Jan. 26th, 2012 05:30 pm
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All that catching up I said I was gonna do on the internet and costumes and MAGFest recaps and crap was put aside because my mother, Duane and I (and my sister met us there) went to Connecticut this week because my Grandfather died. I never knew any of my grandparents (father's parents, mom's mother) besides him (mom's father) because they all died when I was really young-- and I had never been to a funeral before (even though his wife, my stepgrandma, didn't have a "big" funeral - we just had a viewing/gathering at the funeral home with about 8 of us, family and close friends).

So this week has been odd for me. It's been new, it's been sad and it's been long. I didn't really know what to expect. We spent a lot of time with my step-grandma and her sense of humor has gotten sillier over the years, which was a nice surprise. We ate lots of amazing food. I had my first tartufo thanks to her, which, my god, it is a tastebud-gasm. Valerie and I played Mario Party on the DS at the hotel and bitched at Peach and Daisy. We ate a billion plates of food at Jimmie's which is a restaurant my Mom always loved. We also bought like 4 pounds of cookies altogether.

We just got back today and I'm going to work tomorrow. Then it will be the weekend and I will be working on costumes for Katsucon to get my mind on something else. I already know I can't finish my Young Jedi Knights Tenel Ka armor that I was originally planning to finish, so I'm gonna throw a YJK-type Tenel Ka together for the shoot (since Nate is bringing YJK Jacen and Kayla is bringing YJK Zekk - I didn't want to bring a Queen Momma TK when they were doing YJK). And we won't have time to make our Persona 2 costumes as detailed and well as we want so we'll probably push those back to another con. We're going to put all our energy into the Glitterati costumes now and finishing the Silent Hill 2 costumes.

I told myself after MAGFest I was going to quit being a lazy bitch and do stuff - work on websites, learn how to use this serger I bought forever ago, keep up with commenting and stuff, write more -- and I have done nothing. I have been lazy. And that needs to stop. :|

How do I get motivated?
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So I'm taking a costume away from Katsucon and pushing it back - I've been putting so much into Santa right now that June is getting no attention (not to mention the new sleeves for the Tempest Tenel Ka and the fix-ups on Barbie) so I'll be holding off on June. I want to put effort into it and not just throw it together, hehe~ SO THE NEW PLAN IS...

KATSUCON: Barbie (Toy Story 3), Tenel Ka (Star Wars - Tempest cover), Santa (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors)
THIS OTHER THING: June (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors), Elaine Marley (Monkey Island)

Now THIS OTHER THING = my family (Mom, Duane, Valerie, Brian and then myself and Nate) is planning a trip. We all haven't gone on a trip together in foreverrrrr so this will be awesome. And apparently we're going on a cruise. I have never been on a cruise, but this is providing too many good opportunities for complete massive nerdery. JUNE AND JUNPEI PICTURES ON A SHIP LOLOLOL.

And Valerie says the opportunity for Monkey Island pictures on an actual Caribbean beach is too good to pass up - I would have to agree here since our only current shots are in a HOTELLLLL. XD

This weekend was spent cleaning and putting up new blinds and doing homework and cleaning some more. Although, we got in more Laura Bow in, which is good. Nate also hooked it up to the new tv - so I had Laura Bow on the big screen and I almost wibbled of nostalgia. ALMOST. Then Nate made a comment about "BUH. WHAT, YOU DIDN'T EVEN SEE THAT BITCH FALL BY THE WINDOW?" and my wibbles turned into cackles.

I GOT A WORDPRESS DUR DUR, I can't remember if I linked it here. But it'll pretty much be a home for entries of the boring blah blah creative type (photos, costumes, progress updates, shop stuff, craft stuff). Like the latest one where I ramble endlessly about making that flipping paperclayed-to-the-end-of-the-world lightsaber.


...I am so out of it. I think the cleaning products got to my head this weekend.

P.S. WHO HAS A DEVIANTART I CAN STALK? I'm hereeee. <333 Need more artists to stallllk.
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Okay, so my flight from Florida came back in the window between the two crazy snowstorms. There's two feet here that came when I was gone and then supposedly there's another ten inches being dropped on us tomorrow. I just managed to make it in on the day where nothing is falling from the sky. PHEW.

But yeah, Florida was good. Valerie and Brian are good. My Dad is crazy and awesome as always. We went to Sea World (Nate was sad he couldn't come to Florida cause omg omg Sea World omg stingrays XD) and rode the crazy new roller coaster -- MANTA!!1 It was really slick; the way they make you sit though is insane (normally, then they lock your feet in and tilt you 90 degrees forward so you're face down). We stayed with Dad for a couple days after that and then last night we drove back to Orlando and stayed at Disney's Polynesian Resort. It was amazing. We watched the fireworks in the Magic Kingdom from across the lagoon at the hotel and I finally got to see the Water Pageant. XD


I have also decided that I need to go back to Disney World really, really bad. So Valerie and I were nerding about trips to Disney and we figured out February of next year would be a good time. We've always wanted to do the cruise too. So it'll probably be like five days at the parks and then the three day cruise. ANYONE IS WELCOME TO PLAN WITH US AND JOIN IN ON ANY PART OF THE TRIP. So you have a year to figure out if you want to go! ;D

In the car on the way to Orlando yesterday I was thinking about a new Tenel Ka costume. Like a Queen Mother-era fancy armor kind of thing. It was going somewhere in my head, so we'll see if anything actually comes of it. I still want to make a fancy Queen Mother dress too -- especially since I got that half-capelet done (although I might be able to put that with the Tempest jumpsuit costume, but we'll see) but I'm not sure yet. Kind of want to do the armor more. I DON'T KNOWWWW -- I know in the near future I'll be taking more pictures of the TK costumes I actually have since most of the pictures I have are in LOL HOTELS and seem out of place, hahaha~

Woo! Celebration V Online Convention information shall be here soon! Then real pre-registrations can begin~ ;D


P.S. I almost peed my pants of excitement.
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Yes, here they are, almost three months late. But they are still here. And that's what counts. Also, it's nice to have this flashback to WARMTH while it is freezing. XD

WE'RE OFF TO COZUMEL! And by us I mean me, Mom, Duane, Nate, Ronnie and Alex. And by Cozumel I mean LITTLE TINY ISLAND OF PRETTY. )

YAY COZUMEL PICTURES~~ now I want to go back. :3


Dec. 26th, 2008 03:23 pm
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So I need to catch up on LJ but mad, but besides that I am having a very good holiday season. Valerie and Brian are here and we're all sitting around and being dorks and such. We played some Left 4 Dead last night (ZOMBIES ON CHRISTMAS~!) and it was a good day.

I got Chrono Trigger DS, lots of shirts -- Space Olympics, Ghost Hunters, Alchemilla Hospital from Silent Hill, Electric Dream Machine and OMG BERT BRINGING NERDY BACK I LOVE YOU (I love my t-shirts), a cute sweater, a jump drive I needed very bad, a heated blanket I had been eyeing in the store, the Haunted Mansion version of Clue -- there's much fun I received and I can't even remember it all now.

And omg, Valerie made me these effing adorable notepads at VistaPrint with the Solo Family on them! You know, when they were all awesome and alive. There's Han, Leia, Jacen, Jaina, Anakin, Chewie and A CRYSTAL SNAKE. I MUST TAKE A PICTURE, THEY'RE SO CUTE.

Now my mom and Valerie and Brian and I are sitting around watching American Gladiators, LOL. And I am being asked where we will all be eating for my birthday and I HAVE NO IDEA. D:

Valerie is also helping me plan out one of my Katsucon costumes -- the one I will be wearing for all the Shin Megami Tensei fun. She mentioned it last night when we were talking about Persona 4 and now I'm super excited and nerdy about it. IF I CAN PULL IT OFF, OF COURSE.


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