Jan. 31st, 2011


Jan. 31st, 2011 12:46 am
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So Nate made a mistake by introducing me to Death Note. There are certain animes I love and it really takes a lot for me to get into one. If I don't like it by the first/maybe second episode -- if it doesn't catch me -- then I can't watch the rest even if it gets completely awesome later. I'M WEIRD. :( Or just picky about watching things.

One day Nate was all, "I think if you enjoy the craziness, intensity and twists of 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors then you would like Death Note."

Now I had heard of Death Note before, but didn't know anything about it and hadn't seen it. I knew the fans were rabid (not that that is bad all the time), lol. But I said, "I LIKE CRAZINESS, I'LL TRY IT. SURE."

So the first episode I thought, "Okay, premise is pretty neat. Let's see where they go." Also, Ryuk wins everything. By the second episode I was almost ready to sail this ship. By the third I was on the front of the ship with my arms out like flippin' Titanic. MY HEART WILL GO ON, AMITIRE?

If you told me, "There is a whole episode of this anime where all that happens is this dude tries to get this chick's names and you will love it." I would've told you, "LOLOLOL STFU WHATEVER. DISLIKE."

But that episode had me chewing my fingers cause I had already chewed my fingernails off on the episode before. Light + Death Note = total justice dealing dickface. I LOVE IT.

We're on episode 19 right now and things are getting even more crazy, which I thought wasn't possible, but apparently it is.

I kept saying to Nate, "OH GOD. I BET THE L/LIGHT SLASH ON THE INTERWEBS IS ABUNDANT. OH YES. OH MAAAAN." And he keeps laughing about it. I also keep saying that he should cosplay as Light. He's tall, he can easily pass for high school/college age when he shaves and he always wears nice outfits (plus I would just like to make the Death Note, lol) -- then I started in with the "I WILL COSPLAY AS L AND SLASH WITH YOU OKAY THAT'S GOOD YES~"

He thinks I'm kidding. He thinks I won't do it.

Excuse me, bros, while I prep my eyeliner, look for a black wig and gather an abundance of sugar-infused items.

(WE FINISHED THE FIRST GAME ON OUR LIST OF 100! IT'S A MIRACLE! Let's see if we can keep it up! XDDD)

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