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So the rest of Sunday has a billion photos because it was more Star Wars time and Long Walk time and we saw other fun costumes. IT WAS OVER A MONTH AGO ALREADY I'M FORGETTING EVERYTHING. D:

CRAZINESS. Also, Ashley's thing she does with her neck in her Nightsister outfit that creeps me out. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Aaaaaaaand Nate being a bloody boy model?

And for real, I apologize in advance for the absolute incoherency this post will contain. I AM OUT OF IT. :B

Sunday, September 4 - Errrrebody in the room gettin' tipsy. Star Wars, random costumes I loved, The Long Walk, bloody blood, another emo album cover. AAAAND there's the hotel room number, wtf. )

Monday and Tuesday don't have a lot of photos so I'm hoping to get that one up by this weekend! THEN STARTS THE DRAGON*CON 2012 PLANNING OKAY.
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Peter McVries from The Long Walk. Hands down. The only one who comes close is Scott Landon from Lisey's Story.

I have a ton of favorites from King's stories... but those are the top two. :3

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I got the Ray Garraty/Long Walk photos up over at [livejournal.com profile] sevensatellites from my PHOTO CLASS FINAL PORTFOLIO LOL -- this is aka I wanted an excuse to shoot Long Walk pictures. I need more Walkers though. Nate had to be lonely Ray Garraty being angsty and sad and ALONNNNNNEEEE. He makes a pretty good Ray. Although he is a giant like Abraham, hence his Dragon*Con Walker~ XD -- LONG WALK PHOTOS!

And I was goofing off today on the wonderful world website of Cafepress and joked on Twitter that I wanted a TEAM CAEDUS SHIRT. So what did I do? THIS. D:

I don't know whether or not to keep the women's fit shirt -- the only color it looks good in is black (the others are like bright green and bright purple). But I don't know if that is different enough to keep vs. just the regular t-shirt (which is a looser fit but comes in better colors). I figure I'll be making a TEAM JACEN one too... in a more normal font (probably Times New Roman vs. Caedus' Times New Yorker) -- and then I have a billion other TEAMS in my head (Jaina's beaus, EWOKS LOL, KYLE KATARN, all kinds of crap). ONE DAY I WILL GET TO MAKING ALL OF THEM. Actually, I kind of want a TEAM ZEKK not because that's really who I go for in the JAINA BEAU WARS but just cause Zekk is awesome and gets continuously screwed over in canon. :|


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Okay, I'm currently finishing two short fanfictions. One, Louis and Ellis (Left 4 Dead) out on a Special Infected-infested food hunt together. Two, Jaina visits Tenel Ka (Star Wars) after Caedus' death. And wow, both of these have slightly slashy undertones. WHAT IS THIS?

But then I have a few more ideas for stories that are eating my brain. And I'm not sure which one to work on.

1.) [ SW ] Jaina, babysitting the dear niece of hers, gets a visit from Jacen in the middle of the night. Talking ensues. Also, possible hugs. (post-LotF)
2.) [ SW ] Caedus needs assistance in reaching Tenel Ka to talk to her and makes his one supar sekritt double agent from Hapes help him achieve this. Said agent is a mere male and a social secretary and takes care of Tenel Ka's schedule and his name starts with a G. I think some of you can see where I'm going with this. (mid-LotF)
3.) [ Stephen King ] Scott Landon and Mike Noonan are signing autographs at a literary conference, chatting it up and goofing off, unaware that odd things have happened in both of their home lives. Lisey approaches, Scott gets his special brand of mushy/pushy on and Mike gets nostalgic. (post-Bag of Bones, pre-Lisey's Story)

Plus, I am actually still chugging along on the SW long stories: Absolved (third in a trilogy of lol terror started in 2003, Jacen/Tenel Ka, lots of insanity plus some Jared Leto, Rachel Weisz and Mos Def ...what? And 100% more assassination attempts!) and The First Time (post-LotF, TK/Zekk[/Caedus...?], angry crack).

And there's all the original things swimming around my head, naturally. I currently have six files sitting on my hard drive of long stories I've started but none of them are sparking as much as I want them to. I know there's this idea I'm horribly ready to work on and it just hasn't surfaced in my head yet. COME TO ME, IDEA. O_O

Let's ride a completely different train of thought! Here are some random pictures from my phone.

This is my new baby, the STAR HOME LOLOLOL. No, for real. That's my new car and I love it to bits.

These little gems are things I found on the deep corners of the internet and had to buy them because of my obsession love for this book. I would tuck these in with me and sleep with them if I didn't think I would roll over on them and ruin them. The one on the left is an original 1980 U.K. first edition printing of The Long Walk, while the one on the right is an original 1979 U.S. first edition printing. The covers~ <3333333333333333333333333333333333


Also something of note: Garraty, Olson, Harkness and Baker all appear on the U.K. cover. Stebbins and McVries are nowhere to be found (unless McVries is the 6_ way behind Garraty). I say they're making out/killing each other behind the halftrack. And I'd like to think the U.S. cover is a gigantic spoiler and Stebbins is featured on it. XD

Oh my god Frank Darabont, pleeeeease work on/finish The Long Walk sooooooon. Best movie ever.

(And please please please put Stebbins in the actual outfit he is wearing in the book: He was skinny and blond, wearing purple pants and a blue chambray shirt under an old green zip sweater with holes in the elbows.

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HI THERE. This is Until The End, a fanmix on Peter McVries -- #61 in Richard Bachman Stephen King's brilliant 1979 novel, The Long Walk.

Pete has always been my favorite Walker and The Long Walk has pretty much been my favorite book since I first read it over a decade ago. I have made/posted fanmixes for The Long Walk in general (see Final Warning) and The Musketeers aka Ray/Peter/Art/Hank (see The Four Shot) -- and I also run a small fansite dedicated to the book... so as you can see I've always been a little enamored with this book.

Just a little. :P

Anyways, here is a fanmix for Peter McVries. I went from a fanmix for the book, to one for four of the central characters, to my favorite character -- meaning you'll probably see a couple of familiar songs on here if you've been around for the other two LW fanmixes. Yay for tying things together and all that jazz! But yeah, this is all Peter all the time and the feelings on Ray, Priscilla and the Walk in general.

It turned out to be a kind of creepy mix of songs, but once I listened to it all a few times, I felt it just worked.

followed the sun till night -- UNTIL THE END // a Peter McVries fanmix )

WHOOP WHOOP oh yeah, check here for any old fanmixes you might want. Stephen King, Bioshock, boys boys boys, Jacen Solo crack, crack, Myst, Persona, Resident Evil damn I love making these. I LOVE MY MUSICS. <33333

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LOL, there will be more later, but I will give you a couple pictures for now. You know how every year I end up taking one picture myself that I absolutely love with all my heart? (2007, 2008, etc.)

This is my picture for this year:

(Sara as Harkness/#49, Emily as Olson/#70, Nate as Abraham/#2 and Ashley as Baker/#3 -- holy djklfjaksdjfkajsdfiejfkdfjsdf omg <33333333333333 Seriously, after I took that picture I stood there looking at it and then got super giddy and was like OMG YOU GUYS COME HERE COME DOWN THE STAIRS AND LOOK HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND YOU MADE MY FANGIRLY LIFE)


Also, I love Ashley so hard for her makeup skillz. Besides the bullet holes above, check this shit out:


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So in my 498548593248 time reading The Long Walk (in reality it's probably like my twenty-something time) I've realized I end up finding new things in each read and find myself paying attention to different aspects of the characters and different relationships, etc. Like this time for some reason I just keep thinking of the Walkers female counterparts -- sisters, mothers, girlfriends. Sure, you hear about Ray's girlfriend Jan and his mom a bit, also Peter's ex-bitch ex-girlfriend Priscilla and a bit about his little sister -- then there's Percy's mom, of course.

But for real, think about how the mothers and all them feel about their boys doing this. Signing up to go walk with a 99% chance of getting a bullet to the head. It hurts a little. There's no way in hell I'd want my boyfriend or son or brother doing that. D:

Another thing I love about this book are the characters, of course. I love that they all have their flaws (except Baker, lol, he's such a sweetheart) -- McVries has mood swings, Olson gets cocky, Parker is a bit of a bitch, I shouldn't even have to mention Barkovitch and Stebbins. Even Ray says some stuff that's not too sweet. And that's why I love them. They're not perfect, they're not the best guys in the world and that's why they're so relatable/<3-able. Then 99 of them go and get killed. :\

SPEAKING OF THE LONG WALK: We have five Long Walkers for Dragon*Con! McVries, Baker, Harkness, Olson and Abraham WOOOOO!

I'm gonna make the new numbers next weekend. Anyone else want in? We will have bullet holes for yooooou! And a number! All you need is the belt and canteen and depending on who you are it's usually normal clothes. Let's see who is left. There's Stebbins (blue shirt, purple pants, green vest, lol), Barkovitch (the mean bitch XD), Scramm (he's married, you know) -- hell, we don't have a RAY GARRATY. And there's 91 others! XD
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"He just can't get enough," Pearson said tiredly.


"Almost two hundred and fifty miles," Pearson groaned. "My feet are like lead with poison inside them. My back's burning. And that screwed up McVries doesn't have enough yet. He's like a starving man gobbling up laxatives."

"He wants to be hurt, do you think?"

"Jesus, what do you think? He ought to be wearing a BEAT ME HARD sign. I wonder what he's trying to make up for."

Time for my yearly re-read of The Long Walk! XD


May. 4th, 2009 10:58 pm
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1.) I had 4 episodes of Harper's Island backed up on the TIVO cause I was debating on whether or not I wanted to invest the time. I've watched two of them now. It's totally worth the time. Also, seeing Bobby and Ruby 1.0 (the good one :P) on here make me giddy. Only two episodes in and there's been five murders. Also, the eye candy is AMAZING. Whenever Jimmy comes on I absolutely melt.

Very happy I have been TIVOing these. Will continue. <3

2.) I haven't laughed so fucking hard in a long time:

The Starburst commercial always made me laugh my ass off, but adding Yosuke (and Kanji and Teddie) made it so much better. The facial expressions are perfect. Props to [livejournal.com profile] tsugarusp! :D

3.) I haven't written in way too long. Nothing really has come to me lately. Original or fanfiction. There's always a couple sentences here and there, like the SW one from earlier today. In the past hour though I had two sorts of things. One original long-ass crazy story idea and then there's this bitch.


He was dancing somewhere between disgusted, angry and depressed. One of those feelings that didn't have an exact word and was hard to describe, but so very easy to feel.

He had returned from the hospital mere minutes before, half past one in the morning, to an apartment full of drunk roommates. He didn't know where the booze had come from, nor did he care. He wasn't shocked at all when none of them bothered to notice the freshly stitched up gash on his face.

"Hey Pete, sorry we drank all the beer!" One of them called out. Could've been Mark, could've been Gunther.

Peter McVries didn't give a sweet fuck which one it was. They all sounded the same when their words were slurred. He just strolled through the tiny living room area, into his even smaller bedroom and quickly shut the door behind him. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do at that point, but he knew it would either be a.) pick up the lamp on his nightstand -- the one without the shade -- and chuck that motherfucker against the wall or b.) slam his back against the door and slide down it for a sob or two.

C. C won. C was Peter standing aimlessly in the middle of his room, jaw slack, eyes glazed over, fingers tracing the stitches over the gash on his face. Touching it hurt like hell, but that didn't matter. What mattered was her.



IDEAS. I HAVEN'T HAD YOU IN SO LONG. WELCOME TO MY HEAD. Time to build some stories, yo. :O
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LOL book discussion on The Long Walk over at the book club!
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So my pictures from fanmixing yesterday made me think...

Under this cut, I cast five Stephen King books (along with rambles and reasonings). These are dream-castings, obviously, since they will never happen and some of them can't happen (like casting River Phoenix or a younger Jensen Ackles). Also, The Dark Half already has a movie, yes, but I had a wacked-out dream about this casting and it flipped me out and I would kill to see it. It would be THE BEST THING EVER.

LOL, what the shit is this casting Zac Efron twice? Of all people, Zac Efron? XD And if I ended up casting Duma Key as well then I would've casted the whole Winchester family! Hehe~ I can't for the life of me think of anyone for Wireman though. IDEAS, ANYONE?


Lisey's Story, Bag of Bones, The Long Walk, The Dark Half & Cell )

I think that was bad cause now I want to go reread this hot, hot stuff all over again. Along with Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Needful Things... *continues to ramble off books*

<3333333333333333333333333333 WHAT.
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HEY [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be. WORD.

In other news, UHM, BATTLE ROYALE NOVEL MUCH? I love how Stephen King is the reviewer and he's like, "BATTLE ROYALE, THE RUNNING MAN, THE LONG WALK, WHAT?" Then I spazzed cause he mentioned the Long Walk and I name-dropped Peter McVries, NATURALLY.

Shit, I would've name-dropped Peter McVries no matter who the reviewer was or who brought up The Long Walk.

And I LOLed at the comment where the person is like, "KING HAS WRITTEN LOTS OF YOUNG ADULT NOVELS LIKE IT AND CARRIE~" Did this person even read those books? Those are not young adult novels.

Also, teehehe Michael Phelps at Disney World! :D


Aug. 16th, 2008 12:17 am
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Okay, so I should probably be working on costumes or something useful, but instead I find myself sitting on LJ reading entries in the community [livejournal.com profile] bad_sex --


Also, I LOLed.

THE FAINT! Okay, so I mentioned the song "Fulcrum and Lever" from the new Faint cd giving me nightmares. The sound of it is so odd and creepy and the lyrics are about a kid and his friends who tried to fly and the kid lands in some place that looks like Earth, but it's really weird. I love this song. LOOOOVE.

And I love this line: "Gravity seems weak until you look down."

("A Battle Hymn for Children" is a really good song too. ALSO. "FOREVER GROWING CENTIPEDES" -- I WANT THIS SONG'S MUSICAL BABIES. When did Todd start sounding so hot? When he says "Forever growing centipedes, you and I" and the "Every time I move I'm in another dimension" verse~ dafjksjdkfjaksfjdkjsdfkljksfd OH MAN WHAT?)

And some Long Walk love. After a gunshot is heard...

Baker: "Barkovitch. That was Barkovitch, I'm sure it was."
Barkovitch: "Wrong, redneck! One hundred per cent dead wrong!"

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So I wrote some FANFICTION OF THE LONG WALK TYPE OVER AT [livejournal.com profile] caineslayer.

Priscilla always makes me angry because of how she treated Peter (not that he was like a super-amazing gentleman all the time, lol), but I couldn't get the idea out of my head that she actually still had feelings for him even after all their bullshit.

And that story was born. D:

Cause I'm always like, "THAT CHICK IS SUCH A BITCH, HOW DARE SHE." Of course, Peter was telling his side of things to Ray...

... but then again the bitch did slice his face open.

WHAT CAN I SAY? I tried to make her look human and still fit in with Peter's story of his scar. I TRIED.

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Alright, there was always the subtle Garraty/McVries vibe in The Long Walk, it couldn't be ignored. I know there's actually squealing fangirls out there who are all over Garraty/McVries -- but these parts do nothing to help the two of them get away from this. Somewhere inside of me there is a little voice absolutely squealing for Garraty/McVries = OTP too. For real.

They fight like a married couple -- it's like they heart each other, but bitch and snipe ALL THE EFFING TIME.

(This is one of my absolute favorite passages from any book EVER. It's so Peter. I also adore Ray's: "With a face like mine? I thought you perverts liked the willowy type." OH MY GOD PLEASE MAKE THE SCRIPT OF THE MOVIE AS CLOSE TO THE BOOK AS POSSIBLE. PLEASE.)

    "You're all crazy," Parker said amiably. "I'm getting out of here." He put on a little speed and had soon nearly disappeared into the blinking shadows.
    "He thinks we're queer for each other," McVries said, amused.
    "He what?" Garraty's head snapped up.
    "He's not such a bad guy," McVries said thoughtfully. He cocked a humorous eye at Garraty. "Maybe he's even half right. Maybe that's why I saved your ass. Maybe I'm queer for you."
    "With a face like mine? I thought you perverts liked the willowy type." Still, he was suddenly uneasy.
    Suddenly, shockingly, McVries said: "Would you let me jerk you off?"
    Garraty hissed in breath. "What the hell--"
    "Oh, shut up," McVries said crossly. "Where do you get off with all this self-righteous shit? I'm not even going to make it any easier by letting you know if I'm joking. What say?"
    Garraty felt a sticky dryness in his throat. The thing was, he wanted to be touched. Queer, not queer, that didn't seem to matter now that they were all busy dying. All that mattered was McVries. He didn't want McVries to touch him, not that way.
    "Well, I suppose you did save my life--" Garraty let it hang.
    McVries laughed. "I'm supposed to feel like a heel because you owe me something and I'm taking advantage? Is that it?"
    "Do what you want," Garraty said shortly. "But quit playing games."
    "Does that mean yes?"
    "Whatever you want!" Garraty yelled. Pearson, who had been staring, nearly hypnotized, at his feet, looked up, startled. "Whatever you goddam want!" Garraty yelled.
    McVries laughed again. "You're all right, Ray. Never doubt it." He clapped Garraty's shoulder and dropped back.
    Garraty stared after him, mystified.
    "He just can't get enough," Pearson said tiredly.
    "Almost two hundred and fifty miles," Pearson groaned. "My feet are like lead with poison inside them. My back's burning. And that screwed up McVries doesn't have enough yet. He's like a starving man gobbling up laxatives."
    "He wants to be hurt, do you think?"
    "Jesus, what do you think? He ought to be wearing a BEAT ME HARD sign. I wonder what he's trying to make up for."
    "I don't know," Garraty said. He was going to add something else, but saw Pearson wasn't listening anymore. He was watching his feet again, his weary features drawn in lines of horror. He had lost his shoes. The dirty white athletic socks on his feet made gray white arcs in the darkness.


And when Garrarty mentions something that happened when he was younger, something a teenage boy would probably be like, "OKAY WAIT WHAT?" at -- he doesn't balk at it one bit. And sure, Garraty could just be talking shit and going crazy, but what he says doesn't faze Peter for a second cause he's too busy worried about HIS BABY.

Jimmy and the clothes-off incident, more McVries yayness... )

MAKEOUT, Y/N? WHAT DO YOU CALL IT? McArraty? GaVries? Reter? Pay? I'm kind of a fan of McArraty.

And when Peter's little sister is all, "PETIE'S GOING ON AN ADVENTURE~!" Petie. Petie. My heart totally broke for that little girl cause she had no idea Petie's adventure had a 99% chance of her brother getting a bullet to the brain.

I feel a fanfiction coming on. D:

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So you all know me and you know I've talked the book The Long Walk by Stephen King Richard Bachman up to death. I had my poll about it a little while back and I know some of you have read the book and know the characters (HOLLA BITCHES) -- but this soundtracky musical thing popped into my head and had to be built. I guess you could call it a fanmix. Or maybe four mini-fanmixes? I don't know. I have a fanmix for the whole book here (and just had to carry Peter's song over from that one), but I had to give specific love to these boys again, because I will never have enough of them. So here are four little mini-mixes of doom. Six songs for each of the four Musketeers.

The angry teenage boy in my head is very happy in an emo and pissed off sort of way. And yes, I almost said -- "the angry teenage boy inside me" -- ZING.

Anyways, click the title outside of the cut (under the picture below) for The Whole Fanmix. There are four .zip files under the cuts that contain each little mini-fanmix on their own, if you only want one or a few. I suggest the whole thing though since it makes one big coherent ANGRY TEENAGE BOY BITCHFEST. :D

(Also, River + Lou + Zac + young!Jensen = YAY <3)

THE FOUR SHOT -- A LONG WALK FANMIX; for the musketeers.
[ because i love sitting down in front of the tube with
a tv dinner and watching adolescent boys walk to their
deaths -- reality tv at it's freakin' ass finest ]



ART BAKER / #03 )

HANK OLSON / #70 )

Oh, this book. <333333333~
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Parker: "Shit. What a dipshit state this is. Goddman trees everyplace! Is there a whole damn city in the whole damn place?"
Garraty: "We're funny up here. We think it's fun to breathe real air instead of smog."
Parker: "Ain't no smog in Joliet, you fucking hick. What are you laying on me?"
Garraty: "No smog but a lot of hot air."
Parker: "If I was home, I'd twist your balls for that."
McVries: "Now boys. Why don't you settle this like gentlemen? First one to get his head blown off has to buy the other one a beer."
Garraty: "I hate beer."
Parker: "You fucking bumpkin."

McVries: "Olson! Hey, Hank!"
Baker: "Why don't you leave him alone?"
McVries: "Hey Hank! Wanna go for a walk?"
Olson: "Go to hell."
McVries: "What? What choo say, bo?"
Olson: "Hell! Hell! Go to hell!"
McVries: "Is that what you said."

McVries: "Prince Charming, that's who I am. Now all I need is a Sleeping Beauty. I could awake her with a big sloppy soul kiss and the two of us would ride away into the sunset. At least as far as the nearest Holiday Inn."
Olson: "Walk."
McVries: "Huh?"
Olson: "Walk into the sunset."
McVries: "Walk into the sunset, okay. True love either way. Do you believe in true love, Hank dear?"
Olson: "I believe in a good screw."
Baker: *cackles*
Garraty: "I believe in true love."

I will never get over the dialogue in this book. It never gets old. Neither do these boys. <3333333


Jul. 27th, 2008 05:30 pm
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Okay, whatever year the Long Walk movie comes out, there totally needs to be a bunch of us all bullet-holed (save for that one magical boy, natch) and costumed out with canteens and belts AND NUMBERS and stuff at Dragon*Con IN THE PARADE.

Because then we'll be walking in a street. With people on both sides of it. And it would be AMAZING. AND BLOODY. AND YAY SILLY TEENAGE BOY SHENANIGANS. :D
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So, I think next summer [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be and I are gonna take a vacation to Maine. Why? Because it is pretty. But mostly, because we are nerds. Super duper nerds. You know what else is totally nerdy? We will bring costumes (and by costumes I mean regular clothes that pass as costumes -- cause it's STEPHEN KING). How fucking cool and dorky would it be to get pictures as Peter McVries and Art Baker in front of the WELCOME TO VAN BUREN, MAINE sign, on Route 1, where the Long Walk is started every year? YES. Although, we would have to make non-bloody versions of the costumes. We wouldn't want to flip out the locals. D:

So yeah, then stuff up in Caribou and Presque Isle. Then we would totally hit up Derry Bangor and be like, "LOL STEPHEN KING LIVES AROUND HERE", but we won't stalk cause we're not that bad (really?). But also in Bangor we would putz around the city -- oh oh oh and hit up all the landmarks that are in Stephen King's fictional town of Derry, Maine -- which is his version of Bangor. Like stuff from It and Insomnia. Then we will find a lake and be like, "LOL, Dark Score Lake" and train tracks and be like, "LOL THE BODY." WE CAN EVEN GO TO LUDLOW AND BE LIKE "OH HAY THADDEUS BEAUMONT AND CHURCH THE CAT WUT?"

Then we can go to exactly where Castle Rock should be (Map from King's official site, OH SNAP!) and FIND A FIELD TO CAMP IN. MAYBE WE WILL GET KILLED BY A CLOWN. OR A CAR. OR A DOG. OR GEORGE STARK. <3

We will also have to drive the Acadia Harbors and Heights loop. IT EVEN SAYS SO ON THE MAINE TOURISM WEBSITE.

EFFING EFF LFJDSFKSFJDK: http://www.bettsbooks.com/ -- WE MUST GO.

- Lisey's Story - Scribner 2006 US - Proof Unsigned Fine $190.00
- McSWEENEY' ENCHANTED CHAMBER OF ASTONISHING STORIES - King short story. "Lisey and the Madman" - In stock $13.95

JKFSKSFJLW(aUY@*(9390485ie WHAT. Okay. Okay. OKAY. The actual magazine with the short story in it, I could so afford that and want DO WANT DO WANT because LISEY LISEY LISEY FIRST APPEARANCE (it's really an excerpt from the book awhile before it came out -- but it was the first HURRAH of Scott and Lisey -- and you know how much I adore them). But that first edition of the Long Walk. Holy SKHUIHIAJDSK:DK. IF IT'S THIS ONE AND IT'S STILL THERE WHEN WE GO THEN SOMEONE BETTER HIDE IT. D:

SWEET SHIT LOOK AT MARVEL'S NEW COVER ART AND GROSS GROSS ART FOR THE STAND COMICS. JDFJKSJDF FANGASM. NICK ANDROS PLZ. (Frannie actually looks really cute! Yay for getting Molly Ringwald's silly hair and whiny whine taste out of my mouth!)

ALSO, Finally, there is a third King adaptation we are working on with Samuel L. Jackson...but we can't say much about this for another couple months.

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[Poll #1228556]

(Maybe si, maybe no. Teeehehehee~ Wireman.)

LOL, I can't wait to see if these instances are kept in the movie:

The walkers alternately embrace the crowd and members of it, notably Garraty taking a warning to neck with a girl and Gribble making sexual advances leading to his demise. As the volume, sheer numbers, and intensity of the crowds build, the walkers become more hostile and paranoid. One walker, seeing the crowd ahead swelling and threatening to close up the road entirely, goes insane, claiming that they will "eatusup" over and over again until he is shot by the soldiers.


DARABONT: That one will be very, very faithful to Stephen’s story, even more faithful then The Mist was. But it doesn’t bear a huge budget because it’s a very existential strange little story. To do it faithfully then it winds up being a strange little movie so not a blockbuster, just a very interesting film I think.


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