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Alright, so I know there's been I'M NOT USING LJ ANYMORE, I'M GOING TO _________ around LJ these days. XDDD This is the post where I ask who is staying here/still here? And if you aren't, where are you/where are you going?

AKA THIS IS A CONTACT INFO THREAD THING. So post anything/anywhere you want to post where I can find you! :D

Here is that crizap for me...

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/heather.alyse
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/hexterah
Tumblr: http://hexterah.tumblr.com/
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/user/Ereneda
Cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/member/47810/
deviantART: http://holler-you-home.deviantart.com/

I also have a Dreamwidth, which is tenel_ka, but I don't know how much I'll use it depending on what happens here and so on. MY ICONS, LOL.

...what am I missing... o_o

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So I have a tumblr now. I've been kind of using it.


And we made one for zhobot where costume and other crackery can go, so there's that too. :3


I am almost done with Sunday D*C photos.

The doctor's office hasn't called me back about my second bloodwork set yet (they wanted to test for Lyme). I don't have mono, which they tested for with the last set and all my other levels are normal. They gave me prednisone and a muscle relaxant but my neck and upper back still hurt. I'm supposed to call them back tomorrow and let them know if it still hurts or not. If it does (which it does as of now), then we're turning to CT scan/MRI and all that fun stuff. :|

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Dance Central 2 is coming out soon and I can't feel like this when that gets hereeeeee! :O
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I haven't been able to sit down and catch up with anything here lately. Between running back and forth to the vet for the kitty (some little darling had to go on a diet to hopefully break up bladder stones so she doesn't need surgery *crosses fingers*), finishing up a project at work and moving a couple things around to try to make a better craft/costuming workspace for myself, I haven't been able to keep up with anything else.

Nate and I have also been trying to make zhobot.net and the forum two cohesive things which we haven't achieved yet because we are lazy slugs. We also need to get the photo gallery and shop up running on z.net too, which hasn't been done either. Hehe.

Then of course, the Video Game World had to go and release Portal 2 AND Mortal Kombat on THE SAME DAY. Not to mention I am still chugging through Fallout: New Vegas (have I mentioned how much I love/hate/love the White Glove Society?) and we rented Army of Two: The 40th Day from Gamefly so the television is my BFF right now. I CAN'T GET AWAYYYYYYY--

(Also, we finished Game #2 in the Centuria Challenge! Only 98 more to go!)

I need to catch up on LJ and RP and all kinds of stuff-- not to mention updating websites and making a logo for the board which I've been telling myself to do every day FOR WEEKS NOW.

In other lol news, I think my Dragon*Con 2011 costume lineup might be somewhat finalized. You know this changes 900982390482309482034.7 times throughout the year but I need to hurry up and get it set asap since it's already almost May(!!!!!) - how is that even possible what is this

Nate has his heart set on a Traitor!Jacen Solo costume and we've been brainstorming amphistaff ideas (I get stupid giddy every time he mentions this costume, STUPID GIDDY) - the thing he's debating the most though is if he should go with trying to make a robeskin + amphistaffs (what Jacen's wearing in the book) as opposed to going with the gray jumpsuit (that Jacen is wearing in everything else including the action figure) + amphistaffs. He is debating with himself here and would appreciate any input on the matter. I keep thinking about it and I don't know which one would work better. IDEAS? Thankyousomuchinadvance~ <33333 XD
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New layout (FINALLY)! http://www.echuta.net/oc - If you don't have a profile on there yet and you would like one SEND ME YOUR INFOSSSSSS AND PICTURESSSSS. Needs moar EU cosplayers/costumes (any EU costume you've done at all~)! I know there are a some of you out there not on the site! TIME FOR ME TO STALK YOOOOU

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So yeah, that shower I took. I reached across with my left hand to scratch my right shoulder and a muscle near my left shoulder cramped SO HARD that I started making horrible squeaking noises. Then I began trying to rub my shoulder and move my arm. What my body really wanted to do though was flail and fall into the shower curtain and then subsequently out of the shower, BUT I MANAGED TO AVOID THIS. ACHIEVEMENT OF THE DAY!

All that stuff I said I was going to work on earlier - I actually did some of that too (this usually never happens)! I think it was the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack on repeat that helped me there. You know, finishing up resizing some pictures for Etsy going, "FINISH HIM!" to myself and all. I know, I know, nerd central (LIU KANG IS ALWAYS HOT).

But yeah, stuff!

On the Etsy front, I have added a copperish leafy sort of necklace, a pair of butterfly earrings made from some beads I've had for years, a set of Squall & Rinoa (I STILL LOVE YOU FF8) pins and a magical set of 8 Arrested Development pins with the BLUTTTHHHHHH FAMILYYYY. <3

In short, I have all kinds of weird crap on that Etsy store and have added more weird crap.

And then on the Cafepress front, I have been obsessing over the simplicity of Experimental Jetset's text design which they originally designed here on this shirt. I think because it's so in your face and seeing people wearing shirts like that and figuring out or knowing what they're from is awesome. I saw someone wearing a Left 4 Dead one (Zoey& Francis& Louis& Bill. - I can't remember the order, but you get it! XD) and I flipped out. There are also lots of groups of 4 (and 3 and 5 and maybe more, lololol) I adore, meaning I had to put some together. These are the ones I have online right now (and I might be changing up colors in the near future - I am still thinking there, hehe)!

Upcoming ones include: Luke/Leia/Han/Chewie, Wedge/Tycho/Wes/Hobbie, Leonardo/Michelangelo/Raphael/Donatallo, Spengler/Venkman/Stantz/Zeddemore, Layton/Luke/Flora, Wright/Edgeworth/Butz lololololol - I also might really get crazy and do some like Souji/Yosuke/Chie/Yukiko/Kanji/Rise/Naoto/Teddie cause you can't leave anyone out of that BEAUTIFUL THING~ XD

oh maaaan my sleep schedule is all kinds of effed after this holiday weekend. WHOOOOOPS. :3

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(SINS: Sam Winchester [Supernatural], Darth Revan [Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic], Captain John Hart [Torchwood], Dennis & Dee Reynolds [It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia] - VIRTUES: Professor Layton [PROFESSOR! PROFESSOR! LOL], Mr. Eko [Lost], Hermione Granger [Harry Potter], Jack [Legend])

Buster Bluth is drunk off juice and annoying Kaidan Alenko, Alan Wake and Louis are meeting, Tenel Ka is macking on Professor Layton in the library, Revan and Mr. Eko are about to effing kill each other (Mr. Eko with kindness, Revan with Force lightning)--

And HIDE YOUR KIDS HIDE YOUR WIFE cause Sam Winchester is being a dick (and Gadell is his secretary what).

In short, PLZ COME WRITE WITH US~ I am jonesing for some other Left 4 Dead characters (we have Louis and Zoey) or Star Wars characters (uh like anyone - we only have Revan, Carth and Tenel Ka XD) -- hell, you see the kind of weird fandoms we have in here BRING IN ANYONE. <333333

JACEN/CAEDUS PLEASE? I just want to see him hate on (JACEN) or totally hang out with (CAEDUS) DOUCHE!SAM WINCHESTER.

(The banner above is a link I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT BEFORE D:)


If you've never read the books and want to start, want to read them again or just want to join in the discussions/crack (or a mixture of any of the above XD), COME ALONG AND JOIN US.

This post is brought to you by Oreo cheesecake cupcakes and a really messed up sleep schedule. YEAAAAAAAAH
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(i need to upload the rest of these photos lol, esp. caedus with glasses)

So I finally updated this thing with Dragon*Con 2010 costumes (and updated a whole bunch of other crap on there). I also made a new layout for the mess of J/TK fanthings site (om nom jared & bryce). And put a new necklace up on etsy! Now on to the new layout for echuta.net~!

Between sites and writing and pictures and costumes and moving all the furniture around in the gaming/craft/costuming/workspace area (THEN CLEANING IT ALL, OH GAWD FOREVER LATER) I have been so busssssssssssssy. I guess that's better that staring at the wall though. XD

ALSO, FALLOUT NEW VEGAS IS A WEEK FROM TODAY. So that on top of everything else - and by everything else I mean I WILL FORGET IT ALL UNFORTUNATELY and crawl under a pile of blankets to wander the Vegas Wasteland! I'm coming for you, SUPER MUTANTS. <3
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HAY I WROTE SOME FANFICTION. Normally, I would just post this over at [livejournal.com profile] sevensatellites (which I will do soon anyways JUST FOR UNIFORMS SAKE XD) but this is the first thing I've written in a good long while and it's pretty depressing. It's J/TK and it's depressing, ARE YOU SURPRISED YET?

But yeah, some numbers and lots of mirrors and blood. But I did that on purpose.

Also, near the end of these going-Sith-and-everybody-thinks-I'm-emo stories it's always so difficult to decide whether I should be using Caedus or Jacen. So the little shit usually just ends up as HE.

(There's just so many possibilities here with Jacen and TK that they didn't touch on in the Legacy of the Force series. I could write 3984290834985498498 versions of the same events, lolololol. WHY NOT CAPITALIZE ON THE ANGST, BOOKS? XD)

Jacen Solo was sprawled out in the Queen Mother's bed, clad in the bottom half of a gray jumpsuit and one sock. - LOL SPOILERS )


Okay, so my facebook doesn't have enough people I actually talk to on it. It mostly has people from high school I talked to then sometimes. SO THIS IS ME. CAN I FRIEND YOU ALL, PLEASE? ;-; It would actually be nice to have people friended that I talk to (besides the couple of you that I already have friended, LOVE YOU hahaha)~

Also, twitter. There needs to be more communications besides LIVEJOURNALLLLLLLLL. THIS. IS. LIVEJOURNALLLLLLLL.


Sep. 20th, 2010 08:51 pm
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Aaaaand now it's back to rambling and crazy crap and the usual asshattery you find here, now that the D*C report is done. XD

I actually got bit by the writing bug today, which I haven't had for months and it feels AWWWESOMEEE HURRR. So working on some fanfic (lol shocker whaaat) and an original story that has been sitting on my computer foreverrrr.

I should also hopefully be taking pictures of Nate's Caedus costume soon. With his contacts and, you know, NOT IN A HOTEL and stuff. Hahaha~ then we'll be having another "CONVENTION" for [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul cause she was sad she missed D*C. We've discussed Jacen/Raynar/Zekk pictures - so we'll see what happens. MUAHAHHA~

As for sites I'm working on a new layout for The Outlander Club and I just put up a new layout for my layout archive. That site is full of memories, lol.

HAY ANY AND ALL STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE PEOPLE: The Mega Expanded Universe Group Readthrough is starting in October! The information can be found here! WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE FOR READING AND CRACK AND MSPAINT FUN AND DID I MENTION CRACK woooo book club!
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No, seriously, Nate and I were cocooned up under a ton of blankets with the windows open (this goes back to the whole meat locker AC thing) and playing last night like stupid little wide-eyed kids watching for Santa Claus or something. PROFESSOR LAYTON IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.

There's this whole thing right at the beginning where you get a note from FUTURE LUKE TRITON WOOOowowowowoOWOWOWOWOW. Apparently, he already has a following on the internet and he has been dubbed LEGAL LUKE. This note at the beginning is read by LEGAL LUKE and right as he starts speaking, Nate just looks at me and goes:

"Oh my god, you're gonna leave me for Legal Luke."

I said nothing. I would never do such a thing but omg Legal Luke's voice is so i don't even NEVER EVER.

MAAAAAAAN, the latest BioShock 2 DLC has me in <3 too. I adore Porter so far and the new weapon + Gravity Well plasmid = akjdfkjsjdfsfjdfadf om noms. I'm afraid to finish it cause I keep hearing the story is like DID YOU WANT YOUR HEART? SORRY ABOUT THAT~

So yeah, outside this weekend was almost to the point of SILENT HILL weather. SHW is when it's cool enough for a jacket or coat but not cool enough to bundle up in all your fluffy things. It is also known as FALL or AUTUMN. I am excited for this cause I'm sick of going outside and drinking the air. :(

On an internet-ish note, if anyone likes the cracktacular things that make up whatthefun.net, echuta.net, zhobot.net (or any of the sites on those places) or any of the other junk I happen to work on -- it's all encompassed into THE SEAWARD NETWORK! And as I just linked, TSN has a facebook page! So if you like it - then I love you dearly <333 - and you will be able to get updates when anything happens on any of those sites. :D

Friday D*C report should hopefully be up tomorrow or the next day! That will include Jedi Strike Team and Ophelia! WOOOOOO METAL~ XD

(*pets icon* This is one of my favorite shots in Supernatural ever even though I've always been odd on the later seasons. SAM IS A PUPPY. AN ANGRY DEVIL PUPPY. <3)
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I have been going crazy with costume junk. I AM NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH cause it is fun and of course, exciting that D*C is next week.

Valerie and Brian were pretty much here for a day and half (too short a time!) so we could finish Franklin - the amazing puppet from Arrested Development - for the AD costume groupage at the con. Valerie made FRANKLIN COME ALIVE and he looks awesome. <3! I just need to fix up his shirt, add his ghetto legs and pants and then his shoes and he will be FINISHED!

Here are some random things I found on my photobucket to get everyone pumped for D*C (there will probably be a couple more random things in the future as well too, like maybe a crack!mix, lol).



AND! I started posting on the deviantArt account I got however long ago, so if you have one PLZ PLZ POST IT HERE SO I CAN STALK WATCH YOU. Mine is ~holler-you-home (Lisey's Story <33333)~

I think I need to pass out now.

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So besides the echuta.net facebook page there's lots of other crap. I was just prematurely excited about that and posted it lol whoops I am Finn Hudson.

1.) MACE WINDU (aka [livejournal.com profile] winduland) has his own facebook page now. His adventures will be much easier to post on there. So if you would like to friend Mace, he is pimping it up on Facebook RIGHT HERE! He needs friends. He is a sad, lonely Jedi.

2.) THE GIANT STAR WARS: EXPANDED READTHROUGH OF CRACK. That's starting soon. Everything's getting figured out and I think it looks like we might be starting out with Shadows of the Empire (cause we were all like, LOL PREQUELS WHAT?). If you would like to join in the craziness, join up and give us the I'M IN over at THE THREAD! And everyone is welcome, whether you've read the books or ever been on one of our boards or not. THE MORE, THE MERRIER (AND MORE INSANE XD)~

3.) THE YOUMIX. There is a fanmix/soundtrack project over on the forum. It's basically making a soundtrack of YOOOOOU. Whether it's favorite songs or songs that describe you or whatever. Basically it's to learn a little about everyone and HEAR SOME MAGICAL NEW MUSIC! Come on over and check it out and all that crap -- cause everyone loves music. EVERYONE LOVES MUSIC EXCEPT TOOLS. :(

Wow, I am out of it. I THINK IT MIGHT BE BEDTIME. Oooorrrrr Wordmaster time?
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Still bitter about the back doctor appointment, but I have been getting my mind off of zee pain and all that crap with the magical worlds of Zhobot, Revelry Junction and then jewelery/buttons and working on websites. Also, Alan Wake and the game Nate reviewed in his indie games thread, Machinarium (seriously, cutest game ever GO PLAY THE DEMO AT LEAST XD).

Speaking of him, he needs to find a wig for Guybrush Threepwood and it's proving to be harder than we thought. We never really dug the hair of the giant forehead, high bangs Guybrush in the Secret of Monkey Island remake, so we figured he should go with the more NATURAL SHAGGY mop of the original Guybrush (and I'll probably be going mostly original!Elaine) -- we found this wig, wondered if we could put the hair in a ponytail and then laughed our asses off. We're debating on it, lolololol~

Also, I think in the next couple months we'll start the great STAR WARS: EXPANDED UNIVERSE READTHROUGHHHHHHHH if anyone wants in. For now it'll be pretty much all post-original trilogy stuff (Shadows of the Empire and later) and decisions are still floating around on which books to read and how long to spend on the reading/discussing/making fun of/fangasming about all the books. If you would like to take part in it or you have any suggestions for times/books/etc., hit up the magical thread for it here! THE MORE PEOPLE WANKING IT ALL, THE BETTER. ;D


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So I got [livejournal.com profile] sevensatellites online and it was supposed to go online at the same time as the counterpart website Drifting in Nines. I basically was taking my personal site, my cosplay site and my writing site and rolling them all into one. I wanted them both to be online somewhere around the beginning of March. AS YOU CAN SEE THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN, HUR HUR.

But after months of picture-fiddling and making new thumbnails and other asshattery, the site is finally online! :D

(and for new fanfictions, mixes, costume crap, photo stuff, crafty crap
and other jazz of the sort, check out the companion LJ [livejournal.com profile] sevensatellites! ;D)

I haven't added the Balticon costumes yet (there are the two new ones to add) and a few of the ones on the site are ghetto goofing off outfits or Halloween stuff -- but with all of them together (including the ones that will be added from Balticon) that's 54 costumes. o_o I guess that's understandable since this has been a hobby since 2001 (that long and I'm nowhere near the best BY FAR, AT ALL haha XD)~ The thing with me and costuming is that I love meeting other people in fandoms (especially the weird obscure ones <3) and I have so much fun doing it. Plus, I am a huge dork.

Also, my costumes pretty much stem from how much I love these characters. I never do costumes of characters I don't know or don't like, it just doesn't seem too me, haha. XD I'm more about the character than the outfit -- as you can see a lot of my costumes end up being plain clothes (Silent Hill characters, Buster Bluth, etc.) but that's because the character doesn't wear anything more awesome than that. And I mean, come on character-wise, if I didn't love Tenel Ka so much I wouldn't have made seven TK outfits. D:

I just wish more people would have fun costuming/cosplaying. It is a hobby; it is supposed to be fun for everyone doing it! <3

HUZZAH THE SITE IS FINALLY DONE! And on the heels of that, I'm working on a new layout for WTF -- that one is actually almost done cause there's not 2304892384 thumbnails to remake, lol. So that should be up soon as well!


Jun. 2nd, 2010 11:52 pm
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Back in 2004 I started a forum that was supposed to be a temporary place for a few people to use until another board was set up by someone else. The other forum never got fully finished so the board that was supposed to be temporary became permanent. It was called Kriff This! (now Mindbreak) and it was mostly a Star Wars: EU related message board. It has grown over the years and as much as I love it with all my heart, I know it's time to start over.

Mindbreak is a twoo wuv of mine but there's so many dead accounts and forgotten/never realized ideas and so much clogging up the system that it's too much to just sit down and fix. People still look at it as strictly a Star Wars: EU board and turn away from it thinking they won't fit in or they join and never bothered to post -- if I didn't delete a lot of the 0-post accounts, there would be about 2,500 members registered on that board right now.

As much as I love it, I know it's time to let it settle. It'll still be there, especially since looking back on old threads and cackling madly = win -- it'll just be an archive of sorts. An archive of old ideas, crack, parties, echuta.net and all the random RPing over the years. XD So it'll still be in the same spot, it'll just be closed to new posts and members and so on. But it's okay, cause it spawned something before I allowed it to settle.

It's little eeebil spawn is a forum. A general gathering of geekery. I know forums aren't as OMG SO AWESUM these days since everyone is spending time on facebook and it's dirty little cousin myspace (and the sites like that), but try it out. It's contact with people who like the same things you do (not that asshole you hated in high school who friended you because he wanted to show off his new life to everyone D: or that bitch from elementary school who pulled your hair but friended you now because FRIEND +1 = INSTANT POPULARITYYYY LIEK KEWL) -- this is instant contact and ZOMG FRIENDSHIPSSSSSSS with others in all kinds of fandoms.

And it's a place to start over. Any new name, new post count (+1 lol), new icons, tags, games, discussions, projects, everything. Bring your art and share it, your writing, your photography, your nerding, your tech problems, your rants, your fangasming, your anything. We welcome it because we welcome you (and by you, I mean cool people -- you are cool if you are reading this right now, BOKAY? <3)~

No really, I will love you forever if you join. ANY AND ALL OF YOU. I DON'T CARE WHAT FANDOMS YOU'RE IN. XD


(Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Silent Hill, BioShock, Stephen King, every television show ever -- hell, go on, bring on the vampires and the werewolves too! We don't discriminate! WE LOVE EVERYONE. ;D

...unless you are an assbutt. Which I don't think any of you are.)

P.S. Any project or thread that was on Mindbreak will now move to the new forum. This will include BioShock RP, CVNC and possibly fandom net. XD
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Back and neck are killing meeeeeeeee. Going here on Thursday afternoon (since the pain is suddenly horrendous in my back and neck) and back to the GI doctor next Tuesday, uggggggh. THIS IS GETTING SO OLD. :(

But I actually got a few things done this weekend! :O

Nothing super major, but I worked a bit on my magical redesign for my cosplay/personal site. And I also cut out a couple of the pieces to my Queen Mother TK outfit (hopefully for Balticon!) and made the necklace that's gonna go with it.

OMG HERE IS A NECKLACE -- aka symmetry is overrated: have you seen the Queen Mother? )

I was actually okay enough to go out on Saturday. Nate and I went to Wegmans (<3ohmygoodness) and Global Food (bought so many foreign snacksss) as well as Target. I was only hurting a bit and thought it was awesome and maybe this pain-thing was going away. Then we got home and hopped into a magical Netflix Xbox Party with Valerie and Brian and watched something MOTHER EFFIN' XENA WHAT WHAT (Callisto! <3) -- V&B went to bed after that and Nate and I watched Dead Space: Downfall. It was pretty good (loved the security team cause they cursed like me and I felt at home lolol). Then after I got up my back and neck protested so hard that I sat down and just stared at the wall for pretty much forever. Nate forced me to take a percocet and then I watched him play some Nintendo DS while I waited for the pain to go away. :|


Now I am debating on making a whole new magical message board filled with all kinds of chatter and creative-thing sharing and fandom love (every fandom ever -- zombie killers, jedis, tv show eyeballs, everything) and all kinds of crap (i want to see group video game nights!) and shout boxes and random shit and games, etc., etc. You know I love Mindbreak but it's very quiet and there's lots of ghost accounts and 0 post accounts and it's just filled with half mega-awesomeness and then half very old dead topics and ideas. D:

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN, EVERYONE <3: I don't know what to do about that. Anyone have any input on the matter (whether you go to MB at the moment now or not -- would you be interested in joining a board to share your creative works and chatter with other geeks and so on BLAH BLAH RAMBLEEEEEEE XD)? Mindbreak or start fresh? HELP PLZZZZZZ~ <33333

Mmmm, time to go watch Coheed & Cambria concert DVD I got.
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So I still don't know wtf is going on with this pain. I've been to my doctor twice, two specialists (three times altogether) and the freakin' hospital. And everyone is just sort of like, "Duuhhhh whattttt"

I don't have any leave left at at work thanks to all these damn appointments and tests so I am about 95% sure I will have to cancel my California trip (and lose all the money that will be non-refundable from airline tickets and shit). I am pretty pissed off about it all. And to top it all off, I'M STILL IN PAIN. :|

I've been trying to focus on creative things (costumes, websites, fanfiction) to make myself feel better but I can't really focus on anything at all usually because of the pain. I have to lay a certain way to get any sleep, I have to stand up and walk around cause if I sit too long it hurts -- piiiisssssssssssed off.

I mean, I wrote a beginning to the ZOMG HORROR SW FIC I have actually been excited about and I don't know if I like it or not. I have been second guessing myself on it. IT'S LIKE THREE PARAGRAPHS LONG AND I AM HAVING FULL ON DEBATES WITH MYSELF ABOUT IT. WHAT IS THIS, SELF? THIS IS FANFICTIONNNNNNNNN WHATTTTTTTT. This is making me do silly things.

So I told myself today in a motivational fashion, I said, "Heather, you are more awesome than this pain. You can get shit done and kick the pain in the ass somehow. It will go away. You will be able to do stuff besides stare at the ceiling while being all sprawled out on the couch."

(Don't ask me where pain got an ass from. D:)

After all that monologuing with myself, I decided that I WILL focus on other things (dammit) and I WILL get all my creative crap done. This means writing, costumes, buttons, websites and making all the damn jewelry I've wanted to make with the random pieces that are piling up around me.

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So, we all know Jacen had a crush on Tenel Ka in the Young Jedi Knight books. The reasoning for this? Had to be because of her ARMOR MADE OUT OF CREATURE HIDES/SCALY THINGS. I mean, come on, it was the closest he could get to having his animal fetish while still sticking to the "humanoid" category. He didn't want the other kids making fun of him.

Now you can't unsee it, can you?

(I'm sorry I went there.

... no, really. I am.)

I guess this post should go have a party with WHO IS ON TOP and JACEN COCKBLOCKS HIMSELF.

This is what years of an OTP does to me. XD

OKAY, and who here is on Twitter that I am not following? Basically: WHAT R TEH TWITTER ACCOUNTS OF EVERYONE SO I CAN STALK FOLLOW? Hehe.
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I have been crazy busy lately, wtf when did this happen? I finished up a few big projects/documents at work that I have been working on for a couple months and I'm extremely relieved and excited they're finished, I'm almost done with my cosplay/personal giant massive website of doom and Saturday I helped Nate move all of his stuff from Maryland to Virginia into the new place he is renting. It has been busy but good. XD

But now it is time for an update! BECAUSE I MISS YOU, LJ. <3

Life: Wait I already updated that above. Hehe.

New Buddies: *waves to all the people from the magical friending memes as of late* Yayyyy!

Costumes: Last weekend I got some stuff done on costumes -- this hasn't happened in awhile! XD I worked on the design for the Queen Tenel Ka outfit I'm hoping to make/finish for Balticon (already got the fabric for the dress, need to get the fabric for the outer coat/cape thing), started a new pouch for my YJK Tenel Ka and painted the Pie Hole box and got shoes for my Chuck (Pushing Daisies) outfit. Sadly, Desert Rose Dee (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has been dropped from the Dragon*Con costume list cause we're not sure Brian would really want to walk around in long johns -- which is totally understandable, hahah. And Dee would be no fun without Charlie & the Waitress (plus we lack a Mac and a Dennis). This means there is an empty spot on my D*C costume list. It will most likely be filled by Chuck or possibly the new Queen Tenel Ka outfit or some other costume I will already have (it will definitely be Queen TK if there is a Caedus floating around somewhere)~ XD

RPPPPPPPPPING: MAJOR PLOT starts today at Mr. Multi-Fandom Revelry Junction. This is exciting because mostly it's been everyone getting settled and moping around for FOUR YEARS, LOL. They're finally gonna do something. I also think I might pick up Louis (L4D) and possibly James Sunderland (SH2). But Nate and I were talking the other night... Donald Duck totally has to come into the game. MUAHA.

Making Crap!: I got my button maker in the mail last week and I have been flipping out all weekend making all kinds of buttons from pictures I had around and pictures from old magazines (Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Mara Jade, Hotel Dusk, Silent Hill 3/4, The Sims, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, Xenosaga, BioShock, Mass Effect, Organization 13, Devil May Cry, THE LIST GOES ON AND ON~). I'll be putting some up on Etsy soon cause as much as I love making them I can't have them all sprawled around my workspace (there are some up right now!)~ XDDDD

Vacation: This weekend Mom, Duane and I are doing to the GLITTERING LAND OF PITTSBURGH (lol) to visit Valerie and Brian. I'll take pictures for my Photo midterm while I am there and also generally geek out, which is what we normally do when everyone is together. Also, SONIC. This will be hell on TEH WEIGHT WATCHERS, but WW can suck it for one weekend because Sonic is MAGIC (we don't have one around here -- which is why I find it so MAGICAL XD).

Then in June, Nate, Valerie, Brian and I are going to California! :o I have never been to CA (farthest I've been is Las Vegas and that was almost a decade ago) and I am excited because DISNEYLAAAAAAAAND. Now, I am a total Disney nerd. Especially when it comes to Walt Disney World. So to go to the park that started it all (excuse me, I'm having a total nerd moment here) and be strolling around the same places Walt Disney did, I will go crazy. <333

I am already apologizing to Nate, Valerie and Brian in advance because I already know (especially while waiting in line to ride their Space Mountain) I will be FLIPPING OUT AND KICKING PEOPLE IN THE FACE OUT OF EXCITEMENT. D:


I guess that's all for now. I will be updating this thing better now that I am not stressed from work and all that other jazz. <3 XD
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This is a magical friending meme of the STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE type!

No, really. I see regular SW ones and ones for every other fandom BUT WHAT ABOUT US SUPER NERDS FANS, HUH? D: Just copy and paste everything in the box below and enter the information in the comments section below!

If you're an EU fan, fill it out! ♥

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