Dec. 7th, 2011 12:23 am
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Quark is so so so so so so adorable and wtf with his hat~ also, Dio. <3 Everything looks awesome. O_O fffffff-
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Everyone else is doing it -- so what better way to coordinate! XD I figure I will fill this in for me and Nate since pretty much every single costume I have planned for 2012 somehow goes with a costume he has planned for 2012 EXCEPT FOR ONE SINGLE COSTUME, which I will note, lololol.

SO MANY PHOTOS? Monkey Island?! The Warriors?! PROFESSAH?! )

That was... so incoherent.
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Really starting to work on Dragon*Con costumes now since there's only a little over 100 days left till con. THIS ALWAYS CREEPS UP ON ME. And all the costumes are already being scheduled, hahaha~ XD

I got a Kinect a little over a week ago (thanks to a couple gift cards I had and a sale at Best Buy!) and I have been playing Dance Central nonstop. I played the game at Ronnie's a couple weekends ago and was all, "LOL I SUCK AT THIS BUT IT IS FUN OH MAN" and I kept thinking about it and kept wanting to play again and that game is just so damn addicting. O_O

(I have a crush on Miss Aubrey but she is such a bitch so I feel bad for it, lololol. ALSO, OBLIO AND ELIOT. <3333)

Okay, so if you're a Star Wars fan, I need your help with :D Facebook is good for exposure when it comes to the characters, but everything easily gets lost in the shuffle for said characters and reporters. Enter this darling little website that just opened: -- I spoke with the administrator of the site and he said having in character profiles on there would be perfectly fine and the website now has it's own group there. So: WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO PICK UP ANY CHARACTER? Now, this does not involve roleplaying - this is basically just like these Star Wars characters (ANY of them - movie characters, book characters, video game characters) are on a social network and interacting with each other. We've tried this on Ning and other sites like it which worked until they became pay-to-use sites, then we had them on Facebook which is still alright, and echuta will keep it's Facebook page there but there are massive amounts of crazy people on there.

Like there is a person who keeps trying to give Jacen Solo his phone number saying, "I'M YOUR NEW BRO CALL ME" - whaaaaat jacen is confused. :( is all Star Wars so they'd be a better fit there and I miss all the interactions with the families and the pilots and the Jedi and all that crap. We could really exploit this for shenanigans with the characters - AND WE HAVE PERMISSION TO DO SO. XD

Basically, I registered as myself on there (hexterah) and I have Jacen (Jacen_Solo) and Tenel Ka (Tenel_Ka) - I would love to see any Star Wars characters no matter where they're from on there (as well as regular profiles for everyone too! STAR WARS FACEBOOK OMG XD).

Plus, since I'm redesigning soon, this will be a welcome addition! ANY TAKERS? PLEEEEASE? ;D
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I haven't been able to sit down and catch up with anything here lately. Between running back and forth to the vet for the kitty (some little darling had to go on a diet to hopefully break up bladder stones so she doesn't need surgery *crosses fingers*), finishing up a project at work and moving a couple things around to try to make a better craft/costuming workspace for myself, I haven't been able to keep up with anything else.

Nate and I have also been trying to make and the forum two cohesive things which we haven't achieved yet because we are lazy slugs. We also need to get the photo gallery and shop up running on too, which hasn't been done either. Hehe.

Then of course, the Video Game World had to go and release Portal 2 AND Mortal Kombat on THE SAME DAY. Not to mention I am still chugging through Fallout: New Vegas (have I mentioned how much I love/hate/love the White Glove Society?) and we rented Army of Two: The 40th Day from Gamefly so the television is my BFF right now. I CAN'T GET AWAYYYYYYY--

(Also, we finished Game #2 in the Centuria Challenge! Only 98 more to go!)

I need to catch up on LJ and RP and all kinds of stuff-- not to mention updating websites and making a logo for the board which I've been telling myself to do every day FOR WEEKS NOW.

In other lol news, I think my Dragon*Con 2011 costume lineup might be somewhat finalized. You know this changes 900982390482309482034.7 times throughout the year but I need to hurry up and get it set asap since it's already almost May(!!!!!) - how is that even possible what is this

Nate has his heart set on a Traitor!Jacen Solo costume and we've been brainstorming amphistaff ideas (I get stupid giddy every time he mentions this costume, STUPID GIDDY) - the thing he's debating the most though is if he should go with trying to make a robeskin + amphistaffs (what Jacen's wearing in the book) as opposed to going with the gray jumpsuit (that Jacen is wearing in everything else including the action figure) + amphistaffs. He is debating with himself here and would appreciate any input on the matter. I keep thinking about it and I don't know which one would work better. IDEAS? Thankyousomuchinadvance~ <33333 XD
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So on January 1st, Nate and I will be starting what we're tentatively calling the CENTURIA CHALLENGE. Now, you might remember I started this thing called the Great Video Game Powerup years ago. I was playing some of the games and chugging through my list when I started going out with Nate. He said he would help. We kind of slacked for awhile.

Then we looked at all the games we played (like... 3), the ones we still needed to play and ones we played when we were younger and wanted to play again. We're starting the list over and expanding it to 100 games.

The games on this new list will hit many systems and we'll be keeping track of total playtime, number of deaths and other doofy things we come across while playing. This will all be a giant nostalgia bomb for both of us. It will also make us both more pale and antisocial than we already are (if that is possible :|) because we'll be playing freakin' 100 video games, lol hurrr.

Our main rules are:

1.) One game at a time. Doesn't matter if it's a 100 hour RPG or what.
2.) Must be played in chronological order of release date.

I'll post the place where we'll be attempting this silly goal within the next few days when we get it set up. I'll also post the magical game list. For now I'm just warning you that I'll be ripping my hair out over some old video games here soon, I'm sure. :3
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I haven't gushed over something like I'm about to gush in a really long time. So I apologize for any massive amounts of CAPSLOCKING or anything I do here.

I just returned from Florida and Disney World the other night and that will get a whole billion posts in itself (lol) but this is about something that is long overdue for me to fangirl relentlessly about on here.

For the past few weeks I have had my nose jammed in my Nintendo DS playing a little game called 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Now, this is the type of game called a "visual novel" - this basically means there is a shit ton of reading. I don't mind this, although I know some folks do, which is why I'm throwing the warning out.

These are your 9. Most of them like being dicks occasionally. You're Jumpy Junpei, the bro in the middle with the kickass vest.

Another crazy thing concerning me and this game... I adored (so so so hard) BioShock 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Alan Wake, Epic Mickey (which I'm still in the middle of), Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Rock Band 3 and so on. But I really have to say that 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors is my 2010 game of the year.

Sure, there's a lot less "playing" in 999 than there is in the other games listed above, but one of the most important aspects of something I'm playing is the storyline and the characters. If I don't care about the plot or don't give a flying shit about any of the characters then the game loses everything for me. I'm probably one of the only people in the 2010-999-GOTY boat (and everyone else will probably hate it, lol), since so many amazing things came out this year, but seriously... this thing kept me awake at night.

Other things that happened because of this game:
- I read up on the history of the Titantic, Olympic, Britannic/Gigantic
- I did math problems on my own accord without being forced to (while not playing the game!)
- read up on Prosopagnosia
- looked at the origins of the premises (fiction or not) of ice-9 and Morphogenetic fields/Rupert Sheldrake
- thought damn long and hard about Locke's Socks/Ship of Theseus, etc.

I was slapped across the face with my first ending (there are six - my first was the KNIFE ENDING, if anyone has played XD). I didn't see it coming at all. It just happened. And when it happened, it was 2 in the morning. It was a pretty horrible ending and I curled up under my blankets in bed afterwards and stared at the ceiling, working through digital roots in my head and probable scenarios on how exactly this ending could have happened. The stabby noises in the ending might have helped keep me awake too. :|

I was thinking about it on the way to work the next morning. That day, on my lunch break, I played more. That night after returning home from work - played more. That night in bed, more. Once I got all six endings... the way everything pieced together from each ending and conversation (BESIDES ALL-ICE, I JUST-- I CAN'T EVEN LOLOLOLOLOLOL) was so perfect. RECENT M. NIGHT NEEDS A HINT FROM THIS GAME, MMKAY.

When I started the game I was kind of "meh" about the characters, thinking a couple would grow on me and a couple would just be there. But I ended up loving them all. Santa, June and Junpei are at the top of my list and my god, some of the dialogue in this thing is so so so precious.

- "The jury's still out on whether or not it was the work of a pervert, but there's a hole in it."

- "Hermes, herpes... whatever."

- "I'd rather sink to the bottom of the ocean than escape with this sausage-fest."

(Nintendo DS games always have some of the best storylines and characters and crap - I'm looking at you Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton/Hotel Dusk~ <3)

Really, if you saw my twitter, you could see I was pretty much peeing my pants of fright and jumping up and down with excitement and EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. THING. I could go on for hours about this game, but I'll try to contain my herpderp for now. But like I said on there: "Very rarely do I come across a book/game/show/etc. that eats away at me until I finish it. Where it's one of the only things on my mind. I can think of four things that fall into this category off the top of my head: The Long Walk, BioShock, Lisey's Story and Silent Hill 2."

I mean, these endings came up and the characters dropped all these damn perfect story/knowledge bombs - my jaw was sweeping the floor so hard, I was having flashbacks to when James Sunderland watched that videotape or Alex Shepherd realized what he was to his family or when I met Andrew Ryan for the first time - jdsfjakjsdjfksdfjjk THIS GAME.

It's definitely in my top five, possibly climbing into the top three. I've already gotten all the endings but I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT. I JUST KEEP GOING.


P.S. I know I always crush on fictional characters - but oh man, Santa, THIS MAN I CAN'T EVEN-- he curses more than I do and HIS DAMN HAIR IS MAGICAL. HIS OUTFIT IS TOO. His snark wins everything though. Something else that wins? THIS MAJOR SPOILER. And once I knew what was with the two of them THAT SCENE HURT EVEN MORE. XD

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So yeah, that shower I took. I reached across with my left hand to scratch my right shoulder and a muscle near my left shoulder cramped SO HARD that I started making horrible squeaking noises. Then I began trying to rub my shoulder and move my arm. What my body really wanted to do though was flail and fall into the shower curtain and then subsequently out of the shower, BUT I MANAGED TO AVOID THIS. ACHIEVEMENT OF THE DAY!

All that stuff I said I was going to work on earlier - I actually did some of that too (this usually never happens)! I think it was the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack on repeat that helped me there. You know, finishing up resizing some pictures for Etsy going, "FINISH HIM!" to myself and all. I know, I know, nerd central (LIU KANG IS ALWAYS HOT).

But yeah, stuff!

On the Etsy front, I have added a copperish leafy sort of necklace, a pair of butterfly earrings made from some beads I've had for years, a set of Squall & Rinoa (I STILL LOVE YOU FF8) pins and a magical set of 8 Arrested Development pins with the BLUTTTHHHHHH FAMILYYYY. <3

In short, I have all kinds of weird crap on that Etsy store and have added more weird crap.

And then on the Cafepress front, I have been obsessing over the simplicity of Experimental Jetset's text design which they originally designed here on this shirt. I think because it's so in your face and seeing people wearing shirts like that and figuring out or knowing what they're from is awesome. I saw someone wearing a Left 4 Dead one (Zoey& Francis& Louis& Bill. - I can't remember the order, but you get it! XD) and I flipped out. There are also lots of groups of 4 (and 3 and 5 and maybe more, lololol) I adore, meaning I had to put some together. These are the ones I have online right now (and I might be changing up colors in the near future - I am still thinking there, hehe)!

Upcoming ones include: Luke/Leia/Han/Chewie, Wedge/Tycho/Wes/Hobbie, Leonardo/Michelangelo/Raphael/Donatallo, Spengler/Venkman/Stantz/Zeddemore, Layton/Luke/Flora, Wright/Edgeworth/Butz lololololol - I also might really get crazy and do some like Souji/Yosuke/Chie/Yukiko/Kanji/Rise/Naoto/Teddie cause you can't leave anyone out of that BEAUTIFUL THING~ XD

oh maaaan my sleep schedule is all kinds of effed after this holiday weekend. WHOOOOOPS. :3

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(i need to upload the rest of these photos lol, esp. caedus with glasses)

So I finally updated this thing with Dragon*Con 2010 costumes (and updated a whole bunch of other crap on there). I also made a new layout for the mess of J/TK fanthings site (om nom jared & bryce). And put a new necklace up on etsy! Now on to the new layout for!

Between sites and writing and pictures and costumes and moving all the furniture around in the gaming/craft/costuming/workspace area (THEN CLEANING IT ALL, OH GAWD FOREVER LATER) I have been so busssssssssssssy. I guess that's better that staring at the wall though. XD

ALSO, FALLOUT NEW VEGAS IS A WEEK FROM TODAY. So that on top of everything else - and by everything else I mean I WILL FORGET IT ALL UNFORTUNATELY and crawl under a pile of blankets to wander the Vegas Wasteland! I'm coming for you, SUPER MUTANTS. <3
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No, seriously, Nate and I were cocooned up under a ton of blankets with the windows open (this goes back to the whole meat locker AC thing) and playing last night like stupid little wide-eyed kids watching for Santa Claus or something. PROFESSOR LAYTON IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

There's this whole thing right at the beginning where you get a note from FUTURE LUKE TRITON WOOOowowowowoOWOWOWOWOW. Apparently, he already has a following on the internet and he has been dubbed LEGAL LUKE. This note at the beginning is read by LEGAL LUKE and right as he starts speaking, Nate just looks at me and goes:

"Oh my god, you're gonna leave me for Legal Luke."

I said nothing. I would never do such a thing but omg Legal Luke's voice is so i don't even NEVER EVER.

MAAAAAAAN, the latest BioShock 2 DLC has me in <3 too. I adore Porter so far and the new weapon + Gravity Well plasmid = akjdfkjsjdfsfjdfadf om noms. I'm afraid to finish it cause I keep hearing the story is like DID YOU WANT YOUR HEART? SORRY ABOUT THAT~

So yeah, outside this weekend was almost to the point of SILENT HILL weather. SHW is when it's cool enough for a jacket or coat but not cool enough to bundle up in all your fluffy things. It is also known as FALL or AUTUMN. I am excited for this cause I'm sick of going outside and drinking the air. :(

On an internet-ish note, if anyone likes the cracktacular things that make up,, (or any of the sites on those places) or any of the other junk I happen to work on -- it's all encompassed into THE SEAWARD NETWORK! And as I just linked, TSN has a facebook page! So if you like it - then I love you dearly <333 - and you will be able to get updates when anything happens on any of those sites. :D

Friday D*C report should hopefully be up tomorrow or the next day! That will include Jedi Strike Team and Ophelia! WOOOOOO METAL~ XD

(*pets icon* This is one of my favorite shots in Supernatural ever even though I've always been odd on the later seasons. SAM IS A PUPPY. AN ANGRY DEVIL PUPPY. <3)
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Still bitter about the back doctor appointment, but I have been getting my mind off of zee pain and all that crap with the magical worlds of Zhobot, Revelry Junction and then jewelery/buttons and working on websites. Also, Alan Wake and the game Nate reviewed in his indie games thread, Machinarium (seriously, cutest game ever GO PLAY THE DEMO AT LEAST XD).

Speaking of him, he needs to find a wig for Guybrush Threepwood and it's proving to be harder than we thought. We never really dug the hair of the giant forehead, high bangs Guybrush in the Secret of Monkey Island remake, so we figured he should go with the more NATURAL SHAGGY mop of the original Guybrush (and I'll probably be going mostly original!Elaine) -- we found this wig, wondered if we could put the hair in a ponytail and then laughed our asses off. We're debating on it, lolololol~

Also, I think in the next couple months we'll start the great STAR WARS: EXPANDED UNIVERSE READTHROUGHHHHHHHH if anyone wants in. For now it'll be pretty much all post-original trilogy stuff (Shadows of the Empire and later) and decisions are still floating around on which books to read and how long to spend on the reading/discussing/making fun of/fangasming about all the books. If you would like to take part in it or you have any suggestions for times/books/etc., hit up the magical thread for it here! THE MORE PEOPLE WANKING IT ALL, THE BETTER. ;D


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Yesterday was my one year anniversary with Nate. XD We went to the same restaurant we ate at on our first date and acted pretty much just as geeky, if not more, than we have in the past year. We started talking on the magical (and by magical I kind of mean usually more creepy) OKCupid -- [ profile] see_aphy_be, [ profile] jill_sparrow & [ profile] lusa_thul and I would sit around in chats and yammer on about random fandom things (costumes, books, tv shows, etc.) while all of us trolled OKC on the side and shared profiles with the rest of the chat (and giggled and snarked and fangirled). I found Nate one day, shared with the chat, questioned on whether or not I should LOL MESSAGE HIM and everything sort of went on from there.

I still, to this day, love the fact that one of the main reasons he messaged me back the first time was because I had a picture of me cosplaying as a Little Sister from BioShock in my profile. Yesssssss. So through that and the giant snowstorms and the Lisey's Story references he makes and the video gaming and the midday napping and the running around and creative meetings and him singing BT in the car and the dates and everything -- I am looking forward to many more years of this. <333

Worked some on the new pieces for my YJK Tenel Ka costume Sunday. I liked the way the top part of the bolero came out. I was trying to hem it and I was getting pissed cause it kept puckering, but when I stopped and looked at it with the puckers it actually looked more rough and, you know, animalish. It's supposed to be hide from some mega-GFFA animal, so I figured I'd keep it like that and actually attempt to pucker some of it. The new shorts aren't cooperating though, so if I can't get the new shorts to cooperate (since they are the same matchy fabric as the bolero) then I'll just be wearing the old bolero and shorts to BaltiCon (and the new belt and bag) and save messing with the shorts for later.

I still have to sew the Queen Mother outfit -- the dress and the jacket, so I'm not gonna spend all my time right now on a costume I already have parts of done. Hehe. MUST HURRY AND FINISH BEFORE NEXT WEEKEND. O_O

Still don't know what's wrong. The GI (who I saw again today) doesn't think it's a digestive/GI-related/etc. issue. And then the back doctor thinks I should do physical therapy (2-3 times a week for 4 weeks). That's pretty much the only road I haven't fully traveled at the moment and I don't know where else to go. :| The general practice doctor said last week if the pain keeps up they'll send me to Hopkins or Georgetown -- you know, I'll be like a person on House. D:

I got the Myst online game -- something I couldn't play before cause of computer and internet speeds. BUT I CAN PLAY IT NOW. And I've been having lots of fun with it actually... I was skeptical. But it's interesting. I definitely nerd out when I get to D'ni. Every single time.


Mar. 14th, 2010 07:46 pm
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THERE WILL BE A CHAT TONIGHT. And by a chat I mean CVNC, D*C, RP, BBQ, all kinds of other acronyms and you know this all means lots of crazy. SO IF YOU WANT IN THEM IM ME. And I will also harass you all when I see you on. Because you know how good I am at harassment *wink wink nudge nudge say no more*---

Wait, what?

Last night was a grand old Xbox party with my sister (aka ValVal/Valerie/[ profile] zoopiglet) and bro-in-law (aka BriBri/Brian/[ profile] ben_ethus). Valerie fell asleep on the couch though cause they are both sick and she was too tired to play anything but Brian and I went and kicked some ass on BioShock 2 multiplayer. I love that thing way too much. I finally got to Rank 18 which is the ELEPHANT GUN rank and that plus machine gun plus Houdini plasmid = <3333333. Especially when playing Team Adam Grab. Now I just need to get to the rank where I can upgrade my elephant gun to have a SNIPER SCOPE. YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE ME SOME SNIPER ACTION. <3333

Then today (while being totally screwed up by daylight savings time :|) I played more Fallout 3. I'm about 97 hours now, still my first playthrough, and I just finished the Mothership Zeta DLC. It was amazing and hilarious. Especially having to blow up the actual mothership at the end with your little ragtag band of different-era misfits. XD

I got fabric for part of my TK outfit yesterday and the fabric for the back of the DT jumpsuits. I think I'll make a mockup of what they maybe could look like and then share with [ profile] draelight and [ profile] blood_sorbet before I put the paint to the fabric and MAKE SOME PRISON JUMPSUITS WOOP WOOP.

Okay SW random costume question: best color for random Jacen Solo outfit pre-LotF: light gray with a black undershirt, dark gray with a light gray undershirt or straight-up black with a gray undershirt. LOL THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT OR SOMETHING HELP PLZ. XD

EDIT: [ profile] lusa_thul is blowing my mind and saying olive with a gray undershirt! I LIKE IT.

(I found the fabric today that I was gonna use to make a Vong robeskin for a Traitor!Jacen crossplay. I still want to do it soooo baaaaaad. jdsklafjkdjfkaljsd)

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So Nate beat Persona 4 this weekend. Haven't seen the true ending yet, we're gonna go for that next weekend BUT MY GOD YOSUKE GETS SO EMO IN HIS LATER S. LINK ADVENTURES. I had forgotten how wai wai wai it all was. I love Yosuke but JEEZ DUDE. SAKI WAS KIND OF A BITCH. D:

Katsucon pictures will be online soon. I realize I don't really need to write a report, lol. Nothing really crazy happened. But don't worry, I will be telling stories of certain things (the dance, the meeting with the Kanji, the non-Silent Hill meetup, the awesome hotel, PROFESSOR PROFESSOR, etc.) -- also how Erin and Ronnie do awesome impressions of Bayonetta. XD

Started working on Dragon*Con costumes for this year. Gotta get some orange fabric so I can start testing out names/numbers/etc. for the back of the Death Troopers jumpsuits. We're still hunting for Strike Team characters too. We still need Anakin (WE NEED AN ANAKIN), Alema (EVERYONE LOVES ALEMA), Zekk (NEEEEEED), Ganner, Bela, Krasov, Jovan, Lowbacca -- we need a Welk too! And do we have a Tesar, maybe, [ profile] jk_birr? XDDDD


P.S. Heeelllllllllo ZEKK.
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SO I FINISHED BIOSHOCK 2 THE OTHER NIGHT. And yeah, I cried. D: I don't know, something about the doll and the music and the expressions ajkdjfkasjdfasl. I got the good ending and reading about the bad (and super really bad) endings make me want to go back and get those now. They sound brutal.

I really, really liked BS2. People keep saying, "WAI WAI IT'S MORE OF THE SAME." Which is true, in a way. But that's the best part. BioShock wasn't necessarily broken. There was nothing to fix. You know the whole, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" thing? They really applied that here. But the cool thing here is that the few crap things that BioShock did have, they corrected.

The hacking pipeworld mini-game that took you out of the action? Replaced by a real-time, hand-eye coordination needle stop thing. And you don't have to be standing right beside something to hack it. Now you have a REMOTE HACK DART BEST TOOL EVER.

I also love the fact that you see the other side of Rapture here. The poor people. Not the people who worked hard like the fishermen and so on, but the actual poor people of Rapture. The ones who got totally screwed over when they came down here to live a better life. Not to mention the prison/asylum. That level was amazing. It was really cool to see that there were horrible people in Rapture before the Civil War and they weren't sent to the surface like others were told -- they were sent to Persephone.

Still kind of wtf about Tenenbaum's Bridgette --> Brigid. I don't get it. Bridgette is classier. D:

And I loooooove the Audio Diaries from Ryan and Fontaine concerning Jasmine Jolene and Fontaine --> Atlas. That was awesome that they included those. AND MARK MELTZER WHAAAAAT. :(

bioshock 3 do want.

This makes me want to bring my Little Sister costume back to Dragon*Con. Although, it is very tempting to do one of the multiplayer characters (Naledi or Blanche, probably). Or one of the new Splicers. My total dream would be a Big Sister costume. O_O

Dude, speaking of multiplayer. I was so proud of myself yesterday. I was playing Civil War and I was on Team Ryan with four other people against a Team Atlas made up of 5 people. They ended up winning by only like ten points, but everyone else on my team had under 5 kills each and I had 17 with only 4 deaths. About half of those kills were in the Big Daddy suit I found. Usually I suck at being the Big Daddy but for some reason last night I owned it. XD

(I love that Naledi is one of the Splicers in the opening movie of BioShock 2. <3333)

(AND [ profile] lyraeinne! DID YOU SEND IN YOUR TK APP YET? XDDD)
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I'm only rank 3 in multiplayer and in single player I'm in Pauper's Drop, but damn I must say all my skepticism was crap. Some opinions so far and don't worry, NO SPOILERS.

SINGLE PLAYER: So I dig Sofia Lamb and the idea of her, but the fact that she is never mentioned in the first game makes it kind of hard to place her in the whole overall picture. Although it seems as though she came out of the woodwork mostly after Ryan's death, so I guess it works out. The storyline so far is as amazing as the first. I love Tenenbaum, duh. XD Lamb is cool and I absolutely adore Sinclair, lolololol. His accent and his wording = love. The opening video is great (semi-spoilers? even though it's the opening video, lol) and the Little Sisters are SO CUTE in this game. SO CUTTEEEEEE.

MULTIPLAYER: I like the idea of unlocking things the higher your rank goes. I also like the fact that you can research your opponents after you get a kill on them with your camera. And the maps are old BioShock locations (Fort Frolic, Arcadia, etc.) = yesssssssssss. I love how it all takes place right around the crazy New Year of Doom when everything in Rapture is going to shit too. I also love the fact that the two teams against each other in the team games are TEAM RYAN and TEAM ATLAS. Naledi Atkins is damn amazing too - I have a giant girlcrush on her.

My only complaint is that Bridgette Tenenbaum's name is suddenly now Brigid...? Really? That just sounds like a drunk person trying to say Bridgette or perhaps someone not spelling frigid correctly. I'm sorry, I know Brigid is canon, but she'll always be Bridgette to me. D:

ANYWAYS, A+ SO FAR. Mmmm, Rapture.
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Yes kids, it's time for another one of my top ten lists. These happen to be events in video games that just make me look like this: :O Events big or small that just change the course of everything and make me feel like I'm actually immersed in something rather than just sitting in front of a screen mashing some buttons. Now, this is obviously not an OF ALL TIME and crap list, since I haven't played Every Game Ever -- this is just a personal list of amazing/favorite OH MY GAWD DID THAT JUST HAPPEN moments. Those ones that always make my jaw drop and slap a big AWE. AWWW YES. across my face in giant IMPACT LOLCAT FONT.

Note: I have included no spoilers in these top ten. The videos that have spoilers are marked. Anything that sounds like a spoiler isn't really a spoiler. You know all the people in ObsCure die, you know Megaton blows up if you want it to -- any real spoilers have been left out of this list. You can click on the videos at your own risk (if the videos have super mega real spoilers, I will mark them).


10.) ANY DEATH IN OBSCURE II (ObsCure II: The Aftermath) -- sure, it's pretty much a parody of slasher films and the controls are kind of off and the game has a certain layer of cheese spread all over it, but every time you get to a point and one of your friends dies, it's just like, WAIT WHAT. They aren't just characters who have kind of popped up and been like HEY LET'S GET DRUNK. You actually play as pretty much everyone in the game at one point or another, so in one moment you could be controlling someone who makes you laugh (Stan) or makes you roll your eyes (Corey) or makes your fanboy heart go pitter-pat (Amy, usually -- but Shannon is hotter ;D) and the next moment their blood is running under everyone else's feet. It works. Another reason it really works? Because you know people who fit these characters.

VIDEO: NO! Not my viking! (lol spoiler a little?)

09.) THE FINALE OF DEAD AIR (Left 4 Dead) -- It wasn't hard to pick the most epic moment of this game. Truly there are many moments where you're like, "WAIT, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?" But the plane flying straight at your team of four standing on a loading platform, the plane on fire and about to crash, and then the four exclamations, usually something along the lines of "DID YOU SEE THAT?" and "HOLY SHIT!" definitely makes my list. Everytime I step out of that safe room and I know it's coming, I always have to stop and watch it (sorry Bill, Francis and Zoey) -- wait for it to finish it's descent and listen to the exclamations. Then I can start fighting zombies.

VIDEO: Did you see that?!

08.) THE FINAL LEVEL IN BRAID (Braid) -- I didn't play this myself, but I watched the boyfriend do it late one Saturday night. It was quick-paced and pretty cool, but once Nate got Tim to the end of the level and the Princess was asleep in her room... and once everything started going the other way, my jaw dropped. It was so seamless. Everything Nate had made Tim do on the way to the end was being done backwards and it looked so right that I suddenly was squealing, "IS THIS THE SAME TIM?" This had to be one of the most brilliant level designs ever. MY MIND. SHE IS BLOWN. HE'S COMING TO GET YOU, SISTER.

VIDEO: Hold up. Rewind. (This video contains spoilers you probably won't really get if you haven't played the game. ALSO, WATCH IT IN HD. WATCH IT IN HD.)

07.) KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) -- This is the final mission in GTA:VC and boy is it a doozy. Let's just say there's lots of betrayal and lots of guns and Tommy Vercetti taking over this posh Miami Vice City pad is quite an ordeal of amazing proportions. As I was spraying enemies with a machine gun from my office and then chasing some sumbitches to the roof and sniping some other sumbitches (names all withheld to prevent spoilers lol), I realized what a big pile of YES PLEASE WHAT this mission was. It was a perfect gigantic bang to end the game with (well, end the main missions with ;D). BULLETS EVERYWHERE! P.S. Ray Liotta rocks. so. hard.

VIDEO: Say hello to my leetle friend. (SPOILERS!)

06.) DISCOVERING THE WHARK/WAHRK & THE GALLOWS (Riven) -- When I hit Village Island in Riven, I remember coming across an interesting contraption that I was forced to ride up. Later learning that it was basically a gallows that Gehn used to sacrifice people to a beastie he owned in the water below known as a wahrk, I felt an empty pit in my stomach. I rode up the thing that people were forced to ride down on to get eaten. After the pit went away, there was a wash of THAT WAS CLEVER AND AWESOME over me. Cyan never failed to amaze me with their design and storylines. Later, I managed to come face to face with said beastie (and said beastie got mightily pissed at me when I kept calling him and didn't feed him - HE IS SO CUTE) and after that, every single time I had to get in those little subs to ride around underwater, there was always a blanket of unease that settled. I knew the beastie was somewhere out to get me. D: When you can manage to smack me in the face with that uneasiness (and also manage to try to force me to find ways around getting into the subs) then you definitely win at atmosphere and gaming in general. Good show, Cyan.

VIDEO: Feeding time!

05.) CHAPTER 7 - THE FINALE (Phantasmagoria) -- Oh lawd, Sierra. I can't even begin to get into this crack. The year was 1995 and the chapter number was 7. There was a time limit, there was a husband with a demon inside him, there was a wife I was controlling -- a wife who had lost pretty much everything since she moved into this craphole mansion. Don chased after Adrienne like a maniac and by the time I was old enough to play this by myself (my Mom was playing it the first time I saw it) I had the final chapter down to a science. It scared me so bad. I didn't want anything horrible to happen so I would do every motion and every action as quick as my finger could click. I didn't want Adrienne to get sliced in half, I didn't want Adrienne to get her face ripped off by the demon, I didn't want Adrienne to fall to a bone-crunching splat in that hole in the secret passageway, I didn't want Adrienne to have to watch her husband die. The graphics aren't up to today's standards and yeah, the acting can get a little cheesy but the whole chapter still makes me shudder to this day. (And Don's cackle gives me nightmares.)

VIDEO: What a happy marriage! <3 (SPOILERS! And this dude kills the chase sequence - LONG VERSION. I love it. I could never master the long version. ALSO, OLD SCHOOL GORE/BLOOD WARNING, LOL~)

04.) BLOWING UP MEGATON (Fallout 3) -- An event this big is surely saved for late in the game when the player needs a GASP moment, yeah? Not this one. Once you make it out into the big, beautiful empty Capital Wasteland, you stumble your way into a city called Megaton. Megaton is named this way because it is a city built around a giant, unexploded atomic bomb. You can be a good samaritan and use your skills to disarm said bomb, or you can be a giant dick and get paid a lot of money (bottle caps, in this case) by a man named Tenpenny (through a little snake of a man named Mr. Burke) to blow the sucker up. If you do this, you get to watch it from a distance with Tenpenny and Mr. Burke at your sides in the safety of the giant Tenpenny Tower. And you know why Tenpenny wanted the city destroyed? It was an eyesore and "ruined" the view from his penthouse landscape. :|

VIDEO: Oh Tenpenny. You card.

03.) THE CABIN (Resident Evil 4) -- This is SO DAMN FUN. You have control of your man Leon S. (Sex, lol) Kennedy and you're fighting alongside the hot Luis (and Ashley Graham is cowering around and stuff here too) in a cabin/barn that's being attacked on all sides by Los Ganados. They're coming in the door and through the windows and finally you're cornered on the second floor where they begin climbing up ladders into the windows and charging the stairs. It's beautifully executed, wonderfully scored and knows how to keep you right on the edge of your seat (if you're low on ammo Luis holds out on you until the very last moment then finally tosses you some). Plus, Luis + Leon = SEXCELLENT. This has to tie (in this game) with one of the coolest boss fights ever -- the Lake Monster, El Lago.

VIDEO: Talk about adrenaline rush. (Bonus! Leon in his pimp suit!)

02.) MEETING ANDREW RYAN (BioShock) -- This was truly badass. This whole area. Finding the room with the pictures, meeting Ryan, listening to Atlas spill it. Once you hear it all and think back to what has transpired previously in the game, your jaw just kind of drops. Then the fact that they strip you of everything you've built up and drop you somewhere you aren't used to and just pretty much go, "HAVE FUN WITH THIS." I love it. Loooooove it. Also, GOLFING NEVER LOOKED SO MUCH FUN!

VIDEO: A man chooses, a slave obeys. (SPOILERS.)

01.) ENTERING ROOM 312 (Silent Hill 2) -- Konami killed it here. Absolutely. This sequence and the emotion and music and colors and angles. EVERYTHING about it just sort of kicked me in the face and left me there for a few moments going, "really? really now? .......really?" Not to mention after you get over that, you're forced to run through a horrible mess of burnt hotel hallways and up a collapsing staircase to some form of the wife you've been looking for. The best part about though is the feeling... the feeling of playing through the last parts of the game with that lump in your throat and that gross ball of dread in your stomach from Room 312 -- that feeling of total betrayal. Why have you been helping this guy through Silent Hill? Well played, Team Silent. Well played.

VIDEO: I'm not your Mary. (MEGA ULTRA SPOILERS.)

IN CLOSING: I love video games. Screw the whole "psh, they aren't art" BS -- if music is art, movies are art, stories are art -- what do you get when you put all those things together and make it interactive? INTERACTIVE ART, NO SHIT.
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This past week the Verizon peoples installed FiOs and I amazed how fast it goes (especially compared to what we had) so in celebration, it's time to upload giant files!

Fanmixes are one of my favorite things to put together. I always love whatever subject I'm making a fanmix on and I love music -- especially introducing others to weird or wtf music that they might not normally hear. SO ON THAT NOTE, HERE IS THE GIANT LIST OF FANMIXES I HAVE MADE OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS (the links go to where I have the cover art/song list/etc. posted). If you see one you want reuploaded, leave a comment and I will put it online just for you. XD

Aaaaaand GO!

-- Near To You. JACEN/TENEL KA #1 (YJK/NJO)
-- Shadow's Pulse. JACEN/TENEL KA #2 (Dark Nest Trilogy)
-- The Downfall. JACEN/TENEL KA #3 (Legacy of the Force)
-- The Everafter. DARTH CAEDUS.
-- HEY. A JACEN SOLO MUSICAL. (mullet!Jaaaaacen!!!!11)

-- Be Still in Your Silence. GADELL VESSAU. OMG.
-- No Secrets Sweetheart. SIMPLY BEING LOVED. (#1 of The Feigned)
-- The Shade of the Spotlight. URBANIA'S VOID. (#2 of The Feigned)
-- The Possession. HOLLOW SOULS (which I will seriously finish one day).
-- Strength, Death & The Empress. ZEKK/TENEL KA/DARTH CAEDUS.
-- Tell Me Life is Beautiful/Never Fall Away. POST-LOTF JACEN/TENEL KA(/CAEDUS).

-- Primadonnas of the Gutter. SIRRUS AND ACHENAR, MYST.
-- Angel Opening A Door. HOTEL DUSK: ROOM 215.
-- Whaddaya Buyin'? LEON S. KENNEDY/RESIDENT EVIL 4.
-- Would You Kindly...? BIOSHOCK.
-- Botanophobia. OBSCURE 2: THE AFTERMATH.
-- Only Human. SILENT HILL 2.

-- SOWISA. LISEY'S STORY (by Stephen King).
-- Holler You Home. LISEY/SCOTT [LISEY'S STORY] (by Stephen King).
-- Final Warning. THE LONG WALK (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).
-- The Four Shot. THE MUSKETEERS [THE LONG WALK] (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).
-- Until The End. PETER MCVRIES [THE LONG WALK] (by Stephen King as Richard Bachman).

-- Red-blooded. BROTHERS, MULTIPLE FANDOMS (Star Wars, Arrested Development, Supernatural, Persona 1 & 2, Faulkner, Heroes, etc., etc.)
-- Boys Will Be Boys. THE WARRIORS.
-- That's What She Said. THE PERV FANMIX.

-- Feigned #3
-- Mark's Dance Mix (Persona crack XD)
-- Kale & Trig Longo


Feb. 1st, 2010 12:44 am
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Apparently a Han and a Chewie are coming in this month on [ profile] trans_9 too! And the Jaina has informed me that all we're missing is a Leia and an Anakin now ([ profile] djcati THIS IS YOUR MARK GO FOR IT <33333)! XD So yeah, tomorrow: [ profile] goodofthegalaxy will GO ON AN ADVENTURE HURRRR~

I played Fallout 3 for six hours today. I haven't sat on my ass and played a game for that long in one sitting in a long while and you know what? IT FELT NICE. Gave some Teddy Bears to the family up in Pittsburgh, went to Maryland -- to Point Lookout and found some inbred yokels who tried to kill me (I'm not lying, I'm super serial - "Their physical deformities are most likely the result of inbreeding and radiation."), made some moonshine, killed some Mirelurks and did what I think was my favorite quest in the whole game (I still have about ten more to do, and I've done somewhere around 40-45, but this one really took the cake for me). It was during Point Lookout and it was called Walking With Spirits.

Now, I absolutely love games that have crazy-ass symbolism and mess with your mind (the Silent Hill series, Eternal Darkness, etc.) so this quest was right up my alley. It was a giant mindeff. There's so much crazy shit that happens in this quest it's not even funny -- and it calls back to things you've done in the game previously (the nuke in Megaton, the birthday party in Vault 101, the collection of Nuka Cola Quantums). When I came out of the cave and saw the needle stitching up the ground (and earlier the bonesaw), looked to my left and saw the ruined Washington Monument (I was still hours away in Maryland, mind you) and then came upon the skeleton labeled "Mom" on a table (the same table I was born on at the beginning of the game) -- with an effing birthday party hat on to the sounds of a flatline -- I flipped out and professed my <3 for the quest. Then I started finding people in the water I knew and talked to at different points in the game and when I touched them they would vanish and the whole feel of the quest (you are picking up items that have bitchy things written on them XD) was YOU SUCK HARD AND YOU'RE ALL ALONE IN THE WASTELAND. POOR YOU.


(this is when I realized the giant bonesaw and the needle was pretty much A PIECE OF MY BRAIN BEING TAKEN OUT OF MY HEAD.)

... dear Fallout 3, babies plz. <3, me.

Aaaaand Nate and I were in Target Friday night in the electronics section looking at video games and on the massive wall of giant televisions a BioShock 2 commercial came on. We both stopped in the middle of our conversation, stared at it in awe, grinned at each other like the super dorks we are and then went right back into our conversation. <3 Heh.


Jan. 24th, 2010 01:52 am
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Okay, so... I was thinking (I know, it's dangerous)... why did Star Wars not have one of [ profile] ontd_starwars <-- these until now? Everyone has one but Star Wars. Except not anymore. Star Wars has finished their trip on the FAILBOAT. So you know what you must do now. XD

(And I know what I must do. The userinfo, layout, etc. LOL)

Nate has been playing Persona 4 and he keeps coming up with these reasons why Yosuke could be the murderer and the thing is they actually work. I told him I wasn't telling him if he was right or wrong and now he's wondering again. He's at the Heaven dungeon and he won't stop playing, lol. He is fusing Personas and just went, "LOOK THIS ONE IS NAMED KIN-KI. HEH." Oh Persona, bringing so many people together. <3

Speaking of games, I beat the main mission of Fallout 3 today. The finale (final mission and ending I got) was kind of in the gorgeous category except I'm putting more checks in the epic category. I don't know, something about following the Lyon's Pride as they follow THE 1950'S VERSION OF A MOTHEREFFING GUNDAM SHOOTING DOWN HELICOPTERS WITH A LASER FROM HIS FACE AS HE HEADS TOWARDS THE JEFFERSON MEMORIAL STEPPING ON ENCLAVE BITCHES ON THE WAY WHAT -- I think one of the reasons I love this game so much is cause I live almost right on top of where it takes place (my house should be right off the southern end of the map, haha). Now it's time for all the rest of the DLC! And then the EVIL DICK MEAN GAME. I'm a little too excited for that. Oooooops.

(ALSO HI NEW FRIENDS FROM SILENT HILL FRIENDING AWESOMENESS! <3333333 I baked you all some nurse cookies. Their cleavage tastes like sprinkles. lol sorry i couldn't help it.)

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