Jan. 26th, 2012 05:30 pm
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All that catching up I said I was gonna do on the internet and costumes and MAGFest recaps and crap was put aside because my mother, Duane and I (and my sister met us there) went to Connecticut this week because my Grandfather died. I never knew any of my grandparents (father's parents, mom's mother) besides him (mom's father) because they all died when I was really young-- and I had never been to a funeral before (even though his wife, my stepgrandma, didn't have a "big" funeral - we just had a viewing/gathering at the funeral home with about 8 of us, family and close friends).

So this week has been odd for me. It's been new, it's been sad and it's been long. I didn't really know what to expect. We spent a lot of time with my step-grandma and her sense of humor has gotten sillier over the years, which was a nice surprise. We ate lots of amazing food. I had my first tartufo thanks to her, which, my god, it is a tastebud-gasm. Valerie and I played Mario Party on the DS at the hotel and bitched at Peach and Daisy. We ate a billion plates of food at Jimmie's which is a restaurant my Mom always loved. We also bought like 4 pounds of cookies altogether.

We just got back today and I'm going to work tomorrow. Then it will be the weekend and I will be working on costumes for Katsucon to get my mind on something else. I already know I can't finish my Young Jedi Knights Tenel Ka armor that I was originally planning to finish, so I'm gonna throw a YJK-type Tenel Ka together for the shoot (since Nate is bringing YJK Jacen and Kayla is bringing YJK Zekk - I didn't want to bring a Queen Momma TK when they were doing YJK). And we won't have time to make our Persona 2 costumes as detailed and well as we want so we'll probably push those back to another con. We're going to put all our energy into the Glitterati costumes now and finishing the Silent Hill 2 costumes.

I told myself after MAGFest I was going to quit being a lazy bitch and do stuff - work on websites, learn how to use this serger I bought forever ago, keep up with commenting and stuff, write more -- and I have done nothing. I have been lazy. And that needs to stop. :|

How do I get motivated?
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Back and neck are killing meeeeeeeee. Going here on Thursday afternoon (since the pain is suddenly horrendous in my back and neck) and back to the GI doctor next Tuesday, uggggggh. THIS IS GETTING SO OLD. :(

But I actually got a few things done this weekend! :O

Nothing super major, but I worked a bit on my magical redesign for my cosplay/personal site. And I also cut out a couple of the pieces to my Queen Mother TK outfit (hopefully for Balticon!) and made the necklace that's gonna go with it.

OMG HERE IS A NECKLACE -- aka symmetry is overrated: have you seen the Queen Mother? )

I was actually okay enough to go out on Saturday. Nate and I went to Wegmans (<3ohmygoodness) and Global Food (bought so many foreign snacksss) as well as Target. I was only hurting a bit and thought it was awesome and maybe this pain-thing was going away. Then we got home and hopped into a magical Netflix Xbox Party with Valerie and Brian and watched something MOTHER EFFIN' XENA WHAT WHAT (Callisto! <3) -- V&B went to bed after that and Nate and I watched Dead Space: Downfall. It was pretty good (loved the security team cause they cursed like me and I felt at home lolol). Then after I got up my back and neck protested so hard that I sat down and just stared at the wall for pretty much forever. Nate forced me to take a percocet and then I watched him play some Nintendo DS while I waited for the pain to go away. :|


Now I am debating on making a whole new magical message board filled with all kinds of chatter and creative-thing sharing and fandom love (every fandom ever -- zombie killers, jedis, tv show eyeballs, everything) and all kinds of crap (i want to see group video game nights!) and shout boxes and random shit and games, etc., etc. You know I love Mindbreak but it's very quiet and there's lots of ghost accounts and 0 post accounts and it's just filled with half mega-awesomeness and then half very old dead topics and ideas. D:

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN, EVERYONE <3: I don't know what to do about that. Anyone have any input on the matter (whether you go to MB at the moment now or not -- would you be interested in joining a board to share your creative works and chatter with other geeks and so on BLAH BLAH RAMBLEEEEEEE XD)? Mindbreak or start fresh? HELP PLZZZZZZ~ <33333

Mmmm, time to go watch Coheed & Cambria concert DVD I got.


Mar. 14th, 2010 07:46 pm
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THERE WILL BE A CHAT TONIGHT. And by a chat I mean CVNC, D*C, RP, BBQ, all kinds of other acronyms and you know this all means lots of crazy. SO IF YOU WANT IN THEM IM ME. And I will also harass you all when I see you on. Because you know how good I am at harassment *wink wink nudge nudge say no more*---

Wait, what?

Last night was a grand old Xbox party with my sister (aka ValVal/Valerie/[ profile] zoopiglet) and bro-in-law (aka BriBri/Brian/[ profile] ben_ethus). Valerie fell asleep on the couch though cause they are both sick and she was too tired to play anything but Brian and I went and kicked some ass on BioShock 2 multiplayer. I love that thing way too much. I finally got to Rank 18 which is the ELEPHANT GUN rank and that plus machine gun plus Houdini plasmid = <3333333. Especially when playing Team Adam Grab. Now I just need to get to the rank where I can upgrade my elephant gun to have a SNIPER SCOPE. YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE ME SOME SNIPER ACTION. <3333

Then today (while being totally screwed up by daylight savings time :|) I played more Fallout 3. I'm about 97 hours now, still my first playthrough, and I just finished the Mothership Zeta DLC. It was amazing and hilarious. Especially having to blow up the actual mothership at the end with your little ragtag band of different-era misfits. XD

I got fabric for part of my TK outfit yesterday and the fabric for the back of the DT jumpsuits. I think I'll make a mockup of what they maybe could look like and then share with [ profile] draelight and [ profile] blood_sorbet before I put the paint to the fabric and MAKE SOME PRISON JUMPSUITS WOOP WOOP.

Okay SW random costume question: best color for random Jacen Solo outfit pre-LotF: light gray with a black undershirt, dark gray with a light gray undershirt or straight-up black with a gray undershirt. LOL THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT OR SOMETHING HELP PLZ. XD

EDIT: [ profile] lusa_thul is blowing my mind and saying olive with a gray undershirt! I LIKE IT.

(I found the fabric today that I was gonna use to make a Vong robeskin for a Traitor!Jacen crossplay. I still want to do it soooo baaaaaad. jdsklafjkdjfkaljsd)

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Okay, so my flight from Florida came back in the window between the two crazy snowstorms. There's two feet here that came when I was gone and then supposedly there's another ten inches being dropped on us tomorrow. I just managed to make it in on the day where nothing is falling from the sky. PHEW.

But yeah, Florida was good. Valerie and Brian are good. My Dad is crazy and awesome as always. We went to Sea World (Nate was sad he couldn't come to Florida cause omg omg Sea World omg stingrays XD) and rode the crazy new roller coaster -- MANTA!!1 It was really slick; the way they make you sit though is insane (normally, then they lock your feet in and tilt you 90 degrees forward so you're face down). We stayed with Dad for a couple days after that and then last night we drove back to Orlando and stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort. It was amazing. We watched the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom from across the lagoon at the hotel and I finally got to see the Water Pageant. XD


I have also decided that I need to go back to Disney World really, really bad. So Valerie and I were nerding about trips to Disney and we figured out February of next year would be a good time. We've always wanted to do the cruise too. So it'll probably be like five days at the parks and then the three day cruise. ANYONE IS WELCOME TO PLAN WITH US AND JOIN IN ON ANY PART OF THE TRIP. So you have a year to figure out if you want to go! ;D

In the car on the way to Orlando yesterday I was thinking about a new Tenel Ka costume. Like a Queen Mother-era fancy armor kind of thing. It was going somewhere in my head, so we'll see if anything actually comes of it. I still want to make a fancy Queen Mother dress too -- especially since I got that half-capelet done (although I might be able to put that with the Tempest jumpsuit costume, but we'll see) but I'm not sure yet. Kind of want to do the armor more. I DON'T KNOWWWW -- I know in the near future I'll be taking more pictures of the TK costumes I actually have since most of the pictures I have are in LOL HOTELS and seem out of place, hahaha~

Woo! Celebration V Online Convention information shall be here soon! Then real pre-registrations can begin~ ;D


P.S. I almost peed my pants of excitement.


Nov. 29th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Thanksgiving was good. My sister and her husband hahahaha I am still not used to saying that XD (lol you might know them from the board, D*C, etc.) were here and we ate lots of food and played lots of Xbox and acted like nerds. Like yesterday when Valerie and I went into Joann's and went craft/fabric/nerd crazy while Brian and Nate went into Game Parlor next door and totally geeked out over cards/games/etc.

Yesterday was Valerie's birthday and I made her a ghetto red velvet cake with a BOOMER ON IT. He was barfing all over her cake. It's way cheesier looking than I make it sound. But it was still awesome. XDDDDDDD

I WANT TO WORK ON COSTUMES SO BAD. I think I might have my D*C 2010 list finalized too. Possibly. So that's always fun. Although, Valerie and I were talking about another group thing in Joann's yesterday, so that might go somewhere too, MUAHAHAHAHA~

Then my mom and I put up Christmas decorations today and I got giddy. Because I love the holiday season. <333

P.S. I put some junk on ebay that I need to get rid of (I WAS CLEANING BOXES OUT THIS MORNING). Well, I don't want to get rid of it, but all the items need good homes cause I have to clean up around here. :( If anyone sees anything they want they can bid on it or let me know and maybe we can make a deal woooo (except for the Supernatural magazine cause there's already people watching it)!

HERE IT ALL BE. Selphie (FF8) action figure, Basch (FF12) mini-fig, FFX trinkets, Shakespeare cheat book (XD), Radiohead cd/book, amazing/creepy SW prequel toys, WK pencil board... I also have a Persona 2 manga that I haven't put up yet but was thinking about just asking people on here about it anyways. So I can put up a picture of that if anyone wants to see it, hur hurrrr.


Aug. 4th, 2009 05:27 pm
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So they wanted to backtrack and try to fix the fact that they killed "the wrong Solo boy" in SbS, basically...?

Haha, so very glad this didn't happen. Especially since LotF was supposed to be IN YO' FACE and GRITTY. This would've been so cheap. You know I love me some Denning, but this would've been so wrong, even if he was the one to write it. Just leave Jacen and Anakin dead. You killed them already, you can't take it back.

(That goes for everyone. Cause if you can flow walk and bring someone -- Anakin, in this case -- back then why not Jacen? Why not Mara? Lusa? Anakin Skywalker? Ganner Rhysode? Vergere? MACE FREAKIN' WINDU? Come on, bring 'em all back!)

SAW LOTS OF BABY ANIMALS AT THE PITTSBURGH ZOO THIS WEEKEND. I will have to get the pictures off my camera. Seal, beavers, deer (one of which followed Nate all wobbly and it was so cute) -- it was a very cute trip to the zoo. ALSO YAY SEEING VALVAL AND BRIBRI. And the bakery and lots of junk food and Mario Party, lololol. XD

For some reason my left foot hurts like a bitch. I hope it is better by D*C.
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WOO! So Valerie, my sister, and Brian (Valval & Bribri, [ profile] zoopiglet & [ profile] ben_ethus, Francis & Bill, so on so on) are getting married this weekend OH SNAP. So on Thursday, Mom and Duane and myself will be packing up and driving to Pittburgh for the wedding, which is Saturday. This means I get to see my dad and stepmom and stepsister, as well as an aunt & uncle set I don't see very often and also all these thugs: [ profile] see_aphy_be, [ profile] omicron1337, [ profile] gruppe_sechs, [ profile] alrey, Jeremy, John W., Liz, etc. -- well, all of them I see a lot except for Ashley, John and Liz -- BUT STILL. XD

Expect lots of awesome pictures from Yos the photographer and then lots of stupid pictures from me. Hehehehehe.

P.S. Someone posted this picture on the L4D fan community and it's fucking hilarious that the first thing I thought of was HAHAHAHAH VALERIE AND BRIAN ARE GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND.
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LOL, didn't Fate of the Jedi: Outcast come out the other day? Whoops.

So the Curriculum Review -- we're still working on it, it's going well, but apparently I'm going to be at one of our other offices for three days a week so now I have to be focused on that. Also, Valerie's shower went really well (I think) and she liked it (I think) -- YES, [ profile] zoopiglet? I THINK?

This means I am kind of not as tense as before, which, YAY! But of course there are other things for me to have on my mind like being at the other office and stuff now. BUT I AM BETTER. AND I THINK I'M BACK. I THINK.

ANYWAYS, on [ profile] king_dressing we have 5 out of 100 of the Walkers (Ray, Art, Peter, Hank & Stebbins!), which really kind of makes me giddy. Especially since [ profile] see_aphy_be and I are only playing one each (for once, lol).



Dec. 26th, 2008 03:23 pm
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So I need to catch up on LJ but mad, but besides that I am having a very good holiday season. Valerie and Brian are here and we're all sitting around and being dorks and such. We played some Left 4 Dead last night (ZOMBIES ON CHRISTMAS~!) and it was a good day.

I got Chrono Trigger DS, lots of shirts -- Space Olympics, Ghost Hunters, Alchemilla Hospital from Silent Hill, Electric Dream Machine and OMG BERT BRINGING NERDY BACK I LOVE YOU (I love my t-shirts), a cute sweater, a jump drive I needed very bad, a heated blanket I had been eyeing in the store, the Haunted Mansion version of Clue -- there's much fun I received and I can't even remember it all now.

And omg, Valerie made me these effing adorable notepads at VistaPrint with the Solo Family on them! You know, when they were all awesome and alive. There's Han, Leia, Jacen, Jaina, Anakin, Chewie and A CRYSTAL SNAKE. I MUST TAKE A PICTURE, THEY'RE SO CUTE.

Now my mom and Valerie and Brian and I are sitting around watching American Gladiators, LOL. And I am being asked where we will all be eating for my birthday and I HAVE NO IDEA. D:

Valerie is also helping me plan out one of my Katsucon costumes -- the one I will be wearing for all the Shin Megami Tensei fun. She mentioned it last night when we were talking about Persona 4 and now I'm super excited and nerdy about it. IF I CAN PULL IT OFF, OF COURSE.

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Today (technically yesterday now, lol) is my sister's birthday (some of you knows her as Valval, Valerie or [ profile] zoopiglet). And I am commemorating it with lots of awesomeness. The best part of this commemoration is that her and Brian are here right now for Thanksgiving/her birthday so she most likely will not see this until she gets back home. LOL SORRY VALVAL!


I don't know if it's the 10 year gap, or if there is just something weird going on with the workings of the universe, but we've never fought. Sure, there have been disagreements and stuff ("bitch, go do the dishes/cat box.") -- but never any YOU ARE SUCH A WHORE AND I HATE YOU GTFO OF MY FACE kind of things. Which I will admit, has been pretty nice.


1.) On Mister Solo: "You should really get back into the Star Wars books. Jacen's an angsty teenager now and he wore a skirt in this one book."
2.) On me showing her a hot actor I found & asking who it was so long ago: "Oh, that's River Phoenix. He's dead."
3.) On River Phoenix: "You should watch Stand By Me. He was in that."
4.) On Stand By Me: "You know that was adapted from a Stephen King story, right? If you liked that then you should read The Long Walk by him too. That's full of angsty teenage boys as well. You would like it."


Also, thank you for getting me into all kinds of other crap I am into today -- this has made me not a whiny, emo-tween, skank-stank bitch. Here are twelve other things I am thanking you for. Notice I am not thanking you, my sister, for ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME and ALWAYS UNDERSTANDING MY PROBLEMS and all that other slap-happy shit they sew into pillows and put on fluffy holiday cards cause that jank IS A GIVEN.


1.) for staying up all hours of the night playing video games with me. Hunting for treasure in Final Fantasy IX while riding a chocobo until 4 a.m. was never so appealing and hilarious.
2.) for totally making fun of me when I was scared and hid behind the couch while playing the first Silent Hill.
3.) for making awesome voices for characters like Cid Kramer.
4.) for getting me into webdesign and putting up with all the stupidity I upload to and
5.) for not making fun of me when I wanted to go to Katsucon in 2001.
6.) for subsequently joining me at conventions cause they were fun -- and then us going to OUR FIRST DRAGON*CON in 2003 (ALSO CELEBRATION II, NOT IN THE MUD).
7.) for not laughing at my crappy writing. D:
8.) for everything Disney World related, from trips to taking pictures for me when I forgot my camera like a tool.
9.) for helping me finish that William Faulkner paper in 11th grade when I waited till the last minute and thought I was going to failyourize but you forced me to write and do my work.
10.) for helping me with costumes. :D
11.) ... (you didn't think I could make a list thanking you for stuff like this without the infamous ...)
12.) for always keeping the Mark-love alive (it is not hard with him dancing seductively all the time).

"An Ass's limit break uses Shit." (Damn you and your grammar, Final Fantasy VIII.)

And this is the part where I share with you some classic memorabilia and shiz under this cut. PICTURES GALORE! OH MY GOD FLASHBACK HEARTATTACK. )



P.S.S. You didn't think I could leave out them, right? XD BEST COMMERCIAL EVER.


Apr. 27th, 2008 03:24 am
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Duane, Mom and I took a trip up here this weekend to harass Valerie ([ profile] zoopiglet) and Brian ([ profile] ben_ethus). We've eaten at Sonic and bought crazy cupcakes and we even played a good amount of Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 (MYSTICAL NINJA~!). Oh and we planned some wedding stuff too. But mostly acted like tools.

I have also been annoying the crap out of Evil, who is the cat that Valerie took with her when she moved out. He is out here right now in the living room with me sniffing me like, "WAT I KINDA REMEMBER YOU BUT OMG WTF YOU SMELL LIKE ANOTHER CAT I ONCE KNEW AND A SILLY NEW CAT WTF IS THIS??//"

Oh oh oh I also saw some more of Resident Evil 2 and we had a good LOL at Leon. He is a total dorkwad in this game. Especially in his alternate gangster/leather daddy outfit. MUAHHA~

I guess I should go to bed now. Or something. Hehehehe.
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And we finally did it.

Eat this Pirates Of The Caribbean -- THAT LEVEL WAS IMPOSSIBLE.


Alright, 15 years of pent up anger at this game. [ profile] zoopiglet and I are much happier now. XD
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Anyways, last night I was up till three. I seem to do the most random things when I'm up late. I always have a list of stuff I need to do, things I need to write, sites I need to update and all that jazz. But when I sit down to do it all -- I end up doing something totally random instead. O_O Like last night... while I did get the second part of Hollow Souls up at the writing journal, afterwards I sat there fiddling around for a few minutes -- then I totally started manhandling some J/TK pictures & fanart with photoshop brushes to make a new layout. O_o So expect a new layout for the J/TK site either tonight or tomorrow. Just in time for OMG THE JOINER KING... which is still in a week and a half or so... but still.

I heart my Nintendo, no matter how lame it may be. And I think [ profile] zoopiglet and I even figured out the secret to beating that FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE DISNEY'S MAGIC KINGDOM GAME. DAMN YOU HAUNTED MANSION, DAAAAMMMNNNN YOOOUUUUU!



I think the next costume I'm gonna work on is Lili from Psychonauts -- along with finishing up the Rapid 99 costume. I really need to get working on this crap since D*C is SOON OMG. O_O The yellow ticket thing just sits there on my shelf and taunts me, "HAHA YOU HAVE NOTHING DONE, BITCH."


And I will sit here and continuously whore out [ profile] winduland, because his head is shiny. And big. Mmmmm, purple.

o shit!

Jan. 31st, 2005 11:15 am
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I forgot how much fun having somewhat of a life could be. O_o

Falling asleep on Erin's couch, playing video games with rainbow-haired Gackt, cleaning up the weenie basement flood, flailing on the DDR pad, watching movies, drinking crazy jamaican drinks, talking about Mexico. Mmm... weekends.

Friday: Erin's house - time to make the Katsucon lolita dress. She made me and Ronnie watch Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, which was quite funnnnnny (WEEEEOOOOOWEEEOOOOWEEEEEOOOOOO) --- then we played DDR and such. And Ronnie started a game of Kingdom Hearts and I fell asleep on the couch. Earlier she made me try some crazy jamaican drink that tasted like ginger. But I forgot what it was called. O_o

Saturday: My sister and I actually left the house (FOR SHAME!). We went to Tower Records (the crappy one at Landmark) and then we ate at this cute little diner, where I told her many stories of retardedness and we talked about CIII. Then we ended up at Blockbuster where we rented Shaolin Soccer (OMG I LOVE) and Bujingai; because it's a video game with GACKT (and he has RAINBOW HAIR AND HE CAN FLY). We watched SS and played mad amounts of Bujingai before I turned on Silent Hill 2 for some odd reason. Mmmm... Silent Hill 2. Valerie went to bed and I ended up watching Running on Empty (Mmmm river phoenix) and part of Stand By Me (again... mmm... river phoenix). And then there was a phone conversation with a certain suprisingly-coherent-for-1am J-dizzle. (H-wheezy, D-money, I miss our rap names. ;-;)

Sunday: We putzed around the house and cleaned up the basement a little - also having fun with box cutters. As she threatened me while we were supposed to be cutting up and throwing out this big cardboard box. We watched Shaolin Soccer again (made mom watch it) -- she loved it. That's cause it rocks. Shaolin Soccer costumes @ D*C '05. WERD.

And I started another RP last night, shoot me. (Or contact me if you want in! MUAHA! Futuristic crazy shit with vampires and hybrids and OMG. Me and ed were having brain hurricanes last night. BRAIN HURRICANES I TELL YOU!)

Also, for good measure.

mmmm river_daily = the community of yum.

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