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1.) http://community.livejournal.com/galaxywide/profile - THERE ARE SO MANY CHARACTERS~ and I love you all for making that happen! <33333 The game is awesome so far and will be very cracky soon, methinks. ;D

2.) Tekkoshocon and Pittsburgh were both awesome (people, costumes, photos, chilling w/ Valerie and Brian -- EVERYTHINGGGGG). I'll be posting pictures and junk soon. <33

3.) http://www.facebook.com/pages/zhobotnet/115235818536075 - we made a facebook thing for ZHOBOTTTTTT. Now, this will include costumes as well as updates on the Centuria Challenge (we're on game 2 out of 100 lolololol) and updates on the shop when we get it working!

4.) If you're going to Dragon*Con this year and you're planning on doing an EU costume, come on over and join us at either the forum or on facebook! I'm being a total nerd with the pictures I get this year of EU people and I'm working on something.

5.) I saw Sucker Punch. I thought it was pretty good. I went in expecting crap, so I came out thinking it was alright, hahahahaha~ Sweet Pea = <3333 Abbie Cornish is so gorgeous.


7.) Playing Ghost Trick - there was just A KIDNAPPING! This game is pretty damn darling. Seriously, some of the best storylines I see are on DS games.

8.) I NEED TO CLEAN. My room, my workspace -- everything.

9.) I wanted to get to 9 so I could make a 999 joke, but now I'm too lazy. LOL NONARY GAEMZ
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So the other day on Twitter, Wil Wheaton linked to a blog post he had written about the 25th Anniversary Reunion he attended with the Stand By Me cast. It's an absolutely wonderful post - nostalgic and kind of heartbreaking all at the same time. And of course, it got me thinking about River Phoenix.

If you've known me for some amount of time, you know about my love for this kid. I say kid now because I'm actually older than he was when he died back in 1993. This post pretty much contains my realization that I sort of have a type - in both real and fictional worlds, apparently, hahaha. XD

A little background here: Around '96, I was looking through a magazine or catalog or something and I saw a picture of some dude. And this dude was effing hot. I took this picture to my sister and this happened--

Valerie: "That's River Phoenix." *pause* "He's dead."
Me: "Buh."
Valerie: "He was an actor. He was actually in Stand By Me, which was based off of a Stephen King story."
Me: "I must see this movie."
Valerie: "Yeah, you'd probably like it."

So I was with my Mom and Duane one weekend, wandering around Blockbusters and I saw the box...

Mom: "Okay, but you have to watch it with us, cause it's rated R." *turns to Duane* "Why is this movie rated R? I don't remember anything crazy in it... it's been a long time since I've seen it though."

We get back and they go out to pick up dinner and leave me alone. What do I do? Put the tape in and start watching it. I got almost to the end of the treehouse scene before I stopped it and rewound the tape for when they got back. It was okay though, cause I already knew I had fallen in love with that kid. Did you see the face he made when they introduced Chris Chambers? He. Was. Gorgeous.

After seeing that movie (and of course loving it), I hunted down every single thing relating to River Phoenix I could find. Movies, books, clippings from magazines - this was a little difficult since he had been popular in the late 80's and then early 90's, then died of a drug overdose in '93. That was utterly depressing, by the way. As you can see in Wheaton's blog post, no one really saw it coming. He had always been against that kind of stuff too.

Besides that, he was pretty much a sweetheart. He was an animal rights activist and a total family boy. And I thought that was darling.

Enter my fandoms. Hello Star Wars. Greetings Jacen Solo.

When I started to get heavily into the Expanded Universe fandom (writing fanfiction, talking to people - including some of you still to this day <3333, all that awesome stuff), I would think of actors when I read the books. It's something I've kind of always done in the back of my head. It made it easier for me to picture characters sometimes. Who was Jacen Solo? Well, that was River Phoenix, of course. Animal nerd, sweetheart, fights for what he believes in. Also, DAT HAIR. When the Japanese covers for the New Jedi Order came out, I was excited (FANGASMS EVERYWHERE) to see I hadn't been the only one. LOOK AT THAT MOFO OHH SHI--

I think my <3 for River had kind of caused my love for Jacen to grow and vise versa. Besides just reading the books, he became my Jacen in fanthings as well. I mean, fanfictions, RPGs, everything. IT WAS TOO PERFECT, DUDE. D:

It always helped that he had played Harrison Ford's son in The Mosquito Coast as well as young Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade... I mean, it just worked all around! XD

(Fun note: He also was in a movie called "A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon" - he was the main character. Jason Court was also in this movie. Jason Court is the man who played Kyle Katarn in Dark Forces. STAR WARS CONNECTIONS, AHOY! XD)

TO THE LEFT: River & Harrison (JACEN & HAN IT WOULD BE SO PERFECT D:), then as young Indy and then River & Jason (LOL JACEN AND KYLE HAY GUYZ)

Looking at it now, it's sort of ironic. Jacen Solo was also overtaken by something he always condemned and then was killed. THAT IS WHERE I KIND OF GET CREEPED OUT.

Years later, enter Jared Padalecki.

I had exhausted the hell out of every River Phoenix picture for Star Wars: EU related asshattery and was depressed that there would never be any others. I had also started watching some weird show called Supernatural. Of course, me watching this show = "lololol look at these brothers arguing. one is so nice and one is like LET'S KILL ALL THE BAD THINGS CAUSE WE HAVE THE POWER! it's like jacen and anakin except with the ages swapped. like this tall lanky dude with the floppy brown hair and puppy eyes is all OMG WE CAN'T HURT ANYONE, LIKE JACEN-- LIKE JACEN..."

Then that shit happened, heh. I started looking up this guy. Animal rights activist, family boy, all around sweetheart.

Me: what no, how does this keep happening :|

Then SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENED: Looking up pictures of this new giant dude, I find a photo that made me flip for a few seconds. I'm sure my heart had to skip a beat cause how did a picture of River Phoenix get into this batch of pictures from a photoshoot of this sasquatch Jared guy. And later, going back through River pictures, a picture of this moose snuck into River photos somehow - EXCEPT NO CAUSE THAT'S RIVER PLAYING THE GUITAR WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE MOOSE?

Left - River, Right - Jared

Left - Jared, Right - River

(I've posted those before... a long time ago in a galaxy far f-- SHUT UUPPPP. XD)

So my River/Jacen line turned into a River/Jacen/Jared triangle and one became my tiny dork and one became my giant dork and everything in the fandom corner of my brain had settled peacefully. Jared plays a really mean (and effing awesome) bad guy (demon!Lucifer!anysortofevil!Sam is the best thing ever) and would make a killer Darth Caedus. As you can see by the quote in the subject line, River was just like that - he was the little, wide-eyed, goofball Jacen Solo.

But looking at all three: two of my favorite actors and my favorite fictional character -- there's a type. :T

I don't know when this was all realized but at least I have typed it all out and let myself know the links just aren't in my fandom-hazed brain, hehehehehe. XD

P.S. River. Freakin'. Phoenix. Please watch Running On Empty, Stand By Me, The Mosquito Coast & I Love You to Death - DARLING. <3


P.S.S.S. Here is River molesting a tree. PERFECT?

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I figured something like this might be of some help to me for the next 70 days, hahaha~ XD


I might end up bringing either my gray jumpsuit or Tempest cover outfit back for other EU pictures on Sunday morning. I never spent enough time in the gray jumpsuit and the Tempest one I just love. So I don't know...


(aka, I might end up bringing an old TK to try to stop the fact that I want to make a new one, MUAHAHAHH~ or if I get lucky and find everything I need for cheap, maybe I will make the new one. I DON'T KNOW. This is why I need help. D:)

Okay, so you know I don't go to the movies often because people annoy me but last night, Nate and I braved the movie theater to see Toy Story 3. We rewatched the first two over the weekend and fdkljsdkfjksdfj;dkfjasf I will be going again to the magical theater of movies to see it at least once more. TS3 was amazing.

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So Saturday night was a magical night for AIM chatting (seven people HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE lololol)! We actually figured out when to wear the 3483958439052358 Star Wars costumes we will have between us. And also talked about makeup and belts and other things -- and also crack, like usual.

My D*C weekend is tentatively looking like this:

Thursday PM: Kale Longo (Death Troopers - SW:EU)
Friday AM: Tenel Ka (Jedi Strike Team - SW:EU)
Friday PM: Ophelia (Brutal Legend)
Saturday AM: Buster Bluth (Arrested Development)
Saturday PM: Elaine Marley (Monkey Island)
Sunday AM: Tenel Ka (Queen Momma - SW:EU)
Sunday PM: Peter McVries (Stephen King's The Long Walk)

And then Chuck (Pushing Daisies) will be fit into that schedule whenever. It is quick to put on. XD

It was horrible too, cause all that talk of SW stuff made me want to make a Warrior Queen Momma outfit so it's not just the fancy one I'm bringing. But I already have too many costumes as it is, hehehee. (Then of course it was extra horrible cause I found these three awesome belts on ebay and I was trying to decide between them on which one to build the costume around... you know, the COSTUME I'M TELLING MYSELF I HAVE NO TIME TO MAKE. D:

...I don't know which belt to go for either. And and and asscape.)

There are some new necklaces and junk up here. I wanted to kill that tassel one when I was making it cause those beads like to fly everywhere like the little expensive pretty colored bitches they are. But once I got it done I kind of wanted to give it a hug. I don't know how you hug a necklace though. o_o

Okay, I had about a two hour light nap when I got home (I say light because I kept sort of waking up, paying attention to the tv for .6 seconds and then drifting off again) but I feel like I'm gonna pass out so maybe I should go do that. I need to save up my energy for tomorrow cause Nate and I are going to see Toy Story 3 and I have a feeling that I'll be wasting all of this energy on CRYING MY EYES OUT. D:

(Then I will want to come home and play with my childhood toys. <333)

P.S. Whenever Ken pops up on screen I will think of when my Dad used to crossdress my Ken doll in Barbie's clothes. And then whenever I see Barbie it will instantly remind me of when my best friend from elementary school, Heather (LOL THE HEATHERS), and I used to get bored playing normal Barbies and pretty much made Barbie a stripper. I MISS MY CHILDHOOD.
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I must be on a roll or something. ANOTHER DAMN FANFICTION.

TENEL KA'S SECOND CHILD NEEDS A NAME -- that's not what it's called or anything. I just thought I would give you a short summary. lololol. I'm sure somewhere the timeline is effed or something but I didn't really care once I started writing and couldn't stop. D:

In the magical land of Twitter tonight I posted a photo of something we're dragging along with us this weekend to Balticon. It's a box. For a pie. I AM EXCITEEEEEEEE. XD

You know who was hot? River Phoenix. SORRY RANDOM I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF. :(

(And for real, I still to this day cannot watch this movie without going LOL HAN AND JACEN HAN AND JACEN~ Hit 2:30 -- HARRISON AND RIVER SO CUTE.)

Also, if we're linking River Phoenix clips, I can't pass up an absolutely darling 20 seconds of Stand By Me.

[/totally random entry lol what i need to sleep ]
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Back and neck are killing meeeeeeeee. Going here on Thursday afternoon (since the pain is suddenly horrendous in my back and neck) and back to the GI doctor next Tuesday, uggggggh. THIS IS GETTING SO OLD. :(

But I actually got a few things done this weekend! :O

Nothing super major, but I worked a bit on my magical redesign for my cosplay/personal site. And I also cut out a couple of the pieces to my Queen Mother TK outfit (hopefully for Balticon!) and made the necklace that's gonna go with it.

OMG HERE IS A NECKLACE -- aka symmetry is overrated: have you seen the Queen Mother? )

I was actually okay enough to go out on Saturday. Nate and I went to Wegmans (<3ohmygoodness) and Global Food (bought so many foreign snacksss) as well as Target. I was only hurting a bit and thought it was awesome and maybe this pain-thing was going away. Then we got home and hopped into a magical Netflix Xbox Party with Valerie and Brian and watched something MOTHER EFFIN' XENA WHAT WHAT (Callisto! <3) -- V&B went to bed after that and Nate and I watched Dead Space: Downfall. It was pretty good (loved the security team cause they cursed like me and I felt at home lolol). Then after I got up my back and neck protested so hard that I sat down and just stared at the wall for pretty much forever. Nate forced me to take a percocet and then I watched him play some Nintendo DS while I waited for the pain to go away. :|


Now I am debating on making a whole new magical message board filled with all kinds of chatter and creative-thing sharing and fandom love (every fandom ever -- zombie killers, jedis, tv show eyeballs, everything) and all kinds of crap (i want to see group video game nights!) and shout boxes and random shit and games, etc., etc. You know I love Mindbreak but it's very quiet and there's lots of ghost accounts and 0 post accounts and it's just filled with half mega-awesomeness and then half very old dead topics and ideas. D:

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN, EVERYONE <3: I don't know what to do about that. Anyone have any input on the matter (whether you go to MB at the moment now or not -- would you be interested in joining a board to share your creative works and chatter with other geeks and so on BLAH BLAH RAMBLEEEEEEE XD)? Mindbreak or start fresh? HELP PLZZZZZZ~ <33333

Mmmm, time to go watch Coheed & Cambria concert DVD I got.


Mar. 21st, 2010 12:11 am
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HELLO I HAVEN'T BEEN ON YOU IN FOREVER LIVEJOURNAL. So I really need to catch up on my friendslist, but right now Nate wants to watch The Fall. And I am taking advantage of this opportunity while he wants to watch it cause who knows how long it will last, lololol~

But I just wanted to stop by to say that if it's Louis being talked about in this video, I will smack some bitches:

http://www.gametrailers.com/episode/gametrailers-tv/88&ch=4&sd=0?ep=88&ch=4&sd=0 (LEFT 4 DEAD/L4D2 FUTURE DLC SPOILERS - now I know why they titled it what they titled it. :|)

Speaking of that, I finished a L4D fanfic featuring Ellis and Louis and a nasty Witch and some cashews and crap. I WILL POST ONCE I PROOF, HUR HUR. But for now, MOVIE TIEM. LEEEEE PAAAAACE. PRETTY COLORS. XD
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Nate and I went to see Zombieland last Wednesday night (this would've been posted sooner but my internet has been out SINCE THEN :| -- it is still not back, I am on ANOTHER COMPUTER/INTERNETZ LOL). It was a fun movie -- funny and gory and sweet and all that jazz. I don't know why there are craptons of people comparing it to Shaun of the Dead though. Just cause it has zombies? I guess? Nothing touches Shaun, IMDB nerds, I'm sorry. They are nothing alike except for zombies.

(The cameo in Zombieland was amazing. Especially the wheezing breath at the end.)

I finished Carrie by (duh who else) Stephen King. omg I know there are characters I hate -- but effing Chris Hargensen, you guys. I wanted her to die so bad. She was such a bitch. I love how King can make characters I really love (Scott Landon, Lisey Landon, Peter McVries), characters that are absolutely darling who I want to take home (Chris/Teddy/Gordie/Vern, Nick Andros, Alice Maxwell), characters I love to hate so hard (Stebbins, Gary Barkovitch, Nadine Cross), characters you really feel for (Carrie White, the whole Landon family, Edgar Freemantle, Sara Tidwell, Jack Torrence) and then the characters who are just such assholes that you want extremely violent things to happen to them (Christine Hargensen, Mrs. Carmody, Jim Dooley). Love it. I also love the payoff you get when King actually rips the asshole characters to shreds (suck on that, Christine Hargensen).

I've read books where I kind of like some characters, some kind of annoy me and some I'm completely indifferent towards. I want to feel something for the plot/characters when I'm reading a book -- not wonder what I'm having for dinner as I'm scanning the words and then realize, "WHOT I THINK SOMEONE JUST DIED?"

King accomplishes this with flying colors. I want to go to a Scott Landon lecture, I want to have a sleepover and giggle about boys with Sue Snell (before the Chamberlain massacre, preferably), I totally want to make out with Peter McVries HELLO (OM NOM NOM SCAR), I want to stay at the Overlook Hotel, I want to shop at Needful Things, I want to jump in the Royal River jksdfjsdfjsfdj <3333


Next post I will be gushing about a book I am currently reading, teeeeehehehehehe.

And I have realized I can't listen to this song without thinking of Jacen/Tenel Ka. I'm not really sure why. They're just what my mind goes to whenever it comes on. I THINK IT IS AN ANTHEM OF MY OTP IN THEIR CURRENT STATE. I MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE THINGS THE SONG DOES TO MY MIND.


Jul. 6th, 2009 11:13 pm
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So the weekend of the 31st, Nate and I are going to Pittsburgh to visit Valerie and Brian -- but also cause there is a MOVIE THEATER PLAYING CULT MOVIES EVERY WEEKEND. And on the magical night of AUGUST 1ST...


sdkfjkajdfjakjdfa I have wanted to see this movie on the big screen forever. I will try to keep from crying out of sheer joy and excitement while there. D:

In other news: http://www.whatthefun.net/gvgp OH SNAP VIDEO GAMES LOL. Aaaaaand 3/42. WOOOO!

Also, I want to revamp a few of my websites but I'm not sure how exactly yet. Time to brainstorm.
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I know I've posted about these amazing pictures before...

Ngngghhghghhh, want to use one SO BAD but can't decide.


(look at eric's smiiirrrrrkkkkk but but but jim looks so cute and innocent sjdkfjsakdfjrrrrrrrrrrrr whatttt)


May. 3rd, 2009 12:20 am
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Alright, so everyone is getting an account at Dreamwidth. It looks like livejournal to me and I'm too lazy to research why it's not like livejournal. So does someone have like a sentence long explanation on why it's not LJ and why I might want to get an account there one day lol. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE~ XD

Random help plz -- I want to watch a hot guy movie right now and I've narrowed it down to these: Fifty Pills (Lou Taylor Pucci), It's a Boy Girl Thing (Kevin Zegers), Transamerica (Kevin Zegers), Running On Empty (River Phoenix) or Gormenghast (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Now I've watched all these a billion times, yes, but these always make me feel better and I currently just kind of feel like shit. So I think I need to watch one. To help you, here's fun things from each of them:

(l to r: Lou introducing us to his douchy roomie from Fifty Pills, Kevin being totally pissy as a boy-girl from It's A Boy Girl Thing, Kevin looking pissy with a penguin in Transamerica, River in GIANT! 80'S! GLASSES! from Running on Empty and, of course, Jonathan making Steerpike a totally awesome asshole in Gormenghast.)


Also: we would looove for you to JOOOOOOOOIN cause we love chatter. And cause it has a pretty new zombie theme. And a Bioshock theme.
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Yeah, I saw 17 Again. WHAT'S UP. I SAW IT. I SAW IT AND I LOVED IT. And Efron, you guys. Does this mean I need to watch the fucking High School Musical movies? Seriously? For more him I need to watch those? I'd do it. Do I need an icon of him? Really here? Really?

(Dude, Thomas Lennon was hilarious. I love that man. "I'M PEACOCKING.")

I will just use my standby icons of Kevin Zegers again while mentioning Zac Efron cause you know they are long lost brothers. For real. Do I need to picspam to show you again? No? I don't? Well I will SORRY GUYZ.


(I find it funny that Zac looks like the bitchy one and Kevin looks like the almost-happy one cause it's usually the other way around.)

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] see_aphy_be and I were discussing D*C and things seem to roughly be looking like this maybe.

FRIDAY: morning - Young Jedi Knights (Tenel Ka), afternoon - Sith (same character), evening - insert costume here?
SATURDAY: morning/afternoon - Left 4 Dead (Hunter), evening - Bioshock (Bridgette Tenenbaum)
SUNDAY: morning/afternoon - Clue (Mrs. White), late afternoon/evening - The Long Walk (Peter McVries)

So yeah, again, mostly group costumes. But who gives a shit, group costumes are just so much more fun. XD

But HOW ARE THESE TIMES WITH THE OTHERS IN SAID GROUPS??? I know we have a whole mess of YJKers, a few good Sith and a couple others in Clue and The Long Walk. So are these days/times good for you awesome thugs?

I figure setting things up way in advance is better cause if it's not set up then you get to the con and try to call people like, "ARE YOU WEARING IT NOW, WHEN ARE YOU WEARING IT? I HAVE TO FIND YOU ARE YOU WEARING IT" and then things get screwed up. This has happened to myself and friends numerous times. This is why I'm trying to figure out a costume schedule LIKE FIVE MONTHS IN ADVANCE. XD

(Also, interested in joining any of the groups? LEMME KNOW.

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Anyways, now that the flames on the side of my face have died down I've calmed down a bit...

I put new items in the shop! :O

Boombox is not a toy! shirt, a Left 4 Dead HORDE shirt, SOWISA shirt (it's purple, natch) and some more Fallout 3 stuff.

Also, someone ordered the Ray Garraty jersey (the female cut, lol) in pink/white. heeehehhe~ <3

I'm gonna make a Stebbins jersey and Harkness jersey next, and possibly Gribble too since he is a manwhore and I love his shining moments. Hehe. I'll also be putting in a Boo'ya Moon is for Lovers bumper sticker, something with Frank West and wars (he covers them, you know) cause that's one of the best lines in a video game ever, more Silent Hill stuff and some Star Wars: EU stuff. I have way too much fun with this thing.

(I also need to make more Persona stuff. And I want to get the Junes shirt for myself, but I am refraining. D:

... I don't know how long I can hold off.)

Oh dear.

Jan. 18th, 2009 02:59 am
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Okay. So apparently Hilary Duff is going to be in a remake of Bonnie and Clyde?

Which... what?

But Clyde? Possibly Kevin Zegers.

If so, I am there.

(Also, LOLOLOLOLOL TRUE. WHO ARE YOU, PERRY MASON?! I want them to play brothers in something so bad.)


Jan. 15th, 2009 08:02 pm
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The new ("remake") Friday the 13th movie. Usually it's hard for me to justify spending $33849839842 on a ticket to go sit in a theater with a bunch of talky assholes to see a movie. But he is so tempting:

kfdlskf adk fasd what. Look at him. LOOOOOOK AT HIIIIIIIM~ I love how the movie will make him have his permanent "O SHIT" face the whole time (see screenshots, almost all of them have him doing :O) -- and JASON GRABBING HIM. TALK ABOUT O SHIT FACE.

So I have off Monday and Tuesday. Lots of website stuff and RPing stuff and costume stuff and WRITING will be getting done this four day weekend. LOTS OF WRITING. And also some video gaming. I have some serious Persona 4/Fallout 3/Left 4 Dead/Chrono Trigger/Crisis Core to get done. Hehe~
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Legend was just on tv and I watched it for what had to be the 3984938497458783975274518329048240830239423.4 time. I love that movie so much. And Tom Cruise is so darling in it -- all not creepy and couch jumpy -- with his cute crooked teeth before he got them fixed. I absolutely love him in Legend.

Other random things: The Mentalist is so awesome and Simon Baker is very delicious. Also, I am watching American Idol. Again. D: I'm sure it'll get to the top 20 or whatever and I'll lose interest again. Like always. Hehe.

(The Castro brothers arguing = so sweet. Awwwwwww~)


Dec. 30th, 2008 06:59 pm
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Okay, I don't read comics. The only one I ever really got into was Runaways -- and then it turned into a TEEN DRAMU TIME TRAVELING HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL WITHOUT THE MUSIC BUT WITH POWERS AND LOTS OF CAMEOS (Gert + Chase = OTP[?] came and I was out) and I sold all of my issues except the first one (signed by Jo Chen) and went back to my comicless existence.

But this one looks kind of interesting. Plus, it's been out for a long while, meaning I can read through the paperbacks and not drop money on an issue every however often.

Maybe I will go to a bookstore and flip through one first. I don't want to be let down again. D:

And in some random video game news -- OH WHAT! RESIDENT EVIL 5 SPOILERS WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!1111?

:O :O :O! I mean, I don't believe it till we see a body, but still.


Night-time, the airport has been locked down by Marines and the survivors evacuated for treatment one at a time, many still locked inside the airport. Two Special Response Team (SRT) members are joined by a government agent with experience of such incidents, Leon S. Kennedy. The group enters the building through the roof and begin their search.


I'm sorry y'all. Pirates, Ninjas, Cowboys, Indians, Cops, Robbers -- WHATEVER. Zombies are where it's at. They don't need to dress fancy or sneak around or steal shit or ride horses, nope. THEY JUST EAT YOUR BRAINS.

(Also, RE5 cover! :O I like the outline of Africa -- nice touch.)

SPEAKING OF ZOMBIES: LEFT 4 DEAD DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT, COMING SOON. WORD. Huzzah for Versus on Dead Air, since I know that one like the back of my hand.

P.S. I AM TEMPTED TO GET FALLOUT 3. ESPECIALLY SINCE I LIVE NEAR D.C. AND WILL GIGGLE AT ALL THE TOURIST PLACES. SHOULD I BUY? Y/N? (I already know what [livejournal.com profile] bobbarker will say~ ;D)


Dec. 4th, 2008 10:01 pm
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Nov. 1st, 2008 01:33 pm
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They are playing Legend right now on one of the Encore movie channels and that makes me really giddy, despite being sprawled out on the couch trying to ignore the pain in my midsection. I've easily seen this movie over fifty times and I want the white dress Mia Sara wears in this movie (I would wear that at my wedding, dudes, for real -- here, seventh picture down). This was when Tom Cruise was hot and not all... Tom Cruise. And he wears a boy-skirt. And Tim Curry looks fucking awesome. djfakjsdkfjasdkfjasd Look how cute~ <33333333

This movie totally corrupted me as a child. I loooooooooooove~

EDIT: LOL ALSO HO SHIT. There is the part where Jack, Gump (I effing love Gump), Oona, Screwball and Brown Tom are in the dungeon and one of the butcher guys has like a freakin' Pyramid Head on. In 1985. And he's hacking up body parts or something. LOVE IT. XD
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SUP. The Verizon guy came yesterday! I think our internet might be working correctly! :O

I've actually started playing Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core again. I sort of stopped when my PSP got stashed under my bed and lost to me. But I found it and I have been playing. And Zack Fair is like a trillion times cooler than Cloud Strife -- plus, his voice is amazingly sexcellent.

And the real surprise here is that Aeris (sorry, I can't call her Aerith -- it just sounds so lame. I'm used to calling her Aeris and Aerith just makes it sound like everyone is talking with a lisp. FO REAL) isn't annoying the shit out of me. The other night I got to the part where Zack met her (fell through the roof! :D) and she's flightly and all completely not there like she is in FF7, but I guess it doesn't totally put me off as much cause, you know, she's not hitting on Cloud and pretending Cloud is Zack since THIS GAME ACTUALLY HAS ZACK IN IT AND SHE'S HITTING ON HIM INSTEAD. (Cloud/Tifa OTP 4 LYFE BEETCHES.)

I also love the fact that Zack was the one who bought her the bow she wears in her hair. SO CUTE. I WANT A BOYFRIEND LIKE ZACK FAIR HE IS SO DARLING. AND BOYFRIEND NEEDS A VOICE LIKE THAT. WORD.

(But man, Aeris' outfit is horrible. What's with the random flowers on the one arm of her tank top and the outdated plastic wedge 90's sandals? UGH. Girl's outfit in FF7 was SO MUCH BETTER, even if it was like a bottle of Pepto Bismol charfed all over her. AND HOW HOT AND SNAZZY IS ZACK FAIR?)

Playing this again makes me all YAY FINAL FANTASY once more. Luckily, the four that I played to death and love to death are on my VIDEO GAME HEIST list, therefore I will be powering through them here soon.

Speaking of games, started Silent Hill Homecoming again and I have been doing pretty damn good so far. Actually got a one hit kill on a Needler with the steel pipe to the head and it was awesome and it was something so stupid to be so proud of but I was SO PROUD. Them I saw Pyramid Head Bogeyman and I giggled and Alex Shepherd peed his pants. Then I met Wheeler, whom I love, again. Then Sewers (big eff on you three Needlers and a Siam D:). After that I smacked the shit out of Dr. Fitch's office and the descent then I beat that stupid bitch doll thing (WASTING ALL MY PISTOL AMMO IN THE PROCESS, THANK YOU) and now I have moved on! Past the cemetary! Past the house-- wait, no, I am in the Shepherd's House... it's... just... not their house.

(And omg, the scene where Alex and his mother are talking -- by the way, Alex's voice actor is damn great, A+ on that, you guys! -- and the... dude, the people... I almost peed my pants. THEY WERE JUST HOVERING THERE WAITING.)

Alright, and the whole Mayor Bartlett (Grand Hotel/Sepulcher), then Dr. Fitch (Hell Descent/Scarlet) thing has got me all paranoid. Cause Bartlett and Fitch are two of the SG founding families -- so wtf does this mean for the Holloways and the Shepherds? My stomach is not happy just thinking about it. :|

In other other game news, I think I might buy the Guitar Hero World Tour game since it works with Rock Band (only RB1 so far, no word on RB2 peripherals) instruments. Then I will have even more songs to scream into the microphone and drum like a tool on. Oh yeah, and play guitar. So cheers to GH for letting RB instruments work as well. Yay!

And I am not getting GH: World Tour only for "Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)", "Freak on a Leash" and "Obstacle 1", I SWEAR. D:

P.S. Sam Winchester in the preview for Supernatural next week -- Dean picturing him with the YELLOW EYES (9 seconds in, WOO!)? HOT. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE BESIDES HOT? DARTH CAEDUS.


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