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Alright, so I know there's been I'M NOT USING LJ ANYMORE, I'M GOING TO _________ around LJ these days. XDDD This is the post where I ask who is staying here/still here? And if you aren't, where are you/where are you going?

AKA THIS IS A CONTACT INFO THREAD THING. So post anything/anywhere you want to post where I can find you! :D

Here is that crizap for me...

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heather.alyse
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hexterah
Tumblr: http://hexterah.tumblr.com/
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/Ereneda
Cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/member/47810/
deviantART: http://holler-you-home.deviantart.com/

I also have a Dreamwidth, which is tenel_ka, but I don't know how much I'll use it depending on what happens here and so on. MY ICONS, LOL.

...what am I missing... o_o

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So this report will be shorter than all my other D*C reports most likely. The con was effing packed, esp. on Saturday, and I didn't do much in the way of panels and all that jazz. Plus, we brought nine costumes so a lot of it was either chilling in the room getting ready/being lazy and watching D*C TV or being dorks and taking pictures of the crap we put work into, haha~ XD I didn't even make it into the Dealer's Hall (expect for two seconds to get water) or the Exhibitor's Halls (except for a quick walk around one of them to help Ashley look for something). I went in the art show for a couple minutes to look at Erin's table. Besides those, I didn't use my badge for anything except one Star Wars panel. WHOOPS. Well, okay, and to get into the other hotels later in the evening since you needed your badge to do that - BUT YEAH~ ON WITH IT. :3


Wednesday, August 31 - Thursday, September 1 )

THANKS TO HOMEWORK, I've had a crap chance to write my con report -- meaning the longer it takes to get written, the less I remember. I AM TRYING AS HARD AS I CAN THOUGH. :3

More soon!
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So we finally made the board a logo (with a robot on it natch, ELIOT, hehe~) and have kicked the side projects (as of now the multi-fandom RPG, possible a radioplay in the future? :OOOO) into gear and we're looking for awesome people who want to talk/settle in some sort of community with other awesome people~! WE WILL GIVE YOU COOKIES FOR JOINING. Cookies and you know, discussions and forum games and stuff. XD

We'll also be starting some fanfic, writing, photo, fanart, etc. challenges soon, so stop on by!
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So like [livejournal.com profile] leesers, I just wiped this whole thing out in one go cause I know if I tried to actually do it for 30 days... I would fail miserably.

This post contains lots of pictures from the past decade, lots of derp and lots of colorful fabric and weirdass props. If you didn't know how dorky I really was, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

Star Wars, Clue, Monkey Island, Arrested Development and all kinds of other geekery under the cut!

IMAGE HEAVY POST OF INSANITYYYYYYYYYY-- have I really been cosplaying for ten years, my god what is this XD )

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So besides successful Crafty Times with Nate, Erin ([livejournal.com profile] omicron1337), Jeremy, Roger and Beth ([livejournal.com profile] bethii) yesterday, I am also now going to be the MAGICAL MAID OF HONOR in Erin's wedding next August!

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Or something like that! Happy New Year and all that jazz, even though I'm late with it. XD

My birthday was good (om nom nom Red Lobster and I got some magical Wonderflex thanks to my Mom - which I still need to play with - and a Nannerpuss necklace thanks to Nate, among other things, haha~). This weekend was also good - Nate and I went with Erin, Jeremy, Ronnie, Beth, Roger and Alex to ICE!!!1 It was cool, and by cool I mean two things - awesome and flipping cold. Of course, then we walked outside and it was like 55 degrees (last week was freezing with a wicked wind chill). WHAT ARE YOU DOING WEATHER, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

I moved my room around this weekend (and cleaned the hell out of it - it's still not done) with Nate's help and I forgot I had a floor. My room seriously looked like something out of Hoarders. Although, there are no animals hiding in my room or old, rotting food stuffs. sdjfajkljsdfd ewwwwwwgh.

I need to catch up on friendslist and everything internet-wise. But for now, HEY STAR WARS DUDESSSSS, time to find your copy of Shadows of the Empire and head on over to the forum to discuss Xizor being a creeper!

This is open to anyone, btw, not just people who have already read all the Star Wars books - cause I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see some people who have new opinions on everything. :D

Updates on the Centuria Challenge are coming soon too! We'll be starting the first game soon and we've decided that we're really gonna make it a challenge in all aspects and also make something creativity-related for each game - and there will be one photo of said creative item for each of the 100 games. Whether it's a ghetto costume or a puppet or something.

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Alright, overall D*C was pretty good this year. There were many highs and there were a few lows. HERE LET ME SHOW YOU SOME.

HIGHS: Hanging out with people (roomies, sister and brother-in-law, SW PEOPLE <3, etc.), taking goofy pictures, getting tipsy off of one drink, having people recognize Franklin and flip out, seeing Patricia Quinn (Magenta from Rocky Horror) multiple times in the Hilton just chilling, the Aquarium! - AAAAAAND OH GOODNESS I SAW CELLDWELLER IN CONCERT AND HE WAS AMAAAAAAAZINGGGGGGG. I have loved Celldweller since 2003 and he usually just doesn't tour so to hear he was playing at Dragon*Con, both myself and Nate freaked out like little fangirls. THE CONCERT WAS GLORIOUS. <3

LOWS: Three hours in line for a badge? Really? And then missing people like [livejournal.com profile] iamsooverrated and [livejournal.com profile] zombifiers both of whom I saw for a couple minutes and then made the mistake of saying I'LL CALL/TEXT YOU LATER -- since apparently everyone's phone service sucked and texts/calls either A.) did not go through at all or B.) show up like 12 hours later. BUT MORE ON THAT LATER~ Another low was OH MY GOD I CAN'T MOVE ANYWHERE GET OFF THE WALKWAYYYY. Where did all these people come from, yo? Didn't help that all the football people were milling around watching the "LOL FREAKS" (and also stealing the con rooms at the D*C room rate :|) - that was a giant problem. Too many badgeless people taking up PRIME CON SPACE. XD

Another big suck was not being able to take pictures in the rat tunnels between the hotels, which I fully support so that people don't stop and muck the human traffic up -- but I saw some of the best costumes in the tunnels and couldn't do anything about them! Noooooo!~ D:


1.) [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be hitting Stan Lee in the face with feathers ON ACCIDENT(?).

2.) Meeting Klayton (Celldweller) and Bret (Blue Stahli). ("Bret got to our badges first and signed them!" - "Bret gets to everything first. I was making out with this girl and I started to pull her shirt down and it said BRET WAS HERE." Klayton says as he points at his neck. XD)

3.) Hearing Valerie continuously say, "Heather, shut up." or "Heather, stop moving." or "Heather, stop acting like a dumbass." I LOVE MY SISTER. <3

4.) Standing in the food court holding an armful of lunch with [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be waiting for [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet to get her food so we could go meet the rest of the Strike Team for lunch and having a guy come up to me and go, "May I ask what character you are?" And then him grinning and going "I knew it! Awesome!" and taking a picture when I told him Tenel Ka. I was sweaty (sf hot in the food court D:) and gross and trying to balance two lightsabers and food and a drink too, lol.

OH MAN I KNOW THERE'S MORE -- they will pop-up in the con report, I'm sure.

For now here are a couple tiny versions of (only) a few random photos from my camera while I start scribbling my report (BIGGER VERSIONS WILL BE IN THE REPORT). ;D

(from t to b: Tobias, Chewie and Mace hanging in front of D*C TV - Ashley blue me and I'm disturbed by Nate's non-gothness - Tahiri force pushing Caedus' chair while Ben watches ALL BESIDE FIREEEEEE GUYYYYYYYYY!!!!1)
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HERE IS WHAT I'M WE'RE WEARING (since Nate never updates anything XD) AND WHEN, so if you see me us (and again, I haven't already harassed the hell out of you ;D) SAY HIIIIIIII!

THURSDAY NIGHT: Kale Longo & Han Solo - Death Troopers
How to spot us: We'll be in bloody, bright orange jumpsuits. XD

FRIDAY MORNING/AFTERNOON (10 - 4): Tenel Ka & Jacen Solo - New Jedi Order: Star by Star
How to spot us: Turquoise & green bright lightsabers and the drab brown jumpsuits. AND GHETTO THERMAL DETONATORS.

FRIDAY NIGHT (5 - whenever I can't breathe anymore): Ophelia (Drowning Doom) & Grave Digger - BrĂ¼tal Legend
How to spot us: I will be painted blue. And Nate will be uber-goth. Although, that means he will blend in with 70% of D*C.

SATURDAY MORNING (OR MONDAY, PROBABLY MONDAY): Charlotte "Chuck" Charles & Ned - Pushing Daisies
How to spot us: Me = bright yellow dress/heels. Nate will have our pie box. XD

SATURDAY AFTERNOON/EVENING (after parade - 6): Buster Bluth & GOB Bluth - Arrested Development
How to spot us: Look for the group with the tall guy in the loud shirt with a Franklin puppet, the blonde wearing a shirt that says slut on it, a "dude" in camo fatigues, a boozy woman in a skirt suit with a martini glass and two very bored looking banana stand employees. THAT'S US. XD

SATURDAY EVENING (aquarium - late night): Elaine Marley & Guybrush Threepwood - The Secret of Monkey Island
How to spot us: Nate will have a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle of it. I don't know any other good way, haha. XD

SUNDAY MORNING (9 - 12:30): Tenel Ka & Jacen Solo - Star Wars: EU (Warrior Queen thing & early GAG fatigues)
How to spot us: LIGHTSABERS! Those are always the easiest way. XD

SUNDAY AFTERNOON (1:30 - 7): Tenel Ka & Darth Caedus - Star Wars: EU (Queen Momma dress & CAEEEEEDUSSSS)
How to spot us: Giant black cloak! Red lightsaber!

SUNDAY NIGHT (after the masquerade - 2am): Peter McVries & Abraham - Stephen King's The Long Walk
How to spot us: There will be four of us and we'll all have fake bullet wounds somewhere on our faces.

That's your handy guide to easy harassment - and by easy harassment I mean it'll be easy for me to harass you if you see me/say something. <3 I'll be actively hunting any and all of you who are going down too, BECAUSE I LOVE.

Also, everyone should listen to this cover of David Bowie's Fashion. It is the Heather D*C Anthem of 2010 and is backed by the fanmix. I'M NERDING OUT TOO MUCH HERE I NEED TO GO TO SLEEP. :(
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Last night I finally beat Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core -- I played it for a good while when it came out and then put it down for awhile and recently I picked it back up. Now, I knew what happens in the ending (since you know what happens if you've played FFVII, lol) but when I saw it all happen it was WTF SOUL-CRUSHING. D:

(Zaaaaaaack, I already miss your beachside squats, hehehehehe.)

And my heart almost skipped a beat when it showed the beginning of FF7 with Cloud on top of the train and crap.

SPEAKING OF FINAL FANTASY... Nate and I went to Final Fantasy in Concert (Distant Worlds) Friday night and it was amazing. They did a surprising amount of FF8 music (which I'm surprised about since it usually just gets bashed -- I ALWAYS HAD A SOFT SPOT FOR IT D:) and I was really, really excited to hear The Man With The Machine Gun, which is Laguna's battle theme. Laguna never gets enough credit ever and he is so awesome, so that song made me giddy.

It was also awesome cause I saw two people I hadn't seen since high school that used to be part of the group I always hung out with. The part that made me REALLY GIDDY was the fact that they're engaged. SO CUTE~ <333 She's in school to become a dentist now and she's coming home in December for break so we all made plans to hang out. Also, he got her into playing Final Fantasy now and that is SO CUTE TOO~ XDDDD

The concert made me realize how much Final Fantasy has shaped me and my fandom world (aka how it has corrupted me, lol) and I got all wibbly and nostalgic while watching at the concert.

...and Swing de Chocobo was ADORABLE. <333333

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So Saturday night was a magical night for AIM chatting (seven people HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE lololol)! We actually figured out when to wear the 3483958439052358 Star Wars costumes we will have between us. And also talked about makeup and belts and other things -- and also crack, like usual.

My D*C weekend is tentatively looking like this:

Thursday PM: Kale Longo (Death Troopers - SW:EU)
Friday AM: Tenel Ka (Jedi Strike Team - SW:EU)
Friday PM: Ophelia (Brutal Legend)
Saturday AM: Buster Bluth (Arrested Development)
Saturday PM: Elaine Marley (Monkey Island)
Sunday AM: Tenel Ka (Queen Momma - SW:EU)
Sunday PM: Peter McVries (Stephen King's The Long Walk)

And then Chuck (Pushing Daisies) will be fit into that schedule whenever. It is quick to put on. XD

It was horrible too, cause all that talk of SW stuff made me want to make a Warrior Queen Momma outfit so it's not just the fancy one I'm bringing. But I already have too many costumes as it is, hehehee. (Then of course it was extra horrible cause I found these three awesome belts on ebay and I was trying to decide between them on which one to build the costume around... you know, the COSTUME I'M TELLING MYSELF I HAVE NO TIME TO MAKE. D:

...I don't know which belt to go for either. And and and asscape.)

There are some new necklaces and junk up here. I wanted to kill that tassel one when I was making it cause those beads like to fly everywhere like the little expensive pretty colored bitches they are. But once I got it done I kind of wanted to give it a hug. I don't know how you hug a necklace though. o_o

Okay, I had about a two hour light nap when I got home (I say light because I kept sort of waking up, paying attention to the tv for .6 seconds and then drifting off again) but I feel like I'm gonna pass out so maybe I should go do that. I need to save up my energy for tomorrow cause Nate and I are going to see Toy Story 3 and I have a feeling that I'll be wasting all of this energy on CRYING MY EYES OUT. D:

(Then I will want to come home and play with my childhood toys. <333)

P.S. Whenever Ken pops up on screen I will think of when my Dad used to crossdress my Ken doll in Barbie's clothes. And then whenever I see Barbie it will instantly remind me of when my best friend from elementary school, Heather (LOL THE HEATHERS), and I used to get bored playing normal Barbies and pretty much made Barbie a stripper. I MISS MY CHILDHOOD.


Jun. 2nd, 2010 11:52 pm
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Back in 2004 I started a forum that was supposed to be a temporary place for a few people to use until another board was set up by someone else. The other forum never got fully finished so the board that was supposed to be temporary became permanent. It was called Kriff This! (now Mindbreak) and it was mostly a Star Wars: EU related message board. It has grown over the years and as much as I love it with all my heart, I know it's time to start over.

Mindbreak is a twoo wuv of mine but there's so many dead accounts and forgotten/never realized ideas and so much clogging up the system that it's too much to just sit down and fix. People still look at it as strictly a Star Wars: EU board and turn away from it thinking they won't fit in or they join and never bothered to post -- if I didn't delete a lot of the 0-post accounts, there would be about 2,500 members registered on that board right now.

As much as I love it, I know it's time to let it settle. It'll still be there, especially since looking back on old threads and cackling madly = win -- it'll just be an archive of sorts. An archive of old ideas, crack, parties, echuta.net and all the random RPing over the years. XD So it'll still be in the same spot, it'll just be closed to new posts and members and so on. But it's okay, cause it spawned something before I allowed it to settle.

It's little eeebil spawn is a forum. A general gathering of geekery. I know forums aren't as OMG SO AWESUM these days since everyone is spending time on facebook and it's dirty little cousin myspace (and the sites like that), but try it out. It's contact with people who like the same things you do (not that asshole you hated in high school who friended you because he wanted to show off his new life to everyone D: or that bitch from elementary school who pulled your hair but friended you now because FRIEND +1 = INSTANT POPULARITYYYY LIEK KEWL) -- this is instant contact and ZOMG FRIENDSHIPSSSSSSS with others in all kinds of fandoms.

And it's a place to start over. Any new name, new post count (+1 lol), new icons, tags, games, discussions, projects, everything. Bring your art and share it, your writing, your photography, your nerding, your tech problems, your rants, your fangasming, your anything. We welcome it because we welcome you (and by you, I mean cool people -- you are cool if you are reading this right now, BOKAY? <3)~

No really, I will love you forever if you join. ANY AND ALL OF YOU. I DON'T CARE WHAT FANDOMS YOU'RE IN. XD


(Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Silent Hill, BioShock, Stephen King, every television show ever -- hell, go on, bring on the vampires and the werewolves too! We don't discriminate! WE LOVE EVERYONE. ;D

...unless you are an assbutt. Which I don't think any of you are.)

P.S. Any project or thread that was on Mindbreak will now move to the new forum. This will include BioShock RP, CVNC and possibly fandom net. XD
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This is a magical friending meme of the STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE type!

No, really. I see regular SW ones and ones for every other fandom BUT WHAT ABOUT US SUPER NERDS FANS, HUH? D: Just copy and paste everything in the box below and enter the information in the comments section below!

If you're an EU fan, fill it out! ♥


Dec. 29th, 2009 07:34 pm
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Happy Birthday to my birthday twins (that makes us triplets lololol what), [livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet & [livejournal.com profile] princessyukiko~ <333


Jul. 28th, 2009 08:16 pm
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(LOL duh I had to icon it. Placeholder hottness till I can get to my photoshop and make a better one. XD I also have to make a TK one. AND MAYBE ONE WITH BOTH OF THEM?)

This past weekend was good. Friday night was hanging out with Erin, Ronnie and Jeremy. We ate dinner and went fabric shopping -- meaning Erin and I went fabric shopping while Ronnie gave his opinion on the fabric and Jeremy and Nate were there as moral support (meaning they were forced to come along, hehe). The next night Nate took me to the Cheesecake Factory (but not before we spent points at Dave and Buster's, lol) and afterwards I was so stuffed I wanted to pass out in the car. I was surprised we finished the piece of cheesecake we split (you can't go there and not get cheesecake). It was White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and it was so damn good omg. I love that place. <3

Sunday I got my hair did done lol. This is the shortest it's been in years and it's red again. Not too red though, it's pretty dark. It'll grow out some by D*C and will have faded just a bit. So I should be good to go for Tenel Ka costumes (color and length), Mrs. White (length - being able to shove my hair under a wig) and all the rest of the gang of misfit costumes I am lugging along with me. XD

I can't believe the con is already so close. WOOOO!

(I still can't get enough of these Essential Atlas pictures. Oh man I want to blow up the Caedus picture and turn it into a poster. Does anyone have a really good scanner?)
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Report! Pictures! Persona! Zombies! BFing! Ninja power! )

So besides Sunday it was an awesome con. I just need to start chugging orange juice all day the whole week before cons from now on. Also, use Purell like a bitch during cons.
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KATSUCON. TODAY. I AM HOME. Erin and I will be heading over there around 4 (with everyone else heading over later), most likely stopping by Shoppers first for some food substance. BUT YEAH.

Costumes: (Femme!)Jack Frost [Persona/Friday night], Joshua Shepherd [Silent Hill: Homecoming/Saturday morning], Hunter [Left 4 Dead/Saturday afternoon & night]... and then Erin and I will have our super awesome costumes for the dance lololololololol.

Roomings: Two suites (at Katsucon rate!, since it's the same hotel as Anime USA, this means we will still get WEIRD BATHROOMS THAT DON'T LOCK). Costume Superdome contains Erin, me, Beth & Roger. Party Room contains Jeremy, Ronnie, Andre and Alex. Guess whose room will be messier.

People I need to see: [livejournal.com profile] hitosyura (djfaksfjsd texting when I get there!), [livejournal.com profile] rumminov (this is funny cause we were apparently in a Jet Set Radio cosplay picture of group doom together the year before last at this same convention - SMALL WORLD XD), Jonci, Jonathan, ES & VY -- five of which I actually have phone numbers for OH SNAP (STOP. HARASSMENT TIME). Oh, and of course any and all members of Team Takeo making an appearance cause it wouldn't be right if we didn't see them (ESPECIALLY AT THE DANCE).

Stuff to do: BESIDES DANCE? Video games. Run around. Take pictures. Dance. See people. Lounge in the room (where hopefully no creepy dudes come in randomly again). Buy swag. Dance. People watch. Stay up till 5 a.m. with glow sticks then come in and collapse on the couch. Stand by the water dispensers and continously drink and nod your head at people. Dance. Make signs for the bathroom that say OCCUPIED with a censored naked stick figure on them. Watch some TV. Admire our balcony. Watch Andre threaten to climb over to the other balcony. Take more pictures. Order pizza. Eat ramen. Watch creepy people hand out free Pocky to unsuspecting youngsters. Dance some more.

You know, it'll be like Anime USA except bigger. LOL.

P.S. Apparently the cast of the new F13 did a photoshoot. JARED P. MAKEUP. jfsdlkjskafsj yummmmmmmmmmmm


Feb. 3rd, 2009 08:00 pm
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Cause I needs to see all you thugs. XD
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So my Dad lives in a little town in Florida that's right south of Daytona Beach, yes? And I call him the other day to ask him how he is faring with the storms and all that jazz. He told me they sat in the eye for two days with sun and lots of nothing and then the storms were back and it was really windy and the lights were flickering while I was on the phone with him and then we were about to get off the phone and I hear a ding -- it's the sound of the doorbell at his work.


My dad got a pizza delivered in a tropical storm. XD

This weekend I was pretty lazy. I did bloody up my Shmi outfit -- I just need to add a few rips and it's done. I'm gonna start seriously packing tonight.

Friday night, Alex, Ronnie and I met my mom and Duane at Hooters (at the Hooters that usually has good service and stuff) and we got stuck with this chick who sucked and never came back to check on us and failed at getting us an appetizer (and we specifically ordered it like way before the meal) and failed at getting Alex and Ronnie the pitcher of beer they asked for ("It's almost ready," she says, ten minutes after they order it -- A PITCHER OF BEER DOES NOT TAKE TEN MINUTES TO "GET READY"). We watched her flit around the restaurant blabbing at people and showing off her non-assets though (seriously, most homely looking girl in the joint). So Ronnie ended up tipping her like three bucks on our check and Duane tipped her a whopping $0.76. XD

Next, the three of us went to two Wal-Marts looking for Scrubs for Ronnie's Turk outfit -- both ones that we went to didn't have green scrubs. :| Every color but green. Although, we did see these guys in the booze aisle (yeah, booze in Wal-Mart is totally foreign to us) that we didn't think were twenty-one and they were looking at the wine and would look nervous whenever we looked over at them. They ended up getting a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and some wine and some sort of Canada Dry product that didn't look like ginger ale. They looked really awkward going up to the cashier and we watched them from another register aisle as Ronnie and Alex got a 6-pack of weird beer that had some weird shit in it. They were just like, "LOL WE'LL GO WITH THIS ONE. IT LOOKS INTERESTING."

So we're walking out and we see one of the boys carrying the beer and he knows we're watching him and giggling and maybe we're undercover cops or something. It was pretty damn funny. Then you know, we of course did the whole "HE'S BRINGING THE PBR BACK TO THE LAN PARTY AND HIM AND HIS BUDDY ARE GONNA BE HEROES! THEY SENT THEM CAUSE THEY WERE THE TALLEST AND THEREFORE LOOKED THE OLDEST." I mean they looked so nervous for some reason.

We ended up sitting around and watching random tv all night. What Not To Wear, the X-Men cartoon, the second half of Clerks II, etc. Alex fell asleep at some point and I refrained from kicking him awake whenever he did, then during Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive (this was like 3 a.m.) I groggily looked over on the other couch to Ronnie, who had passed out as well. I promptly passed out like half a minute later. We're getting old.

Saturday night, Ronnie and watched more tv and then played some Wii Play. Alex got there and it turned to Wii Sports where he tried to have the Lil' Jon Mii play on both tennis teams. This resulted in Ronnie and I playing a nice game of Wii Tennis with each other while Alex flailed around the basement trying to play as well. They also decided to start Wii Fit accounts -- and Alex cheats at yoga. He also passed out again after we pulled out the bed-couch thing and Ronnie and I sat in a cocoon of blankets and played GTAIV. He showed us the really skanky lap dance too. I briefly wondered how many gamers spent like all of Niko's money on that so they could watch it over and over again and then I shuddered and turned my mind to other things.

jdjasfkjdfjka ewwwwww boys. XD

P.S. Question to the people who have a DS. Has anyone played The World Ends With You...? If so, is it any good?
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Y HALLO THAR. I am putting together a contact list for D*C peeps. I said I would do this awhile ago then I forgot because I am a loser. I guess this is mainly for myself, but I'm sure it'll mostly be full of people on here/on Kriff This -- so you can always get a copy/a number or something, you know, if you aren't a creepy stalker and know the person. XD

So I am going to start making a little thing of yay up, complete with arrival/departure times and days, phone numbers, hotels and possibly even costume schedules so I can FIND EVERYONE AND PROPERLY DELIVER HARASSMENT. I MEAN, uh... yeah.

To put yourself on my said list of doom (even if I already have your contact info, you can throw it my way anyways so I can be sure it's all up-to-date), you can either IM me (Tenel Ka XD), email me (heather @ whatthefun.net) or PM me on KT (uh, click on the PM link under one of my posts on the board...? O_o). Hehe~


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Sunday, Mom and I went out shopping and I ended up getting fabric for the top of the Shmi (DEAD!SHMI!) costume. I cut out all the pieces and also started cutting pieces for my uber-Queen Tenel Ka outfit of massive doom and stuff. I also found a shovel for the Lisey Landon costume, which is effing awesome cause it's like a pint-size half shovel. It's like someone took a shrinking ray aiming to make the shovel a spade and didn't have enough power so it came out as this silly little shovel. Which is awesome because I was afraid I'd be slapping people upside the head with a normal shovel.

We also had a D*C chat that actually ACHIEVED THINGS! I KNOW. IT SHOCKED ME TOO. IT WAS AMAZING. [livejournal.com profile] prix_etoile, [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be, [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul and [livejournal.com profile] jedijaya were present and they helped me with ideas for Dead!Shmi and I helped Kyle find some stuff she could use for Dead!Mara and we planned general asshattery for the con and all that.


And then today on lunch break I actually sat down and made an effing spreadsheet in Excel about crap I need to do/have/get for costumes. MUAHAH~ Scheduling might switch up a bit, but I am telling myself I can't change this list NO MATTER WHAT (even though the pull of an Old School American Gladiators outfit is SO HARD).

-- Chris Chambers (Stand By Me/Stephen King's The Body, w/ Aphy as Gordie Lachance)
-- Lisey Landon (Stephen King's Lisey's Story, King group w/ Aphy as Annie from Misery)
-- Peter McVries (Stephen King's The Long Walk, w/ Aphy as Art Baker & Em as the Major)
-- Tempest Cover Tenel Ka (Star Wars Legacy of the Force: Tempest, w/ EU characters galore!)
-- Queen Tenel Ka (Star Wars Hapan Royalty of many Yays and Backstabbings!, w/ more EU characters!)
-- Dead!Shmi Skywalker (Your Favorite Dead Star Wars Characters!, w/ all these thugs <3)
-- Little Sister (Bioshock, w/ Aphy as a Spider Splicer! <3)
-- Maid Marian (Robin Hood: Men in Tights, w/ Team Takeo & Rhythm Bandits as the MiT!)


I already have Peter (D*C '07) and the Little Sister (Katsucon '08) done. I'm remaking parts of Tempest TK (D*C '06 & Anime USA '07) and adding to it (except not those effing scales those are fine and I never want to mess with them again XD). Chambers is just a random thing (IMMA BE RIVER PHOENIX, YOU GUYS) to throw on during costume downtime and basic clothes, so it's pretty much done. So the ones I really need to focus on are Lisey, Shmi, Queenie Teekay and Marian (I'M SEW HEPPAY~!). FOUR COSTUMES. THREE MONTHS. GO.

The best part about these is that I only need to bring two pairs of boots to the con. Unlike last year where I brought FOUR PAIRS OF BOOTS. :| Chris and Peter wear Converse. Little Sister and Lisey are barefoot (I'll have flip-flops :P) -- and I have slippers for Marian and sandals for Queen TK. LOL, this is gonna be the most comfortable con for my feet in a long time. Especially after these last year. Which is a very good thing. Considering how much my feet HATE ME RIGHT NOW.

P.S. Why do cameo brooches remind me of HAPES? Is it the whole "LOOK AT THESE PRETTY LADIES!" thing or what? Cause I'm totally thinking about incorporating one on the Queen TK dress. LOL IT'S A PORTRAIT OF MY MAMMA TENENIEL, I SWEARS IT. XD

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