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Yes, here they are, almost three months late. But they are still here. And that's what counts. Also, it's nice to have this flashback to WARMTH while it is freezing. XD

WE'RE OFF TO COZUMEL! And by us I mean me, Mom, Duane, Nate, Ronnie and Alex. And by Cozumel I mean LITTLE TINY ISLAND OF PRETTY. )

YAY COZUMEL PICTURES~~ now I want to go back. :3


Jul. 28th, 2009 08:16 pm
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(LOL duh I had to icon it. Placeholder hottness till I can get to my photoshop and make a better one. XD I also have to make a TK one. AND MAYBE ONE WITH BOTH OF THEM?)

This past weekend was good. Friday night was hanging out with Erin, Ronnie and Jeremy. We ate dinner and went fabric shopping -- meaning Erin and I went fabric shopping while Ronnie gave his opinion on the fabric and Jeremy and Nate were there as moral support (meaning they were forced to come along, hehe). The next night Nate took me to the Cheesecake Factory (but not before we spent points at Dave and Buster's, lol) and afterwards I was so stuffed I wanted to pass out in the car. I was surprised we finished the piece of cheesecake we split (you can't go there and not get cheesecake). It was White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and it was so damn good omg. I love that place. <3

Sunday I got my hair did done lol. This is the shortest it's been in years and it's red again. Not too red though, it's pretty dark. It'll grow out some by D*C and will have faded just a bit. So I should be good to go for Tenel Ka costumes (color and length), Mrs. White (length - being able to shove my hair under a wig) and all the rest of the gang of misfit costumes I am lugging along with me. XD

I can't believe the con is already so close. WOOOO!

(I still can't get enough of these Essential Atlas pictures. Oh man I want to blow up the Caedus picture and turn it into a poster. Does anyone have a really good scanner?)


Apr. 6th, 2009 12:36 am
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So Ronnie and I started playing Resident Evil 5 tonight (he was like BUY IT BUY IT DID YOU BUY IT lololololol). I am pleasantly surprised by it so far. It seems much smoother and a lot better than the demo.

And oh my shit the motorcycle zombies left me giddy. I want more of them (I have a feeling there will be a lot of them). That scene was almost epic enough to be on TRAPPED IN A BARN WITH LUIS AND LEON levels.

(Yes, Chris is hot. But not Leon Sex Scott Kennedy hot.)

I also love how my Resident Evil LJ tag will always be re4 no matter which RE game I speak of. Hehehe.

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Although, we never ever saw Corey going out that way. AT ALL.

Also, we played Rock Band 2 for like a billion hours with [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be and it was awesome.

Ronnie and I made a band with Sven and Stan from O:TA in it. We were running around in the game earlier tonight and in the bloodied and body-covered halls of Delta Theta Gamma, Shannon and Stan found a dead DJ who was playing crap when all the insanity went down -- we clicked on it when it said look and it was like, "THIS WAS THE SOUNDTRACK FOR A MASSACRE~"

So what did we name this new band, later in the evening on Rock Band 2? Soundtrack for a Massacre, of course! And Sven and Stan are dressed like they are in the game. XD

So Ashley basically had to deal with Sven and Stan being tools while playing. And by Sven and Stan I mean me and Ronnie.

(I seriously love me some Sven, yo.)
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So Ronnie and I just finished a marathon gaming session of Obscure: The Aftermath on the Wii. Alex and Erin were over earlier as well but they bailed on us cause they were too good for this awesome game. Ronnie and I are too good for no game -- we are game whores. XD

So this piece of work, it was horribly amusing because it was one of those games that was so WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS? that it was absolutely delicious. It killed off characters like it was no one's business and it was fun guessing who was gonna go next.

For being a little cheesy, I have to give it lots o' credit -- it got pretty innovative with the Wii controls and it got pretty crazy at times. I'm sure me and Ronnie looked insane when we were both trying to turn cranks to drop an oversized moving fan blade on Kenny, or when I had to row the boats (swinging my arms around in circles) -- or when I was trying to get Corey to use the chainsaw at the end and I was swinging my arm as fast as I could with Ronnie going "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD HEATHER HURRY HURRY FASTER WE CAN'T PICK THAT LOCK AND BEAT THAT ASSHOLE AGAIN OH MY GOD~"

And the best part is that we beat the game and watched the credits and we found out that we have like three more chapters to play cause Kenny totally got Amy pregnant with a demon-baby-plant-spawn and she looks like she's about to burst -- and our ambulance crashed cause somehow all the plants aren't gone even though we killed Friedman. WHAT? (SHANNON'S SHIRT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.)

Also, the teen angst in this game is CLASSIC. (*cheesy emocore rock music plays* "IS THIS WORTH FIGHTING FOR~~~?")

I'm still bitter about Sven. That was so not cool. (Amy calling him out on his heritage was, even though she was an obnoxious skank.) He was kind of hot too. SORRY, SVEN~

But I'm adding "Ambulances!" and "Gnnn!" to my daily vocabulary -- with the ! always included.

Overall, it was kind of a cheeseball game, but I give it props cause it got pretty creative, had a good variety of environments and provided enough cheese to make it a campy classic kind of thing. CAMP CENTRAL~ WHEN DID WE GET BACK TO THE HIGH SCHOOL FROM THE FIRST GAME?


P.S. RONNIE, APPARENTLY THE FIRST GAME IS ON THE PS2 AND THE XBOX. GUESS WHAT WE NEED TO FIND~ XD (Also, dude, Corey has to bite it along with Amy to make our Shannon/Stan survival prediction come true - Amy's a definite goner with the demon spawn, now we just have to get rid of Corey. D: "USE THE CHAINSAW, COREY~~~!")
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So my Dad lives in a little town in Florida that's right south of Daytona Beach, yes? And I call him the other day to ask him how he is faring with the storms and all that jazz. He told me they sat in the eye for two days with sun and lots of nothing and then the storms were back and it was really windy and the lights were flickering while I was on the phone with him and then we were about to get off the phone and I hear a ding -- it's the sound of the doorbell at his work.


My dad got a pizza delivered in a tropical storm. XD

This weekend I was pretty lazy. I did bloody up my Shmi outfit -- I just need to add a few rips and it's done. I'm gonna start seriously packing tonight.

Friday night, Alex, Ronnie and I met my mom and Duane at Hooters (at the Hooters that usually has good service and stuff) and we got stuck with this chick who sucked and never came back to check on us and failed at getting us an appetizer (and we specifically ordered it like way before the meal) and failed at getting Alex and Ronnie the pitcher of beer they asked for ("It's almost ready," she says, ten minutes after they order it -- A PITCHER OF BEER DOES NOT TAKE TEN MINUTES TO "GET READY"). We watched her flit around the restaurant blabbing at people and showing off her non-assets though (seriously, most homely looking girl in the joint). So Ronnie ended up tipping her like three bucks on our check and Duane tipped her a whopping $0.76. XD

Next, the three of us went to two Wal-Marts looking for Scrubs for Ronnie's Turk outfit -- both ones that we went to didn't have green scrubs. :| Every color but green. Although, we did see these guys in the booze aisle (yeah, booze in Wal-Mart is totally foreign to us) that we didn't think were twenty-one and they were looking at the wine and would look nervous whenever we looked over at them. They ended up getting a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and some wine and some sort of Canada Dry product that didn't look like ginger ale. They looked really awkward going up to the cashier and we watched them from another register aisle as Ronnie and Alex got a 6-pack of weird beer that had some weird shit in it. They were just like, "LOL WE'LL GO WITH THIS ONE. IT LOOKS INTERESTING."

So we're walking out and we see one of the boys carrying the beer and he knows we're watching him and giggling and maybe we're undercover cops or something. It was pretty damn funny. Then you know, we of course did the whole "HE'S BRINGING THE PBR BACK TO THE LAN PARTY AND HIM AND HIS BUDDY ARE GONNA BE HEROES! THEY SENT THEM CAUSE THEY WERE THE TALLEST AND THEREFORE LOOKED THE OLDEST." I mean they looked so nervous for some reason.

We ended up sitting around and watching random tv all night. What Not To Wear, the X-Men cartoon, the second half of Clerks II, etc. Alex fell asleep at some point and I refrained from kicking him awake whenever he did, then during Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive (this was like 3 a.m.) I groggily looked over on the other couch to Ronnie, who had passed out as well. I promptly passed out like half a minute later. We're getting old.

Saturday night, Ronnie and watched more tv and then played some Wii Play. Alex got there and it turned to Wii Sports where he tried to have the Lil' Jon Mii play on both tennis teams. This resulted in Ronnie and I playing a nice game of Wii Tennis with each other while Alex flailed around the basement trying to play as well. They also decided to start Wii Fit accounts -- and Alex cheats at yoga. He also passed out again after we pulled out the bed-couch thing and Ronnie and I sat in a cocoon of blankets and played GTAIV. He showed us the really skanky lap dance too. I briefly wondered how many gamers spent like all of Niko's money on that so they could watch it over and over again and then I shuddered and turned my mind to other things.

jdjasfkjdfjka ewwwwww boys. XD

P.S. Question to the people who have a DS. Has anyone played The World Ends With You...? If so, is it any good?
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Hehe. So Saturday night, Ronnie and Alex came over and we sat around and ate pizza and watched The Chipmunk Adventure. If you've never seen that movie, you're missing out. I want my own Alvin and the Chipmunks (AND CHIPETTES) dolls with diamonds in them. I had forgotten how creepy the bad guys were, but I had definitely not forgotten my favorite number -- when Alvin, Simon and Theodore sing Wooly Bully for the natives and make the poles they're tied to start dancing. MAGIC, I TELL YOU. Also, when Alvin offers them his "shoesies~"

We also realized there is no way that movie would fly today. There are so many things that people would get all offended over and come on now, it's the effing CHIPMUNKS.

(I also never knew Simon was the oldest chipmunk. I always thought it was Alvin cause he was the "leader" -- except he wasn't using his age for leverage, I guess. He was just being a little asshole. XD)

Also also. Jeanette + Simon = OTP.

After that we randomly played stuff until midnight when we decided to take a trip to Ronnie's to get one of his 360 controllers and his guitar -- then we went to the creepy 7-11 (where everyone knew Alex's name, thanks to his awesome nametag) and talked on the way back about how many damn people were there. We started a band on Rock Band named Socially Awkward (which has a very "awesome" logo showing the danger of... cutting roses?) and my arms hurt like a bitch cause I was on drums. I was only playing on easy too. :|

We got online with all the twelve year olds around 3 A.M. to play Gears of War, and switched to Grand Theft Auto when GoW only had a bunch of elitist, snotty assholes playing it. GTA was much better and Alex was able to run around and play deathmatch with a billion people. And race helicopters.

There should be hot air balloon races though. Or just hot air balloons in general, cause the Chipmunks Adventure taught us a lot about hot air ballooning.


Dammit. Now it's stuck in my head. D:

I think I might make brown boot covers for my black Tenel Ka boots and just wear those for zombie!Shmi -- I'm gonna be wearing a long skirt anyways so it's not like they'll have to look awesome. Plus that means I will have to bring one less pair of boots! Which actually means I will only have ONE PAIR OF BOOTS TO BRING TO D*C. WHAT? WHAT THE HELL? USUALLY IT'S LIKE FOUR. OMG. Well, okay, I'd probably be bringing three this year (black TK boots, brown YJK TK boots for Shmi and a fun pair to wear when not in costume). So scratch the YJK brown ones for Shmi and I will just have the black TK ones and a fun yay pair. SO TWO.

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Ya'll know it's that time of year I have to bust out this icon, right?

Also, reading the con report from last year... I effing love this. This is one of the best random D*C moments ever.

We get in the elevator to go back down to the room and Ronnie is waving all crazy at these people playing a game at a table on the way down and there's a chick at the table just like, "O_O" -- it was awesome. Then he talks to girls in the elevator about Handy Manny and turns my water into beer water by being like, "NOW I'M GONNA DRINK THIS WATER!" and swigging my water. It was worth it though, cause it was classic. We get into the room and Ashley and Emily are sitting around and Ronnie is blabbing to them and going on and it's incredible and for some reason he starts listing something -- I don't remember for the life of me what the list was of, but I remember him going into the bathroom and shutting the door to go to the bathroom and talking to himself in there the whole time. I remember hearing this through the wall. "NUMBER FOUR. I'M DRUNK!" HAHA LOVE. XD
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Last night Ronnie and I were on Xbox Live at the same time so we started playing multiplayer on GTAIV -- and we didn't even end up playing any of the game multiplayer modes we just rode around the city in Free Mode (basically you have no mission or anything, you just mess around). It was AMAZING. My dude looked like effing Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish, yo. First we rode around in a car with me hanging out the window like a tool, then we messed with some cops -- DUDE, then we took motorcycles down into the subway station underground and rode them all over the tracks and stuff. Ronnie also shot some dude in the station and over the headset during this I hear:

"I don't like your jacket."

LOLOLOLOL~ <3 We also went into one of the strip clubs and danced ourselves and by danced I mean we stood up by the poles and hit the crouch button really fast so it looked like we were kind of doing something like dancing. XD

I absolutely cannot wait to get into multiplayer matches with 16 people. IT WILL BE EPIC. COPS AND CROOKS. <3

I love all the tiny little details in this game. Some people have been pointing some out on message boards. Here is someawesome random little crap~ <3333 )

I myself witnessed some stupid whore on a cell phone hit a person crossing the street while driving and a dude in the car behind her got out, pulled her out of her car and beat the crap out of her right there in the middle of the street. I stole the money she dropped and stole her car (GPS SYSTEM <3) as well. That's what you get for not paying attention and blabbing on your phone while driving, bitch! :D

This kind of crap didn't happen in the past GTA games, so to see the extra effort they went to for this one = love. Especially since every time they've released a GTA in the past I've always been like, "DAMN THEY'VE ADDED SO MUCH THERE'S NOTHING ELSE THEY COULD DO!"

They proved me wrong. Again. <3

(P.S. 50 Best Places to Work in Greater Washington, wut wut! SPA FTW.)
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So this weekend was pretty lazy, yet still pretty awesome. Because lazy = awesome.

Friday night consisted of Erin, Ronnie and Alex coming over to play Rock Band (Jeremy was sick D:) -- Erin sang most of the time, because the rest of us were like "OH HELL NO I AIN'T SINGING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE." I started on drums and Ronnie on bass and Alex on guitar. Alex was playing on expert and the rest of us were pussing out and playing on like easy/medium. Why? Because we could.

I ended up singing "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria, Ronnie helped Erin out on vocals with "Ten Speed (of God's Blood and Burial)" and we made Alex sing "Wonderwall" by Oasis. So we all ended up singing at some point, which was fun. Although, Alex getting on drums and trying it on expert -- then bitching whenever one of us would save him with our overdrive and then pretty much failing "Dani California" for us = THANKS WTF.

Saturday, I pretty much sat around and watched tv and played some Rock Band. Then Saturday night Alex and I both realized we were bored and decided to watch a cheesy, horrible movie. We discussed what movie would fit that awesome genre until he asked "OMG HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE WIZARD?" I hadn't. He had it on VHS and he brought it over. Let me tell you about this movie.

The Wizard is from 1989 and it is basically a big advertisement for Universal Studios and Nintendo:

The Wizard, also known as Joy Stick Heroes, is a 1989 movie starring Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, and Jenny Lewis. The film follows three runaway children as they travel to California so the youngest, who has a condition that makes him emotionally withdrawn, can compete in the Nintendo World Video Game Championships. The movie was North America's introduction to one of the best selling video games of all time, Super Mario Bros. 3.

Seriously, I'm not lying. It's like OMG LOOK YOU JUST PAID MONEY TO SIT IN A THEATER AND YOU GOT A PEEK AT SUPER MARIO BROTHERS 3 O SHIT! I probably would've done it, what am I saying? D:

Anyways, after that awesome awesome work of art was over we ended up watching some of the episodes he hadn't seen of the third season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia -- namely, the one where Charlie almost marries a 12-year-old Korean girl, the one where Dennis and Dee's mom dies, the one where the McPoyle's hold them all hostage at Paddy's and the one where -- oh hell, THE ALUMINUM MONSTER VS. FATTY MAGOO. Which is an amazing episode, if only for the part where Dennis busts into Fatty Magoo's office at the end in his dress and makeup and lots of uber-fake boobage. "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE? *flourish*" (This was after we watched a couple episodes the night before with Erin and Ronnie like "SWEET DEE'S DATING A RETARDED PERSON" and "FRANK SETS SWEET DEE ON FIRE"~ XD)

And then after those it was like 2am. But The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was on tv. Those can't be passed up. So we watched a couple of those before he went home. Oh Will Smith, how we love thee.

Sunday was great cause my mom and I basically laid around and watched Cops all day on G4. People are so stupid. "OMG THIS WEED IN MY PANTS. UH, THESE ARE MY FRIEND'S PANTS AND I BORROWED THEM. I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS IN THERE." Dur dur dur dur dur dur durrrrrr. But I love Cops. It's like one of those shows that you watch and another episode comes on afterwards and you're like, "OKAY JUST ONE MORE." And then after that it comes on yet again and it's like, "...OKAY JUST ONE MORE THIS TIME." Because it is awesome mindless entertainment. I love watching people makes asses out of themselves while trying to get out of the fact that they broke the law. "DUR I DIDN'T DO IT, I SWEAR!!1" TOOLBOXES.

And now it is Monday. D: Luckily Monday is almost Tuesday, and by that I mean I AM HOME FROM WORK FOR THE DAY. :D
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Yeah, so here I sit debating on going to sleep, which I should do. But I have cd's to burn and things to write/work on. Over at the writing journal, I asked about which J/TK story to write and I got a few votes for 3 on AIM. So I'll be working on that in Mexico. Feedback is hearted when I actually get some of it online, cause it's gonna be a bitch to write. O_O Horror is not my genre when it comes to writing. HEHE.

Last night (Saturday) we turned in early, at 4:30 am. Ronnie, Alex and I went around 5pm to hit the mall for snorkels at Sports Authority, we played around with them in the car on the way to Tyson's. We visited Erin at work, who looked so precious being nice to customers then in turn being like, hey bitches. Haha~ I heart Erin. XD Ronnie proceeded to show Alex how much t-shirts in Bloomingdale's cost -- to which Alex replied something to the extent of, "WHAT THE FUCK? I CAN GO TO MICHAEL'S AND GET SHIT TO MAKE SHIRTS THAT LOOK EXACTLY THAT CRAPPY." We left, stopped by 7-11 and went back to the house for more Haunting Ground.

This is how nerdy we are getting about this game: We've been trying to get every single movie into our saved games movie gallery. There's 110 of them.

Which means we have to hunt down every normal movie, every movie that has more than one version, every enemy trap and every death movie.


But doing it with Fiona in her frog costume and STUFFED HEWIE OMG is the best.

Stuffed Hewie is the best thing in a video game. EVER.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The game just isn't NEARLY AS CREEPY when Fiona is dressed like a frog and HEWIE IS THAT OMG CUTE. SO CUTE. And Daniella is wearing RED when you play through on hard mode, which is so so hot. Doesn't make her any less freaky though, especially when she does THAT WALK and licks glass and stuff.


I love her.
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Well, not really doom, but yeah. XD

Friday aka the day we OMG GO OUTSIDE and ANH )

Saturday aka ESB, Silent Hill and TEH DRIVE )

Sunday and Monday aka OMG I'm tired but I'm not )

Basically, I am ded from the weekend. But it was much fun. XD

Bo = love.

May. 19th, 2005 03:38 pm
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Yay for Bo and his #3! <3

And the finale is this coming week -- I like Carrie and all, but Bo better kick her ass. And I miss Vonzell. <3 AND THE NEW GORILLAZ CD COMES OUT ON TUESDAY. TEEEHEEEEEEE~~

Alex keeps saying he needs to watch Arrested Development -- and of course I say, "No shit." So maybe this weekend we'll all knock a few episodes out. Cause Ronnie said he wanted to watch it too.

Yay time to go back to work. -_-
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Alex and Ronnie were over to night -- Alex beat Incredible Crisis like it WAS THE EASIEST FUCKING GAME IN THE WORLD. WTF. And then Ronnie played Jet Set Radio Future - and I kept complaining about the damn Concept of Love song. So of course after I drop Ronnie off, I get a text message from Alex that says:

"Th-th-th concept of love - okay I'm really going to sleep now."

Now that damn song is going to be stuck in my head ALL NIGHT LONG. THANKS BITCH.

I've been away from fandom for a good few days now, can you believe it? And it's actually quite refreshing.

Last night we were all at Erin's and we made Alex watch Napoleon Dynamite cause he hadn't seen it yet. He, of course, enjoyed it.

And next weekend is Busch Gardens.


Also congrats to Erin's brother for graduating~! (Here's where Erin herself adds, "FINALLY" -- as she reads this.)

ONE LITTLE FANDOM EDIT: I had to jump in the fandom pool for a bit just to add how fucking cool this movie is going to be. BUT IT'S A MAJOR FUCKING ROTS SPOILER SO DON'T CLICK ON IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE SPOILERS.


May. 4th, 2005 01:34 am
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Hi. For once I'm going to talk about real life.

I had a ball this past weekend getting lost with Ronnie and Erin. We ended up getting totally lost after a jaunt to Manassas - but Erin had her Ipod, so it was all good because we had hours and hours of music to listen to. Harmonizing to Africa by Toto with Ronnie in the backseat groaning was a highlight, as was Erin putting on some knee-slapping country and Ronnie saying, "I'm too black for this." It was priceless.

I'm going to be writing more soon. Once this week is over and I have my web design finals and my last English class. More original stuff. Lots more original stuff. I'm branching out.

Bo sang Stand By Me tonight. <3

After getting over the initial hurt of what one of my friends told me - I realized what a poor thing he is. I think it was peer pressure, the fact that everyone he knew was farther along than him. He should've just taken his time with life and everything would've turned out better. People who say "life is too short" are people who do stupid shit all the time. Sure, life if too short if you drink and drive - or if you take drugs. Then your life should be short cause you're a fucking retard. (As much as I love you, River, I have to throw out a "yes, i'm talking to you as well.")

Anyways, after this hurt - I've gotten my mind off of things with homework and writing. And Ben & Kyp. I like using roleplaying as an escape from life. It's not my life, like it seemed to be couple months ago. Although I do still love Supernova with all my snarky little heart and it'll always be my baby. I'll continue to run it and play as mad as I did before.

And Ed plays a wicked little Ben.

We get to see Alex and possibly Frank this weekend. And then the rest of the gang next weekend. And I saw Joe at Best Buy today. I wanted to go over and pet him. Or at least talk to him more, but he was leaving. Hopefully he still has the same AIM name, cause I'd like to talk to him again. He was funny as hell.

I kind of forgot how much I missed life. I even missed television (Scrubs, Arrested Development, The Office <3). And my kitty is snoring. <3

o shit!

Jan. 31st, 2005 11:15 am
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I forgot how much fun having somewhat of a life could be. O_o

Falling asleep on Erin's couch, playing video games with rainbow-haired Gackt, cleaning up the weenie basement flood, flailing on the DDR pad, watching movies, drinking crazy jamaican drinks, talking about Mexico. Mmm... weekends.

Friday: Erin's house - time to make the Katsucon lolita dress. She made me and Ronnie watch Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, which was quite funnnnnny (WEEEEOOOOOWEEEOOOOWEEEEEOOOOOO) --- then we played DDR and such. And Ronnie started a game of Kingdom Hearts and I fell asleep on the couch. Earlier she made me try some crazy jamaican drink that tasted like ginger. But I forgot what it was called. O_o

Saturday: My sister and I actually left the house (FOR SHAME!). We went to Tower Records (the crappy one at Landmark) and then we ate at this cute little diner, where I told her many stories of retardedness and we talked about CIII. Then we ended up at Blockbuster where we rented Shaolin Soccer (OMG I LOVE) and Bujingai; because it's a video game with GACKT (and he has RAINBOW HAIR AND HE CAN FLY). We watched SS and played mad amounts of Bujingai before I turned on Silent Hill 2 for some odd reason. Mmmm... Silent Hill 2. Valerie went to bed and I ended up watching Running on Empty (Mmmm river phoenix) and part of Stand By Me (again... mmm... river phoenix). And then there was a phone conversation with a certain suprisingly-coherent-for-1am J-dizzle. (H-wheezy, D-money, I miss our rap names. ;-;)

Sunday: We putzed around the house and cleaned up the basement a little - also having fun with box cutters. As she threatened me while we were supposed to be cutting up and throwing out this big cardboard box. We watched Shaolin Soccer again (made mom watch it) -- she loved it. That's cause it rocks. Shaolin Soccer costumes @ D*C '05. WERD.

And I started another RP last night, shoot me. (Or contact me if you want in! MUAHA! Futuristic crazy shit with vampires and hybrids and OMG. Me and ed were having brain hurricanes last night. BRAIN HURRICANES I TELL YOU!)

Also, for good measure.

mmmm river_daily = the community of yum.
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Yeah, so Ronnie, Erin and I most definitely stayed up until 6:30 am playing video games and just generally being stupid. O_o

We listened to lots of music (Audio Bullys, newest Prodigy cd, TV on the Radio, etc.) watched Sneaker Pimp videos (good god, chris corner = love) and played games such as TMNT2. Ronnie also beat Prince of Persia 2, so I could see the ending - and we all played mad amounts of Silent Hill 4, because SH = love as well.

Ronnie and I slept on the pull-out bed and Erin took over two chairs - only to exclaim the next morning (technically afternoon), "I made these chairs my bitch!"

Katsucon was also discussed. We're all going EGL/EGA on Saturday. But for Friday, we couldn't decide what to do. After playing SH4 for 4 hours - I decided I was probably going to be Henry again. I couldn't decide between bloody Henry or regular, and Ronnie said, "OMG BE REGULAR BECAUSE HE IS HOT." So I think I'm either going for Tommy Vercetti (GTA:VC <3) or Henry Townshend on Friday. Crossplaying Playstation 2's hottest men... mmm...

We swear we'll finish out Jet Set Radio Future costumes. O_O One day.

And we were also all hellbent on actually starting a real cosplay group just so we could have a stupid name, like "Sweet Sweet" or even just, "UBER"...

I think I'm gonna do a Deb (NapoDyn) outfit at Dragon*Con this year. MUAHAH~


Nov. 4th, 2004 03:25 pm
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If all these people were that said they were moving actually moved, there would be no one left here (and I would go straight into the moving business because that would mean $_$!!!!). And no one left here would make me sad.

Ronnie and I sat at the house today after class and ordered pizza, then proceeded to play massive amounts of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and drink copious amounts of BAWLS (THE BEST DRINK EVER. O_O) ...

GRAND THEFT AUTO UPDATE (Me and Ronnie's joint game): He finished "Wrong Side of the Tracks" for Big Smoke and got to the one with the russians chasing you on the bike - which is impossible the first couple times cause Smoke drives like a bitch. >_< And then there's Ryder, who makes you go try to steal guns from the FUCKING NATIONAL GUARD (It's just the National Guard, C.J., don't worry about it.) --- and as Ronnie was loading boxes into the truck with the forklift, Ryder leaves his post comes out of nowhere and THROWS C.J. OUT OF THE FORKLIFT. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, RYDER? He proceeds to sit in it for a few moments then got up and walked off to shoot more guards... me and Ronnie just... "O_O..."

We had a test in math today - can we say "HEATHERDIDREALLYBADOMG?" Say it with me, kids. -_-

My head hurts. I think the only cure is more cowbell some more Bawls and more GTA:SA. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Everyone must go get Bawls. It is the new convention drink. I'm so hyper right now. O_o
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Okay - so wtf?

Friday (probably afternoon), Ronnie and I are getting to our hotel (which is about 7 miles outside of the city - cheap peace and quiet at the Radisson Cross Keys <3) --- we'll change into our femme Mario and Thug Luigi costumes and then possibly taxi to the con center. Then we'll get our badges, probably hit the dealer room and then try to get to the Friday stickering session for the L'arc~en~ciel concert. Hopefully we'll get stickered, hopefully -- so we won't have to do it Saturday.

Amanda, I must find you. Must. Must. Must. I'll give you my cell phone number and you can call me up whenever you get a free second - then we can find each other and act stupid. XD

Saturday, I have no idea wtf is going on. I'll be in the comfy regular clothes of the Henry Townshend costume, weapon in one hand, Eileen Barbie in the other. Now, they won't allow costume props and such into the concert, as well as CAMERA EQUIPMENT. O_o So WTF do Ronnie and I do? Taxi all the way back to the hotel to drop the shit off then taxi all the way back...? I don't know what to do. If our hotel was closer it would be easy to just leave it all in the room. But we're far away... so it's not that easy. O_O

Britt & Johnny (and Douggie possibly? :DDD and who else?) - I must meet up with them as well, for a long, long while. XD They'll be in their Lisa & Harry costumes - so much SH fun will be had by us all. I read somewhere that someone is going to Otakon dressed as the long-haired ghost from SH4 too. I'll have to find them and pose all Henry like with them. *CACKLES*

Ronnie and I (and hopefully Shannon too) are going tomorrow night (it's his birthday) to eat out then look for the rest of our M & L costumes. XD
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Ronnie came over last night. We went to Best Buy where I bought The Mars Volta's cd for $10, then we ate at Checker's (awesome chicken <3) --- driving to Border's after that, where I picked up Jedi Sunrise, Isolde, Queen of the Western Isles (i'm a nerd for anything Arthurian), the British PSM (which has a hot article on Silent Hill 4 in it) & Kylie's newest cd. Moving on, we hit Wal-Mart next, where Ronnie finally bought his blades. XD

We went back to my house after that and played some Jet Set Radio Future, where we finally unlocked Gouji and are on our ways to getting Zero Beat. :D After that we went out and skated around the block a few times. My legs and feet don't hurt as bad as I thought they would. We decided Erin is buying skates next weekend and we're all gonna go around and be stupid.

Erin got back this morning and she called me and told me how her trip went. I thank her excellently for my visual present. XD Later today I went out with mom and we ended up at Tower Records, where I bought the best of Earth, Wind & Fire as well as Delirium's cd. :D

Back to last night though. XDDDD MUAHAH~

Ronnie and I got pretty far in Fatal Frame 2 last night. We set the clocks forward at 2am. And we kept playing. He didn't have work the next day, so we knew he could stay longer.

The next thing we knew, we heard the fucking birds chirping and there was light coming through the blinds. I ended up getting Ronnie home at 6:30 am and I got into bed around 7. XD

It was funny as hell.

Me: GHOST OMG --- *looks out the window* --- Shit. Ronnie. It's light outside.
Ronnie: *looks out the window and goes ---> O_o*

KEKEKE~ We're gonna finish that damn game next weekend.

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