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So I have characters that I have, what you would call, shipped. I have OTPs. Jacen/Tenel Ka, Scott/Lisey, Zidane/Garnet, I could go on. I know these shipping wars go on a lot with TV shows and while I've liked couples on tv shows I watch, I have never felt so strongly as I do for this one. I DON'T KNOW WHY. I CAN'T HELP IT.

Nate and I were in the middle of watching an episode of The Mentalist the other day. Season 2. And Lisbon and Jane were trapped in a shipping container that goes on the back of a truck. There was a little window where there was a slight breeze and the way he pulled her over to it - that exact moment was when I realized how much I was subconsciously shipping Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane. Then they had the conversation about him saving her and OH MY GOODNESS.


This is squee.

Normally I don't watch LOL CRIMECOP SHOWS. But I've always loved Robin Tunney (LOOOOOOOVE) since I was a tyke watching The Craft, haha~ I figured I'd give this show a shot. Ended up liking the storyline and all the characters (I freakin' love Kimball Cho so hard, it hurts) and apparently I've gained a ship.


they are so pretytydifuusdhfjdksdf.

I need to pass out. I'M SORRY I had to gush first though. I had to get it out of my system. THAT FEELING WHEN YOU GET A NEW SHIP.


Jul. 26th, 2011 12:10 am
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I know you are completely sick of me all on and on about SPN and Derp Jared but they played part of the Season 6 Gag Reel at Comic Con yesterday and it looks as amazing as the rest. These videos are MAGICAL GEMS and I feel like I need to collect them so that when I'm having a shitty day, I can come back and watch them all. THEN EVERYTHING WILL BE WONDERFUL AND RAINBOWS WILL BOUNCE EVERYWHERE AND BUNNIES WILL MAGICALLY APPEAR.

Seriously, if you are bored - even if you've never seen the show - THESE VIDEOS. The people on this show are nuts in the best way possible. Out of all the gag reels I've seen on movie and tv show dvds, these always take the cake cause they're just so insane.

There's everything from dancing to singing, nose picking, burping, cursing, riding tiny bikes, farting, eating, yelling, squealing, blue-steeling, butt-smacking, pants-ripping, bitchfights, screaming, priest-strippers - I could go on. And with each season they get better and better (and more insane).


I'll be sure to add Season 6 when the whole thing is released, but here is where someone filmed part of it from Comic-Con so you have people laughing the whole time. D:

1:42 of the makes my day though. WALK WALK FASHION BABY.

So in closing, if you've never seen the show GO FOR IT. Some of the fans are crazy, but there's people like that in every fandom.

And some of the latest episodes have gotten sort of off maybe, but it's still better than half the crap on television. I loled at the first episode and watched it as a joke cause I wanted to make fun of it (HAHAH A "HORROR SCARY SPOOKY" SHOW ON THE WB WHATEVER DAWSON'S CREEK WITH SOME MONSTERS) and nothing else was on -- then after it was over I kind of felt dirty for liking it. After the second episode, I gave no shits about what anyone thought. I watched the WB horror show with the bros and I liked it.

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I still need to catch up completely on friendslist and the internet in general (I would also like to stop failing at responding to LJ comments in a timely manner dfjakjsdjf STARTING TODAY), but Katsucon was awesome and here are some bullet points concerning other things. SOON THERE WILL BE A CON REPORT (hopefully tomorrow)!

-- The Regular Show is amazing. We discovered it at Katsucon while lounging in the room. My bb [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet and I have now started quoting everywhere. "OOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOH~"

-- The new Radiohead and Innerpartysystem albums are gorgeous. <3

-- Reading The Truce at Bakura for the Expanded Universe Readthrough, trying to figure out what my MSPaint picture will be for this month. Thinking what a SisisisisiisssiiRRUUKuukuk would look like in MSPaint. I think I might go for it. Can't be any worse than my Xizor from last month.

-- I rounded up all my wigs yesterday and did a WIGVENTORY. It was interesting. I might post results cause I might need opinions about using them for things. D: AND I TRUST YOU GUYS WITH WIGS

-- Nate and I finished Death Note the when we got back from the con the other day. The ending. DELICIOUS. Nate fell asleep around 1am, while I was watching the first live action movie (I kept going LOLOLOL SHUYA NANAHARA WHERE'S YOUR COLLAR every time Light came on screen) and then I'm in the middle of the first issue of the manga. I DON'T KNOW I CAN'T HELP IT-- also, I can't decide whether I love L or Near more. Near fits my WHITE HAIRED BOYS I LOVE list, while L is just... effing L. He is such a magical creeper. <3

-- I should be getting Ghost Trick for the DS this week, hopefully. EXCITED!

-- I... I bought tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars in April. I know all the LOL EMO 30 SECONDS TO MARS and all that stuff but DAT MUSIC BRO. DAT JARED LETO i'm sorry i can't help that either. SEE ICON D: I feel bad for Nate cause I'm gonna revert to like 17 years old when we go that night. OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE IT? HE JUST BLINKED! NATE. JARED LETO JUST BLINKED, HOOOOOSHI--

-- HI to all the new friends from the Star Wars: EU friending meme! <333333

Here is a random picture from Katsucon before I sleep (or read more Death Note lol wut):



(I miss everyone from con so bad. ;-; Especially the 999 crew - so much hourspersonsdoors crack. <3)
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Going to JoAnn's today to get fabric for OMG QUEEN TENEL KA as well as the back of the Death Trooper jumpsuits (imperial numbers/names) and possibly a couple other things. I AM FEELING CREATIVE TODAY. Maybe because I actually cleaned off my work table last night and thought I'M GONNA MAKE SOMETHING HUR HUR. We'll see if it actually happens, hehe.

This song dskfajsfj. Last night I was listening to last.fm - the Akira Yamaoka station and this song came on. It was all in Japanese so I had to start my mad internet researching and go to my last.fm page and copy the text/kanji and go into google translator and do all kinds of shit before I finally found out what it was but it was totally worth it because this song is amaaazziinnggggggggggwhaaaaaaat. THANK YOU AKIRA YAMAOKA STATION~ <3

So I think we have a third costume for Balticon. Nate suggested Pushing Daisies for it and I cackled a whole lot and said we need to make a Pie Hole box. We weren't sure what else we would bring (Luke & Layton we just did -- we were thinking about finishing Guybrush and Elaine from Monkey Island but we'll most likely just save that for D*C XD) so when he said that it was like A MIRACLE AND THE SUN SHINED UPON EVERYTHING. We'll most likely be wearing them Friday night, and we won't be getting there till later in the afternoon anyways. So quick and easy costumes = <33333. Plus, it's Pushing Daisies, lol.

The thing is, I'm not sure what Chuck dress/outfit to go after. I know it's not gonna be as exact as hers too, cause we're only gonna be in these for a bit (unless we love them massively and want to wear them again XD) -- I was debating between these two.

There is 173 days left until Dragon*Con. :o That seems like a lot to me right now. But I know it's gonna hit like 20 in no time and I'll start freaking the shit out.

HEY PEOPLE WHO LIKE MUSIC: We're doing an old school MIXTAPE (errr, cd) EXCHANGE over at Mindbreak and everyone should check it out because I know I love hearing new music and you should join if you do too. I'm totally decorating my cd cases all ghetto and stuff too. I need to know how many people are gonna be in though so I know how many to burn, lololol. XD

(Also, I need to know if everyone who was in before is still in definitely and right now I only know that from [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul~ hehe)

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So as I mentioned earlier this morning in some loltweets, I had a dream last night where the sky turned purple and [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be dared me to write Ellis/Louis slash. Now, obviously I had L4D on the brain because of the DLC announcement, but wtf with the rest of it.

Her and I were keeping watch for zombies cause apparently when the sky turned purple that meant they were coming. As we stood guard, we ended up on the subject of Left 4 Dead and somehow in this conversation, Ashley dared me to write Ellis/Louis slash. I seemed really excited about it in the dream cause I think I had some SUPER AWESOME IDEA FOR IT. Then I woke up. Which sucked, cause I kind of wanted to know what my UBER-COOL IDEA was for it. Why was I so excited about it (besides the fact that they are both hot)?

So of course, this led my brain to pick apart the dream. And I think you know where this is going.

(Then later today Ashley actually dared me. YESSSSSSSS LOL.)


"I don't know. I thought you were a... a what-do-you-call-'em... met-- metrasexual."

"Metrosexual." Louis couldn't keep a chuckle from escaping. "And no, I'm just an office worker."

"Wait, they all dress like that at your job?"

Louis nodded.

"Yuck. Bo-ring."

"What are you talking about? This is stylish."

"And boring." Ellis finally finished reloading the shotgun and set it in front of him on the ground, between his legs. He shook his head. "Monkey suits."

IT IS TWO WORLDS COLLIDING, I'M TELLING YOU. Ellis better not tell Keith about this. Cause Keith would either a.) laugh at him or b.) get jealous. I'm thinking B.

P.S. This commercial is CLASSIC. It is such an awesome holiday commercial. And it gets stuck in your head so easy. "OH SNAP GUESS WHAT I SAW~"

P.S.S. GORDON RAMSAY: COOKALONG LIVE - I LOVE THIS <333333333333333 I've never seen Ramsay this HAPPY AND NICE. It's adorable.
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Seriously, if you don't watch Supernatural, you should watch it for this alone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eldB3a5Aa6E

Jared's laugh at 10 seconds in kills me. And them on the bike. And the scooters. And falling over in the field. ksdjfakjskfjsdf that was such an amazing episode, lololol. The theme song just brought it home.

Here is another fun video to watch!: http://www.rickey.org/?p=27521

The group routine from So You Think You Can Dance last week. It is pretty damn creepy (WADE ROBSON WHAT <3) and it's to one of the new Imogen Heap songs. I don't know, sometimes he just makes these routines I have to watch over and over again (ZOMBIE ROUTINE CALLBACK)~ this one was great; I love the way he makes everyone move. Their motions are disturbing/awesome/WHY CAN'T I LOOK AWAY? Everyone was totally on it and akljfsd Russell. <3

Okay, I wasn't able to fall asleep till three last night (IT WAS PET SEMATARY'S FAULT I FINISHED IT AND OFDMISFJDHJDFH KING I LOVE YOU). So maybe I should go to bed now. D:
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So the fall season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE OMG LOL just announced their top 20 last night... and while I had like five people I was already rooting for at this point from the last season (see here -- p.s. Brandon, you were robbed)... this season, right now, I have TWO.

NATHAN TRASORAS. I'm sick of contemporary dancers HARDCORE FOR REAL, but he's really good and really tall and a doll.

RUSSELL FERGUSON. He is a krumper. And when he was shown picking up other styles, it was amazing. He seems like such a sweetheart too.

IN NEWS OF OTHER TYPES, I finished the Death Troopers sort of fanfic but it needs a beta reader and it is rife with spoilers for DT. SO MAYBE I WILL BE ABLE TO GET IT ONLINE ONE DAY. Maybe the J/TK one too, except I'm sure that needs a once over by someone other than me. D:

ksdf;jskdjskjsjk WHERE IS FOOOOOOOD
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It feels so good to have The Mentalist back on. I love this show.



Jul. 29th, 2009 08:15 pm
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(The absolutely giddy fangirl look on her face afterwards was so adorable.)

And I may or may not have made that Caedus picture the wallpaper on my phone. And by may or may not, I definitely mean may.
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This weekend was pretty relaxing and that is always good. Friday night was Video Games Live and it was awesome (the weather was great). They didn't do Myst or BioShock at this show so I was kind of pissed for a bit. But Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross made up for it ("Scars of Time" was amazing) and the Final Fantasy piano solo too. After that, Nate and I sat in the car in the parking lot for like half an hour waiting for all the cars to sit in traffic on the way out of the lot -- but I got the VGL cd while I was there so we listened to that and it was good. <3

Saturday we pretty much were lazy most of the day. He wanted to watch Aladdin cause we had talked about Disney movies earlier so we ended up doing that and we also went out to a couple stores (thrift store and Jo-Ann's for D*C/costume stuff and Game Parlor cause it's the nerd store and it's awesome and he had never been in it -- we also went to Wegmans because it's magical XD) and picked up dinner. And when I was looking for jewelry cleaner under my sink in the bathroom I found some of those damn silly Biore strips for your nose. I used one just cause I could and Nate was like, "LOL WHAT" -- then I told him he could use one if he really wanted to. That made him more, "...... wait lol what" -- then he used one. He was walking around all, "This is weird. Can I take it off yet? Is it done? It's weird." Kind of wish I had my camera.

For some reason I'm really excited about the Tenel Ka Sith costume. I got all the parts and spraypainted my Poison Ivy boots black (they used to be green - they were originally black then I spraypainted them green and now I've spraypainted them black again). Now I just need to make my asscape, lololol WOO! You know how I am about my asscapes, hehe. But I'm really hoping that the costume will come together like I'm wanting it to. Cause I'm picturing all the outfits in my head and mental image of all the sith together makes me giddy. XD

I watched the last couple episodes of Harper's Island today and it was absolutely great. It was a really good show and I can't wait till it comes out on dvd. The last half hour totally creeped me out ("WE CAN BE HERE TOGETHER FOREVER, JUST LIKE YOU WANTED WOOOO~") ugggh. I loved it. <333

And I'm watching Bridezillas right now and I forgot how crazy these bitches are. D:
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Alright, so here's my favorite five boys from the top 20 after all the auditions and Vegas week episodes and crap. Most of the girls are contemporary (seriously like 7 out of 10 :\ ughhh) and I can't tell their dancing apart from each other cause it all looks the same to me. So none of the chicks are really on my radar right now (except Asuka, methinks). HERE, HAVE SOME HOT BOYS.

Speciality: Contemporary (he is POWER when he does this)

Speciality: Broadway (I LOVE THIS BOY)

Speciality: Popping (Just watch him tonight, he's amazing)

Speciality: Contemporary (He is BEAUTIFUL)

Speciality: Lyrical (fdaskjdfksdjfk he reminds me of Mark from last season and that is SO GOOD)


Let's see what happens. :o
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TEAM BRANDON. TEAM EVAN. The two that I wanted in the Top 20 last year came back and now they're in the Top 20 this year! <333333333

LOL, look at my rant from last year about them.

Also, I effing knew they would put Evan and his brother Ryan as the last two to pick between for the TOP 20. THEY LOVE THEIR DRAMU.

Gawd, the Kasprzaks are so adorable.


May. 4th, 2009 10:58 pm
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1.) I had 4 episodes of Harper's Island backed up on the TIVO cause I was debating on whether or not I wanted to invest the time. I've watched two of them now. It's totally worth the time. Also, seeing Bobby and Ruby 1.0 (the good one :P) on here make me giddy. Only two episodes in and there's been five murders. Also, the eye candy is AMAZING. Whenever Jimmy comes on I absolutely melt.

Very happy I have been TIVOing these. Will continue. <3

2.) I haven't laughed so fucking hard in a long time:

The Starburst commercial always made me laugh my ass off, but adding Yosuke (and Kanji and Teddie) made it so much better. The facial expressions are perfect. Props to [livejournal.com profile] tsugarusp! :D

3.) I haven't written in way too long. Nothing really has come to me lately. Original or fanfiction. There's always a couple sentences here and there, like the SW one from earlier today. In the past hour though I had two sorts of things. One original long-ass crazy story idea and then there's this bitch.


He was dancing somewhere between disgusted, angry and depressed. One of those feelings that didn't have an exact word and was hard to describe, but so very easy to feel.

He had returned from the hospital mere minutes before, half past one in the morning, to an apartment full of drunk roommates. He didn't know where the booze had come from, nor did he care. He wasn't shocked at all when none of them bothered to notice the freshly stitched up gash on his face.

"Hey Pete, sorry we drank all the beer!" One of them called out. Could've been Mark, could've been Gunther.

Peter McVries didn't give a sweet fuck which one it was. They all sounded the same when their words were slurred. He just strolled through the tiny living room area, into his even smaller bedroom and quickly shut the door behind him. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do at that point, but he knew it would either be a.) pick up the lamp on his nightstand -- the one without the shade -- and chuck that motherfucker against the wall or b.) slam his back against the door and slide down it for a sob or two.

C. C won. C was Peter standing aimlessly in the middle of his room, jaw slack, eyes glazed over, fingers tracing the stitches over the gash on his face. Touching it hurt like hell, but that didn't matter. What mattered was her.



IDEAS. I HAVEN'T HAD YOU IN SO LONG. WELCOME TO MY HEAD. Time to build some stories, yo. :O
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Part 8. WAAAAAAATCH. I must somehow have an animated .gif of Fred in Mom!DRAG slapping the shit out of Zac Efron at 2:00. SERIOUSLY.


"Why do you keep a crusty t-shirt by the couch?"

... "Why do you keep baby oil by that crunchy t-shirt?")

And Zac, why must you be so hot?


Mar. 10th, 2009 07:01 pm
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I think I've calmed down now. XD

WOO! They won last week! And D-trix almost stripped all his clothes off during the credits and was throwing them out to the audience lololololol~ SO EXCITED FOR THEM. <3

Reaper is on tonight! The premiere last week was very good so I'm excited for the episode tonight. I love Sock and Ben.

Sock (about his new stepsister): She is so hot...
Ben: Smokin'.
Sock: Shut your mouth. That is my sister ...I got dibs!

I got a new phone the other day. It's the Samsung Eternity and it is pretty snazzy. I got it at a good price too, which made me happy. I made my welcome message, "Mark stepped lightly." -- which will probably be changed to "Mark danced seductively!" And my wallpaper is this picture of Louis. I love when I press the hold button to take my phone off of lock and THERE IS LOUIS LOOKING ALL HOT AND ACTIONY WITH HIS PISTOLS. <3

I can also assign ringtones to people and record my own, so you can bet everyone will be getting some pretty classy shit. Hehe.

Also, classic comment on passiveaggressivenotes.com: "When a friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend, before she moved out she took 200 post it notes and wrote 'FUCK YOU' on all of them and hid them all over his house. In DVD cases, in books, in the cabinets. She told me she hopes that in 10 years he opens a book he hasn’t touched in a decade and is reminded of how much she hates him. Very classy."

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I must have this as a ringtone.
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Guys guys guys can you do me a favorrrrrrrrrr~



Watch their two final performances! They want it (and deserve it) so bad. I love the Beat Freaks, but they came kind of weak Thursday night and Quest kicked the shit out of it.

Performance 1: Hip-Hop Decathalon (dance had to include waving, housing, tutting, krumping and threading - best moments: the krump section, Hok's finger-tut and the tutting in general, D-Trix's silly expressions and Steve's backflip from the seated indian style position with no hands ......and of course the group pelvic thrusting at about 0:48, natch.)
Performance 2: Last Chance Challenge (they got to make their own music and do whatever they wanted - lol, they called their song "orQUESTra"... love it. XD And the flip while being pushed over two people at the end slkdjfkajsdfksjdf <3333)

I am so happy to see them (Hok, Ryan and Dominic, especially) here after all the stuff they went through on So You Think You Can Dance and junk -- they're great on their own but amazing with their crew.

I also loved how they were in purple and black during their very first performance and then ended in snazzy dress-up purple and black during their last. So cute. XD

(Watch all their performances! Yayyyyy! The Britney Spears challenge was so hot, as was the Fit test and the Battle of the Sexes. Hell, all of them were awesome.)
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So I love "Jizz in My Pants" and "Space Olympics" but this weekend while we were watching the Lonely Island videos at Valerie and Brian's (Mom and I went to Pittsburgh this weekend cause Valerie and I were getting our dresses fitted for their wedding :D) -- we watched this one... and I almost died laughing and was singing it all weekend.

I don't know why it's so funny. But it is.

See you around...

djsfasdkfasjdfksjdfksjdfskadfj sadf sdf I CAN'T HELP IT LOLOLOLOL

(So tempted to make an icon, but with what line?)


Jan. 29th, 2009 10:57 pm
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That episode of Supernatural was darling. I feel like it needs to be added to my top ten. XD

Loved mini!Sam and mini!Dean (MINI!DEAN TALKED LIKE DEAN A+) and while it was a bit predictable, the whole flashing from the younger to the older doing the same thing was perfect -- like when little Sam pushed his hair out of his face wandering down the hall and it changed to older Sam pushing his hair out of his face wandering down the hall.



P.S. Quest Crew dancing to "Toxic" by Britney Spears~! PART OF THE DANCE IS DONE BLINDFOLDED (how did they not run into each other during that three-way roll flip thing, I don't know D:). Everyone did Spears songs this week and Quest got the challenge to do part of their dance blindfolded. The best part is when they start getting into the total femme section near the end. SO CUTE~

Feng shaking his booty = win.


P.S.S. Okay, Strikers All Stars doing Gimmie More = so hot. They had to mirror dance moves with each other and with their precision it actually looked like they were dancing in front of a mirror.

These are my two favorite crews by far.
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Legend was just on tv and I watched it for what had to be the 3984938497458783975274518329048240830239423.4 time. I love that movie so much. And Tom Cruise is so darling in it -- all not creepy and couch jumpy -- with his cute crooked teeth before he got them fixed. I absolutely love him in Legend.

Other random things: The Mentalist is so awesome and Simon Baker is very delicious. Also, I am watching American Idol. Again. D: I'm sure it'll get to the top 20 or whatever and I'll lose interest again. Like always. Hehe.

(The Castro brothers arguing = so sweet. Awwwwwww~)

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