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Last time I tried to do the group Silent Hill Playthrough I had to bail and wimp out because I was losing all my free time thanks to the WEIRD RANDOM PHANTOM STOMACH/BACK ISSUE back in the Spring. So on October 1st it was all rebooted and started over!


[livejournal.com profile] neelys_bar - the Silent Hill series group play along thing is back on! We just started Silent Hill and we're going in the order the games were released.


(Anyone who wants to revisit any of the Silent Hill games, feel free to join us!)
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(You can come to the AIM chat CVNonvention if you want to join in. ;D)

Also, I'm super excited about the new BioShock game: http://www.whatisicarus.com

And the fact that Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is gonna be at Anime USA. I will bring my Silent Hill 3 soundtrack with me. XD
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Still bitter about the back doctor appointment, but I have been getting my mind off of zee pain and all that crap with the magical worlds of Zhobot, Revelry Junction and then jewelery/buttons and working on websites. Also, Alan Wake and the game Nate reviewed in his indie games thread, Machinarium (seriously, cutest game ever GO PLAY THE DEMO AT LEAST XD).

Speaking of him, he needs to find a wig for Guybrush Threepwood and it's proving to be harder than we thought. We never really dug the hair of the giant forehead, high bangs Guybrush in the Secret of Monkey Island remake, so we figured he should go with the more NATURAL SHAGGY mop of the original Guybrush (and I'll probably be going mostly original!Elaine) -- we found this wig, wondered if we could put the hair in a ponytail and then laughed our asses off. We're debating on it, lolololol~

Also, I think in the next couple months we'll start the great STAR WARS: EXPANDED UNIVERSE READTHROUGHHHHHHHH if anyone wants in. For now it'll be pretty much all post-original trilogy stuff (Shadows of the Empire and later) and decisions are still floating around on which books to read and how long to spend on the reading/discussing/making fun of/fangasming about all the books. If you would like to take part in it or you have any suggestions for times/books/etc., hit up the magical thread for it here! THE MORE PEOPLE WANKING IT ALL, THE BETTER. ;D


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I don't really have a real super long report for this convention -- there are a few fun stories, but it was mostly wandering, buying things, talking to people and taking pictures, lol. CRAZY PICTURES FOLLOW.

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I finally got this whole thing finalized and finished and I'm posting it! We can just say it's to celebrate the upcoming group series playthrough on [livejournal.com profile] neelys_bar (there's still time to join -- the playthrough starts in March! :D)!

I think this has to be one of my favorite fanmixes I've managed to cobble together. I've been working on it for a good while (I had to give it extra attention since this is one of my favorite games eveerrrr XD) and it's been through a billion song changes but I finally feel like it works and fits. So without further ado, a Silent Hill 2 fanmix!


This is the story of a man who spends his days working as a clerk. He's 29. He's quiet, not good with children, off a bit. He was married. His wife passed away from a disease that had been lingering in her system for a long time, deteriorating her body, her mind, her patience and their marriage.

She sends her husband a letter. The letter tells him to meet her in their
special place. She's dead. The dead can't write letters.

This is the story of James Sunderland and his trip to Silent Hill.

Welcome to Only Human, a fanmix for Konami's 2001 masterpiece Silent Hill 2. This is easily one of my favorite games in teh universssseeee -- the characters, the storyline, the enemies, the music -- it's all brilliant. Also, Herp Derp James Sunderland? Monster molestation? D:

There are MASSIVELY HUGE SPOILERS in this fanmix! This game is best played without knowing much of it at all. So if you think you might play in the future then just get the fanmix here without reading the quotes and such. Hehehe~ You can look at the covers right here outside of the cut, but clicking and reading any further into it might get you in VERY CRAZY PLOT TWISTY TERRITORY. D:

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Now let's take a trip to an awesome little resort town.


I look like Mary, don't I? You loved her, right? )


...... lolol <3.
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Now that that is out of the way, there's been a lot of stuff getting done on the Celebration V NonCon (the online convention!) front. All these new ideas keep coming to us and so I have modified the registration form a little bit and so on, but there will be more news on that in the next week or so, once the site(!) goes online.

In SILENT HILL news, I believe the group playthrough of the series at [livejournal.com profile] neelys_bar will start at the beginning of March sometime. We still need to figure out how to do it (what order to play them in, how long to spend on the games, etc.) but I figure the month of February will give us enough time to figure out how to make it work and also give a chance for other new people to join. I am dorkishly excited for this. XD

(Also SH, I added a Silent Hill theme for the forum! If you go down to the drop-down menu at the bottom, it's called... uh... Silent Hill, lol.)

I need to finish Katsucon costumes this weekend, since next weekend I'll be in Florida visiting Dad (and magical Sea World XD) with Valerie and Brian -- and then the weekend after that is the actual con. I just need to get a couple more things for Luke Triton and sew his pants and then for Lisa I'm pretty much done except for adding blood to the scrubs and getting a white shirt. And I need to make the badge, hur hur.

ksdfjlskdfjlsdfjsd the next couple weeks will be so busy. Feb. 2 - class starts, Feb. 5-8 - Florida, Feb. 9 - BIOSHOCK 2, Feb. 12-14 - Katsucon. Luckily Feb. 15 is a holiday, meaning I can sit on my ass all Sunday and Monday and play BioShock 2. Woo! I want to play through the first BioShock before then, but I have no idea when I'll get a chance -- especially since I'm almost, almost done with my completed Fallout 3 SAINT GAME. All I have is a couple quests left on Broken Steel and then Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta. I want the last two bobbleheads too, but they are both in Deathclaw territory and if there's one thing that scares me worse than Mirelurks... it's Deathclaws. D:

(omg icon i love me some new!kyle hyde)
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I am off to bed, but I had to link this amazing Silent Hill 2 music video really fast before I went. The parallels and quick cuts between certain scenes are awesome and using a VAST song makes it 30984920834892 times better. Loveeeeee. <33333
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[livejournal.com profile] neelys_bar
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Last night Mister Nathan and I played Shattered Memories just about twice through. We finally achieved the "Sleaze and Sirens" ending (effing classic) and THE UFO ENDING WHICH IS KJFJKS THE BEST THING EVER. I think the best part about it is the fact that you keep getting text messages when you take each picture like, "MY WIFE. SHE IS ONE OF THEM. HURRY TAKE MORE PICTURES. I HAVE LOCKED HER IN THE CELLAR. MY WIFE OH MY GOD SHE IS ASKING FOR FOOD SHE IS ONE OF THEM."

Then you see the cameo in the UFO ending and it's the most beautiful thing cause it makes so much sense cause I could see him doing something like that. "OH NOES SHE IS AN ALIEN I MUST PILLOW HER. I MUST PILLOW!"

And speaking of all that, guess who posted in his livejournal (hint: [livejournal.com profile] draelight)!

I test drove a couple different cars yesterday. I'm really digging the CR-V. So I might go with that one. But I'm not sure yet. Getting past cars and getting back to the other giant part of my omgreallife right now, my health: the water in my ear and my ear infection -- both are finally gone but my midsection is really killing me. I thought it was my stomach but I've been having this stupid weird pain that debates everyday on where it wants to settle. Today it was like "SO I LIKE THE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BODY. RIGHT HERE. HERE SEEMS NICE." Bitch.

Which means I am off to bed and possibly calling the doctor again tomorrow. :\

P.S. I want THIS PAINTING. <333333 dude.
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So I've been meaning to play through the whole SILENT HILL series again -- 1.) to celebrate the first game's TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY (well, it was in 2009 since SH1 was released in 1999, hehe) and 2.) because they need all kinds of love and I miss them (even though I just finished Shattered Memories for the fourth time).

Then I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun/silly/crackish if other crazy Silent Hill fans joined me either on an LJ community, board or some other internet outlet?"

Here is MY QUESTION TO YOU (well, all the SH people on my friendslist, lol -- or anyone who owns any of the games). Would any of you like to join in on a group playthrough of the series? It doesn't really matter which games you have and which you don't -- you can play through whichever ones you have and join in the discussions and insanity and silly things that come of it (I can make an LJ comm or something if there is some YAY LETS DO THIS).

Also, how would you want to do it?

A.) RELEASE DATE - CHRONOLOGICAL -- which, if my brain is working, would go Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room, Silent Hill: 0rigins, Silent Hill Homecoming, then Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

or --

B.) IN-UNIVERSE TIMELINE - CHRONOLOGICAL -- this would, I guess/think, be Silent Hill: 0rigins, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room & then finally Silent Hill Homecoming.

(Almost got myself going crazy there. SH2 mentions the Sullivan murders but the second string hadn't started yet -- but Frank Sunderland mentions his son and wife and SH -- therefore my brain kept trying to switch SH2 and SH4 around. I THINK I GOT IT NOW. XD)


(Cause you know, it's not as easy to be scared when you have a group of people playing and dorking along with you. Hehehe~)
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WOO HUR HUR SNOW! Nate and I were snowed in this weekend. Meaning lots of video games (mostly Persona 4 and the one I'm about to gush about). An awesome snow tunnel was also made out front, but that is a different and colder story.

I played through the rest of my Silent Hill: Shattered Memories save on Saturday night and beat it. It was about two or three more hours maybe. I was so enthralled by it -- apparently Nate was too. Cause the two of us sat down last night and played through the whole thing again.

(Did I mention the whole snowed in thing here. That just added to the creepy-factor since we were playing a game where Harry Mason is running through a freak snowstorm with a flashlight and the whole world ices over and scary little things start running after you. SNOWED IN. PLAYING THIS GAME. D:)

I got the "Love Lost" ending on my save. Nate played through making Harry a total dick and ended up getting the "Drunk Dad" ending, which was actually kind of awesome. It was sort of depressing to think it might have ended up that way for the characters, but oh god his dance (MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS). LOLOLOLOLOL~ <3333

Nate was going for the "Sleaze and Sirens" ending but apparently he didn't have Harry look at FEMALE PARTS enough. Was too busy checking out the booze. XD So we still need S&S, "Wicked and Weak" and TEH UFO ENDING!!11

I have to give this game like ten thumbs up. Again, I was super skeptical about it but once I tried it out I couldn't really stop playing it. Love Lisa (also love the fact that Harry actually goes back when she calls instead of SHUTTING THE DOOR IN HER FACE), absolutely/horribly love Dahlia, LOVE Cybil and Harry is just too much. <33 They really did well with the storyline here. I've checked some of the forums and it really seems to be a LOVE IT SO MUCH or HATE IT SO HARD kind of game -- I'm in the love camp. Especially all the crap with the cell phone. And the way this game makes you think about death/dealing with death = a little gut-wrenching. Kind of like Silent Hill 2. Kind of hurts when you finish it. You feel a little empty inside.

(EMPTY AND SCARED. I almost peed my pants when I called the phone number in the school and heard that noise with the DOOR'S OPEN. sjdfksjdfkjsdfjiosefjiwenfei)

AND THE SWIMMING HOW COULD I NOT MENTION THE SWIMMING. MY ARMS STILL HURT FROM THE WII-MOTE ACTIVITIES. Swimming and being able to look underwater at the statues was brutal and amazing and perfect. GOOD SHOW, CLIMAX STUDIOS! I APPROVE (also, your use of the Wii's controls/abilities = WIN!)~

(For real, the last Silent Hill game I could play in one sitting and not realize I was doing it was Silent Hill 2 SO A++++++++)

P.S. Make sure you call the Konami help line from Harry's phone. XD
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I am here to gush about two things I purchased this week. I would've bought them on Tuesday, but I had a nice Best Buy coupon that started Friday. So I had to wait out the rest of the week. It was almost painful to wait because these were two things I have wanted for a long, long while now. BUT NOW I HAS DEM.

1.) THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS - THIS IS WAR -- Oh maaaaaan what. I can't even I don't whhhaaaaaat. This was worth the wait between cds. It all fits together so well and they're trying new things (that actually work) and it's just perfect. The song Stranger in a Strange Land has basically broken my TOP TEN LIST OF FAVORITE SONGS EVER. I could get into the song, but I feel like I will be sharing it with you all in a post dedicated strictly to the song and how it sounds and every little thing about it that I love (AND MAYBE A LINK TO LISTEN LOL). A+ 30STM. <3

2.) SILENT HILL: SHATTERED MEMORIES (Wii) -- Okay, right up front I will say that I was highly skeptical about this game and if it could do the series justice. I'm not that far into it yet but I can already say that it totally does the series all kinds of justice. I was spooked out by the way my coloring of the family picture affected what I saw and the creatures just creep me the eff out.

Having the phone calls and messages come straight from the Wiimote's speaker is an absolute genius move too. And can I just say ALL THE VOICE ACTING SO FAR IS AMAZING HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???? Even little parts like the phone message from the angry mother while she's talking to Diane and bitching about the crappy family vacation -- it's perfect. I also like calling all the random phone numbers I find. That's lots of fun too. The fact that there's no combat, just running and pushing and hiding, takes a little bit to get used to, but it's actually kind of awesome and I'm okay with it. It fits. And the way the chase sequences are looks great.

(Nate says the Raw Shocks -- love the name of them, by the way -- just look lonely. They're hugging Harry to death! They just want a friend! D:)

And as pissed as I was about them changing character designs and junk, new!Harry is awesome (love his jacket -- and his glasses oh man <3) and I got this version of Cybil (which is absolutely smokin', by the way <333). I'm a fan so far and I'm interested to see where it goes. It's definitely much different than the original Silent Hill.

Even though it's giving me nightmares. Seriously, the chase sequences. dkjfaklsdjfkajsdfkljaskldfjasdfj nightmares. D:

I think I need a SHSM icon.

(I love how you can call the Konami Help Line from Harry's phone. <333)


Dec. 2nd, 2009 11:21 pm
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so i went to the doctors today cause my ear has been bugging me. so has my arm. turns out i have carpal tunnel syndrome AND an ear infection. as you can see i'm not typing all hip hip hooray caps and things like normal cause i am wearing mega wrist braces of doom and i am too lazy to reach over for that shift key. so if i am talking to you on aim or something and I am not my usual OCCASIONAL CAPSLOCK self then it is cause the carpal tunnel lolololol.

it's from all the computing at work. and then working on the websites for yay and websites for school. and and and i added stuff to the cafepress shop so woop woop holiday gifts and stuff. XD long walk jerseys (garraty, mcvries, stebbins, olson and baker -- i still need to add a couple more), silent hill junk, fallout 3, left 4 dead, borderlands, arrested development, persona 4 -- all kinds of junk relating to AWESOME THINGS in there. [/pimp] XDDDD

i need to figure out some Star Wars EU things to put up there heheheeheh

(i also might have some ideas for calendars... which means i need to get those on the shop very soon... :O)

my ear is crackling. :( the fluid buildup is in both of them (i just thought it was my left) and the pharmacy didn't have the amoxicillin so i have to go back tomorrow to pick it up.

DECEMBER 8TH the soundtrack to the game is amazing. can't waittttt hope arms are better so i can playyyyyy


Nov. 12th, 2009 07:38 pm
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I'm really digging Lisa Garland's design in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Also Cybil's. Harry looks like a dork, lol. So I'm looking forward to this game (and the pretty pictureessssss <3333).

It'll be nice to lay around all weekend since the past two weekends I was running around in Mexico. Hehe. Not that it wasn't fun, but it was tiring. I will try to get some pictures up this weekend. LIKE DOLPHINS. AND SCENERY. XD

My sleep schedule has been so messed up since I got back uggghhhhh must fix this weekend.
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So the other weekend Nate played through Silent Hill 2 (I was the guide for some of the time, lol) and I had almost forgotten how amazingly rich that story was and how strong the symbolism was. James and the holes and the graves, and Angela and Eddie and their own journeys and endings, Laura and her resort town, Maria in general, the mental hospital, the dead body that appears in one of the apartments -- in front of the tv with it's horrible, cruel EFF YOU foreshadowing, the multiple deaths by Pyramid Head. PYRAMID HEAD <3~

And in the hotel when you try to go up to the third floor when you get inside, and the grate is shut and you start to head back downstairs and you hear someone who sounds like Mary just go, "James..." kfjlasdfakjsdsd that gets me every time. The little details like that are one of my favorite parts of the game. I love the noise in the prison bathroom after you knock on the door and go to leave, the fact that Mary's letter changes when you enter the hotel and the way things remind James of the little things about his and Mary's trips to Silent Hill.

(Also, the contents of James' trunk lol can i get a what what.)

I want to write a damn english paper on this game. So hard. It's not even funny. And I love going outside when it's cool and saying to myself, "WELL DAMN THIS HERE IS SILENT HILL WEATHER."

brb moving to silent hill.

(Silent Hill music video with clips from 1, 2, 3, 4 & Origins and holy crap Nine Inch Nails and this video GIVES ME THE SHIVERS. <3333)
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Alright, so I'm debating between two costumes for Halloween. I think I've already talked myself out of one of them though (for now, till I get more time to actually do it right).

It's between the Witch from Left 4 Dead.

And Carrie White from Stephen King's Carrie.

Now, the morning after Halloween -- very early -- we're leaving for Mexico because it is vacation time. So I don't want to do anything too time-consuming. Especially since I have to help set up the yard and take all the stuff down after everything is over. Witch: I realized getting all the makeup on my face, legs and hands, along with putting the claws on and stuff, would be way too much. Not to mention afterwards taking it all off. With Carrie, I get a cheap dress, cover it in fake blood and then on Halloween night dump more fake blood over my head. Clean up? I peel the dress off and stand in the shower for a good 20 - 30 minutes with some soap and some shampoo.

Also, the Witch has wicked nails/claws. Which I already have. I bought some the same time I got my Hunter claws. But we all saw what happened with me and Hunter claws and taking an hour to get them off at Dragon*Con -- plus I couldn't do anything in them. SORRY KIDS, NO CANDY FOR YOU.


Aaaaaand I am really, really horribly in the mood for Silent Hill costumings. ANYONE WANT TO GET TOGETHER FOR SOME FUN PHOTO TIEMS LOL? I think a Silent Hill costume will have to be taken to Anime USA this November.

But which one? O_O (Mary/Maria hybrid? Finally get Lake Josh done? Bring Heather back? Memory of Alessa? Henry? Walter? WHAT DO I DO? D:)
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My random list of the day.


I swear, this series has the BEST LOL DIALOGUE EVER, especially from the player characters. You can't help but giggle and cackle and love them. James and Harry seriously get the best lines ever. Since I have been/am going to replay the series for my GVGP list (which I will totally not finish by the end of '09), I figured I would celebrate with my ten favorites. Technically some are not one-liners, but they were too good to leave out.

(Also, I did these from memory. So some of them might be a little off. XD)

10.) "A dead person can't write a letter." (James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2)
09.) "SHUT YOUR STINKIN' MOUTH, BITCH." (Heather Morris, Silent Hill 3)
08.) "What the... hell?" (Henry Townshend, multiple times, Silent Hill 4: The Room)
07.) "Wait, I'm not here to fight. My name is Harry Mason, I'm in town on vacation." (Harry Mason, Silent Hill)
06.) "You're not friends with that red, pyramid thing, are you?" (James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2)
05.) "You have got to be shittin' me!" (Alex Shepherd, Silent Hill Homecoming)
04.) "Don't worry, I'm not crazy... at least I don't think so." (James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2)
03.) "It's like I was there, but not really." (Harry Mason, Silent Hill)
02.) "I want you... I want you with me..." (James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2)
01.) "Huh. Radio. What's going on with that radio?" (Harry Mason, Silent Hill)

If I had a dollar for every time my sister and I have said, "Huh. Radio." -- I would be rich.

I just hope the "reimagining" of the first game for the Wii -- Silent Hill: Shattered Memories -- keeps some of the COMPLETELY AWESOME DIALOGUE cause it just wouldn't be the same without it. Not that it's going to be the same anyways... I mean, Harry Mason HAS GLASSES. WHAT.


Jun. 11th, 2009 05:45 pm
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I seriously think Del Rey is trying to get me to break up with Star Wars. First they kill off everyone I care about save for the characters they just plain ignore and then when I finally think they're gonna focus on a character I actually adore (plus two newer ones that I started liking) they just about cancel the book. And by just about I mean PRETTY MUCH CANCEL IT.

Sure, there's been no official word. But it's off all the catalogs and websites, someone contacted Random House and RH said that there is no trace of it in their database at all and yesterday Elaine Cunningham deleted her livejournal (which might not have anything to do with Blood Oath at all, but still strange that it came the same day all this crap started hitting the fan)...

Really, DR? Really?

Maybe I should be happy Jacen Solo is dead, then he can't get totally screwed over anymore. :\

[/bitter betty]

Anyways, everything besides that is A-OKAY. Going out on a date with a certain boy this weekend (also, going back to the SW thing -- I was in Borders with said boy and saw the first book in the Fate of the Jedi series. I promptly laughed at it and bought a William Faulkner book I didn't have instead). Got lots of video games to play thanks to Gamefly. Almost finished with a book called The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud and if it ends depressing so damn help me -- Breathers ended on a downer SO I WANT A GOOD ENDING FOR ONCE. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK? And I haven't even spoiled myself for this book. So yaaaaaaaaaaaay~ (it just better be happy, right now it's looking grim. D:)

Getting super excited for BioShock 2, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Persona PSP and Left 4 Dead 2 (lol Left 8 Dead...?). Gonna play some Team Fortress 2 this weekend.

Also, I read an absolutely amazing Silent Hill plot analysis that covers the first four games. I'm sure everyone has read it except me, but still. I love everything said about Silent Hill 2. It makes me love Silent Hill 2 even more, if that was even possible.

(I still, to this day, will never get over THE TRUNK! OF THE CAR!)
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New Left 4 Dead 2 footage:

-- Frying pan!
-- Saferoom!
-- Perimeter breach! (this looks awesome -- also, ELLIS <3)
-- THE AXE~ <333

I like the new character portraits down on the bottom. And the southern flair in the music. :D

(ALSO OH MY GOD ARE VALVE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT FANS? I SWEAR IN THE THIRD MOVIE NICK SAYS: "Are you really gonna shoot the guy in a three-thousand dollar suit?! COME ON!")

Also! New Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (the reimagining of SH1) trailer! THINGS WILL BE CHASING ME. I AM ALREADY FRIGHTENED. I kind of dig glasses!Harry but why does his ID say he lives in Silent Hill? I AM INTRIGUED! SEE HERE~

Alright, more real stuff later, lol.


May. 18th, 2009 10:49 pm
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So the other night I was bored and surfing around YouTube and I found these, which were uploaded very recently and made me cackle like crazy:


I love the banter and their senses of humor and I can't wait for them to do the rest of the game.

ALSO! This Friday night I am leaving to go to Disney World with [livejournal.com profile] omicron1337/Miss ERIN! I AM SENDING POSTCARDS. If you would like one then you can send your magical place of postcard receivings to heather @ whatthefun.net ~ Or you can PM me over at Mindbreak! I can't find my address book with my addresses for Christmas cards in it (way to fail, hache!) so I need them again. You know, whichever place you will be at a week from now. Hehe.

(My ulitmate goal is to have the rest of my 2007 DW trip pictures up before I leave Friday night. MUAHAHHA~)


I am jonesing for some serious Team Fortress 2 right now. Scout & Sniper both = <3~

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