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HELLO GUYSSSS. Okay, so I have been playing Dance Central 2 and working on costumes (kind of lol) and painting pegs. Here is where I introduce you to the current peg posse and share with you information on procuring one if you might actually like to (for you or a friend) since LE HOLIDAYS are coming up.

(I feel like this is a good way to get my ass in gear for making these for MAGFest.)

Here are pegs that already have a home. Pyramid Head is at [ profile] omicron1337's house. He was super fun to make and I might make one or two for MAGFest (or any for anybody who wants one made). Davey Havok from AFI (specifically the Miss Murder video Davey <333) was commissioned by [ profile] ennta, who I <333333. THEY BETTER BE TREATING YOU GUYS WELL OR I WILL SMACK THEM. XDDD

Here are the other bb pegs I have painted. As you can see, it's not many and I need to get my ass in gear cause MAGFest is right at the beginning of 2012 and it's almost the middle of November~ o_o

So here you have Luke Triton & Professor Layton, Tobias, cell phone charm Aang, Carrie (the first peg! XD), and Dean and Sam Winchester. Dean does not approve of Sam's demon blood habits okay.

And some darlings who are almost completed -- THEY JUST NEED HAIR. :|


Since you guys are on my friendslist, I would give you a discount on them, haha~ XDDD So yeah, if there's anything you would like or anything you would like to give anyone, I'M OPEN. :3 The tiny ones are good for cell phone charms or necklaces, the bigger ones are good for keychains or necklaces - I can make them anything (save for pegs such as Pyramid Head and Layton who have giant things on their head XD). Or they can just sit somewhere!

And now my ass is going to catch up on LJ comments and work on effing Monday Dragon*Con photos. I'm so behind on EVERYTHING. D:
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I AM HERE. My doctor ended up wanting me to do physical therapy for my back and neck and I was like "lol okay" and then never scheduled it cause I wasn't gonna pay for something and take time off for something that I might be able to fix myself. So I worked my back out, took more vitamins and the pain seems to be gone. I guess I was stressing myself out. But now it's time for more stressssssss. Because I realized now it is November and MAGFest is at the beginning of January and Nate and I have a table there to sell stuff at. We've been planning to have all kinds of stuff there, including buttons, peg people, etc. AND WE HAVE NOTHING DONE. Except a Fallout 3 shirt. Which you can find on at the low price of $18 with free shipping lol.


I just love that boy, okay.
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So we finally made the board a logo (with a robot on it natch, ELIOT, hehe~) and have kicked the side projects (as of now the multi-fandom RPG, possible a radioplay in the future? :OOOO) into gear and we're looking for awesome people who want to talk/settle in some sort of community with other awesome people~! WE WILL GIVE YOU COOKIES FOR JOINING. Cookies and you know, discussions and forum games and stuff. XD

We'll also be starting some fanfic, writing, photo, fanart, etc. challenges soon, so stop on by!
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So Tuesday happened to be the two year anniversary of my first date with Nate, which is crazy because it seems like yesterday I met him for the first time and he had just graduated from college. And he was telling me that the black t-shirt he was wearing was his only clean t-shirt and it was covered in fur from his parent's cats. I kind of adored him after that, I will admit. I AM SUCH A CAT LADY. D:

We went out to dinner and it was nice so we drove around a little with the windows open (I wish the weather was breezy and 70 degrees allllll the tiiiiime). We ended up near Micro Center which is this huuuuuge computer/electronics store and Nate was freaking out about it cause he had never been inside. He was all, "CAN WE GO? ;-;" I said yes, of course, we can. I had crazy flashbacks because last time I had been in that store was with my Dad and that was forever ago. I ended up getting him a Micro Center mousepad to send him cause I remember how nerdy he got in that store, much like Nate was acting oh my goodness.

Me: "-- let's save the gaming section for last."

It was like an adorable 6'3" kid in a candy store.

To match the Gentleman Octopus he got me for Christmas, he got me a Sombrero Octopus (THE MOUSTACHES I CAN'T RESIST HOW CUTE)! He also found a necklace of a robot holding a heart that sort of matches the one I made him out of sculpey last year. I made him wooden peg robots this year so next year I will have to think of something crazy~ XD

Speaking of bots,'s (which is turning a year old soon!) forum has a logo! We might be looking for a new theme though... so I will update on that later. ALSO MAYBE UPDATES ON WEIRD PEG THINGS I MADE. Hehe. I had been having too much fun with peg people. Also, with chainmail jewelry. o_o
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Last Wednesday was the 30 Seconds to Mars concert and OH MY GOODNESS. I was like, "lol okay going to see 30 Seconds to Mars cool yayyyyyyy" cause I have liked them since their first album and I've always had my girlcrush on Jared Leto and all that jazz. But seriously, that concert was amazing and CHANGED MY LIFE OR SOME NONSENSE. Kings and Queens came on the radio today and I wanted to burst out in tears of happy cause it made me think of how awesome it was live with all the people they brought up on stage. Everyone in the audience just seemed so together.

I was prepared to be absolutely annoyed at the audience singing everything cause Jared likes to let the audience sing. But it worked. I was also prepared for a semi-crap concert. All the reviews I read of some of the previous recent shows were all, "ugh the band seems tired. jared lets the audience sing everything. they have no energy anymore."

But they floored me with how excited they were. Jared was running around and spinning in circles and going crazy and Tomo was Tomo (aka crazy-awesome) and Shannon was killing the drums so hard. Here is the panoramic photo they took at our show (Jared and Shannon - Tomo is in the lower right, lololol) with a guy they pulled up on stage. Jared pulled him up cause his mohawk was awesome and reminded him of the mohawk he used to have.

There are empty seats in the back cause Jared saw empty space on the floor and invited "anyone who wants to" down to the floor. People rushed. XDDDD

Nate and I were up on the right side of the stage. The view was awesome and we were satisfied. But then they got to "The Kill" which is one of my favorite 30STM's songs and Jared came into the audience two rows ahead of us - the fangirl inside of me exploded.


You can see me and Nate around 2:00 - 2:20 right at the top of the screen. We're both like "DUUUUHHHHHHHH" and I'm trying to snap a photo with my cell (I have a black shirt on and a white shirt draped over my shoulder). I grin like a d-bag, give a WOOOOO! and then as he wanders off you can see me pretty much watching him like this: O__________O

Basically, "IS THIS REAL LIFE?"

Nate was doing the same thing. After he walked off we looked at each other and were both like, "JDFKAJIJDIOEHFJIEF HE WAS RIGHT THERE HAHAHA DUDE~"

Bottom line = I still love 30 Seconds to Mars no matter how many times they are labeled as an LOLOLOL EMO BANNNNDDDDDDDD. XDDDDDD

Also, the second photo for second Centuria Challenge game is done!

Game 2 - ToeJam and Earl by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

I made Earl and Nate made ToeJam. Our absolute favorite thing in the game is when they dance with the hula girls so our photo had to relate to that somehow. XDDDDD
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1.) - THERE ARE SO MANY CHARACTERS~ and I love you all for making that happen! <33333 The game is awesome so far and will be very cracky soon, methinks. ;D

2.) Tekkoshocon and Pittsburgh were both awesome (people, costumes, photos, chilling w/ Valerie and Brian -- EVERYTHINGGGGG). I'll be posting pictures and junk soon. <33

3.) - we made a facebook thing for ZHOBOTTTTTT. Now, this will include costumes as well as updates on the Centuria Challenge (we're on game 2 out of 100 lolololol) and updates on the shop when we get it working!

4.) If you're going to Dragon*Con this year and you're planning on doing an EU costume, come on over and join us at either the forum or on facebook! I'm being a total nerd with the pictures I get this year of EU people and I'm working on something.

5.) I saw Sucker Punch. I thought it was pretty good. I went in expecting crap, so I came out thinking it was alright, hahahahaha~ Sweet Pea = <3333 Abbie Cornish is so gorgeous.


7.) Playing Ghost Trick - there was just A KIDNAPPING! This game is pretty damn darling. Seriously, some of the best storylines I see are on DS games.

8.) I NEED TO CLEAN. My room, my workspace -- everything.

9.) I wanted to get to 9 so I could make a 999 joke, but now I'm too lazy. LOL NONARY GAEMZ
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So ZHOBOT.NET is finally up and running! Meaning we can ramble and ramble and bitch and ramble about the 100 video games we've started! There'll be other things up there too - costume stuff, stuff to buy (either shirts or special edition lol plushy things or jewelry or whatever - along with the Etsy/Cafepress stuff too), photos (all kinds of craziness there), JUST LOTS OF THINGS. So slap it on your feed reader, like it on facebook, follow updates on twitter, whatever (if you do one of the previous things we will love you forever even more than we already do ;-; <3) -- and of course, HELP US THROUGH 100 VIDEO GAMES. We're still on one. We started last weekend -- I still don't think the scope of how much time this whole thing is gonna take has hit us yet.

In other news, Santa and Junpei costumes are on their way to being completed! I'm even more excited about this than before since now we have Santa, Junpei, June, Clover, Ace, Snake and Seven! :OOOO EXCITED!

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So [ profile] see_aphy_be and I enabled each other so bad (with help from [ profile] lusa_thul and [ profile] draelight). We made the damn game.

It's called Under Zenith and you can find it HERE!

Below you'll find a handy little image of our set of current Sins and Virtues - as you can see, some are still empty. I might have a character for Chastity in mind - but the empty ones are pretty much up for grabs.

(Sam Winchester, Darth Revan, Captain John Hart, Dennis & Dee Reynolds, Professor Layton, Mr. Eko, Hermione Granger)

(You have no idea how bad I wanted to write PROFESSOR M-EFFIN' LAYTON, BRO)

Also, we aren't just looking for Sins & Virtues - we're looking for anyone! Fandom characters, original characters, anyone! If you like to write, come on over - if you like to read, check it out! IF YOU LIKE CRACK, THEN JOIN US.

I currently have (besides Sam Winchester and Dennis Reynolds) such winners as Buster Bluth, Tenel Ka, Peter McVries and Louis (PILLS HERE! - I can't wait for him to find Zoey XD), among others.

The character list is OVER HURRRRR! WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR BRIGHT SHINY FACES -- also, it's on The Circuit Board. So you can goof off and post there (art, costumes, games, nerd stuff hur hur) and RP ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

(One of my favorite aspects = the fact that you only have to be logged in under your main name - you can post from any of your characters with your main name. I R HAPPY OVER STUPID THINGS LOL <3333)

OH AND THE CIRCUIT BOARD GOT A NEW THEME! So even if you aren't an RPer, we welcome you to come on over and join the board to post in the dorkiness we are swimming in over there. XD

(I need a Silent Hill character like yesterday and the game NEEDS A JACEN SOLO AND A ZEKK AND A BILL & FRANCIS & ELLIS & RO AND I COULD GO ON FOREVER)
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So [ profile] see_aphy_be and I are horrible and like to enable each other with fandom-related things. This thing being no exception.

We thought, "Okay, so let's have a roleplaying game where a bunch of characters wake up on a space station. The people who already live on this station can be original characters anyone can play. And maybe a couple of the original characters wanted help dealing with a problem, so somehow they brought these characters here to help them. Their problem is these seven assholes - each one represents a Deadly Sin."

That was all well and good until last night when we were trying to figure out who these bad guys were and how we would fit them into the story and all that crap. I brought up the idea that maybe the Sins, instead of being original characters, are actually fandom characters that fit each sin.

Then she brought up the Seven Virtues.

Then we both had lightbulbs over our heads.

SO HERE'S THE THING: We're gonna make this game and we need original characters/inhabitants of the space station, fandom characters who were brought to stop this and any of the seven sins or seven virtues not filled yet.

We don't care if you've never roleplayed in your life. If you like to write and you know of a character you think would fit well (or maybe you want to try your hand at an original character living on the space station or something), play them! JOIN THE DARK SI-- errrrr.

This is where we stand with what characters we have - the ones that will be in play (COMMENT IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR ONE THAT YOU WANT TO PLAY XD):

CHASTITY: ??? ----- LUST: Captain John Hart // Torchwood

TEMPERANCE: Hermione Granger // Harry Potter ----- GLUTTONY: ???

CHARITY: ??? ----- GREED: ???

DILIGENCE: Mr. Eko // Lost ----- SLOTH: ???

PATIENCE: Professor Layton // Professor Layton series ----- WRATH: ???

KINDNESS: ??? ----- ENVY: ???

HUMILITY: ??? ----- PRIDE: Sam Winchester (Lucifer) // Supernatural

[Characters who are already in the game and will be as people brought to help: Alan Wake (Alan Wake), Lisey Landon (Stephen King's Lisey's Story), Oscar Calraca (BioShock 2), Buster Bluth (Arrested Development), Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4), Louis (Left 4 Dead), Kaidan Alenko (Mass Effect), Jo Lupo (Eureka), Carth Onasi (Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic), Dean Winchester & Castiel (Supernatural), Leonard "Bones" McCoy (Star Trek), Tenel Ka (Star Wars)]

WE NEED OTHER PLAYERS/CHARACTERS. Other details will surface soon, we just had to get the important things out of the way first (LOL THE GOOD VS. BAD)~
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SO WE HAVE AN OFFICIAL NAME FOR THE FORUM NOW. To go along with the bots and such, the forum will now be called THE CIRCUIT BOARD, lol. Well, not with the lol, but you know what I mean. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T JOINED YET, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! XD

(I love me some zombies, but the theme now features a ROBOT. And I'll be making lots o' fandom themes too. XD)

We're finally moving the BioShock RP over to it (since subaccounts are figured out!) and I'm tempted to open something like fandomNET on it again since there are subaccounts now. Meaning you only need to login as one person, but can post from ANY subaccount you have while logged in under that one name. :D

Also, the Expanded Universe Readthrough will be starting within the next couple months and the YOUMIX/SELFMIX/FANMIX OF YOUR CHOICE is hitting the board on August 1st! So I hope everyone is working on their mixes! :D

Last weekend Nate and I were washing costume stuff for D*C and he mentioned something about one of the items (I can't remember what it was -- I think it was the way we needed to wash it or the temp. or something). Something he had caught and remembered to say before we put everything in the wash. I said, "Good eye."

Of course, right after that I wanted to instantly add "Sniper" like the line from the song A Flavor House Atlantic by Coheed and Cambria (cause you know I love me some Coheed and Cambria) but I refrained cause I didn't think he would remember the song or anything (or, you know, he'd give me a silly HAHA WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT look -- I get those a lot). Two seconds later, as he's pulling his Guybrush pants out of the wash, he goes, "Sniper."

I just looked at him like so: :|????? And he's all, "The song..." Me: "You remember that?"

Then I giggled because I am a stupid fangirl and got all giddy that Nate remembered something like that and called it back with no hesitation. WHERE DID THIS KID COME FROM? INSERT HEART HERE.



How many of you Expanded Universe costumers would be able to make a photoshooty/gathering on the Sunday morning of Dragon*Con? And if so, WHAT COSTUME WILL YOU BE WEARING? :D

(Jedi Strike Team will be Friday morning/afternoon, methinks, so don't count those in the question of this post -- I'm talking any other EU costumes besides that one. Hehe~)


P.S. New MSPaint over at [ profile] trex_moves. I JUST BLUE MYSELF. <3!
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So besides the facebook page there's lots of other crap. I was just prematurely excited about that and posted it lol whoops I am Finn Hudson.

1.) MACE WINDU (aka [ profile] winduland) has his own facebook page now. His adventures will be much easier to post on there. So if you would like to friend Mace, he is pimping it up on Facebook RIGHT HERE! He needs friends. He is a sad, lonely Jedi.

2.) THE GIANT STAR WARS: EXPANDED READTHROUGH OF CRACK. That's starting soon. Everything's getting figured out and I think it looks like we might be starting out with Shadows of the Empire (cause we were all like, LOL PREQUELS WHAT?). If you would like to join in the craziness, join up and give us the I'M IN over at THE THREAD! And everyone is welcome, whether you've read the books or ever been on one of our boards or not. THE MORE, THE MERRIER (AND MORE INSANE XD)~

3.) THE YOUMIX. There is a fanmix/soundtrack project over on the forum. It's basically making a soundtrack of YOOOOOU. Whether it's favorite songs or songs that describe you or whatever. Basically it's to learn a little about everyone and HEAR SOME MAGICAL NEW MUSIC! Come on over and check it out and all that crap -- cause everyone loves music. EVERYONE LOVES MUSIC EXCEPT TOOLS. :(

Wow, I am out of it. I THINK IT MIGHT BE BEDTIME. Oooorrrrr Wordmaster time?


Jun. 2nd, 2010 11:52 pm
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Back in 2004 I started a forum that was supposed to be a temporary place for a few people to use until another board was set up by someone else. The other forum never got fully finished so the board that was supposed to be temporary became permanent. It was called Kriff This! (now Mindbreak) and it was mostly a Star Wars: EU related message board. It has grown over the years and as much as I love it with all my heart, I know it's time to start over.

Mindbreak is a twoo wuv of mine but there's so many dead accounts and forgotten/never realized ideas and so much clogging up the system that it's too much to just sit down and fix. People still look at it as strictly a Star Wars: EU board and turn away from it thinking they won't fit in or they join and never bothered to post -- if I didn't delete a lot of the 0-post accounts, there would be about 2,500 members registered on that board right now.

As much as I love it, I know it's time to let it settle. It'll still be there, especially since looking back on old threads and cackling madly = win -- it'll just be an archive of sorts. An archive of old ideas, crack, parties, and all the random RPing over the years. XD So it'll still be in the same spot, it'll just be closed to new posts and members and so on. But it's okay, cause it spawned something before I allowed it to settle.

It's little eeebil spawn is a forum. A general gathering of geekery. I know forums aren't as OMG SO AWESUM these days since everyone is spending time on facebook and it's dirty little cousin myspace (and the sites like that), but try it out. It's contact with people who like the same things you do (not that asshole you hated in high school who friended you because he wanted to show off his new life to everyone D: or that bitch from elementary school who pulled your hair but friended you now because FRIEND +1 = INSTANT POPULARITYYYY LIEK KEWL) -- this is instant contact and ZOMG FRIENDSHIPSSSSSSS with others in all kinds of fandoms.

And it's a place to start over. Any new name, new post count (+1 lol), new icons, tags, games, discussions, projects, everything. Bring your art and share it, your writing, your photography, your nerding, your tech problems, your rants, your fangasming, your anything. We welcome it because we welcome you (and by you, I mean cool people -- you are cool if you are reading this right now, BOKAY? <3)~

No really, I will love you forever if you join. ANY AND ALL OF YOU. I DON'T CARE WHAT FANDOMS YOU'RE IN. XD

(Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Silent Hill, BioShock, Stephen King, every television show ever -- hell, go on, bring on the vampires and the werewolves too! We don't discriminate! WE LOVE EVERYONE. ;D

...unless you are an assbutt. Which I don't think any of you are.)

P.S. Any project or thread that was on Mindbreak will now move to the new forum. This will include BioShock RP, CVNC and possibly fandom net. XD

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