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So the other day on Twitter, Wil Wheaton linked to a blog post he had written about the 25th Anniversary Reunion he attended with the Stand By Me cast. It's an absolutely wonderful post - nostalgic and kind of heartbreaking all at the same time. And of course, it got me thinking about River Phoenix.

If you've known me for some amount of time, you know about my love for this kid. I say kid now because I'm actually older than he was when he died back in 1993. This post pretty much contains my realization that I sort of have a type - in both real and fictional worlds, apparently, hahaha. XD

A little background here: Around '96, I was looking through a magazine or catalog or something and I saw a picture of some dude. And this dude was effing hot. I took this picture to my sister and this happened--

Valerie: "That's River Phoenix." *pause* "He's dead."
Me: "Buh."
Valerie: "He was an actor. He was actually in Stand By Me, which was based off of a Stephen King story."
Me: "I must see this movie."
Valerie: "Yeah, you'd probably like it."

So I was with my Mom and Duane one weekend, wandering around Blockbusters and I saw the box...

Mom: "Okay, but you have to watch it with us, cause it's rated R." *turns to Duane* "Why is this movie rated R? I don't remember anything crazy in it... it's been a long time since I've seen it though."

We get back and they go out to pick up dinner and leave me alone. What do I do? Put the tape in and start watching it. I got almost to the end of the treehouse scene before I stopped it and rewound the tape for when they got back. It was okay though, cause I already knew I had fallen in love with that kid. Did you see the face he made when they introduced Chris Chambers? He. Was. Gorgeous.

After seeing that movie (and of course loving it), I hunted down every single thing relating to River Phoenix I could find. Movies, books, clippings from magazines - this was a little difficult since he had been popular in the late 80's and then early 90's, then died of a drug overdose in '93. That was utterly depressing, by the way. As you can see in Wheaton's blog post, no one really saw it coming. He had always been against that kind of stuff too.

Besides that, he was pretty much a sweetheart. He was an animal rights activist and a total family boy. And I thought that was darling.

Enter my fandoms. Hello Star Wars. Greetings Jacen Solo.

When I started to get heavily into the Expanded Universe fandom (writing fanfiction, talking to people - including some of you still to this day <3333, all that awesome stuff), I would think of actors when I read the books. It's something I've kind of always done in the back of my head. It made it easier for me to picture characters sometimes. Who was Jacen Solo? Well, that was River Phoenix, of course. Animal nerd, sweetheart, fights for what he believes in. Also, DAT HAIR. When the Japanese covers for the New Jedi Order came out, I was excited (FANGASMS EVERYWHERE) to see I hadn't been the only one. LOOK AT THAT MOFO OHH SHI--

I think my <3 for River had kind of caused my love for Jacen to grow and vise versa. Besides just reading the books, he became my Jacen in fanthings as well. I mean, fanfictions, RPGs, everything. IT WAS TOO PERFECT, DUDE. D:

It always helped that he had played Harrison Ford's son in The Mosquito Coast as well as young Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade... I mean, it just worked all around! XD

(Fun note: He also was in a movie called "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon" - he was the main character. Jason Court was also in this movie. Jason Court is the man who played Kyle Katarn in Dark Forces. STAR WARS CONNECTIONS, AHOY! XD)

TO THE LEFT: River & Harrison (JACEN & HAN IT WOULD BE SO PERFECT D:), then as young Indy and then River & Jason (LOL JACEN AND KYLE HAY GUYZ)

Looking at it now, it's sort of ironic. Jacen Solo was also overtaken by something he always condemned and then was killed. THAT IS WHERE I KIND OF GET CREEPED OUT.

Years later, enter Jared Padalecki.

I had exhausted the hell out of every River Phoenix picture for Star Wars: EU related asshattery and was depressed that there would never be any others. I had also started watching some weird show called Supernatural. Of course, me watching this show = "lololol look at these brothers arguing. one is so nice and one is like LET'S KILL ALL THE BAD THINGS CAUSE WE HAVE THE POWER! it's like jacen and anakin except with the ages swapped. like this tall lanky dude with the floppy brown hair and puppy eyes is all OMG WE CAN'T HURT ANYONE, LIKE JACEN-- LIKE JACEN..."

Then that shit happened, heh. I started looking up this guy. Animal rights activist, family boy, all around sweetheart.

Me: what no, how does this keep happening :|

Then SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENED: Looking up pictures of this new giant dude, I find a photo that made me flip for a few seconds. I'm sure my heart had to skip a beat cause how did a picture of River Phoenix get into this batch of pictures from a photoshoot of this sasquatch Jared guy. And later, going back through River pictures, a picture of this moose snuck into River photos somehow - EXCEPT NO CAUSE THAT'S RIVER PLAYING THE GUITAR WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE MOOSE?

Left - River, Right - Jared

Left - Jared, Right - River

(I've posted those before... a long time ago in a galaxy far f-- SHUT UUPPPP. XD)

So my River/Jacen line turned into a River/Jacen/Jared triangle and one became my tiny dork and one became my giant dork and everything in the fandom corner of my brain had settled peacefully. Jared plays a really mean (and effing awesome) bad guy (demon!Lucifer!anysortofevil!Sam is the best thing ever) and would make a killer Darth Caedus. As you can see by the quote in the subject line, River was just like that - he was the little, wide-eyed, goofball Jacen Solo.

But looking at all three: two of my favorite actors and my favorite fictional character -- there's a type. :T

I don't know when this was all realized but at least I have typed it all out and let myself know the links just aren't in my fandom-hazed brain, hehehehehe. XD

P.S. River. Freakin'. Phoenix. Please watch Running On Empty, Stand By Me, The Mosquito Coast & I Love You to Death - DARLING. <3


P.S.S.S. Here is River molesting a tree. PERFECT?

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River Phoenix would've been 40 today.


Makes me wonder what kind of work we would have from him today if that whole mess hadn't happened. :\

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I must be on a roll or something. ANOTHER DAMN FANFICTION.

TENEL KA'S SECOND CHILD NEEDS A NAME -- that's not what it's called or anything. I just thought I would give you a short summary. lololol. I'm sure somewhere the timeline is effed or something but I didn't really care once I started writing and couldn't stop. D:

In the magical land of Twitter tonight I posted a photo of something we're dragging along with us this weekend to Balticon. It's a box. For a pie. I AM EXCITEEEEEEEE. XD

You know who was hot? River Phoenix. SORRY RANDOM I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF. :(

(And for real, I still to this day cannot watch this movie without going LOL HAN AND JACEN HAN AND JACEN~ Hit 2:30 -- HARRISON AND RIVER SO CUTE.)

Also, if we're linking River Phoenix clips, I can't pass up an absolutely darling 20 seconds of Stand By Me.

[/totally random entry lol what i need to sleep ]
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[Poll #1514880]

Okay, so I'm going to be applying a post-NJO Jacen Solo at an RP game AND I AM DEBATING ON THIS VERY IMPORTANT MATTER OF WHO TO USE.

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So I'm making a fanmix. And I usually try to keep my fanmixes to the point where they can fit on a cd (so under 80 minutes) -- but this one is at 82 and all the songs are so damn perfect that everytime I click on one to take it off the list I'm like, MEEEHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

I made threads for the Clue costume group (here!) and the EU SITH PROJECT RUNWAY GROUP (here!) -- for D*C '09! It's always good to start early! MUAHAHAHA~ (341 days left!)

And that guy I posted a picture of the other day. It was River Phoenix. That picture gave more support to my "Jared Padalecki is the second coming of River Phoenix except more clean and less fashionably 80's" theory.

Mmmmm, excuse to post hot pictures.

(river = left, jared = right)

I know I've blabbed and fangirled about it before -- especially after seeing this picture of Jared Padalecki:

(jared = left, river = right)

(And you have no idea how tempted I am to compare those two pictures of JACEN SOLO. MUAHAHAHH~)

COSTUMEAGE! So I know I'm bringing Poison Ivy to Anime USA, but I'm not sure what else. Maybe an old Silent Hill costume? Or another old costume of mine? Or maybe I should get Mitsuru done? Or Shannon Matthews? I JUST DON'T KNOW. D:

And I think I almost have my Dragon*Con 2009 Costume List finalized, kekekekeke~
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KDjfkjaskdjfkasdjfksdjfk OH MY GOD.




Jul. 18th, 2008 11:58 pm
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In two minutes it will be Jared Padalecki's 26th birthday. :D

Maybe this possibly means a picspam will be in order -- like I have done in the past for River Phoenix and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (that is totally my favorite page of the Fangirl thread O_O). You can also bet your ass Kevin will have one this fall too. BOYS EVERYWHERE.

(LOL, it's JRM's birthday in eight days. MOAR PICSPAM~ <3)
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This movie never ever ever gets old. And it's time for my yearly pimp of it.

If you haven't seen Stand By Me RENT IT RIGHT NOW. It's so damn heartwarming and sweet and hilarious. I have seen it a billion times and I still laugh my ass off every time they're sitting in the junkyard and every time they do the train dodge and every time Gordie shoots the loaded gun behind the diner and every time they sing in the treehouse to Vern -- and allllllll the time. <3333


The Train Dodge -- this is one of the most classic scenes ever.

"...you use your left hand or your right hand for that?"

"YOU wish."

Plus, the look on Vern's face when he goes: "OH SHIT."

I always cry like a bitch at the end of this movie. D:

It also contains one of my favorite lines from a film ever, said by Teddy: "I'm gonna rip your head off and shit down your neck!"

One of the best King adaptations as well as just one of the best movies in general. <33333

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You know what crap times call for?! Something that makes everything better. And that's hot guys! Hot guy picture-spammage always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And I've been feeling quite cold and bitchy in the past couple months, therefore this must be done. And I bet a lot of these faces look familiar to some of you and that's because they are sdklfjaklsdfsdhawt, therefore I use them for fandom and RPing. All the time. Heh.

Also, this was something I have threatened to do a few times before. NOW IT IS DONE. XD

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: worldly picspam of lots o' hot guys XD -- i am a sucker for long hair D: -- and long hair from other countries -- and makeup... from... other... countries? )

okay that was nice. Wait, I see a pattern here. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it's there. WAIT FOR IT.

*waits... stares at pictures more*

sorry got sidetracked. what? I feel like I should be doing some study with all these pictures like OKAY SO THIS GUY IS FROM HERE AND HE HAS THE SAME FEATURES AS -- no seriously, Lou and Trevor are both from Joisey and they're absolutely darling and tiny and innocent looking EXCEPT THEY'RE ANYTHING BUT THAT. <3

And I didn't really mean to put Casey and River next to each other, it just happened AND GOOD LAWD. Casey's first picture and River's second = EXACT MATCH PLUS.

P.S. I think one of my favorite profile comments on OtakuBooty is "I'd be so gay for you that gay dudes would be like TURN DOWN THE GAY" -- that one should've been up there years ago. XD
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"I have more than a passing resemblance to the following depiction of Face."

"then you look like river phoenix.... when he was alive."

Face is total Phoenix in that picture. XD I just love the "WHEN HE WAS ALIVE"~


Oct. 31st, 2007 11:55 pm
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River. 14 Years ago today. ;-; <3

The Mist. OMG the gallery. And the video section = Frank Darabont = awesome. And the webisodes, shooting in Shreveport and Darabont wears those crazy vacation shirts like my dad. Hehe.

Amen to this. Where are the Kessel mines on this list though? Did I miss it? I was seriously biting my nails when Kyp and Han and Chewie were in the pitch black with the spider thing. D:

My internet. It is being a fool. Which means it might be sleepy-time. Or The Langoliers time. I scored the first four books of the Dark Tower series off of ebay. So I might read those next -- although I am a nerd and will have to have all of the Dark Tower series read before I can read anything else. So it must be done before Duma Key and Fury (haha, in a month ya rite wtf) come out. D:

Halloween was mucho fun and goth Leia was just as yaaaaaaay. Pictures when they make their way from the camera to the computer! XDDDDD OKAY TIME TO JET.

... I have no idea where that came from. D:
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I love when Stand By Me can provide me with a perfect WTF icon.

Best screencap ever. (Awesome/classic screencaps here. "HE HAD A LEECH ON HIS BALLS!" And Mister Sutherland about to burn Chris Chamber's eye out with a cigarette! Woo! Kinky! D:)

I finished The Dark Half last night. Oh my crap, yo. Stephen King always kills me with his last lines. Thad with his head in his hands -- and everything that was surrounding him -- was amazing. Also the image of George and Thad sitting side by side writing with the kids in their laps. I giggled madly.

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So River Phoenix would be 38 today. And you know what this means! Hottttttness! Bad 80's clothes! Many hairstyles! Chin scar! Jacen Solo! Ray Garraty! Whoever else I use this sexcellent mug for! DID I MENTION THE BAD 80'S CLOTHES? <3

Picspam of Phoenixtastic Proportions. Mmmm. ajfsd;jfkajsdfj! omg. )

Okay, I'm happy now. ^__________^

EDIT: ALERT! I FOUND THE YELLOW FEMME SWEATER, SOMEONE HELP HIM IT'S EATING HIM ALIVE WTF!111! Even though it shows off his neck, ohdamn. <3 ... BUT STILL! ifhahsdfasohfd only in the 80's!


Jun. 5th, 2007 11:20 pm
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I said I would, so I had to. XD

Also, video fun on the heels of the hotness posted last night -- I've been on a binge!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers being snarky and hot in Gormenghast, messing with the sisters, who still to this day creep me out. He is such a manipulative little bitch. "It makes me mad, my lady. My lady. It makes me mad mad mad!"

Young Indiana Jones, Mister River Phoenix in The Last Crusade totally kicking ass as a young Harrison Ford (and then playing Harrison Ford's son later in another movie, snap). SNAKES!!!11 Almost two and half minutes in, the "It's only a snake" line still makes me chuckle. XD I am also in love with the, "EVERYBODY'S LOST BUT ME" line. LOVE. And getting yelled at by Daddy Jones at the end. XD "NO DAD YOU LISTEN TO ME~ D: ... one, two, three, four." Bonus points for River speaking in greek.

And last but not least, Evil!SAM is bringing sexy back. The song, somehow with Jared Padalecki's little smarmy bitchass, it works. That song works with like everything -- and it makes me giggle. HAVE I MENTIONED THE SMIRKS? The from like 1:00 - 1:15 is just smirk after snicker after insert-lip-word here. Jared plays evil so well. D: BEST. EPISODE. EVER. (P.S. The gratuitous molesting-Jo-at-the-bar shots in this video are so welcome.)

HI, I THINK IT'S BEDTIME. Like always. But I'm not tired. So I shall emo instead, about not sleeping. Not sleeping also means there will probably be a really cracktacular post in about another hour and a half.

*emo* D:

Hur hur.

May. 7th, 2007 12:56 am
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Yeah. So I watched The Mosquito Coast last night. I forgot how much that movie makes me giggle cause of the whole Han/Jacen factor. I also watched A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon after that -- which I cracked up so hard at since Jason Court is in it. So then I was all HAHAH JACEN/KYLE! KYLE JUST BEAT YOUR ASS SO HARD JASA, SRY KID YOU GOT PWNED.

I also might've put on Titus after that. Might've. D:

(That movie needs to be seen, if only for the MAN-PIE at the end. Don't take that how it sounds -- or wait, maybe you should. YUM? Also! Angst/bi-curious brothers! Oh Shakespeare! How you slay me~ <3? I mean, C&D pillow-humping and Aaron throwing them around the hallways like ragdolls and slapping the crap out of them. I love it. AARON. <3 --- Oh and someone put Lavina's torture scene on YouTube, which, OMG dsfadsfsd, I will spare you. One of the most disturbing pieces of imagery in a movie, besides the Dinner Scene in the same movie [which you can tell by the comments on it HAHA XD]. But it was brilliantly done. And so creepy. O_O


I heart. XD
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In random useless news, I finally figured out my top five actor list, heee. I'm sure you can figure out like all of them after reading that first sentence but yeah. And now you will know why there are certain boys I always use for all my photomanipulations/roleplays/stories/etc., cause they are my favorites. XD

MUAHAHAHAH~ -- FILL IN THE BLANKS. All the second names are original characters except for Ray Garraty, and all the first names are canon somewhere except for Gadell Vessau. If you can fill in those five blanks, then you know me too well and I wish I had a cookie for you. XD Also, I have an icon for each boy and I use them often cause I like staring, if that's any help. HEEEEEE.

1.) ?? - Jacen Solo / Ray Garraty
2.) ?? - Gadell Vessau / Trevor March
3.) ?? - Anakin Solo/ Serkitt Apshai
4.) ?? - Jacen Solo / Asher Vargary
5.) ?? - Sirrus / Aiden Vargary


P.S. I can also safely say that all of these boys look super hot while they're soaking wet.



EDIT: HAHAHA -- that bottom picture. Those two kill me. I love the expressions. XD Jensen is "...the fuck peed in this clown's cereal this morning?!"


Mar. 10th, 2007 01:50 am
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How cute is little 16 year old River Phoenix -- too bad he's talking to stupid Joan Rivers. She is such a donk. "SO LIEK, RIVER. WHAT A FUNNY NAME!!!11"

And he just kind of stares at her like "heh, bitch"... RIO. <3 Little Rio singing on the streets. Heeeeee~ When he gets all "WHO DOES THIS BITCH THINK SHE IS ASKING ME ABOUT MAH GIRLFRIEND~?? SHOW THE CLIP!!!11" And talking about Harrison Ford. XD I am giggling like mad. He is so precious.

And then you get to the depressing shit like this. WHAT HAPPENED? I still can't believe Star Magazine ran that picture of him in his coffin -- that shit is just sick. What kind of lame ass person do you have to be to do something like that? O_o

In other news, I am totally gonna be all over Meet the Robinsons when it comes out; one cause it's Disney -- but two because every time I see the commercial where the T-rex is like, "I HAVE A BIG HEAD. AND TINY ARMS." I die of laff. XD

... wut?

Sep. 28th, 2006 12:04 am
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The ultimate freak out comes here late at night as I sit like a little annoying child on Christmas Eve, except the next day is not Christmas, but Supernatural day -- and I am biding my time by looking at crazy pictures of the Winchesters and Jensen and Jared -- and one picture of Jared screams, HAY I AM ACTUALLY CHANNELING RIVER PHOENIX POSSIBLY.

There was a squee maybe, then a silent wtf stare and lots of creeped out feelings. It doesn't look like Jared Padalecki. Well, it does a tad -- but River wtf.

I am officially weirded out for the night. In a pleasant happy way though. JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS EVE! Time to open presents, beetches. XD


Mar. 21st, 2006 11:02 pm
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It's so creepy to watch things like this. And could you imagine the boy in Interview with the Vampire...? Jeez. <3



*insert Jacen Solo joke here*)

And my AIM is acting totally odd. O_o It keeps cutting me off randomly. Oh AIM, how I love thee. Oh well. That just means it's Maplestory time. D



Jan. 14th, 2006 11:47 pm
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Pictures of River Phoenix with restaurant napkins on his head = love. <3

Lots of it.

I watched Silent Tongue tonight (which I got for my birthday :o!) and the boy was a cowboy. And he was hot. And he was insane. And he made me cry.

(And by insane I mean like GIBBERISH insane. "Bahahsha they're not gonna get you HUR HUR HUR IMMACOWBOY dehehaksjalsd.")

Mmmm, River.

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