Feb. 15th, 2011

tenel_ka: ([ games - machinarium ])
Slowly but surely getting things done for Katsucon this weekend.

Nate finished his Junpei costume and I've been working like mad on the scales for the new sleeves I'm making for Tempest/Essential Atlas Tenel Ka. There are pictures of both Junpei and scales in the new OMG PROGRESS album on zhobot.net's magical fb page -- HERE IT ISSSS.

Then there's Santa's frickin' boots. Like I said on le twitter, I have been frankensteining these things together like mad. They aren't exactly like his - like he has a set of two strips on top and then a set of two lower down... the base boots I got had strips a certain length apart and then a logo on them that I had to cover - so there's four strips instead of sets of two but at this point I don't care cause I am actually kind of proud of them so far (until I screw them up lololol) and they will work just fine, I hope! BOOOOOOOTS!

I am not looking forward to trying to put those scales into sleevey shapes though. It's like that part in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when there is a fire in the pet store and Pee Wee goes in and saves all the animals and keeps passing by the snakes cause they gross him out. He finally saves them right at the last minute. Those sleeves are my snakes in the pet store. D:

You know, this part!

I always describe things I keep putting off as "IT'S LIKE PEE WEE AND THE SNAKES~"

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