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Revelry Junction is technically a large carnival on a beach. No one knows what's around it. The days are far too short and the nights are almost endless. The sun rises into the hazy sky and sets early, plunging the fairgrounds into darkness, into a garishly lit eternal night, pulsing with off-color bulbs and bonfires. The moon is large and full every evening, lending the land the only calm glow around. The air is filled with shouts and laughter, drunken rambles and hushed whispers -- unnerving music seeping from speakers well hidden.

People appear here. The arrive through the Hall of Mirrors; exiting their own worlds through mysterious reflective surfaces and arriving in this one, unscathed and usually confused. If they find the right mirror in the funhouse filled with thousands -- they can return, and come and go as they please. But if they don't, or give up looking, they're stuck in Revelry Junction.

Stuck there and forced to have some sort of jarring fun.

taken characters

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Revelry Junction has moved to livejournal and is looking for characters from anything! Basically, RJ is a place for crack RP and serious RP and crazy characters and crazy players and CREEPY CARNIVAL RIDES. D:

Also, storylines are kind of being rebooted -- so you won't miss anything by joining now!
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I have been crazy busy lately, wtf when did this happen? I finished up a few big projects/documents at work that I have been working on for a couple months and I'm extremely relieved and excited they're finished, I'm almost done with my cosplay/personal giant massive website of doom and Saturday I helped Nate move all of his stuff from Maryland to Virginia into the new place he is renting. It has been busy but good. XD

But now it is time for an update! BECAUSE I MISS YOU, LJ. <3

Life: Wait I already updated that above. Hehe.

New Buddies: *waves to all the people from the magical friending memes as of late* Yayyyy!

Costumes: Last weekend I got some stuff done on costumes -- this hasn't happened in awhile! XD I worked on the design for the Queen Tenel Ka outfit I'm hoping to make/finish for Balticon (already got the fabric for the dress, need to get the fabric for the outer coat/cape thing), started a new pouch for my YJK Tenel Ka and painted the Pie Hole box and got shoes for my Chuck (Pushing Daisies) outfit. Sadly, Desert Rose Dee (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has been dropped from the Dragon*Con costume list cause we're not sure Brian would really want to walk around in long johns -- which is totally understandable, hahah. And Dee would be no fun without Charlie & the Waitress (plus we lack a Mac and a Dennis). This means there is an empty spot on my D*C costume list. It will most likely be filled by Chuck or possibly the new Queen Tenel Ka outfit or some other costume I will already have (it will definitely be Queen TK if there is a Caedus floating around somewhere)~ XD

RPPPPPPPPPING: MAJOR PLOT starts today at Mr. Multi-Fandom Revelry Junction. This is exciting because mostly it's been everyone getting settled and moping around for FOUR YEARS, LOL. They're finally gonna do something. I also think I might pick up Louis (L4D) and possibly James Sunderland (SH2). But Nate and I were talking the other night... Donald Duck totally has to come into the game. MUAHA.

Making Crap!: I got my button maker in the mail last week and I have been flipping out all weekend making all kinds of buttons from pictures I had around and pictures from old magazines (Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Mara Jade, Hotel Dusk, Silent Hill 3/4, The Sims, Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, Xenosaga, BioShock, Mass Effect, Organization 13, Devil May Cry, THE LIST GOES ON AND ON~). I'll be putting some up on Etsy soon cause as much as I love making them I can't have them all sprawled around my workspace (there are some up right now!)~ XDDDD

Vacation: This weekend Mom, Duane and I are doing to the GLITTERING LAND OF PITTSBURGH (lol) to visit Valerie and Brian. I'll take pictures for my Photo midterm while I am there and also generally geek out, which is what we normally do when everyone is together. Also, SONIC. This will be hell on TEH WEIGHT WATCHERS, but WW can suck it for one weekend because Sonic is MAGIC (we don't have one around here -- which is why I find it so MAGICAL XD).

Then in June, Nate, Valerie, Brian and I are going to California! :o I have never been to CA (farthest I've been is Las Vegas and that was almost a decade ago) and I am excited because DISNEYLAAAAAAAAND. Now, I am a total Disney nerd. Especially when it comes to Walt Disney World. So to go to the park that started it all (excuse me, I'm having a total nerd moment here) and be strolling around the same places Walt Disney did, I will go crazy. <333

I am already apologizing to Nate, Valerie and Brian in advance because I already know (especially while waiting in line to ride their Space Mountain) I will be FLIPPING OUT AND KICKING PEOPLE IN THE FACE OUT OF EXCITEMENT. D:


I guess that's all for now. I will be updating this thing better now that I am not stressed from work and all that other jazz. <3 XD
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dfajskdjfksdj I really can't believe it's been that long since this game opened, but it has and I love it to just as much bits now as I did then, back when it opened.

Here's a quick summary. You're a character, you touch a reflective surface. It takes you to the Hall of Mirrors in Revelry Junction, a broke down carnival on the edge of a deserted town. Some people are able to get back to their own worlds, while others can't and are stuck there. Some have opened shops, some have taken jobs -- a currency was just discovered. Little do they all know that something unsettling is about to happen. Were they brought to Revelry Junction for a reason? Maybe the universe just wanted to toy with them perhaps? At least there are fun rides and games to pass the time with. And hey, there's even a beach.

Come on! Bring someone to the carnival and torture them!


FOR REAL, if you like roleplaying and you like crack then you should stop on by! I made it a pretty new theme to celebrate it's birthday. Although, I love the old one and you can still pick that one too. XD

(Also, the era of Sam Winchester/Jacen Solo BFF is coming very, very soon. THEY WILL START TRAINING TOGETHER, LOLOLOL~ XDDDDDDD)
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YAY RP MEME HAR HAR. No really, here is the RP meme that's been going around teh eljays.


Okay, so this meme has made me realize two things. One: I need to find a place to play Gadell. Two: I have the sudden urge to start an original game all populated with original characters and an original storyline. But I would probably be the only one playing. D:
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One of my resolutions was to keep up on all the RPs/Dressing Rooms I'm in, yes? HERE IS WHERE I GET MY HEAD STRAIGHT WITH THEM. Also, this where you can smack me around and tell me, "__________ (fill in action here) needs to be done in this game with ______ (fill in character here)!" And I will be like, "OH YES, LET'S GET RIGHT ON THAT."

So yeah. Games I'm in, characters I play, storylines that are happening. GO, BRAIN. GO!

1.) REVELRY JUNCTION. (multi-fandom carnival crack)
- Alex Shepherd (Silent Hill Homecoming)
- Alice (Adventures In Wonderland)
- Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum (BioShock)
- Cowboy (The Warriors)
- Deandra "Dee" Reynolds (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia)
- Dennis Reynolds (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia)
- Jacen Solo (Star Wars)
- Lt. Jim Dangle (Reno 911!)
- Lex (The Tribe)
- Lisey Landon (Stephen King's Lisey's Story)
- Louis DeNonno (Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
- Lucrecia Crescent (Final Fantasy VII)
- Mark (Revelations: Persona)
- Ray Garraty (Stephen King's The Long Walk)
- Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
- Scott Landon (Stephen King's Lisey's Story)
- Sirrus (Myst)
- Steerpike (Gormenghast)
- Sven Hansen (ObsCure II: The Aftermath)
- Tenel Ka (Star Wars)

CURRENT STORYLINES: Sam Winchester is walking with Tenel Ka (who finds him oddly familiar looking) to the beach where they will run across Dean Winchester and Jacen Solo. Scott and Lisey are taking care of Ray, Art and Peter (and soon Trisha). Louis is running a bar. Dennis, Dee, Mac and Charlie are coming across a public access tv station and they will be taking it over soon. Steerpike is watching catfights and slowly pondering how to take over Revelry Junction. Lex is... being Lex. The others are all yapping with different characters.

2.) HOLONET. ([livejournal.com profile] holonet - Star Wars)
- Tenel Ka ([livejournal.com profile] miss_ereneda)

CURRENT STORYLINES: Tenel Ka and Allana are soon going to really be chatting for the first time in a long while. (WHEN WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO THIS, HAPAN DAUGHTER [livejournal.com profile] prix_etoile? XD)

3.) STAR WARS DRESSING ROOM. ([livejournal.com profile] swdressingrm)
- Tenel Ka ([livejournal.com profile] miss_ereneda - post-LotF)
- Jacen Solo ([livejournal.com profile] moar_snake_plz - post-NJO)
- Mace Windu ([livejournal.com profile] m_effing_force)
- Kale Longo ([livejournal.com profile] icn_544450)
- Zekk ([livejournal.com profile] tasty_bouquet)
- Gadell Vessau ([livejournal.com profile] hapanistic)

CURRENT STORYLINES: LOL, come on real storylines in a DR. Kale just met Dr. Cody and is freaking out about finding Trig ([livejournal.com profile] blood_sorbet - HEY I THINK SOMEONE NEEDS TO JOIN AS TRIG!!11 XDDD). The others are being themselves.

4.) STEPHEN KING DRESSING ROOM. ([livejournal.com profile] king_dressing)
- Peter McVries ([livejournal.com profile] walker_61)
- Scott Landon ([livejournal.com profile] holleryouhome)
- Lisey Landon ([livejournal.com profile] evrythngthesame)
- Chris Chambers ([livejournal.com profile] thatchamberskid)
- Thad Beaumont ([livejournal.com profile] sparrows_again)

CURRENT STORYLINES: Lisey is helping Bevelry shop for clothes. Pangborn is gonna find Thad alive and freak out. McVries and Stebbins were breaking into the back of an arcade ([livejournal.com profile] morlockiness, should I continue that post or start a new one with them?).

5.) NEW EDEN. (BioShock)
- Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum
- Arthur Bandt
- Jase Soloman
- Lillian Pike

CURRENT STORYLINES: Lillian is getting hit on by Benjamin. Tenenbaum just sat down to a "nice" dinner with Fontaine. Arthur and Jase are being stupid boys and Arthur is going to find Evelyn soon.

6.) FANDOM NET. (multi-fandom crack message board)
Alex Shepherd (Silent Hill Homecoming), Buster Bluth (Arrested Development), Dennis Reynolds (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia), Jacen Solo (Star Wars), Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords), Lisey Landon (Stephen King's Lisey's Story), Louis (Left 4 Dead), Mark (Revelations: Persona), Peter McVries (Stephen King's The Long Walk), Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) , Sam Winchester (Supernatural), Scott Landon (Stephen King's Lisey's Story), Tenel Ka (Star Wars), Ulala Serizawa (Persona 2: Eternal Punishment), Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4), Zekk (Star Wars) & Zell Dincht (Final Fantasy VIII)

CURRENT STORYLINES: ...Pyramid Head wants to have a birthday party...?

In Revelry Junction, I am debating on picking up either Harry Mason or James Sunderland from the Silent Hill series, but I haven't decided yet.


Also, if you're a fan of RPing and see characters you want characters of yours (depending on the game, lol) to interact with -- these games are all open to join. I would absolutely love to see more Silent Hill characters, Myst characters and King characters in the multi-fandom games -- and I would loooove to see more BioShock going-ons in the BioShock game!
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Now that there will be some free time, that means it will be REVELRY JUNCTION TIME. XD

LOL, I need help from [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be and [livejournal.com profile] lusa_thul (this is the easy way to reach you both right now since we're all not AIM AND THIS MUST BE FIXED). IS THIS LOOKING RIGHT SO FAR?


-- Saetan SaDiablo
-- Peter Penvensie
-- Tenel Ka

-- Lt. Dangle (Sheriff)
-- Lex
-- Dean Winchester
-- Edgar Frog

-- Sawyer (shopkeeper)
-- Birle (innkeeper - Hotel Dawn)
-- Louis DeNonno (head bartender - The Seven Stars)
-- Lynnea (waitress - The Seven Stars)

-- Mac
-- Charlie Kelly
-- Deandra "Dee" Reynolds
-- Dennis Reynolds

-- Bellatrix Lestrange
-- Valeriana
-- Steerpike
-- Jacen Solo & Sam Winchester (only when together)

CIVILIANS (for now lol):
Achmed the Snake, Adam Eddington, Ahiru, Alex Shepherd, Allana Djo, Alice, Ariel, Art Baker, Atlas, Caeru har Aralis, Canderous Ordo, Carth Onasi, Cobweb, Cowboy, Commander Shepard, Commander William Riker, Dairine Callahan, Desmond Hume, Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde, Elske, Grunthor, Henry Townshend, Hermione Granger, Jack Sparrow, Jaina Solo, Kay Brightmore, Kell Tainer, Kuzco, Kyle Hyde, Lieutenant Kaiden Alenko, Lisey Landon, Lucivar Yaslana, Lucrecia Crescent, Lusa, Lynnea, Mark, Mike Noonan, Mildmay, Mimi Marquez, Nymphadora Tonks, Oriel, Orien, Peter McVries, Ray Garraty, Raynar Thul, Rukia Kuchki, Sanglant, Scott Landon, Sebastian, Sharr Latt, Sirrus, Stebbins, Sven Hansen, Tayven Hirantel, Tersa, Thiede, Trisha McFarland, Valraven Palindrake, Walter Sullivan, Westley, William Halloway, Zelda, Zexion.

Also, massively inactive players (like over a year, there's only one or two) -- any ideas on what we should do about the characters? Put them up for adoption/delete them?

(And I think four characters need to start a band. Mark wants to sing. I think he will put an ad up on the BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEM!~ XDDDD)
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On March 9th, Revelry Junction will turn three years old! And it has a new logo and color scheme to celebrate! And now that it's finally up and pretty again we can all get back into playing since we all were like :| when it was plain and not done up fancy, lol.

REVELRY JUNCTION -- bring your favorite head voices characters to the nasty run-down, beat up carnival! JUST DON'T LET THEM PUKE ON THE RIDES. D:

We need more Silent Hill characters! And Stephen King characters (WALKERS!!! <3333)! Also, I would not complain for more Persona characters, lol, whichever number game ANY WILL DO.

Hell, characters from anything are needed! BRING THEM ALL~ XD

(This song is a total eargasm.)
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-- Alex Shepherd // held under // Bret Harrison
-- Alice // mmm crumpets // Elisabeth Harnois
-- Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum // maternal heart // Rita Hayworth
-- Cowboy // mr_manners // Tom McKitterick
-- Deandra "Dee" Reynolds // Aluminum Monster // Kaitlin Olson
-- Dennis Reynolds // Touch_My_Pecs // Glenn Howerton
-- Henry Townshend // sacrament21 // Brendan Fraser
-- Jacen Solo // Crystal Snake // Jared Padalecki
-- Lt. James "Jim" Dangle // Lt. Dangle // Thomas Lennon
-- Lex // Sheriff Lex // Caleb Ross
-- Lisey Landon // SOWISA // Jennifer Connelly
-- Louis DeNonno // trip man! // James Franco
-- Lucrecia Crescent // tellus // Kate Bush
-- Mark // terrors rox // Bow Wow
-- Mike Noonan // quartermack // Josh Lucas
-- Ray Garraty // walker47 // River Phoenix
-- Sam Winchester // Bitch // Jared Padalecki
-- Scott Landon // bool! the end // Kevin Zegers
-- Sirrus // Sanguine // Lou Taylor Pucci
-- Steerpike // squeertike // Jonathan Rhys Meyers
-- Sven Hansen // THOR // Casey Skinner
-- Tenel Ka // Ereneda // Bryce Dallas Howard
-- Zexion // VI // Chisato

(I must have a thing for the letters S & L. And I also love how the five darlings are all in a row -- italicized for my amusement.)

Above is my character list on Revelry Junction. I was looking at it the other night pulling stats. I play 23 characters -- spanning 19 fandoms. The only four fandoms I have multiple characters from are Star Wars (Jacen & Tenel Ka), Lisey's Story (Scott & Lisey Landon), Silent Hill (Henry Townshend & Alex Shepherd) and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Dennis & Deandra Reynolds).

My other fandoms are a weird ass range too: Adventures In Wonderland, Bag of Bones, Bioshock, Final Fantasy, Gormenghast, Hotel Dusk, Kingdom Hearts, The Long Walk, Myst, ObsCure, Reno 911!, Revelations: Persona, Supernatural, The Tribe and The Warriors.

I'm kind of a nutjob. D:

Other fun things: I play 2 male authors, 2 female scientists and two Jared Padaleckis lol. Only one flat out villain in the whole 23 (Steerpike, I'm looking at you) and have a whole mess of characters in the gray (Jacen, Sam, Alex, Zexion, Sirrus) -- and all together, 17 males and 6 females. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL WHAT?~

I've found that the ones that come easiest to me are Sven Hansen, Louis DeNonno, Mark & Lex. (LOL, that's what she said.)

The hardest? Lt. Jim Dangle, Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Zexion and Scott Landon. I don't know, my thing must be stupid pervy boys. :|


The few of you on here that are on RJ, I just have to say I love you thugs for making the past almost three(!!!) years awesome in the world of RPing. With every long-ass crazy post, I feel like we're writing a novel of insanity here, lololol. <3333

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So Peter McVries is pretty damn fun to RP (well, ramble as -- on fandomNET and the King Dressing Room, there's no actual ACTIONS involved in those two). I'm so used to voicing proper bitches like Jacen and Tenel Ka and all that that I never get introduce them to other characters in such fun fashions as:

"Peter. Peter McVries. You can call me Pete. Or Mister McVries, maybe. You look kind of young." --- "And I just gave you every option, so what are you going to call me if it's none of the things I listed? Petey? Petersaurus Rex?"

And Jacen Solo would never talk of an abandoned town like so: "It's like a deserted town that's slowly being... serted. Or something. Heh, I just made up a word."

I also finally got the Sam/Tenel Ka thread moving, MUAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHHA~ And now that the holidays are over and everything has settled I can go RP crazy once more (CURRENCY IN REVELRY JUNCTION FINALLY, RIGHT GUYS XD). AND WRITE SOME EFFING STORIES LIKE I HAVE BEEN MEANING TO WHAT.

Also, chocolate covered cherries (a box of ten) were on sale today at Target for 37 cents. I love me some after Christmas sales.

(I don't know what Silent Hill costume to bring to Dragon*Con this year. D:

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jdhfjasdhfaskdjfkdshfahs HEEEEE.

So Sam Winchester and Jacen Solo aren't getting the pleasure of meeting each other first in Revelry Junction.



Dean: "Wedges Antilles."
Jacen: "Wedge Antilles? Really? That's funny. Because I know Wedge Antilles personally and you look nothing like him."
Dean: "Yeah. Right. And I spent last night with Princess Leia. That slave bikini. Ooo."
Jacen: "That's my mother you're talking about. Plus, she's happily married to my father and I don't think she would spend a night with the likes of you if she wasn't."


(Drunk Pissed Off Deanless Sammy will be hitting on Tenel Ka in no time!)
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I don't want to speak too soon, but I think these pills I got might actually be working on my stomach. :O

So yay for being healthy again after my three and a half week jaunt of pain, hospitals, doctors who don't want to "mask my symptoms", barium and percocet!

(I apologize in advance to anyone in Revelry Junction who has to deal with Jacen Solo and Sam Winchester once they're together. Cause they're gonna whine about the state of the world together and how they want to help people -- then they're gonna discover they both have powers fueled by possibly bad things. And have evil sleepovers where they build forts and train to be TEH SAVIORS OF TEH UNIVERSE.

Then they'll both whine: "BUT WE'RE USING OUR POWERS FOR GOOD WAI WAIIII~! ;-;!!!"

Then they will cause havoc everywhere. And it will be epic.

You see, I said I was plotting something with them meeting for the first time, "LOL YOU LOOK SO SUAVE LIKE ME" -- and as you can see, my plotting went a lot further than that. XD



Nov. 11th, 2008 12:44 am
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(And I am already plotting the meeting of Sam Winchester and Jacen Solo in my head, trust me.)


Nov. 10th, 2008 10:06 pm
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And this icon is all I have to say to everything. XD

Also, [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be and I may or not be picking up Sam and Dean in Revelry Junction. And by may or may not I mean may.

(So tempted to make his screenname on the board Bitchface.)
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Hahaha! In a discussion concerning the movie Step Brothers on the IMDB message board:

Person #1: Wow, that really makes me want to see this movie (sarcasm). Why does Will Ferrell think his being naked is funny? No one wants to see naked men; even women don't. You want evidence? Why do 99% of exotic clubs feature female dancers?

Person #2: Because only men will pay for nudity and sex.

HAHAHAHA, ZING. Also found on IMDB -- I watched part of the Twilight fandom explode on IMDB yesterday during my lunch break, in a bad, bad way after spoilers for their new book were floating around. I should do a study on fandoms. It was like watching a star collapse or a train wreck or something equally as insane. I saw diehard fans of the books fully renounce their fandom and complain about how the series is ruined (Loch Ness Monster, lulz).

Most of the posts looked like this -- and this is an actual example:

It all sounds like something created by a hater or fanfiction
but it also sounds so like stephenie.

Is that supposed to be a compliment or a bash? :( I've seen a billion icons around LJ about how the last book is just one BIG FAIL, so this could take my study even further. I could include the reactions to the last Legacy of the Force (hell, NJO for that matter too -- loose ends much?) book and the last Harry Potter book for my study too. Of course, this is looking to be the most violent reaction I've seen.


Have I mentioned how much I love Terry (Nick Swardson) from Reno 911!: "I'm recording an album... it's called Terry: South Bitch: Live. Fuck you, Dad. And it drops in, uh 2009."

Terry: "I'm on wheels, yo!"
Raineesha: "Thats not the only thing you're on. What else are you on, Terry?"
Terry: "I'm on fucking crack, yo!"

Trudy: "Terry, when you're here, you're an ambassador for Reno."
Terry: "Heavy on the assador!"

Raineesha: "We got a call about lewd behavior on the boardwalk and you the only thing I see around here that could qualify as lewd."
Terry: "How is this... I'm not lewd at all... I don't even know what... lube or lewd?"

And those are only from the movie... if I started quoting Terry from the show... XDDDD Aaaaaaaand I totally didn't pick up Jim Dangle in Revelry Junction. Not at all. :|

Also, one of the best and most simple things in the world is sleeping in. HEART.


Jun. 9th, 2008 06:53 pm
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BUAHAHAHHA~ so NBC is doing Celebrity Family Feud. It starts on July 1st and looks totally silly. BUT I HAVE TO WATCH THIS EPISODE.

-- Episode 5
-The primary cast of My Name Is Earl (including Jason Lee and Jamie Pressly) vs. the secondary cast of Earl (including Tim Stack and show creator Greg Garcia)
-The cast of The Office (including Creed Bratton and Brian Baumgartner) vs. the cast of American Gladiators (including Titan and Venom)


So 80 days left till Dragon*Con. The only costume that is completely done is the Little Sister. And I need to splatter some more blood all over Peter McVries' shirt (AND BUY MORE MACAROONS, LOL) -- then he will be done too. Actually, Chris Chambers is done too -- cause I have a white shirt and I most definitely ordered candy cigarettes to roll up in my sleeve. Cause I will eat those. I would not buy a real pack of cigarettes. CANCER ROLLED UP IN MY T-SHIRT NO THX. D:

Done = three out of eight.

I was cutting out pieces of the Uber-Queenly Tenel Ka Costume of Doomage last night and my Mom wanders over and looks at it and totally expounds on an idea I had concerning it and makes the costume like a billion times cooler, if said idea ends up working out. We stood there for like twenty minutes holding up fabric and pieces and all kinds of crap and going "OH MY SHIT THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING" -- and now I am so horribly giddy for this Queen outfit. I just hope it works out. <3

Shmi is getting there. I need to sew the pieces of the top, which I will do kind of crappily since I'm just tearing it up and bloodying it anyways. Still need a belt for her. Tempest Tenel Ka -- redoing a couple things. Probably saving that till after I finish the Queen dress. Lisey -- got my shorts and my towel (AND MY SHOVEL XD). Need to fix towel and also tea/bloody-up said towel. Also need to figure out what to do about the little afghan square. Oh, and make the Boo'ya Moon garland. :O And then Maid Marian -- STILL PROCRASTINATING ON THE CLOAK. :|

Haha, I love how for three out of these eight costumes (four if you count the dried blood crap all over the Little Sister) -- one of the steps for each is basically: COVER IT IN BLOOD.

Oh, Dragon*Con. <3

Do you want to know how crazy/anal D*C COSTUMING always make me? I have a flipping ORG CHART LOL. There is a row for what shoes I need for each costume, a row for clothing items I need, a row for props needed and a row for shit I still need to do. They're also arranged in the order I'm wearing them. And then a list of other things I need to bring. This also acts as my packing list and has hundreds of red lines on it once I'm all packed for the con. XD

I also need to figure out how short to get my bangs cut in August -- because I want bangs but I don't want them too short. Maybe I will get them layered from my cheekbones down. HMMMMMMMM.

AND HAHAHA, I love how it only took like TWO YEARS to finally get Peter McVries, Art Baker and Ray Garraty in a thread together. WITH THE ADDED SCOTT LANDON BONUS. XD


Jun. 1st, 2008 04:25 pm
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Okay. I can't get to ANY of the boards now.

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Singing shit on Rock Band with your mic in one hand an a fuzzy navel in the other is awesome. It's like, SING A VERSE. BOOZE. SING THE CHORUS. SWIG. Fuzzy navel and guitar is a lot more difficult. D: Sorry, I can't booze and play with you, Caedus, my hot hot guitarist. :(

ALRIGHT WHAT THE HELL. Both [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be and [livejournal.com profile] prix_etoile have told me they can't get on these two message boards and it says SERVER NOT FOUND HUR HUR.

But I am on both of them right now and posting. D:

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So I was thinking about bringing Zekk into Revelry Junction to cause massive amounts of drama and problems like he is THE MASTER AT (with Tenel Ka, Jacen, Jaina, Allana, Sharr, Kell, etc. XD), and also because he would ruin the super secret parentage of Allana to everyone ever and that would be awesome and Jacen's phew moment would be all for nothing...

He would also get along swimmingly with the awesome drunkards Louie DeNonno and Sheriff Lex -- and would find Kuzco the talking llama UTTERLY AMAZING (jfslkdfjklsdjf kuzco's icon <33333).

I will have to think on this. If I don't, someone has to. Or maybe Crusty Space Kyp.

(I was also tempted to either bring in one of the Deputies from Reno 911! [Dangle, most likely] or one of the GLADIATORS LOLOLOLOLOLOL~)

OKAY SLEEPY TIME! *kicks foot so she can get some sleep D:*
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Time for the RPG pimpage! Cause it's fun to learn what delusions your friends have going in their head! I have way too many delusions -- and here is where I share them with you! O_O I find myself only being able to RP on message boards. It's less time consuming for me and my inbox doesn't fill up with comments of people like, "*WALKS IN* (OMG WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG TO RESPOND?//1)" -- which I have gotten on three different LJ/GJ RPs, all of which I quit. XD

GLITTERSTIM SUNRISE (Star Wars EU, post-Dark Nest)
characters: Tenel Ka, Zekk, Jacen Solo (possibly temporarily), Gadell Vessau (oc), Serkitt Apshai (oc)

NEW EDEN (Bioshock, pre-fall - 1954)
characters: Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum, Lillian Pike (oc), Arthur Bandt (oc)

CASTLE ROCK (Stephen King, 2009)
characters: Lisey Landon (Lisey's Story), Thad Beaumont (The Dark Half), Chris Chambers (The Body), Peter McVries (The Long Walk)

REVELRY JUNCTION (multifandom, present day, yay rundown carnival!)
characters [GO FOR IT]:

Alice (Adventures In Wonderland)
Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum (Bioshock)
Cowboy (The Warriors)
Deandra "Dee" Reynolds (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia)
Henry Townshend (Silent Hill 4: The Room)
Lex (The Tribe)
Lisey Landon (Lisey's Story)
Louis DeNonno (Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
Lucrecia Crescent (Final Fantasy VII)
Mark (Revelations: Persona)
Mike Noonan (Bag of Bones)
Ray Garraty (The Long Walk)
Sirrus (Myst)
Steerpike (Gormenghast)
Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy VII)
Tenel Ka (Star Wars)
Zexion (Kingdom Hearts 2)

I'm thinking about putting Tifa and Zexion up for adoption, if anyone wants to play them. Sadly, I don't have the driving force or the storyline ideas for them anymore. D: And we need some House and Phoenix Wright characters up in the carnival, dudes. And an Achenar. I would love one of those. XD

Also, wtf is with all my L's?

(P.S. I gave $100 to Idol Gives Back -- yes, even with the crazy vet bills. I know I need lots of help with these whackass bills and I'm trying to sell crap like crazy on etsy and ebay, but there's lots of people out there who need a lot more help than me. DO IT. Also, seeing Hok, Donyelle, Lacey, Benji, Heidi, Ryan, Dominic, etc. etc. from past seasons of So You Think You Can Dance totally made my night.)

Oh snap.

Oct. 5th, 2007 12:29 am
tenel_ka: ([ sexy lexy ])
52 characters! :o!

Seriously, when did it get so busy? O_O Not that I'm complaining, hehe~ It just blew up all the sudden. LOVE.

Aaaaand needs more cowbell Silent Hill characters. XD *is not debating on fixing that herself, o noes!*

EDIT: I made the mistake of looking at my icon for a good long while after I made this post and am now seriously debating on picking up Lex from The Tribe. That would be... yesssssssssss. XD

EDIT 2: ... 53 characters!

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