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So I am slowly but surely working through Sunday photos from Dragon*Con. There are roughly 150 that will most likely be going in the Sunday recap so I need to crop/resize/fix some coloring in all them and, of course, write all the rambly rambles that go with them so it's taking me longer than I want it to. :|

I did put this up on deviantART a couple weeks ago. We both had a lot of fun making this costume (and he had fun making and derping around with those flipping amphistaffs lol) and I was really happy to get this shot of it. I was hobbling around in highly obnoxious boots that morning but I was like, "NO LET'S GO OVER HERE GO UP THOSE STAIRS" so he grabs his amphistaffs and skips on over and I'm all, *step step drag feet skitter stumble* "OKAY HERE I AM"~

There are obviously not 17 amphistaffs on him like there are in the book, but there was no way he would have been able to get anywhere with 17. The three he had were being difficult enough, lol. THOSE CHEEKY LITTLE BITCHES.

He's also going to fix his boots so they stay up on his legs (they did at the start and then just... stopped cooperating as the morning went on) and he wants to wear this again at some point, but here it is like it was at D*C after he had been putzing around in it for the giant EU shoot. XD

Jacen Solo - Traitor by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

MORE STAR WARS INSANITY WHEN I GET THE SUNDAY PHOTOS DONE (also lots of Long Walk insanity, regular tipsy insanity, more derp and some fun costumes I saw on Sunday <3333). :O

(Also, making this nasty tunic thing was good practice for a costume of his he's planning for next year! His will be much easier than mine though, lololol. XD)


Jul. 20th, 2011 11:28 pm
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So this interview with Jared Padalecki from the other day...

THR: What panel would you stand in line all day for?
Padalecki: I’m a big Star Wars fan and grew up watching the movies. I read all the books and have read Star Wars fiction that went between the newest trilogy and the original trilogy and it was part of my childhood. I’d love to see George Lucas’ take on the last three decades of fandom that he largely inspired. So Lucas and all the producers from the original Star Wars movies.

My mind just collapsed on itself -- even if it's only prequel EU, there has to be some knowledge there of other EU possibly...? SO IF I WENT TO A SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION AND SAID, "YOU'D MAKE A KICKASS JACEN SOLO, OKAY? OKAY." HE JUST MIGHT UNDERSTAND THAT I'M NOT SPOUTING RANDOM BULLSHIT (watch, then he pulls out, "BUT KYP DURRON IS MY FAVORITE"... NO.)~

P.S. This entry totally wasn't an excuse to post another picture of Jared, but come on, did you see the photo they used on the layout of the site with the interview...?


I'm trying to work on a new layout for echuta.net but THE INTERNET IS SO DISTRACTING.
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Between the 9038490283490824957437 costume things we're trying to get done for Dragon*Con, Nate and I decided we're going to do a project of the photo-ly type (which will get done in... forever from now, most likely :|).

While going through our boxes of costume junk looking for pieces we would need for this year, we cackled at all the Jacen and Tenel Ka costume action spilling from the boxes (not to mention we're both bringing two new costumes each of them-thar-darlings this year). We talked about taking all the costumes (including the new ones and a couple we're planning on putting together) and creating a set of photos that sort of follows the timeline of the two of them -- beginning with a photo of little woodsy Jacen and ending with a photo of stoic bitch Tenel Ka many years later. I won't bore you with the loljuicy (not really) details of all the middle photos - it'll make sense one day when we actually start taking them all. I HOPE. D:


On Saturday, we went to a park nearby and headed up one of the trails, straying off of it (and Nate pushing old spider webs out of the way while I squealed mercilessly and tried to deal with it LIKE A BOSS) just to get to this amazing little grove area to take the first photo in - little nature boy teenage dirtbag Jacen Solo. Nate was a super sport and even took his frickin' shoes off. I was stupid and wore shorts. I have sixteen mosquito bites on my legs.

We also saw a frog.

Nate got so giddy - "OHHHH IT'S A FROG! LOOK. AT. HIM!" -- this is the same park we were walking through last fall when he started telling me about the mating habits of frogs.

Anyways, I snapped as many pictures as I could while feeling sweat drip down my back and swatting bugs away from my pasty legs (uggggh summertime) and hoped we got something passable. COME TO FIND OUT WE MIGHT HAVE.

Two of the photos are under the cut below. Nate said the first one could work cause he's smiling and looking down and being awkward - which definitely works. But the second one got me because the angle makes him look smaller (do you know how hard it is to make a 6'4", 24 year old look like he's a decade younger? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE) -- and that Zoolander expression on his face said EAGER TINY JOKE-TELLING JACEN to me for some reason. I don't know. I like both and we can't decide which one to make the FIRST PHOTO OF THE JACEN/TENEL KA PHOTO PROJECT OF DOOOOOOOM!

KJKSJFKSJ DECISION. I haven't done anything to these pictures except resizing them and knocking the contrast up a bit - so picture them a lot fancier or something lololol okay wat )


I just rambled I need to go to sleep.

(How out of it I am: Jacen Solo needs a "Honey Badger don't give a shit" shirt. I'm assigning memes to all the Star Wars characters. D:)
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I was going through a folder of unfinished fanfictions I found on my hard drive.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Jacen fanfiction.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Caedus fanfiction.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Kyp fanfiction.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Taryn fanfiction.

There is an unfinished Zekk/Tenel Ka fanfiction.

Zekk is obviously the hottest my favorite fandom bicycle ever.


I also still need to finish my Zekk fanmix.

EDIT: I think this calls for that icon from way back in the day...

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HEY I WROTE SOMETHING. This is monumental cause I haven't written anything - fanfiction or original - in months. And fanfiction usually gets my gears working and I turn to original things. SO THIS IS A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

You shouldn't be shocked at the subject of this story since it's pretty much 90% of the fanfiction I write. D: It's also emo like the rest of them too but the fact that it's something is what makes me giddy.

And it was really difficult to go back to YJK Jacen, NJO Jacen and even Dark Nest Jacen when DICKFACE JACEN CAEDUS has been at the forefront of most of the things I've written recently concerning them. But no worries, dickface Caedus shows up in this too. And he is... well... kind of a dick.

ALSO. JACEN + ANIMALS = OTP. This is one of my favorite otps ever. He is like the GFFA Dr. Dolittle, this loveable toolbag.

Silence. She could feel him stewing as he paced next to her. )

I've been sleeping on the couch for the past couple nights because when I try to sleep in my room, the cat decides to scratch at the door and rip up the carpet in front of it with her claws. I try to let her in and then she wants out right away. And I can't fall asleep with her in my room (and when she's not sleeping herself) because she will eat everything. So apparently she just wants company or something. Cause I come out, go down to the living room and pass out on the couch and she falls asleep on the arm of it. I don't get it but as long as I can pass out somewhere comfortable, okay, I guess. :T wtf cat okay.
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The subject line. Nate said that to me this weekend. I was all, "WHAT? NO."

Tenel Ka Djo Costume - Tempest by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

Some junk from this weekend (since I did the asscape surgery and kind of fixed the purple top). It's not as easy to shove my arm behind my back with those scales on, which is the reason why I'm aiming right side out in pretty much 85% of the shots in this set and the four I picked out for this thing were all that side. XD

Hoping to get all the passable ones onto flickr this weekend, hahah~ then I can move on to other costume projects! Like helping Nate somehow create amphistaffs for his sudden new D*C addition-to-his-lineup he is excited for, which is Traitor!Jacen. Sadly, I don't think I can con him into the skirt/robeskin - he'll probably do the action figure version with the jumpsuit.

Saw Wimpy Kid 2 earlier tonight. I am in love with those books and now the movies too. Rodrick = lololol <3. And I think I'm about to beat Ghost Trick - I will hopefully have that beat by later tonight!



Mar. 16th, 2011 06:37 pm
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WOOOO! Tenel Ka is on the back cover of Conviction! AND SHE HAS NEW CLOTHES (and looks so angry and purty oh man). You know what this means - I need your helpsssss. XD

Now, I have sort of ideas on all this, but I wanted to get some ideas from you bros as well cause I'm sure mine are somewhat ghetto, lololol.

1.) THE BOTTOM. So we see possible scaleness on the sleeves - which is the whole ARMOR WARRIOR THING so then would the rest of the outfit be warriorish too? Pants and belts and boots and pouches and such? Or is the flowy thing an actual dress instead of a jacket/loose robe? I thought a dress could be pretty but it might look a little goofy with the warrior sleeves...? MAYBE? WHAT IS THE BOTTOM?

2.) THE COLORS. What colors does everyone see in that thing (sleeves, top, chain, etc.) since it's obviously not all red, hahah~ XD

3.) THE SLEEVES. Look too small to be the scales I have lolol. I could make them out of fabric, perhaps? I have to find a good pattern on said fabric though - or maybe paint/sew together different fabrics. OH MAN

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I still need to catch up completely on friendslist and the internet in general (I would also like to stop failing at responding to LJ comments in a timely manner dfjakjsdjf STARTING TODAY), but Katsucon was awesome and here are some bullet points concerning other things. SOON THERE WILL BE A CON REPORT (hopefully tomorrow)!

-- The Regular Show is amazing. We discovered it at Katsucon while lounging in the room. My bb [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet and I have now started quoting everywhere. "OOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOH~"

-- The new Radiohead and Innerpartysystem albums are gorgeous. <3

-- Reading The Truce at Bakura for the Expanded Universe Readthrough, trying to figure out what my MSPaint picture will be for this month. Thinking what a SisisisisiisssiiRRUUKuukuk would look like in MSPaint. I think I might go for it. Can't be any worse than my Xizor from last month.

-- I rounded up all my wigs yesterday and did a WIGVENTORY. It was interesting. I might post results cause I might need opinions about using them for things. D: AND I TRUST YOU GUYS WITH WIGS

-- Nate and I finished Death Note the when we got back from the con the other day. The ending. DELICIOUS. Nate fell asleep around 1am, while I was watching the first live action movie (I kept going LOLOLOL SHUYA NANAHARA WHERE'S YOUR COLLAR every time Light came on screen) and then I'm in the middle of the first issue of the manga. I DON'T KNOW I CAN'T HELP IT-- also, I can't decide whether I love L or Near more. Near fits my WHITE HAIRED BOYS I LOVE list, while L is just... effing L. He is such a magical creeper. <3

-- I should be getting Ghost Trick for the DS this week, hopefully. EXCITED!

-- I... I bought tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars in April. I know all the LOL EMO 30 SECONDS TO MARS and all that stuff but DAT MUSIC BRO. DAT JARED LETO i'm sorry i can't help that either. SEE ICON D: I feel bad for Nate cause I'm gonna revert to like 17 years old when we go that night. OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE IT? HE JUST BLINKED! NATE. JARED LETO JUST BLINKED, HOOOOOSHI--

-- HI to all the new friends from the Star Wars: EU friending meme! <333333

Here is a random picture from Katsucon before I sleep (or read more Death Note lol wut):



(I miss everyone from con so bad. ;-; Especially the 999 crew - so much hourspersonsdoors crack. <3)
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New layout (FINALLY)! http://www.echuta.net/oc - If you don't have a profile on there yet and you would like one SEND ME YOUR INFOSSSSSS AND PICTURESSSSS. Needs moar EU cosplayers/costumes (any EU costume you've done at all~)! I know there are a some of you out there not on the site! TIME FOR ME TO STALK YOOOOU

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Aaaaand here is where my body gets confused cause it feels like it's later than it is but I'm not completely tired and I should be in bed but I'm not and I AM GOING AROUND IN CIRCLESSSSSSS

Fading - Jacen Solo and Caedus by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

(LOOK I EMBEDDED SOMETHING the world is ending what is this)

I got this done which makes me happy cause I got something done. I still need to update a whole ton of websites and fix a bunch of photos (and finish the Long Walk calendar for Cafepress) and CLEEEAAAAAAN. But I have been sort of bleh. Like I find myself just sitting around. Maybe staring at the tv. Or the wall. Or the ceiling. Or where the wall and the ceiling meet. It's been pretty awesome. :|

But I got this done. And I also started on my new sleeves for my Tempest Tenel Ka costume (after forever, lol). So they are small things. But they're a start.

They're better than staring at where the wall and the ceiling meet.

(I know people totally make fun of Tokio Hotel, but I'm sorry. I am a closet fangirl for some of their songs. D: ESPECIALLY THIS ONE)
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So besides the echuta.net facebook page there's lots of other crap. I was just prematurely excited about that and posted it lol whoops I am Finn Hudson.

1.) MACE WINDU (aka [livejournal.com profile] winduland) has his own facebook page now. His adventures will be much easier to post on there. So if you would like to friend Mace, he is pimping it up on Facebook RIGHT HERE! He needs friends. He is a sad, lonely Jedi.

2.) THE GIANT STAR WARS: EXPANDED READTHROUGH OF CRACK. That's starting soon. Everything's getting figured out and I think it looks like we might be starting out with Shadows of the Empire (cause we were all like, LOL PREQUELS WHAT?). If you would like to join in the craziness, join up and give us the I'M IN over at THE THREAD! And everyone is welcome, whether you've read the books or ever been on one of our boards or not. THE MORE, THE MERRIER (AND MORE INSANE XD)~

3.) THE YOUMIX. There is a fanmix/soundtrack project over on the forum. It's basically making a soundtrack of YOOOOOU. Whether it's favorite songs or songs that describe you or whatever. Basically it's to learn a little about everyone and HEAR SOME MAGICAL NEW MUSIC! Come on over and check it out and all that crap -- cause everyone loves music. EVERYONE LOVES MUSIC EXCEPT TOOLS. :(

Wow, I am out of it. I THINK IT MIGHT BE BEDTIME. Oooorrrrr Wordmaster time?
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OH MY GOODNESS OKAY. So watching the Supernatural season finale again today (and I'm not sure why my mind didn't do this the first time; I guess it did it this time because I was working on the Jacen website while it was on this time) -- the Sam/Lucifer scene with the mirror (SERIOUSLY THIS SCENE SO HARD) and the teachers and the prom date and all that... you know I always make the JACEN/SAM CONNECTIONS. I don't know how many times I can say HOLY CRAP JARED WOULD MAKE THE PERFECT JACEN/CAEDUS--

But HOLY CRAP JARED WOULD MAKE THE PERFECT JACEN/CAEDUS (also, I think Sam Winchester is like the backroads America reincarnation of Jacen Solo, for real:


I will link this scene again TWICE IN THE SAME ENTRY FOREVERRRRR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCaJWLIIb1Q

The icing on the cake is totally Lucifer going: "SUCH ANGER... YOUNG SKYWALKER." lololololol~ I might have pretended he was saying that to Ben.

I cant even dskajjfljjfiaejff couple this with evil!Sam from all the other seasons IT IS SO PERFECT. LOOK AT HIM TWO MINUTES IN USING THE FORCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm3QaYpBq-g (dude, I love this fanvid cause it's like every creepy/bitchy/addict/nasty/evil/assbutt Sam moment ever. EW GROSS. <3 -- okay but really, he would look awesome USING THE FORCE lolol aaaaaand it has lots of bitchface)~

"ASSBUTT?" -- I will never get over that. So awesome.

(And this whole tiny random Jacen/Tahiri Allies bit thing? Tahiri = Ruby. I think this makes Tenel Ka = Jess. And Jaina and Anakin have totally made up Dean.


P.S. Also re: Allies: I can't write a story on this myself because I suck at writing Tahiri but there totally needs to be a sith!J/T fic with the line: She never cared when he called her Tenel Ka, and he never even paid any attention when she called him Anakin.

P.S.S. Why is this opening my mind to evil!Tahiri/Tenel Ka?

P.P.S.P.S.S.? I love the last shot of Sam in the finale -- his expression breaks my heart (and Sam and Dean looking at the stars = awwww ;-;~).
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So the medication I had been on for over a week had done nothing to my condition. Specialist told me to stop taking it when I saw him on Thursday. He was able to bump up one of my tests to Tuesday though, instead of two weeks from now, so that's good at least. Maybe I'll actually find out what this thing is. You know, find out specifically what it is instead of it just being THAT PAIN OMGGAfjasdfjasdfka.

LET'S MOVE ON TO MORE EXCITING THINGS, SHALL WE (and by more exciting things I mean me rambling about Star Wars fanfiction and music this percocet is totally making me loopy you guys)

I was driving to work the other morning trying to ignore the pain (it is always at its worst when I'm sitting down) and I was listening to RuPaul's latest cd (it is so damn catchy and awesome, ngl). I was on the song "Tranny Chaser" and Ru said "May the Fierce Be With You"...

Of course, in my warped and out there current state this opened up a door that I probably shouldn't have opened, but I did. And yes, it is Star Wars fanfiction. I have no idea what the premise will be yet, or the major plot details or anything. I just know that some of the boys need to be in drag. I think it also needs a lavish song and dance number. This set of ideas helped me forget that I was hurting at least for a few wonderful moments. Heh. Maybe if I start writing then it'll go away completely.

I also had the urge to completely revamp a Star Wars horror story I had been working on. I always liked the end idea I had for it, but I previously had never reached that point and sort of stopped working on it. I have more ideas for the middle now though, and now I am wanting to write it so baaaaaaaddddddddddddddd.

New Coheed & Cambria, new Crystal Castles and Yeasayer's release all = YES PLEASE. I really never give Crystal Castles enough props and I should cause they are awesome and some of the songs on this are just hypnotizing. D: And I cannot even begin to express my love for the new Coheed & Cambria cd. As a super plus, three of the songs are now DLC for Rock Band 2 and I have never belted out any songs on that game like I did "Broken" and "Here We Are Juggernaut" -- I mean I was going crazy. XD

And "Pearl of the Stars" is a gorgeous piece of work. I knew C&C had the ability to be soft and all that, but this song is just amazing. I EXPECT A SONGFIC TO COME FROM IT VERY SOON. IT SCREAMS IT. D: So, that means...

1.) Star Wars Dragfic (I'm thinking undercover mission. I'm thinking some random dude's magical hideout where he keeps a harem of women for some reason or maybe not random - KYP DURRON - oh oh oh or bitter, bitter Raynar. Pretty sure Jaina and Tahiri will be going, not sure about Tenel Ka -- what else would she be doing? But seriously: Jacen, Zekk, Jag, Kyp -- if I could write Anakin at all, him too. BUT I DON'T KNOW D:)

2.) Star Wars Horrorfest (Taking some from the old setup: Jacen and Tenel Ka end up somewhere and shit happens. Blood! Hallucinations! Running and hiding! GHOSTIES? I probably couldn't be more vague if I tried. D:)

3.) Aaaaand Star Wars songfic. Mmmmm, an excuse to listen to more of this new C&C album haha like i need an excuse.

OH MAN I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP this stuff is making me dizzy

(i'm sure i will read this entry tomorrow and be pretty much like this: O_O)
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This is a magical friending meme of the STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE type!

No, really. I see regular SW ones and ones for every other fandom BUT WHAT ABOUT US SUPER NERDS FANS, HUH? D: Just copy and paste everything in the box below and enter the information in the comments section below!

If you're an EU fan, fill it out! ♥


Mar. 2nd, 2010 10:15 pm
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According to someone who has the newest Fate of the Jedi book early (that's Backlash for anyone still keeping track, lol)...

Zekk is in the book, as part of the Dathomir storyline. He’s romantically involved with Taryn Zel.


I have a splitting headache and have been passed out on the couch all night but I saw [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet's tweet about Zekk and I had to come make him a GET DOWN WITCHYO BAD SELF post but now it's time to sleep this headache away. XDDDDD


Feb. 27th, 2010 08:30 pm
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(I bet you [livejournal.com profile] rurouni_jedi can already see this post coming a mile away OH MY GOODNESS, GIRL <3333)

Okay seriously, it's caps lock time and I apologize in advance. so hard. XD


"... I have been really effing busy. I was hired to work on the Star Wars Galaxy: 5 sketch card set from Topps. I don't know if anyone is familiar with sketch cards, but they basically hire artists to do these hand-drawn sketch cards, and one sketch card is inserted into each pack of trading cards."

<3333 I KNOW RIGHT, OKAY. NOW. YOU NEED TO GO THROUGH THAT THREAD AND LOOK AT ALL THE PICTURES SHE WAS ALLOWED TO POST (since she is only allowed to share certain ones at the moment and all that jazz). Horn Family! Myri Antilles! Tycho/Wes/Wedge/Hobbie!



RAYNAR, TENEL KA, ZEKK, JACEN, ANAKIN, JAINA (Tenel Ka = <333333333, Jacen looks so amazing, I love how tiny Jaina is, the fact that the Solo kids are all attached and and and ZEKK'S EXPRESSION, SO PERFECT.)

IN CLOSING: i love you shea. XD
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This past week the Verizon peoples installed FiOs and I amazed how fast it goes (especially compared to what we had) so in celebration, it's time to upload giant files!

Fanmixes are one of my favorite things to put together. I always love whatever subject I'm making a fanmix on and I love music -- especially introducing others to weird or wtf music that they might not normally hear. SO ON THAT NOTE, HERE IS THE GIANT LIST OF FANMIXES I HAVE MADE OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS (the links go to where I have the cover art/song list/etc. posted). If you see one you want reuploaded, leave a comment and I will put it online just for you. XD

Aaaaaand GO!

-- Near To You. JACEN/TENEL KA #1 (YJK/NJO)
-- Shadow's Pulse. JACEN/TENEL KA #2 (Dark Nest Trilogy)
-- The Downfall. JACEN/TENEL KA #3 (Legacy of the Force)
-- The Everafter. DARTH CAEDUS.
-- HEY. A JACEN SOLO MUSICAL. (mullet!Jaaaaacen!!!!11)

-- Be Still in Your Silence. GADELL VESSAU. OMG.
-- No Secrets Sweetheart. SIMPLY BEING LOVED. (#1 of The Feigned)
-- The Shade of the Spotlight. URBANIA'S VOID. (#2 of The Feigned)
-- The Possession. HOLLOW SOULS (which I will seriously finish one day).
-- Strength, Death & The Empress. ZEKK/TENEL KA/DARTH CAEDUS.
-- Tell Me Life is Beautiful/Never Fall Away. POST-LOTF JACEN/TENEL KA(/CAEDUS).

-- Primadonnas of the Gutter. SIRRUS AND ACHENAR, MYST.
-- Angel Opening A Door. HOTEL DUSK: ROOM 215.
-- Whaddaya Buyin'? LEON S. KENNEDY/RESIDENT EVIL 4.
-- Would You Kindly...? BIOSHOCK.
-- Botanophobia. OBSCURE 2: THE AFTERMATH.
-- Only Human. SILENT HILL 2.

-- SOWISA. LISEY'S STORY (by Stephen King).
-- Holler You Home. LISEY/SCOTT [LISEY'S STORY] (by Stephen King).
-- Final Warning. THE LONG WALK (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).
-- The Four Shot. THE MUSKETEERS [THE LONG WALK] (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).
-- Until The End. PETER MCVRIES [THE LONG WALK] (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).

-- Red-blooded. BROTHERS, MULTIPLE FANDOMS (Star Wars, Arrested Development, Supernatural, Persona 1 & 2, Faulkner, Heroes, etc., etc.)
-- Boys Will Be Boys. THE WARRIORS.
-- That's What She Said. THE PERV FANMIX.

-- Feigned #3
-- Mark's Dance Mix (Persona crack XD)
-- Kale & Trig Longo
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So Jacen Solo got approved for [livejournal.com profile] trans_9! And from a vote of 10 to 5, it's Jared Padalecki for the icons, hehe. Also, [livejournal.com profile] lyraeinne mentioned she might apply to play Tenel Ka, which would be absolutely amazing. SO GET TO IT, GIRL. IF YOU HURRY YOU CAN BRING HER IN AT THE BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY WITH ME AND JACEN CAN BE UNCOMFORTABLE. <3

(The mods also informed me in the approval email, that like [livejournal.com profile] djcati said, a Jaina has been approved this go around too! SO THAT WOULD BE THREE EU FIENDS. MUAHAHA~ I just wish we had a Zekk now. XD)

Someone bought three Be Ready To Fight the Horde shirts the other night! In one order! I was pleasantly surprised. <3 I really need to get some more stuff on there. Especially in the BioShock and Silent Hill sections. MAYBE TODAY. Which will also be used to finish costumes, lol. Except, you know, it's SNOWING OUTSIDE. So I hope everything is here to work on them. Snow is really pretty but not when I need to go somewhere.

P.S. APPARENTLY WE'RE OFFICIALLY GONNA GET A WORD FROM ZEKK IN THE FATE OF THE JEDI BOOKS. Depending on what the word is, I might actually start reading those books! ...but, probably not. LOL.

(Now, if Tenel Ka gets a word, as well as Zekk, then I will seriously consider it. And not just a mention. XD)


Jan. 24th, 2010 01:52 am
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Okay, so... I was thinking (I know, it's dangerous)... why did Star Wars not have one of [livejournal.com profile] ontd_starwars <-- these until now? Everyone has one but Star Wars. Except not anymore. Star Wars has finished their trip on the FAILBOAT. So you know what you must do now. XD

(And I know what I must do. The userinfo, layout, etc. LOL)

Nate has been playing Persona 4 and he keeps coming up with these reasons why Yosuke could be the murderer and the thing is they actually work. I told him I wasn't telling him if he was right or wrong and now he's wondering again. He's at the Heaven dungeon and he won't stop playing, lol. He is fusing Personas and just went, "LOOK THIS ONE IS NAMED KIN-KI. HEH." Oh Persona, bringing so many people together. <3

Speaking of games, I beat the main mission of Fallout 3 today. The finale (final mission and ending I got) was kind of in the gorgeous category except I'm putting more checks in the epic category. I don't know, something about following the Lyon's Pride as they follow THE 1950'S VERSION OF A MOTHEREFFING GUNDAM SHOOTING DOWN HELICOPTERS WITH A LASER FROM HIS FACE AS HE HEADS TOWARDS THE JEFFERSON MEMORIAL STEPPING ON ENCLAVE BITCHES ON THE WAY WHAT -- I think one of the reasons I love this game so much is cause I live almost right on top of where it takes place (my house should be right off the southern end of the map, haha). Now it's time for all the rest of the DLC! And then the EVIL DICK MEAN GAME. I'm a little too excited for that. Oooooops.

(ALSO HI NEW FRIENDS FROM SILENT HILL FRIENDING AWESOMENESS! <3333333 I baked you all some nurse cookies. Their cleavage tastes like sprinkles. lol sorry i couldn't help it.)
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Okay, fake or not, this is effing funny as shit. So wrong, but so right and classic. TEAM CHRIS. I absolutely cackle so hard at: "Ladies and gentlemen..... my sister is a whore."

Chris: "what are you gonna do? tell mom and dad that i uploaded your dick sucking list to facebook? go ahead."

sdklfjakljsd flololololol

Also, yes, it is so, so horrible that after a couple minutes my mind went to fandom places. I mean really, come on COME ON COME ON IT'S PERFECT..

"So if everyone hasn't heard yet...... I'm grounded for the next 3 months. Why? Because jaina decided to rat me out and tell my parents about the 12 pack of Corellian Ale, menegerie of endangered species and Hapan porn i was hiding in my room. My parents are Alderaanian and Corellian, and all of you know that they're kriffing strict.

Since all I can do and all I'll ever for the next 2 and a half months involve sitting on the holonet all day, I thought I'd get a little revenge today. Everyone out there might think my sister is such a sweet and innocent girl, but a few days ago I decided to go treasure hunting in her room and found a little something special hidden in her closet. this will make the next 2.5 months bearable.

Ladies and gentlemen..... my sister is a whore."

Jag: note to self. do not hook up with Jaina.
Lowbacca: omg
Talon: u are a dick! but this is so funny!
Valin: hey kyp, if you cut your hair you're gettin a BJ!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHH!!!
Anakin: holy shavitttttttttttt
Lando: omkg
Ganner: omg
Zekk: i knew she was a closet slut.
Tenel Ka: ........ this is so wrong.
Tahiri: jacen, i really think you should take this down, this is SO wrong on SO many levels. this is such a douche bag move by your part. YOU were at fault for having ale and porn in your room in the first place. you need to grow up and be mature and stop being such a DICK
Jacen: what are you gonna do? tell mom and dad that i uploaded your dick sucking list to spacebook? go ahead.
Raynar: omg.
Lusa: no way...
Jacen: I <3 spacebook like you <3 cock

This is really why Jaina kills Jacen in the future. He was having Caedus impulses so long ago!

P.S. The part about Jaina giving Kyp a BJ if Kyp cuts his hair WORKS ON SO MANY LEVELS. KYP HAS FIXED HIS HAIR FOR A WOMAN BEFORE. XDDDDDDDD

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