Jan. 10th, 2010 10:40 pm
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So the author of Death Troopers, Mr. Joe Schreiber, is writing a Supernatural novel called The Unholy Cause. <3333333333333333333333333

I am excited. Especially with the amazing way Schreiber writes brothers. XD

(Also amazing? Sam's bitchface on the cover of the book. Heart. I need to find Padalecki's bitchiest Sam-bitchface for the new Sam icon on Revelry Junction cause he's about to meet Jacen Solo and see Dean for the first time in forever. SAM BITCHESTER, AWAY!)
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Okay, so remember how I was bitter at Del Rey for Legacy of the Force -- and everything after it (and yeah, I guess I still am lololol)? WELL THEY RECEIVED SOME POINTS ON MY SCALE. IT'S LIKE THEY OFFERED THIS BOOK AS AN APOLOGY TO EVERYONE AND IT FITS ME LIKE A GLOVE.

(Except I'm still bitter. I will never get over your treatment, Jacen Solo. CALL ME, ZOOKEEPER!!1 <3)


My reasons for love. Let me show you them.

1.) Two of my favorite things made sweet undead love and had a baby. STAR WARS and ZOMBIES.

2.) Dr. Zahara Cody is a medically-trained, smart, kickass female who isn't whiny and doesn't need to be saved multiple times -- not that I'm bashing any of the other Star Wars characters out there (like maybe DAIRY QUEEN FROM THE NJO? oh snap i'm just kidding except i'm not no okay maybe i liked her a little).

3.) Chapter 39 made me tear up like a little baby. I'm not lying. The shortness of it. The animalistic grappling and the emotion and JUST GUH. THE TONGUE AND THE TEETH AND THE FLESH. JOE SCHREIBER, YOU ARE A MONSTER AND I LOVE IT. fkasjkfjdkjfaskfjasj


5.) Stuff like this: That was when his toe struck something soft and yielding, and when he glanced down he saw it was a human leg.

Very slowly, he looked up.

The leg was connected to a torso, covered up by another, and another, the pile growing in front of him comprising what he realized was hundreds of dismembered corpses -- heads, arms, legs, and whole bodies, bare bones, many of them still dressed in rotten Imperial uniforms and incomplete stormtrooper armor. The bodies had been mangled like parts in an abattoir, some of them in handcuffs and manacles, others hacked recklessly to pieces, still others looking partially devoured, whole gobbets of flesh gnawed off.


6.) KALE LONGO. OH MY GOODNESS, THIS BOY. <3 This boy is Jacen Solo levels of hot. And he is pretty much the opposite of Jacen too. When he and his awesome little brother, Trig, hear things they can't explain (crying, something eating something else totally innocent, screaming, etc.) it's not Jacen's, "OH GAWD LET'S GO HELP THEM MY EMPATHY SENSE IS TINGLING WAIIIII EMO HURTZ" it's more, "It's none of our business. Let's go." He cares about himself and his little brother, which gets me to...

7.) Trig and Kale's relationship. IT'S SO NICE TO SEE A SET OF SIBLINGS WHO LOVE EACH OTHER AND CARE FOR EACH OTHER AND SHOW IT AND SHIT. There is a part where a man COUGHS BLOOD in Trig's face and then:

"Hey," Kale said, placing one hand on Trig's shoulder. "Come here." He lifted the hem of his shirt and and wiped his brother's face off, the first tears mixing with the guard's blood. "It's all right."

"This is bad," Trig said.

"We've been through worse."

Trig couldn't answer. He put his face against his brother's chest, and hugged him fiercely. Kale hugged him back. "Shh," he said, "'S okay."



9.) The scene with Kale and Dr. Cody and the scalpel. I... I will have nightmares about this for weeks. The descriptions are almost too much and they work so well and just -- GET RID OF IT, CUT IT OUT, GET IT OUT OF ME

10.) The chapter titles, oh my god. The ones that are standing out in my head right now are MEAT NEST, COFFIN JOCKEYS, LUNG WINDOWS, SKIN HILL and STOP.

(sjkfdaksfsdfjdfjdkfja dsf STOP is Chapter 39. D:)

11.) I read 120 pages of this book in one sitting. I think the last Star Wars book I did that with was Traitor.

12.) KALE LONGO TEARING SOMEONE'S FACIAL PIERCINGS OUT. BADASS. I LOVE YOU, KALE. <3 (Also, waking up from your snoring to tell Myss to shut up = <33333333333)~

13.) Waste is such an awesome 2-1B droid.

14.) The characters are really strong. They were all tied together very well and even the smallest characters actually get... well, character. Take Armitage, for example. We don't see him in the book that much at all. But we know where he's from (Faro), all about his doofy hairstyle from the others making fun of him, we know he's a painter and what he paints (what he's forced to paint and wants to paint) -- and we see him making one of the nastiest discoveries in the book. Yet he's in the book for no more than a total of five pages. Also, Austin. What a dick. But I loved him. The way he looks at Dr. Cody when Dr. Cody is talking to Gat makes him so not classy and so awesome. And on the subject of characters... DID I MENTION KALE AND TRIG LONGO????????

And the best...

15.) THE TWO PRISONERS WHO WERE IN SOLITARY THAT I SHALL NOT NAME FIGHTING DAMN ZOMBIES. YESSSSSSS. They aren't technically cameos cause they're in a good chunk of the book, but they don't broadcast that they're in the book either (their relationship with the Longo boys is SO ADORABLE too).

I'll give you a REALLY SPOILERY visual hint as to who they are: SHIT YESSSSSSSSSSSS.


(... I'm not debating on picking up Kale in the SW Dressing Room. D: I'm not, I'm not.)

("What's wrong?" Kale asked, a drowsy murmur that came out: Wussrong?

Trig cleared his throat. His voice had started changing recently, and he was acutely aware of how it broke high and low when he wasn't paying strict attention. "Nothing." <333333333333333)
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Nate and I went to see Zombieland last Wednesday night (this would've been posted sooner but my internet has been out SINCE THEN :| -- it is still not back, I am on ANOTHER COMPUTER/INTERNETZ LOL). It was a fun movie -- funny and gory and sweet and all that jazz. I don't know why there are craptons of people comparing it to Shaun of the Dead though. Just cause it has zombies? I guess? Nothing touches Shaun, IMDB nerds, I'm sorry. They are nothing alike except for zombies.

(The cameo in Zombieland was amazing. Especially the wheezing breath at the end.)

I finished Carrie by (duh who else) Stephen King. omg I know there are characters I hate -- but effing Chris Hargensen, you guys. I wanted her to die so bad. She was such a bitch. I love how King can make characters I really love (Scott Landon, Lisey Landon, Peter McVries), characters that are absolutely darling who I want to take home (Chris/Teddy/Gordie/Vern, Nick Andros, Alice Maxwell), characters I love to hate so hard (Stebbins, Gary Barkovitch, Nadine Cross), characters you really feel for (Carrie White, the whole Landon family, Edgar Freemantle, Sara Tidwell, Jack Torrence) and then the characters who are just such assholes that you want extremely violent things to happen to them (Christine Hargensen, Mrs. Carmody, Jim Dooley). Love it. I also love the payoff you get when King actually rips the asshole characters to shreds (suck on that, Christine Hargensen).

I've read books where I kind of like some characters, some kind of annoy me and some I'm completely indifferent towards. I want to feel something for the plot/characters when I'm reading a book -- not wonder what I'm having for dinner as I'm scanning the words and then realize, "WHOT I THINK SOMEONE JUST DIED?"

King accomplishes this with flying colors. I want to go to a Scott Landon lecture, I want to have a sleepover and giggle about boys with Sue Snell (before the Chamberlain massacre, preferably), I totally want to make out with Peter McVries HELLO (OM NOM NOM SCAR), I want to stay at the Overlook Hotel, I want to shop at Needful Things, I want to jump in the Royal River jksdfjsdfjsfdj <3333


Next post I will be gushing about a book I am currently reading, teeeeehehehehehe.

And I have realized I can't listen to this song without thinking of Jacen/Tenel Ka. I'm not really sure why. They're just what my mind goes to whenever it comes on. I THINK IT IS AN ANTHEM OF MY OTP IN THEIR CURRENT STATE. I MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE THINGS THE SONG DOES TO MY MIND.
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"He just can't get enough," Pearson said tiredly.


"Almost two hundred and fifty miles," Pearson groaned. "My feet are like lead with poison inside them. My back's burning. And that screwed up McVries doesn't have enough yet. He's like a starving man gobbling up laxatives."

"He wants to be hurt, do you think?"

"Jesus, what do you think? He ought to be wearing a BEAT ME HARD sign. I wonder what he's trying to make up for."

Time for my yearly re-read of The Long Walk! XD


Jan. 12th, 2009 06:57 pm
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So I have a good bit of work still to complete in the middle of The Feigned: Absolved but I've finished up the ending that's been in my head for awhile. The whole series starts with Jacen Solo waking up from a pretty crap ass dream and the whole series ends with him falling asleep one night. IT'S A BIG HAPPY CIRCLE (lol, okay maybe not happy?). Actually, I didn't mean to do it that way. The whole falling asleep at the end just worked with what was going on.

I also randomly gave Gadell a middle name (that Zekk will be a dick about). It was an odd moment, cause he was being brainstormed about five years ago this past October. And I just now gave him a middle name. It's more than people can say for Zekk. D:

(Zekk: Wait, that's your middle name? Kind of girly, huh Mr. Vessau?
Gadell: Oh yeah? Is that funny? And what's your middle name? Oh oh, or your last name?
Zekk: ...
Gadell: S'what I thought, Mister Zekk.)


I forgot how much I love writing Jacen Solo/Tenel Ka. And I forgot how much I enjoy writing jealous!Jacen and slightlykindofemotionallyopen!Tenel Ka. Leering!Jacen is fun too. D:

So, I have found that I am drawn to any Scotts and Peters that come from the mind of Stephen King. Obviously, there is Peter McVries -- I was also a sucker for the brief and bitchy teen angst we got from Pete McFarland in The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. And there's Scott Landon, of course (I love him, yo) and now there is a new one.

Scott Staley. The short story he was in was amazing. It's called The Things They Left Behind and it's about this guy, Scott, who worked at an insurance company on the 110th floor of the World Trade Center. He wasn't at work on 9/11 and this story is about him and a bout of survivor's guilt. The way he deals with it is what drew me to him first -- and then I found out his name was Scott and was like, DAMMIT KING WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? :O The story is one of the best in the new collection, IMO -- alongside Willa. Although, I haven't gotten to N. yet, and I heard that one is incredible.

I think it's time for some ice cream. Also, I don't watch 24, but my mom watches it and I kind of know what's going on every season. Tony Almeda? Got so skeevy looking. He used to be so cute. D:
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So my pictures from fanmixing yesterday made me think...

Under this cut, I cast five Stephen King books (along with rambles and reasonings). These are dream-castings, obviously, since they will never happen and some of them can't happen (like casting River Phoenix or a younger Jensen Ackles). Also, The Dark Half already has a movie, yes, but I had a wacked-out dream about this casting and it flipped me out and I would kill to see it. It would be THE BEST THING EVER.

LOL, what the shit is this casting Zac Efron twice? Of all people, Zac Efron? XD And if I ended up casting Duma Key as well then I would've casted the whole Winchester family! Hehe~ I can't for the life of me think of anyone for Wireman though. IDEAS, ANYONE?


Lisey's Story, Bag of Bones, The Long Walk, The Dark Half & Cell )

I think that was bad cause now I want to go reread this hot, hot stuff all over again. Along with Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Needful Things... *continues to ramble off books*

<3333333333333333333333333333 WHAT.
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I'm SUPAR SRS, check it out. PREVIEW IT (ALRIGHT, IF YOU WOULD WORK PLEASE, GOOGLE BOOKS). Search for "completely hemmed in" and read that. It may seem like a spoiler but it's not. The back of the book blatently says Scott Landon is dead. And that's not how he dies. Not there.

I also love this: So now come the things they will never speak of later, not to others or between themselves. Too awful. Each marriage has two hearts, one light and one dark. This is the dark heart of theirs, the one mad true secret.

dksljaskldjaskljdkasjdkasjdkajsdaksjdaskdskssak landons <3

SO, TO BEGIN: Welcome to my second fanmix concerning this lovely book. The book is Lisey's Story by Stephen King and after rereading it for the 39842938493 time, I thought it needed another fanmix. The first one I made was called SOWISA, and it dealt with the whole book -- this one, called Holler You Home, focuses more on Scott and Lisey, which is the most gorgeous and engrossing aspect of this story.

I'm a visual kind of dork, so I set this fanmix up like the last one, with pictures and quotes. As far as pictures go, I used Kevin Zegers and Jennifer Connelly again. I don't know. Whenever King mentioned Scott or Lisey's dark hair (the comma of dark hair on Scott's forehead = <3) and Lisey's blue eyes -- these two just stuck in my mind. Plus, Zegers plays tortured well and Connelly has that all-around amazingness thing going for her. I love them both, you guys. D:

(Plus, I will never stray from my silly Zac Efron-as-Paul and Kevin-Zegers-as-Scott thing -- LOOK AT THEM IT WOULD BE PERFECT D:~ Although, Zac Efron is already Art Baker in [ profile] king_dressing -- OH MAYBE I SHOULD BRING IN PAUL AND CONFUSE EVERYONE --- [/tangent])

ANYWAYS, I hope you enjoy this fanmix if you are a fan of the book, and if you have no idea what this book is then I hope this fanmix might give you the urge to check it out. It's kind of a "WHAT...?" read at first, but once you get into the bulk of it, it's amazing.

(NOTE: If you want any individual tracks, you can ask for them and I will upload them for you! :D)


This book eats my brain, dudes. And I welcome it.


I also apologize in advance for typos and the like. It's almost 3 a.m. and this thing was done so I figured I'd put it online. Hehe~ I WILL PROOFREAD TOMORROW AFTER I GO PASS OUT.
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So I'm switching between Needful Things by Stephen King and then his new short story collection Just After Sunset -- I'm absolutely loving both.

"Willa", the first story in JPS, turned me into a mushy little puddle of goo cause it was so gorgeous. It's funny, cause I read that and it was sweet and genuine and adorable and just dude (King admitted he was a romantic -- with "Willa", Bag of Bones and Lisey's Story, I see it and love it)...

Then I turn to Needful Things (which I will admit, was kind of slow for me at first) and two women have just stormed out of their houses, pissed off and in some sort of daze, met on a street corner and hacked each other to death -- one with a cleaver and the other with a knife. The Sheriff, Mister Alan Pangborn (NEEDFUL THINGS AND DARK HALF, REPRESENT), shows up and knows there's something else going on besides just, "LOL that bitch imma kill her" and suddenly I can't put this book down. LELAND GAUNT, YOU CARD.

(Leland would totally have green eyes when I went to see him. And he would probably sell me a first edition of "The Long Walk" or something -- then he would have me pull a prank and I would get killed in no time flat. SORRY, LELAND.)


LOL: "It occurred to me that in the eighties, everything had come with a price tag, that the decade quite literally was the sale of the century. The final items up on the block had been honor, integrity, self-respect, and innocence... I decided to turn the eighties into a small-town curio shop called Needful Things and see what happened."


Nov. 9th, 2008 11:55 pm
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"Who but Stephen King would turn a Port-O-San into a slimy birth canal, or a roadside honky-tonk into a place for endless love? A book salesman with a grievance might pick up a mute hitchhiker, not knowing the silent man in the passenger seat listens altogether too well. Or an exercise routine on a stationary bicycle, begun to reduce bad cholesterol, might take its rider on a captivating -- and then terrifying -- journey. Set on a remote key in Florida, "The Gingerbread Girl" is a riveting tale featuring a young woman as vulnerable -- and resourceful -- as Audrey Hepburn's character in Wait Until Dark. In "Ayana," a blind girl works a miracle with a kiss and the touch of her hand. For King, the line between the living and the dead is often blurry, and the seams that hold our reality intact might tear apart at any moment. In one of the longer stories here, "N.," which recently broke new ground when it was adapted as a graphic digital entertainment, a psychiatric patient's irrational thinking might create an apocalyptic threat in the Maine countryside...or keep the world from falling victim to it."



[/caps lock excitement]
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HEY [ profile] see_aphy_be. WORD.

In other news, UHM, BATTLE ROYALE NOVEL MUCH? I love how Stephen King is the reviewer and he's like, "BATTLE ROYALE, THE RUNNING MAN, THE LONG WALK, WHAT?" Then I spazzed cause he mentioned the Long Walk and I name-dropped Peter McVries, NATURALLY.

Shit, I would've name-dropped Peter McVries no matter who the reviewer was or who brought up The Long Walk.

And I LOLed at the comment where the person is like, "KING HAS WRITTEN LOTS OF YOUNG ADULT NOVELS LIKE IT AND CARRIE~" Did this person even read those books? Those are not young adult novels.

Also, teehehe Michael Phelps at Disney World! :D
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SOMEONE OUT THERE MUST LOVE ME. Apparently the crap set-in-L.A.-instead-of-NYC/real gangs remake of The Warriors ISN'T HAPPENING ANYMORE. :D AWWWWWW. Now if people would just keep their gross, grubby, unoriginal mitts off of Clue and Legend and Labyrinth (I wouldn't be opposed to a film of Return to Labyrinth though, but you have to get Bowie), then the world might be a better place.


I've decided I think Stephen King should write the next Star Wars book. Chewbacca gets buried in a special cemetary on some backwater planet where he COMES BACK TO LIFE AND STARTS KILLING PEOPLE. Then the ghosts of Anakin and Jacen harass their sister until SHE COMMITS SUICIDE. Han and Leia and Allana go to find the mysterious mystery of the Falcon and end up in some sprawling building on Fondor where HAN GOES BATSHIT AND TRIES TO KILL LEIA AND ALLANA WHILE ALLANA IS TALKING TO HER FINGER AND CROAKING REDRUM. Jacen's ghost YAMMERS ENDLESSLY IN TENEL KA'S HEAD AND THEN TENEL KA GETS MAULED BY SOME FREAK-JACEN-SOLO SUPPORTER. Tenel Ka gets Allana back and they meet Kyp Durron who is this older gentleman and they totally get all cozy with each other until TENEL KA GETS SHOT IN THE HEAD BY HER SUBJECTS AND KYP IS TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. Zekk, Jacen, Anakin and Raynar go on an overnight trip out in the woods to GO SEE A DEAD BODY.

Oh oh oh and we can't forget -- the Jedi Academy has an event where 100 younglings have to walk for as long as possible and not fall under 4mph over three times or else they get SHOT IN THE HEAD. IT'S A PART OF THEIR TRAINING, YOU GUYS (Kyle Katarn = the Major).


Also, when Michael Phelps/Cullen Jones/Jason Lezak/Garrett Weber-Gale did the whole gold medal thing on the 400m freestyle, did anyone else think Phelps was totally screaming, "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAH!!!111"...? I was thinking, "LOL ARE YOU KICKING THE SMACK-TALKING FRENCH ALAIN BERNARD BACKWARDS INTO THE POOL OR WHAT?"

So the new cd by The Faint is pretty hot. It took a couple listens to get into it but I would definitely have to say "Forever Growing Centipedes", "The Geeks Were Right" and "Fulcrum and Lever" are my three favorite tracks -- the last of which will give me nightmares forever. XD And the lyrics to "The Geeks Were Right" are totally love. <333 Heeehe~
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Hahaha! In a discussion concerning the movie Step Brothers on the IMDB message board:

Person #1: Wow, that really makes me want to see this movie (sarcasm). Why does Will Ferrell think his being naked is funny? No one wants to see naked men; even women don't. You want evidence? Why do 99% of exotic clubs feature female dancers?

Person #2: Because only men will pay for nudity and sex.

HAHAHAHA, ZING. Also found on IMDB -- I watched part of the Twilight fandom explode on IMDB yesterday during my lunch break, in a bad, bad way after spoilers for their new book were floating around. I should do a study on fandoms. It was like watching a star collapse or a train wreck or something equally as insane. I saw diehard fans of the books fully renounce their fandom and complain about how the series is ruined (Loch Ness Monster, lulz).

Most of the posts looked like this -- and this is an actual example:

It all sounds like something created by a hater or fanfiction
but it also sounds so like stephenie.

Is that supposed to be a compliment or a bash? :( I've seen a billion icons around LJ about how the last book is just one BIG FAIL, so this could take my study even further. I could include the reactions to the last Legacy of the Force (hell, NJO for that matter too -- loose ends much?) book and the last Harry Potter book for my study too. Of course, this is looking to be the most violent reaction I've seen.


Have I mentioned how much I love Terry (Nick Swardson) from Reno 911!: "I'm recording an album... it's called Terry: South Bitch: Live. Fuck you, Dad. And it drops in, uh 2009."

Terry: "I'm on wheels, yo!"
Raineesha: "Thats not the only thing you're on. What else are you on, Terry?"
Terry: "I'm on fucking crack, yo!"

Trudy: "Terry, when you're here, you're an ambassador for Reno."
Terry: "Heavy on the assador!"

Raineesha: "We got a call about lewd behavior on the boardwalk and you the only thing I see around here that could qualify as lewd."
Terry: "How is this... I'm not lewd at all... I don't even know what... lube or lewd?"

And those are only from the movie... if I started quoting Terry from the show... XDDDD Aaaaaaaand I totally didn't pick up Jim Dangle in Revelry Junction. Not at all. :|

Also, one of the best and most simple things in the world is sleeping in. HEART.
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Allllright, this is bad. You know how much I love me some Jacen Solo and Peter McVries. As far as characters from books go these two always take the cake. But on this readthrough of Lisey's Story, Scott Landon is looking more and more perfect and amazing.

In the case of Peter, we get background on him, sure (not enough jafksfjd). And it's all interesting and his snarky quotes and just everything about him is all kinds of YES. He has his flaws, he has is strengths. And then he's gone.

Jacen Solo, on the other hand, has had so many author's fingers all over him that he's gone from one end of the spectrum to the other and seems like a completely different character at different points in his life. So while I <3 him, he doesn't seem to evoke the same emotion from me that he did in his real years where he was questioning Every Single Thing and being unlike Every Other Jedi out there (kdjakfjaksfjdsd Traitor <3).

Then we get to Scott Landon. With Peter, there wasn't enough and with Jacen there was too much. Scott is like the little bear's junk and I'm Goldilocks and he's just right. He's human. His flaws make sense (*cough* Take note Jacen Solo).

And every little thing wrong with him makes him that much more endearing. The fact that we get to see it all through the eyes of someone who loves him so much despite his flaws (kjfksjfd I love Lisey <3) makes it even better. Sure, Scott cuts the shit out of his hand one night and swears they don't need to go to the emergency room, then he wakes Lisey up at four in the morning talking about, "WE NEED TO BUY A HOUSE. NO WAIT, THAT'S BACKWARDS. LET'S GET MARRIED." Sure, his hair's getting a little too long and he gnaws on his nails like a rat when he's reading and his teeth are a little crooked and he doesn't shut up when he gets to talking.

But he's a mean fry cook, he's had a shitty childhood that he shares with the one person he loves (as well as sharing a trip to that place), and he takes all of Lisey's words to heart. Families suck -- he tells her this as he wraps his bloody arm around her and kisses her temple.

This is the shit I LOVE reading about a character. Little odd things that make them more human.

If there was more Peter, I think Peter would take it all in this race. He's tragically and perfectly shaped and fleshed out, but there's not enough of him. Jacen, if LotF never happened, might take this spot as well -- in fact he has for awhile. But now he has this depressingly bitter aftertaste thing going (which makes me sad).

On this readthrough of Lisey's Story I think LITTLE SCOOT Scott is doing some complete pwnage. D:

I want my own Scott Landon.

Except you know, without the pneumonia eating of the fruit after sunset.

(It was tuned to the 50's on 5, and Lisey wasn't exactly surprised to hear "Sh-boom." Not The Chords, though; this was the cover version, recorded by a quartet Scott had insisted on calling The Four White Boys. Except when he was drunk. Then he called them The Four Cleancut Honkies.)

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If there's one thing that can get my mind off of anything and everything, it's a good book.

And this is me professing my love to Stephen King's brain again. I finished Duma Key at 5 this morning. All I can bring myself to say is Wow. Actually, make that WOW.

(When Edgar when back to Big Pink alone right near the end and found who what he expected, duuuuuude. ;-;)

You know The Long Walk is my favorite King book ever -- but Duma Key, Lisey's Story and Bag of Bones are all trying to claw it out of the top spot. D: These three books are holycrapsomuchawesome and I love his books that are like this. The ones where there's no actual super-serious immediate visual threat (such as dog/dead pet/car/crazy ass possessed husband/clown/randall flagg/guns/alter-ego killing machine/etc., not that I don't love those, but you know what I mean) -- any immediate visual threat (such as John Dooley/"Zack McCool" or Max Devore) are by far nowhere near the worst thing that the main protagonist (Edgar Freemantle/Lisey Landon/Mike Noonan) has to face (although I would argue for Lisey and the... can opener).

The protagonists are effing incredible, but it's also the life he puts in the main supporters -- like Jerome Wireman, Scott Landon and Mattie Devore -- that absolutely kill me. Jerome and the gun and the fruit -- plus Jesus-Krispies ("Wireman, did you just say Jesus-Krispies?" -- "Don't change the subject.") -- Scott and his bools, his bloody hand, his new underwear promise and Boo'ya Moon. Mattie and little Kyra, and how damn optimistic she could be even after all the shit Max (and that hole of a town) put her through. sdjfjadkfjaskfjdsdaf MY GOODNESS.

Not to mention Elizabeth Eastlake (her family), Perse (*shudder*), Ilse (._. <333333), Jack Cantori ("Jack Cantori ripped the seat of his pants. Now shut up a minute."), Amanda Debusher (Southwind), Paul Landon (oh my gawd the GROWLING), Jo (what was in her purse D:), Sara Tidwell (her fate) -- I could go on and on forever about this TRIPTYCH OF AMAZING.

But the bottom line is this. If you've read two of them, finish out the three. If you've only read one, pick up the others. If you haven't read any, go for it. They're heartwrenching and haunting and absolutely gorgeous.

("I like you, Edgar. You got style, you got class, you got the lips to kiss my ass."

"Beautiful. I may cry. Listen, Wireman..." <3)

And oh my crap yo -- SK: "I think that both The Mist and 1408 from last year are really good movies and both are based on shorter works. When you get a long book it’s kinda like trying to stuff everything into a suitcase and that can be very difficult. Duma Key has been optioned for movies and it may actually become a movie but I was surprised that it happened because it’s a story that has so much plot in it, it would really have to be simplified. Lisey’s Story on the other hand would make a great TV miniseries if it was done in the right way." I would absolutely die of happy.
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My mom and I started watching Twin Peaks last night. We've watched four hours of it so far. Really effed up so far. Which = awesome, by the way. And holy crap, James Hurley is the most emo-emo to ever emo in the history of the emo-culture. He was emo before it was fashionable. Every time he's on camera he has these huge puppy eyes and this pouty lip and he's just like "D: WAI WAI LAURA PALMER D: D: D: EMPHASIS ON THE D:~"

Also, Deputy Hawk is hot. Bobby has amazing hair but he is kind of a dick and a half. Aaaaaand that's damn good coffee. AND HOT!

OMG WTF HAHAHAHA. People on the Stephen King IMDB board are talking about who they would cast as Duma Key characters.

Let's see, I'm about up to the part where Edgar just finished his lecture, so I think I have a good mental image of Jerome Wireman by now, yes? He is described as tall and tan with black hair (graying a tad) and green eyes, YES? RIGHT?


There are some damn good quoteable lines in that book, by the way. So when I have my copy down here I must share. XDDDD

Also, big bag of :( for Gary Gygax. Dude, nerds wouldn't be as cool as they are today if it wasn't for him. The Penny Arcade comic was the best tribute to him cause it was fitting and nerdy all at the same time. It's also weird that I just watched the Code Monkeys episode last week where Todd takes kidnapped Molly Ringwald to Gary Gygax. O_O

P.S. 2008 has been awesome so far! First the cyst the size of a tennis ball eating my insides for a straight month and now a sinus infection! Woooooo antibiotics!
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LOL, who the hell keyworded Gormenghast as Steampunk on IMDB? And this is the best post on the message board for that movie, "Can you honestly blame Steerpike for wanting to kill these people?" ROFL SO TRUE. Steerpike is ten kinds of awesome, in the novel and the miniseries. And he is morally gray like so many of my other favorite characters. XD

I also love Simon Cowell. Really. This is what he thinks about his relationship with Ryan Seacrest: "You know when you go around to your aunty's and the little chihuahua gets on your leg because they think it's something else? That's my relationship with Ryan. It's like: Off!" MUAHAHAHAHA <3

I STILL HAVEN'T BOUGHT REVELATION YET. :O I have been feeling crappy and haven't really made it out anywhere besides work and back. Although, I'm looking at it this way -- the longer it takes me to read Revelation, the shorter I have to wait for Invincible.


Luke: Kyp, I think I remembered a mission I wanted to send you on...
Kyp: Is it Mission: Crash Royal Birthday Party?
Luke: ... What does the Force tell you?



Feb. 21st, 2008 06:59 pm
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Alright, so I'm reading Frankenstein for my Sci-Fi Lit class and dude, this book is crazy. I expected it to be, you know, mad scientist, "LOL IT'S ALIVE!!!11" -- thunder and lightning, boom boom, accidentally kill some people, huzzah.

No no, Victor Frankenstein (the creator) is kind of a puss. A sort of emo-bucket "awwww" puss, but a puss nonetheless. And people are dropping like flies and he's kind of like, "LOL, i'm not paying attention! Fingers in ears, can't hear you!" Mary Shelley must've been ten different kinds of crazy to write this and I love her for it.

So I'm almost to the end and I kind of fear for where it's gonna end up. It's like no one is safe. And the Monster is just like, ":D HAY GUYZ! *choke*" Haha, love.
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You cannot ruin one of my favorite books like this, dudes. D:

I need to read this book again.

Coin Locker Babies is a brilliantly inspired coming-of-age tale set in this increasingly amorphous, dark underbelly of modern Japan. Hashi and Kiku, both abandoned at birth by their mother in the coin lockers of a Tokyo train station, are rescued and sent to an orphanage where they are the subjects of an experiment that exposes them to subliminal sound and film. Eventually adopted by a family on a remote Japanese island, the boys are both guided and haunted by those subversive hypnotic impressions--the constant rhythm of a woman's heart beating accompanied by images of animals running across an opening range--as they grow up exploring the lush natural environment of their new home.

Models of rejection and alienation, Hashi and Kiku develop separate ways of coping with their condition. While working as a prostitute in Toxitown, Hashi's otherworldly voice is discovered by an unscrupulous pimp (Mr. D), and he becomes an overnight pop-star sensation. His singing actually induces the audience into a deep trance where the emotions, images, and sensations of their lives play out in languid stream-of-consciousness sequences. Hashi believes he can heal the world with his vocal cords and campy stage productions, which fall somewhere between Ziggy Stardust and Liberace.

Kiku becomes a championship pole vaulter. Outwardly, he's the strong and silent type, but beneath the surface rages the angst of a man hell-bent on destroying Tokyo as revenge for his abandonment. His quest for Datura, a poison eerily echoing the Sarin used in the Tokyo subway gassings, leads him on several adventures, finally to a mysterious government test site in a cave beneath the ocean.

I need to read this book again like mad.

HAHAHAHAHHAHA - This review on amazon:

What do you call a book about abandoned babies in coin lockers, a homicidal pole vaulter, a gay, straight, then gay again Jrocker, a drug called Datura, a filipino gun maker with missing teeth, a model who keeps a crocodile as a pet, discriptive images of blood, images of sex with men and women and prostitutes all around, a "sea" voyage, matricide, murder, weird out psycho antics, and an "end" to end it all? Well, if you guessed Coin Locker Babies then you're cool.

This book is by the same guy who wrote the book, Audition -- which I know some of you have seen the movie. XD That should tell you what the book is like, and in turn what Ryu Murakami's style is like. Heeehehe~ I've read a few books by him, but Coin Locker Babies is easily my favorite.
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And here is why Cell is going to be a crap movie. D:

"I f***ing love that book. Such a smart take on the zombie movie. I am so psyched to do it. I think you can really do almost a cross between the Dawn of the Dead remake with a 'Roland Emmerich' approach (for lack of a better reference) where you show it happening all over the world. When the pulse hits, I wanna see it hit EVERYWHERE. In restaurants, in movie theaters, at sports events, all the places that people drive you crazy when they're talking on their cell phones. I see total armageddon. People going crazy killing each other - everyone at once - all over the world. Cars smashing into each other, people getting stabbed, throats getting ripped out. The one thing I always wanted to see in zombie movies is the actual moment the plague hits, and not just in one spot, but everywhere. You usually get flashes of it happening around the world on news broadcasts, but you never actually get to experience it happening everywhere. Then as the phone crazies start to change and mutate, the story gets pared down to a story about human survival in the post-apocalyptic world ruled by phone crazies. I'm so excited, I wish the script was ready right now so I could start production. But it'll get written (or at least a draft will) while I'm doing Hostel 2, and then I can go right into it. It should feel like an ultra-violent event movie."

Said by Mister Eli "Hostel ZOMG BLOOD AND BOOBLES" Roth himself, who is slated to direct the film adaptation of Cell. While not being one of my favorite Stephen King books, I would still be interested in seeing someone good direct the shit out of that book -- you know, someone who knows what they're doing with King's stories (*cough* Frank Darabont, George A. Romero *cough*) and not just making a gore-fest for the shits and giggles of it. Did he even read the book? D:


Anyways, Darabont and Romero are going to be doing The Long Walk and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, respectively, which are two of my favorites. So, have your fun with Cell, torture-pr0n fans. :P

I figure the next book I will start after The Dark Half will be Everything's Eventual (omg short stories) and then Desperation/The Regulators (HELLO RICHARD BACHMAN <3) -- then Blaze (HELLO BACHMAN AGAIN, I ENJOYED YOUR LONG WALK BOOK THX) and probably by that time (with the release of Lotf: Fury in there somewhere) -- it will be time for Duma Key! And then after that maybe I'll finally get to the Dark Tower series. MUAH. So yeah, continuing the King kick. D:

MAN. I want to go to Vegas to see . D: Like really bad. I've seen Quidam, O, Mystere, Dralion and La Nouba (CAN'T PICK A FAVORITE D:) but this one has the crazy moving stage. And I thought the trampoline/walking up the building shit was crazy in La Nouba but OMG THIS IS AMAZING. Kfjds asjdf -- when the stage changes into a WALL AND THEY HAVE A WAR ON IT. Then they get all floaty and omg who WANTS TO GO TO VEGAS????/

Also, KOOZÅ is coming here the Fall of next year. ewhfaehfd heeeeeeeeeee~~

EDIT: If you ever get the chance to see a CdS show, YOU MUUUUSSSSSSST. MAGIC, FO' SHO. XD
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I finished the book in the car in the parking lot today on my lunch break. Dude.

FJKHDhajkhsdjfhasjdfh j hajsdfh THIS BOOK.

Here is my spoiler-free gush of Stephen King's Lisey's Story! Just for you! And you all know how much I love spoilers for everything, so that is how bad I want anyone and everyone to pick this book up -- I'm keeping spoilers away! NO WAI!!111 XD

First off, here is your spoiler-free summary that is more professional than my gushing (maybe cause it's a publisher's summary, hurrr)! Just so you know what the book is actually about. ;D

Lisey Debusher Landon lost her husband Scott two years ago, after a twenty five year marriage of the most profound and sometimes frightening intimacy. Lisey knew there was a place Scott went -- a place that both terrified and healed him, could eat him alive or give him the ideas he needed in order to live. Now it's Lisey's turn to face Scott's demons, Lisey's turn to go to Boo'ya Moon. What begins as a widow's effort to sort through the papers of her celebrated husband becomes a nearly fatal journey into the darkness he inhabited.

Book = Wow. I don't really know what else to say. D:

All the shit that Scott Landon went through and all the ways he shared it with Lisey and the actual Lisey's Story, I can't even fangasm enough. They way everything fit together and meshed was great. I also love all the little tidbits here and there on the words they use to/for each other and the little idioms Scott and Lisey had (SOWISA, Scott's hair, "Reality is Ralph!", the "african" blanket, bool!, etc.) -- at first you're like, "What the shit...?" And I know a lot of people couldn't get over all the things like that thrown in because they must not know how to immerse themselves in a book. :P I love the fact that Scott got Lisey saying "smuck/smucking/smuck this" in place of "fuck/fucking/fuck this" -- I find myself using "smuck" now.

Also, the way Lisey calls back to all these moments in their lives. Germany where "anything and everything that could go wrong went wrong", Nashville where Deep Space Cowboy GAC pulled a gun on Scott (not a spoiler! XD), the childhood recollections from Pennsylvania, and I don't even want to get into Kentucky. ;-; Then the trips to Boo'ya Moon. Holy crap. Gorgeous. Don't even get me started on the insanity that is the Debusher sisters either. Lisey, Amanda, Darla and Cantata (and even Jodi XD) are like the epitome of sister. It is perfect. XD

And this wouldn't be Stephen King without blood and the crazy, yes? Yes! (Which is why we love! <333) Let's just say there is Lisey, a fucker smucker "named" "Zack McCool" and a can opener. I could totally feel her pain just by reading about it. kdfjl;asklfjdaksjdf It still makes me hurt. And it fits in with the story, yessssss. Pain. D:

Of course, it also wouldn't be Stephen King without all the crazy, raw human emotion -- much like that found in The Body (which later was adapted to become Stand By Me. LEECHES!) and The Long Walk, which is another reason I'm in love with this book. It's about love, loss and the beauty of the human imagination. Stephen King's version of a love story. And GOOD LORD what a story it is. LOOOOOOOOVE.

(OMG and when you get to that flashback, the one you know is coming throughout the whole book and you're dreading it and dreading it but you still want to know how it happened... damn. I felt like stupid Whiny Amber from Big Brother cause I was bawling, yo. I was reading the book in bed laying down, and there was like a puddle of tears pooling at my collarbone. D: I WAS ALL WIBBLY. And then of course, the next day I go to work with huge ["Puffickly huh-yooge" -- as Scott Landon would say] puffy eyes and all the while I'm thinking, "MOOOOORE. I WANT TO READ MOOOOOOOOORE. GIVE ME THE BOOOOOOOOOK~")

So yeah, when I get back from D*C, expect a fanmix for this book -- as well as the one for The Long Walk. The songs are all finished for both, I just need all my quotes from Lisey's Story. And to finish all the covers. The Long Walk cover only needs 19 more boys! 19! I have 81 on there and it's taking fucking smucking FOREVER. BUT... LOVE. XD

SCOTT + LISEY = OTP, AMIRITE. They are the definition, yo. And again, husband like Scott, plz.

P.S. I am totally getting married on November 19th. And since the first Saturday that is November 19th is in 2011, that will be my wedding day. OKAY. SET. (I totally feel like Elliot from Scrubs with all her wedding plans a billion years before she needs them. XD)

P.S.S. The reason Scott and Lisey wouldn't have kids made me cry like a bitch. D:


(P.S.S.S. Everything the same. I love you. OMG ;-;!)

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