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2012-04-13 12:34 am


HOW IS EVERYONE DOING? ...since I haven't been around in 230949028394829308492038 days here. D:

I am also testing out crossposting from DW to LJ and so on. And I promise I will be back with a real entry soon. But until then... how are you? :D
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2012-01-26 05:30 pm
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All that catching up I said I was gonna do on the internet and costumes and MAGFest recaps and crap was put aside because my mother, Duane and I (and my sister met us there) went to Connecticut this week because my Grandfather died. I never knew any of my grandparents (father's parents, mom's mother) besides him (mom's father) because they all died when I was really young-- and I had never been to a funeral before (even though his wife, my stepgrandma, didn't have a "big" funeral - we just had a viewing/gathering at the funeral home with about 8 of us, family and close friends).

So this week has been odd for me. It's been new, it's been sad and it's been long. I didn't really know what to expect. We spent a lot of time with my step-grandma and her sense of humor has gotten sillier over the years, which was a nice surprise. We ate lots of amazing food. I had my first tartufo thanks to her, which, my god, it is a tastebud-gasm. Valerie and I played Mario Party on the DS at the hotel and bitched at Peach and Daisy. We ate a billion plates of food at Jimmie's which is a restaurant my Mom always loved. We also bought like 4 pounds of cookies altogether.

We just got back today and I'm going to work tomorrow. Then it will be the weekend and I will be working on costumes for Katsucon to get my mind on something else. I already know I can't finish my Young Jedi Knights Tenel Ka armor that I was originally planning to finish, so I'm gonna throw a YJK-type Tenel Ka together for the shoot (since Nate is bringing YJK Jacen and Kayla is bringing YJK Zekk - I didn't want to bring a Queen Momma TK when they were doing YJK). And we won't have time to make our Persona 2 costumes as detailed and well as we want so we'll probably push those back to another con. We're going to put all our energy into the Glitterati costumes now and finishing the Silent Hill 2 costumes.

I told myself after MAGFest I was going to quit being a lazy bitch and do stuff - work on websites, learn how to use this serger I bought forever ago, keep up with commenting and stuff, write more -- and I have done nothing. I have been lazy. And that needs to stop. :|

How do I get motivated?
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2012-01-11 07:58 pm

Where you at?

Alright, so I know there's been I'M NOT USING LJ ANYMORE, I'M GOING TO _________ around LJ these days. XDDD This is the post where I ask who is staying here/still here? And if you aren't, where are you/where are you going?

AKA THIS IS A CONTACT INFO THREAD THING. So post anything/anywhere you want to post where I can find you! :D

Here is that crizap for me...

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heather.alyse
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hexterah
Tumblr: http://hexterah.tumblr.com/
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/Ereneda
Cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/member/47810/
deviantART: http://holler-you-home.deviantart.com/

I also have a Dreamwidth, which is tenel_ka, but I don't know how much I'll use it depending on what happens here and so on. MY ICONS, LOL.

...what am I missing... o_o

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2012-01-08 09:53 pm


LOOK I HAVE A DW! I don't know what's going on with it yet and I need to fix it (I imported everything and it's all lol lj lj lj lj lj) so... soon. XD
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2011-12-07 12:23 am
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Quark is so so so so so so adorable and wtf with his hat~ also, Dio. <3 Everything looks awesome. O_O

http://zendesu.chunsoft.jp/ fffffff-
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2011-11-29 01:38 am


Everyone else is doing it -- so what better way to coordinate! XD I figure I will fill this in for me and Nate since pretty much every single costume I have planned for 2012 somehow goes with a costume he has planned for 2012 EXCEPT FOR ONE SINGLE COSTUME, which I will note, lololol.

SO MANY PHOTOS? Monkey Island?! The Warriors?! PROFESSAH?! )

That was... so incoherent.
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2011-11-18 12:31 am

DRAGON*CON 2011 - Monday & Tuesday


There's lololol a post-getting-massively-rained on Jacen and Tenel Ka (we look so much more coherent in the photoshoot pictures, haha) meeting JIM BEAVER OKAY. He is amazing and Natalie is amazing for making me go talk to him and get his autograph - she is also awesome for getting me a hug from Misha Collins since I am a chicken shit. ILU NATALIE. XD


This is mostly gonna be photos since my brain is lame and everything always runs together after a week, buhhhh.

Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6 - DAT EMPTY WALKWAY?!?!? Also, Star Wars crack... naturally. )

Next will be the post will all the links to the other recaps in it, along with the tentative 2012 costume lineup, lololol. 287 DAYS, PEOPLE! XDDD
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2011-11-13 11:59 pm
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HELLO GUYSSSS. Okay, so I have been playing Dance Central 2 and working on costumes (kind of lol) and painting pegs. Here is where I introduce you to the current peg posse and share with you information on procuring one if you might actually like to (for you or a friend) since LE HOLIDAYS are coming up.

(I feel like this is a good way to get my ass in gear for making these for MAGFest.)

Here are pegs that already have a home. Pyramid Head is at [livejournal.com profile] omicron1337's house. He was super fun to make and I might make one or two for MAGFest (or any for anybody who wants one made). Davey Havok from AFI (specifically the Miss Murder video Davey <333) was commissioned by [livejournal.com profile] ennta, who I <333333. THEY BETTER BE TREATING YOU GUYS WELL OR I WILL SMACK THEM. XDDD

Here are the other bb pegs I have painted. As you can see, it's not many and I need to get my ass in gear cause MAGFest is right at the beginning of 2012 and it's almost the middle of November~ o_o

So here you have Luke Triton & Professor Layton, Tobias, cell phone charm Aang, Carrie (the first peg! XD), and Dean and Sam Winchester. Dean does not approve of Sam's demon blood habits okay.

And some darlings who are almost completed -- THEY JUST NEED HAIR. :|


Since you guys are on my friendslist, I would give you a discount on them, haha~ XDDD So yeah, if there's anything you would like or anything you would like to give anyone, I'M OPEN. :3 The tiny ones are good for cell phone charms or necklaces, the bigger ones are good for keychains or necklaces - I can make them anything (save for pegs such as Pyramid Head and Layton who have giant things on their head XD). Or they can just sit somewhere!

And now my ass is going to catch up on LJ comments and work on effing Monday Dragon*Con photos. I'm so behind on EVERYTHING. D:
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2011-11-04 12:52 am


I AM HERE. My doctor ended up wanting me to do physical therapy for my back and neck and I was like "lol okay" and then never scheduled it cause I wasn't gonna pay for something and take time off for something that I might be able to fix myself. So I worked my back out, took more vitamins and the pain seems to be gone. I guess I was stressing myself out. But now it's time for more stressssssss. Because I realized now it is November and MAGFest is at the beginning of January and Nate and I have a table there to sell stuff at. We've been planning to have all kinds of stuff there, including buttons, peg people, etc. AND WE HAVE NOTHING DONE. Except a Fallout 3 shirt. Which you can find on zhobot.net at the low price of $18 with free shipping lol.


I just love that boy, okay.
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2011-10-14 12:24 am

DRAGON*CON 2011 - Sunday - PART 2

So the rest of Sunday has a billion photos because it was more Star Wars time and Long Walk time and we saw other fun costumes. IT WAS OVER A MONTH AGO ALREADY I'M FORGETTING EVERYTHING. D:

CRAZINESS. Also, Ashley's thing she does with her neck in her Nightsister outfit that creeps me out. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Aaaaaaaand Nate being a bloody boy model?

And for real, I apologize in advance for the absolute incoherency this post will contain. I AM OUT OF IT. :B

Sunday, September 4 - Errrrebody in the room gettin' tipsy. Star Wars, random costumes I loved, The Long Walk, bloody blood, another emo album cover. AAAAND there's the hotel room number, wtf. )

Monday and Tuesday don't have a lot of photos so I'm hoping to get that one up by this weekend! THEN STARTS THE DRAGON*CON 2012 PLANNING OKAY.
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2011-10-13 09:58 pm


all the photos that were taken with my camera by everyone on sunday from dragon*con are so amazing and it is so hard to choose which ones to post. the EU shoot from that morning was difficult enough but holy craaaaaaaaaap. [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be - I am so lol angry with you for all those badass Long Walk photos there are a billion. And I got some ones I really like of Nate in his other Jacen costume and Emily in her Gaga and just GAHHHHHHH. TOO MANY.

Hopefully I can get them up tonight. I AM TRYING. I am putting off a muscle relaxant and ignoring the pain for now to get these done, lol. i am dumb. REALLY REALLY DUMB. :B

(now bed intruder is stuck in my head.)

EDIT: 80+ photos in this batch. A good few of which are sets. :x
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2011-10-13 07:59 pm

tumblrrrrrr. paaain. bawwww.

So I have a tumblr now. I've been kind of using it.


And we made one for zhobot where costume and other crackery can go, so there's that too. :3


I am almost done with Sunday D*C photos.

The doctor's office hasn't called me back about my second bloodwork set yet (they wanted to test for Lyme). I don't have mono, which they tested for with the last set and all my other levels are normal. They gave me prednisone and a muscle relaxant but my neck and upper back still hurt. I'm supposed to call them back tomorrow and let them know if it still hurts or not. If it does (which it does as of now), then we're turning to CT scan/MRI and all that fun stuff. :|

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Dance Central 2 is coming out soon and I can't feel like this when that gets hereeeeee! :O
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2011-10-11 12:11 am


Things I have been putting off: posting the rest of the Dragon*Con photos, working on costumes, responding to LJ and dA comments, painting the 80+ pegs I need to paint for MAGFest which is at the beginning of 2012, cleaning anything and everything, rearranging things I want to rearrange, selling lots of old stuff, finding all the stuff I want to give away, RP, everything ever.

Now, I am a lazy person and I will admit that, but for the past couple months, all I have done is sleep - no real video game time, no crafting time, just couch + tv + blanket. And that is not like me. This is one of the reasons I didn't finish everything I wanted to finish for Dragon*Con. This is one of the reasons I have gotten absolutely nothing done since Dragon*Con. I get home from work and sleep. On the weekends, Nate comes over and we watch something and then I would say I needed a nap and sleep for five hours.

I even put off writing this damn post for six days. Every single day it was, "I will do it in a bit." And then I slept.

I finally went to the doctor last week and they did blood work. They called me Friday to tell me that everything looks fine except my white blood cell count is high, meaning my body is trying to fight off some sort of virus. Cool story bro. So, I'm going back tomorrow (they are supposedly running more tests) to let them know my head and neck and the upper portion of my back have been hurting like a bitch.

This weekend, after I did my two exams on Saturday morning, Nate stole me and brought me to a town about an hour south of where I live to a hotel. He wanted me to relax and not be stressed about all the shit I still need to get done and whatever is wrong with me and all that jazz, which I was very grateful for. We ended up at a Wal-Mart Supercenter at 11pm last night to get dinner (since I had slept from like... 6pm to 9pm :|) and we bought food and a nerf blaster and Halloween plates and went back to the hotel room and he shot nerf discs and I looked at a cookbook full of recipes you use lots of cream cheese in.

(Seriously, we went to a state park on Sunday and walked a trail that was 0.3 miles around a pond. We even stopped and sat down near the pond a couple times to look for turtles. After we finished this trail, I collapsed in the car. >| 0.3 miles. With stops.)

There are two things - media-wise - that have been keeping me sane. One is Foster the People. I kept hearing "Pumped Up Kicks" on the radio and I was all, "That song is kind of cool." So I went to Amazon and listened to samples of the rest of the album. It sounded alright. I needed new music so I said what the hell and bought it and it has been a lot better than I thought it would be.

The other thing... Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is one of those shows that I've always meant to watch. Then it showed up on Netflix's Instant Watch and I added it to my list. Erin, Ronnie, Jeremy, Roger, Beth and Denis were talking about it on Twitter awhile back and I thought, "Oh hey, that's on my list." Nate hadn't watched it yet either. So him and I started it. Aaaaaaaand pretty much got sucked in. Now, we started out both loving Zuko dearly because he was a bitch.

Buuuuuut, after the whole series we had three new MVPs.

We couldn't resist Iroh's awesomeness, Sokka's... Sokkaness, and Suki's kickassery. Plus, you know how I feel about warrior ladiezzzz and their completely doofy boys with lol so so amazing jokes.

So next year, along with the giant Avatar group Erin started talking about on Twitter, Nate and I are really effing excited to be putting these together for Dragon*Con 2012:

Nate knows he's gonna do WARRIOR SOKKAAAAAAAA, but he hasn't decided if he's gonna do the helmet yet or the awesome facepaint he wears in like one whole episodeeee (see inset, hehe). The facepaint would hide the fact that he is almost as pasty white as me, so there is that. Plus, it looks slick.

But yeah, that show has been a big part of me not just being a complete lump. I've watched the whole thing and love it to pieces.

(We're planning on doing this costume set at some point too, okay:


I am trying to finish my D*C photos and everything. SOON I PROMISE. ;-; Hopefully something good happens at the doctor's office tomorrow.
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2011-10-01 12:49 am

DRAGON*CON 2011 - Sunday - PART 1

So I decided to split Sunday into two parts. The first part will be the giant EXPANDED UNIVERSE SHOOT OF DOOOOOOOM and the second will be everything else. Since there are a billion photos from each part, I figured this would be an easier way of doing this, haha! AND THIS ISN'T EVEN HALF THE PHOTOS I TOOK FROM THE SHOOT.

It depressed me cause I had all these photo ideas in my head and then when I got to the shoot they all just went DERP and left. Plus, everyone was taking their own photos of single characters and all that jazz while I was running around (in these FRICKIN' BOOTS MY GAWWWD) trying to get photos so I missed a lot of single character shots I wanted to get and stuff. ;-;

This just means, NEXT YEAR. And next year, I will have a costume on that doesn't have crazy boots. XD


Sunday, September 4 - THESE. DAMN. BOOTS. Also, adorable tiny child with a Vader cape on. )

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2011-09-27 11:56 pm


So I am slowly but surely working through Sunday photos from Dragon*Con. There are roughly 150 that will most likely be going in the Sunday recap so I need to crop/resize/fix some coloring in all them and, of course, write all the rambly rambles that go with them so it's taking me longer than I want it to. :|

I did put this up on deviantART a couple weeks ago. We both had a lot of fun making this costume (and he had fun making and derping around with those flipping amphistaffs lol) and I was really happy to get this shot of it. I was hobbling around in highly obnoxious boots that morning but I was like, "NO LET'S GO OVER HERE GO UP THOSE STAIRS" so he grabs his amphistaffs and skips on over and I'm all, *step step drag feet skitter stumble* "OKAY HERE I AM"~

There are obviously not 17 amphistaffs on him like there are in the book, but there was no way he would have been able to get anywhere with 17. The three he had were being difficult enough, lol. THOSE CHEEKY LITTLE BITCHES.

He's also going to fix his boots so they stay up on his legs (they did at the start and then just... stopped cooperating as the morning went on) and he wants to wear this again at some point, but here it is like it was at D*C after he had been putzing around in it for the giant EU shoot. XD

Jacen Solo - Traitor by ~holler-you-home on deviantART

MORE STAR WARS INSANITY WHEN I GET THE SUNDAY PHOTOS DONE (also lots of Long Walk insanity, regular tipsy insanity, more derp and some fun costumes I saw on Sunday <3333). :O

(Also, making this nasty tunic thing was good practice for a costume of his he's planning for next year! His will be much easier than mine though, lololol. XD)
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2011-09-25 09:24 pm

DRAGON*CON 2011 - Saturday

Lots of photos here - basically our day consisted of being lazy in the morning, being lazy while Ashley painted John green, going out and putzing around in Star Wars Genderswap costumes, being lazy and napping, getting into BioShock Costumes, going to the Aquarium and theeeeeeeen being lazy and passing out once we were back.

Our biggest giddy moment of the day was the fact that Irrational Games (one of the companies behind BioShock) had employees at the Aquarium taking photos of BioShock cosplayers! It was amazing - the employees were super nice and they gave all the costumers BioShock swag and took photos for their site and everything. All the costumers there were really cool and the whole thing really made everyone's night. XD


Saturday, September 3 - A new makeup victim! )


And just like Friday, there are more photos from Saturday which will be uploaded with all the rest of the mess of photos on zhobot.net once all these recaps are finished. XD
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2011-09-23 01:06 am

DRAGON*CON 2011 - Friday

I feel like Friday can be summed up best using photos. Nate and I wore three costumes that day (June & Junpei from 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors, Ariel & Eric from The Little Mermaid and Meg Masters & Sam Winchester from Supernatural) so there was a lot of running around, changing and acting goofy BUT NOT JUST FROM US, NO.

This is Alex. He is pretty tipsy. Dressed like a GHOSTFACER. And he is dancing in the middle of the Hyatt lobby at 2am to no music, no nothing. He's just dancing. You can see Erin on the left behind him yelling at him.

Friday, September 2 - HERE, HAVE A CRAB. )

UP NEXT - SATURDAY! Gender swapped Star Wars! The Aquarium! MADNESS!

And I got a few more photos of our Disney group and the Catherine group and SPN shoot and all that jazz that I will be uploading to the zhobot gallery in one huge bunch at the end of all the recaps when I've gone through all these damn photos, lolol. XD
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2011-09-21 05:23 pm

Writer's Block: Bone-chilling birthday wishes

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Peter McVries from The Long Walk. Hands down. The only one who comes close is Scott Landon from Lisey's Story.

I have a ton of favorites from King's stories... but those are the top two. :3

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2011-09-19 02:00 am

DRAGON*CON 2011 - Wednesday & Thursday


So this report will be shorter than all my other D*C reports most likely. The con was effing packed, esp. on Saturday, and I didn't do much in the way of panels and all that jazz. Plus, we brought nine costumes so a lot of it was either chilling in the room getting ready/being lazy and watching D*C TV or being dorks and taking pictures of the crap we put work into, haha~ XD I didn't even make it into the Dealer's Hall (expect for two seconds to get water) or the Exhibitor's Halls (except for a quick walk around one of them to help Ashley look for something). I went in the art show for a couple minutes to look at Erin's table. Besides those, I didn't use my badge for anything except one Star Wars panel. WHOOPS. Well, okay, and to get into the other hotels later in the evening since you needed your badge to do that - BUT YEAH~ ON WITH IT. :3


Wednesday, August 31 - Thursday, September 1 )

THANKS TO HOMEWORK, I've had a crap chance to write my con report -- meaning the longer it takes to get written, the less I remember. I AM TRYING AS HARD AS I CAN THOUGH. :3

More soon!
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2011-09-16 09:12 pm


So so so. This story starts at Katsucon this past February when we were eating lunch with Erin, Jeremy, Beth, Roger, Ronnie -- etc., etc., aka EVERYONE and somehow we got on the subject of GENDERSWAPPED STAR WARS COSTUMES. Erin mentions to me that she would totally do a Lando at Dragon*Con and I freak out cause I can bring back my Han and Ashley could bring her Luke. Nate was all, "HEY LOL LEIA."

(And this did happen and I will be posting pictures. HOPEFULLY VERY SOON - first part of con report should be online later tonight! FINALLYYYYY)

So, Nate and I are sitting there talking about the specifics of it and what we could do for his Leia outfit and out of nowhere he goes, "Have you ever thought about gender swapped Jacen and Tenel Ka?"

My first thought: MARRY ME. [/maeby]

My second thought: wait, how did he get into my head oh my god can he read my mind ohhhhh

The first word out of my mouth: DUH.

It didn't really come up again until a couple months later when we started working on his man!Leia and fixing up femme!Han for Dragon*Con. Then when he was helping me with the shoulder armor for fanart!TK -- he talked about wanting fun armor too and it came up again. While I was helping him with amphistaffs, it came up yet again cause I wanted to run around and shove crystal snakes in everyone's faces.

So I think this genderswap Jacen and Tenel Ka thing might actually be happening next year at Dragon*Con.

This led me to think of other characters in this predicament and I tweeted exactly how I pictured genderswapped Jaina/Kyp/Zekk/Jag - linking to a screenshot of how it would be if the hair/eyes were changed in the screenshot.

MY FOREVER DARLING [livejournal.com profile] minusforever JUST MADE MY WEEKEND BY POSTING THIS: