere minutes before, half past one in the morning, to an apartment full of drunk roommates. He didn't know where the booze had come from, nor did he care. He wasn't shocked at all when none of them bothered to notice the freshly stitched up gash on his face.

"Hey Pete, sorry we drank all the beer!" One of them called out. Could've been Mark, could've been Gunther.

Peter McVries didn't give a sweet fuck which one it was. They all sounded the same when their words were slurred. He just strolled through the tiny living room area, into his even smaller bedroom and quickly shut the door behind him. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do at that point, but he knew it would either be a.) pick up the lamp on his nightstand -- the one without the shade -- and chuck that motherfucker against the wall or b.) slam his back against the door and slide down it for a sob or two.

C. C won. C was Peter standing aimlessly in the middle of his room, jaw slack, eyes glazed over, fingers tracing the stitches over the gash on his face. Touching it hurt like hell, but that didn't matter. What mattered was her.



IDEAS. I HAVEN'T HAD YOU IN SO LONG. WELCOME TO MY HEAD. Time to build some stories, yo. :O


Apr. 29th, 2009 11:43 pm
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P.S. Persona for the PSP is out in Japan. I'm drooling over here waiting. Look, they even finally added Chris to the character page~ <333333333
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WOOOOOO! -- new Persona PSP preview movie.

I still can't describe how giddy seeing them actually move makes me. D:

Also, when did Philemon start looking so badass? I love his jacket.

Mmm, weekend. Mmmmmmm, video games.


Apr. 14th, 2009 05:38 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] hitosyura! I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THE LOL CLOTHING COMMERCIAL.

"Thou art I.
I am Thou.
Thou shalt be blessed when creating Personas of the Funk Arcana."

LOLOLOLOL LOVE IT (esp. when Minato's the one flipping the bottom of his jacket back -- CLASSY <3). And the sped up Pharmacy song at the end, HAHA.

(P.S. The original! Heeee~!)
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LOL OKAY. The Persona PSP remake trailer on YouTube. The best comment ever was left:

"What the fuck, they turned mark Into some Ginger Kid!!"

I rofled so damn hard.
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(Also, Nate running over to help Yuki makes my day. Heee!)
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Besides Final Fantasy VII, this was the first RPG that got me to want to play more games. I remember being at Blockbuster looking for games to play on my PSX and I saw this game called Kartia. I turned it over to look at the back of the box and saw a tiny ad for some weird-ass looking game called Revelations: Persona. It had some of the character art on it -- I specifically remember seeing Ellen, Alana and Chris. I fell in love with Chris (I COULDN'T HELP IT HE LOOKED SO SNARKY AND TORTURED AND I WAS RIGHT) right there and knew I had to play this game.

I couldn't find it anywhere.

I finally found it at a flea market in Florida while we were on vacation. I got it for around $20. It was an old copy as it is, but I played that game so damn much the disc cracked and would skip and freeze when I got into a battle. I had to get another copy off of ebay. I still have the cracked disc hanging on my wall in my room.

I will definitely admit I'm a little worried about the rumored changes. Like the WHOLE BRAND NEW SOUNDTRACK and so on. But I'm reserving my judgement, I'm waiting before I flip my lid. Right now I'm just excited about the fact that they're actually bringing it over here. The fact that I'll get to see my favorites in the pretty new cutscenes and hear my pharmacy music!

A poster on the Atlus forums summed up exactly how I feel:

"No offense to those whining about the way the game looks, but for us older fans of the series, this was our little treat, since we've been dry-heaving on Persona 3 and 4, which while they're good games, just lack the dark, brooding essence of the regular-line of MegaTen games. Persona, while one foot in the high-school train, still was a very dark game, with the ambiance in sound we'd grown to love, so for us, it worked great. Not only but the way you explored the dungeons in first person was something that to us (older fans) was a very appreciated sentimentality, since that's how the start of this series was.

Persona 3 and 4 are great, but there's a much, much darker universe of MegaTen out there than that. Some of you guys should give it a chance, rather than complaining that there's a lack of hippity-hop, and light-heartedness in your Persona soup. Take it for the ingredients it has to present on its own."

It's coming out in Japan in April, so we'll get to see some of the changes then (music, etc.) -- but I'll have to wait a little longer to see what else they do.


I get to revisit these babies! YAY EYE CANDY~ (soooo cute!)

Also, will they change Mark's skin color again? Keep their japanese names? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

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NEW SONG :O (I love how it goes from normal boppy PERSONA YAY to ROCK YOUR FACE -- it's actually sort of perfect and I actually kind of love it. It fits and that's the most important part. XD)

And and and dskdsadsfamsdjfksdljfasd TEASER MOVIE:

http://persona.atlusnet.jp/introduction/index.html -- Mary (Mark loves you still)! LOOK THEY'RE MOVING~ AND CHRIS ALWAYS IN THE PARTY CAUSE HE'S AWESOME. AND THE SNOW QUEEN QUEST. AND MY FIRST PERSON DUNGEONS LOL~ <3

I don't think I breathed at all while watching the teaser movie, dudes. This game corrupted me a decade ago and to see this happening -- it's exactly like this:

dslkjfalksjdfjlksjdf iewjfioesjf sdfij disjfasd fWHAT OMG.

(I will do some pitchforking and angry letter writing if Atlus isn't able to bring it over. I will move to Japan. D:)


Feb. 4th, 2009 06:44 pm
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CEL SHADED CUTSCENES. LOOK AT THEM. OJFKJAOIDHWIHDISJAKJDKLCNKDNCDKA THEY HAVE EXPRESSIONS AND STUFF (besides the single one they have on their character portrait)!@@@ sfkdsjfakjsdkfjaskdjf

Yuki, Mark, Nate and Main in the hall is killing me of awesome.




(I must remember to go to: http://persona.atlusnet.jp/ on Friday, I think the date was.)


Jan. 17th, 2009 12:45 pm
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Okay, so last night I hit 7/11 and got to witness drunk Dojima (hilarious), boy!Teddie (whom I love with all my heart), and this line which was and always will be classic:

Kanji (to Yosuke): "Ohh... I get it. What you're REALLY asking is: 'Will you please beat the shit out of me, Kanji?'"

And Kanji wanting to feel Teddie's Bear Fur, "C-can I touch it?" -- "NO."

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MY LIFE. IT IS MADE. <3333333333333333333~

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Oh my god, please tell me Supernatural is not getting THIS MOTHER-EFFING WHAT?


I have always had absolute faith in this show. So I'm hoping all of this turns out to be utter crap and lies. But the last two episodes were kind of redonkulous. And I will never get over the blatantly horrible symbolism of "SAM IS BANGING A DEMON AND DEAN IS BANGING AN ANGEL. LOOK HOW AMAZING WE JUST WERE. TAKE THAT TO YOUR ENGLISH CLASS, WORD."



PERSONA 4: I have three days left till I need to get Rise out of there and I'm scared as all hell cause I don't know if I will have the right spells/stuff to beat the boss. Plus, I haven't even been past the first floor and there's like 10 floors or something, most likely. (ALSO, RISE'S DUNGEON IS A STRIP CLUB WITH HEAVY, HEAVY TECHNO MUSIC. I LOVE THIS GAME.)

FALLOUT 3: HAHAH, I just found the FAIRFAX RUINS last night. It's cool to be playing a game set around here. Like I have been to Metro Stations in Fallout 3 that I have actually been to IN REAL LIFE :o -- and just wait till I get Downtown. Muahahah! (And I can't wait to find Little Lamplight cause it was based a bit off of Luray Caverns~ :D)
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Okay, so today has been really odd. First, all the 30gb (and 80gb too, I think) Zunes around the world have frozen on the loading screen. I am not in an absolute shitfit over this because my Zune has never given me problems before in the two years I have had it and I have my music on cds and the computer. I am eyerolling at all the Overdramatic Tools who are slitting wrists over it and threatening to sue -- and also eyerolling over all the Apple Fanboys like, "WELL THAT'S WHY I HAVE AN IPOD HUR HUR." I won't even get started on those people -- nerdy/know-it-all brand whores (I don't care what mp3/computer/console/etc. you back) are even worse than regular brand whores. I know because I dated one. Plus, ALL ELECTRONICS have problems sooner or later -- NOTHING is PERFECT. Effing MP3 players and computers should not be things people BITCH AT EACH OTHER OVER. SERIOUSLY.

(This is my favorite exchange I saw on the Zune boards today.

Poster 1: yeah theres definately something very very wrong with the zune... i wish i did my research befor buying this useless fking product.
Poster 2: So your research would have told you that an undetermined coding issue was going to cause a problem at some future date?

Maybe you should also do your research on correct spelling.

and also: "People who are bitching: Bugs happen. Be happy you have electricity, clean water, indoor plumbing, and access to food. Some people don't. MP3 players are not a basic human right, they are a LUXURY."

and this one too: "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG MY ZUNE IS TEH BROKEN. HACKERZ BROKE MY ZUNE CLOCK.. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW!! Oh.. i'll turn on the radio or play a CD (remember those?)"

I love the internet. XD)

Then at work today, the weather/our building decided to play with us. It was sunny outside and really windy. Then a few clouds came (but you could still see it was sunny). There was a giant flash of lightning and a huge rumble of thunder. It snowed for about 45 seconds and then our power went out, came back on and went out again. Then when the power returned it started snowing really heavy for about a minute. THEN THE SUN CAME BACK OUT COMPLETELY. D:



Poster 1: Chie just Galactic Punted a Turret Enemy.
Poster 2: Which makes you wonder if Yosuke suffered any permanent damage from when Chie kicked him in the junk.)

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