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Last Wednesday was the 30 Seconds to Mars concert and OH MY GOODNESS. I was like, "lol okay going to see 30 Seconds to Mars cool yayyyyyyy" cause I have liked them since their first album and I've always had my girlcrush on Jared Leto and all that jazz. But seriously, that concert was amazing and CHANGED MY LIFE OR SOME NONSENSE. Kings and Queens came on the radio today and I wanted to burst out in tears of happy cause it made me think of how awesome it was live with all the people they brought up on stage. Everyone in the audience just seemed so together.

I was prepared to be absolutely annoyed at the audience singing everything cause Jared likes to let the audience sing. But it worked. I was also prepared for a semi-crap concert. All the reviews I read of some of the previous recent shows were all, "ugh the band seems tired. jared lets the audience sing everything. they have no energy anymore."

But they floored me with how excited they were. Jared was running around and spinning in circles and going crazy and Tomo was Tomo (aka crazy-awesome) and Shannon was killing the drums so hard. Here is the panoramic photo they took at our show (Jared and Shannon - Tomo is in the lower right, lololol) with a guy they pulled up on stage. Jared pulled him up cause his mohawk was awesome and reminded him of the mohawk he used to have.

There are empty seats in the back cause Jared saw empty space on the floor and invited "anyone who wants to" down to the floor. People rushed. XDDDD

Nate and I were up on the right side of the stage. The view was awesome and we were satisfied. But then they got to "The Kill" which is one of my favorite 30STM's songs and Jared came into the audience two rows ahead of us - the fangirl inside of me exploded.


You can see me and Nate around 2:00 - 2:20 right at the top of the screen. We're both like "DUUUUHHHHHHHH" and I'm trying to snap a photo with my cell (I have a black shirt on and a white shirt draped over my shoulder). I grin like a d-bag, give a WOOOOO! and then as he wanders off you can see me pretty much watching him like this: O__________O

Basically, "IS THIS REAL LIFE?"

Nate was doing the same thing. After he walked off we looked at each other and were both like, "JDFKAJIJDIOEHFJIEF HE WAS RIGHT THERE HAHAHA DUDE~"

Bottom line = I still love 30 Seconds to Mars no matter how many times they are labeled as an LOLOLOL EMO BANNNNDDDDDDDD. XDDDDDD

Also, the second photo for second Centuria Challenge game is done!

Game 2 - ToeJam and Earl by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

I made Earl and Nate made ToeJam. Our absolute favorite thing in the game is when they dance with the hula girls so our photo had to relate to that somehow. XDDDDD

Oh dear.

Mar. 9th, 2011 11:46 pm
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So I got a new camera last weekend. Then I did lots of homework (with Nate's help - dear Physics, I hate you, that's all). Then we saw [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul and goofed off. And you know how we roll when we goof off.



HERE IS A [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul. (P.S. to said [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul - I am editing the rest of the photos and they should be up on my flickr this weekend. I have been editing them to fix some coloring/light issues. <3)

No really, you know whenever Emily and I get in the same space we always goof off with cameras and costumes and crap. Since I didn't get any shots of that Tenel Ka outfit besides random ones at con after doing those damn scales, I wanted to get a couple this past weekend. Emily offered to take pictures if Nate wanted to throw on a Jacen outfit. He did and we got a couple photos. THEN I LOOKED AT THEM.

Now, me being the tool that I am looked at these pictures and thought of 9234209.8 things I wanted to do to fix this costume. One of the asscapes looks funny (you can't see it in that photo CAUSE IT MADE ME ANGRY), I need to fix some stuff on the sleeves and give them more depth, remake the purple top to better accommodate the scales and make a freaking belt. Maybe a small scale addition too. SO I'LL HAVE THAT DONE BY THE END OF THE MONTH. And then I'll take final THIS SHIT IS FINALLY DONE MY HANDS AREN'T CUT UP FROM SCALES ANYMORE BUT I LOVE THEM celebration pictures and be finished with the 938492084.873 revisions I have done to that costume since however many years ago when I originally made it. XD

THEN we went to the magical park and I got a bunch of shots of Emily in her femme!Who which I love - also, I do not have the patience for that. She knitted that whole scarf, girl, I was like WORK IT (been watching to much RuPaul's Drag Race, sorry bros).

Also at the park, we finally got our first shot for the Centuria Challenge!

Lillian Prune. Psycho bitch? From Game #1 - Laura Bow: The Colonel's Bequest

ONE GAME AND ONE PHOTO DOWN. 99 MORE GAMES/PHOTOS TO GO! For more info on this adventure, check this!


Jan. 31st, 2011 12:46 am
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So Nate made a mistake by introducing me to Death Note. There are certain animes I love and it really takes a lot for me to get into one. If I don't like it by the first/maybe second episode -- if it doesn't catch me -- then I can't watch the rest even if it gets completely awesome later. I'M WEIRD. :( Or just picky about watching things.

One day Nate was all, "I think if you enjoy the craziness, intensity and twists of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors then you would like Death Note."

Now I had heard of Death Note before, but didn't know anything about it and hadn't seen it. I knew the fans were rabid (not that that is bad all the time), lol. But I said, "I LIKE CRAZINESS, I'LL TRY IT. SURE."

So the first episode I thought, "Okay, premise is pretty neat. Let's see where they go." Also, Ryuk wins everything. By the second episode I was almost ready to sail this ship. By the third I was on the front of the ship with my arms out like flippin' Titanic. MY HEART WILL GO ON, AMITIRE?

If you told me, "There is a whole episode of this anime where all that happens is this dude tries to get this chick's names and you will love it." I would've told you, "LOLOLOL STFU WHATEVER. DISLIKE."

But that episode had me chewing my fingers cause I had already chewed my fingernails off on the episode before. Light + Death Note = total justice dealing dickface. I LOVE IT.

We're on episode 19 right now and things are getting even more crazy, which I thought wasn't possible, but apparently it is.

I kept saying to Nate, "OH GOD. I BET THE L/LIGHT SLASH ON THE INTERWEBS IS ABUNDANT. OH YES. OH MAAAAN." And he keeps laughing about it. I also keep saying that he should cosplay as Light. He's tall, he can easily pass for high school/college age when he shaves and he always wears nice outfits (plus I would just like to make the Death Note, lol) -- then I started in with the "I WILL COSPLAY AS L AND SLASH WITH YOU OKAY THAT'S GOOD YES~"

He thinks I'm kidding. He thinks I won't do it.

Excuse me, bros, while I prep my eyeliner, look for a black wig and gather an abundance of sugar-infused items.

(WE FINISHED THE FIRST GAME ON OUR LIST OF 100! IT'S A MIRACLE! Let's see if we can keep it up! XDDD)
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So I'm taking a costume away from Katsucon and pushing it back - I've been putting so much into Santa right now that June is getting no attention (not to mention the new sleeves for the Tempest Tenel Ka and the fix-ups on Barbie) so I'll be holding off on June. I want to put effort into it and not just throw it together, hehe~ SO THE NEW PLAN IS...

KATSUCON: Barbie (Toy Story 3), Tenel Ka (Star Wars - Tempest cover), Santa (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors)
THIS OTHER THING: June (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors), Elaine Marley (Monkey Island)

Now THIS OTHER THING = my family (Mom, Duane, Valerie, Brian and then myself and Nate) is planning a trip. We all haven't gone on a trip together in foreverrrrr so this will be awesome. And apparently we're going on a cruise. I have never been on a cruise, but this is providing too many good opportunities for complete massive nerdery. JUNE AND JUNPEI PICTURES ON A SHIP LOLOLOL.

And Valerie says the opportunity for Monkey Island pictures on an actual Caribbean beach is too good to pass up - I would have to agree here since our only current shots are in a HOTELLLLL. XD

This weekend was spent cleaning and putting up new blinds and doing homework and cleaning some more. Although, we got in more Laura Bow in, which is good. Nate also hooked it up to the new tv - so I had Laura Bow on the big screen and I almost wibbled of nostalgia. ALMOST. Then Nate made a comment about "BUH. WHAT, YOU DIDN'T EVEN SEE THAT BITCH FALL BY THE WINDOW?" and my wibbles turned into cackles.

I GOT A WORDPRESS DUR DUR, I can't remember if I linked it here. But it'll pretty much be a home for entries of the boring blah blah creative type (photos, costumes, progress updates, shop stuff, craft stuff). Like the latest one where I ramble endlessly about making that flipping paperclayed-to-the-end-of-the-world lightsaber.



...I am so out of it. I think the cleaning products got to my head this weekend.

P.S. WHO HAS A DEVIANTART I CAN STALK? I'm hereeee. <333 Need more artists to stallllk.


Jan. 13th, 2011 12:23 am
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So ZHOBOT.NET is finally up and running! Meaning we can ramble and ramble and bitch and ramble about the 100 video games we've started! There'll be other things up there too - costume stuff, stuff to buy (either shirts or special edition lol plushy things or jewelry or whatever - along with the Etsy/Cafepress stuff too), photos (all kinds of craziness there), JUST LOTS OF THINGS. So slap it on your feed reader, like it on facebook, follow updates on twitter, whatever (if you do one of the previous things we will love you forever even more than we already do ;-; <3) -- and of course, HELP US THROUGH 100 VIDEO GAMES. We're still on one. We started last weekend -- I still don't think the scope of how much time this whole thing is gonna take has hit us yet.

In other news, Santa and Junpei costumes are on their way to being completed! I'm even more excited about this than before since now we have Santa, Junpei, June, Clover, Ace, Snake and Seven! :OOOO EXCITED!

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Or something like that! Happy New Year and all that jazz, even though I'm late with it. XD

My birthday was good (om nom nom Red Lobster and I got some magical Wonderflex thanks to my Mom - which I still need to play with - and a Nannerpuss necklace thanks to Nate, among other things, haha~). This weekend was also good - Nate and I went with Erin, Jeremy, Ronnie, Beth, Roger and Alex to ICE!!!1 It was cool, and by cool I mean two things - awesome and flipping cold. Of course, then we walked outside and it was like 55 degrees (last week was freezing with a wicked wind chill). WHAT ARE YOU DOING WEATHER, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

I moved my room around this weekend (and cleaned the hell out of it - it's still not done) with Nate's help and I forgot I had a floor. My room seriously looked like something out of Hoarders. Although, there are no animals hiding in my room or old, rotting food stuffs. sdjfajkljsdfd ewwwwwwgh.

I need to catch up on friendslist and everything internet-wise. But for now, HEY STAR WARS DUDESSSSS, time to find your copy of Shadows of the Empire and head on over to the forum to discuss Xizor being a creeper!

This is open to anyone, btw, not just people who have already read all the Star Wars books - cause I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see some people who have new opinions on everything. :D

Updates on the Centuria Challenge are coming soon too! We'll be starting the first game soon and we've decided that we're really gonna make it a challenge in all aspects and also make something creativity-related for each game - and there will be one photo of said creative item for each of the 100 games. Whether it's a ghetto costume or a puppet or something.


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